Best Baofeng Radio Buying Guide for 2021

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Would you like to enjoy conversation with other people through walkie-talkie?

Would you like to have a mystery discussion with your family or companions?

It is safe to say that you are in the police and need the best transmitting radio for yourself?

On the off chance that these inquiries are disturbing you, at that point, the time has come to purchase a Baofeng radio. A Baofeng radio is a standout amongst other transmitting radios to date for different individuals. Be that as it may, you may have never observed any advertisement in regards to it on TV or web-based life. This is because the Baofeng radio is primarily utilized by individuals for proficient purposes and can’t be offered to each person. Be that as it may, if you want to utilize one of these radios, you need to win a permit.

If you have a permit and want to buy one, at that point you should get your eyes lifted towards this astonishing post. We have arranged an ideal purchasing guide which will help you in considering the best Baofeng radio ever.

Shortlist of 10 Best Baofeng Radio for 2021

Buying Guide for the Baofeng Radio in 2021

Before buying the item, it is compulsory to experience the purchasing guide that will let you find the things which are obligatory to be considered before buying.

Listed beneath are the vital things which are an absolute necessity in a Baofeng radio.

Good Quality Speaker

Have you ever spend a solitary penny on the radio that doesn’t have a decent quality speaker? Indeed, even while buying cell phones, you check the speaker’s quality, so why not check it in your Baofeng radio? A Baofeng radio which doesn’t have a decent speaker would be of no utilization as you could never comprehend your accomplice’s message.

In this way, on the off chance that you would prefer not to miss any significant discussion with your accomplice or gathering, you ought to go for the one with a superior speaker quality.


Each buys relies on the expense. If you are getting Baofeng radios at a minimal value, you will buy it. Be that as it may, if it is accessible at significant expenses, at that point you would reconsider or threefold before affirming your choice of its buy.

However, Baofeng radios aren’t as costly as you would have believed them to be. You can without much of a stretch buy these radios beginning from the value scope of $21 and may reach out up to $65 or more. This shows they fit in your spending plan consummately.


Power plays an important role in the Baofeng radios. It determines the output, performance, and battery life of the radio. So, if you want your radio to work for years, then always prefer going for the one with high power. The expected minimum power in a Baofeng radio is 3 to 5 watts. However, it would be better if you choose the radio with a power of 7 to 8 watts.

All you have to remember is that high power makes the radio work efficiently. So choose wisely!

Frequency Range

Baofeng radios come in different frequency ranges. They are usually found in VHF, FM, and UHF frequencies. The radios with these frequencies are available in different ranges. So you have to be considerate while going through these frequencies. You must select a beneficial frequency on your radio.


You might have seen the word ‘wattage’ on your laptops and mobile phones. Then you might be aware of the features it represents. But do you know that the wattage works differently in a Baofeng radio? Yes, a high wattage in Baofeng radio represents a power signal and a long range of communication.

When two individuals from faraway places are communicating via Baofeng radio, they require strong signal connectivity and a powerful range. These two conditions force the customer to go for the radio of higher wattage.

Led Flashlight

Baofeng radios are presently accessible with LED flashlights which encourages the client to utilize it as a light while they are at dim spots. LED flashlights are exceptionally gainful when you are meandering around the evening time. They help you in surfing around when you have no torch with you. In this way, we would prescribe you to buy the radio with an LED flashlight.

However, each model of Baofeng radio doesn’t have this element. So, you must be exact while buying it.

High Battery Power

Mainly users demand a high battery power in the Baofeng radio. There are important conversations that need to be shared with the partner in the last moment when the battery is about to die. So, no one would ever look for interruption at this time. Hence, the manufacturers have produced the radios with high battery life, so that they can be used even at the last moment.


Baofeng radios come in various sizes. Be that as it may, the little size radios are normally favored by the clients as they can fit anyplace you need. You can even place those radios in your pocket while going around.


As you need to take your radios to better places, so would you like it to be heavy? No?

Baofeng radio is lightweight, i.e., they can be conveyed to wherever place you feel like.

Metallic Hard Shell

Just like the phone, your radio may fall from your hand. What if it breaks? Will you be paying the amount again to purchase it? No! It’s not easy to spend the amount regularly on just one item. Hence, some Baofeng radios come with a metallic hard shell. This shell on the surface of the radio protects it from cracking or breaking even though it falls from a height.

Squelch and Tones

Squelch is an important feature in a radio. Squelch helps in minimizing the noises or glitches from the background. This allows the listener to listen to the message without any hurdle.

Thus, before you purchase the radio, you must check its squelch feature.


Imagine that while communicating your radio suddenly stops. Will it be frustrating? Obviously Yes! So, it is true that you should go for durable Baofeng radios. At least, they will stay with you even though you are miles away.


Baofeng radios work on antennas. The maximum and minimum area they can cover is entirely dependent upon their antennas. So, if you are looking for a Baofeng radio to cover larger distances, then you require a good antenna. However, some types of Baofeng radios come with a rubber-duck antenna. The rubber-duck antenna helps to maintain effective and hassle-free communication between two individuals.

Power of the Speaker

In Baofeng radios, the speaker’s power plays an important role. If the power of the speaker is not up to the expectation, maintaining a distant communication will not be possible. So, while purchasing the radio, you must look wisely through your environment and then decide the power. The minimum power that you must have on your radio is 700mW.

FAQs on Baofeng Radio in 2021

Is Baofeng a good brand?

Baofeng is a Chinese brand and offers a suitable quality radio to its customers. As compared to the Japanese radio brands, Baofeng has won the heart of its users in terms of durability and cost.

Why do Baofeng radios cost less?

