Best Driveway Cleaners Buying Guide in 2021

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Do you want to clean the surface of your building?

Do you want to get rid of the stubborn stains that are residing for years on the floor?

Are you worried about the safety that you do not get slipped off?

If you agree with the above points, then you need the best driveway cleaner for your home. The driveway cleaner helps you in cleaning your floor efficiently and also removes the stains that are very old and present on the floor.

Following is the list of the 10 best driveway cleaners that you can consider buying according to your preferences:

Update list of Top 10 Driveway Cleaners in 2021

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Buying Guide for the Best Driveway Cleaners in 2021

Effective working:

Before buying the driveway cleaner, you must keep in mind that it gives you effective work by helping you in getting rid of the stain of oil or grease very easily on the pathway. You must sure that your product gives you efficient results in both large and small stain cases.

All you have to do is to sprinkle some drops of your driveway surface cleaner on the surface which has stains and when it gets dry then you must sweep it off to make it look clean. Not only the concrete, asphalt, stones but also the soil must be clean from the surface.

Ensure safety:

Make sure that your product has its prominent feature as a safety measure for you as well as the environment and must be capable of preventing any possible accident. In case if there is any spillage in your path, then you must spread it on the floor, and then your product must make you feel amazed to see that the floor is completely clean.

It does not matter if you are walking or driving on that surface where your product is being used, you must feel safe and must not face any accident. Along with safety, you must make sure that it is user-friendly and is easy to use on both the large or small stains.

It must be safe for your pet animals also along with your little children at home and for the plants as it uses the microorganisms that eat such stains.

Eco friendly:

Look for a product that is safe for the environment and does not use any acid or bleach for cleaning so your family and environment are harmless. Your driveway pressure washer surface cleaner must provide you with a restoring feature that makes the surface in your building looks almost new and this is done when the long chain of hydrocarbon is a breakdown in the oil.

You must be able to enjoy more benefits when it can work on the old stain as well. Choose the one which does not use the water and the stain can easily be removed by the process called bioremediation which can help you in saving a huge amount of water.

Versatile in nature:

It is important to keep in mind while choosing the driveway cleaner that it is versatile and shows its versatility in bike cleaning the concrete, paver, and even the garage floor. It is very easy to use your product by simply applying it to the area which requires cleaning and let the driveway pressure washer cleaner.

As your product is getting dry on the floor, it is eliminating the contamination or stain stored on the surface and after that, you can brush off the ground. Its midtown brother can clean the stains of oil, grease along with the solvents and hydraulic fluids.


Your product must be good in both quantitative and packaging and you must buy the one which is 2 lbs in size so that you can buy it at incredible and use it for a longer period. To clean the spillage or stain very safely, you must make sure that it is having microbes that eat the oil but it may increase the time rate of cleaning the floor.

The waterless driveway concrete oil stain remover is mostly recommended to use for cleaning as it does its work very quickly and saves water as well as your precious time. Your product must be available in such an amount that it can cover a large area as such 250 sq. Feet.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that you do not rub the surface when there is a spillage on your pathway and all you need to do is to sprinkle some of your product on the surface which requires the cleaning and let it dry and you will be happy to see the result.


In looking for the best features, you must not forget about the limitation of your pocket and buy the one which is under your budget. You must make a budget before going to shop for the driveway cleaner as there are so many such products available in the market in various features.

Affordable price is still the most important thing you must consider before even placing an order and you might face some trade-off but you can, later on, get to enjoy the benefits of the efficient cleaning on the surface at your home which has a stain on them for years.


Durability is also one of the most important features that you must search for in the driveway cleaner so that you can use it for a longer period. Your product must be qualitative so that it allowed you to use it on other materials as well such as concrete, ceramic, pavers, marble, metal, wood, plastic, and soil also.

In case if you have got a pet at home then your product must be capable of removing the animal waste and molds also along with the oil, grease, any fluid, gum, and pop. You can also buy the amazon driveway cleaner which is in liquid form as it is highly recommended and can be used for a long time as it usually comes in a huge pack as such 1 gallon.

Reviews of 10 Best Driveway Cleaners for 2021

As we all know, one of the most significant contributors to a dirty driveway is oil and grease discharged by our vehicles. However, we can easily remove the stains with the help of driveaway cleaners. At the same time, choosing the best becomes optimal. So we have brought you the Best Driveaway Cleaners by top brands offered at a much reasonable price.

1. CHOMP Driveways & Floors Cleaner

driveway stain removerChomp pull it out concrete oil stain remover is a deep penetrating solution that raises, cleans, and removes oil and grease stains created by drips from a car or truck on driveways, garage floors, or even a parking lot.

