Best Stretch Mark Creams Guide for Pregnancy of 2023

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Do you want to remove the stretch mark from your body?

Do you want to get smooth skin all over your body?

Are you worried about not getting to wear short dresses due to stretch marks?

If you agree to the above queries then you require a stretch mark cream. The stretch mark cream will remove the scars and makes your skin smooth.

You can be free to wear any short dresses that are kept in the cupboard for a long time and flaunt your soft and smooth skin. Listed below are the 10 best stretch mark creams that you can buy:

Comparison of 10 Best Stretch Mark Cream in 2023

Buying Guide for the Best Stretch Mark Cream in 2023

Good quality formula:

You must buy a stretch mark cream which is made from the best quality formula as you need to apply daily on your skin and it must be safe also. You must choose the cream which is not so thick, sticky & heavy on your skin but must be light in weight.

You must buy a stretch marks removal cream that would make you feel comfortable and must also consist of the moisturizer in it so that it helps your skin to keep the dryness at bay. It must be tested well as you are going to use it on your belly during pregnancy time most probably so it must be safe.

Good quality of ingredients:

While buying the best stretch mark cream, you must first look if the ingredients in it are of the best quality or not. If you are going to use the stretch mark cream during pregnancy then look for the cream which has cocoa or butter especially in it as it will surely help you in resolving the problem of itching along with the stretch marks.

It is important to keep in mind that the stretch mark treatment you are choosing must not have retinoids, tretinoin & any ingredient containing Vitamin A in it. Also, choose a cream that has the ratio of hazards very less.


While choosing the best stretch mark cream, you must check that the ingredients in it consist of an allergy-free composition and in other words, your cream must be hypoallergenic. Since the pregnancy period is a very sensitive period for women, so they must be kept far from any composition that causes any type of allergic reaction.

Your stretch mark cream must not contain any preservative, colorants. Moreover, it must consist of the fragrance from natural ingredients which are allergic-free and so are safe for both the mother and child.


Look for the stretch mark cream which not helps you in removing the stretches but also keeps your skin safe and healthy. Your natural stretch mark cream must be sure friendly which simply means it must be easy for you to use. You must always choose the one which has less quantity of chemicals and is filled with more natural ingredients.

It must be easy for you to apply on the area of your body that has stretch marks on your skin and makes you feel itching. So, the cream must help you in getting rid of both the problems and giving you smooth and shiny skin which is also healthy.

Hydrate your skin:

The stretch mark cream which is free from any sort of chemicals is counted in the list of best, so you must go with this feature as it not helps you in preventing the itching and removing stretch marks but also keeps your skin hydrated.

In most creams, hydrating hyaluronic acid and dimethicone are present which helps your skin to absorb most of the moisture and therefore decreases the chance of tear or scar. Choose the stretch mark removal which has Cepalin in it as an ingredient because it mainly works for healing and soothing your skin and diminishes the scar or stretch marks.

Increase elasticity of skin:

With more moisture getting absorb into your body, there are more chances of increasing the elasticity in your skin and thus making it look more bright and glowing. With the elasticity of the skin, there are very fewer chances of any formation of new stretch marks on your skin regardless of you being pregnant or not.

With cocoa butter, Argan oil, Vitamin E, the stretch mark cream helps you in getting flawless skin and also diminishes the stretch marks from your skin. Furthermore, it permits you to wear anything you like without getting worried about the marks and scars and be comfortable.

No side effects:

With stretch marks, the side effects that you can observe are itching so look for the cream that itself does not add any other side effects. Always look for the cream or stretch mark removal oil that does not contain the fragrance made out of artificial components as they might be allergic to you.

Your cream must help your body to get its skin heal from the tear and scar and also soothes any itching. It must be so safe and effective with zero side effects so that you can use it post-pregnancy and keep your skin healthy and elastic.

Retain moisture:

To secure the moisture on your skin especially which is affected must be one of the main features you must look into your stretch mark cream. Jojoba and Vitamin E in combination helps your skin in preventing the marks and tears and also keeps your skin soft, flawless & healthy.

The more you rub the cream on the area which has marks, the more your skin will get healed and will work on it effectively. Also, you can check if it has omega fatty acids in it in addition as it helps you in soothing the side effects that you might have got due to stretch marks.

