Best Epilators Buyer Guide for 2020

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Do you want to remove unwanted hair from your body?

Do you want flawless skin on your body?

Are you worried about not wearing short dresses at parties or outside?

If you agree to all the above questions, then all you need is an epilator. The epilator will remove unwanted hair directly from roots from your body and will help you in getting flawless skin. Also, you can use your epilator while you are showering and also when your skin is dry. Given below is the list of 10 best epilators that you can consider to buy:

Comparison of 10 Best Epilators in 2020

Things to consider before buying the best epilators in 2020

Wet or dry:

Before placing an order for yourself, you must note down what type of epilator you want; whether dry or wet. The dry epilator is usually used on your skin when it is dry and the wet epilator is used underwater. Your epilator must make use of the new technology in the right way that your product is both shockproof and waterproof. They must have the proper guards so that the safety will be maintained. Your epilator must have the feature of getting shut off when you have plugged it in the cord and you cannot use it while it is plugged on. Although, the wet epilator is a little expensive than the dry one they are less messy and cause little pain. You can also opt to use the warm water after tweezing out your hair which would help your skin in getting relaxed. Your skin will feel less sensitive towards the plucking sensation while you are underwater or shower. Also, you must keep in mind that if you going for the wet epilator then after frequently using it underwater; its battery life gets shorter.

Corded or battery:

There is some epilator that comes in the market using the standard battery. When the battery gets run out, then you have to change the battery and it will be less costly to you. Also, if you need to use your product every time, then you must go for the corded epilator as they are the ones that you can easily recharge. Moreover, you must consider the corded epilators as they are much stronger than the cordless epilator as they can lose their powerful working after using it consistently. And there is a disadvantage of using the cordless wet epilator that if their battery gets run out then you have to change your product. Furthermore, the life duration of the cordless epilator is much higher which means that they are durable and you can use it for a long period. Also, the lifetime of the normal epilator is 5 years on an average so you can run as long as 5 years then after that you have to replace them. You must make sure that your product does not get you hurt while you are using it and is safe enough that you do not get caught by the electricity shock especially in the case of the wet epilator.


If you going to place an order for the tweezers, then you must keep in mind that with the tweezers epilator you will have to spend more time so go with the epilator that has more tweezers. With more tweezers, the unwanted hair will get the pull off easily and in large quantity without consuming much of your time and giving you smooth skin all over your body. Well, the epilator with more tweezers give fast result but you will feel more pain while using it. Make sure that the tweezers of your product is made up of metal as they did not pluck your hair seamlessly and does not even work faster. Also, it is stronger among all types of epilators and looks for the one that is gentle on your skin. Moreover, you must consider the number of tweezers before buying the epilator as more the number of tweezers, more they will clean out hair from your body giving you flawless skin.

The pain you can bear:

While buying an epilator for yourself, you must choose between the efficiency and the amount of pain that you can bear. Well, using the epilator is a painful session for you as it helps you in pulling out the hair from its root and may result in redness and bumps on the skin of your body. You must look for an epilator that has a vibrating cap attached to it so that it will give massage to your body and after removing your hair, it will give you some relief from pain. Also, if you want less pain and do not have a vibrating cup then it will not pluck out all of the hair from your body also will be less efficient. With a drop in speed of performance, the efficiency of your epilator would also decrease.

Areas you want to use:

If you are planning to use an epilator on parts of your body other than the leg, then you must choose an epilator which comes with attachments covered with the head of tweezers and reduces the area covered by an epilator. If you want to remove hair from areas of your body like face, bikini, and underarms which are tight area, then you must go with the epilator which is small in size which will make it easier for the epilator to maneuver in such areas. It is important to keep in mind that you should not use the epilator which has a vibrating cup on your face as they are very powerful and may cause harm to the sensitive skin on your face. With the attachment for your face, the epilator will not rotate at fast speed and will remove hair seamlessly but the disadvantage is that when the battery gets down, you cannot recharge it, you have to change the battery.

FAQs on the best epilator in 2020

What is an epilator?

