Easiest Way to Clean a Car Awning

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A car awning is an essential part when you go to enjoy an outdoor living space with your family. Because car awning can protect you and your family from the rain. Not only from rain but also gives you relief from the sun’s heat.

Let, once a day you have gone a long drive. Now you are parking your car and taking the awning. But unfortunately, you have seen a mud as well as some dirt to the awning. At that moment, you must fell boring. So, you must ensure that your car awning is clear before start your journey.

Now, you sure that how important to clean car awning. So, we are going to discuss how to clean a car awning step by step.

Why You Should Clean Your RV Awning

Everyone loves to sit out under the awning at the time of camping during the day while watching the kids play or any family or official program.

We can sit and talk with my friends and family. At that time, if anyone looks that the awning is not clean then the good feelings of the meeting must go. Because we don’t like the dirt that my awning collects. So, two times should clean an awning in a year.

There are some materials to clean an awning that are:

  1. Water Hose
  2. Cleaning Solution
  3. Spray Bottle
  4. Optional: Stiff-bristled brush (acrylic awning) or a soft-bristled brush (vinyl awning)

The easiest way to make a homemade awning cleaner

In the market, there are different types of awning cleaner. Some of then are so high price. If someone wants to make an awning cleaner at home, then one can follow the tips that are below. Remember that, I am trying to mention earlier and true methods.  I hope that if you do a proper mixing it will be better than the market.

DIY Recipe #1:  Mix one quart of white vinegar and one-gallon water. Must ensure proper mixing. (approved for vinyl or fabric).

DIY Recipe #2:  Same as Recipe #1 but add one squeeze of Dawn dish soap (approved for vinyl or fabric).

DIY Recipe #3:  For the uses on vinyl mix one part hydrogen peroxide to six parts water.

DIY Recipe #4:  Mix two parts grated Fels-Naptha bar soap, one-part borax (sodium borate), one-part washing soda (sodium carbonate), and hot water. Now mix mall amount of water and baking soda for form a paste. Baking soda cleans and refreshes without harming the fabric and rinses clean.

How to clean a car awning?

To clean a car awning, we should follow some process that must help you to perfect cleaning an awning. Before starting the cleaning process, you should have confirmed that it is your awning vinyl awning or fabric awning. Because most of the awning is the marine quality vinyl awning. As a result, this type of awning protects the UV ray.

On the other hand, fabric awning is used high-quality textile that is easy to breathe. Fabric awning has a special finishing process that makes it more resistant to water and oil-based stains.

The process is given below:

  1. Hose both sides of your awning RV awning off
  2. Let your awning dry
  3. To Prepare your cleaning solution
  4. Spray awning cleaner on the underside
  5. To Apply the cleaning solution
  6. Gently Scrub the fabric at any mold or mildew stains
  7. Rinse both sides of the awning with your hose
  8. Let awning dry completely

Hose both sides of your awning RV awning off, First of all, you should set up your awning appropriately. Now take the water hose. Now hitting the awning with a blast from a water hose that is the first step to remove mildew. if there is no mold then just quick you hose down. This first step makes your awning for the next step.

Let your awning dry: Now make sure that your awning is dry. After dring, begin cleaning with cleaning solutions. To apply the cleaning solution, have a silly difference that you should use commercial grade for fabric awning. For vinyl awning, you should use a surface protectant. If you are in sloppy weather then you can use a dryer or air leaf blower for quick dry.

Prepare your cleaning solution: You should buy a specific cleaning solution for the awning. If you do not want to do that then you can make it by yourself. Let to see the Homemade Cleaning Solutions:

Dish soap is a popular cleaner for awnings as it is soft and an item most people have on hand.

  1. Dawn dish soap does particularly well, but any dish soap will work.
  2. Simple Green
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. Pinesol
  5. Car Soap

Make sure the spray bottle is clean and rinsed or use a bucket if using a brush. Mix two parts cleaning agent with eight parts of water. Some people will choose to use a bleach solution when cleaning their RV awning. This is not recommended unless you have a particular stain or hard-to-kill mold.

Spray awning cleaner on the underside:

Underside cleaning of an awning is the toughest job. So we suggest that the easiest way to clean awning is to spray on it. If you have no spray then you can use a brush. At the time of using the brush, remember that bristle type brush is appropriate for the awning materials.

To Apply the cleaning solution on Top Side:

Long handle brush is the best for topside cleaning. You should take a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes to do it properly. Repeat this same process for one more time to make sure of perfect cleaning. At the time of applying on the top side, be careful that some places can not be missing.

Gently Scrub the fabric at any mold or mildew stains:

Scrub the hard plastic area the awning retracts into, but be gentle with the rest of the fabric. And do the cleaning process.

Rinse both sides of the awning:

If you roll the awning for cleaning process then after cleaning, un-roll the awning and it is time to hose the awning off. And now spray it down.

