Best Mop And Bucket Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to clean your floor with less effort?

Do you want to bring back the lost shine of your floor?

Are you worried about the wastage of water during the cleaning of the house?

If you agree to the above questions, then you need the best mop and bucket for your home. The mop and bucket will help you in cleaning the floor in your home or building with less effort and it does it work very quickly. Also, it can bring back the lost shine of your floor and make it look new. The 10 best mops and bucket are below:

Buying Guide for the Best Mop and Bucket in 2021

Easy to wring out:

If you are planning to buy the best mop and bucket to clean your home, then look for the one which has easy to wring out features in it so that it does not cause a flood in your house. The bucket must have a spout so that it is easy for you to empty the dirty water from it. Furthermore, it must have a foot pedal attached to it so that it helps you in drying the mop and also results in reducing the mess by soaking the dirt from the surface. It must be robust so that you choose it to clean the surface if your house daily without entering much effort.

Triangular in shape:

Make sure that your product is triangular so that it can reach and clean every corner of your building very easily. It must help you in picking most of the dirt jammed in the corner and must soak more dirt than done by the standard mop with the cotton head. Also, you must buy the one which has a head made up of the microfiber so that it not only can clean the floor but also retain its original shine and quality. The microfiber head also helps you in picking up the dirt without a hassle rather than pushing it and ultimately collecting it in the corner.


Durability is one of the main features you must look into while purchasing the mop and bucket to make your home clean and shine. You must ensure that your product is designed with strong material so that you can easily use it for a longer period. It must be sturdy and rough and prone to scratch or breakage and the handle of your product must have a trigger that releases the cleaning solution so that the toughest of the stains is removed easily and quickly and also saves a lot of amount of your time. Make sure that the position of the water cartridge is near the handle so that it is comfortable for you to refill the bucket with water or cleaning solution.

Machine washable heads:

Before placing an order for the mop and bucket, you must make sure that the head of the mop can be washed easily in the machine and makes you feel more comfortable while cleaning your house. This feature could save a lot amount of your time and efforts and in the machine, the mop head can get rid of all the bacteria which are stick to it when picking the dirt from the floor. Also, more clean the head of the map is more free from bacteria your house is. Moreover, it must have the mechanism of the pivot so that it allows you reach to the corner effortlessly and can clean under the furniture also.


It is important to keep in mind that while you are planning to buy a product to clean your house, it does not clean your pocket as well. You must keep a note of your budget and buy the one which is available to you in affordable price along with the required feature and makes you adjust a little with the given characteristics. If you are planning to buy the mop and bucket with the steam mop, you must make sure that it does not cause your problem in waiting for at least 15 minutes to charge again and reuse it.

Easy sterilization:

Your product must allow you to sterilize the mop head easily without using any harsh cleaner. Also, if you are somehow allergic to the chemical components then you must buy the one in which the type of mop is steam as it cleans your floor using only the water and along with that sterilizes the floor of your house also. The steam mop usually takes half an hour to get heated up and does not require any chemicals as a cleaning solution, so it ultimately saves a lot of your money. Also, you must choose the product which has its head made up of the microfiber that is on both sides so that you can clean your kitchen and bathroom with the same mop but different heads.


The mop and bucket that you are going to buy must be user friendly so that it is easy for you to use and does not require any rocket science to clean the floor of your building with it. Your product must be easy for you to assemble it and also should be safe to use. You must keep in mind the type of floor you have in your building and depending on that buy the mop head. It must be light in weight and also portable in the property so that you can carry it easily from one place to another.

Efficient cleaning:

It must help you in getting rid of at least 99% of the total germs and keeps your house bacteria-free. Your product must be useful in cleaning out the toughest of stain giving you efficient cleaning. In case, if the head of your mop is made up of the sponge then it must soak most of the water and pick up the dirt also efficiently without any hassle and make you feel comfortable.

FAQs on the Best Mop and Bucket for 2021

Why does your mop does not spin?

If you facing problem in the mop head such as it is not spinning the way it is needed to be, then you must first check if the twist lock of the handle your mop is unlocked or not whenever you are mopping. Also, it is important to make sure that the mop head is inserted into the bucket correctly. And if still the problem arises and the mop head is not spinning, then you must contact the customer care at the service department. You can watch a video online to fix the lock of the handle and make it spin again.