You might have never heard about the Baofeng radios costing thousand dollars. This is because the radios are used by specific people for limited purposes and it isn’t an item of luxury. Thus, the users can themselves surf through the internet if they require one. This allows the companies to save their amount being spent on advertisements. Further, they work better on limited technologies. Thus, the company doesn’t need to spend a lump sum amount on better technologies.

Is it true that Baofeng radios are legal?

Yes, Baofeng radios are legal, but in the United States of America, it was banned in the year 2019. However, in other countries, you can easily purchase the Baofeng radio but cannot use it for transmission. If you desire to use it, you need a license. If you are caught using the Baofeng radio without a license, you may be forced to pay heavy penalties for it.

How can I get a license to use Baofeng radio?

If you want to earn a license to use a Baofeng radio, you have to get yourself a license study guide. The licensing guide will make you aware of the requirements necessary for gaining a license. Further, it will let you know about the study concepts and provide you an opportunity to go for mock tests. However, it will not provide you the exact questions, but quite similar ones. While you go for the mock tests regularly, you can score approximately 90 percent or above. And once you gain 90 percent in these tests, you are likely to take part in the original test and pass it with an amazing percentage.

How to Use Baofeng UV-5R Buttons and More?

Video Transcript:

Hey this is Raven with talent survival today we’re gonna do a quick Q&A session and go over the button layout for the Baofeng you v5r.

Will also talk a little bit about squelch settings for peter functions tones memory vfo and transmitted dual receive stay tuned and we’ll get started we’ve got the Baofeng UV 5r and we’re gonna go through the button layouts so start actually we should probably start with it off so we’ll start with it off so your volume and your power on/off is the same button up here it’s a rotary knob so you turn that it’s going to crank it on left is gonna be quieter right it’s gonna be louder that’s gonna be your only knob at the top antenna here you’re on the side you’ve got your orange button there’s the call button yeah that’s a programmable button right now on this code plug we’ve got it set for FM radio so you can listen to FM right almost there.

So you press it once when it’s when it’s set to this setting when you press it once it’s gonna take you to FM and you press it again it’s gonna take you back okay to your channels now if you’re listening to FM radio and someone talks on the channels that you’re monitoring it will click back over automatically from FM radio to hear your traffic on the channel it doesn’t stay there it’ll stay there for a couple of seconds it’s a good question.

It’ll stay there for a couple of seconds and then it’ll go back to FM radio now if you talk then it will stay there okay but once you’re done with that.

Conversation after a cup– that after that time delay either during your conversation or after your conversation it’ll switch back to FM okay alright so that cover is this one so your next one below is the most important that’s your PTT push the top okay and so push the whole push and hold it while you’re talking let go and you’re done just like pretty much any standard walkie-talkie the one below it is the monitor button and so if you push this in it’s going to give you your light push it in again it’s going to give you your light flash and then push it again it’ll turn it off do you push and hold it.

It gives you it basically turns off your squelch okay that’s without any lights or anything you just gotta hold it correct there’s pression hold it in and it’ll stay at that boil until you release the button.

Correct okay so it’s a momentary so you push and hold it it’ll stay and we let go it’ll stop okay.

So that would be if obviously the thing is squelching meaning it’s kind of got a threshold and it’s you’re not gonna have that static all the time but if you had a like a weak signal or something and you wanted to get it below the squilsh stand that’s what that button does exactly okay so like if you remember on the old FRS radios or something if you’re out skiing and you hear someone it they talking like so you can push and hold that and a lot of the the FRS ones have a monitor too but you could push and hold that button as your monitor and it opens up the squelch you can hear that audio is there any way for that to be permanently without having to hold the button down.

When I mode you know to get rid of the squirrel just to do like a monitor like you have the monitor on continuously I don’t believe so let me look at the settings real quick I do not see it so no what you can do and actually will hop in we’re not gonna go through all the menu items but i’ll show you this one so if you go to menu this can take you through your menu items and actually we’re already there when the most important ones is menu item 0 which is squelch you can see 0 up here the corner so here I can go menu no watch this arrow on the left here so if I click menu let me get back all the way out so we’ll go back into it if I go to menu see how there’s an arrow up at the top yep so that means I’m toggling through my menu items but if I hit menu again on that item.

That allows me to edit the number exactly so I’m gonna go in that and so I’m gonna go down to 0 see what happens so we’re at 0 so if I leave menu there we just did it.

Right okay so there is a way to do it so you ever want to do that was quite yeah you probably wouldn’t want to do that what you may want to do what’s probably more more prevalent as you go back into your menu change your settings and leave it it may be one or two or lower it so one would be your lowest without static so this would change this would.

Basically change that that sensitivity so if you want do more distant stations more static then you would go okay let me stop that so we can hear better yeah so we would leave it so we could bring it down to here more distant stations or higher to just hear things more more local okay so we’ll put it back at a more typical setting about four is about right uh you see what works for your area it kind of depends on what’s called the noise floor so just see what works if you’re if you’re on four and you start hearing it break squelch a whole lot then you may want to turn it up but then if you’re out in rural areas where there’s not a bunch of folks around you’re not hearing static you came in turn you can turn it down and then you’ll hear more traffic further away okay so that covers the monitor but covers the ones on the side so let’s do the ones on the front so vfo em are this tall short simple answer is here you can drive short simple answer is that actually make it focus there we go so you can make it we go so you can make it that that’s how you toggle between your memory and your your it’s called your vfo mode your VF o stands I believe it’s a variable frequency oscillator but basically what that means is that’s where you can tune with the keypad so like I’m in memory now so if I hit V fomr now I see my frequencies exactly with the arrows not with not with this style but with the arrows and the buttons down here so say for example I want to go listen to the weather.