If you are planning to buy the natural stretch mark cream then, choose the one which is not too sticky but light in weight and the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Stretch marks and how to minimize them:

Video Transcript:

Babies are so cute but before they come out sometimes they leave a little mark and it’s a stretch mark so we want to talk about that today dr. Marjorie Dixon is here it’s a part away it’s the part of life you know but I’ve often wondered why you get them.

Why do some people get them and some people do not get them so first what are they what are theirs stretch marks so our skin our epidermis and the layer underneath called the dermis there are times in our lives where they get stretched or tensed laughs so especially when there’s rapid change one of the common one’s puberty.

When we grow so we stretch you develop breasts we get hips that’s one of the times that we can get them, yeah and they’re common places that we get them so our abdomen or buttocks our thighs and our breasts and then later on in life when we do the rapid rote we were just talking about it.

So when you gained seven pounds in nine months yeah then lose 70 pounds over the next year that’s a big stretch and go back and often it’s quite rapid generally about month 6 or 8 yes 6 to 8 that’s when people start to get it particularly all around the lower abdomen buttocks and breasts.

As they grow okay so when the skin can’t hold anymore they’re kind of rents in the skin and there’s a rift where you see them as lines so they’re called stress a which is again Latin I love Latin 3a when it’s pregnancy at stria gravidarum of pregnancy, yeah and you know we’re women and we’re vain and much as you know.

We accept the hormonal changes that caused all kinds of things to happen so it’s not just the skin but the teeth the nails your hair everything changes we’d like to be able to take control and empower ourselves through this so what can we do to manage these things that we get right.

I’m not everybody gets them you’re predisposed to get them what do you think the number one reason why people get I’d say genetics is if you’re doing your mother or your father, yes terms mom take a little yeah it’s your mom visit your mind will your mom or your sisters yeah okay cuz my mom has stretch marks.

Sorry, mom, I feel right but I didn’t get them during can see, and trust me I stretched out a lot right yeah me too I was like he comes how many pounds yeah yeah yeah so I’m.

What I did was I found that were places that my skin was tight particularly in my lower abdomen and I was worried that I would get them that I didn’t really have stretch marks early on from puberty though I grew really quickly as I went from being 542 58 in the period of two years.

Wow, and I felt growing pains all of us I didn’t stretch that but in pregnancy, there was a little bit of stretch so it’s always looking for something that I could do and being a doctor then you go to the medical literature and you’re like okay I want to find something that I know that will show proof that has shown evidence of it.

And yeah while there was no good concrete evidence showing that anything could really change the stretch marks were gonna come with your genetics if you are non-white you’re more likely to get them really I learn how to do that so non-white anything outside of Caucasian you’re more likely to get the scratch so genetics and ethnicity race.

Hormones and um also how much weight you gain how quickly and how much weight you can clean that’s why it’s important we were talking about nutrition and exercise and pregnancy it’s so hard to tell people because I was pregnant I want to eat everybody, okay but you have to be careful and mindful of that because the more you control those things the less of the stretch that you have okay is there anything you can be doing okay.

So try not to gain weight too rapidly is there anything you can do to make your skin more elastic yeah so there are a lot of products that are available there are lotions now that there is good evidence so they have things like plant extracts like Centinela is easy Attica big word it’s actually in some of the products that are here today.

But okay um their vitamin E is another one where before we weren’t sure if it made a difference it does it makes a difference oka butter is an emollient so it can smooth and improve the appearance of the skin we put some on before I smell something I was just like you want to smell your handles when I want to smell my belly because I actually use this for three pregnancies yeah I don’t know if it really made it is because of my mom as I said didn’t have the stretch marks yeah but didn’t get one stretch I can point in my skin look beautiful yeah your hands right now they’re just they’re glowing so um so you taught you actually used Palmer’s yeah it was expensive back because it was like 10-15 years ago so yeah actually happen much as the evidence has come up over time and interestingly pommels were added it in so Centinela easy Attica vitamin e cocoa butter those are things.

Those are good emollients for the skin and they can improve the appearance of it but you put it on before you get them you can put it on during the active phase of them that’s the best time that you want when they’re violaceous which is purple or Rubra red yeah it’s the best time to add on like a lotion or something during that time and during pregnancy, you can’t use the other fancy things like lasers and microdermabrasion that can help but they’re not you should not use them in pregnancy so it’s also nice to have something that you can use safely and pregnancy and with breastfeeding that can it won’t make them go away but it will diminish the appearance and improve yeah minimize the exacerbation if you were prone to getting them okay.