How to remove the mop head?

To remove the mop head, you need to step on the mop strands and then you must tilt the handle of the mop then the mop head will easily be removed. It is important to keep in mind that you do not step on the plate as it is not that strong in strength and can be damaged or break and your mop will become useless then. After stepping on the mop strands you need to pull the handle in the upward direction and the mop head will pop up. Furthermore, you must make sure that you are not too much hard on the mop strand and also not pulling the handle with too much force, or else it can lead to the damage.

How to use your mop and bucket?

There is a marked line inside the bucket and you have to fill the water up to that marking. You can either put it in the kitchen sink or in the bathtub to fill it according to its size and your comfort or you can simply use the pipe to fill it. There is a larger deep part in your bucket where you have to dip the mop head to get it wet. You have to put it inside the wringer with the handle positioned vertically at 45° and make sure every strand is inside the wringer. Then with the help of the foot paddle spin the wringer until the mop head is desired moist. Then you are ready to clean your home with it.

Where does the scrub brush is placed?

The scrub brush is placed inside the bucket and sometimes it is also kept in the spinner made up of the stainless steel. Since the brush is in the same color as that of the mop and jacket so it can naturally arise the confusion. And if still, you are not able to find it in these two places then you have to tilt the bucket down and shake it gently until the scrub brush is drop down on its own. If you discover that your mop and bucket set does not contain the scrub brush then you must immediately contact the customer care of the service department.

How to get the cleanest floors with mop and bucket?

Video Transcript:

Hello it’s how to not to and in today’s video I will be showing you how to clean your floors and I’m going to start with the kitchen floor and work my way up to the bathroom.

So first of all before we start I always sweep the floor ensuring that I sweep all the bits and pieces up left on the floor.

I’ve taken blue I’m going to sweep tintype law okay to clean the floor I’m going to use a mop.

It’s just an ordinary mutton bucket so you need boiling water obviously server and these are the cleaning products I’m going to use bleach that’s all.

Flash multi-surface and very liquid okay I’m going I don’t the hot water like so it’s a lot of cleaning products but it does the job but getting the dirt out of your flaws I would also use yes completely forgot what it’s called it leaves a really nice scent and I’m gonna get my mop and plunge it in and out of the water to mix everything together and then squeeze the water and starting at the window end of the kitchen I’m going to take my mop and swipe it side to side and up and down as you do I’m going to add the fifth cream for flaws this helps remove any sustains and easily so we are going to squirt that’s everywhere and also large to squeeze a bit of these sir flush water service to give you a bit more power a bit more power.

Yeah but the tiles do look dated it’s a very old floor and I am thinking of getting a new floor for 2021 actually I think the whole kitchen needs replacing it’s very dated now it will be very costly to replace the whole kitchen as the it’s approximately 20 by 8 feet so that’s 20 feet long and 80 feet across something like that anyway so need to save what I guess okay floor the dirt is definitely coming out now as you can see moving on so quickly my aim for 2021 Eastern more videos and do longer videos with more content to help grow my channel so please last this video and I know I say it in every video but it does mean so much to me when you subscribe to my channel so before we move on to the next beat please subscribe to my channel and click on notification Bell.

How often do I clean my floors not often enough it’s the truth and that’s because I don’t really like cleaning floors who does but I definitely appreciate it after I’ve done it.

The reason I did this kind of video was after watching a complain with me videos on youtube which inspired me to do a full clean and I hope this video motivates used to do something positive I might do a complain with my video on the entire house it definitely needs a good clean especially as for the Christmas holidays but let me know in the comments below what video you want me to do next and You’ll eat, please.

You can it’s all clean and fresh so it’s now time to tackle the bathroom.

So I’m gonna move on upstairs to the bathroom and but before I do I need to change the water I think so dirty so we have to get some clean water hot water and I bodied the bleach debts or flashing washing up liquid already so it won’t take me that long to do the bathroom floor.

I think so small as you can see so it’s hard to use the mop in here the pole is almost the best we just place a bucket in the bar.

