Top Listed Wax Melts (October 2019)

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Do you always have bad odours in your home?

Or do you have a pet-loving home with odours?

One nice way to make your home smell welcoming is to have wax melts.

Wax melts are decorative candles that are burn with wax warmers to release the fragrance. There are different fragrances to choose from.

You know, one of the best ways to keep your home fresh and lovely is by using wax melts. With wax melts, your home looks inviting all the time. Visitors feel comfortable in a well-scented environment where there are no foul smells. However, finding the right wax melt fragrance can be a difficult task since there are numerous of them. We are making this review to help you choose the right wax melt to suit your style and taste. You can choose from these 10 best wax melts to keep your home smelling with a lovely aroma.

Comparison on Top 10 Wax Melts

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Shortlist of Top 10 Wax Melts

1. Shortie’s Candle Company Apples & Cinnamon Wax Melts

best wax meltsThese Apples and Cinnamon Wax Melts are similar to that of Yankee Candle Tarts and Scentsy Bars. The difference is that they are made of classic paraffin wax giving them some strong scent throw. But paraffin wax can emit harmful vapours and soot making it not too good for humans and pets but it produces stronger fragrance than the other traditional box wax melts. Their strong scent throw is as strong as the jar candles from Shorties. These wax melts have a long-lasting staying power. The staying power can last as much as 10 hours. There are 6 wax blocks in a pack capable of giving you more than three days of refreshing scent smell. Each wax blend features low melting point which makes for a faster melt with a better scent throw.


  • Easy to use – The Apples and Cinnamon wax melts are hands poured and made of natural paraffin blend for a long-lasting scent throw
  • Quality – The wax melts are produced with natural essential oils making it non-toxic
  • Stronger – The Apple and Cinnamon wax melts can be compared with that of Yankee Candle Tarts and Scentsy Bars but much stronger than these two
  • Effective – The product is very effective with penetrating scents. The wax melt works well with all oil warmers, wax melters and warmer wax
  • Phthalate-free – The Apples & Cinnamon fragrance oil used in making these wax melts are completely free from Phthalate. Phthalate is a chemical used in increasing the flexibility, durability and the longevity of plastics.

2. Yankee Candle Wax Melts Value Bundle

yankee candle wax meltsCreate a warm and inviting atmosphere with the Yankee Wax Melts. The aroma of the scents lasts long after the flame has been turned off. These wax melts are wickless and work well with all Yankee electric and non-electric wax warmers. The variety of fragrances allows you to mix up scents to have a satisfactory aroma that you will be delighted with making your house feel like a home. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of the freshness of fragrance with the wax melts. A set of 24 wax melts is real value for money. The wax melts have different fragrances such as Black Cherry, Vanilla Lime, Fresh Cut Roses, Mango Peach Salsa, Red Rasberry, Soft Blanket, Baby Powder, Lemon Lavender, Black Coconut, Sicilian Lemon, Midnight Jasmine, etc.


  • Long scent – Each max melts produce up to 8 hours of fragrance
  • Wickless – This is a wickless candle melt that you can sample by mixing different fragrances to get your desired scent
  • Compatible – The wax melts work perfectly well with all Yankee warmers whether electric or non-electric
  • Easy to use – It is easy to use and good as gifts
  • Affordable – With a set of 24 wax melts, this is very affordable and cost-effective too

3. Pet House Apple Cidar Wax Melt

soy wax meltsAllow your home to smell fresh and clean with the Apple Cidar Wax Melts from Pet House. This is specially made to eliminate pet odours from your home. It is also very useful even if you don’t have pets. The Apple Cidar is formulated with a blend of fresh Apple juice alongside Cinnamon and Clove. This combination gives you and your guest a welcoming smell that is soothing and refreshing. It contains no paraffin or dyes making it completely non-toxic and allergen-free. This is a beautiful odour neutralizer with a nice fragrance and natural essential oils. Two packs contain 6 ounces of wax melts. This will be a great gift, especially for pet lovers.


  • Highly effective – The wax melt is highly effective against pet odours. Its long-lasting effect makes your home smell good. It eliminates foul odour in no time. It is made with a powerful odour neutralizer that makes you feel comfortable and confident living in your pet-loving home.
  • Made with essential oils – The potent fragrances are blended with high-quality essential oils to bring calm and tranquillity to your home.
  • Nontoxic – It is non-toxic and allergen-free. The wax is made of 100 soy wax. There is no paraffin or dyes in the making of the wax making it completely safe for use around pets and humans.
  • Quality & last-lasting – The smell is long-lasting enough to create the freshest environment and last between 5 to 10 hours. The product is made in the USA.
  • Highly rated – The wax melt is highly rated by pet-loving home and car owners for its effectiveness at eliminating pet odours with the powerful odour neutralizer.