With an epilator, anyone can get an image of a shaver but it is far different from it. Unlike shaker, it does not remove the hair from your skin by slicing it down. The epilator instead uses the tweezers to pull out the hair from its root. For about 2-4 weeks you can free to wear short dresses that you like as your hair will not grow for a minimum of 2 weeks. It is an electronic tweezer that gives you smooth skin with no flaws after every use. It is so convenient to use that you can remove hair on both of your legs within 10 minutes only. The tweezers inside the epilator usually rotate for about 20 to 100 times each minute and grab the maximum hair possible within a single time.

Is it safe to use your epilator?

It is 100% safe to use either the wet or dry epilator. You must keep in mind that if you are using it in a shower, then plug it out so that there is a negligee chance of you getting an electric shock. Roger that using the epilator for the first time can be a very painful experience. Furthermore, you can bear the pain after some use and you will get more smooth skin ever time. Because there is more hair to pull using the epilator for the first time. Also, to get the soft skin it is important to pull off the hair from the root itself and this will cause you some pain. After the next use, the hair will get thinner and will cause you less pain also as less hair will be pulled by the tweezers.

On what areas of your body you can use your epilator?

You can use your epilator on all areas of your body but some of the epilators specify as they are designed in such a way. You must look out for the epilator that can be used on sensitive skin before using it on your face or bikini line. Although you can remove your hair from legs or underarms or wherever you want. And if you have sensitive skin then also you can use the epilator as hypoallergenic heads which deep clean your skin before using the epilator. And also make you feel relaxed and it becomes easy to pull out the hair.

How to clean your epilator?

It is important to clean the epilator also after using it over your body. They usually come with a small brush that brushes off the stray hairs from your product. Also, clean the hair which is stored in the chamber which is inside the epilator. So you must use the warm water over that chamber and wash out all the pulled hair. To avoid any possible skin infection or irritation, you must dip your epilator inside the alcohol or rub it using the cleaner which alcohol in it. Moreover, the epilator does not have any blades but tweezers so it is not needed to share it. Also, men can usually use the epilator to remove unwanted hair from their face especially between the eyebrows.

How to Remove Hair with an Epilator?

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What should you do on your skin before using your epilator?

It is recommended that you better clean your skin deeply using warm water so that it will become easier for you to use the epilator. Moreover, you must exfoliate your skin at least once in a week so that you will be able to remove the dead cell which might be blocking the root from where your hair grows. It will help the tweezers to pull out the hair from the root only and you will be getting smooth and soft skin throughout a week. Also, if some of the hair that is not being pulled by your epilator, use the comb that comes with it or better use the epilator when your skin is dry.

How To Use An Epilator And Avoid Ingrown Hairs?

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Is there any chance that more of your hair will grow after using your epilator?

It is a misconception that your hair will grow thicker after using your epilator to removing your hair. Even the dermatologist has proved by performing various tests that by using epilator you for not get thick hair back but thin and very light in color so that it is easy for you to again remove your hair. For more than a week you do not get your hair growth back and thus the epilator allows you to enjoy the smooth skin for such period. Also, you can do a warm shower after using an epilator so that your skin feels more soothed and you will be feeling relaxed. Many people are confused that even though they have removed the hair from the root, still there is growth. It is because the tweezers in your epilator only pull the hair from the root but the root still exists there. But it will continue to grow and will take some week’s time to reach the surface of your skin. Also, it is advised not to use your product right before going out somewhere outside as you might face red bumps or irritation on your skin. It is recommended that you remove your hair in the evening time so that all tour irritation would be healed while you are sleeping in the night time.

How to Never Shave Again: Epilator?

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Everything You Need To Know About Epilators:

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Final Verdict:

Since every woman’s wish is that they want to go out wearing shorts, the epilator is highly recommended as it pulls out the unwanted hair directly from roots and helps you in getting flawless skin. Moreover, you can use it underwater or while you are showering, it will work best in both dry and wet areas on your skin.

Also, you can move out comfortably wearing your favorite short dresses. We highly hope that this review given above will help you in getting the kind of epilator you were planning to buy for the long run.

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