This chomp cleaner is ideal for both DIY and skilled use because it is compact and simple to use.

Unlike other cleaners that contain potentially dangerous chemical compounds such as acid or bleach, the Pull It Out driveway stain remover is largely free of these harmful chemicals, making it safer to use in your home or workplace.


  • Harmful chemical-free- Pull It Out stain remover aims to solve these issues safely and simply, unlike other stain removers that use toxic chemical additives to attack tough oil and grease stains. Pull It Out does not contain bleach, acid, or other potentially toxic ingredients, despite the fact that it effectively removes difficult stains from concrete and other porous surfaces.
  • Versatile Formula- The makeup of concrete varies greatly, and oil stains can necessitate different cleaning methods. Pull It Out is based on a ‘poultice’ technology that works on a wide range of concrete factors and forms.
  • Easy to use – This cleaning formula driveway cleaning solution is simple and convenient to use. Simply cover any oil or petroleum-based stain with a small amount of the solution and let it dry. The Pull It Out solution draws out the bacteria that caused the stain when it dries. If the cleaning solution has dried, brush it away like chalk dust to expose a stain-free surface.

Customers Feedback:

Ok my husbands head gasket went on his Prius. The oil went all over our new cobblestone driveway 🤦🏼‍♀️ I thought it was done for. But, nope—this stuff is amazing. It took a few tries because the spots were big in size and dear God dark in color. But after brushing it with a broom, lightly, then spraying with a hard stream from the garden hose, viola! No more oil. There are a few white powdery marks but with rain and a little more hosing they too, I’m sure, will be a thing of the past. Plus I’d rather have a slight white powdery look on the cobblestones than black huge oil marks.

The scene: me with a Hot Glove carrying a drip pan full of au jus. Thumb goes into hot liquid. Pan is dropped and greasy meat juice is all over our patio brick. In freezing temps. I use a putty knife to get some out, but there the stain remains, 6 months later. Even muriatic acid didn’t cut it. Ordered this. Tried a spot. Let it dry overnight. Swept it. Stain is almost gone. I apply it to the rest of the stain and let it set. But this time it rains and turns it gooey. Fortunately, new power washer and I join forces with Chomp and within a half hour, it’s totally gone. Amazing product. 1000% satisfied.

2. Zep Neutral pH All-Purpose Cleaner

driveway rust removerAre you choosing Zep Neutral pH All-Purpose Cleaner? Well, you can stay assured your choice is not wrong.

You can take a gallon of Zep Floor Cleaner if you have a lot of square footage to clean or just want to store in a floor cleaner for the job.

This ph-neutral cleaner is a good option for water-proof floors like tiles, stone, or vinyl planks. This driveway rust remover provides an efficient clean but does not remove sealed surfaces.

Follow the instructions to dilute properly, then use a mop to cover the floor effectively from start to finish. This leads to cleaning without residues and without streaming.

It will also not damage tile grout with a non-acidic formulation. This ground cleaner concentrate is ideal for home use but is also popular in commercial floor cleaning applications.


  • High Quality- Maintains polish without stripping the protective coating.
  • Shine assured- Cleans and restores shine – no rinsing needed
  • Great For- This zep driveway cleaner is Excellent on marble, granite, vinyl, and stone floors.
  • Long-Lasting- Concentrated formula makes up to 128 gallons of finished products.
  • pH- Neutral pH formula

Customers Feedback:

My favorite floor cleaner for my stone floors porcelain floors and ceramic floors. I have a mixture of tiles throughout my home and this floor cleaner works better than anything for all tiles. I struggled finding a product that didnt leave a haze or footprints after it dried. This product prevents both!! Love it!!

The product is fine, I was just shocked the way it was packed for mailing.
It was packed in a rather flimsy box that was on one side filled with air-bags. Since this container with the fluid is very heavy (1 gal), the box was on one side badly damaged and the thought that this plastic container might have been broken due to the way boxes get thrown around by the transporters is very uncomfortable.

3. Simple Green Driveway Cleaner

driveway washerAre you in need of something that will serve you in a lot of range of situations? This Oxy Multifunctional Cleaner is perfect for several projects.

You can use this Unscented cleaner for many tasks, which include wood washing, vinyl, metal, outdoor furnishings, plastics, wicker, cement, stone, brick, and asphalt.

And in addition to it, you can use this with your pressure washer or by hand. This is a super flexible product. You will get a lot of use and save money because you just need a cleaner like this for a variety of purposes.

This Simple Green cleaner works by raising dirt and stains from a number of sources. It works nicely on mold, mildew, moss, and algae. It uses peroxide to provide shine and renovate surfaces that are considerably safer than bleach.