4. Madeline Unscented Wax Melts

glade wax meltsWith unscented wax melts, you can choose the right scent for your home. The unscented max melts are free of fragrance and colour. You can add fragrance and colour the way you deem fit. Drop the unscented max melts in a wax warmer and add some drops of essential oils to make your home smell exactly the way you want it without having an overpowering smell. The unscented wax melts help to spread the oil evenly for a consistent and longer burning. This unscented wax can be used to dilute the strong power of the other scented wax melts for more a powerful scent. It is made of 100% natural soy wax to give you comfort. The unscented wax gives your home a smooth glow but one major drawback is that it doesn’t burn brightly. It is hand-poured like other scented wax melts. It has a pack of two 6-tart melts. This is a better homes and gardens wax melts


  • Add colour or scent – The unscented wax melt allows you to choose the right scent for your home. Add scented essential oil or scented max melt to give colour and nice scent
  • Even oil-burning – Using the unscented wax make essential oil to burn evenly for a long and consistent aroma that delivers a powerful scent
  • Quality & 100% natural – It is made of 100% soy wax for an effective and long-lasting burn. It is a quality product made in the USA
  • Easy to use – The unscented wax melt is to be used with other scented wax or use with scented essential oils. It helps to dilute strong scented wax
  • Pocket-friendly – With a pack of two 6-tart melts, the price is affordable and pocket-friendly.

5. Fresh Wax Melts Air Freshener

scented wax meltsGet stronger and bolder long-lasting scent with the Fresh Wax Melts. The scent lasts long for hours making it very cost-effective. Just place it in a wax warmer to make your living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen come alive with lovely and enduring scent. It can also help to eliminate odours from pets such as cats and dogs. It gets rid of odour such as cooking odour in the kitchen. It smells fine on laundry with a lot of staying power. It is important to use the recommended warmers for this wax melts. It is compatible with an electric, light bulb or tea light warmer. No more stinking homes with this wax melts. This wax has got an outstanding throw. This is a well-scented wax melts


  • Long-lasting scent – The wax melt has a stronger and enduring scent that lasts for a longer time
  • Clean scent – It delivers a clean scent that makes your home smell cleaner and fresher
  • Easy to use – Just drop it in wax warmer and start to enjoy a breath of fresh air
  • Economical – It contains a pack of 6 wax making it economical and affordable on the average
  • Good on fabric – Your fabrics smell differently like never before with Fresh Wax Melts

6. Candlecopia Honeysuckle Jasmine French Lavender and Sweet Rose

febreze wax meltsCreate a combination of scent with the 3-in-1 wax melt that contains Honeysuckle Jasmine, French Lavender and Sweet Rose. They are made from natural soy wax. Each has a strong smell but for best result, you can mix two cubes of difference fragrance and get a personalized scent that makes your home fresh and smelling nice. The wax melts melt well and has a long-lasting throw of fragrance that lasts for hours. The scintillating smell takes care of odours caused by pets. Other fragrances can also be tried such as Egyptian Amber, Man Cave, Rain Water and Driftwood.

You may choose from Candlecopia Monkey Farts, Butt Naked & Dragon’s Blood Strongly Scented Hand Poured Vegan Wax Melts which are also available in the market.


  • Multiple packs – The product comes in multiple packs containing Honeysuckle Jasmine, French Lavender and Sweet Rose. The combination of each cube from these fragrances is cool and comfortable
  • Easy to use – The wax melts burn well and cleaner. It is easy to use since it can be washed with soap and warm water
  • Made with soy wax – It is safe to use around pets since the wax melts are made from natural soy wax
  • Cost-effective – There are 18 scented wax cubes in total. 3 packs of 6 cube each. This can serve you for many days making it cost-effective based on the average cost per cube
  • Available in many fragrances – The wax melt is available in other fragrances you can use from.