And lobby for I’m going to add a splash of thief and flash directly to the floor to help the derma move more easily I’m also thinking of changing the bathroom floor again I think it’s a bit dated now so yeah I might do a do-it-yourself lay in the floor video and who knows how they think um well actually especially if it’s hard floor not too good with the cutting tools so I think okay finally I’m just going to mop the wallpaper glue that was left on the floor i’ve been hanging wallpaper of the Christmas holidays and will be uploading that video of how to wallpaper part three in my next video so if you’re interested to see that please subscribe and click on the notification bell I can’t stress it enough okay the kitchen and bathroom floors are lovely and clean and look amazing and nothing right for it as well definitely got a workout for me in fact cleaning the floors and I have burned a lot of calories approximately so why go to the gym when you have a slim jim thanks for watching.

How to empty the bucket?

To empty the bucket filled with water, you need to first lift it then hold the back of the bucket and title it in the down direction so that the water can be poured out. Since the water contained in the bucket is dirty so it is highly recommended to empty it in the toilet. Also, you can rely on the instruction guideline attached with your product and after pouring out all the content of the bucket, rinse it with the freshwater for about half of the bucket then you must wipe it using an item of dry clothing so that it is all clean in end and is free from bacteria and germs.

How to mop a floor the right way?

Video Transcript:

Hello my friends today I want to show you how to mop before the right way I have bought two janitorial cleaning businesses I had a lot of cleaning in my life I’ve started a pressure cleaning business bother pressure cleaning business bought a window cleaning business.

So it’s I’ve done a lot of cleaning okay at the end of the video I want to show you two amazing machines to vacuum I oh my that this one is absolutely.

Incredible okay but I want to show you how to mop right now I might show you how to mix them up but ah you know let’s kind of see how it goes and I’d like to do mopping a certain way okay so I like the floor to actually be clean so when I like what for this I like to put like like a bleach type thing that a chlorine type thing in the water you don’t have to put a lot but I like something in there to kind of like kill the germs you know people are going in the bathroom and spreading stuff all around the floors and stuff it’s I like to actually like kill the germs and have it be sterile and also like some soap in there if you have too much soap that may be a problem you don’t want it to be um you want to you need to be careful what time of the day you’re doing it you don’t want people to do to like slip and Paul he um.

So this is a very safe time of the day to do it right now and I want to go ahead and show you how I do it and like kind of like kind of like what I like to do and let’s go ahead so basically here’s the mop right here okay so this one has a wood pole there’s one.

Somewhere with the aluminum pole so basically even when you have like your solution in you may want to kind of go ahead and like kind of put it up and down a little bit and get it in there and then when you when you put it in one you don’t with the floor generally like to wet when you’re done it may not dry quite well okay so right here I can go ahead and do this right now.

Like like this but if you’re trying to make it extra dry you might want to take it and do a twist and then kind of go like that and get more out maybe even try to twist it more.

Okay it kind of depends on what you’re going for at that moment just be safe like the slipperiness now this tile can may be actually kind of yeah but this is a very safe time of the day to do it so anyways right whatever so here we go let’s go ahead and dip this in and go ahead and get started.

So here we are and you may eat go some point times and there somewhere and you might see someone mopping like this okay I want to discourage you from that type of mopping okay let’s use this example here’s something on the floor if I’m going and I’m mopping and I’m mopping and I’m like kind of like and they push it over there maybe I’ll catch it them off maybe it will fall off later it looks like you caught it though there it is right there so what you want to do is you okay you want the four to be clean of like the loose stuff when you vacuum but maybe something will not never looked hopefully it’s goodbye anyways for this type of scenario maybe this will help you see it when you’re going you want to kind of turn them up like so like turn it okay and you can even kind of get like kind of flamboyant with it you kind of like spin it and see how wide it opens up sound like this so for here and what it kind of does is you go this way and you spin and you capture that and you come here and you spin and it’s probably still in the mop so basically let’s go ahead and put this in and let’s go ahead and start mopping and just kind of see what I do and but it is important to not have it too wet it may not dry very well so here we go so I’m gonna go ahead and may want to start right here um let’s go ahead and get sorry.

So I come here so you can I can do a different.

