Top 10 Best Brake Pads For Towing in 2021

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Are you worried about appealing to both the light and heavy trucks?

Do you want your brake pads to be made for heat?

Do you want your brake pads to be eco-friendly?

If you agree with all the above questions, then all you need is the brake pads for towing. The brake pad not only helps you in towing the heavy vehicles or hauling but also helps them enhance their performance. Also, helps in reducing the noise, the brake pad withstands the hot condition. Given below is the list of the 10 best brake pads for towing:

Quick Comparison on Top 10 Best Brake Pads For Towing in 2021

Buying Guide for Best Brake Pads for Towing in 2021

The brake pads for towing not only help you in towing or hauling your heavy vehicles but also have coverage and increase the spreading of production. Made up of metals that are strong enough to do the heavy task, the brake pads are eco-friendly. Below are some important points that you must keep in mind before placing an order:

(1). Aluminum alloy:

The brake pads for towing you are planning to buy must have an alloy of aluminum instead of copper metal. Without copper, these metallic brake pads are eco-friendly. Also, with this metal, the performance of your product is heightening. The aluminum alloy is also used in aerospace engineering to infuse. Moreover, with the rotors of your vehicle, the lifetime of your brake pads increases and they can be used for years. They are designed in such a way that they resist corrosion. Furthermore, they allow flexibility in movement.

(2). Brake calipers:

With the brake calipers, your product can fit every vehicle. The performance of your vehicles such as trucks or car is enhanced. You can also permit to change the front and rear brake pads. Your product must include the complete brake kit which consists of custom-made powder, stop rotors, and also the brake calipers. The kit must be compatible in nature and also make sure that both the rotor and brake pads must fit properly. No matter what terrain you drive in, the stop rotors help you the strong power to stop your vehicles. The custom-made powder is actually made up of the compounds of ceramic and carbon fiber which are the primary component. To add beauty to your wheels, the rotors are plated with zinc and provide you protection. Your brake pad must be of high-quality as with the low-quality, they may not contain all these mentioned pieces of brake caliper paint in the brake kit.

(3). Design with heavy-duty:

The brake pads you want to buy must be designed to support the heavy-duty. The main objective of your product must be to provide you the great efficiency and stopping power. Also, they must be designed in such a way that they help you in the reduction of friction from your products. To boost the working of your product, they must be made up of the multi-layer shim system. Also, you must ensure that your product must provide you with extra security. Your desired product must be design with the upgraded bolt-on formula. They must be designed with the feature to easily get installed with the simplified installation system. Also, they must be appealing to both light and heavy trucks. Furthermore, your heavy-duty brake pads for towing are dependent on the type of vehicle you are using or on what road you are driving, so the wearing of your product can be reduced slowly. For the heavier loads, your brake pads must be made up of ceramic carbon-fiber materials that also help them work properly and gives you a satisfy and enjoyable ride.

(4). Made for heat:

Make sure that your brake pads must be designed to stand in hot conditions. When you hit your product, they have a good response and with the amount of heat evolving, the brake pad noise is made efficient and long-lasting. They are durable in nature and thus you can use them for a longer period of time. Also, they must be easy to install and withstand any type of road, either up the hill or down. Also, they must be durable and must have a long life. Your product must be designed in such a way that they are able to withstand the heat. Also, they must have slots that not only protect your brake pads from getting bend in the hot condition.

(5). Insulate noise:

Because of the excessive wear, the wear indicators when reaching their contact point make an irritable noise. Your product must be made up of a multi-layer shim system that is made of steel to insulate the noise and boost the working. Moreover, they must be designed in such a way that your product can be easily clean after the dirt and dust stuck in your braking system. Also, the brake pad sensor noise must help you in reducing the noise. Make sure that you are provided with the complete hardware and they must be replaceable easily so that you can exchange with the old and not working hardware with the new one. They must be designed in such a way that the shim in your product does not allow noise. Furthermore, they must also help in the reduction of the vibration caused by the towing.  They must be designed with the OE technology for the shim.

Reviews of 10 Best Brake Pads for Towing in 2021

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Best Brake Pads For Towing

Today, one of every three Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles on the road in North America includes Bosch braking components. That’s because Bosch has been a key player in the braking industry since applying for this AutoZone brake pads is the first brake system design patent in 1936.

Bosch introduced Antilock Braking technology to the market, as well as Electronic Stability Control systems. Now Bosch brings over 70 years of OE braking expertise to the aftermarket with Bosch QuietCast Premium disk brake pads. The QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad program offers top quality, availability, competitive pricing, and full coverage for all make and models of Domestic, Asian, and European automobiles, light trucks, and SUVs. Formulations include platform-specific Copper Free ceramic and semi-metallic that meet the 2025 Copper Free Legislation.

With ‘Science Behind the Silence’, QuietCast raises aftermarket AutoZone brake pads and rotors technology to a whole new level. Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads utilize innovative materials that ensure the highest level of quality. Bosch integrated their best OE-style rubber core multilayer him to ensure quiet operation. QuietCast delivers the quiet operation you expect with the durability and lifetime brake pads Autozone are the hallmarks of all Bosch products. QuietCast comes complete with hardware (where available) and lubricant to do a complete brake job the first time, every time.

Unboxing: Bosch BC680 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set

Video Transcript:

Hello everybody out there in YouTube land today we are gonna be unboxing the Bosch quiet cast premium disc brakes number BC six eight zero hardware kit included I’m gonna be using these particular ones on 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara xl7 I’ve heard these are pretty good brake pads and rotors so MST technology steel rubber core steel thermoset adhesive backing plate friction material open them up let’s see what they look like and what comes everything alright so first thing you have here is your caliper slides nice oh they even give you a little bit of synthetic brake grease very cool very complete kit each pad is individually wrapped which is very cool so they don’t all rub up and hit against each other so here is the pad has this backing plate that is made of a few different materials that’s supposed to help it keep quiet does have slit down the middle slot to help remove debris while you’re driving there are four pads this is for the front two for each side the complete kit for the trip on the box it does no no it doesn’t I thought it showed you that it was for the front so get the pads hardware kit and synthetic brake grease that is pretty cool and it was a nice nice complete kit so this is unboxing the Bosch BC six eight zero front brake pad kit for 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara xl7 I hope this helped you out if you were wanting to buy it and wanted to know what all came in the kit if you have any questions leave them in the comments below hit that like button and subscribe it helps us out I’ll see you guys later.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bosch dedicated engineering to platform specific premium materials, ensuring exceptional stopping power and quiet operation with low dust
  • Quiet operation with rubber core multilayer shim provides increased strength and insulation against noise
  • The advanced aerospace alloy used in the patented copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic friction formula is compliant with 2025 Copper Free legislation
  • The protective transfer layer extends pad and rotor life
  • Slots and chamfers for premium quality, fit, and function; hardware kit (where available) and synthetic lubricant included performing a complete AutoZone front brake pads job. The powder-coated backing plate prevents rust and corrosion for prolonged pad life.