7. ScentSationals Cucumber Melon Wax Cubes

scentsy wax meltsIf you are a fan of Cucumber, this wax will delight you. This is a paraffin-based wax mixed with essential oils. The Cucumber Melon Wax scent is light and not overpowering but keeps your home clean and fresh. It is pet-friendly and affordable. Its vibrant freshness will marvel you and your guests making you feel more comfortable and relaxed at home. The smell of Cucumber with a Melon note is not common. This makes the fragrance a unique one. The smell is on the sweet side with a strong staying power that lasts hours after hours. This is an impressive wax melt with amazing performance. There are other fragrances such as Honeysuckle Nectar, Vanilla Bean, Molten Orange, Sweet Pea, Rock Candy, Zen, Warm Apple Pie, Fresh Air, Fire Amber, Cupcake, Cherry Berry, Strawberry and Cream. It comes with 6 cubes in a pack.


  • Fresh and crispy – The wax melt has a fresh and crisp scent that creates a soothing atmosphere in your home
  • Safe – The wax is safe to use around pets and humans without any health implications like migraines. It is also a safe heat source to warm your home
  • Easy to use – The wax warmer melts the wax cubes slowly releasing soothing fragrance into your room
  • Affordable – It is affordable and cost-effective than most wax melts in the market
  • Strong staying power – The Cucumber Wax Melt has a long and strong staying power providing real value for money spent

8. Febreze Wax Melts Air Freshener with Gain

bath and body works wax meltsEliminate offensive odours from your home and treat your guests with the freshness of the Febreze Wax Melts. The wax melt doesn’t just neutralize odour but also infuses your home with inviting and fresh scent for many hours. Wax cubes are super easy to use bringing lovely aromas and warmth to your bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. The wax warmer warms the wax cube to slowly release cool freshness into the air. The Gain scents with floral notes will keep your guests wondering where the flower garden is due to its strong staying power that envelopes your home in no time. It will help to lighten your mood. The awesome fragrance is pet-friendly. It is compatible with any electric, light bulb and tea light warmer. A pack contains 8 cubes.


  • Eliminates odour with ease – The wax melt removes odours from your home and releases fresh and light scent
  • Suits different purposes – It can be used in the bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, entryways and cars
  • Strong staying power – The freshness from the Gain’s scent is felt throughout your home giving you an airy aroma
  • Compatible with different wax warmer – It is compatible with recommended wax warmers such as any electric, light bulb or tea light wax warmer
  • Easy to use – Just drop the cube in a wax warmer and see the scent come alive.

9. Glade Wax Melts Refills Blooming Peony & Cherry

cheap wax meltsFill up your home with the scintillating scent of blooming peony and cherry for up to 72 hours for a pack. The scent is capable of filling the largest rooms in your home. The Grade Wax Melts fragrances are blended with high-quality essential oils for your soothing relief and comfort. Each cube of the wax melt can keep your home fresh and clean for up to 12 hours. This is not hand-poured. The product is made from pressed wax. Pressed wax prevents greasy and oily hands and it is dry to touch compared to paraffin wax. The product is well packaged making it easy to use. It is recommended that Glade Wax Melts should be used with the Glade Wax Melts Electric Warmer. The product continues to smell strong even after the wax warmer has been turned off.


  • Long-lasting scent – The scent from this wax melt is strong and can stay longer than the average max melt. The smell lingers even after the wax warmer has been turned off.
  • Quality product – The fragrances are made and blended with high-quality essential oils and available in 13 fragrances.
  • Made with pressed wax – The wax melts is not greasy or oily when touched with the hand. This is because it is produced with pressed wax
  • Ease to use – Use with Glade Electric Wax Warmer for convenient and continuous staying power
  • Safe to use – The product is safe to use even around pets. It is also safe to use at home

10. Queen Beeswax Melts

longest lasting wax meltsMake your home fresher and cleaner with Beeswax candles. The Beeswax Melts has a unique formulation that makes it stand out from the rest of wax melts. It is neither made from paraffin wax nor soy wax. It is specially formulated with pure beeswax and natural ylang ylang essential oil. One important advantage of this pure beeswax is that it produces negative ions that effectively help to clear the air we breathe of bad odours, smoke, pollens, dust, viruses and other forms of allergens. Improved mood and sense of wellbeing are what can be gained by an increased level of negative ions in the air and on the body. Beeswax truly purifies the air around you and reduces people’s sensitivity to chemicals and allergies helping to reduce frequent asthma attacks that occur due to allergies. The product works as a natural detoxification agent.