  • Multi-Tasking- Cleans driveways, walkways, patios, and masonry.
  • Heavy Duty- Eliminates tough oil stains, rust stains, grease, automotive fluids, tire marks, exhaust buildup, and more.
  • No Harm- Uses this formula 409 128-fl oz all-purpose cleaner power of peroxide to lift grime without harsh chemicals

Customers Feedback:

This stuff is AMAZING! We had about a year and 1/2 of black algae and dirt build up on our outdoor, uncovered patio and this worked like magic! We did use a bit more of the concentrate than the directions said as we knew we had quite a large job ahead of us, about 50/50 solution to water. Scrubbed with a soft bristle brush and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then took the power washer to it and WOW. We did have to power wash a second time and up close to get into all the little crevices, but would highly recommend this product!

4. Sunnyside All-Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose CleanerSunnyside All Purpose Cleaner, a strong alkaline cleaning agent, degrading device, and paint removers that are suitable for concrete surfaces, is the active ingredient in trisodium phosphate All-Purpose Cleaner.

It costs approximately a third of many others to remove dirt, grate, mildew, and scums from a wide variety of soiled surfaces. This option is quite effective.

In order to make this All-Purpose Cleaner work at its best, you just need to mix a gallon of hot water between 1⁄4 and 1⁄2 cup powdered concentrate for a powerful cleaning solution.

TSP is best used for cleaning basements, garage areas, and indoor sites because the high phosphate levels are difficult when released into streams and other water sources.


  • Ease of Use- Ideal for cleaning garage or basement floors
  • Restore Dried Paint Brushes- TSP Sunnyside cleaner can also be used to restore dried, used paint brushes

Customers Feedback:

This stuff is absolutely awesome. I needed to scrub my porch before staining it and this was the product recommended by a professional. I had a big black yucky grease spot from my gas grill on my wood deck. I never dreamed it could be removed. Took some scrubbing but to see it now, you would never know it was there. In the photo, it was at the bottom of the plant. You can see a dark spot, but not the pure black that it was!

I love TSP. Yes, I know it’s bad for the environment, so bad that you can’t buy it in the county where i live. But man I gotta tell you, a tablespoon of this in a gallon of water will cut through built up grime, grease, and gunk like it’s nothing. If you need to prep some nasty walls before painting, or cut through grime on a funky floor, this is the stuff.

5. Terminator Driveways Remover

driveway oil removerTERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner was created to be the industry’s most Terminator cleaner. Only the darkest oil stain can be removed without scrubbing, and oil stains on concrete and driveways can be removed quickly and safely.

Engine oil, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and other hydrocarbon stains can be removed easily by this stain remover.

This driveway oil remover removes oil very easily stains from asphalt, your driveway, or your garage floor in a Simple and Efficient manner. And the most important thing, it has no harmful chemicals added, for which it is also safe to use.  Just apply a small amount of TERMINATOR-HSD to the stain and then a soft mist of water.

You’ll see it magically strip oil stains from concrete in the coming days and weeks. This product does not need any special protective equipment to use. You don’t even have to rub the oil stain with the remover.  TERMINATOR-HSD will do it all.


  • Eco-Friendly and powerful –  This oil stain remover breakdown and dissolves the oil into naturally occurring carbon dioxide and water which do not causes any harm to the environment.
  • Wide range of use- It removes almost all the stains like an oil stain, grease stain, and any other hydrocarbon stain from streets, garages, parking lots, driveways, concretes, etc.

Customers Feedback:

Over the years I’ve had problems with oil spills in my garage or driveway. Use of many recommended products has been disappointing and/or required a great deal of solvent and scrubbing. This product works well but seems high priced. When I used the entire 2 lb. container, I then purchased a competing product which works by the same method, i.e. “oil eating bacteria” which sells for the very same price but gives you 3 lbs of the material. We’ll see how the cheaper product works!

Anyone wanting a quick result, don’t buy this product and don’t complain when you do. The supplier is 100% correct – one must be patient. I had two oil spills (one old and one new) on the outdoor concrete drive, used the product exactly as instructed. One stain is gone and the other needs another treatment. I saw the stain fade in 4-6 weeks after application.

6. Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner

Best driveway washerConcrete undergoes a lot of traffic and footwear. It’s a good idea to get something special, like this zep oil & grease stain remover, to clean it.

This is explicitly built with hard oil and grate stains in mind for concrete and pathways. It is a bit of a diversified selection of concrete, brick, stone, patios, and parking lots as well!

This Best driveway washer is a professional approach to ensure that the blemish is removed. You should demand a new lease of life for your entryway and concrete surfaces!


