Best Epilators Buyer Guide for 2023

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Do you want to remove unwanted hair from your body?

Do you want flawless skin on your body?

Are you worried about not wearing short dresses at parties or outside?

If you agree to all the above questions, then all you need is an epilator. The epilator will remove unwanted hair directly from roots from your body and will help you in getting flawless skin. Also, you can use your epilator while you are showering and also when your skin is dry. Given below is the list of 10 best epilators that you can consider to buy:

Things to consider before buying the best epilators in 2023

Wet or dry:

Before placing an order for yourself, you must note down what type of epilator you want; whether dry or wet. The dry epilator is usually used on your skin when it is dry and the wet epilator is used underwater. Your epilator must make use of the new technology in the right way that your product is both shockproof and waterproof. They must have the proper guards so that the safety will be maintained. Your epilator must have the feature of getting shut off when you have plugged it in the cord and you cannot use it while it is plugged on. Although, the wet epilator is a little expensive than the dry one they are less messy and cause little pain. You can also opt to use the warm water after tweezing out your hair which would help your skin in getting relaxed. Your skin will feel less sensitive towards the plucking sensation while you are underwater or shower. Also, you must keep in mind that if you going for the wet epilator then after frequently using it underwater; its battery life gets shorter.

Corded or battery:

There is some epilator that comes in the market using the standard battery. When the battery gets run out, then you have to change the battery and it will be less costly to you. Also, if you need to use your product every time, then you must go for the corded epilator as they are the ones that you can easily recharge. Moreover, you must consider the corded epilators as they are much stronger than the cordless epilator as they can lose their powerful working after using it consistently. And there is a disadvantage of using the cordless wet epilator that if their battery gets run out then you have to change your product. Furthermore, the life duration of the cordless epilator is much higher which means that they are durable and you can use it for a long period. Also, the lifetime of the normal epilator is 5 years on an average so you can run as long as 5 years then after that you have to replace them. You must make sure that your product does not get you hurt while you are using it and is safe enough that you do not get caught by the electricity shock especially in the case of the wet epilator.


If you going to place an order for the tweezers, then you must keep in mind that with the tweezers epilator you will have to spend more time so go with the epilator that has more tweezers. With more tweezers, the unwanted hair will get the pull off easily and in large quantity without consuming much of your time and giving you smooth skin all over your body. Well, the epilator with more tweezers give fast result but you will feel more pain while using it. Make sure that the tweezers of your product is made up of metal as they did not pluck your hair seamlessly and does not even work faster. Also, it is stronger among all types of epilators and looks for the one that is gentle on your skin. Moreover, you must consider the number of tweezers before buying the epilator as more the number of tweezers, more they will clean out hair from your body giving you flawless skin.

The pain you can bear:

While buying an epilator for yourself, you must choose between the efficiency and the amount of pain that you can bear. Well, using the epilator is a painful session for you as it helps you in pulling out the hair from its root and may result in redness and bumps on the skin of your body. You must look for an epilator that has a vibrating cap attached to it so that it will give massage to your body and after removing your hair, it will give you some relief from pain. Also, if you want less pain and do not have a vibrating cup then it will not pluck out all of the hair from your body also will be less efficient. With a drop in speed of performance, the efficiency of your epilator would also decrease.

Areas you want to use:

If you are planning to use an epilator on parts of your body other than the leg, then you must choose an epilator which comes with attachments covered with the head of tweezers and reduces the area covered by an epilator. If you want to remove hair from areas of your body like face, bikini, and underarms which are tight area, then you must go with the epilator which is small in size which will make it easier for the epilator to maneuver in such areas. It is important to keep in mind that you should not use the epilator which has a vibrating cup on your face as they are very powerful and may cause harm to the sensitive skin on your face. With the attachment for your face, the epilator will not rotate at fast speed and will remove hair seamlessly but the disadvantage is that when the battery gets down, you cannot recharge it, you have to change the battery.

FAQs on the best epilator in 2023

What is an epilator?

