Best 3/8 Ratchets Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want enough amount of the torque?

Do you want to maneuver the tight spaces?

Are you worried about not reaching the far and tight spot?

If yes, then you require the best 3/8 ratchet. The 3/8 ratchet offers you enough torque and also allows you to maneuver in the tight space. With the long handles, it can reach far and can treat the tight spot easily and is also user – friendly. Following are the 10 best 3/8 ratchet that you can consider to buy according to your requirements and the price that your pocket allows:

Things to consider before buying the best 3/8 ratchets

The number of torque:

Before placing an order for 3/8 ratchet you must be sure of the number of torque it has in it. Moreover, your ratchet must be able to deliver for about 2340 lbs of torque which is 30% more than the industrial standard. Your product must offer you high performance along with simple working so that you can easily use it. With fewer bells and whistles, your product must be able to do everything flawlessly. The head of your product must have an offset so that it can allow you to have easy access to the tight spot.

Best design:

It is suggested to look for the product which is teardrop in design so that it can make it easy for you to maneuver the tight spaces so that you are accessible to the tight slots very easily. Your product must be coated with a composite shell that is resistant to the scratching so that it can have a good holding capacity or a good grip even in the cold weather. It must be versatile and the frame of your product must be designed with the steel in such a way that you can use it for years.


You must think of the budget and buy an 8/3 ratchet which is allowed by your pocket and comes with all the required features at a reasonable price. Your product must not turn out to be rocket science for a new person and it should not require any skill. Along with that, it must be consistent in its working and it must have the units written or marked so clearly and with clarity so that anyone can read it very easily and can work for an hour on it. Your product must be design in such a way that it has an offset which is extra long so that it makes it easy for you to reach the tight spot.

Large handle:

Along with its size, your product must have an ergonomic handle so that you can use it very easily and it must prove to be fruitful for you. The working of your product must be typical and when you are using, it must not get oil on it which makes it difficult for you to work with that and you must choose the product which gets dingle up easily.


The feature of durability must be included in your product so that it can have resistivity towards the rust when exposed to air or water and you can use it for more periods without getting it damaged. Along with the durability, your product must provide you with high performance and it must be able to land on the top spot without causing any problem and must be consistent in its working. A product must have very good durability especially in the handle as it is somehow a main area in the ratchet and decide how long your product will go to the used.

Easy to turn:

You must look for the product which is easy to turn and must have a swivel head that can turn around at about 270 degrees and also helps you in avoiding any hurdle while using the handle when it is swinging. The swivel head can help you in retaining enough tension and giving an appropriate angle when you are attaching it to the source. Your 3/8 ratchet must have a swivel head with a swing for about five degrees in the arc so that it allows you to work in limited space also. Moreover, your product can be protected from rust and corrosion if it is coated with the chrome plate which is tough and qualitative.


Your 3/8 ratchet must not affect the composition of the quick release and should not get stuck which is very frustrating for the customer. In case, if you are a casual user then your product must be viable and must benefit you along with its characteristic of worksite caliber ratchet. It must be of high quality so that it does not get a break-even if you are using it for a light task therefore it must be strong in strength. To prevent the dropping or loss of the socket, your product must have the quick release tang which locks the socket. It must be light in weight which weighs for about 65 lbs so that it makes it easy for you to carry it at any place and use it efficiently.

Non-slippery grip:

Your product must have a good holding strength and it must have a grip that is not slippery and it must not get scratch on it. The grip must be comfortable for you to work with along with the gear of about 36 teeth which is helpful in the operation of high torque. It does not matter if your hands are oily or greasy, you can have a tight grip on your tool easily if it has a two material molded no-slip grip which covers the handle usually. You can prevent yourself from getting back if your product has a rubber grip which also and as a safe question so if the handle falls on the surface and gets hit.

FAQs on Best 3/8 Ratchet for 2020

What is a 3/8 ratchet?