Let awning dry completely:

After doing all the above process, now it is time to make sure that dry the awning. Remember that air dry is the best process for a humid climate.

How to Clean an Awning?

Video Transcript:

I’m just gonna walk down here to see what he’s doing because I can hear a noise and he’s doing something suspicious uh what are you doing graeme I’m just checking for damage it looks like to me that you’re cleaning the towel no nobody cleans the toe ball we don’t need to clean it are you you are after 14 years of caravan and now all of a sudden you start cleaning a tow ball I’m a fraud it’s all right this is quality caravan vlogging so I’m just getting ready to go away before we go away I want to clean the awning it’s really dirty and we’ve never cleaned it before we’ve had it since 2016.

So what do I pop the camera over there and you can watch me put it out and hopefully wash it all right that’s the awning up took about five minutes I don’t know what I was thinking but I went I started at this end now I’ve never ever started this end before the problem you got it’s that bit there every single bit of the awning catches on it I usually come in from the other end anyway trying to do it for um before it starts to rain so now I’ll go and get me um the cleaner yes I’ve got all um fenix awning cleaner I’m gonna clean it with fenix and then I’ve also got a reproofer.

Which basically re-waterproofs the awning so I’ve had it since 2016 and never as much as cleaned it um as you can see a lot of it is really mucky um I don’t know look at those clouds but okay I’m regardless let’s give it a go right so just reading the instructions um apply to surfaces bottom to top allow one to two minutes to soak in really soft so agitate with a sponge or soft brush and rinse off so basically I’m spreading this stuff on and hopefully that will get better I’ll do one panel at a time boston doing it I’ll just show you it does kind of rough up as you can see now I’ve got a gun running get a hose pipe in a minute at least make it cleaner see the difference here maybe gotta try.

So I’ve washed one panel um and it says don’t let it dry so if you’ve got hoses I’m just gonna quickly hose it down I think there is dirt coming off and I’ll just go along to all three panels like that looks a bit better then I’ll reproof it afterwards I will be able to see if this stuff works because I’ve got some pretty stubborn marks here I’m trying not to tread on the windows here so see there it’s quite stubborn give it a bit of a spray hopefully I’ll do this to do this whilst I’m filming it’s multi-tasking yeah I’m happy that the mark’s coming off I don’t know if there’s any better than just using water and I’ve got to get on before it rains so that’s it just about done well the roof anyway.

So I think it looks all right certainly better than it did it’s still wet at the moment so it’s hard to tell exactly but I did have some quite stubborn marks on there and they have come off so what I’d like to do now is do the sides and the front what I’m going to do is blow it up or inflate it um hopefully the wind doesn’t pick up too much because I’m going to take it down so this is what we use it’s the camper gale um air pump that to the car and blow the awning up so I connect this into the car 12 volt socket there.

Um I run the engine because I think it gives it a bit more and then go back here I’ll connect it up there and then just turn this on and you won’t be able to hear me in a minute because it will start inflating hopefully 11 and a half that’s the most I’d go to actually I’ve only pumped up to five psi I think you’re up to maybe eleven or twelve I normally get to nine and uh now is just do the front on the outside not sure the inside needs doing as such so do the outside so I’m just on the last panel here and I’ve got likehardly anything left so it just about does my morning just read on the reproofer and you need to let it dry.

Before you reproof it so this all needs soaked and uh I’ll have to leave it for some time to dry what I might do is re-proof it while we’re on holiday see how drying goes such about finish washing it now I think my advice would be if you’re going to do it probably don’t put it on the caravan when you’re doing the front and sides if these are on the floor I think um because you just can’t get everything the scene here is still like this color it’s not black I don’t know that’s just because it’s drying.

Anyway I’ll let it dry if you can just keep your eye on it whilst I have a cup of tea I’ll be grateful so I’m gonna do it while I’m waiting for the outside to dry I’m gonna give the inside windows a bit of a clean just with water and uh kitchen roll so I’ve noticed on the outside of the awning and some of the black bits like here they are a bit faded but then this awning has been up and down more than well let’s say wooden tower bridge um yeah so I didn’t clean the inside I mean you can see I think see there that’s still the inside is dirty so I could probably do with cleaning out as well but I’ve got to stop somewhere.

I might do that when I’m on holiday actually although I’ve used most of the cleaners I probably won’t that’s the windows done so if you said to me give you one piece of advice on cleaning an awning what would it be my advice would be get someone else to do it it’s bloody hard work and it never looks clean especially the windows far worse than car windows I’ve just read the instructions on the reproofing kit and it says um it’s fully effective after 24 hours of drying so I’m not going to leave it on the drive for 24 hours so I’ll do it next week while we’re away it’s only a matter of just spraying stuff on it one or two coats should be easy enough so that’s pretty much it for washing the awning um I was going to doreproving but obviously I just said then I’m not going to.

