Best 3/8 Ratchets Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want enough amount of the torque?

Do you want to maneuver the tight spaces?

Are you worried about not reaching the far and tight spot?

If yes, then you require the best 3/8 ratchet. The 3/8 ratchet offers you enough torque and also allows you to maneuver in the tight space. With the long handles, it can reach far and can treat the tight spot easily and is also user – friendly. Following are the 10 best 3/8 ratchet that you can consider to buy according to your requirements and the price that your pocket allows:

Things to consider before buying the best 3/8 ratchets

The number of torque:

Before placing an order for 3/8 ratchet you must be sure of the number of torque it has in it. Moreover, your ratchet must be able to deliver for about 2340 lbs of torque which is 30% more than the industrial standard. Your product must offer you high performance along with simple working so that you can easily use it. With fewer bells and whistles, your product must be able to do everything flawlessly. The head of your product must have an offset so that it can allow you to have easy access to the tight spot.

Best design:

It is suggested to look for the product which is teardrop in design so that it can make it easy for you to maneuver the tight spaces so that you are accessible to the tight slots very easily. Your product must be coated with a composite shell that is resistant to the scratching so that it can have a good holding capacity or a good grip even in the cold weather. It must be versatile and the frame of your product must be designed with the steel in such a way that you can use it for years.


You must think of the budget and buy an 8/3 ratchet which is allowed by your pocket and comes with all the required features at a reasonable price. Your product must not turn out to be rocket science for a new person and it should not require any skill. Along with that, it must be consistent in its working and it must have the units written or marked so clearly and with clarity so that anyone can read it very easily and can work for an hour on it. Your product must be design in such a way that it has an offset which is extra long so that it makes it easy for you to reach the tight spot.

Large handle:

Along with its size, your product must have an ergonomic handle so that you can use it very easily and it must prove to be fruitful for you. The working of your product must be typical and when you are using, it must not get oil on it which makes it difficult for you to work with that and you must choose the product which gets dingle up easily.


The feature of durability must be included in your product so that it can have resistivity towards the rust when exposed to air or water and you can use it for more periods without getting it damaged. Along with the durability, your product must provide you with high performance and it must be able to land on the top spot without causing any problem and must be consistent in its working. A product must have very good durability especially in the handle as it is somehow a main area in the ratchet and decide how long your product will go to the used.

Easy to turn:

You must look for the product which is easy to turn and must have a swivel head that can turn around at about 270 degrees and also helps you in avoiding any hurdle while using the handle when it is swinging. The swivel head can help you in retaining enough tension and giving an appropriate angle when you are attaching it to the source. Your 3/8 ratchet must have a swivel head with a swing for about five degrees in the arc so that it allows you to work in limited space also. Moreover, your product can be protected from rust and corrosion if it is coated with the chrome plate which is tough and qualitative.


Your 3/8 ratchet must not affect the composition of the quick release and should not get stuck which is very frustrating for the customer. In case, if you are a casual user then your product must be viable and must benefit you along with its characteristic of worksite caliber ratchet. It must be of high quality so that it does not get a break-even if you are using it for a light task therefore it must be strong in strength. To prevent the dropping or loss of the socket, your product must have the quick release tang which locks the socket. It must be light in weight which weighs for about 65 lbs so that it makes it easy for you to carry it at any place and use it efficiently.

Non-slippery grip:

Your product must have a good holding strength and it must have a grip that is not slippery and it must not get scratch on it. The grip must be comfortable for you to work with along with the gear of about 36 teeth which is helpful in the operation of high torque. It does not matter if your hands are oily or greasy, you can have a tight grip on your tool easily if it has a two material molded no-slip grip which covers the handle usually. You can prevent yourself from getting back if your product has a rubber grip which also and as a safe question so if the handle falls on the surface and gets hit.

3/8″ Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison

Video Transcript:

Caddis maximus here this time with my big 3/8 inch drive ratchet review in comparison we have 40 different ratchets here earlier videos I mentioned 50 ratchets and I have got the number 50 stuck in my head because I was going to include the 3/8 inch drive breaker bar so is gonna be a breaker bar and ratchet review in comparison but I broke down broke out the breaker bars so I could have a little more time to focus just on the three inch drive ratchet so the point of this revealed to be compare different brands styles show you some unique features are things to look for on more quality ratchets some unique ratchets as well as why I generally recommend if you’re looking to get just a general ratchet the first thing that I’ll have to say is that these harbor freight pittsburgh’s are really pretty nice let’s say these are their.

Professional series I’ve done a.