A ratchet is nothing but a set of different types of tools used to do some specific tasks that include turning the handles, loosening and tightening of the nut bolts, and other mechanical operations with the help of wrenches and screwdrivers. It is a device that has teeth attached to it in sequence and those moves in the unidirectional movements. The 3/8 that you have may include the other tools as well such as pipe cutter, wire crimpers which most of the mechanics working in the garage or kitchen cabinet do not fine any necessary use of it. Furthermore, the ratchets are made up if the polyester which is hard wearing and durable. The polyester allows us to secure the load in the truck with its property of the low stretchability.

What is the use of your 3/8 ratchet?

There is two main use of the 3/8 ratchet that you can easily discover namely loosening and repositioning of the nuts and bolts. There are two main parts in your product as such the handle which is long in size and the sockets. The sockets are there to tighten the handles by keeping them on the fastener and just turning the wrench in the clockwise direction and there you easily tighten up the ratchet without exerting much of your efforts. It also allows you to loosen up the handle with the help of the wrench and moving it in the opposite direction.

How to use your 3/8 ratchet?

To use your 3/8 racket, first of all, you must understand that what is the basic structure of your product. There is a comfort grip handle that is used to turn the wrench according to your preferences and the low profile head allows you to loosen or tighten up the nut bolt of your ratchet. After that, you are required to choose a socket according to the size and length of the nut attached to the ratchet. Then you need to attach the socket with the ratchet in such a way that the socket can easily gets swapped as you are working on a transition job then place it on the nut and finally twist the wrench.

How to maintain your 3/8 ratchet?

If you do not store your product properly then you can surely decrease the life span of its and it will be less effective in its working. There are several ways to protect your 3/8 ratchet by simply containing it inside a plastic freezer bags or you can also use the duffel bags and in the end tie it simply with the rubber band or the zip ties. Also, you must make sure that it is kept far away from the moisture as it may weaken the strength of the webbing which ultimately destroys the polyester. Moreover, you must not expose your product to the sunlight as it may fade the color of the strapping.

What are the types of sockets in your 3/8 ratchet?

The sockets are usually attached to the ratchet so that they can easily allow you to adjust very quickly and according to your preference. The type of sockets that are attached to your 3/8 ratchet usually depends on the job they are going to provide you and thus there are many types of sockets available in the market as such the SAE sockets which are also known as the Society of Automotive Engineers that are designed for the vehicles made in America. Then comes the metric sockets used on the imported vehicles and if you need the have duty jobs then the Torx bits sockets are the best.

Can you use your 3/8 ratchet to lift the objects?

No, it is a strict no to lift any kind of object with your 3/8 ratchet as it contains the lashing strap in place of the lifting string. The main reason behind that is that it is not completely safe to use the equipment made for the lashing purpose to lift the objects. Therefore, may of the ratchets available in the market have specially mentioned on their labels that they are not meant for lifting. Also, there is the most important term used in ratchet’s label about the capacity of lashing. Well, it is nothing but the maximum force allowed to the lashing strap to pull it in the straight direction.

What are the sizes of the sockets connected to the 3/8 ratchets available in the market?

No matter how right the size of the socket of your product is but if it is not providing you through the type of work you need then it is worthless and then you are required to buy the one with a suitable size. There are three types of the sizes of the sockets available in the market that you can surely buy according to your needs. The first socket is with the shallow length that is used in the very tight spaces which are very difficult to operate. Then second is the socket with the standard length which is an ideal choice for the people who work on the very basic project. And lastly is the deep socket which is used when your vehicle has the bolt in the very deep location it helps you in reaching out to it.


A ratchet is a simple wrench device which is used to lose or tight the bolt and is one of the most important tools in the tool kit of a mechanic. Also, it is important to keep one at home in an emergency as no one knows when you will need it. The 3/8 ratchet is more efficient in working as it usually comes with large handles and it can easily reach the tight spot. This review might have assisted you in grasping the relevant information about the 3/8 ratchet and you may also have learned how to use it.

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