I can pick noun 1.

It’s our local one one six two four zero zero and so we’re in size you may have issues but see over here I know you can hear it I say so you can so if you’re testing a frequency or you know the frequency and it’s not again exactly so so that’s that’s this is so your memory you have your memory telling you right you hit it again it takes you to your vfo which is your your tuning you can come in here in tune you can also and this is getting a little advanced but you can also come in here and allow access to repeaters as well so say someone says hey here’s here’s this repeater frequency it’s on one four six six four zero and the tones 103 five well I can go in here and program that with the keypad so I could go one four six six four two zero and notice I’m programming the top at the bottom if I wanted to the top I go a B a B so toggle so one four six six four zero so and then I can go through my menu items here and set my tone that’s what these menu items are so so for the repeater I would do a transmit tone so say if it was like we said 103 five I would do menu and I would change it 103 five but then I also have to set and actually it’s already set here for me see the negative so that tells me there’s a negative offset so when I transmit it’s doing what it’s supposed to it’s doing the negative offset which is standard for that repeater frequency and then it’s doing the tone it’s over here in the corner so when I transmit if you look close right here can you see it if I transmit see how it shows CT CT stands for is short for CT CSS so if my tone is on when I’m transmitting I’m.

See CT CT when I transmitted if my tone is off and I if might if I’m not.

Transmitting I’m gonna have that if my tone set for receive as well then I would see CT over here on my receive side so so tones are used to alleviate hearing unwanted signals okay so for example if I’m running a repeat I’m if I’m talking on repeaters on ham radio the repeater is going to listen to a tone to accept my transmission if my radio doesn’t transmit the tone it’s not gonna let me in and so it does that so that if there’s interference.

It doesn’t inadvertently trigger the repeater okay make sense now from a simplex standpoint radio to radio you set a tone on the transmit and the receive and you do that so that on the receive side if I’m going radio to radio I have to transmit one for this one to other radio to hear it and vice versa he has to transmit one for me to hear to break my receive time so like if your if you recall FRS radios how they have the privacy tones right that’s a CT CSS tone yeah cuz they’re typically what 14 channels or something like that or and then exactly but they seem like they’re 80 channels or something because they within each one of those channels there’s a five or six or twelve tones or whatever yes I do what they call a privacy to privacy times yeah so you can yeah you can make it a user’s word code exactly privacy codes exactly so that’s that’s what the tones do so basically when you mess with the privacy to code on an FRS radio that’s the same as on here if I were to go to menu and program both a transmit and receive tone and receive exactly I think that it like some people you go with channel 3 and then they use code 14 and so exam 3 1 4 is PI that’s an E.

Yeah sure so they they so on there they simplify it and they just give you a you know you use this privacy code where and you know and the more technical radio world a ham world you’ve got I lost it there we go it’s it’s actually a.

Transmit and receive CT CSS John.

So you’d set it here and you set it here okay but I’m getting off to the wheel a little bit so so that gives you your vfo that gives you your a B we’ll go ahead and go back to memory your color here both you can change your color on your screen in the programming really get into that you this color or your here Reds transmitted if you’re receiving green as received if you probably recall that from we opened up the squelch I shouldn’t do it real quick yeah yeah so greens receive okay so a be toggle band band is going to be if we’re in here I can check if I’m in my vfo mode I can change between my UHF or my VHF band okay so not a really it’s okay to have but not a huge need for it because I can just go direct dial it down.

We’re from band from me and so there’s two ways to do it when did you hit band and it takes you back to so say you went to from from VDU and you want to get back you can hit band or you can just if you remember your frequency you can just type it in okay I believe we’re at one four six six to zero and you can just type it in so either one you can use the dial or you can use band okay gonna be affected if you’re in this be correct foe correct it’s only gonna mess cuz everyone so you only gonna be dealing with the memory channels anyway exactly it’s locked for that specific memory so menu menu we already talked about you hit menu takes you through your arrow on the left tells you if you’re in your menu scroll or if you’re in your change your settings area okay and then exit will get you out of menu up-and-down is gonna allow you to change your frequency if you’re in vfo you’re going to change with your frequency step so this one set for 2.5 right now if I’m in and so you can see that can get a little tedious if you’re going a long way so your direct dial is handy or you can do what we were saying oh if I am in memory mode it’s going to change between my memory my memory channels exactly okay so a B and your memory so let’s talk a B and memory for a minute okay so there’s two things on this trader they’re important to know when you’re in memory Road a B is gonna shift you between these but the radio by default and there’s no way to change this it’s always gonna leave the arrow which is the primary practiced think of it as the primary memory that you’re listening to top and bottom it’s the arrow moves so if I already hear on traffic on merge one right now that air is gonna go from MERS five the MERS one exactly and so it’s always gonna do that and there’s no way to turn that off okay so what that is is that’s called and that will happen if you’re if you’re using transmitted dual receive and that’s a feature within this radio so in this one right now we’ve got it turned off and for all novices I recommend leave it off because well that’s really at the point I think this would be a good one for teri teri.

Too because she’s thinking about buying these radios that she’s gonna operate it like I do as mostly as a you know a an amateur you were just going to use these things I mean it’s a nice radio but we’re gonna use it like you know.

So I recommend folks leave it off because what that means is you’re only gonna hear what you’re only gonna receive the one where this arrow is so that means the arrow is not going to move on exactly now could I.

Inadvertently hit the a B and take me to the wrong channel yes but it’s a lot less likely than getting some unwanted traffic on merge one this moves over not looking at my screen and I go to talk and now I’m talking on the wrong channel so my full recommendation is to one make sure TD TD arse off transmitted or receive is off you can do that in menu and this code plug gets defaulted to off so you don’t have to worry about it.