With an epilator, anyone can get an image of a shaver but it is far different from it. Unlike shaker, it does not remove the hair from your skin by slicing it down. The epilator instead uses the tweezers to pull out the hair from its root. For about 2-4 weeks you can free to wear short dresses that you like as your hair will not grow for a minimum of 2 weeks. It is an electronic tweezer that gives you smooth skin with no flaws after every use. It is so convenient to use that you can remove hair on both of your legs within 10 minutes only. The tweezers inside the epilator usually rotate for about 20 to 100 times each minute and grab the maximum hair possible within a single time.

Is it safe to use your epilator?

It is 100% safe to use either the wet or dry epilator. You must keep in mind that if you are using it in a shower, then plug it out so that there is a negligee chance of you getting an electric shock. Roger that using the epilator for the first time can be a very painful experience. Furthermore, you can bear the pain after some use and you will get more smooth skin ever time. Because there is more hair to pull using the epilator for the first time. Also, to get the soft skin it is important to pull off the hair from the root itself and this will cause you some pain. After the next use, the hair will get thinner and will cause you less pain also as less hair will be pulled by the tweezers.

On what areas of your body you can use your epilator?

You can use your epilator on all areas of your body but some of the epilators specify as they are designed in such a way. You must look out for the epilator that can be used on sensitive skin before using it on your face or bikini line. Although you can remove your hair from legs or underarms or wherever you want. And if you have sensitive skin then also you can use the epilator as hypoallergenic heads which deep clean your skin before using the epilator. And also make you feel relaxed and it becomes easy to pull out the hair.

How to clean your epilator?

It is important to clean the epilator also after using it over your body. They usually come with a small brush that brushes off the stray hairs from your product. Also, clean the hair which is stored in the chamber which is inside the epilator. So you must use the warm water over that chamber and wash out all the pulled hair. To avoid any possible skin infection or irritation, you must dip your epilator inside the alcohol or rub it using the cleaner which alcohol in it. Moreover, the epilator does not have any blades but tweezers so it is not needed to share it. Also, men can usually use the epilator to remove unwanted hair from their face especially between the eyebrows.

How to Remove Hair with an Epilator?

Check this Epilator on Amazon:

  • Emjoi eRase e60 – 60 Tweezer Head Epilator

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about hair removal I know it’s a thrilling subject but unfortunately with the warmer months there’s a lot of processes us ladies have to go through to keep our skin smooth and hair free and besides maybe when I was in fourth grade and my mom told me I could shave for the first time after some other girl my fourth grade class told me she got to shave I’ve pretty much never loved having to go through the process of shaving I find it to just be like so time-consuming and when it gets really humid out it kind of irritates my skin but luckily this summer I have found a new way to remove my hair that I have been loving and I wanted to share it with you guys actually found that a lot of my friends had never heard of this little contraption that I that I’m using right now so the new way that I remove my hair is with something called an epilator so this is the one I have it is from the brand emoji and I have the one that’s the e rays arrays East 68th comes in this like handy little carrying pouch it basically looks like an electric razor but instead of having little shears that cut your hair it’s actually a bunch of tiny tweezers and so what it does is as you move it along your skin it actually grabs the hairs and rips them out which I know saying it that way makes it sound a lot worse but that’s basically what it does it’s like waxing or it’s like tweezing it pulls the hair out from the follicle so obviously the hair grows back a lot slower and you don’t have to worry about doing it as often so I’m going to quickly sort of show you how I use it tell you some like tips and tricks on using it for the first time and all of that stuff and as I do I’ll sort of answer some questions that you might be wondering like does it hurt and how long does it last and all that sort of stuff so let’s jump into it so obviously the first thing you need is an epilator they range somewhere between $30 all the way up to like $200 this one is sort of the perfect middle in the road one I think it retails for about $70 somewhere in there I will put a link to this one in the downbar another thing to note when you’re picking the one that you want to purchase some of them have less little like tweezer pieces this one has 60 of them so basically I’m going to have to pass over my skin a lot less often to remove all the hair if you buy one that’s a little bit on the cheaper side it’s probably gonna have less of them you’re gonna have to go over the skin a few more times and it might be more likely to irritate the skin so before you ever late which I’m assuming is the verb that you use within later before you epilate especially for the first time I suggest that you take a shower the warm water will help to open up your pores it’ll make it a little less painful when you do it for the first time you’re also going to go you’re also going to want to go ahead and just exfoliate your legs sort of all over removing the dead skin cells just sort of helps to like remove any barrier between the epilator and your skin so you can get a closer sort of you can get it closer to your actual skin it can grab onto the hair a little bit better and then you don’t want any moisturizers or oils or anything like that on your skin and once you get out of the shower you want to make sure that your legs are completely dry next thing I like to do once I’ve gotten in the shower is I just take a towel and I like to kind of wipe down my legs with one hand you’re going to pull your skin somewhat taut just like if you’ve ever waxed you or if you’ve tweeze your eyebrows too it’s usually a little easier if you pull your skin taut and then you take the epilator and you’re just going to press it lightly actually you don’t even need to press it you’re just going to place it lightly against your skin you do not need to press down at all and what I find works best is I take sort of small patches of skin I go against the like the opposite way that the hair is growing just like you would if you were waxing and I basically take a couple passes um in the same area before I pick up I move to the next area one other thing to note is the first few times you do it it’s best to do it not when your hair is really long you sort of would think the opposite and maybe some of it depends on the epilator you use my epilator can get here that’s fairly short I think it says like it can get hair that it can remove hair from the root as short as 0.3 millimetres so this one can really get short hairs so that’s maybe something you want to look at when you purchase your epilator like I said the link for this one will be down below if you just want to check this one out but I found that it was a lot easier to epilate the first few times I’m shorter hair so I shaved and then maybe 24 to 36 36 hours later I belated and the first few times I did it I did it on just one leg because I