Or you could just get a tan yeah truly I & we’re supposed to be safe in the Sun I will be tending my breath you know thanks right yes you did you come here you can’t you come good I mean the darker you are the more the lines tend to disappear but I think be advocating tanning sophiana they fit all the time too so but yeah I talked about the purple or the pink or the red appearance yeah over time the next one to two years they do fade so and it’s at those times that you can use the other things like the light laser and the micro dermabrasion in addition to the emollients and the skin and the different extracts from plants that can improve the appearance of the stretch marks right and then don’t get a bunch of weight to eat well right or just enjoy your tiger stripes that’s what I call them I don’t have that in my belly i have him on my thighs Tigers my thighs grew too fast like what I know really make any sense I know we should have been programmed by thinking they’re kind of cute.

FAQs on the Best Stretch Mark Creams in 2023

What do you mean by the stretch mark?

The Striae or as known as stretch marks are simply the marks, scars that you usually get on your skin when you suddenly lose a lot of weight and your body gets shrink.

And it may also be on the people who have got their skin stretched due to obesity and is formed below the surface of your skin. It is not the same as the scar as it gets rough on your skin but you can feel some boundary line over your body. The shrinking of stretching leads to the breaking of the two main proteins in your body as such collagen and elastin.

How to apply your stretch mark cream?

To apply your stretch mark cream to decrease their visibility permanently then all you have to do is to take some small amount of stretch mark treatment in your hand for about peace size. Then rub on your hips, belly, breaks and on all the area of your bodies that are being affected and massage their gently for some 5 to 10 minutes.

If you apply daily in the morning as well as before sleeping then there will be speedy healing and soothing of your skin shown by your cream. This will help you to stretch your skin and also preventing the formation of new stretch marks.

Do you get itching on the stretch mark?

The formation of the stretch marks is normal on the pregnant women's belly, hips and breast and the side effects such as itching also happen in some of the cases. And this can make them feel a little bit uncomfortable and can make their pregnancy experience to be unpleasant.

The stretch marks that are usually formed on your body depend on the skin color you have. If you are white and have a very light skin tone then the marks would be in pink color and the women with dark skin tone get make in white color and it is hardly visible.

Are the stretch marks dangerous or normal?

Though, there are not any side effects of using the stretch marks removal cream on your affected skin but still can make you feel a little bit of uncomfortable or also may not permit you to wear your short clothes.

After some time, it gets diminished and they are hardly visible on your skin and thus you get your flawless and soft skin back. They are not at all dangerous but might give you an unpleasant experience due to its side effects such as itching on your skin and there is a formation of some boundaries unlike scars on your body.

Can stretch marks get tan or become white?

You can count the stretch marks as the most common skin issues that most men and women face especially the pregnant women due to shrinking and stretching of her body.