For the second thing is you have two channels here we know we’re only listen to one but to alleviate that risk I’ve hitting the button by accident if you know what channel you’re going to be using set both of them to the same so if we’re going to use merge five I’m gonna punch in 14 and then I’m gonna go below here and punch in four screaming zero one four and so now it doesn’t matter what channel I’m on exactly so I could be on either channel and on some radios there’s a way to change it from where I just want to listen to one channel turn the other one off with this one other than dual receives are always going to see two channels on the display there’s no way around it so this is that this is the safest bet.

So set both the top and the bottom both to the same channel and then in from the novice news case you don’t have to worry about someone hitting the button yep actually it’s gonna lead us to our next thing so the the numbers are.

Self-explanatory if you look here real close some people can see it some can’t cuz it’s small text you see blue writing on the buttons so this is just your shortcut to the menu items so step would be your frequency step txp transmit power TDR as you see right here so what that means if I’m going into menu and I hit step it’s gonna take me straight to step so if you can read that and you can use it that’s handy sometimes it’s almost for me I don’t I don’t use it much I just go straight in the menu and toggle through.

A lot of folks can it’s even hard for me too so toggle you know you can go into menu and just scroll through that’s the easiest way so last thing key lock one of the most important things down here on the 0 you’re gonna see a little blue lock key so press and hold that down and when you hold that down you’re gonna see a little key lock come up here in the top right of the screen.

And that means none of my buttons are gonna worry exactly so I say none of your buttons are gonna work your side buttons will still work so there’s so there is a risk of potentially hitting your FM radio or whatever this setting is and your your monitor still works and your light still works and your PTT still works but all of your front display stuff your your front screen stuff doesn’t work it’s like there’s not it’ll just stay on but I’ve had that happen to me before it’s an LED it’s just it’s a low-power LED so it lets you just you look in your bag and go oh crap there’s a light on yeah there’s there’s not much battery drain it’s more of a it’s oh I haven’t seen it impact me much at all with regard even on the smaller batteries I haven’t seen it’ll be too much of an issue I’m sure you know it is batteries so I’m sure there is somewhat of a drain but nothing substantially impacting you like what a transmission would be exactly I want to give a big thanks to our friend Darrell for helping us through this Q&A session hopefully this information was useful for you if you like this video give us a big thumbs up go ahead and subscribe to our Channel and click that alarm bell if you’d like to be notified of future videos if you’re interested in more information on getting your ham radio license we will have an online ham radio test prep course coming out soon you can check that out and link below thanks for watching.

Do I need a permit to buy and use the Baofeng radio?

Baofeng radio is banned in some places. However, you can use it with the help of permission and license. But, if you wish to purchase this radio, you don’t require any permit from the higher authorities.

With an ordinary antenna, up to which range can the radio’s frequency travel?

It is difficult to determine the range of radio via an ordinary antenna as it completely depends upon the area and terrain where you are willing to use it. However, you can easily use it in 2 miles area.

Is it difficult to use the function keys of Baofeng radio?

A Baofeng radio comes with various function keys that may appear difficult to use. However, it is very easy to be used. All you need is some knowledge regarding the radio and the keys.

How many people can converse in a Baofeng radio at one time?

A Baofeng radio supports conference calls of individuals from long ranges. In these conference calls, approximately 10 individuals easily can take part.

Why People HATE The BaoFeng Ham Radio?

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up guys this is Hodge Massey I make quite a few videos on the bow Fang radio and other Chinese radios and I get generally two kinds of comments when I make a video about the bow things one lots of appreciation for the people who are interested in them and to a ton of hate from people who want to see these eradicated from the world why is that let’s talk about it the main one the big one and I’ll just get this right out of the way is that the bow thing because of its price attracts a lot of people who aren’t licensed and that means at least to a lot of ham radio operators that they think that they’ll just be people out there constantly talking on these valve things creating interference all over the place and understand that like these usually get used in certain groups right they get used by airsofters they can use five people that like to offer Road and they get used in the prep area Preppers are probably a little bit more responsible that’s a generalization I understand that but they’re a little bit more minded to understand how these work but at the same time there is a lot to be said that people aren’t going out and getting license if you want to know more about getting license go check out my video Hamre to crash course getting license and why it’s a really good idea and guess what because it is so.

Expensive it’s really really easy to get license easier than it’s ever been with that said if you do buy these one very important thing to remember you can receive ham on ham radio equipment all you want you can listen to broadcast you can listen people talking you can use it as a scanner you can listen to FRS you can listen to gmrs you can listen to all of that the trouble comes when you transmit with this radio and you’re not licensed okay now the second caveat as well to my previous statement this radio can transmit on FRS gmrs to meter and 70 centimeter frequencies the two meter and 70 centimeter frequencies are finding transmit on if you have a ham radio license however this radio was not designed to broadcast if not broadcast transmitted on FRS or gmrs radio even with a ham radio license it’s.

Technically illegal and the reason is quite simple.

This radio puts out way much more power in one of these radios this is a unit in FRS gmrs radio GMR 1630.

Five – to the desk is a distinction that it runs on triple-a batteries this is the radio I recommend if you’re.

Interested in FRS or T mris I’m going to be featuring this in my M comm part to you video hope you guys check that out another thing that really gets people tackles up when it comes to the valve thing is their build quality and why are they so cheap well they’re so cheap because they come out of China it’s cheap to make things in China materials cheap everything about this radio feels kind of cheap in comparison to my ft60 are made by yay – alright yeah that’s right the bow fan really just doesn’t hold a candle this is heavy it big thick it’s chunky it’s reliable very reliable I’ve dropped this thing many times it continues to function beautifully this is the first ham radio I ever bought and it’s going strong over 10 years later right great these are cheap though right well this thing’s like a hundred percent cheaper though than this right Oh actually order-of-magnitude this is twenty dollars.