Dedicated review on these and harbor freight it’s really been making killing they do not have the best rackets ratchet mechanism but if it’s kept clean it’s plenty strong but it’s not the most expensive these harbor freight ratchets also tend to have thinner heads in what would be considered a standard thickness for a 3/8 ratchet like here’s a duralast and you can see the heads are a little bit thinner but the harbor freight ratchets have generally held up they’re not quite as strong as a more.

Professional grade like these course twos the first generation of the new duralast ratchets really were pretty amazing these aren’t going to hold up quite as well but for their price and the fact that harbor freight offers essentially a craftsman type warranty where if it breaks who’s rigging in they see that’s a pittsburg ratchet and they hand you a new one.

And the fact that they have a nice variety one of them was this extreme long handle I believe this is 16 inches long and flex it and so it’s really nice handy ratchet so if you want to go with the best price it would have to be these pittsburgh professionals and the fact that they have a nice variety.

I would certainly get look at this one especially the long handle because you’re ten I’m going to want to break bolts with them and this would be the easiest one to use usually you either need one of break bolts and want a flex head or you want something real short they do have shorter.

Flex versions as well as straight handle versions and I’ve done a review this here’s one that’s the they call it the composite but it’s all steel ratchet steel all the way through the handle that they injection mold plastic around it so these are not electrically rated but they do indeed have electrical a high amount of resistance on the outside of it and I recommend these because if you’re installing and say batteries work at a battery shop or something like that what’s nice about these is if the part of the ratchet comes into contact with the chassis say when you’re tightening down the positive terminal and you have a metal socket on the nut and everything that you don’t have to worry about sparks and that kind of thing I’ve certainly seen what happens to tools that fall across battery terminals I’ll try to collect some up to show you guys that someday down here we have well one is and I’ve done a review this as well this is the extreme long handle this is almost two feet long and these really really long handle breaker ratchets are starting to come more in the popularity this is a tech tin so it’s not the best quality uses a similar ratchet mechanism as the harbor freight but they have a really tall head because they know people are going to be breaking bolts and these are really reasonably priced like twenty dollars so if you really want this a nice long handle breaker 3 since drive ratchet this will break its anvil before anything else fails.

Although I’ve read that sometimes the ratchet mechanism has an issue it’s just a show that you can get these extremely long ratchets and they’re out there a harbor freight they have what is a they call a breaker bar ratchet so it’s like a breaker bar handle with a ratcheting head on it and reversing in people some people have had issues most people these work fine for so I’d say that these are because of their ratchet mechanism are not going to be as strong as just a regular breaker bar with this a solid steel anvil to keep that in mind.

Otherwise they’re pretty handy and these are pretty much the easiest to find a long handle breaker ratchet is these harbor freights and they have a nice indexing head one thing I will mention is the spring is really pretty stout so they really hold their position well when you index.

And it’s a flex head continuing on the harbor freight they have these they call them the dual flex ratchets I actually pulled off the head so I could use as a little thumb ratchet four quarter inch but they have this extremely long handle almost as long as the 3/8 inch drive long handle regular ratchet except for they have this really compact kind of ratcheting box wrench style head and another interesting thing is that the ratcheting box wrenches they don’t have any available with this improved.

Heavy-duty design it’s only available on these dual flex ratchets and then they have this a solid fixed beam which is the same thing you know so they have a quarter inch and a 3/8 inch drive ratchet heads on them so it’s kind of interesting it’s just a little bit more of a compact ratchet but not quite as strong moving up to the top of the frame here we’ve got these harbor freight multi flexes and so people have probably seen my video I’ve seen the video of this multi flex and how that occurred was you buy one you buy two flex head ratchets and because I wanted a normal one so it gets expensive to do this because if you still want to have a normal one with the double flex and you have to buy it and if you want to create one of these triple flex ones you have to buy two ratchets so you can harvest one of the center sections to insert but the handy thing about buying two and doing the triple flex is then you end up with a stubby flex head which is kind of nice and then if you do choose to buy a third one then you can have this nice set where you have a stubby fleck so you have the double flex and then you can have a triple flex technically these can be unlimited in length but it really gets ridiculous but after three but it’s surprising that even though even there it even when there is three it’s.

Surprisingly manageable when you get everything in the right position and then just hold the handle the ratchet this has been surprisingly more useful and has actually broken more bolts particularly spark plugs and I might have expected because you just managed it you realize you know you have.

Multiple flex.