Bosch Disc Brake Installation:

Video Transcript:

One of the most important safety features on a vehicle is the braking system. So proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure its optimal working performance today we are going to install Bosch brake pads on a 2008 Honda Accord several tools are required to perform a brake disc installation including a ratchet sockets wrenches screwdrivers wire brush or file cylindrical wire brush hammer hub flange cleaning tool impacts driver and torque wrench you will need additional materials on hand as well shop towels brake cleaner penetrating oil and synthetic brake lubricant are critical to successfully completing a brake job and restoring your vehicle’s braking system to its original operating condition the first step begins under the hood before the car is lifted and the wheels are removed begin the inspection process at the master cylinder check the fluid level if the fluid level is low this tells us the pads are worn or there’s a leak in the system if the brakes are inspected and the pads still have significant thickness this indicates a leak in the system brake system leaks are generally obvious and can be felt by pedal feedback slow leaks where there is not much difference in pedal feel are usually found at the primary piston seal in the master cylinder there may be a visible trail of fluid under the master cylinder on the front of the booster or a leak at the primary seal may leak brake fluid directly into the booster finding this leak may require removing the master from the booster and checking for brake fluid where the master cylinder recesses into the front of the booster the best way to determine how the brake system is operating is to inspect the old brake pads the wear patterns on the pads will show how the system is operating and even indicate which components are causing wear issues start by raising the vehicle and removing the wheel the best way to examine the brake pads is with the caliper removed caliper removal is easiest when the piston is fully seated against the bottom of the caliper bore the piston will need to be bottom Denny way to accommodate the thickness on the new brake pads when reinstalling the caliper over the rotor compressing the piston causes the brake fluid in the caliper bore to move through the brake lines toward the master cylinder be sure to use a hose and open the bleeder screw now compress the caliper piston as you know brake fluid absorbs moisture and causes internal corrosion in the system the majority of today’s vehicles have abs so it’s important to not move corrosion Laden brake fluid through the ABS unit doing so could cause a valve in the modulator to stick and turn the ABS light on ABS modulators are generally not serviceable so replacing one could be very expensive once the piston is completely compressed close the bleeder screw remove the two bolts or pins that mount the caliper to the bracket and remove the caliper from the bracket check the brake hose for cracks and dry rot next check the area around the piston dust bitch for any signs of caliper leaking then hang the caliper out of the way so the hose isn’t damaged now the pads are exposed in the bracket this is the perfect opportunity to check for tapered or uneven wear these two types of wear indicate high mechanical resistance at the slide pins or at the bracket to pad contact points if the brake pads are hard to remove by hand or they have to be pried from the bracket corrosion and dirt have built up under the abutment clips simply changing the clips will not allow the new pads to apply and release properly this is why the bracket has its own service procedure during a complete brake job examine the face of the friction material for heat cracks and other unusual wear patterns such as stepped wear possibly from the rust Ridge on the outer and inner diameter of the rotor all rotors have these rust ridges remove the two bolts holding the bracket then remove the bracket the pad bracket is where the majority of break issues occur which is why it’s so important to service this component mount the bracket in a vise begin the bracket service by stripping the bracket of all hardware note which pin came out of which bore there may be a dampening bushing on the end of one of the Pens use a file roll lock disk or wire brush to clean the area of the bracket where the abutment clip rests use a metal bore brush to clean the slide pin bore when these procedures have been completed spray the entire bracket with brake cleaner apply synthetic brake Lube to the surface of the bracket where the abutment clip will rest this will provide a moisture barrier to retard the development of new corrosion under the clip apply synthetic Lube to the pin bore but not too much and not all the way to the bottom too much grease will keep the pin from traveling all the way down in the bore and the caliper won’t go back onto the bracket reinstall the pins and abutment clips apply a thin coating of Lube to the clips and pins the cleaned bracket is now ready to be reinstalled on the vehicle to aid in removal of the old rotor Spray penetrating oil at the base of the lug studs then remove the set screws with the appropriate tool the rotor may be adhered to the bearing flange if so a hammer may be used to hit the face of the rotor hat to loosen it from the hub once the rotor is removed clean the surface of the bearing flange with a roll lock disc wire brush or flange cleaning tool this will ensure the new rotor has a flat surface to mate against apply a thin coating of synthetic brake Lube to the flange and install the new rotor reinstall the set screws and be sure to clean any dirt or grease from the surface of the new rotor the rotor is now installed it’s time to put all of the components back together begin by installing the prepared bracket and torque it to specifications install the new pads into the bracket with the prep work completed on the bracket the new pad should slide into the bracket very easily unhook the caliper from its support and position it over the new pads tighten the caliper mounting bolts to specifications install the wheel assembly and torque to specifications now the vehicle can be lowered to the ground before starting the car apply short strokes to the brake pedal until it’s high and firm check the master cylinder level after the pedal has been pumped now it’s time for a test drive a test drive after a brake job should include approximately 10 complete stops from 20 to 0 miles per hour and about 10 slow down cycles from 40 to 20 miles per hour be sure to allow a short cooling period between each braking event thanks for watching be sure to ask for the Bosch brake parts featured in this video at your local auto supply store to find your local source for high quality bosch automotive products visit our website at Bosch Auto Parts comm poor professional assistance with your auto repair needs contact an independently owned and authorized Bosch car service repair shop visit Bosch car service us to find one near you.

Customers Feedback:

I have been paying a local retail over-priced shop to do my brakes on my vehicles for 15-20 years and their prices have gone up and the quality of the ceramic brake pads autozone jobs go down. I have to go back and have them fix isues with the pads rubbing or mis-aligned yielding in noise and annoying squeals. Well, after getting a ridiculous quote for my last brake job where they tried to sell me NEW rotors when my prior set was only used for one brake job, i decided to try out changing my own brakes. I completed the rear axle of both wheels in less than 50 mins and test drove it. Everything went fine. I coupled the Bosch Quietcast rotar with their Boasch Quiest Cast Premium ceramic brake pads (also on amazon). Amazingly quite after two seperate test drives with a 15 min break-in between. I am please, this is easy to do if you change your own oil and know how to work wrenches and lube things.

These autozone duralast brake pads are very well made and very high quality! The pads for my application were friction rated “GG” which is very good. Everything that you could possibly need for pad replacement is included in the box: the new stainless slides/clips and silicone lube. I have installed over 100 sets of brakes pads and Bosch is now my “go to” pad for most applications. if you live in a salt/rust area, make sure that you remove the stainless clips and wire brush that area under the clips before installing the new ones that are provided. ensure that your pads slide easily and that you don’t have to force them in place.

I’ve used Bosch products over the years in my German cars, and have always been pleased with the quality, but never knew they made brakes. I ordered these pads with the Bosch QuietCast rotors to address a terrible shimmy when stopping from high speed. The autozone brake pads and rotors are very high quality, they have an expensive feel and look in their packaging and build. All brake hardware and grease is included. Remember to swap the rubber plug on the old rotors’ e-brake adjuster hole. These brakes have terrific bite, zero brake dust, and silent stopping power. Very happy with this purchase.

2. ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Ceramic Vs Semi Metallic Brake Pads For TowingACDelco Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pads have a ceramic formulation that uses less metal, providing quality braking power in a quiet and low-dusting package. Also, hardware clip kits are included where applicable.

ACDelco Advantage bike brake pads are available for all makes and models. Warning: Automobile parts, accessories and ancillary chemicals contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Wash hands after using this bike disc brake pads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, and Organic formulas provide safety and reliability for a range of vehicle applications
  • Basic shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness
  • No curing or machining required, ready to be installed right out of the box.

Customers Feedback:

My wife was starting to complain about the brakes on her 05 Yukon. I like to stick with OEM when I can, so when I saw ACDelco brakes at this price, I decided to give it a shot. I have never had ceramic brakes before so i was not sure what to expect. These brakes have surpassed my expectations. Stopping has improved greatly and no more of that ugly brake dust all over the wheels. I cross referenced the part numbers on the ACDelco website to be sure these fit my vehicle as others have claimed these were improperly advertised to fit their vehicle. I would recommend doing that berfore ordering any automotive part to make sure you get the right part of road bike brake pads the first time. To anyone with a GM vehicle that these brakes will fit wondering about trying ceramic brakes, try these you will not be disappointed.

Perfect fit. This was the exact replacement part at a much better price then buying at the dealer or local autoparts store. I have had them installed for about a month and have no problems at all. About 1000 miles so far. Installed these at the same time as the front rotors and the precision front hubs. Little to no dust also.

I had to come write this review because I am so pleased with my AC Delco brake job. I will post this same comment to the AC Delco rotors that I used. I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD with 193,00 miles that I have been through several brake jobs on in the last 70,000 miles. I used to get my parts from the popular auto stores and couldn’t get the brakes to last more than 30,000 miles. The pads would wear down really quick, and the rotors would always be below turning specs. 30,000 miles!!! I didn’t even bother with lame warranty they offered. Well, I finally gave up on the cheap aftermarket junk and at 183,000 miles, I put on AC Delco Advantage rotors and the bike brake pads. I had been out on Amazon recently buying the AC Delco parts really cheap and had been happy with everything. 2 of my rotors were Warehouse deals and were perfect condition. Anyway, I did the brakes all around and I feel like I finally got back truck back to normal. After about a 1,000 miles, the truck stopped like it was brand new. Just today, after 10,770 miles on these brakes, I was replacing the front hub bearings. When I got to the brakes and rotors, they looked practically new. I seriously mean that they showed virtually no wear on both sides of rotor, on both left and right sides of truck. I was totally shocked. I will be definitely keep putting the genuine AC Delco stuff on the truck as I have been very happy with all their parts so far.

3. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Best Brake Pads For Rv TowingWagner is the innovator in braking technologies for passenger cars, medium-duty and commercial applications. Wagner sets industry standards with leading engineering expertise and a commitment to ensuring that their parts deliver superior braking performance.

With comprehensive coverage, Wagner changing brake pads provide all the components necessary for a complete brake repair. Their premium products offer exceptional quality all the latest applications.

Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads feature Wagner OE21 low copper technology, setting new benchmarks for their change brake pads near me. Wagner ThermoQuiet is the ‘One Piece Brake Pad’ that provides quieter braking and superior stopping performance in any driving condition.

Exclusive Integrally Molded Sound Insulator (IMI) dissipates heat and vibration for quieter braking. Proprietary friction formulations provide superior stopping performance and less dust. Install Wagner Brake products with total confidence.

Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Brake Pad and Prime Choice Rotor Review

Video Transcript:

today we’re looking at the Wagner thermal quiet ceramic brake pads and let’s take a look let’s open the box inside we have some directions and they talk about the various different brake pads and what to do with them now here’s a nice touch it comes with stainless steel replacement glides this is something my old previous set that I bought the ACDelco advantage I bought their Bruce pieces of junk didn’t have and you see a nicely detect put all heavy duty classics they’re not rattling around so they don’t get damaged and that’s something else that the ACDelco zai had didn’t have a say I bought some ACDelco advantage brake pads and I’m really unhappy with them and I’m just going to take them out throw them away because you know they kind of make noise and I don’t like them let’s take a look at some of these things I got him out of the box the backs nice nicely painted I guess they have what they call integrated shims so you kind of see this area here this raised area this is the shim and it’s all glued on and painted and bonded tree don’t have to mess with that that was a something I really disliked on the old brake pads I bought the ACDelco zis had some sort of clip on shim and it wasn’t glued on there and it was just really a piece of junk looking at the pad material you can kind of see that is Cochran let me see if I get the right things you can see the the copper but there is a bunch of copper in there and of course my old AC Delco s had copper in there too so I mean it says all ceramic but I guess it didn’t mean it wasn’t metallic is just non-ferrous so well I don’t know I guess that’s up maybe a little disappointing I wonder if that’s maybe a cheaper ceramic material than some of the really expensive brake pads and then they have what they call the laser etching to where you can see this chamfer on the on the side there it’s all chamfer the back to where I guess the no they feel that that’s a good thing and they did of laser so must be good so anyway the next step it is is to install these things on the car we I think take of these stainless steel slides that’s a nice touch most brake pads don’t give you a new brake hardware so I am pretty happy about that here are the prime choice rotors I got these are the cheapest rotors I could find on Amazon $25 or Free Shipping so let’s take a look at these babies I there they’re all wrapped up in plastic you’re looking really good and so I did I sprayed a little just to see I mean have a nice finish on them they look really nice I sprayed a little bit of clean around here and and put it around and I don’t know there doesn’t see much oil on them but pretty good they look pretty darn nice on the inside we nicely finished the crosshatch it looks really nice like I say they weren’t covered in grease and oil although I still I think it’s good practice to clean them off a little cleaner first but today for the cheapest ones that they look pretty nice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quieter Performance. (35% Quieter)
  • Superior Stopping Power. (15% More stopping power)
  • Less Dust and Longer Pad Life.
  • Comprehensive coverage for foreign and domestic vehicle applications.

Customers Feedback:

We are huge fans of Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads. The QC465A pads replaced a set of the same pads with 50,000 miles! (combination highway and city miles) Although we still had some pad life left one of the factory front rotors with >147,000 miles developed a very slight warp. For the changing brake pads and rotors cost we simply replaced pads and rotors to restore a quality braking experience. Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic pads continue to met our high standards in terms of quality, performance, and price. These pads are highly recommended.

These are really nice for the price. This exact set was almost three times the Amazon price at my local parts stores. They are installed on the front of a 2002 Honda Civic LX squeezing cheap Amazon sourced Centric rotors. I have about 500 miles on this set now. Compared to my previous Akebono Pro-Act ceramics, these feel a little smoother. They grab fast with moderate pedal pressure and let go easily on release – without noise. My previous set liked to hang on the rotor for a split second when letting off the brakes and always made a creaking sound. These Wagners are dead quiet in operation with zero squealing. I was a little worried as they claim to have noise insulators molded into the pad. Whatever is inside, it works without pad compound or shims. Unlike any other set I’ve purchased, these came with new pad retaining clips. Mine, at 203,000 miles, were starting to look rough. The new clips snapped right on in seconds. The tools to change brake pads job actually went faster since I didn’t have to clean out the grime from the old clips. Awesome job Wagner!

Great changing brake pads. Great service from Everything Aftermarket. Much less expensive than any of the local Autozone/works parts stores. Very fast shipping. Was considered spending the extra cash to get them now. Glad I didn’t because the shipping was so fast. Perfect fit and easy install in my 98 Honda Civic Ex. Have had them on for a few months now and have seen a noticeable decrease in the amount of break dust residue. Very quiet and smooth.

4. Power Stop Truck and Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

Ceramic Brake Pads For TowingPower Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow brake kit is for your F 150 that tow/haul, as well as the off-road enthusiast. The low dust ceramic formula brake pads are reinforced with carbon fibers to strengthen the compound.

These rear brake pads are dust-free, noise-free, and give you increased braking power without sacrificing everyday drivability with your F 150.

These rear brake pads and rotors are cast using the finest G3000 metallurgy with strict OE tolerances making them a perfect, bolt-on upgrade without the need to make any modifications. Precision drill holes allow for maximum rotor cooling. This keeps your brakes temperatures down during extreme operating conditions. Rounded slots help wipe away any gas or debris keeping a clear contact patch on the rotor surface for safe, smooth braking.

Silver Zinc Dichromate plating is applied to all drilled & slotted rotors, These front and rear brake pads not only look great behind your wheels but to help prevent rust & corrosion. Any time you add weight to your F 150 by hauling a load, towing a trailer, or simply adding a larger wheel/tire combination, you change the operating conditions of your stock brake package. Those operating conditions may exceed the ability of the stock braking components. But don’t worry, Power Stop Z36 brake kit with calipers provide the extra stopping power to bring your F 150 to a halt quickly!

How to Install Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit?

Video Transcript:

Today I’m going to show you how to install power stops Z 36 truck and tow brake kit on this 2017 Ford f250 let’s go ahead and get started the first thing that we’re gonna do is remove the two 16 millimeter bolts that’s holding on our caliper to our caliper bracket it’s going to be this bolt up here and then the bolt down here and you want to make sure as you’re taking out the second bolt you’re kind of holding the caliper against the bracket and the rotor because it’s going to want to fall if you’re not holding it once you have that out you can just pull this off now if you’re swapping out your calipers and stuff on a older vehicle this will probably be easier for you our vehicles only got a couple thousand miles so we actually have quite a bit of our brake pads still left which is why it’s gonna be a little bit tighter here then once you get that off you just want to use a caliper hanger or some kind of bungee and just have that held out of the way like that then from here we can take our brake pads off just like that next thing we’re going to do is use a 21 millimeter to remove our brake caliper bracket which is going to be the bolt here and then the bolt right here and we can set our bracket out of the way now we can just pull off our rotor and we’re gonna take our new rotor set it in place now we can use a couple lug nuts kind of hold it I’m just gonna thread those all the way down now out of the box your rotors should be marked passenger and driver’s side but if they’re not you just want to make sure that your slots and your holes you can kind of tell they’re angled in one direction they’re gonna be angled towards the rear of the truck now your kit is gonna come with some new hardware to go on your caliper bracket it’s gonna come with new metal clips to change those out you’re just gonna pull the old one off like that and then you can push the new one on now if you’re running an older truck you probably need to change all this stuff out again like I said before our truck only has a couple thousand miles on it it’s not very old so I’m actually gonna leave all of these in place and then if you’re gonna change out your bushings this piece just pulls off like that and then you can pull the bushing off and then replace it when you’re sticking this back in you want to make sure that you lubricate it and then you can just push it back into place like that now we’re going to reinstall our caliper bracket same way we removed it our factory bolts back in then we can use our 21 millimeter to tighten those up to factory spec next we can install our new brake pads and our kits going to come with some lubricating grease and we’re going to put some of that on the spots where our caliper is going to slide over the top of our brake pads so that’s going to be in this corner and on the corner at the bottom we’re going to do this on both brake pads and that’s just gonna help this it’s just gonna help our caliper slide over our brake pads and not give us too much trouble and they fit in just like that just like you took the factory ones out we’re going to do that on both sides of our brake pads and then also on the pad that’s going to go on the back we want to lubricate in the middle where our piston is going to push against our brake pad so in the corners and in the center and this is just going to help cut down on any kind of noise that might come from your brake pads while you’re braking so our next step would be to compress our piston on our caliper so that we can get it over our new brake pads since our brakes are still kind of new ours is already compressed but if yours what doesn’t look like this what you would want to do is crack open your bleeder on the other side make sure you have something to catch your brake fluid and then you can use a brake pad put it against the piston and then use a c-clamp go over the piston on the outside of the caliper and then compress it until it’s almost flush now with our piston compressed we can put our caliper over our brake pads make sure you push in full sides of your brake pads and everything should slide into place and then you just want to line up the holes in your caliper with the holes in your bracket and then we can reinstall our factory bolts now once you get both bolts started we can use our 16 millimeter to tighten those down again we’re going to tighten those down to factory torque now you’re gonna want to repeat that process on your other side now that we’ve completed the front we got our wheels and tires back on we’ve got the back lifted up now and this is going to be a similar process to the front first thing that we’re gonna do is remove the tube 16 millimeter bolts that are holding our caliper to our bracket then we can pull our caliper off and hang it up out of the way so with the rear caliper you’re not gonna have as much room because it’s gonna have a shorter line here so I’m gonna use both of my caliper hangers kind of time together and that should hang it up out of the way nicely now I’m gonna take my brake pads out and then we’re going to remove the two 24 millimeter bolts in the back here that are holding our bracket to our axle and then we can just set that aside now you’re back rotors are most likely going to be stuck on so what we need to do is go to the back of the rotor with a piece of wood and a mallet and just gently tap on it until it starts to come loose now if you you should have had the emergency brake on for the front part of this kit you want to make sure that you have that off before you start hitting the rotor in the back so we’re just going to tap on it few times and then we’re going to rotate it hit it a few times and then rotate it oh and then you can see it’s coming loose and then you can just pull it off now we can put our new rotor oh now in our caliper bracket again same as the front we’re gonna get new hardware pieces to go on again this trucks not very old we only have a couple thousand miles on it so I’m gonna leave all the hardware but at this time if you want to switch it out or you have a old truck you’re gonna want to switch them out you’re gonna do that at this time and then we can move from there to actually putting this back on the truck just gonna go over our new rotor with our factory bolts just going to thread those in and then we can go ahead and tighten those down to factory spec we’re gonna do the same as the front or we’re going to put some of our brake lubricant on the back of our brake pads work is going to come into contact with our caliper and we can slide those into place on the back pad we also want to make sure that we put some lubricant around where the piston is going to push up against the brake pad as well which is going to be right around the piece right here and then push that brake pad into place as well so now we need to push our piston in on our caliper so that it’s flush with the caliper so that we can get it over our new brake pads to do that first I’m going to brake the bleeder on the back right here it’s going to be a 3/8 okay that’ll relieve the pressure on the piston and then we can put a brake pad over our piston and then we’re going to use a c-clamp and tighten that down now when you’re doing this you want to make sure that the piston is compressing evenly I’m gonna try to have your clamp as close to the center as possible all right go ahead shake it up loosen it just like that once you have that you can close your bleeder and we can take our caliper and slide it over our brake pads and into position reinstall our bolts and then we’re gonna tighten those down to factory spec with our 16 millimeter and then you’re going to want to spray this whole area down with brake clean and you want to repeat this process on the opposite side when you get both sides installed you want to make sure that you go back through and bleed your brakes and then top off your brake fluid all right guys that completes the installation do you have any questions give us a call or visit us online.

Highlighted Features:

  • Engineered to handle the added stress of towing, hauling, Mountainous driving or lifted trucks
  • Proprietary carbon fiber ceramic Materials Enhance the strength of a typical ceramic brake pad compound to handle heavier loads
  • Low dust braking validated through on vehicle 3rd party tests in Los Angeles, showing on average 30 percent less dust versus OE
  • Dual layer high temp rubberized shims insulate Noise for virtually silent braking
  • Bolt on upgrade for stock brakes, no modifications necessary.

Customers Feedback:

I LOVE these rear brake pads and rotors. I put these on my 2013 F150 and they were a breeze to install. I’ve probably got around 10,000 miles on them now and I am impressed with the stopping power these have. I put them through the break in cycle exactly as described per the instructions…Although this is the first time I’d ever heard of breaking in brakes I really believe it is an important step to a proper install. At first they felt like they were going to be just like any other brakes…maybe even a little weak but after around 500 miles or so they really proved themselves. My wife’s comment was “the brakes on your truck are unbelievable.” i would definitely recommend these to anyone needing a full brake job.

Best brakes i have ever used. Period!! Have installed at least 25 set of brakes over the years and i have never had a brake this good. Smooth to the push, low brake dust and wow will it stop. Way better than the stock brakes that came on the 2013 F150. I was not given anything for this review, it is 100% honest.

I bought these and replace rear brake pads for my 2014 F-150 that had TERRIBLE brakes. They were terrible almost from the git-go and the dealer always argued that everything was fine. The brakes were extremely rough and have a “surging” feel. From reading forums, this problem was not unique to our truck. I figured it was the rotors and that they had become warped. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give these brakes a shot. Boy was it worth it! The difference is night and day. These brakes are smooth and stop efficiently. Installation was easy and we did the job ourselves. We are novice mechanics, but frequently do this kind of work on our motorcycles. We watched a couple of videos, followed the instructions, and carefully performed the break-in procedure. The rear brake pads contained all of the parts you need to completely overhaul your calipers and replace your pads/rotors. This was a HUGE upgrade for the price. If you’re into looks, they also look pretty nice through the spaces in the rims.

5. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Kit

Best Brake Pad Material For TowingEngineered to precise Original Equipment (OE) standards, Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pads for towing provide the ultimate braking experience suitable for the vast majority of motorists. Designed using vehicle-optimized friction formulations aimed at eliminating noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and severely limiting wheel dust, while increasing durability and smooth braking events, they are the best replacement for restoring OE are ceramic brake pads good for towing performance, as well as upgrading from conventional pads.

Ultimate Performance with OE Quality
Cruising along the interstate, creeping through rush hour traffic or navigating through your neighborhood, you count on your brakes to stop your vehicle every time with smooth, quiet assurance. Why possibly compromise braking performance just because it is time to replace your Brake Pads? Today, motorists have an option to restore OE performance.

Akebono Pro-ACT Ultra Premium ceramic brake pads are the aftermarket’s only OE validated, application-specific friction formulations. Akebono knows the precise definition of OE-Quality as determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturers, because Akebono bids on all vehicle platforms and models years in North America. In addition to dramatically quieter braking, Pro-ACT ceramic or semi metallic brake pads for towing provide best-in-class braking performance, including enhanced initial effectiveness (no break-in required), high resistance to fade, consistent brake pedal feel and ultra-low dusting for cleaner wheels and tires. Ceramic technology also causes minimal wear on brake rotors. Taken together these factors guarantee that Akebono’s Pro-ACT Ultra Premium brake pads provide the ultimate braking experience-reaching new performance levels or better.