I can kind of run it along the baseboard thing or whatever I want right here and when I come to a corner come over here when I come to like a doorway right here so some people may maybe you want to kind of go up like that but you know if you have carpet up and if you do have like a bleach type thing you don’t want to damage the carpet maybe you can kind of like put your mop in it in there like this kind of like flick it in and actually if there is something there maybe kind of like pull it out now yes the vacuum should have done a good job but maybe you can kind of get stuff out if it is in there okay so you can kind of do this a little like spin thing then what the things get kind of like this okay so let’s go here and spin let’s go here here and you don’t really want to leave footprints so see I kind of like this and I spin it and you can actually mop pretty quickly like this if you so desire and what I wasn’t thing I liked about using a little bit about like bleach type chlorine solution is that you it can actually help keep your grout clean like I think it helps it excuse me I think you can help like though like the discoloration going to not happen at least as bad and there may be times you may need to use maybe a grout brush or something or maybe like a buffer type thing but if you do clean it good it should help like if you do the right stuff so here we have something.

Interesting because there’s a table here so there may be I mean I might go to go away to kind of flick it in there you might feel it kind of going like this or maybe just kind of come in and just lick it or maybe you just want to go like here but be careful your back and now let’s go ahead and go a little faster I’ve kind of talked about it so let’s kind of go ahead and move faster it’s good to here I come and moving along and it might help you depending on your lighting situation – no – like kind of you might go see in the light the reflection of like who’s wet or not and you want like a nice even sheen so I got this part right here I’ve had the option I can pull this out if I want to or I can kind of like.

And around it I’m not super super worried of pulling it out at this moment so I can even stick them up under and then I can flip it like that okay but and sometimes you might need to do one in this number but you want to try to avoid that you may actually be kind of like pushing dirt okay.

So let’s go ahead and keep moving and I might kind of finish the end of the hallway pretty fast here let me go ahead and dip this in and go ahead and move the bucket and I’m gonna probably do this far hallway like pretty quickly and you can actually have quite a bit of speed with this way and by the way my friends you are amazing thank you so much for watching the movie and um please can give it a thumbs up if this has been helpful to you I’d really appreciate it.

Consider subscribing I love you you are amazing okay so I wonder go ahead and if I’m gonna walk in there anyways the Majlis is gonna flick it up in here like this you kind of go ahead and move quick so BAM and you can do big strokes don’t throw your back out and you can cover a pretty large area pretty quickly okay so here’s the doorway and kind of flick in there by one two I remember this piece right here there it is the one we I think that’s the same one we’re looking at earlier so here we go so there’s a little piece I didn’t get done so I can actually put the mop down and kind of go over and just kind of flick it around like that so you kind of flick it over and just kind of capture whatever and go and keep moving so now here’s another thing this is an.

Interesting spot right here.

Now some areas you might need to put more water in like if it’s like kind of a really dirty area really grimy area this place is kept to a pretty high level of clean but if you happen to be mopping somewhere and it’s like pretty pretty dirty you may need to what you may need to do is kind of take your mop and kind of get it like wet and kind of let it like you know kind of get really wet and let it kind of soak a little bit and then maybe go ahead and do something else and come back to it later and scrub it I want to show you another trick too so let’s pretend that like this spot is a really hard spot so there’s a couple things that you might want to dry try one is take your shoe and just kind of go like this on it I’ll take them up and kind of go like this or another one is take here and maybe use this maybe use this and maybe kind of even maybe you want to put them up like that maybe you can kind of go like this or maybe going here okay um like so let’s say this is a bad spot right here okay and just kind of you know hit that piece maybe it’s a good piece of gum or something so if you do it this way it may not keep your grout completely clean it may still get dirty but you may help like the funk like the mold and stuff to not grow in the grout you might still get some dirtiness that may that may be there so maybe you need to come up with like a bristle brush it’s not going to probably like always keep your grout 100% clean but it might help mold to not grow in your grout if you have some chlorine or bleach like in the water okay.

So just kind of be aware of that let’s gonna do this so we’re kind of like a mess right here okay so here’s another doorway I’m gonna go here and then um for this water fountain the area I might actually do like the push method here’s a spot looks like a little bit harder so I might want to go and push it with like this way to get it and see there it is it works so here I would think this end and there’s a little bit back there and um sometimes you might need to do the push area and push method and maybe even like tide if there is something coming to grab it off this is in case the vacuum didn’t get it thank you something like that.