It can occur in the body of adults or teenagers and the main reason behind that is obesity. It is so normal and can be resolved if you use any treatment to prevent the formation of the stretch marks on your body and thus gets very soft and glowing skin easily.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys so in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you an extremely powerful three ingredient do it yourself at home serum you can make that has almost completely taken away at my stretch marks and I’m confident if you follow this video it will do the same for you also before we start don’t forget to check my links below for my website free beauty secrets and a ten dollar ebook that share secrets I don’t share on my YouTube channel and just a quick disclaimer I do believe stretch marks are natural and beautiful I’ve just been getting so many requests for this video and it’s something that has helped me so I wanted to share though the first natural ingredient you’ll be needing is half of a lemon the lemon juice is a natural way to help with the discoloration that stretch marks brings including white red and purple marks this will help bleach and blend the skin the second important ingredient is sugar I just use natural brown sugar this is really going to help with the circulation and work as an exfoliant to help the product reach a little deeper into the skin and exfoliate those top layers now I will have all these ingredients listed below and I will go into added benefits later in the video but the third ingredient you’ll be needing is coconut oil it’s been proven for years to help with stretch marks not only with preventing stretch marks but it also has ingredients that help fight the appearance of stretch marks now the last thing you’ll be needing for this extremely powerful stretch mark a reducer is a bowl and a spoon and it is time to make this amazing mixture so the first thing you want to add to the bowl is our sugar and sugar actually contains something called glycolic acid which helps penetrate skin and produce new cells while working as a great exfoliant to help all the other ingredients penetrate deeper into our skin now for this mixture you’re going to be needing two full tablespoons of sugar next up it’s time for that lemon juice you just want to go ahead and cut a lemon if you see any seeds you can remove it and then it is time to add it to our Bowl also guys don’t forget to stay to the very end because I have a very specific technique and I want to share with you how often and how much you should be doing this to get the best results but the use of half of a lemon juice over time is known to work as a natural bleaching agent as well as has high amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C which can help repair the damaged skin and broken discoloration which you see commonly in stretch marks now that we have our natural exfoliant and bleaching agent it is time to add our repair and moisturizer and something that is very well known to help with stretch marks and that is our big spoonful of coconut oil coconut oil especially in the raw format contains high amounts of medium chain fatty acid lauric acid capric acid which is all amazing for our skin and will work very well in reducing the appearance of stretch marks oh you want to give it a good stir and it’s time to apply it to our skin before I show you guys my special technique comment down below for minute mark if you’re watching right now so I can see who my real watcher subscribers and viewers are so I can show you so much love in the comment section okay now to apply it as you can see I like to use a brush I find it’s much better when using precision and where you want to apply this powerful product and I like to take a heaping amount of our mixture take the brush and just paint it onto the area as you can see it my stretch marks have already faded so much because I do this almost every day at for seven days at least once a month and I’ve truly noticed great results so I paint this product on and then I let it sit on my skin overnight as long as possible if you want you can let it sit for an hour two hours you just want to make sure your skin for a long time also if you’d like you can massage the product into your skin I just find that painting it on is easier for me but massage also works very well to get the blood circulating then after it’s been a few hours or overnight you just want to wipe it off with a paper towel and you can store this mixture in the fridge or on the counter for up to a week I do know people who store it longer but I find that the strength is best when you use it in a few days also another big hack that I like to apply sometimes is my cocoa butter with vitamin E I’ll link my Palmer’s one down below for a super cheap price off Amazon and yeah those are my hacks to greatly reduce the appearance of your stretch marks comment down below what you want to see next any DIYs or videos I love you so much subscribe hit that Bell button check out my website for more beauty secrets that are both free or my ebook with exclusive tips I don’t share on my youtube channel I love you guys so much can’t wait to hear about your results and I’ll see you soon in my next video.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel I have been asked by a few moms what I’ve been doing to prevent stretch marks well I really don’t think that there’s nothing you can do to prevent them I think they’re all genetic and it depends on how much moisture you have in your skin and the elasticity you have in your skin but here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve been you know using and trying to not so much prevent them but to decrease getting so many and also if I do get them you know a few things that I think will probably aid and having them fade away quicker and a little bit more easily so to get into it the first thing I would say drink your water as much as you can here is my water bottle that I’ve been using since I’ve been pregnant and I drink three of these every day I think water is the key then what do you drink the healthier your skin will be overall and it’s good for your baby okay so here is my tummy and I am currently 24 weeks and