  • Good for the environment – The Beeswax Melts is healthy for the environment since it helps to cleanse the air of allergens and hazards such as pollens, dust, smoke and odours. The wax melts leave your room cleaner and fresher. It is a good product for people who are sensitive to allergies and sensitivities
  • Long-lasting deodorized air – The product last three times longer than the other products made of soy or paraffin wax.
  • Improves health – It improves one’s health by improving sleep; boost the immune system, enhances one’s sense of wellbeing and helps in relieving allergies. It can be used as a room freshener by using it as incense sticks, fumigants or vaporizers. It works well as a perfume or body deodorant since it has no side effect such as itching and irritations
  • Easy to use – This product can be used in different ways. It can be conveniently used with candle warmers, use it to make your candles or use it differently as perfume or deodorizer
  • High quality – This is a quality product made in the USA

Buying guide for Best Wax Melts

Melted wax is an affordable luxury to make our homes smell welcoming and fresh. There are numerous melted waxes out there making it difficult to make a choice. Also, buying melted wax means you must also buy wax warmer. This buying guide is made to help you make an informed choice. Here are the types of melted wax and you can choose a melted wax based on this

Paraffin wax –

This type of melted wax is made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a by-product of refined petroleum. Melted wax made of paraffin wax is wildly available and affordable too but paraffin wax is not eco-friendly. Melted wax made of paraffin wax burns slightly faster than others.

Soy wax –

Soy max is made of 100% natural wax. It is made from soy beans oil. It is more eco-friendly than paraffin wax. It is ideal for container candles. It has a lower melting temperature than paraffin.

Palm wax –

Palm wax is another 100% natural wax made from palm oils. It comes in a natural yellow colour. It is ideal for container candles. It burns slowly.

Beeswax –

This is one of the best waxes. It is 100% natural. It is the most luxurious wax for candles and melted wax. It is a by-product of the honey-making process.

Gel wax –

This is made from mineral oil and polymer resin. This is mostly used in making see-through candles.

Before you buy a wax warmer, consider the following

Size –

Go for a size that is fitting for your home but if you are considering using melted wax in a salon or somewhere else, you may need something bigger than a normal home-use wax warmer.

Energy efficiency –

The cost of electricity is rising constantly. You don’t want a wax warmer that would increase your electricity bill. Choose an energy-efficient wax warmer. Such wax warmer heat up pretty fast and retains heat for a much longer time after being turned off thereby saving energy

Heating speed –

This should be an important consideration when buying a wax warmer. The heating speed should save both time and energy.

Portability –

You want to ensure you have a portable wax warmer that is easy to carry around. Having a portable wax warmer makes it easy to move it from one place to another. You may want it in your hotel room when you travel; you may need it in your room for a nice aroma or take it along with you for a short visit to a relative.

Safety –

Safety is important above all things. Your wax warmer should have a good temperature control system so that it doesn’t burn away the wax melts easily.

Price –

This is another key consideration when buying a wax warmer. Some wax warmers are affordable while others are expensive. Look for something that suits your needs without being pricey.

FAQs for Best Wax Melts

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are scented piece of wax without a wick. They are made in different sizes, shapes and colours. Wax melts give out light scent when cold. They are made to be warmed by a wax warmer. The heating source could be an electric warmer or tea light.

How to use wax melts?

Wax melts are easy and simple to use. Take one or two cubes of wax melts and place it on a wax warmer. Turn on the wax warmer if it is an electric warmer. When the wax melts are well heated, turn off the wax warmer and remove it from the heating source.

Video guide on how to use wax melts and tarts:

Video transcript:

Hello everyone, My name is cinnamon,

With tantalizing sampler and every month we
are back my boxes are packed with tarts
or melt which are just wickless candles
that melt instead of burning every month
someone asks us a question what do you
do with them so I decided to make
another video to come explain what you
do with the tarte milk tartlet tart
cubes drops different names form we’re
just going to do the video to show you
what do you do with them this month’s
box we had 13 candle shops and 11 melts
then come in squares the fluted milk the
milk with the paper wrappers now with
these particular milks please remove the
paper before melting you have the unwise
weather on candle makers they get
creative this one has a little teddy bear on it
the little wax bird that comes in the
little pieces you have a little cubes
which is little individual ones then you
have the little cute little pumpkin
shapes and the little bags and then you
have the cup all these sets service the
same purpose and that’s to milk they
aren’t to fill with scent then there’s
the top bar the six pack of cubes you
just break it off and put it in a warmer
now before I show you these different
types of warmers please don’t judge me
all candor candle addicts have a variety
of warmers and I just might have more
than the average person that’s all don’t
let it bother you slow zoom in right
quick I can show you the different ones
this one right here is a 2-1 one candle
warmer the dish comes off and this
actually will put a candle on you see if
I got a count go around you just put a
candle on here and it actually melts the
wax on the bottom some tops to release
the aroma I don’t really use that part I
just use the dish you put your wax on the top
now this particular kind of warmer is
great if you ever are run across candle
maker and they have jumbo tarts like
these cute little giant pumpkins they’re
about 2.7 ounces they’re perfect for an
heir because all you need is one but
these you know cute little novelty
editions I’m just putting this out the
dish like this you set it on top and
within minutes you have to like for
aroma there is the ones like this this
one is very pretty this is actually a
tea light more modernized tea light
burner you simply pull this part out I
get my little tea right take a little
tea light you put it in the bottom you
light it you put the inside take a
little glass dish you put it on top put
your few tarts on top wallah tantalizing
aroma another type to like warm since
you might be more familiar with its the
ones like this we just take the tea
light put it in a dish at the bottom you
put the top on
put your wax the west come in different
styles shapes designs they all have the
same purpose to melt and to fill your
home for Roma okay so we just have
different ones in the box all same
technique shop artists typically use
different names tartlets or whatever
same thing wax that melts this is
another type of tea light warmer the
ceramic and you can tell yeah I know
that in here before if you turn around
see little hole in the back that’s
actually where you would put the tea
light and you light it it actually heats
this up and then Nelson has little holes
so shuffle of light through there
another kind to us modern women
electric I’m going to actually plug this
one in this one is actually a touch lamp
style has three levels when you touch
the base low medium and high this one’s
off a 35 watt halogen light bub just so
you can sit inside that’s a little glass
dish now these dishes like this that’s
wavy like this in my opinion they holds
like 0.5 options no problem personal
opinion tartlets like this needs to be
cut in half to sit on their little punk
is like this order little bats and
things and just a square it’s actually
the perfect size to sit and these right
here you put it turn all the way up put
the wax on top takes about ten minutes
to melt and before you know it
tantalizing aroma on the way through
your house another type of electric lamp
is the dimmer kind remember don’t judge
my mom on my Rams
same concept 35 watt halogen light but
just going to pull it down will she
break and go turn it down this has a
dimmer switch so you can actually turn
it down and up same concept glass dish
on top put your desired melt on top ten
minutes you have a Roma now I get the
higher you have this up the quicker to
wax and melt if the scent is too strong
you just simply dim it they also make
great night lights my daughter has one
in her room it’s pink
speaking of night lights there’s
different types of aroma night lights
like this is the one piece I’m ceramic
it actually has a swivel base so if you
have a sideways socket you can just turn
it so we just want to turn to come up a
little bit I’m going to put this in
if I think a maybe I should turn it
first I’ll put it in not much light
coming from this one
same concept Bowl take the tart you put
it on top it melts it releases the aroma
perfect for kitchens and Babs this type
of lamp now if you’re more fancier and
modern you might go for the glass honey
like this one
is she party she that’s a swivel though
push it closed I recommend to the
stocking has a glass dish that you’ll
just kindly put on top it has a dimmer
switch on the side turn it up turn it on
turn it all the way up pretty huh and we
turn the lights on just look like pretty
huh yeah I say so myself
now with these notice that this dish
it’s way smaller than the others let me
show you side by side because it’s a
plugin the dishes aren’t very big from
experience this holes may be zero point
three ounces of wax which is perfect for
like the little novelty candles just one
just all you need if you’re going to use
the cubes that suggest maybe three or
four that’s it in this believe it or not
the candle maker made the Tarte
correctly that’s all you need to fill up
your bathroom of your kitchen with
beautiful aroma now this is just my
example of collections of the different
types of them aroma lamps these masks
can also be used for arm oils you can
burn oils on these same concept and
follow you for all of you that wanted to
know what do you do with the milks now
you know they’re just wickless candles
that you put on either a the leprechaun
or the pine with the tea light it melts
and release the aroma I hope you enjoyed
my little video have a tantalizing.

How long do wax melts last?

How long wax melts last is all about the “fragrance throw”. Fragrance throw is about the strength of scent from the wax melts or candles. Fragrance throw is divided into two – cold and hot. The “cold throw” relates to the release of fragrance at room temperature. This is when the wax melts are not yet warmed. It is the type of fragrance one gets immediately the wax melts are opened from the pack. The “hot throw” means the exact opposite. The “hot throw” refers to the release of scents from the wax melt after being heated with the wax warmer. So, the difference is all about the staying power between the cold and hot throw. Most wax melts when warmed with a wax warmer can last between 8 to 12 hours. This also depends on the scent type and the size of the wax melt. It also depends on if the burning of wax melts is done consistently or at intervals. Other things that could affect the “fragrance throw” is the type of warmer used, the oil-to-wax ratio when the wax melts are produced and if essential oils were used or fragrance oils. All of these constitute the determining factor for “fragrance throw” in wax melts.

