Best False Eyelashes Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want your eyelashes to look naturally bigger?

Do you want to highlight your eyeshadow?

Are you worried about your eyes being little in size?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then all you need is the false eyelashes which are called the falsies in the market. It not only makes your eyelashes look naturally longer but also fills the gap in your original lashline. It helps you in highlighting the eyeshadow that you have applied to your eyelid. Listed below are the 10 best false eyelashes that you can consider before ordering the one:

Update list of 10 Best False Eyelashes in 2020

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Things to consider before buying the Best False Eyelashes in 2020

Light in weight:

If you are new to the false eyelashes, then you must first use the soft product and light in weight. The heavy falsies exert so much weight on your eyes and your eyes are forced to keep them down making you look strange and uncomfortable. And if you have applied the heavy makeup, then this feature will help you in highlighting the eyeshadow. Also, you must opt for the falsies that do not require any lash glue to apply and must come with the applicator if you are wearing them for the first time. It is important to note that if you want some grip then you must first curl your eyelashes and then apply the mascara.

Black eyelash glue:

You must consider buying the black eyelash glue in place of the transparent to give you a natural look. The transparent lashes have a whitish sheen to it which increases its chances of you looking unnatural and creates a strange space between your lash and eyelid. The black eyelash glue works so perfectly with your eyes and makes them look natural by getting blend into your original eyelashes. The band of your false lashes must be transparent instead of black. The reason behind it is very easy to maneuver and apply it because of the feature of the band of your product being pliable.

Highly branded:

You should look for the false eyelashes that are high- branded so that they are user-friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The makeup artists can apply the locally branded eyelashes also with so many techniques and tricks. They are trained in the perfect trimming of lashes to get fit with your eyes but you are not. So, invest in your first falsies set carefully and mindfully and go for the highly branded lashes.

Wispy and demi:

You must find the false eyelashes that go well with your eyes. And if the size does not fit then you have to cut them shorter, so look for the falsies that are shorter in size. For the winged like effect, you can go for the demi lashes that allows you to fit them at the outer corner of your lashline. If you have eyelashes which are longer in size but few in numbers then you can opt for the singles lashes. It includes the set of three to four hairs combined and you can apply to the area where you need to fill the gaps in the lashline. The wispy lashes have the gaps made between each group of the lashes which allow you to highlight the eyeshadow that you have applied. Your product must not be something minimalistic and must allow you to look more attractive and gorgeous when you wear them.


Before placing an order of your false eyelashes, make sure that your falsies are reusable. They must be available at an affordable price that must be easy for you to remove and apply without plucking out out the mascara from your eyes. They must be flexible in feature and must provide you realistic feelings after applying it and can go with any color of your skin. They must make your eyes look naturally longer and help you in filling the gap in your lash line. They can allow you to wear for at least fifteen times and for increasing its longer lifespan, you must keep them clean and store them properly. They must be flexible and must not include any separate lash glue to apply. Also, there are various types of lashes available in the market such as natural and dramatic. They must be made up of the material which does not cause any allergy or harm to your eyelids or eyelashes. With the cotton band, these lashes can easily be bend with your original eyelashes and increase its character of durability.

Low maintenance:

Make sure that you choose the product that is very soft and light in weight and makes you not worry about its maintaining. With the mix of lengths, you can adjust the size of your falsies that fits your eyes. If you are not feeling great working with the lash glue then there is another option also; you can choose the magnetic lashes. You can use the hand for applying them on your eyelashes and if you are a beginner then there are tweezers also available for you using which you can apply without any hassle. It must allow you to weak the glasses properly without causing any hindrance and it is important to note that it is okay if you are a beginner so applying it could be a little tricky for you.

FAQs on the best false eyelashes in 2020

What are false eyelashes?

The false eyelashes make your lashes look longer and attractive and are an advantage for your original lashes. They do not get bitter or harder on your eyelashes but helps them grow longer and healthier. They can save your makeup from getting ruined when you get emotional and may start weeping. Also, if you when applying makeup on your face more than required, then you can use them. Also, it can save your time from doing makeup, just apply them and you are ready to go.

How to apply your false eyelashes?

Before applying the falsies on your eyes, you must be assured that they are either made up of cotton material especially so that it takes very minute to apply. You have to apply the lash glue on your lash line which gets tacky and wait till your false eyelashes perfectly set on your original lashes. With practice, they can get naturally fit with your lashes. And if you are a beginner then you must go for the lash applicator which makes it much more easy to use and you must watch some online video also to make them look wispy and demi. You must first measure the falsies and trim if required short in size. Then apply the lash glue then set the lashes and for finishing you can apply the mascara and brush with the comb.

How to clean your false eyelashes?

First of all, clean your eyelashes from all the makeup with an oil-free makeup remover. Then dab them using the Q-tip and twirl according to the need on the area which required the most. When there is a layer of the lash glue after you have used them for about 5 times, then it is the time to peel off them using the lash applicator or you can use your fingers also. You must keep in mind that you need to carefully peel off the glue or else you will end up pulling the band.

Are the lashes with adhesive nature good?

The lashes with glue are natural and do not cause any possible damage to your eyes and skin. These adhesive lash glues are made up of the natural ingredients that quickly stick with your lashline without any hassle. It does not get melt away before your special occasion ends and fits on your eyes naturally for the whole day making you look gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. It also lets your makeup to get highlighted and especially your eyeshadow and makes you feel healthy by sending the healthy nutrients into your body. It contains natural ingredients such as the rose water that softens, moisturizes your skin and acts as the anti-aging which makes them toxic and is biodegradable in ingredients. Moreover, the extract of chamomile which is suitable for your eyes because of their anti-inflammatory nature. With Vitamin E contained in it, the glue saves your eyes and skin from environmental pollution.

How to choose the right eyelashes for your eyes?

The right eyelashes for your eyes purely depend on the type of makeup you want to apply or simply on the shape of your eyes. Since all eyes are unique in their way, you must choose them wisely after considering the shape of your eye and the goal of your makeup. You must know if your eyes are bigger or smaller and if they are deep or flat, and what type of lashes you want to prefer; either natural, medium or full.

How you maintain and store your eyelashes?

If you want to increase the lifespan of your false eyelashes, then you must maintain them and store them properly. First of all, you must not directly mascara over them as it can damage the quality of your falsies. So, it is important to note that you apply the mascara over your original eyelashes. Also, the oil in many cosmetics contains the oil that can damage the quality of the hair in your falsies. The quality of your product can be maintained if you keep them in the case after you have used them. You must always keep the liquid away from them and do not soak them under the eater or makeup remover; you just have to dab them. As you know, they are made up of hands, so it is required to hold them gently and carefully to prevent any damage. Always grasp them from the lash band and not from the hair while you are either removing them from the package or your eyes. If you are facing a problem with its curl and if they are wet then you can get the curl shape back by reshaping them using the eyelash curler. You can also use the eyelashes curler even when you have applied them to your eyes.

How to apply false eyelashes for beginners?

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Basic Tips & Tricks on False Eyelashes:

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Final Verdict:

If I am being asked to choose, then I would go for the _______ false eyelashes as they are not only light in weight but also comes with the black band. It is both wispy and demi in characteristics and does not require any separate glue to stick your false lashes with the skin and helps you in filling the gap between the lash line.

The listed falsies not only make your eyes look naturally bigger but also gorgeous. You can choose any of the best false eyelashes given in the list according to your wish.

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