two days here it is from the side I have noticed that I have been getting this sagittal plane line that’s what I was taught in my anatomy class when I was in college it is called the sagittal plane I see a lot of ladies on the blogs calling it the linear nigra I think that’s what they call it but yeah I’ve noticed that it’s been you know coming up and it’s a little bit darker now so I keep that really really moisturized I don’t have any stretch marks it’s so far this is you know my body my skin without the marks you know I have had some in this area right here from you know losing weight when I was in college but it’s just like two tiny small ones and they aren’t as dark as they were when I was in college several years ago you can barely see them so the first thing that I use is this Palmer’s body wash I started using that it’s really really good and moisturizing it really doesn’t lather up really good but I do feel that my skin is being moisturized and since I started the stretch mark journey I kind of think of it as my hair when I’m doing a twist out using the loc method and you know leave-in oil and cream and I kind of think of this as my leave-in because I do not dry my skin off when I get out of the shower I kind of let my skin air dry when I got a show I just fluff my watch and go or take down my twist out and let my skin air dry I do kind of Pat it off if there’s like you know excess water that dunk I am but I don’t like wipe it dry the majority of the products that I use is Palmer’s and this is one that I use a lot it is the stretch smart massage lotion and I have it in the squeeze tube and the pump both work great and here is my favorite it is the tummy butter stretch mark cream I have it in the sample size I initially got it in the sample size from Babies R Us and I really really liked it so I went back to get the bigger size but I ordered the bigger size from Amazon and I now put this one in my travel bag or my purse and just take it around with me if I feel like I need to do any kind of touch-up jobs here is what it looks like I’ve really dug into it and used it quite a bit but a little does go a long way I’ve had this for about a good two months now and this is what it’s still looking like this one isn’t bye Palmer’s it is the now brand of avocado oil I kind of use this together I use this as the the oil and the cream and sometimes I kind of you know if I put the lotion on I’ll put the the oil on top or I’ll just mix them in my hand together and I’ll put them on my belly I have purchased this Palmer’s skin therapy oil it smells really really good and it’s really really lightweight I haven’t used it much but I will be using this once I’m done with my avocado oil and I purchased the bio oil it is really expensive so I don’t use it a lot I kind of use this on the weekends or for special occasions because it smells really really good if I don’t want to put on any strong smelling perfume I will use my bio oil it’s another really really light weight one smells really really baby fresh and I absolutely love the smell of it but it is expensive and I don’t think I’m gonna purchase it again but like I said I do use it on the weekends and for special occasions because I think the smell smells really really good I’m so addicted to the way this thing smells and lastly this is a fairly new product it’s go bond lotion and it is really really good I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this on social media it is really moisturizing it has coconut oil in it cocoa butter and African shea butter and even if you aren’t pregnant if you haven’t lost weight and you’re trying to get rid of stretch marks this is a really good lotion to just moisturize your body overall with especially your feet and hands I’m lately in my hands and my feet have been really really dry and this one really did to church to clear it all up so this is a really good lotion and I highly recommend it okay so I am going to show you the two ways that I have been applying the stretch mark cream to my tummy so I’m going to use the tummy butter on one side and then I’m going to use the stretch mark massage lotion on the other side with the oil it’s so here’s the tummy butter and I’m just gonna take about this much out and I am gonna start by just massaging it into my belly and I also get my sides and as you can see you can see the oil from it showing up and everything I don’t have to let use oil over this one or cream over it I think it’s all in one and I don’t just put the product on my tummy I put the product all over my body and I don’t need to use anything else the more you use the better the most often the more often you use it the better and I try to do this at least twice a day once in the morning and then once again at night before I go to bed okay so here it is on this side of my stomach and as you can see it’s really like oily and massaged in well on this side I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna use the cream is something gonna start off with using this much it’s probably too much but so I start by just massaging it in a lot of my maternity jeans have that pull up layer of like lycra material that goes over the belly I feel like that material is okay it doesn’t really absorb a lot of product I feel like all materials of this satin will absorb your moisture and your oils from your skin in your hair that’s what I love the bonnet so much except for satin the only one that will not do that is satin okay so here’s my belly with the tummy butter on this side and the stretch mark massage lotion on this side I can already see that this one is visibly more shinier than this side and that’s why I go ahead and I top it off with the oil just because this is a Palmer’s review I will go ahead and I will use this Palmer’s oil over top of the stretch mark lotion just to kind of seal it in and just make it feel a little bit more moisturized so now I feel like it’s getting as equally as shiny as the other side had a problem with any of these oils like showing up on my clothes or making my clothes really oily alright guys so this is my stomach after I’ve got it all moisturized and you know lubricated in thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye.