This was $150 right that’s a pretty big cost difference so people get upset because they think people are getting discouraged that the the quality people like to bring up the cheapness in that it adds noise and it adds technical problems when you use his radio the receive quality’s port has what’s called a poor front end the front end is the receive capability of the radio if you have a lot of radios around you it can be overloaded very very easily the front on the AC is much stronger you can receive while transmitting other radios in the same room and then DAC will work generally perfectly considered one of the best backup radios if you want to listen to the frequency that you’re transmitting on you can use the a su 2 anyway I want to get sidetracked when you talk about that another video another problem is the transmit.

Capability is not that good the mic is hidden behind this little plastic hole there’s mods you have to like open this up a bit you get much better reception or transmit capability but regardless it’s just not that great material wise but what do you make up for material wise you gain in cheapness because it’s like really cheeping and by like five of these before you have to worry about paying anything close to what I paid for the AC now something I get comments on all the time is that people claim this is not an FCC license radio the reality is that yeah is there’s an FCC logo right there what a lot of people are complaining about is that this radio can transmit on FMRS fr-s and gmrs look at mentioned but it deserves it’s a little standout call because it gets so many comments on it well this is licensed to broadcast.

Okay keep using broadcast transmitted on two meter or 70 centimeter it’s not intended to do that on FRS or GM RF the FCC didn’t put their license on it because you’re supposed to do that you’re not supposed to do that anyway keep in mind you’ll get comments from people that are like armchair elitist that you shouldn’t do that with this radio that’s why they get upset at my car in my video and make comments another thing that you get comments on all the time is this interface cattle mode people give people get so upset at the interface on this radio it’s design its layout its menu is very unintuitive the the UI the menu system the.

Documentation is horrible the.

Documentation that comes with this radio some of the worst documentation that you get on all of Radio dumb that includes other Chinese radios are all pretty bad with that said there are projects campaigns as people going out there and actually translating Chinese.

Documentation into English and other and other languages so it’s a little bit more useful if you looked it up I posted on other videos I’ll try to post that in description so if you have one of these radios you can you can figure out what’s going on and to give myself a little cross promotion I did a video one of my ham Rita crash course videos where I walk through all of the interface how to use all these buttons what the menus mean how to program it I’ve done multiple programming videos so if you’re interested in programming on this radio or in getting it configure to use um please go check out many videos I think they’re useful and and hopefully enjoyable let me know what you think and here is the final reason people get so upset about the bow thing.

You’ve got bud and elitist and you’ve got people who aren’t that educated / ignorant I mentioned people four by fours are airsofters Preppers they kind of fit in this area this is not to denigrate anybody in those groups but there’s portions of you that go out and buy the valve hang radios and they never really learn how to use them they just leave them in the standard configuration using the channels that are.

Pre-configured and then that’s all they do and sadly that leads to interference problems it leads to spurious.

Transmissions that people don’t really want to do in some cases people use my video and they program their radios and then they go out and spiritually create interference which is not why I made those.

Videos my videos are to educate people and to get people to get to the next level of interest if they have such an interest to do so and if you don’t have an interest to take it to the next level at least you have the knowledge to program it but then hopefully you’re not using that to hurt other people or harass them or interfere or do anything like that because obviously that was not the intention of my video with that said the Fudd’s and the elitist guys we are in a hobby that is kind of on the down klein ham radio is kind of on the down klein and things like arduino x’ and software-defined radios and stuff have like helped to increase so de satellite stuff like that have helped to increase interest.

We’re largely seeing certain areas of ham radio just kind of like Peter and died out and so for the people usually older men that have issues with the baofeng um you guys are probably ok with writing out the hobby for the rest of your years and the capacity that you enjoy it and then leaving this earth and going on to doing whatever but there are going to be people left and if you shit all over the bow bang and the cheap Chinese radios then you’re just hurting the hobby for future generations understand that the bow thing has brought a ton of people to the radio hobby they’re inexpensive that means the barrier entry is very low and then once you get them interested in something they go up and learn more about it and that’s that oh that’s the only way we’re going to bring more people into it we’re not going to bring more people into it by cloistered ourselves off and creating this little secret Club thing that kind of used to exist used to have to have CW Morse code knowledge we since gone away from that we’ve got this more open welcoming environment and I think that’s a good thing and I think that the numbers show that more people are getting into the hobby because of the bow thing not its detriment so that’s just my take on why people don’t like the bow things I love them particularly this one this is one my favorite the uv3 are click the most portable awesome radio ever so simple to use it’s featured prominently in my emergency radio communications part one this is the radio not this one the same model that my wife has in her car with her little radio kit to get help if she should need it hopefully from me but yeah I like them all they make really good radios they’re very cheap very inexpensive which means you can throw them in a bag you can use and abuse and largely they keep they keep tickin they really do I know that we slam em for build quality I do myself but again everything that you you gain in the price you lose in the rigidity.

Structural robustness whatever but it is highly functional it’s highly functional good two-way radio and it’s completely usable completely enjoyable so if you have any interest in this please go look at the videos that I linked in the tags look in the description I’d love for you to get more engaged in the hobby and understand this isn’t some great undertaking it’s not a secret society it’s not a club it’s nothing you have to join it’s literally a test it’s like a couple questions you can learn all you need to know off of your phone there’s books if you want those books made by a great guy named Gordon West called Gordo he lives in Southern California met many times these considers like every ham radios first Elmer and Elmer is a term for like an educator a big brother somebody who’s like a teacher posting links to that as well in the description there’s no better time than now to learn ham radio and particularly going forward with the emergency communication video my next one which I’m already I’m working on it I’m videoing I’ve got my layout it’s awesome very excited about that.