really wanted to compare the like length the grow back length time if that makes sense between shaving one leg and the other leg that had been epilate ‘add there was a huge difference be one light that I just shaved it was like every 48 hours I want to shave it again but the light that had been kept elated I find that it stays smooth enough like smooth enough that I’m comfortable with it for somewhere between a week and a half to three weeks before I feel like I need to epilate again which might not seem like a super long time but if you think about shaving it’s like with for me it’s like within two days you have stubble and you want to shave again at least and so this really saves some time for me and what I kind of like about it is that you do it on dry skin I kind of just sit and like do it while I watch TV or like I’m reading blogs or whatever you can kind of just do it whenever and you don’t have to be in the shower and like fuss around with all of that sort of stuff so I really like that about it as well so like I said it basically is a bunch of tiny tweezers that is grow grabbing your hair and pulling your hair out so it does kind of hurt I’m not going to try to sugarcoat it I have a pretty I would say medium to low pain tolerance what I know the pain is coming like I if I know the pain is coming to me I can be a kind of a baby about it and I don’t find this to be super bad there’s spots on my legs that are a little more sensitive that obviously hurt a little bit more I find doing my underarms to be a little bit more painful than like my calves which are probably the easiest parts part to do but you know somebody who I would say has a lower pain tolerance it really doesn’t bother me too bad and to be honest once you get to your third or fourth time doing it just like if you’ve ever tweezed or if you’ve ever waxed once you sort of have done it a couple times it’s almost like your skin gets used to it and it becomes a little less painful to do it so it is going to be more painful the first time you do it but I promise it gets better um usually your skin is going to be a little bit red afterwards just like with the pain after you have done it maybe four or five times the redness is not going to last as long it’s probably going to last for maybe a half an hour but the first time you ever use your epilator I would suggest doing it the night before or even two days before you have a special event because you might have little red dots for 12 hours or so the first time I did it I did it the night before and then by the time I woke up I didn’t have any redness left but it is kind of important to note that you might have a little bit of irritation another thing that I was surprised to learn about epilator once I started to look into it little bit more is that they’re actually better for sensitive skin than Razik been raising than shaving is which when you sort of think about it a little bit more it kind of makes sense because shaving is very um it’s kind of harsh on your skin you’re basically scraping at the skin and you’re scraping to pull the hair off and it’s really kind of like tugging at the follicles but not pulling the hair all the way out I know when I shave like I think I said it earlier if it’s really humid or really hot I definitely get razor burn I don’t get that from this like I said I get a little bit red and then it goes away and I love that because there’s nothing worse than having nice smooth legs and then having them be all covered in razor burns like totally not sexy at all so I love this because it gives me nice smooth skin and I don’t have to worry about razor burn and bumps and all of that so if you are somebody who has sensitive skin who shaving really irritates it this is another thing you might want to try out the answer is mostly yes depending on the epilator that you purchased this one as you can see from the size is perfect for my legs in my bikini and my underarms and then it also has this little sensitive attachment which is in my bathroom but it looks like this and you put it on it basically just closes up the size of how much of little like tweezers are exposed and so you can use it to remove hair from your upper lip or like I don’t know where else somebody you might want to remove hair that’s small but you get what I’m saying if you have a more sensitive area or a smaller area a lot of them have little attachments or have little guards that you can put on them so that you can use them to remove hair from there as well think that mostly covers all of the things I wanted to tell you most of the questions if you have any more questions leave them in the comments I will answer your questions the best that I can let me know in the comments below if you have ever used one what you guys thought about it and I guess that is about it I really appreciate you guys stopping by I hope you’re having a fantastic week and I will see you guys all in my next video.