So you make sure that you can get a real good sideways loading and you can you know articulate around will make it more extreme here like this and that’s what makes this so invaluable is you can actually dodge some component and then come back down to the same plane and have a nice straight handle the flex on and it really works and this doing this is that can only be done with a ratchet like this and the surprising because people say oh that’s funky how is that really gonna work out and you know I have to do spark plugs you know it seems and there’s a lot more vehicles these things that are notorious for spark plugs and people just been blown away blown away by the places that we’ll get into we have these indexable or I should call them articulating that would be a more appropriate term versus the head flexing indexing would be where it has the ball denton stopping at each.

Position this is locking and articulates because it bends basically at a hip and so they have another type of ratchet mechanism in here where you can lock them and then they can go off to the side and these are really great because they can go around the corner you can get around the corner and like our on transmissions and that kind of stuff and get out of bolt where the you need this type of angle 90 degree angle another really nice aspect is you can release it and then you can do this action which is a pump ratchet or you can use it like a speed ratchet and swing it around there has been people who have commented and is truth on the harbor freight so they don’t make sure that the splines are cut totally straight with the ratchet head and so when you lock it in a straight position it’s always not quite perfectly in line with the handle let’s move up to some of these duralast here.

So the dural ass have the quite a selection I’ve done a big comparison and reveal the reason I like these allow is because they’re really well-made they really seem like just a professional grant ratchet when you the original ones that have the course teeth and this kind of rounded lever and you have this more professional bottom plate where it tells you to clean it and has safety goggles are impressive I’ve there’s reviews showing that the metal is incredibly strong they have a very strong ratchet mechanism they have rubber seals under the anvil and under the switch and good ratchets in my or strong ratcheting mechanisms it always seems that the switch is directly connected to the ratchet pawl so when you ratchet the switch moves it always seems that and this is for pair head ratchets not round head but ratchets like this where they have a the pawls independent from the switch never it seems to be quite as strong and you find that design on fine tooths more often and duralast besides the flex handles they have standard ratchets they have these newer 72 tooth ones which are not as good as the older ones you can see the stamping is totally different levers are different the bottom plates are quite a bit different there’s no rubber seals on the 72 tooth the screws thread into the body the ratchets if you strip out the holes in the ratchet here having a difficult time or on a more professional ratchet the screws will go through the head and into the bottom plate so if any if the screws or plates trip out you can just replace them without having to replace the whole ratchet handle these still do have a good ratchet mechanism that’s directly connected and they work pretty well they’re just not quite as nice the springs aren’t quite as strong the levers pretty light on these they’re good they’re just not as good as the coarse tooth the coarse tooth are really amazing people also talk about back drag that’s the amount of resistance when you’re actually ratcheting it and a really nice ratchet with a strong springs gonna have a lot of reverse resistance and so one reason to have a variety of righteous is to have ones that are like this and then you can have ones like these harbor freights which can be really light and I’ve read about people having some trouble attention you just want to make sure that this center screw is not too tight that can cause issues and make sure there is an anchor it inside but all the harbor freights I’ve had have been really easy to ratchet back to the duralast we have these style which are a compact head and verses their standard ratchet here we go we can see indeed that there the head is a bit smaller and I like that this the lever is flush with the ratchet so it’s a little easier to use when your hands are on top of it you’re not accidentally hitting the lever and that their.

Quick-release put that one down they have a little version of it too this is a quarter inch ratchet that has a basically a 3/8 inch anvil and it truly has a small head if we were to compare this one to a standard duralast head we can see it’s much tinier so this one be for breaking bolts but it’s certainly nice to get in the tight spaces with the 3/8 socket so that’s another type and of course there’s a stubby ratchet so you don’t see them very often but they’re actually pretty handy this duralast I don’t like the end it’s nice and rounded on the back but this taper where it comes up to a sharp edge sometimes you catch your hand on it and it can hurt and that’s one thing I’ll mention about ratchets you want to try to not get ones that have real sharp edges I really like that this is a very strong head but it’s a little funky the nice thing about stubby ratchets is of course when you’re working particularly under dashes and that kind of thing that they’re real handy to have something a little smaller once you’ve gotten the bolt broken and that being said I actually broke a handle on a door last and they just kept the handle there let me keep keep the ratchet head so this is what I use as a really short thumb ratchet and it’s worked out pretty well speaking of thumb ratchets that’s what they are they’re just calm.

Pack little wheel ratchets so you have a bolt that needs to cinch down you can’t spin it by hand that’s the point of these is you have a little ratchet where you get a little bit of extra source and you can just spin it down or just rotate it by hand.

I like the all-metal ones they’re really nice and heavy-duty I think this is a master craft but what you notice is if you’re doing a lot of fasteners like this all that extra mass starts to wear you out a little bit and you would think it doesn’t tell you get one that’s simple like I believe this is an allied which has a plastic handle it’s all metal inside the one thing as I.