How to make wax melts?

Wax melts bring alluring smell to your home all the time. If cannot afford the ones sold online or in stores, you can make wax melts by yourself. Here is how to go about it.

You can select any wax whether soy wax or paraffin wax. Avoid waxes that are too soft and sticky. You can mix two waxes. We recommend IGI-4630 and IGI-4625 with 50/50 mix up. IGI-4630 is a container wax that is soft and with nice scent throw while IGI-4625 is a hard pillar wax.

Items needed to make wax melts:

  1. Wax
  2. 2 Wooden spoons as mixing utensils
  3. Electric hotplate as the heat source
  4. Tart mould for moulding wax melts into tarts or cubes
  5. Scale to measure wax
  6. Double boiler to melt the wax
  7. Fragrance oil
  8. Dye
  9. Pouring pitcher

Procedures you should follow:

  • Step 1 – Measure the wax. Use 1 pound
  • Step 2 – Melt max to 175 Fahrenheit using a boiler
  • Step 3 – Remove the wax from the boiler
  • Step 4 – Add dye and mix thoroughly. A liquid dye is recommended
  • Step 5 – Add fragrance. 1 ounce of fragrance is enough
  • Step 6 – Allow the wax to cool after adding dye and fragrance
  • Step 7 – When the wax is cool enough to the extent that you are sure it won’t melt the mould, start to pour it into the mould
  • Step 8 – Allow cooling completely to become hard
  • Step 9 – Remove melted wax from the mold
  • Step 10 – Start enjoying the wax melts.

Here’s an awesome DIY video tutorial on How to Make Wax Melts with Soy Wax Clamshells Tarts:

Video transcript:

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I’m
from Pro candle
Today I’m going to show you how to make
soy wax tarts these wax tarts are a
great addition to your candle line
especially for your friends or customers
who don’t burn candles they’re fast and
easy to make at a very low cost so let’s
go ahead and get started first off I’m
going to show you everything you’ll need
to make these you’ll need wax tart clam
shells we carry these in two sizes on
they come in small and large next you’ll
need your soy wax today we’re going to
be using 460 for soy wax
you’ll also need a fragrance oil we’re
going to be using Egyptian amber we’re
going to be using liquid candle dye
which is completely optional you’ll need
a thermometer at least one pour pitcher
a stirring utensil a kitchen scale and a
double boiler or a heat plate to melt
your wax today I’m going to be making
three different colored tarts light
purple dark purple and pink the first
step is to weigh out your wax on your
kitchen scale I’ll be using a 1/2 pound
of wax per color
then you’re going to place your
thermometer inside your picture and
place on your hot plate or your double
boiler now you need to mount your wax to
185 degrees Fahrenheit it’s important to
reach 185 degrees Fahrenheit because
this is the temperature that the
fragrance oil correctly binds with the
wax you can melt your wax on a hot plate
and stir continuously with your
thermometer in it until it reaches 185
degrees or you can do the same thing
with your pitcher inside of a double boiler
so now that you’re done melting your wax
remove it from its heat source and now
you’re ready to add your fragrance oil
you can see here I have three pictures
in front of me each has a half pound of
melted wax and 185 degrees Fahrenheit
I like to add the maximum amount of
fragrance oil to my soy tarts which is
about 9% so that they smell very strong
you can use less if you want to but
today we’re going to be using 9% so if
we want to use 9% that means you take
the number of ounces of wax that you’re
using by weight and multiply point zero
nine and this will tell you how much
fragrance oil you’ll need since we’re
using a 1/2 pound of wax which is eight
ounces by weight you take 8 ounces times
point zero nine to get zero point seven
two ounces of fragrances by weight so
I’m going to add my fragrance oil now
so now that we’ve added and thoroughly
mixed in our fragrance oil we’re going
to move on to the liquid dyes coloring
your soy wax is completely optional and
a personal preference however please
know if you do choose to color your tarts
you should always add your fragrance oil
before your diet because some fragrance
oil can slightly change the color of
your colors like I said earlier I’m
going to be making three different color
tarts light purple dark purple and pink
with all our liquid candle dyes on Pro
candle supply calm you can use the same
color to make different shades by adding
more or less of the dye I’ll demonstrate
that with the purple dye you
after you add your dye it will appear
much darker in the hot melted wax than
the actual color of the finished art so
a good trick that I want to show you is
once you think you’ve reached your
desired color trip a couple drips on a
white piece of paper this will quickly
dry so you can see a more true color if
you think it needs to be darker you can
add more dye
now I’m going to pour my tarts I’ll be
back once they’re cool you
we’re back and the tarts are cool and
they look so nice you can see the color
shade difference between the light and
the dark purple just with a different
number of drops the light purple and the
dark purple the light purple we use
three drops and the dark purple we used
eight drops also you’ll see this super
cool pink that turned out really nice as well
you can see that also the paper that we
use to test the color of the hot wax
matches pretty darn accurately to the
colors of the cool wax charts so I hope
that you try this trick because it
really works well and that’s it you can
get everything you need to make these
tarts on my website at pro candle
I’m excited to see what you guys make
you should subscribe below for more tips
and tutorials on candle and soap making
see you later alligator.