Akebono’s Research & Development
Being the largest brake manufacturer in the world gives Akebono a unique advantage: an exclusive Original Equipment experience and expertise backed by the most comprehensive Research & Development in the industry. That fierce pursuit of unfailing quality and safety assures that Akebono continues to be the innovating leader of braking technology.

Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads Review | BMW Akebono Brake Pads

Video Transcript:

So the guys sent us here hope you’re doing good want to do a video for you this video is gonna address two different things number one what’s my experience with the accubow no brake pads and also my experience with these specific ones that I have for my vehicle that you see behind me so this was actually my first exposure to a Cavuto I actually a little back story I swapped out all the brake pads on my car and I ended up going to O’Reilly’s bought ceramic pads for the rear which is what I was looking for from a company a brand name called brake brake best I’m actually looking at the Box now because the boxes over there bring best never heard of him took a chance they had the brakes in stock which is what I was looking for because I was working on the project and I just wanted to get her over with I was taking a lot more time and a lot more annoying than I needed to because I did it myself in the crack and then I got the ceramic in the back and they that company did not make ceramic for the front I did it wasa metallics I spoke with the guys I’m just not gonna make noise right it’s not gonna throw a bunch of dust he’s like no you’re gonna be fine I was like alright I’ll just grab him in the front I’m cool with it they’re a little bit different from back as long as you know it’s safe and I can finish the project long story short within a couple days and things started squealing like crazy I had it on and had them on for about three months two and a half months thinking maybe it needs to get worn down it looked a bunch of stuff up online to see if I maybe ever get better he’s broken in kept squealing it got a little bit better over time but every single time I would break um almost to come to a complete stop squeal it’s embarrassing it’s annoying I don’t like that kind of crap on my car noises and stuff so and that’s what that was probably one problem number two was it through brake dust like crazy the worst I’ve ever seen maybe used to brand maybe it’s the way they made it I don’t know point is they were just unacceptable so they ended up having to go back to square one I thought uh solve the problem I do more research spend more money on brakes and then take everything off again from the front it was just a mess the point is in fact actually have them here and you can see how much life is left I mean I had them for you know let me see if it’ll zoom in if it’ll focus I had them on for three months and they’re useless now so they’re just sitting there did more research never heard of the brain so acabou knows first time ever actually changing out brakes on a vehicle of mine so did more research and seemed like a well-known brand and I took a chance they had to surround a coal mine the ceramics online I bought them on Amazon I saw them on the website and their website first and I bought them on Amazon just cuz I have prime so highly recommend these so I changed them out went through the process of changing them out these are ceramics I put them on and from the first day first hour not a squeal not a peep out of the brakes which is like polymer one you know what that was like I mean how do mean very annoying stressed out for three months I I Drive a long distance to from work I Drive around a lot and I’m like I can like it’s embarrassing to stop at a break at a red light and your brakes are squealing it’s like these are brand new brakes like this is ridiculous and never got better so point is I highly recommend these no squeal there’s no break-in process it even says it when you order them in the box and no break does virtually I mean you’re not gonna get zero brake dust but substantially better than the other ones that I just showed you and even way better than the stock ones that BMW comes has I think I could be mistaken I’ve been a little bit of reading and I think the stock ones on BMWs are sunny metallics but the ceramic ones is the way to go is the way to go I highly recommend this and I don’t recommend products highly when I find a product or a company that you know I have bought a product from that solves my issues I’m very particular with my stuff then I pretty much Six Sigma there’s no point around and testing out of the products if it’s what I was looking for these acabou knows these are the EU are 1561 a now of course if you’re looking at these these brake pads this is not gonna be the model number for you and I’ll put two links in the description up two websites that you can use to look up the specifics of your of your your model number that you will need if you’re interested in these in the case set you don’t know what they are but highly recommend these mmm you can go two weeks and I tested this you can go two weeks without washing your vehicle even three even a month I went a month without washing the car and it wasn’t like god I gotta go wash these rims disgusting like it was just normal very very light dust from just you know driving in the rain any long miles and you’re gonna get your rims dirty but it was not brake dust that I can see the other ones I couldn’t go two or three days and it was just like hideous and because I had them in the front and the back of ceramics you can tell the difference significantly in fact when I pulled up into the parking lot from the O’Reilly’s a guy thought that I had bronze front rims that’s literally how bad it was just unacceptable so again highly recommended I’ll put the link in description it’s a beast that I purchased in a case that you happen to have my model vehicle again I’ll have two links in there in case you have another vehicle which is chances are you do but I highly recommend these I have no need to purchase any other ones they’re ceramic so they’re gonna last a long time longer than say metallics then again there’s no brake dust no noise Pat them off for about three 1/2 months now zero complaints and I don’t recommend some highly unless I really like it so that being said I hope you guys got something out of that let me know if you have any question in the comments below and I hope just helped you out a little bit and kind of helped me make a purchase decision if you’re looking into these so but that’s I hope you guys are doing well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-Quiet – Akebono has developed an extensive variety of unique Pro-ACT Ceramic formulations to reduce and/or virtually eliminate brake squealing, groaning and vibration.
  • Enhanced Durability – For the vast majority of motorists, Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium ceramic or semi metallic brake pads provide significantly improved pad wear performance in normal driving conditions compared to traditional brake pads. This means longer times between brake jobs.
  • Low Dusting – The carefully selected materials found in Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium brake pads are more compatible with today’s popular aluminum, open-wheel designs. They help minimize and/or virtually eliminate dusting.
  • Smooth Braking – Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium brake pads provide more consistent, smooth stopping power over a wide range of driving conditions, including panic stops.
  • Vehicle-Optimized Formulations – Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium ceramic or metallic brake pads are formulated to meet the specific OE quality, fit and performance requirements for your vehicle. More than 400 pads are available for virtually every domestic, Japanese and European car and truck built since 1990.
  • Braking Expertise You Can Trust – Akebono has more than 75 years of braking expertise, is the largest OEM friction pad supplier and is the originator of ceramic pad technology.

Customers Feedback:

I’ve installed these pads on my Nissan Altima 2.5s 2010. They lasted for 3 years with extreme braking and many emergency brakes. They are amazing pads. They have a small squeak when reversing, but that’s normal for most Ceramic brake pads. They also generate a small squeak when they are hot, but then again, all carbon ceramic brake pads even the ones installed on performance cars do that. Breaking is excellent, but the first bite isn’t that good. Compared to my OEM brake pads for the BMW E70, they are good. The BMW ones are better of course but they only last a year and they generate lots of dust. These brake pads do not. Like not at all!

I purchased these duralast ceramic brake pads for a 2008 Nissan Altima. For my last 2 brake pad changes, I’ve used OEM Nissan pads from the dealership. I switched to these based off the recommendation of others, and I’m glad I did. Stopping distance and power feel identical to new OEM pads. Dusting is minimal and I’ve had no issues with squealing or squeaks. Be sure you properly apply your brake lubricant! Best of all, these are significantly cheaper than the OEM pads.

Hi guys i drive a fx35 06 and these cars are heavy and takes alot of bite to stop. So i tried various pads from 25 bucks bosch and 30 bucks autozone type all garage. They take forever to stop and it they just glyde to a stop very dangerous if your the last minute stopper like me. So i went with a new set up cross drill rotors and stop tech they stop and were great for the first 5k but crazy amount of dust on the wheels. They lasted me about 8k miles total. The fx35 the rear wheels use 75 to 80% stopping power on rear so they wear fast. Anywase to make the story short these rear akebonos work wonders. Stop better then stoptechs no dust and quit. And i just have them on the rear thats whats crazy. So im ordering the fronts today. These duralast gold ceramic brake pads are worth the bang for the buck.

6. ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Best Brake Pads For Heavy TowingBrakes are one area in which vehicle owners simply cannot compromise. With ACDelco Brakes, they can get the peace of mind that comes with parts that are expertly engineered, manufactured to stringent tolerances, thoroughly tested and backed by the ACDelco name.