If you have any interests that want to follow along at home you should go and get one of these even if you’re not going to get your license go buy one don’t transmit please just listen and learn to program it do the right thing learn to program for your emergency services police fire Public Works very important and and some of the local repeaters close to you in case you were ever an emergency situation and you need on-the-fly information or worse call for help if you don’t have cell phone service and landlines are down they’re great they’re so helpful anyway guys tell me what you think in the comments the question for this video is tell me about the bow things what you like about them what you don’t like about them and again bow thing is just a single term for all the cheap Chinese radios motion that’s really TYT some of the others anyway love to hear your comments below please post them you haven’t already please subscribe give me a thumbs up if you like this and I’ll talk to you later so yeah.

Can I change the power settings of the Baofeng radio?

Truly, you can change the power settings of the Baofeng radio, however just in certain models. Since there are just a few models that offer the element of an alterable power setting.

The Baofeng radios are available in large sizes or small sizes?

There are different types of Baofeng radios available in the market. It can be large and small in size also. However, it depends upon you the size you would consider for yourself. Many customers opt small size radios as they are compatible and can be easily carried to different places.

How To Connect A Baofeng Radio To A Normal Walkie Talkie?

Video Transcript:

Maybe tell you okay hey guys what’s going on welcome to drone when Bigler today we’re gonna be looking at a new radio that came to mail not that snow not this it is a more advanced radio it’s the bow thing you v5r a now just to start off this is not an endorsement for the project product this is not an ad in any way but let’s go ahead and unscrew the dummy antenna this thing it’s not that good so instead the dummy antenna I use my Nagoya and a 771 now you may be thinking wow that’s a big antenna and it is it it’s really a big antenna but you know oh it is a huge antenna.

It just works better than the this by the way it’s I’m screwable let’s just see what it comes with first now this walkie-talkie rate walkie talkie is meant for emergency use or like cops use it a fire department hospital but it just it came with an earpiece it came with the charging base and more here wait just a sec I’m gonna go shut the door.

Okay so it came with the charging base and the plug for it and this earpiece which I it’s kind of cheap but I still use it but I can’t transmit yet because I’m trying I’m gonna get a license I’m going to get a license I don’t know what age you have to be but I’m going to look that up and I’m hopefully going to get a license so I can transmit because you do need a license to transmit on this walkie-talkie you don’t need one for this but you do for this now it has keypad it has a keypad it has FM radio has an emergency button I have a band key has monitor it has PTT has a dial has a it has VM frequency mode and channel mode has a B band key exit menu and up and down arrows and it has a lot more features that are built into it like a flashlight but let’s just show you how to connect this radio to the other two this because this one actually uses number this one uses a blob of numbers and this one uses one number so I printed out a sheet here and link in the description to this website because I got all the information on how to connect this to this i’ll put a link in the description but let’s go ahead and turn on and it has a voice that talks to you listen to this frequency mode it just said frequency mode and let’s turn this one on it has a rumble pack inside of it listen.

Okay so we’re on channel 1 right now let’s look at gt-r channel 1 let’s enter the blob of numbers channel 1 is 4 6 2 5 6 2 now it’s actually 5 6 2 5 but this can’t carry that much number so it has a little 5 on the end just to show that there was one more number but I can’t fit it so now we’re connected but you make sure that you’re on a when you do this and listen this is radio test notice that when you speak it does turn blue and deed hello hello Radio test Radio test and this light right here turns green hello now the keypad does light up just here right here and then it will turn off in a couple seconds huh does it turn it off oh there we go it’s off oh it was off the whole time I didn’t even notice this has a flashlight oh and this has a flashlight oh oh umm this one also flashes like crazy so now let’s let’s try and connect it to channel 7 hold will change this one to channel 7 first okay.

We’re on Channel seven and then we’ll put in the blob of numbers and we’ll be connected for six to six hours low seven one two.

And then it has the 5 on the end see there’s a little tiny 5 on the end of 7 1 2 it looks like a little dot in the screen but promise you okay now try and see if this works.

Hello Radio check radio check Radio check.

Indeed it works now we are using the shared with a gmrs.

Kind this one and now let’s connect this to the weather because this one you just hold down the plus button but this one you do have to enter the string of numbers to connect to the weather so let’s connect it 1 6 2 5 5 0 and this is my local one so you will have a different one yeah we’re in the basement so it’s not transmitting right now Diane – right six – yeah.

It’s working it’s definitely working yeah that’s working sorry I’m in the basement right now so we’re getting poor signal but this antenna does do good because you know the the I don’t know where the whether the the building where they actually broadcast the weather is so let’s just show you that this does listen into music fm.

By the way oh yeah I forgot.

Guys have you put on the FM if you put on the FM radio and then someone transmits on the other end not on FM then it will go back it will turn off the FM radio and then you can listen on until what they’re saying so we should probably and as you see here I’m just using the up and down Keys to kind of get away from that way their channel so here.

This is 95.7.

Now one other weird thing about this is you have to put 90 95.7 hundred because it takes three digits on the last blob of numbers so since there are no numbers on the lot on the last two digits you just put 0 because there are no numbers and then just click to get out of it and then if you hold it down it’ll actually make an emergency call I’m not going to do that because that’s illegal without a license as I said earlier I was going to say oh yeah you can lock it by holding down the hashtag key it’s on lock so I can’t do anything I can still transmit and go to the radio and turn on the flashlight and everything I just can’t change channels and yeah you can still turn off the radio by the way and then one more thing just to scan just hold down this little key thing help like if you just hold down this key right here the one below exit and then it should say scanning begin yeah it’ll be good and then you find a channel and it’ll stop if a channel is someone is transmitting on a channel yeah that’s it for today guys.