What should you do on your skin before using your epilator?

It is recommended that you better clean your skin deeply using warm water so that it will become easier for you to use the epilator. Moreover, you must exfoliate your skin at least once in a week so that you will be able to remove the dead cell which might be blocking the root from where your hair grows. It will help the tweezers to pull out the hair from the root only and you will be getting smooth and soft skin throughout a week. Also, if some of the hair that is not being pulled by your epilator, use the comb that comes with it or better use the epilator when your skin is dry.

How To Use An Epilator And Avoid Ingrown Hairs?

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to another honest video and today I’m going to talk about using an echo later for hair removal if you’ve not heard of an appellation before all it is it’s a cluster of rotating tweezer blades sit at the top of this little device here and rotate really really quickly so all the time they’re plucking the hairs from your skin on mass if that sounds painful it’s because it is and that’s the first point that I would make if you’ve got a low pain threshold then this probably isn’t the hair removal device for you that said I’ve been using mine for about 20 years now and I can tell you that over time this becomes significantly less painful as you get used to it if you continue to use it then the idea is the hairs become easier to remove as you goo because the the we can at the root now I use mine over the summer and then I make the mistake of shaving in the winter so the hair regains its strength again if I had been using this continuously over the last 20 years I bet it’d be really easy to remove so this Philips beauty model that I’ve got here is as old as the hills I bought it about ten years ago and it’s still on the go now it shows you just what good value you can get out of these things I’ve checked on Amazon and they don’t sell this particular model anymore but you can get a basic Philips epilator for about thirty-five pounds now looking across the different ranges and the bronze and so on epilator snow from about thirty forty pounds right up to two hundred and fifty pounds and it would be really interesting to try a top-of-the-range modern model like that just to see how far they’ve come in recent years are they any less painful to use are they quicker to use and so on but basically whatever model you use you’re still just dealing with this crop of tweezer heads that are pulling the hair out of your legs so any price range is going to do roughly the same job if you want to have a look and see the different types of products that are out there I’ve included a set of product links in the description of this video to some of the best selling models on Amazon so let me show you how this works as I say – a really old models so I have to use mine with the cord if I take the cord out it’ll run down pretty quickly but plugged in this still goes at a good speed and that’s what you want I have two speed settings and probably any model you buy will have different speed settings I would recommend you use an echo later on the highest speed no joy can come from plucking the hairs out of your legs slowly so you want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible so before I actually begin I’ve got to say that the epilator does the most fantastic job of removing hair from your legs even the shortest amount of growth so just as the hair starts to come back into the legs you can be using the epilator twiba out which means when you go on holiday you can take this with you and you can keep your legs hair free at all times so I’m going to show you how you use this now switching it on to its highest speed level up to only epilator see how fast it goes so I’m just gonna start running this up my leg to remove the hairs and you’re gonna see really quickly how it just plucks the hairs out as I go now with this sort of throws and on this area of the leg that is really not painful at all but I’ve just got a few straggly hairs as you get into more serious growth just a little bit Nikki there if you find this really really painful at any point as I say I’ve been doing this a long time now it doesn’t really bother me very much if you do find this really painful I would just push the epilator into your skin and that’s somehow with the pressure on your spin does mask the plane pain very well but you just keep it going the beauty of this is it’ll clock out absolutely everything if some of these hairs are really quite short and it’s getting rid of them so just after you’ve used the Appalachia it does leave some red marks where the hair has been plucked out but that goes within about 24 hours and just remember to moisturize daily you can use this on pretty much any part of your body but I’ve got to say I’ve tried to under my arms and I just haven’t got the guts to do it I find it really really painful I used to on the bikini a bit and on the top of my legs on the softer skin on the side of the legs these areas are a little more painful and it goes back to what I said before about just doing small areas of time and really pushing the epilator into the skin and holding the skin tight and that really does help the pain so with the hair now removed from my legs I could probably expect that result to last for about a week but it will be different with each person however ingrown hairs are a very real problem with epilator it’s also true of waxing but somehow with epilator it seems to be more of a frequent problem but you can avoid them the key to it for me is to use something like a puma stone as soon as the hair starts to grow backs from the first hair that appears I would start using the Pumas stone every single day in the shower so just getting your legs nice and silky and running the Pumas stool over it quite hard so you’re taking away any layers of dead skin that the hair could get trapped under by doing that I am managing to avoid ingrown hairs I’ve heard other people talking about using salicylic acid and just wiping that over the skin to again avoid dead skin from building up on the surface whatever you do though make sure you’re exfoliating regularly so when you think that you can buy an epilator for just 35 pounds or around the $50 mark and you taught up what you would have been spending over a few months on waxing you can see how very quickly you can save money using this device but to avoid the pitfalls of the ingrown hairs then you need to get into a good routine if you’re using this device and I would recommend that you use it regularly this has been another honest video check out the product links if you want to have a look at some of the models on the market at the moment and don’t forget to Like and subscribe thanks for watching.

Is there any chance that more of your hair will grow after using your epilator?

It is a misconception that your hair will grow thicker after using your epilator to removing your hair. Even the dermatologist has proved by performing various tests that by using epilator you for not get thick hair back but thin and very light in color so that it is easy for you to again remove your hair. For more than a week you do not get your hair growth back and thus the epilator allows you to enjoy the smooth skin for such period. Also, you can do a warm shower after using an epilator so that your skin feels more soothed and you will be feeling relaxed. Many people are confused that even though they have removed the hair from the root, still there is growth. It is because the tweezers in your epilator only pull the hair from the root but the root still exists there. But it will continue to grow and will take some week’s time to reach the surface of your skin. Also, it is advised not to use your product right before going out somewhere outside as you might face red bumps or irritation on your skin. It is recommended that you remove your hair in the evening time so that all tour irritation would be healed while you are sleeping in the night time.