How to dispose of wax melts?

After using your wax melts and there are leftover, ensure that you don’t pour it down into the sink drain. Here is what to do if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

The first thing to do is to pour the leftover into a paper cup until it becomes solid. Then, peel away the paper. You re-melt and use that wax melts again. If you are not interested in reusing the wax melt, what you have to do to pour it into a container and wait until it comes hard. Then, you can throw away the container with the wax. You can then clean the pots and other containers. When doing that, add some extra wax melts and wipe the container with a piece of cloth. Avoid washing the container with soap or water. The best solution is to use alcohol. Alcohol works perfectly.

See the 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Remove Wax from a Tart Warmer:

Video transcript:

Hey guys! It’s Karen, I’ve been asked by a
couple of different people over the
years how do you remove the wax from
your wax tart warmer dish so I figured I
would do a little video now this is my
electric tart warmer this is what I use
I use a 24 watt hot plate most of the
time and 24 watt can get really hot so I
do have it on a dish on a ceramic dish
now this I’m going to show you three of
the most popular methods to get rid of
your wax and to change out your wax now
these will work for all types of tart
warmers these will work for electric hot
plate warmers they will work with tea
light warmers light bulb warmers um
basically every type of tart warmer
where you melt wax now here is my
centerpiece warmer from Yankee Candle
obviously you don’t have to worry about
switching out wax with your centerpiece
warmers because they always stay in
these cups and you can just switch out
your cups so that’s one thing that’s
really nice about the Yankee candle
centerpiece warmer but for any other
tart warmers you have to get rid of the
wax because unlike candles when you melt
tarts in a tart warmer the wax does
never disappears it just loses its scent
and you have to switch out the wax so I
will show you three different techniques
that I use um mainly I use one technique
the most often I’ll show you that at the
end but if you’d like to know how to
switch out your wax then just stay tuned
okay so this is the first method for
switching out your wax now this is the
tarte dish it has the hot wax in it so i
just took this right off my melter i’m
ultra was still on the wax is
completely liquefied and I just took it
right off and I’m going to pour it while
it’s hot now this is good if you are
impatient if you are in the middle of
melting something and you don’t like it
and you just want to get rid of it and
switch it out or if you burn all the
time like 24 hours this is good for that
if you have melted a tart or a scent for
a really long time you notice that the
scent is gone and you want to start with
something else right away it’s good for
that so you could pour this hot wax
directly into your garbage can but if
your melter gets really hot like my 2400
watt hot plate the wax will melt a hole
in your garbage bag so you could find
something in your garbage to kind of
pour it into but I heard this from
someone and I don’t remember who but you
can use your basic red solo cup you can
really use you can really use any type
of cup but these are really cheap I mean
it could just be any plastic cup but
that’s that’s thick enough and sturdy
enough that it won’t melt but I just
pour it directly into these I mean you
can use the same cup over and over again
you can see that I already have some wax
in here so that way you have a container
that it’s going into you don’t need to
worry about a mess and you don’t need to
worry about melting or burning through
your garbage bag so I’ll try to do this
with one hand but basically you get the point
this is the hot wax and you just pour it
and yeah that’s hot and hard to do with
one hand but you get the picture you
just pour it all the wax directly into
the cup there’s really no mess and then
I always wipe it out with a paper towel
and of course again this is much easier
to deal with two hands
but I’m holding the camera and I always
wipeout you know I mean there’s a little
bit of a wax residue not bad
you can completely clean it out it’s a
good way to also clean your dish I
definitely make sure you get all around
the edges and the bottom as well just so
that there’s no leftover wax and you can
put this dish directly back onto your
hot plate and start melting another
scent so that’s the first way okay so
second method is waiting until after the
wax has cooled and this works better for
me this I use most often because I don’t
melt all the time I just melt when I’m
home usually I get home and I melt a
tart and then turn it off before I go to
bed and then the next day I do the same
thing so when I come back the next day
the wax has hardened so this is when I
would need to switch out the wax so um
these last two methods just involve
getting this wax cold so it pops right