What is the reason behind the formation of a stretch mark on your body?

The stretch marks are usually formed due to the obesity that your body gains especially during your pregnancy period and also during puberty. And it may also be caused by bodybuilding or some syndrome such as Marfan or Crushing.

If you are on medication that involves corticosteroids, then also you might get stretch marks on your body easily. As in this case, you use a lot of ointment or cream on your body which eventually weakens your skin leading to shrinkage and thus forming stretch marks on some areas of your body.

Does your stretch mark cream capable of diminishing the scars as well?

Yes, the stretch marks available in the market are usually capable of diminishing the scar and tear on your skin and giving you a flawless body. Also, you get a soft body if you apply the stretch mark removal daily and healing the scar on your body present if any.

Making your skin more elastic, helps you in preventing the formation of any stretch marks during your pregnancy & also there would be no side effects such as itching on your skin. Also, it retains the moisture on your body which helps in diminishing the scars or tears easily.

Why is it necessary for you to apply the stretch mark cream on your body?

To keep your skin hydrated, moisturized & also flawless, you need to apply your stretch mark cream to your affected skin. Also, it helps you in soothing the itchiness and makes your skin softer than before. By maintaining the elasticity of your body, it prevents the formation of any new stretch marks.

During pregnancy, it helps your skin to get restore but also conditions your skin with its natural ingredients. It keeps both your body and mind in peace and also makes you feel comfortable especially during your pregnancy days. So, to keep your skin safe and healthy it becomes a necessity to apply the stretch mark cream.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks & Scars Fast?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna teach you guys what I did to get rid of my stretch marks most people stretch marks so don’t 100% go away unless you use laser treatment but there are some home remedies to help fade the stretch mark many people get stretch marks throughout their lifetime either from gaining weight muscle gain being pregnant and even heard of cases of actually extremely lost leading to having stretch marks it can happen to anybody at any time and there’s not really that many preventative measures I know some pregnant women take preventative measures while they’re pregnant to prevent like massive stretch more rest of the folks for common folks that aren’t pregnant.

You never know what’s gonna happen I didn’t know I was gonna get stretch marks – my freshman year of high school no I wasn’t pregnant I got stretch marks by just gaining weight not necessarily getting really big or fat I just you know keyed some hips to gain some thighs you know but I started you know hitting puberty and feeling myself out I have a little bit just marks on my butt I mainly got stretch marks on my lower waist like my back lower waist pretty much like a love handle area that’s where my stretch marks came so I’m going to show you guys what I use to get rid of stretch marks and we’re gonna tell you guys other examples that you can use to get rid of stretch marks so the number one things that I use to get rid of stretch marks is olive oil I recommend everybody have olive oil in their health whether it’s for cooking your hair your skin your nails.

Whatever olive oil is amazing I’m extra virgin olive oil hair and this helps to moisturize the area with stretch marks it’s really really important to soften the area the area moisturize and like a massage oils in there because it helps to make the skin better after it’s stretched out it helps to be in the dark spots and it helps to make your skin as really tighter but it just makes your skin like smoother pretty much oil is definitely essential and what I did was I used oil on my stretch marks I massaged the area of twice a day and I just stopped using regular lotion on my stretch mark area so like your Jergens your whatever whatever lotion you used on your body I stopped using that in my stretch mark area because I noticed that it wasn’t really moisturizing the area it was more so dry though I didn’t want to put that where I needed intensive oils and intensive like petroleum whatever I just didn’t want to use that if you watched my channel you know that my Holy Grail item is a Eucerin.

This is the original healing cream for very dry to sensitive skin it recommended for like eczema a dry skin but I also used it for my stretch marks and this literally is my Holy Grail product for my face for my problem areas where I have my eczema and for my stretches so I made a point and made it a point to use the oils and also use the Eucerin for my daily regimen for massaging my stretch mark area when I first got stretch marks in high school they were very very dark now it’s been like a lot of years since high school and now they’re faded and I’m not embarrassed to go out anymore to go to the beach or whatever I’m not hiding my problem areas because I’ve used these things to help get rid of it so that’s what I did to get rid of my stretch mark so I just massage so other tricks to help get rid of stretch marks include raw African shea butter this is used on for a dry skin eczema minor burns and pain relief from swelling sunscreen has vitamin E in vitamin F and that’s really really good for your structure mark.