How to Never Shave Again: Epilator?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel we haven’t noticed my hair has grown quite a bit I did get tape and hair extensions if you guys want to see a video specifically on that then just let me know down below but today we’re talking about hair removal and not shaping anymore so if you are a somewhat hairy person and you want to learn how to manage your hair so that you don’t have to shave all the time then just keep watching I’m going to talk a bit about what I do and how I haven’t shaved since Christmas time so let’s get into the video and I will show you my tricks I have this here which is my epilator this is a Philips satin L epilator and an apple later basically if you don’t know what it is is just a machine this sounds terrifying but it actually is like a bunch of little tweezers if you can see in the close-up here so it has all these little like things that look like tweezers and they rip your hair out from the root so it’s like you’re tweezing it and honestly it does hurt a little bit when you first start it hurts a lot more especially if your hair’s longer so I found that with your hair shorter it actually is less painful because it just rips it out like faster and I’ll show you my armpits as well because I haven’t done them and probably I would say like three to four weeks now and I’m gonna show you what it looks like from far away and then close up so let me show you my armpit right now this is it from far away I feel like you cannot see any hair it’s nice and fresh and clean and now this is gonna be gross but can you see those little hairs there’s a lot actually and now I’m going to appelate it so this is the before okay so my t-shirt kinda got in the way but this is the after and that took no time at all actually did it my arms on Christmas I don’t think I’ve actually done them since then and I have pretty hairy arms I have really hairy arms for a girl I’ll show you kind of a close-up I didn’t do my upper arm here and that would be like the least hairy part of my arm and this still looks pretty hairy but I think I might actually have pictures if I have pictures I’ll insert them here but my arm itself is very hairy and I you see I made fun of in elementary school because I had really hairy arms but um I’ve always been kind of self-conscious about it like especially in pictures you can see like if I went like this my hair you would see my hair like I had a lot of it I could brush it over the arm so when I saw this I was like that’s a perfect opportunity to give it a go waxing really irritates my skin so it wasn’t something that I thought I would be able to do on my arms this is my arm right now so you can see that the hair has started to grow back but it’s really very manageable super light but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you with my little Tormentor how I remove it I think my arms actually hurt more than my armpits because my arm hair was so long but your armpit hair is definitely a thicker hair so it does pull it is a little painful and I did bleed a little bit but that happens to be with waxing as well so it wouldn’t necessarily say it’s from this itself I think it’s just hair removal in general but let me show you how I use it so this is my arm like you saw so what you want to do is you take this and you run it the opposite way of the hair growth so my arm hair grows down like this so I’m gonna run it across like this so hair and no hair you can see the difference between the two I’m going to be doing that to the rest of my arm afterwards but I just wanted to show you again me doing it and showing you that it doesn’t really hurt if you have after you’ve done it once or twice your hair it gets accustomed to it just as the same as waxing or anything like that your hair kind of adapt and gets thinner and thinner until eventually it’s like basically nothing so again I will say some spots are more sensitive than the others so right here for me is very sensitive and same with like close to my elbow or inside of my elbow but that is honestly so worth it for me because if I have the before picture or any picture where you can see my arm hair I will insert it and it’s always been something like I said that bothers me so finding this and trying it out was super easy and like a no-brainer I’m gonna do this all the time now it’s just so much easier so that is going to be all today for my epilating video of my hair removal those are two areas that I really struggled with and I think that it might help you out so if you are a naturally hairier person first off not a big deal second off if you want to you could grab this and pick it up this video is not sponsored at all I bought this with my own money on my own time and I just used it and it actually works so I thought that I would let you guys know something else you can do if the area hurts too much when you first start doing it so for my armpits I used to not be able just to whip it out and do it but now I can do that because my hair is thinner but what you can do is you just get some ice put it in a baggie put it over the armpit or the area you want to work on go ahead and do that and then repeat the process over again until all the hair is gone if you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up if you want to hear more about hair removal or anything like that I me know down below if you are new to my channel and you like this video please subscribe I would love to have you join the family I hope you have an amazing week and I will see you guys in my next video remember to always be nice to people and I love you bye.

Everything You Need To Know About Epilators:

Video Transcript:

Now us they have are you guys and today I am going to talk about epilator and a lot of you want you to know about this so I decided to make a video on it so I am going to talk about my story and what exactly is an epilator how to use it doesn’t paint and affiliating versus other methods of hair removal and also I am going to share some tips so stay till the end and without further ado let’s get started with this video so I have always been a box person and I tried waxing for the first time and I was in eighth grade although I have used all the methods of hair removal but I have cause they stick to boxing and recently I kind of got frustrated with boxing because I had to take prior appointments and then I had to go every month for that and it kind of got costly because I had to pay six to seven hundred every month and I was not ready for that but like see you see dude you are just removing my hair why should I pay you that much then I heard about epilator than it sounded like it was made completely for a girl like me who wants to be very every day and Phyllis frivolously enough to send me this Philips emulator so I am also going to talk about this product in the studio so if you don’t know anything about epilator it is an electronic device which is used to remove hair from its roots so it has this rotating hair which has metal plates which act like a tweezer so it grabs your hair and pulls it from its true like the freezer and it is like a continuous process the several regions will pull out the hair to exclude which will help you get a perfect hairless body so this Philips epilator has two speed settings one is fast and well as low so you can start with the slower and then later on as you get used to it you get to turn to the faster mode and it has a second button for MxA I will show you how it works here one and then it’s off so this felissa plate also comes with a few attachment one of it’ll just shave your head so you can use this where you don’t want to template and it’s quite easy to change this so you just have to supplied this head like this and it will be off and then you can use the shaver head and put it in the same way and it’s on and then it also comes with the sensitive area cap so you just put it on the I believe your head like that and it’s on and you can use this for sensitive areas like underarms and bikini line so what it does it limits the area of the fielders and then it will reduce the pain for affiliating the Philips circulator also comes with another head and I guess only this epilator has this and it’s also guide is my favorite so what this basically does it stretches the skin so that even the tiniest hair can we pull it out and it also kind of helps you to keep the epilator in the right angle you also get a charger along with this so you can use it with corn or without cord and patchy without got to last for 40 minutes Apple eaters can be very tricky if you don’t know how to use it right but once you get the hang of it it will be very easy to use what you basically have to do is pull the emulator at a 90 degree angle to your skin and then go in the direction opposite to your hair growth so if your hair growth this like this you have to go like this and it’s very important to go against the hair growth because only then the hair will be pulled out from the root otherwise it won’t and for the underarms I just take my hand and rest it off the head like that and then I will just put the epilator like that I will slide it because it hurts a lot so I’ll just put it on places like that and then do it rather than sliding it because sliding hurts a lot as this will just delays the pain so your is my hairy leg and I’m going to peel it apart of it and show you the difference and as you guys can see you need to move really slow and epilating because only then the hair will be pulled out completely and it is so awkward for me right now to show my leg like this on YouTube but never mind I just want you guys to see the difference yourself so I hope you guys can also see the difference here this part is completely hairless while the other part does not I feel a lot of you must be having this question does it fail well yes you are sucking out a hair from its root so definitely it will pain and the pain is there in your head it will definitely paint the first time you do it but as you you know get used to it your body gets used to the pain and then it kind of gets easy so a lot of you have this misconception that epilating is equal to waxing which is absolutely wrong and pelleting is not a substitute for waxing it is just a convenient solution to waxing it doesn’t affect the vaccine cycles or hair growth plus point about using in appalachia compared to waxing is that it came to love 0.5 mm of hair which backs again all you have to wait for certain amount of clothes for the waxing wearers you can complete wherever you want wherever you want I’m a pelleting compared to shaving while shaving this removes the hair from the skin’s surface that is emulating boots of the hair from its rule so in case of an epilating the hey comes back slower and it’s also software in case of Shaving the hey comes back very fast and it’s also kind of protein the first of us to use it after shower so that your skin is oil free and it also kind of reduces the pain second tip do not apply any lotion before leaving after you’re done plating apply a thick body cream or body butter to reduce the redness and bleeding works best on short hair so many people first go and wax or shave the hair and then after a week or two they start the impeding presence always make sure you skin this type or stretch so that even the final string can be pulled out and exfoliate your skin at least thrice in a week to reduce the use so that’s it I hope you guys like this video and if you have any further tips feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know about it if you have any further doubts or queries related to epilator feel free to ask me on my social media all the links will be down and the description box below so make sure you check that out I hope you found this video very helpful if it was please make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon bye you Oh.

Final Verdict:

Since every woman’s wish is that they want to go out wearing shorts, the epilator is highly recommended as it pulls out the unwanted hair directly from roots and helps you in getting flawless skin. Moreover, you can use it underwater or while you are showering, it will work best in both dry and wet areas on your skin.

Also, you can move out comfortably wearing your favorite short dresses. We highly hope that this review given above will help you in getting the kind of epilator you were planning to buy for the long run.

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