Come in come and if you’re really trying to be thorough maybe even like move the water fountain okay so here we go it’s gonna go like this and this and see when you’re doing this turn method it’s nicer third okay you can cover a pretty large area like so now if you’re having problems with the mop sliding around what you may need to do is you may need to tighten this see this and see if you want to take them up off you can kind of go here and it should pop off somehow here okay and see like here that’s how to take the mop head off how to put a mop head on you put it see you I get the mop and you want to kind of go ahead and put it I think about in the middle and I push this on and needs to be pretty level right probably out in the middle let’s go ahead and turn this and we it’s good to be kind of tight and something else I would caution against like if you’re in like a bathroom and there’s like this sharp like or maybe like sharp edges or something or maybe like the stalls and stuff maybe careful of catching this on that you don’t want to like catch it on there and have little little strands stuck there or whatever so let’s kind of go ahead and put this thing in and let’s keep hopping so this floor is pretty good but there’s a dirty public right there and so you can kind of approach something like this a couple different ways okay.

One I can go okay I can go this way maybe I want to go here and then maybe cut around and go here and then maybe just kind of do it this way or maybe I want to kind of do this way now you can use these tiles to kind of get a feel that maybe you can kind of help you to have like a pattern so let’s go ahead and do this this way and come here go along here come here and come here and come here and I could even be like hey let’s use this thing right here this line right here where to go and I come here now that I’ve done there then make it out I’m gonna go like here so here is it here’s way and you can move pretty quickly when you’re applying with the mop so and then if you want you can turn around spend and just kind of go like that okay so it’s gonna go here and you don’t really want to have footprints and maybe just kind of like yeah okay so then here’s uh this is kind of a different area it’s kind of like open it’s like those hot here and you you might want to kind of like cut it up into a section so maybe do like from this point here right here to maybe here okay.

So kind of come here.

And just kind of figure out what works for you okay different people are different so they want to come here if you’re so much fun come here and gotta do this there at this point you don’t really want to miss spots that’s the only one of miss bucks and if you need to do a certain pattern to help you not miss spots then great okay so I can kind of come here here I might do another video on cleaning grout so what does I want to do it for that line thing whatever so there’s that so then if I’m like hey let’s go ahead and do this kind of area right here okay.

Let’s kind of go here and there’s a more of a bad spot I might need to go over a couple times so it’s going to go here please let me know in the comments if you have a better way to do it if you have a favorite mop okay please I would appreciate it so it’s kind of though it may be similar it’s like when you’re doing window cleaning you kind of have the what if you do it but if you’re doing the window thing may do the squeegee and so you kind of make them off kind of similar and you just kind of and you can kind of get plain boring with it you can kind of go spin go all on the floor whatever you do and you kind of really get with it and be moving quickly.

Pretty quickly but if you’re going like this way you don’t want to miss Botz against the wall okay.

So not going this way so you might want to just go ahead and stroke by the wall so you can kind of go ahead and go like this and I know that you’re not going to probably.

This any spots alright so here since this is an odd shape this is like kind of odd shape you might just need to cut it about you may not always see exactly what’s wet depending like maybe on the lighting it may be the floor color and stuff but if you look at like maybe if you manage to go further away from it maybe see the reflection of the light or something and so here so we are really moving along here we’ve actually vacuum quite a bit I’m probably about done with the mopping pretty close to it I might go ahead and um doing here chalkboard or what okay so so this actually if you haven’t vacuumed as much I might come back with a baby if you have a vacuum as much and maybe more difficult if you if you missed a little bit when you’re backing okay alright.

Now with this you might actually need to do something like this if you do it on the window.

You might want to get that off the window later just kind of be aware okay.

So you can like kind of do like a spin if you want to like if you’re coming here you may want to take it and just kind of go and you can do like a spin if you want to if you put it on the desk and you have spin for maybe a partial spin there you go good stop and.