So therefore I’ll wrap the video up so uh thanks very much for watching thumbs up if you liked it and please remember to subscribe if you don’t really um from on-site in a very weird on-site location on my drive whilst I’m cleaning the awning thanks for watching see in the next one which will probably be in cornwall hopefully it’s all right this is quality caravan vlogging.

How to setup & car Awning for 4*4?

Video Transcript:

Oh come out each day I’m going to do a quick demonstration to show you just how quickly and easily it is to set up one of these awnings off the side of your fall Drive see it so many times when I go at camping the people a battle with these they better with the legs and the arms and really if you’re getting a routine with these and set them up exactly the same way every single time they become very very easy so we’ll get into it and I’ll show just how easy it is these couple of zips I always keep them right down the back of the audience when you’re cruising down the hallways these will be jingling and carrying on so if you’ve got the two zips up in here.

You’ll be hearing that rattling yarn I’m wearing on the right so I’ll keep it down the back I don’t hear anything they got three straps that hold the awning in place inside the bag now always undoing the two outside clips first and there’s a very good reason for that because I’ve seen people before I’ll undo that one then though under the middle one they get to the back one here and what’s going to happen you only falls out on them so I’m doing the two outside ones first and your awnings going to stay in place where it needs to be for the first push then reach under there under there.

I only met a little bit as far as therefore there is no reach underneath grab the two arms strong outside work so that’s it Marley now and then when I get to this stage I keep the legs facing upwards if I got one more wrong they’re gonna fall out on the ground that just makes it altered so I’ll pull the first leg yeah now I’ve got a couple min Decatur marks on my legs here so I know that when I get to those marks that I don’t need to go any further I’m not gonna pull a leg all the way out out of its socket so I’ll lock it off at that mark then stand that one up first one done second one I’ll let him fall down on my arm like so same deal roll this leg out until it gets to me indicator mark and I’ll lock him off there stand him up there like that while still holding this in place and that’s the first stage done and dusted the next bits to put the arms inside on that one.

I’ll lock him off come over here fine deal grab that one good then stretch it out and lock him off and that is as easy as a get and then for me but you’ve little velcro straps on me you got six or they just pull those out drop it on the night that keeps it nice and taut so when you’re camping under on or tomp the wind picks up you’re not gonna hear it flapping around so kitchen awesome food do the other side as well same thing little straps it up and grip it all up and that’s it pretty much done and dusted so I’ve got me marks there and it joins pretty much well and truly set up then for me.

I’ll grab mccoy ropes here and I’ll show you a few tricks with those some tasty camping and where it’s a rocky ground or the grounds hard you can’t get pigs in the ground so I’ll get me road set and I’ll show you the next stage from this brought out I’ve got my coupla guy ropes you know what take these off each time I don’t bother rolling them up inside the awning they’re just a bit bulky and just could make it

.a bit more awkward to roll it up and get the right size to get it back in the bag so just take them off they’re easy enough to put back on when I need to use them so just tie those back both sides no fancy knots just a couple of it’ll not see and they’re held nicely in place now I know Wallace don’t have Rock sliders and rear bars like I do so there’s certainly probably a few of you out there that do well you might have a sidestep or something but this is just really handy if I’m camping in an area where the ground is really hard and I can’t get pigs in the ground I hope it often the car the first one goes on the back of the rear bar like so like that second one bring humor in he goes on to the front of the rock starter there like so.

And that’s that nice and setup right throughout the road good access to get in and out from the front but you really want to put the ropes on especially if you’re staying overnight if the wind gets up these things do take off and they do Bend and get quite damaged quite easily in strong winds always put your guy ropes on another little trick and I’ve liked this one the hard way these straps here the two straps particular tear above you two doors make sure that when you do came to the north.

Particularly if it’s going to rain make sure these don’t get shut inside your door like so no I haven’t done this once and this is the I know because I can’t shape you up that a few easy oh and all this under under this morning here had miss waggle said had it poured rain that naught no it’s nice and drawing here but the back door had the strip had that in there like so overnight now this gets really really wet can rain coming through there and then what it does it runs through the strap through that window an inside your car and when I got up the next morning inside me in the backseat.

There was absolutely drench because we’ve got to stack a rain overnight so just make sure when you camp up for the night just talk about putting a roof or something like that out of the road I never leave them inside a closed bore he’s got to wake up very more next morning a very very wet car so that pretty much covers that and that’s how easy it is to set in the way up and to pack it up it’s just the same way but in Reverse well I hope that little tip helps you out and fair chance I’ll see you in the bush someday with a simple set up show me out yawning guys good on you guys we’ll catch a later on.

Final Words:

You should plan to do this cleaning process before camping. To apply protective coatings once a year makes the awning more shine to look.

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