And healing the skin you know our skin is kind of broken where we have our stretch marks it helps to like I said feel the skin and make it better again so this can be used for a lot of things it smells okay this is what it looks like I did I just got this new one so you can use this as well to help with your stretch marks another at-home thing that is very very beneficial for like burns for stretch marks for just sunscreen anything is aloe vera this is actually aloe vera gels I don’t know if this would work for my stretch marks because it’s like really heavily water based um but the actual aloe vera from like the planner if you get actual aloe vera extract somewhere I have this here because I’m always burning my forehead from the flat ironing my hai I think actual aloe vera you know from the leaf is really good not I think I know it’s really good but I have this but I might try it to see if they’ll help my stretch marks they grow more as for now like I said I’m comfortable with where my stretch marks are act with all my homework movies that I’ve used a fifth things to help with your stretch marks and this one’s kind of like a weird hack but it’s potatoes they say to slice the potato and let it soak into your skin soak into your stretch marks and then take a shower and wash it off they say that the potato juices soaking to your skin helps with the stretch marks and helps like you know tighten the skin and make it better I never tried this half before but any of you guys try it let me know so yeah now my stretch marks are virtually like non-existent so those are the methods that I use I found that even used to earn more straightening cream and olive oil is very effective and don’t sleep on goo.

Sorry guys like I’m always talking about this don’t sleep on this literally is my Holy Grail product if you ask me about my skin my that’s about it because it’s only my skin that’s doing really well my hair pretty much sucks but if you actually want my skin and you know about what I use to make my skin glowing and whatever I highly recommend Ussuri that’s my number one product plus olive oil these two and you’re good to go and your stretch marks will literally like disappear right before your eyes trust me anyway thanks so much for watching guys please remember to subscribe please remember to click the button please click my face right here remember it cuts a little bell so you get notified every time that I upload I’ll be uploading on Wednesdays and Sundays sure subscribe because 2017 like we’re here like alright thanks so much for watching guys bye.

How to get rid of stretch marks & scars + DIY at home stretch mark cream?

Video Transcript:

It’s real to me that over 11 years ago I lost over 100 pounds and I’ve kept it off since that means that stretch marks are a very real part of my journey I learned so much about my body and even accepted the fact that I wouldn’t completely get rid of all the marks but I could lighten them and change their appearance so I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten across my back my legs my arms and everywhere on my body that it’s once had these marks they are so much better and I’m going to teach you how to do that as well so what’s up y’all down below in the information section I’ve linked you back to some of my body care routines even my most recent stretch marks video in that video y’all said dr. Nina.

And I said huh y’all Sam look girl you’re doing way too much with these currents that mean like too much to do would you bottle them up some I heard you loud and clear I am going to simplify one of those remedies in a way that I think you can follow easiest and also hold you over until I mix so while I have you here make sure that you like this video if you do come and share and subscribe come and join me on Thursday in some Sundays for all my video uploads and make sure that you turn on your notifications so that you know when your girl loves learn a search mark is also known as striae dry a is when your skin is trying to pull a stretch at a rate faster than the normal growth rate of your body the middle layer of your skin is stretching and breaking the layer underneath is showing proof so that the top layer is showing all the business why they appear like little squiggly lines the more reddish or purple the mark depending on your skin tone it means that it’s actively occurring the more lighter it is means that it’s older and it’s just lost its color over time stretch marks can happen for many reasons pregnancy growth spurts and adolescence weight loss weight gain building muscles really fast for even just your genetics I want to be careful with bad treatments out there to say the stretch marks will be on overnight they line the best remedy for stretch marks is time.

But there are all ways that you can speed this process up they might not ever go completely away but you can lighten their appearance pick a method stick with it I’m talking six months or more with constant treatment it’s going to get better faster than you can do I was going to start with remedies one just dry skin brush when I dry brush I use my spin for perfect skin which you all have seen in a million of my videos for body care aside from being able to use it as a wet brush in the shower or on your face you can also use it for the dry brushing so that it enhances your lymphatic system as your dry brushing and also gets the toxins out so that your skin is able to show more brightly on the outside it even comes with detachable brush head so that it makes it easier for you to use it for different purposes including a pumice stone two face brushes that are softer and then the bigger brush which is for your buy use this thing wet or dry but the key to dry brushing is brushing upwards towards the heart that you get the blood circulating and pumping it helps to reduce the appearance of dark marks and scars which also helps to reduce the look of stretch marks revealing the healthier skin underneath though I dry brush about two to three times a week I also exfoliate my skin about three to four times a week in the shower so this wet brushing method is also essential for helping to reveal healthier skin from underneath which also makes those stretch marks was non-existent so of course.