This brake pad set is engineered to help resist corrosion and premature wear and are the high-quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. They offer exceptional performance and include noise-dampening shims where applicable.

Independently tested using SAE J2784 standards, these brake pads come in sets deliver the fit, form, and function you expect from ACDelco. Their durable ceramic formulation uses less metal, providing high-quality braking power in a quiet and low-dusting package. Also, no curing is required. ACDelco Professional disc brake pad set is ready to be installed right out of the box.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tested to SAE J2784 for braking effectiveness, along with Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH) and durability/wear testing for assurance of quality
  • Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formulas provide safety and reliability for a range of vehicle applications
  • Integrally molded – friction material molded to backing plate for bond integrity
  • Premium shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness
  • The stamped backing plate allows for proper pad movement within the caliper assembly, reducing noise, brake pulsation, and helps to protect against premature wear

Customers Feedback:

Professional line just spend the few extra bucks and get what your vehicle came with originally. Bargan shop for tv’s and food and pizza not on car parts that you save 20 bucks on but replace twice as often or are unhappy with all together. I purchased the full set of brake pads Professional rear drum hat for left and right side. I also purchased the OE AC Delco Professional front disc for left and right side. I purchased the OE AC Delco Professional ceramic pads and the AC Delco OE emergency brake shoes (came as a 2 piece kit with all hardware). The rotors were coated as described, they were true and to specs. they came with all clips and hardware as stated. there was no core charge or return fee and they were 75% cheaper than the local auto stores that want you to buy their brand and charge for cores. I will probably never buy from a local auto store again. This was a great purchase and I am very happy with the outcome of the install. If you are new at this and are replacing the front brakes on the suburban you will need a T55 (torex 55 bit) Will buy again in another 100k miles.

Terrific, high quality set of brake pads price at a great price. On my 2006 GMC Yukon Denali, the pads with one wear indicator are supposed to be installed inboard with the indicator at the bottom. The pads with two wear indicators are installed outboard. Outboard pads are interchangeable between left and right, but the inboard pads are not. Pay attention and get the inboard pads oriented visually before you install the pads to ensure a smooth swap.

This brake pad set is for the rear brakes on a 2004 2500 4×4 8.1 litre Suburban although it is listed as a front brake application. Be sure to verify the specific brake pads for your vehicle/ application via the AC Delco website before ordering to save your self any unwanted headaches. Brake pads are an exact fit, come with all hardware, and are quiet if you use the supplied brake grease as instructed. Would buy again.

7. Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

Best Brake Pads For Tundra TowingAny time you hauling a load, towing a trailer, or simply adding a larger wheel/tire combination, you change the operating conditions of your stock brake package. Those operating conditions may exceed the ability of the stock braking components.

These front brake pads include perfectly matched components designed to produce the brake torque that is needed due to the increase in wheel diameter or load.

The Power Stop Z36 Truck & Tow Performance brake kit provides the superior stopping power demanded by those who tow boats, haul loads, tackle mountains, lift trucks, and play in the harshest conditions. These front brake pads and rotors are drilled to keep temperatures down during extreme braking and slotted to sweep away any debris for constant pad contact. Combined with our Z36 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic performance friction formulation, you can confidently push your rig to the limit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Components are engineered to handle the stress of towing, hauling, mountainous driving, and lifted trucks
  • Dust-Free braking Performance
  • Z36 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula provides the extreme braking performance demanded by Your truck or 4×4
  • Premium stainless steel shims provide better heat dissipation for improved stopping power with virtually no Noise
  • Drilled and slotted rotors keep Your brakes Cool even in the most extreme conditions.

Customers Feedback:

F-150 Super Crew 4X4 now stops like a European sports sedan. Well, close anyway. This changing front brake pads are truly an incredible kit and if you follow the instructions you will be amazed at the vast improvement in braking performance vs. the original pads & rotors. No squeaks, squeals etc. as seen from lower quality kits. Do it right the first time. This is the upgrade kit you have been looking for. These bring my overweight 4X4 to a stop frighteningly fast!

Really liked the timely delivery, packaging and the parts. Everything was clean and the way it should be. Easily installed on a 2013 F-150 Lariat in not much time at all at my mechanic buddy’s shop after hours. Had a trip the next day and couldn’t afford any extra time so the ease of installation was nice. Drove an 18ft double axle trailer 350 miles across MI with a 5,000 lb load the very next day with no issues and with the best braking I’ve had in a long time. A few of my professional mechanic friends swear by these brakes and heavily suggested some real hard braking runs up and down the road once install was complete. All good! Will update if anything changes.

My first brake job I’ve done and it went pretty well. The clips were a little hard to get on but working with it they eventually went on. Broke them in like instructions said too and they stop perfectly. Time will tell how long they’ll last. The front brake pads and rotors seem well built. Only did the front. Waiting on rears around 100k miles. I don’t tow a lot but I do tow a 2000 pound mule with 16’ trailer and my truck had no problems stopping it.

8. Wagner Severe Duty SX756 Semi-Metallic Disc Pad Set

Carbon Metallic Brake Pads For TowingWagner SevereDuty brake pads are exclusively engineered for vehicles driven in extreme environments. Wagner Brake engineers go beyond standard dynamometer testing with rigorous OE on-vehicle tests that ensure they perform as designed.

These semi metallic brake pads are the pads to get if you do heavy-duty towing. Many people think that ceramic is the way to go because it’s more expensive. However, these pads will outperform ceramic all day long. Granted, they will make more dust, wear out faster, and eat rotors faster.

But, that’s the price you pay for having pads that will stop you better and safer. Wagner is a trusted name and I feel good putting them on my vehicles and my customer’s vehicles. I can’t say that about this ceramic semi metallic brake pads parts store brands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Formulated for extreme heat, frequent stopping and heavy loads
  • Exceptional pad strength
  • Longer pad life
  • Meets or surpasses stringent industry testing and quality standards
  • Install Wagner Brake products with total confidence

Customers Feedback:

Great heavy duty brake pads at a very good price. I installed these on my 2000 Ford Excursion and they are working perfectly. Whenever I need brake pads in the future I will be buying more of these and I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a solid set of pads at a wholesale price. My truck is a diesel and these pads have no problem stopping the extra weight. Shipping took a little longer than I expected (about a week) but I will say the difference in price from the auto parts store made it worth the wait.

Quality Wagner USA made kit. Commercial grade, severe duty, semi-metallic pads and well made stainless clip hardware. These heavy duty truck brake pads are used on work and public service vehicles. See attached Wagner chart on Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV). Fit the front disc calipers of our 2004 Diesel Excursion perfectly, replacing worn OEM Ford pads. Easy job – the early Ford Super Duty’s have an excellent, well designed, and easy to remove disc caliper assemblies – pull the wheel/tires, and two bolts on each caliper assembly (on each side) to remove the caliper assemblies. Brake rotors are also easy to replace (if necessary (just pull rotors off the lugs and replace with new ones)).

Great buy, comes with everything can’t go wrong, just bought online cas I ordered the rotors and organic or semi metallic brake pads here cas of price but these are about the same as autozone however the quality and everything is a little better then the, will be buying more to stock my shop!

9. EBC Brakes DP31210C Redstuff Ceramic Low Dust Brake Pad

Ebc Brake Pads For TowingLow dust EBC Redstuff is a superb pad for fast street use and targets high HP imports, muscle cars and prestige european cars.

These ebc brake pads are reduce dust emitted by OEM pads by approx 80 percent. Redstuff pads also reduce rotor wear so that rotors and pads last longer whilst delivering great brake performance.

For optimum lifetime in track use ebc redstuff ceramic low dust brake pads recommend drivers to upgrade to their Yellowstuff or even the new Bluestuff range but if fast street is what you need, low dust ceramic brake pads to choose.