Mentioned about the allied is it’s very easy to rebuild easy to pull out a screw but when it’s really lightweight like this they’re actually a lot easier to use it’s surprising there’s almost no weight that I’m rotating here compared to that metal one and you can just operate this faster for longer periods of time and so I will recommend a lightweight plastic one when it comes to thumb ratchets I just realized I forgot to talk about this harbor freight roto head ratchet so and that appears to be the best term to talk to call these is these are round head round flex head ratchets but versus a traditional style where it’s a articulation on a hinge point offset they’re driven or straight through the center line and what makes that really interesting is because there’s a couple of properties one you’re driving right through the center line and it feels like less like a flex head ratchet less like you have to keep quite as much control of the handle in order to keep the head from flexing and that really becomes apparent when you’re maybe not able to use your hand to adjust the socket to get it on the fastener and you’re reaching with one hand and oftentimes you’ll put your and I’ll show you on this other one first the big issue is if you have it and you’re trained getting on the fastener and then you press on it and then the head flexes away and then you’re pushing against something and get it back on and then it will flex out of the way again these you’re trying to end that can be frustrating.

And so a roto head does not have that kind of issue because you’re right over the top of it so you can realize that when you get on the edge of the fastener you can move it around you can rock it and it doesn’t want to just flip out of the way and even if it starts to flip you can stop and push the ratchet and it really is a lot more controllable another thing I’ll mention about these harbour phrases they don’t appear to be rebuildable um they have permanently attached it very well may be some type of cyst there’s a strong spring there’s some type of system where they’ve assembled it all they actually put in the center pin and then when they pinch the ball into place that’s actually what holds it all together so it does not appear that these can be disassembled so you just have to put a couple of drops of machine oil.

But these roto head wraps at some harbor freight really have a strong mechanism and you can hear that it spears to be a lot better than their other professional ratchets another thing I liked is that they have a real strong reverse I mean it’s a real definitive reverse and it moves a good distance you don’t I don’t think you’ll have any issues with these wanting to self reverse and what I mean by self reversing and I seem to run into it the most with proto ratchets I have a quarter inch drive proto that self reversed I’ve talked about this before so we have a round head quick-release and we’ll go ahead and go backwards here and I’ve had this issue with other proto’s oh now it won’t do it.

Well you if you’re ratcheting quickly it will be a little bit of friction and on these pro toes it’s a real light spring and you can see that thing barely turns so you get a little bit of friction in there and you just ratchet and there it goes.

So you’re just ratcheting this and then it will just catch when you’re backing up and it’ll flip the switch and then you’ll be ratcheting awesome the ratchet will flip directions and it can be pretty frustrating you gotta keep this lubricated pretty well but it’s.

Something to watch out for and for some reason the if you have ratchets that do that and a little bit of oil doesn’t take care of it I would at least try to swap it out.

This is one that I found news but I assume most proto’s would do this of this design and it’s just kind of a little bit frustrating and I have to go in there and modify it to try to get a stronger spring to prevent this is a friction from causing the ratchet to wanna run itself backwards automatically the older-style proto ratchet heads don’t have that same issue so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on I’ve never had an issue with these older style ones but they use a different kind of a more modified mechanism in them and I think that’s one of the reasons they don’t have the issue old proto ratchets and even the newer ones are getting better I’ll meant the new stuff I looked at more of the new stuff it really does have a better fit and finish but one thing about pro – vintage pro toes there we go god that cameras having some issues is that they don’t have the best fit that looks okay but it’s they get it pretty thin down there and then the finish here it’s just you know kind of rough the cuts are kind of rough in there you can see the head wasn’t ground perfectly round so it’s kind of weird when it’s lopsided good steel and a strong ratchet but older proto’s really never look particularly nice this is a very common style of ratchet where they have independent paul’s this is the same style that these modern harbor freight use the exact same system harbor freight just has more teeth and finer teeth for a finer action but that design where it’s the switch does pushing one paw side to the other pull side has been around for decades and this is an old proto it’s a budget proto I’ve had people say that isn’t a proto but it really is so anyway moving on this is a gm power torque harbor frey has some of these they’re these extendable handle ratchets and so they have this locking mechanism and a series of bald entance and a little track to keep it from wanting to rotate and so the idea is you can extend this out use it as a breaker ratchet and then put it in in and then get the bolt out quicker because you’re not even moving such a long handle or get into a more compact space the issue with this gm power torque it was.

Impulse by inertia probably return it I’ve been realizing it’s pretty thin at the top therefore 3 its and this is a rafter I think it would snap the handle off before you even twist it a.