This thing was $26 and I’m not kidding the real police officers real fire departments and real hospitals use this radio to to communicate with each other so if you’re interested in buying one link in the description down below and we’ll see you in the next video but for now guys it’s a bye.

Thanks for watching. No need to tell you.

Are Baofeng radios available in power saving mode?

There are various situations where the Baofeng radio might not be in use. At such an instance, there is a need of saving their battery as they can be used at any moment in an emergency. Thus, these radios are available in power saving mode which can help you to use the battery in emergency mode.

Is the Baofeng UV-5R Ham Radio Banned?

Video Transcript:

Whether you’re a Navy SEAL tactical operator planning your next mission you’re just trying to make sure your family is prepared for an emergency communications are something you always want to think about because if you want to get in touch with somebody you need to be able get in touch with them and one of the ways that the preparedness community has addressed that issue in for quite a while now it’s been through the use of these little handheld radios this is the Bell Fung uv5 are one probably the most popular radio in the preparedness community because it is very very expensive under 30 bucks and allows you to transmit and receive on multiple frequencies there’s been a lot of chatter and drama and rumors on the internet lately that these are about to be banned and outlawed so in this video we’re going to cut through the chatter and cut right to the chase tell you exactly what’s going on with these radios and why if you’ve ever thought about getting some of these right now might be the time to do it that’s what’s coming up next here on survival on purpose.

Welcome back to survival on purpose your home for information and gear reviews related to camping survival and general preparedness for regular folks my name’s Brian thanks for joining me this video is sponsored by my friends at clique belt The Clique belt I’m wearing today here’s my two-ply tactical duty belt and I’ve been wearing this for a couple of years as you can see it’s still it’s very nice and supports my Glock 19 very well.

Flick belts are available in a wide range of colors and styles including custom options all sewn right here in the USA.

Featuring genuine Austrian Cobra buckles and a full lifetime warranty so I encourage you to check out our friends at clique belt there’ll be a link in the description below.

Tell them Brian said hello so the infamous ubiquitous the bale Fang UV 5r radio as I said this is a very very popular radio the price of this thing is under 30 bucks allows you to transmit on multiple amateur radio bands FMRS gmrs and if you don’t know what those are those are like standard walkie-talkie bands Family Radio one of those blister pack walkie-talkies they’re gonna transmit on a one of those public bands or non licensed bands is what they call this also allows you to transmit on licensed bands which is like for ham radio as they would say by the way by the time you’re watching this I I will be a licensed amateur radio operator hopefully I passed a test and so I’ll be taking that test tomorrow after I film this so first you to learning more about that hearing more about that just let me know in the comments maybe I’ll make a video detailing that process because since you had to have a license to transmit on some of these frequencies and I didn’t want to be making videos about this radio in the future and and breaking the law so to speak or at least at least putting it out there for the world but see if it I’m breaking the law which would be pretty stupid I decided I’d go ahead and see what it takes to get licensed and as it turns out it’s not that big a deal so anyway I digress we’re talking about this radio and the reason I’m decided to make this video is because I bought six of these things about a six pack and the reason I bought a six pack is because now I’ve seen all this stuff on the internet about these radios about to be illegal in September this year and you know.

They’re gonna they’re not gonna be able to sell them you’re not gonna be oh this they’re gonna be banned it’s gonna be illegal to use them illegal to buy them all the stuff so I sided do a little research thought maybe I could I could provide a little clarity for you if you’ve been seeing all that stuff confused about what’s going on and maybe thinking about buying one of these radios now this is not going to be a how-to video on this radio maybe if you’re interested in that let me know I’ll make another one.

Once I’m licensed I’ll be able to transmit on it and be able to do a little better but but this is gonna be just talking about kind of why I think this is a cool radio and mostly.

Explaining the situation with the FCC so first of all let me just read you to cut to the chase right off the bat instead of opinions in innuendo and rumors let me read you exactly what it says in the an F sufficiency c– communication is and I’ll put the link in the video description below if you want to check it out for yourself but this is from a government document which is actually from almost two years ago but here’s what it says I quote sales of FRS combination radios prohibited effective September the 30th 2019 no person shall sell or offer for sale handheld portable radio equipment capable of operating under this sub part which is the FRS family radio system and under any other licensed or licensed by rule radio services in this chapter devices may be authorized under this subpart with part 15 unlicensed equipment authorized I don’t know what that means but what it basically what that means is because this radio is able to transmit and operate on both the FRS family radio system which is an unlicensed radio system you don’t have a license to use it you can go to Walmart buy yourself a walkie-talkie and transmit to your little hearts content but because it’s able to transmit on those channels and licensed only channels if you know ham radio for lack of a better term then that means it is not legal as of.

September 30th which is about three weeks three and a half weeks from now which means that there’s one of two things is going to happen either they’re gonna quit importing these and they’re not gonna be able to import them or sell them or they have to change the.

Programming in them and block out those channels I don’t know which they’ll do but either way that means you won’t be able to have all those both those things in one device which is another incidence of government stupid.

In my opinion because you could have it a device which only operates under licensed channels and you could have an FRS device that you don’t need a license forward and you can have them right here together in the same you could probably fit them both in one hand you just can’t have all that on one device so one person could have them and still be this it’s just that is my government logic is an oxymoron but anyway I digress again so that is the way it was going to work as of September to the 30th 2019 the way I read that is these are not going to be legal for sale anymore and so right now on Amazon you can still get these I ordered these about two weeks ago on Amazon a six pack of these was 200 bucks and and the reason.