Sometimes you might need to do that one method they not generally but all right okay so who wants to see really cool thank you so that’s about it for the mopping and you guys you you my friends are amazing you’re amazing okay so here we are I want to show you this is what I like to use maybe I’ll do a video on this Sunday I mean I’ve already done one high note but maybe I’ll do more like extensive so this is awesome for covering huge amounts of area very quickly okay so what it is it has like a sweeper right here.

That’s like a big sweeper on it and also it has like I should have like a vacuum okay so it’s super amazing absolutely they want to hear it turn on so this is really cool so here we go we’re gonna turn that off here it’s like the brush this is really cool it has like the brush on the side because if you’re going along and you kind of want to get like the edges and kind of go like that it can be really nice and it’s also all my work this is so amazing it’s also watch this when I pull this handle right here yeah self-propelled so this is really good for covering large areas this is a backpack vacuum okay this is truly amazing.

This is really good for getting into like spots that something like that may not get into as well and it’s pretty cool backpack that should be.

Self-explanatory right and oh yeah this is amazing these two things are.

Absolutely incredible I have used to Kirby before and Kirby is amazing vacuum but these if you and you’re in like the janitorial cleaning and you’re doing like a lot of like a big area you really might want to consider I’m having one of these so I might even do a video on how to bid you a tutorial cleaning many ways my friends I love you you are amazing thank you so much for watching please let me know what you think in the comments below please comment and please give the video a like if you liked it please consider subscribing I love you god loves you you are amazing you are created for purpose you are not an accident you are special and Joel god loves you.

You are very love I got some of them in Joel anyways my friend I love you thanks for watching bye.

How to clean the mop head?

Since you are getting your surface clean and free from germs and dirt, it is equally important to clean the mop head also or else it will slide the dirt on the surface and it will not get a proper cleaning. To clean the mop, you will be required detergent, hot water, chlorine bleach, and a pine oil cleaner. You need to first detach the mop head from the handle and then wash it inside the washing machine with the detergent and if it is white then you have to use the chlorine bleach for about half cup so that it will remove the dirt and stain as well. Finally, dry it in the open air and do not store it until it is completely dry.

How To Mop Floors | Simple Cleaning Tutorial

Video Transcript:

My friends I am a visual learner and I am assuming that many of you are visual learners as well and so today I am taking you to school with a little clean with confidence demonstration in this video I will be demonstrating how to use a monk properly the kind of mop we’ll be using the good old fashioned string mop the string mop is my favorite kind of mop it is the kind of month i’ve been using the last 11 years in my cleaning business it’s the kind of mop I feel does the best job the kind of force when we monster today is just a regular old ceramic tile floor now how you’re going to mop your floors is going to depend on the degree of dirtiness of the floor you’re either going to go with a level one cleaning or you’re going to go with a level two clean.

The first thing I’m going to demonstrate is how to do the level one cleaning the level one Queen is four floors that aren’t very dirty for us to get month regularly floors with minimal traffic the level one cleaning is your go-to maintenance mom first things first sweep or vacuum the floor for this Queen just a few buckets so the left the halfway with warm water and then put your favorite cleaning solution inside of it.

Take your pick you can use fabuloso you can use Pineville and you can use vinegar you can use video with scores of Dawn dish soap whatever you prefer for this demonstration we’re just going to use some rare old Pineville so.

I like that one thing I will mention is I need to probably about 1/4 cup of a pint go on the water you don’t want to use too much cleaning solution because if you do use too much it can lead your floor street and speaking okay so let’s get started take our mops and dip it in our bucket with our cleaning solution we’re going to take our Makalu and wring it out until our wants it’s mildly damn we don’t want them all too wet we don’t let them off to dry the way you can gauge it months too wet is when you’re mopping if you’re leaving lots of strips of water small little puddles of water behind the month is too wet from that point you have to go back and you have to dry your floors.

So you need to raid out a little bit more we don’t want to leave a bunch of water behind what we want to do is be able to come off our floors and then let them dry and we’re done so we’re going to work from here back to the doorway and we always want to put our bucket behind this when we’re mopping them so put it back here we’re coming from here back this way so let’s go left to right here I like this.

I don’t like to disfigure eight like this some people excited figure Eight’s like this I don’t like it because I feel like you’ve missed little little circles on the sides.