Check this firsthand video on EBC Red Stuff Pads:

Video Transcript:

I just checked these yesterday actually I just checked you last week good thing I checked them again because I got another nail dude are you serious right now I’m not even I’m not driving a construction site Wow all right now the cars go up on jack stands I’ll show you all this back one because it’s a little bit easier to see but we got two screws here we’ve got two mounting bolts for the calipers back here and then of course we’ve got our pins that keep the pads in place and on the front your brake line is actually gonna have a support bolt that’s typically a 12 mil so we just pop that off so that way you’re not yanking on the cable as you take it down and a mallet rubber mallet or a dead blow hammer can really help out here so find your poles and remember that since you’re facing opposite you’re going to turn this towards your right not your left so we need to Jack for this we can’t do it without it please not easily these are going to jack up the spring perch that holds the spring and the strut in place just to get a little bit of tension on that alright now we’ve got the bolt out from the sway on you can just let this go and the spring is going to push that piece out and match the strut out and now we have access to the bolt back here once again is instead of teen all right now that pain-in-the-ass one’s out get the easy top now while it’s still being supported let’s take one of these two punch put it right on the tip and just give it some light taps push it out don’t use a hammer and don’t use a flathead or anything else is going to mess up the calipers on the outside if you want to look good unless you honestly don’t care push it out most the way pretty simple and then if you just push these springs in it’ll loosen up just a little bit to let you pull that pin out then just take it out other goals and remember that you calipers you don’t want are going to be supported definitely hold on do it pull out your pad these pads aren’t that bad so here my lines in the way but the pin goes out enough that you can still get the pads in there so just support it until you can get the rotor off all right now you need to put the ebrake on or really hold this in place and try to get these off now this happened to me before on these where I want to turn it with the hand screwdriver and it pretty much just went to strip it out no matter how much I pushed in so what you can do turn the pressure down to like 20 psi something really small or if you have a really tiny one of these it doesn’t have as much umph to it press it in pretty hard just give it a light tap and then it’s loose and you can take both of them off top and of course bottle give it a wiggle to see if it’s coming out and if it’s not it’s going to make your hammer mallet definitely not a hammer mallet give it a few taps turn and now you get your rear rotor off and you can see here your rear rotor here so we’re breaking services your actual brakes you can see that again the front on the inside here there’s another breaking surface now that breaking surface is right here it’s a traditional or an old-fashioned drum break and basically as you pull your ebrake into your parking brake these things open up scrape the inside and see that dust in there it’s pretty gross this duck is actually toxic so definitely don’t bring that in don’t give it a blow or anything like that but now the backs off I’ll show you how to do this run all right so we had our break here our calipers sitting on the jack and since you actually are going to take our rotors to get resurfaced and not replacements we’re going to go ahead and put this back in using the regular bolts just so we get our jack back so we can continue on all of the other calipers and all the other rotors now obviously if you have only one collar or you order replacements you need to set this down on top of a jack or something so it’s not hanging by the table or the hydraulic line in this case and just put your replacement in no big deal all right next slide once again before we finish doing this we’re going to want to tap out these pins all right now we’re going to push the spring in it makes it easier to pull out the pin and then the second one super easy and now we can finish taking off that bolt to get pads which are destroyed beyond belief good all right you want to have got a rotors resurfaced at Riley Auto Parts now something even though these are fairly good size rotors they only cost 15 bucks each so there’s a total of 60 bucks money in my opinion pretty well spent because a new set of these for any sort of equivalent we’re better set is an AFOL part about 100 dollars rotor vented rotors are some where the 120 140 hundreds of the dollar range I really feel like spending almost a thousand dollars to do a great job so figure these factory work got a decent life left getting the machine gun turn and resurface and O’Reilly does it surprisingly good job for for what I paid itself no real issue there so you’re going to clean them down with some brake parts cleaner just getting sort of grease any remnant any like surface rust that might have formed from just then sitting out now I got a flu in the middle of doing the whole brake job so I basically ended up having everything to sit around for a couple of days because I could not get out of bed so I didn’t miss work for that so we’ll go ahead and throw these back on the car pretty simple I got some replacement screws so because I had actually stripped these out I may use an extractor bit these have the exact same angle I got these from a partner and they’re basically exactly the same the only difference is that they’re allen keys so I do not know if I will hate that yet but we’ll find out and I got full replacements I’m replacing all eight of them just because some of the other ones are close to stripping anyway and I figure it saved myself a headache just put me bolts in there 50 cents apiece so it’s not a big deal all right we’ll clean it up and we’ll get it back on the car that is one really important thing remember when you put down rotors you do not want to touch the surface if you touch the surface you’re going to oil the grease the acids and salts from your fingers from your skin and that’s going to get onto that braking service and grind up the brake pads will bed as well they will see it in just for all sense persons just make sure not only not to touch the surface when you’re installing it but at the end you’re going to want to make sure that you give it a good clean over with brakes me just makes you got all your bases covered so lining up the mounting holes uh-huh you alright let me show you a couple of differences here between new brake pads and the old factory brake pads so this one here you can see it’s got little grooves in it to help allow some of that beat to escape as well as to let some of the just go out the factory pads they’re actually solid I can show you the readers are similar to the Front’s where they’re just a standard pad however on mine these are the front you can see that B brake pads actually much larger as far as the braking surface so you’ve got about an extra centimeter on each side for the for the actual brake pads of course you lose a little bit with those reliefs but once again you’re still gaining it at least a centimeter more good thing was on mine I had nothing left I was actually going beyond that braking pad surface and actually going out into the some of those relief areas and I think that’s my my worst one where you can see on this side had a little bit a little bit left maybe not not even a millimeter I mean it’s almost flush with that on this side of its just well beyond flushers actually wearing that down so that’s bad but once again the rotors weren’t damaged they were perfectly good and now I got myself some BBC red stuff straight from the UK so we’ll go ahead and throw these on all right so we’re going to go ahead and add a little bit of grease onto the back of these pads now the Red Sox do come with their own grease we’re just going to go ahead and match the factory specs on this pretty much just see where the factory had the grease marks and go ahead and do that now we’re going head and we’re going to compress those hydraulics back a little bit just so that those Pistons have enough space to clear the new pads and just lightly tap them in make sure you have your Squealer set on the proper side that factory had and then you can go ahead and put your pins back in put a little bit of lube on here too just so that they don’t seize to the spring and tap those pins in now the rear pads did not fit Amazon lied what a surprise basically I had to sand down both sides of the pad so that they would actually slide properly and so it didn’t affect the braking it was just on the backing plate they were a little bit too long all right she’s really out to get our rotors really birds like right now with when you decide to swap done good all right asshole Birds like I don’t know what it is like nothing’s going my way today god damn it that’s the mini is in blah just good.

Highlighted Features:

  • owest dust pad in range
  • Ideal European vehicle brake upgrade
  • High friction low heat fade
  • Great for fast street and premium sedan.

Customers Feedback:

2nd set for my 2005 STI. After the break-in period and subsequent bedding, they stop great. Lower dust than the ebc mxs brake pads. Opted not to swap rotors this time because my Centric rotors were perfect and had no glazing or uneven wear.

Great ebc brake pads amazon, sti is much happier, brake dust s little easier to clean than the yellos i previously had. They have begun to squeel like crazy after getting them super hot on a 100+-20mph braking, might just need to redo my beake quiet though we’ll see. Very happy with cold bite and never had any fade even when being abused downhill through utah mountains in an sti.

Purchased for a 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Amazon says these are not the right pads for this car, but they fit right in and work perfectly. After using these for a couple weeks, there is barely any dust, no squeaks and no rattles. I did have to remove the paint from the sides of these pads to make them fit perfectly. That is the only negative comment I have for these ebc brake pads, other than that, they work perfectly.

10. Hawk Performance HB302Y.700 LTS Brake Pad

Heavy Duty Brake Pads For TowingHawk Performance has applied their severe-duty brake pad friction technology to the braking demands of trucks and SUVs.

Heavier vehicles with larger brake systems are more likely to experience higher temperatures, requiring a hawk brake pads that has excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

This new LTS (Light Truck and SUV) hawk ceramic brake pads Compound utilizes Hawk Performance’s established and proven Ferro-Carbon formulation to provide superior stopping power for full-sized light trucks, SUVs and vans without noise and dust.