I did that is because there’s six people in my family so I thought you know we can put one of these in every vehicle and by the way you do not have to have a license to use this if it is an emergency where life life is in danger so put on these each vehicle and if there’s some sort of emergency and you know what that doesn’t mean the grid has to go down that could just mean you had a wreck and you’re in your cell phone’s not working so I flown out the car whatever and you need some help then you could use this legally and it’d be okay so you know a lot of people are always looking at doomsday situations but I’m just saying for for everyday things sometimes cell phones break and you might need.

You might need a an emergency contact and I know everybody’s got phones now but you know stuff happens right so this would work now real quick let me tell you what my plan is to use these for my family because let’s be honest about this first of all these things don’t pick up that great especially with this little antenna on them they just don’t the only I can only pick up like let me show you listen to this so that’s a weather channel I got that and then I was able to pick up let’s see one more channel that’s no the Weather Channel and then this channel I think is is a local fire department occasionally I can pick up something on there but other than that I’m really not picking up anything it’s just it’s a five watt radio which is pretty low wattage so it’s a short little antenna so which is why I by the way I bought the 6-pack for 200.

Bucks you can get these for like 30 bucks apiece so you sick someone really be 180 bucks but for the $200 package deal which I put a link to that below you get a longer twice as long antennae which is definitely this is the number one thing they say you can do to pick up the to help these things work better you also get sick an extra battery with each radio so you get six sets of this an extra battery an extra long antenna you get a headphone or your phone and an external microphone and you get a car charger and a house charger it’s just a cradle this thing six inch and the battery will charge separately in the cradle also but it’s also get and this is what’s really I think very useful you get this a genuine Bell Fang programming cable and real quickly just again this is not gonna be a how-to but I just want to show you when you open this thing up on the side it’s got a microphone and a headphone jack and this cable allows you to plug in here and plug this into your your computer download some free.

Software and program this thing without having to punch all these buttons off front and it also allows you to to programs you know to use some preset channels that are in that software so you don’t to try to figure everything out on your own which was really helpful to me so I was able to get all six radios programmed to exactly the same frequencies in about 30 minutes once I once I kind of got everything downloaded and figured out so that’s pretty cool so anyway I was going to tell you how I was planning on using these for family emergencies so if we got six radios we put in a separate channel that we can transmit on for all six of them in the same channel so we know can we go to channel one that’s our mercy Channel if we’re if we’re listen then we can we can click it in there it’ll it’ll transmit on that channel while I’ll be able to hear it I did try that out for just a real short second so don’t tell the FCC but just to make sure that it actually worked and you can hear what chest I just hit test from one radio to the other so that did work so I’m depending upon the range it’s not gonna have a lot of range but you know it could give you an opportunity to contact your family or your loved ones in case of emergency when maybe your cell phones down or something else so anyway.

A lot of other uses the main thing I want to make on this video is the fact that I decided to really do some.

Research myself instead of listening to all the drama on the internet.

And what I found what you just heard was yeah as of September 30th according to the FCC it’s going to be illegal to sell or offer for sale which means you can’t even advertise or any radio which allows you to transmit on both the FRS and licensed bands which are like amateur radio bands so this one does so even if they change the software of your.

Programming in these things to allow them to be to block those channels off that’s going to mean that you that you if you want if you buy anything after the September 30th then theoretically it won’t have the same capability as this and so it won’t be as useful so what’s good about this is that if you can you can you can go through the channels and just screaming for help until you find somebody if that’s what you had to do so anyway that’s it again I’ll put a link to the end down to the in the.

Description below and maybe there’ll be one right up here I don’t know like I said now’s the time and from my money the six-pack was the best deal because I have six people in my family that may not be best for you but but again the single radio is like 30 bucks so again just to be clear this is not the.

Greatest radio in the world nobody says it is but my understanding is like an actual really good radio as soon as as opposed to this one like a real good one it’s like a couple of hundred bucks at least where you know where you can get six of these for that if you’re.

Interested in seeing some some more videos about maybe how to use this radio how I did the programming or whatever please leave that in the comments below and also if you’re interested in.

Learning learning any more or hear more about the licensing process and my take on that please leave those comments also so anyway I hope this can help them as always thanks for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing if you haven’t done so you can fix that by clicking right down there be sure and click that little bell that pops up so you don’t miss a single video as a matter of fact even if you do that youtube may not notify you so what I like to invite you to do is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I’m gonna be putting a link to all the videos for that week plus any special deals or offers that I’ve come across that week and then.

Anything else I think is newsworthy and you can do that by clicking only link in the description below or just by going to survival on purpose dot-com forward slash subscribe so anyway I really appreciate your support once again my name is Brian you’re watching survival on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared I’ll see you next time.

Final Verdict

In this way, you may have altogether experienced the purchasing guide and much of the time posed inquiries about the item. Presently you should surf through various models of Baofeng radios and buy the one which suits your need. Nonetheless, you should consistently go for an adaptable model as it can satisfy numerous individuals with its recipient highlights.

The last thing you should consider before buying the best Baofeng radio is your environment. The utilization of Baofeng radio is needy upon the territory where you are happy to utilize it. On the off chance that you are from the United States, you need to leave the craving of buying this radio structure for yourself. All things considered, Baofeng radios are viewed as unlawful in the United States. Nonetheless, if you belong to different nations or states, you can buy the radio from online stages, for example, Amazon. Amazon is one of the exceptionally believed locales to date which offers the first item legitimately from the maker. It even furnishes you with different limits that are profoundly required by the clients.

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