Quick-release ratchet head it kind of has a box wrench ratcheting box wrench style real flat ratchet hem and this interesting design where the handle is the reverse lever and the head rotates and I thought it was going to be more useful but it turns out that it’s kind of annoying the ratchet moves smoothly it feels very strong doesn’t feel like I’m gonna have it slip but I’ve had issues with your ratcheting and you hit something and then now you’re going to other direction it’s the infamous self reversing when you don’t want it to if you torque on the ratchet like this you can get it to reverse and sometimes you don’t intend to so that’s what’s been kind of weird about it.

So I initially got it as a long handle straight ratchet and I still do use it sometimes as that but I generally wouldn’t recommend the lisa’s gm power torque this system right here is really kind of funky seems a bit weak and often times and you’re hitting the ratchet against something when you get to the range of your motion or you torque the ratchet a little bit and the thing reverses direction on you we’re getting to this video let’s move on to these titans so I’ve shown these in.

Quarter-inch I have them in 3/8 as well these are actually clutched type.

Ratchets or spray clutch type ratchets many manufacturers sell these you can easily find these online these are so much older titans before they even laser-etched tighten on them and they work pretty well the ratchets are pretty strong in them but I wouldn’t recommend breaking bolts there’s not an easy way to take them apart and once you cause them to slip they’re pretty much ruined and a lot of tool tracks and stuff don’t have them on them or in they’re not in store so it’s difficult to find what I do like is they have this anvil that’s a push through so they are reversible but you just push the anvil through one side or the other it’s also something you have to be careful since you don’t have a switch if you unthread a bolt.

With a behind some kind of surface you can unthread the bull to where the ratchet gets to a point where you can’t get the socket and ratchet off the head of the bolt but there’s no reverse mechanism and it’s known as black holing yourself and then now you have a ratchet stuck with a halfway unscrewed bolt and usually have it it becomes a real adventure to try to get them out so that’s one thing you have to be consider or can take consideration of the.

Advantage is is for people who really like what is known as low black back drag ratchets where you want very little force a it’s a hard to reach fastener but it’s just real it’s really easy to thread it in and out all the these are they gonna be the best they have.

Virtually none they’re as low as you can get just really the friction of the grease and you know a little bit in the ratchet habit there’s almost nothing there so for people who like low back drag you’ll never get any better than these and they do have a nice stubby version we’ll compare that to the duralast it’s about the same length as the duralast but it does have a round end and I really like the round ends it’s it doesn’t pinch your hand as much and the little ball is just nice and easy to grab these are really nice in the stubby b’s they’re lighter weight so it’s easier to just to run them one thing I will mention about using clutch ratchets is obviously no sound so if you’re in a an area where you can’t see in your ratcheting this you just kind of have the sound of the metal the socket on the the bolt and you don’t know if you’re actually if anything’s happening because you can’t hear the ratchet mechanism ratcheting and so you’ll just be fiddling with it like this and then the bolt will fall out so it can be a little bit weird to use them but it can be nice too because if you really need it quiet or want some quiet time you can ratchet with these and you don’t even have to hear the sound of a ratchet pawl which is kind of interesting so if you’re in a real quiet shop and you’re using these it can be you know almost totally silent mechanic work and you can do little customizations the rods that you want to think about customer.

Ratchet but duralast only has the straight handle these ratchets here on the shelves and so I wanted one of the nice 30 degree bent handle ones well they have at this om oxygen sensor wrench which had this bent handle in the forks are just about the same size as their last I just had to do a little bit of sanding so I bought another duralast wrap just to swap with this handle so you can have a nice bent handle so you can always consider that twos you can swap handles and ratchet heads if you happen to like one particular handle and the different head if the spacing is close enough you can go ahead and just do that these are a couple master craft pro so these are quick-release.

Indexing and I’ve actually had these for quite a long time they’re part of my first master craft pro toolset and they’ve held out pretty well they have a nice ratchet mechanism where it’s directly connected and it’s always held up well I did like that their.

Articulation it’s just little divots so it makes for a smoother look rather than having corrugations many do that like such as this harbor freight it’s.