out this is leftover wax from a rose
girls wax tart so another method is
putting this whole dish in the freezer
now if you don’t have one that has a
removable dish like a lot of a lot of
the more expensive tea light warmers
from Yankee it’s like all one piece you
can throw the whole warmer in the
freezer so literally just take your dish and
throw it in the breather okay so it’s
been about 10 minutes I would say this
takes maybe five to ten minutes so the
dish is cold it’s been in the freezer
for about ten minutes just kind of push
and the whole thing comes out in one
piece and then again I would wipe this
out a little bit with a paper towel and
let it it’s really cold right now
depending on how long you keep it in the freezer
this one’s been in there about like nine
nine to ten minutes I would let this
come back to room temperature a little
bit before you melt again but easy
cleanup okay third method and my
favorite method the one I use most often
is again wait until after the wax
hardens and instead of putting it in the
freezer to get it cold you use ice cubes
now the putting it in the freezer as
that takes minutes using ice cubes this
usually only takes seconds so it is a
lot faster and I basically you probably
don’t need to cover the entire dish but
I usually do so it was really fast so I
just cover the whole thing with ice and
you just wait and basically you can see
usually when it starts to separate from
the dish it hasn’t happened yet really
but this is bathing garden wax leftover
in here but you just watch it hard to do
with one hand and yep there we go so you
basically just watch it
and you push it and you can see
obviously that worked but dump the ice
out and this pops right out and another
plus for this is you didn’t have sorry
my camera stopped recording I was saying
another plus with this is you didn’t
have to put this in the freezer so it
didn’t get really cold so you can’t even
have to wait really for this to get back
up to room temperature because it still
is at room temperature so you can get
back to melting right away or start
melting again right away and one one
thing to note about this method these
last two methods for getting the wax
cold and popping it out is this does
work for most wax but this will not work
for really really soft wax for example
scoopable wax um like when you order
from homemade vendors and they get it
really soft and kind of like whip it and
you have to scoop it out with a spoon it
won’t work for that it’s just too soft
you basically have to pour that hot
using the first method or if you want to
scrape it out um I will show you also
one other tip that I use I will be right
back okay
so my last tip and trick which I’ve
mentioned before using wooden skewers
now these are you know for like kebabs
you can get these at any grocery store
but if you’re having a hard time and it
doesn’t pop out using the ice cube or
the freezer method use a wooden skewer
to kind of help it along because this
will not ever scrape your dish like a
spoon or a knife would and it has a
point so it works really really well
again a tip I’ve picked up along the way
from being you know watching videos and
being in facebook groups so these are
very very helpful and they’re really
cheap so those are my three favorite
ways to remove the wax from my chart
warmer I’m sure people use other ways
that I haven’t even mentioned I’ve heard
of people putting cotton balls in while
the wax is still melted and like with
I’d I don’t use that method because I
don’t use cotton balls very often I feel
like that’s kind of a waste of cotton
balls and I would still want to wipe it
out with a paper towel but I hope that
these have helped you and that you try
one of these or maybe you learn
something new and let me know if you
guys have any questions and thanks for watching.

Why you need a wax warmer?

Wax melts and warmers are like Siamese twins. They go together. If you must burn wax melts, you should also get a wax warmer along with it. Using a wax warmer is safer compared to using a microwavable wax. Most wax warmers have adjustable temperature control or ON and OFF switches. They are also very economical. Wax warmers heat wax evenly but microwavable wax don’t. It is recommended you go for a wax warmer with temperature control rather than the ones with ON and OFF switch. Temperature-controlled wax warmers allow to heat wax on a lower setting.

Final Verdict

Wax melts are a must-have in homes where constant human or pet odours need to be eliminated. Wax melts are cheaper and safer ways to get rid of odours compared to wax candles. If your goal is to make your home always cosy with a sweet and fresh aroma, we recommend you go for the Queen Beeswax Melts or the Shortie’s Candle Company Apples & Cinnamon Wax Melts. If you want a personal touch to how you want your home to smell, you should go for the Madeline Unscented Wax Melts and if you have a pet-loving home, we recommend the Apple Cidar Wax Melt from Pet House.

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