When I come up y’all come up as well so down in the information section there is a link for you to get the spin for perfect skin for 70% off for only 30 bucks for exfoliation I also love my coffee scrub it has caffeine in it which helps to rejuvenate the body get the blood flowing in order to reduce the look of dark mark after using it for over a year I also noticed that other dark marks on my body started to lighten it I also love me a good old sugar scrub so I take just a little bit of brown sugar and olive oil mix those together and both of these exfoliator zhh I use this make sure that I put it on my fingertips and wipe it across every area thoroughly that has dark marks or stretch marks and I just make sure that I rinse it off as well when I’m done and that’s about it so now that we’ve left exfoliating let’s get into these mix so here is my life-saving do-it-yourself stretch mark cream check the info section for all of the proportions so start off with about 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil 1/4 of a cup of cocoa butter which I like the kind of with jojoba oil by now.

You’ll then need about 1/4 of a cup of pure unrefined shea butter you’ll squeeze in just a little bit of aloe vera gel about a tablespoon of avocado oil and about 3 to 5 capsules of vitamin E I like to just break those open and squeeze them in rather than vitamin E oil I like the ones in the capsules because they’re cheaper I also put in just a little bit of lavender and tea tree oil but you can just go with lavender it just gives it a soothing feeling and also gives it a light scent I own a double boiler because I do this so often but you can use a regular pan just make sure that you watch it closely so that it doesn’t burn your oils and mix them around often so that they don’t burn on the bottom and take a whisk or a mixing tool and mix them up real good so that all your wheels get mixed in together and then pour it into your container and then I like to sit mine into the refrigerator until it comes together so it should come out pretty rich and thick and look like this you should be able to turn it over without it dripping out take a little bit and put it right on the affected area.

So now for the nitty-gritty why do I use this mixture coconut oil is great for soothing healing and moisturizing while cocoa butter is great for reducing scars and stretch marks then shea butter helps to replace lost fatty acids and plumps the skin back out avocado oil helps to improve elasticity and so does vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant lavender oil is great for preventing and reducing scars while aloe vera gel helps with regenerating skin tissue Palmer is an amazing innovative treatment so now I’m going to show you some ways I use tumeric to lighten my marx’s some work really helps with repairing skin fill so you can pair tumeric with coconut oil tumeric with yogurt or even buttermilk in with saffron and a little bit of lemon juice but my favorite is to pairing with the yolk so I take a good amount of yogurt and mix it down with a little bit of turmeric and I just kind of eyeball it and mix it down until it’s really nice and smooth like this all of these tumeric mixtures work the same way so you can rub them in twice daily for them to be the most effective.

But you can also get away with just using it once make sure that you rub it into the area completely letting it sit for fifteen to thirty minutes and then bathing or when singing it off in the shower completely this mixture, in particular, is great for reducing the light to dark contrast that those scars so it’s best used for those newer stretch marks or those stretch marks that are fresher keep in mind that Tamera can stain get it completely off of your body your clothes and a towel there are some things I want to leave you with that can work really well while you’re on this journey drink a whole lot of water eight to ten glasses or more a day are going to be best for you in order to hydrate the skin and make sure that it’s sturdy you want to consume the right vitamins either through food intake or to supplement I take rainbow light prenatal which I’ve linked to down below but you want to make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin A vitamin C a zinc and silica aloe vera is great.

Because it has great soothing and healing properties for skin conditions potato juice is another one that’s amazing you all have seen these potatoes under my arms to lighten my underarms potato juice promotes the restoration and growth of a healthy skin field I hope today was very beneficial for you guys and I hope that you do not be discouraged on this rope trying to fade your stretch marks other people got them the saws you love got them your next-door neighbor got them your uncle I can’t peek Frean and you couldn’t you’ll get the point imperfections are what makes us so learn to love those marks and lighten them along the way give yourself time before giving up your body and allow it time to heal if you have any wonderful stretch marks remedies tell us down below we’d like to discuss some of you you are the saying thanks so much for watching guys beautiful brown baby doll P oh yeah.

Final Verdict

Post-pregnancy, in some cases, it is highly possible that you may get stretch marks on your body especially your belly. The reason behind that is that when you are pregnant your belly gets inflated and after conceiving, it gets fused sometimes leaving the stretch marks behind.

Some people who have gain obese and run in the gym also get the mark. We greatly hope that this review will certainly help you in getting the right stretch marks removal cream you are looking for and also get to learn anything about the stretch mark and the stretch mark cream.

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