Corrugations and these have always worked well it is a quick release but I’ve just used the beans out of this and it’s never really had any issues so master craft pros always worked well and of course I have a stubby and it has a round and and I really like that aspect of these we’ve got a couple off ramps here we’re not off brands but not as common we’ve got a stanley we’ve got a power bill we’ve got a craftsman what else do we have down here we have an sk so the powerbuilt sarcoma o’reilly they used to be a little bit more popular powerbuilt there we go service tools are actually pretty darn nice and they’re pretty good ratchets oh so anybody sees or if you’re wondering about a power belt ratchet they’re pretty nice quick release so you have a hole in the anvil not quite as strong as normal ratchets but they have a really strong mechanism the anvil will fail before the ratchet slips I can tell you that on the power bolt and they’re really not bad at all and for some people who have maybe there’s some people have more issues with their hands early onset arthritis hand injuries etc I will have to say that the power belt really has the largest and easiest to activate switch of any ratchet I’ve ever seen there’s so many that are so good but this thing is just a big wide it has a spine with a nice curve and it’s just so easy to hit this thing it’s just amazing and I will have to point that out as I really either like a very small ratchet lever my favorite or like this where they’re just totally flush or I want them huge one of the points I would make about these original durrell asses they have such a strong spring for the paul that and it’s such a tiny little lover that sometimes it can be when you really win or in a tight space or something you need to reverse it it can be difficult greasy fingers you’ll your fingers will slip off of this and you’re actually like really pressing on it to get it to reverse so it smells good in battle never ever ever automatically reverse but moving on we have these stanley micro tough I don’t know if they sell these anymore I only got a quarter inch in the 3/8 version but these are just really compact head pair head ratchets but they kind of have a mechanism like a round head and they have this an.

Interesting switch and these have always worked out pretty well I don’t think they have the strongest ratchet head mechanism in them they are quick release but they are indeed very compact if you were just to find one of these on the shelf and compared to a normal ratchet it is a little bit shorter although they’re not much thinner if this would focus there only a little bit thinner but they do have a really nice ergonomic handle really one of the best there’s these teardrop or these curved ones like this and then there’s ones or like this and I have to say about the stanley it’s super comfortable we have your usual suspect this is a standard grade.

Craftsman which do have a pretty good ratchet pawl mechanism in them they’re not the world’s strongest ratchets because the machine use a plate so they even though they have a thick head they use up a lot of space in setting that plate and so I don’t really like designs that because it’s just wasted space in the ratchet really a good ratchet the only space machined out will be just to get that plate to sit and the rest of space will be used for width for.

Stronger ratchet calls and so but the craftsmen’s are you know they’ll replace these anywhere apparently you know about that ace and other home improvement places sell these or sell craftsman that they’ll warranty them so and this is one of the older usa ones I don’t know if there’s still maine usa it’s always worked well but they’ve always seemed you know not quite as nice as other brands that’s all I can really say about that craftsmen’s work but these standard ones like this have always been kind of ugly and I never really personally like them we can’t talk about ratchets without mentioning in sk eske’s or do you have a better fit and finish one thing I’ll mention and I really want to zoom in on this is this eske’s knurling is some of the best I’ve ever seen you can see just how perfect and aggressive it is and its really aggressive I always really liked that about sk sterling solve all the ratchets that are kind of slippery this is one where you grab and you’re like oh wow aggressive knurling now I understand why people like.

Aggressive knurling because you it you know it latches on your hand the sk indeed patented the round head ratchet the patents have long expired as many designs now but they created the first real viable they are the ones who really showed that yeah you make around the head ratchet and they can be just as good as anything else and what’s nice is you don’t have that thick lower part on a pair head so you can get a little more swing out around a little out of a round head and being an sk it has a really strong ratchet mechanism wreck mechanism and have never had any issues with these self reversing regardless of how I’ve used them they have a really strong reverse spring and as you can see they move a great distance and it appears that ratchets round heads where you have a longer swing the reverse stay in their position more easily but if you ever see an old sk they kind of look plain they’re a round head ratchet so.

They’ll be in a toolbox with a lot of not-so-great tools you know think well there’s nothing in there but take a look because there’s usually there a lot of times they’ll be oh it’s an old sk and it’s actually a really nice round head ratchet and now we’re finally getting to the end of this video yes I’ve just thrown caution to the wind made an excessively long video I have this work force it’s not so great it’s a.

Quick-release round head one thing I was gonna mention is it’s really genius design versus the proto because the whole reverse lever is the push button and I thought wow that’s the easiest to use quicker at least I’ve seen it’s a big oversize button this is nice and easy and simple it uses up space and a ratchet head to depress out not the strongest my ratchet mechanism but I did like that before I talked about this last one this is like a master mechanic kind of thing the idea was that it’s a ratchet and then you use this handle to turn it and has a gear mechanism in there but ultimately it’s just totally ridiculous it’s totally useless when you’re actually ratcheting with it that handles spinning around the head is just totally gigantic you’re not fitting this anywhere but it was neat to add to the collection the show some attempts that people made to speed things up such as this I don’t know what you would call this hand twist speed ratchet but out of all these three-eighths I end up.