I like to go straight left straight right take your mom and get up again foot edge counters here baseboards all right like this get the edges you can just left right left right left right.

Make sure you use your arms and knock your back and your back you hurt your back doing this so make sure using the muscles in your arms to mop your floors I want you to think of this mop as like a cloth like you would use to wipe off your countertops only this is for your floors we’re using this small bike a cloth to wipe off the floor the next thing I’m going to demonstrate is the level 2 cleaning is for floors that are super dirty floors that don’t get mopped regularly floors that have high-traffic floors that have big dogs coming in and out okay for the level 2 cleaning we want super hot water instead of just warm water super hot water put your cleaner in there and we are going to drench our floors and let the cleaner work for us we’re going to drench our floors and we’re going to scrub them with our model you can even use a brush if you like I don’t brush with it but you can use one of those polls that have a brush them in to scrub the dirt off the board.

So let’s drench these floors put a bucket behind us can use this mop to just start scrubbing away the dirt the dull footprints the hairspray if you’re in a bathroom and you have layers of hairspray on the floor you can even get your grout there a little bit it’s not because grout lines a little bit this mopping technique or this mopping technique excuse me is referred to as slop moppy.

We’re just scrubbing if you see.

Something let’s horse you like this with your mop if you take foot do that if you need more water by all means get more water the phone is not a sound effect it’s just an extra added bonus to this video for the second part of this step what we’re gonna do is we need to dry our floor so we need to go around and collect all the dirty water from the floor the way we’re going to do is we got to take our muscle we got to wring it out it strides we can get it like this just as dry as you can get it we’re going to go we’re going to dry the floor so pick one side of your mop we use this side right here and same thing left to right like this once that side gets damp it saturated let’s remove over like this and continue.

Now if you have a big floor or they’re extremely filthy you may need several buckets of water so like at this point we’re going to rinse them off so you rinse it like this you start squishing it and then what we would do is bring it out again and continue but check your water is it still treating then what you’re going to need to do is dump the water out and fill up some clean water clean water bucket in continue some s I wanted to add is when you’re drying your floor make sure that you go along the sides your counters and your baseboards otherwise you’re going to leave a big clump of dirty water that’s going to turn black just right along the edge so make sure you dry up by the counter by the baseboard a couple of things I want to mention is you don’t want to use the techniques i’ve demonstrated in this video on hardwood floors this video is specifically for ceramic tile vinyl linoleum your basic kitchen bathroom entryway type floors I’m actually going to make a separate video on how to clean and mom part with floors and when I do i’ll put the link down the video description box to this video the second thing I want to mention is it’s very important that your grout lines are sealed as you saw in the video we were mopping ceramic tile with grout lines well if they’re not sealed then every time you want those grout lines are just going to absorb that mop water like a sponge.

Leaving you with stinky black moldy grout lines luckily I have a video for that I will leave a link down the video description box to that video where I explain how to properly seal your grout so that’s it that’s how to properly mop your floors if you like this video leave me a comment down below I love to hear from you guys follow me on facebook and it’s mr. Fuzzball here would say a clean floor is.

For wonder what he means about that ah I know what he means you.

What are the surfaces where mop can be used?

There are many types of mops available in the market according to the surfaces you want to use on. If your house has the tile floor, then you will be required a sponge mop. The mop and the wringer will help in shredding the excess water and the sponge can easily remove the stubborn stain stacked on the floor. The spring mop can be used on almost all types of surfaces and it can easily get into each corner and it is best at scrubbing the floor. For dust and dry area, the dry mop is preferred as they are the best option for the floor which has dust on it. The dry mop has the flathead with the fabric material of the type which is easy to clean the dirt and dust and is also possible to remove it. And later on, you can shake off the remaining particle outside your house.

Final Thoughts

Every owner of the building wants it to look clean and must be free from any harmful bacteria, dirt, and germs. The mop and bucket are a blessing in disguise for the people who find it difficult to clean the area under your furniture as it can easily reach every corner of your building and can absorb the dust in it. Also, it is very easy to clean the mop as it is machine washable. This write might have given you significant information about the mop and bucket and how to use it and also what to look for in it.

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