Hawk Performance Brake Pad and Talon Rotor Install

Video Transcript:

What’s up everybody? My name is Mark and thanks for tuning in the hawk performance we have this awesome 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI and I’m gonna show you guys the tools and parts you need to get the job done let’s get started today we’re gonna be installing Hawk performance Talon rotors and Hawk performance street brake pads as far as the tools go you need some gloves a ratchet or two a vise grip Philips screwdriver a flat head a double hammer a mallet and a c-clamp the install can be done no problem on jack stands but since we had the honor of doing the install of supreme power we’re going to get this GTI up on a lift let’s get these wheels off so we can have access to the hub we’ll remove the two bolts holding onto the caliper carrier well rest it on the suspension arm for now and ensure that the brake line isn’t being bent or stressed now we can take off the caliper bracket by removing these two bolts it might be pretty snug so a few solid hits when the mallet should get it going rotors on this GTI have a torque screw that needs to be removed first in order to take off the rotor use a flathead to pry off the hub ring the rotor should be on there pretty snug so grab that mallet again and give it a few solid hits remember to use a scotch brite pad or some sandpaper to remove any rust on the surface before installing the new rotor a countersunk hole and your new rotor should be lined up with the threaded hole in the hub once everything is lined up we can tighten the torque screw back in place first thing we’ll do is remove the brake reservoir cap reinsert that old brake pad and using a c-clamp begin to compress the piston so that’s sitting flush with the surface well be installing the Hawke high-performance Street 5.0 pad grab the included gearhead grease pack and apply an even film on your brake pads now we can start reassembling the caliper components ensure that the rotor is able to spin freely and that there isn’t too much tension that’s a wrap on the rotor and pad install now we can mount the wheel and tighten our lugs hand tight simply repeat these steps on all corners with the car on the ground we can properly torque the lug nuts screw your brake reservoir cap back on and now we can start building brake pressure give it a few solid pumps and you should feel it start to stiffen up close your hood and now we’re ready to start beginning the betting end process start with some 30 to 35 mile-per-hour runs and come to a rolling stop not a complete stop and repeat six to ten times follow up with two or three harder stops from 40 to 45 miles per hour and allow your brakes to cool down if you see smoke don’t be alarmed this is actually a good sign of proper bedding and procedure that about wraps it up for this install thank you so much for watching this video make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you have any questions that are concerns feel free to leave a comment below until next time we’ll see you at the race track.

Highlighted Features:

  • LTS – Light Truck and SUV brake compound
  • Superior fade resistance
  • Excellent pad and rotor life
  • A better way to stop your truck or SUV
  • Improved braking over OE

Customers Feedback:

I can’t say enough great things about the Hawk LTS pads. I got about 70k miles out of the first set, on power slot rotors on a Ford Excursion. I’m a pretty hard driver, and really hard on brakes. Once burned in properly (critical to follow instructions and do it right) they stop incredibly smooth and progressively quicker on high speed/rapid stops. No fade whatsoever, just progressive bite. That’s unloaded which is about 8k or towing which is about 16k. On hard stops I find myself backing off the peddle pressure as the brakes do their thing coming to a stop. I’m on the 2nd set, rear are the same hawk hps brake pads, and the fronts are new only because I damaged one of them, otherwise I would have simply replaced pads and moved on for another 60-70k miles. During certain weather, you may hear a squeak or 2 which is normal. These pads have a blend of materials that’s a balance of powerful stopping (as with large trucks which can squeek like crazy) and lighter trucks/cars that use material to reduce/eliminate squeaking. I can’t imaging running anything else.

I’ve had these hawk performance brake pads on for about a month now with about 3000 miles worth of hard mountain driving on curvy roads and steep 4 wheel drive crawling. They work great and so far have experienced no fade at all. No squeaks or squealing either. I burnished them to the pads following their websites instructions to try and get the most out of my investment. Amazon had the best price I could find anywhere. I tried Autozone’s best and they only lasted less than 30,000 miles for about the same money. I’ve got these on just the front right now.

Work great, installed on Ford Excursion front wheels. Good stopping power, low break dust, easy to install. What else can you ask for? Comes with hawk brake pads and grease for both front wheels. Does NOT come with any clips. Might want to pick up a set of clips from local parts store before you start, unless you’re sure your clips are in good shape.

FAQs on the Best Brake Pads for Towing in 2021

What are the brake pads?

The brake pad not only helps you in towing the heavy vehicles or hauling but also helps them enhance their performance. Also, helps in reducing the noise, the brake pad withstands the hot condition. With the multi-layer shim system that is made of steel to insulate the noise, their working is a boost. Also, they are appealing to both the light and heavy trucks and add beauty to your wheels with the rotors that are plated with zinc and provide you extra protection. While hitting your product, they have a good response and with the amount of heat evolving, the brake pads are made efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, they allow you to move your vehicle in any environment with ease; either up or down the hill.

What is the best time to replace your brake pads?

When you feel that there is a drop in the power of the brake you can replace your brake pads or you may depend on the mileage you covered for about 30,000 to 60,000. Your brake pads are provided with the complete hardware and they must be replaceable easily so that you can exchange with the old and not working hardware with the new one. Also, some of the brake pads come with wear indicators that make a sound indicating that there is something wrong with your product or the electric sensors that turn on the warning light telling you that it is time to replace your brake pads. When you see any bruised spot or when applying the brake you feel the car is pulling or there is an unnecessary heat emission from the rotor, then it is the time that you must replace your brake pads.

What equipments are available in your brake kit?

Your brake pads include the complete brake kit which consists of the custom made powder, stop rotors, and also the brake calipers. The kit is compatible and also makes sure that both the rotor and brake pads must fit properly. It also contains 4 pads in quantity so you can use 2 pads on both the side of your vehicle. Also, they are provided with the complete hardware and so that they are easily replaceable. It also includes the multi-layer shim system that is made of the steel to insulate the noise and boost the working, anti-rattle clips and lubricants. Also, depending on the price the shape, friction material of the pads, their capabilities, requirements, and performance are different for different vehicles. Moreover, for different types of vehicles, different types of pads are used depending on the model of your vehicle. Your brake pad must be of high-quality as with the low-quality, they may not contain all these mentioned pieces of equipment in the brake kit.

Why do your brake pads unevenly get wear?

Your brake pads unevenly get wear because of the sticky calipers due to the reducing movement or seizing of the piston of the caliper. The uneven wear of your brake pads can also be caused by the brake fluid or the overflow of the reservoir. Well, after a while, your brake pads would stop working and warn you to get replaced. They are made to wear out after some time and stop working. You can slow down the process of the wearing of your brake pads by caring for your braking system. Also, you must drive less and off the roads. Furthermore, your brake pads are dependent on the type of vehicle you are using or on what road you are driving.

How to clean your brake pads?

They are designed in such a way that your product can be easily clean after the dirt and dust stuck in your braking system. To clean your brake pads, you must follow the rules listed below:

  • Step 1: It is necessary to keep in mind that you have parked your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and on a level surface also, set the parking brake. Lose the lug nuts a little bit and jack your car up.
  • Step 2: Remove the two calipers that are retaining the bolts. Using a wire, hang the caliper out of the way without any stretch.
  • Step 3: Remove the calipers out of brake pads without causing any damage.
  • Step 4: Loosen the cap of the brake fluid reservoir by opening the hood. It is important to note that if the reservoir is overflowing then you must use the syringe to remove some brake fluid.
  • Step 5: Clean the friction surface of the brake disc and rotor by simply wiping it with a rag.
  • Step 6: You can use the brush to remove the stubborn dirt and deposits in the braking system. And clean the caliper then apply the brake.

Final Verdict:

If asked, then I would personally recommend for the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad as it does not only reduce the noise efficiently but also allow the pads to have proper movement. Also, this brake pad prevents from getting premature wear. Also, you do not have to worry about buying the brake kit as this brake pad comes with the complete hardware.

The listed brake pads for towing will not only lift your heavy vehicles but also enhance the performance of your vehicles such as cars or trucks. According to your wish, you can buy any of the listed brakes pads.

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