Grabbing this old wizard but a lot of wizard tools aren’t the best but this one’s actually pretty nice it doesn’t have the strongest mechanism in it but I’m aware of that and it’s really smooth it’s fine to use it’s these are pretty old it has a super strong ball dent and one of the strongest I’ve ever seen I just recently greased it and they’re really nice one thing I like is this reverse wheel.

I like the multiple contact points it’s really easy to grab and just reverse however you need it to and I really appreciate that I would have hoped that more manufacturers would use something like this on round heads the second thing I like is that it’s not really oversized they have you think this handle isn’t super thick and no.

It’s not designed to be quite as strong as saying sk what do I like is that it’s thin this is a ratchet that you can really quickly operate back and forth and so that’s been handy because you just break the bolt and then you can just quickly run it and you don’t have all this mass and I’ve noticed that that’s why I really like and so that’s one thing to be aware of is lightweight on the ratchets that’s what makes this little duralast so nice as you it’s so light way because once you get the bolt loosened you can really just get it to fly out of there anyway I think that’s the end of the world’s longest ratchet review in comparison.

I think we’re going to close it out here and say but I really appreciate everybody watching if you haven’t subscribed please do Subscribe in cadiz maximus out.

FAQs on Best 3/8 Ratchet for 2020

What is a 3/8 ratchet?

A ratchet is nothing but a set of different types of tools used to do some specific tasks that include turning the handles, loosening and tightening of the nut bolts, and other mechanical operations with the help of wrenches and screwdrivers. It is a device that has teeth attached to it in sequence and those moves in the unidirectional movements. The 3/8 that you have may include the other tools as well such as pipe cutter, wire crimpers which most of the mechanics working in the garage or kitchen cabinet do not fine any necessary use of it. Furthermore, the ratchets are made up if the polyester which is hard wearing and durable. The polyester allows us to secure the load in the truck with its property of the low stretchability.

What is the use of your 3/8 ratchet?

There is two main use of the 3/8 ratchet that you can easily discover namely loosening and repositioning of the nuts and bolts. There are two main parts in your product as such the handle which is long in size and the sockets. The sockets are there to tighten the handles by keeping them on the fastener and just turning the wrench in the clockwise direction and there you easily tighten up the ratchet without exerting much of your efforts. It also allows you to loosen up the handle with the help of the wrench and moving it in the opposite direction.

How to use your 3/8 ratchet?

To use your 3/8 racket, first of all, you must understand that what is the basic structure of your product. There is a comfort grip handle that is used to turn the wrench according to your preferences and the low profile head allows you to loosen or tighten up the nut bolt of your ratchet. After that, you are required to choose a socket according to the size and length of the nut attached to the ratchet. Then you need to attach the socket with the ratchet in such a way that the socket can easily gets swapped as you are working on a transition job then place it on the nut and finally twist the wrench.

How to maintain your 3/8 ratchet?

If you do not store your product properly then you can surely decrease the life span of its and it will be less effective in its working. There are several ways to protect your 3/8 ratchet by simply containing it inside a plastic freezer bags or you can also use the duffel bags and in the end tie it simply with the rubber band or the zip ties. Also, you must make sure that it is kept far away from the moisture as it may weaken the strength of the webbing which ultimately destroys the polyester. Moreover, you must not expose your product to the sunlight as it may fade the color of the strapping.

What are the types of sockets in your 3/8 ratchet?

The sockets are usually attached to the ratchet so that they can easily allow you to adjust very quickly and according to your preference. The type of sockets that are attached to your 3/8 ratchet usually depends on the job they are going to provide you and thus there are many types of sockets available in the market as such the SAE sockets which are also known as the Society of Automotive Engineers that are designed for the vehicles made in America. Then comes the metric sockets used on the imported vehicles and if you need the have duty jobs then the Torx bits sockets are the best.

Who Makes The Best 3/8″ Ratchet?

Video Transcript:

My name is Andrew and this is rogue wrenching today we’re talking about tools.

I like tools I use tools I’m a.

Professional but the question is what tools are best for you now there’s going to be a bunch of different kind of answers to that question there are people that use tools to make a living like I do they’re people that use tools just as kind of a what would certainly be considered you know a shade tree type mechanic somebody that likes to fix their own cars so they can save a bundle of money so we’re going to talk about specifically the 3/8 ratchet today if you don’t know what a 3/8 ratchet is here one is 3/8 ratchet is one of the most commonly used hand tools for the automotive technician and it’s important to have the right tool for the job now there’s a bunch of different options and that’s what we’re going to go over today this is the snap-on 3/8 flex head ratchet it is an excellent tool to use for the professional tech the biggest downside to this tool it’s 160 dollars it’s a lot of money for a ratchet so the question is if you are a amateur or you know first starting out in this field and you want to get into a quality tool is this the one for you and my answer that question is coming up here we’ve got the 3/8 drive husky 100 tooth so superfine teeth on the ratchet there I it is a flex head you know it flexes but a neat feature that I really like is it’s got this little lie.

Laak so when you slide that that lock tab over now it doesn’t flex anymore now there’s a little bit of slop in that so it’s not perfect but it’s a really neat feature so you can kind of get it at the angle you need it to and then lock it so that it can’t move beyond that so really cool feature I like this ratchets great ratchet you’ll notice the handles a little bit shorter when compared with the snap-on so you can see a little bit a little bit less less leverage there with the husky one this is from Home Depot this one’s about 30 bucks good tool.

We’ve got your standard standard 3/8 ratchet pretty straightforward little selector on the back this has the push button lock so when you put a socket on it to push the button to release the socket it doesn’t just pop off like the snap-on 120 bucks and a 3/8 w ratchet this is a great tool for getting into tight places here’s here’s my biggest beef though look at the thickness difference between those two ratchets these stubby is supposed to get into tight places better and it’s a much larger size ratchet head so I think your best bet for a stubby would be to take one of these cut the handle off of it call it a day so the question really boils down to what is the best ratchet for you to buy now that’s going to depend on again like I said earlier what you do for a living what your unique circumstance is my recommendation for anybody other than automotive technician with you know a year or two of.

Experience it’s gonna be this guy for $30.00 either flex head decently long handle lifetime warranty and it’s just all around a great ratchet they hold up really well I’ve used it professionally for years.

And only had to warranty a few times now the only thing I will say about that is husky warranty which is through Home Depot can be a little bit of a pain the fact is when you read their warrant a statement they say that they will replace any tool any hand tool if you bring it back to the store you don’t need the original purchase receipt and they will replace it no questions asked there’s no exception for professional use there’s nothing like that the problem is generally speaking at least every time that I’ve gone into Home Depot to warranty a tool is they want a receipt and you have to argue with them and tell them no read your own policy you have to give me a new one so there that’s the only caveat I guess to buying husky tools is a lot of times you have to argue about a warranty but all these tools carry a lifetime warranty whether it be from Harbor Freight Home Depot or snap-on the difference being with the snap-on for the professional technician is you have a snap-on truck that comes to your shop you know every week for me that’s Monday so every Monday morning snap-on truck shows up if I got anything broken hand it to me hands me a brand new one so that’s a real convenience for the professional but for more of your kind of starting out at hobbyist at home DIY type person strongly recommend the Husky ratchet it’s a fantastic tool it’s a fantastic price and they hold up really well even to long term.

Professional use thank you so much for watching please drop a subscribe like this video drop a comment tell me what ratchet you think is the best ratchet also I’m giving away 100 bucks check out the video right there and we’ll see you next time.

Can you use your 3/8 ratchet to lift the objects?

No, it is a strict no to lift any kind of object with your 3/8 ratchet as it contains the lashing strap in place of the lifting string. The main reason behind that is that it is not completely safe to use the equipment made for the lashing purpose to lift the objects. Therefore, may of the ratchets available in the market have specially mentioned on their labels that they are not meant for lifting. Also, there is the most important term used in ratchet’s label about the capacity of lashing. Well, it is nothing but the maximum force allowed to the lashing strap to pull it in the straight direction.

What are the sizes of the sockets connected to the 3/8 ratchets available in the market?

No matter how right the size of the socket of your product is but if it is not providing you through the type of work you need then it is worthless and then you are required to buy the one with a suitable size. There are three types of the sizes of the sockets available in the market that you can surely buy according to your needs. The first socket is with the shallow length that is used in the very tight spaces which are very difficult to operate. Then second is the socket with the standard length which is an ideal choice for the people who work on the very basic project. And lastly is the deep socket which is used when your vehicle has the bolt in the very deep location it helps you in reaching out to it.


A ratchet is a simple wrench device which is used to lose or tight the bolt and is one of the most important tools in the tool kit of a mechanic. Also, it is important to keep one at home in an emergency as no one knows when you will need it. The 3/8 ratchet is more efficient in working as it usually comes with large handles and it can easily reach the tight spot. This review might have assisted you in grasping the relevant information about the 3/8 ratchet and you may also have learned how to use it.

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