  • Heavy Duty- Construction Grade Pressure Wash removes tough oil stains, dirt & grime
  • Best for use on- Concrete, Brick, Asphalt & Aggregate Surfaces. This oil stain remover from the driveway & Cleans walkways, patios, driveways & parking lots.
  • Not For Use On- Wood, painted, sealed, or stained surfaces that will not be refinished.

Customers Feedback:

We used the Zep Driveway and Concrete Cleaner on a number of projects.
Where it was most impressive was concrete around pools. It removed the marks from the winter cover spring straps. You just spray it on, let it soak a few minutes, and then just pressure wash it off. We sealed the concrete after cleaning it and it looks brand new.

7. Krud Kutter Driveway Cleaner

Best driveway washerWe recommend this Krud Kutter product if you are looking for an inexpensive and efficient deck cleaner for general use.

An advanced biodegradable formulation with non-toxic components is given. This shout advanced stain remover gel is available in a concentrated format with simple bottle mixing instructions.

With this concrete power wash cleaner, you do not have a convenient bottle spray applicator. However, it does not harm the machine’s O-rings and seals without being washed. Krud Kutter provides an environmentally friendly deck cleaner that is easy to use and efficient to clean.

This krud kutter cleaner has an anti-microbial formula that kills all moulds and mildew on the deck. In damp environments and quick application and rinsing, you get long-term protection for your deck without any retreat requirements.


  • High Quality- Krud Kutter Pressure Washer Conc Concrete Driveway Cleaner gallon. This concrete and driveway cleaner pressure washer concentrate is a major breakthrough in driveway cleaning technology.
  • Deep Clean- The proprietary formulation of Krud Kutter Pressure Washer Concentrate Concrete Driveway Cleaner contains Oil Grabber, a unique additive that penetrates the surface to dissolve tough stains from grease, oil, algae, mildew, and dirt.

Customers Feedback:

Used this to clean a concrete patio and sidewalk with a pressure washer. We cleaned a small section before this arrived with just the pressure washer and it took several hours. Spray Krud Kutter on and wait about 10 minutes before pressure washing. Cleaned more evenly and in about 1/3 of the time. Highly recommend for concrete cleaning.

8. Simple Green Concrete and Driveway Cleaner

driveway power washerSimple Green concrete and driveway cleaner is designed to extract oil, grease, and grime from concrete and driveway surfaces.

It is non-corrosive and non-degradable, and it prevents most tough stains and discolorations (not caused by dyes).

This driveway power washer’s new formula was created for use with pressure washers or for manual cleaning of concrete walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces.

It removes most stains and discolorations, as well as blood, grease, and grime. It’s also non-toxic, biodegradable, and suitable for use with pressure washers.

Since Simple Green Pressure Washer is a concentrated product, a small amount goes a long way. Plants, trees, shrubbery, and lawns will not be harmed by this cleaning solution, which is also safe to use in areas crowded by children, livestock, and other wildlife.


  • Removes tough stains and discolorations –  This innovative pressure washer is recommended for tough stains and discolorations (not due to dyes) and doesn’t leave any bad impact on the surface.
  • Powerful formula for pressure washing – This innovative new formula was introduced for use with pressure washers or for manual cleaning of concrete walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces. It removes most stains and discolorations, as well as blood, grease, and grime.

Customers Feedback:

My husband is a mechanic and has been bringing his work home for many years. I have not found a better, deeper and faster concrete cleaner in all the years of stressing over the messes of motor oil and various other oils used in vehicles, grease, gasoline, diesel and only God knows what else. This cleaned it. See the before and after pics.

9. Clorox Driveway Cleaner

pressure washer for drivewayYet, we have brought you another driveway cleaner that is an easy pick to eliminate stains? Being a liquid-style solution, this microbial formulation of this clorox gel cleaner provides the best results for driveway treatment in no time.

Via the cleaning process of bioremediation, the result is quicker and convenient in an economical manner.

Not to mention, engine oil and grease stains, gum, mildew, mold, bird droppings & even pet urine from the surfaces or entry surface are carefully maintained. This pressure washer for the driveway may also be useful to clean basement surfaces.


  • Heavy Duty- Driveway Cleaner removes tough oil and grease stains on driveways or in your garage. Use on stone, brick & concrete surfaces.
  • Best for Outdoor Jobs- Transform old, dirty, mould stains and mildew stains from driveways, garages & sidewalks with this ready-to-use quick rinse cleaning formula. Great for big outdoor jobs, this garage and driveway cleaner with the professional bleach strength of Clorox requires no mixing or diluting.
  • Application- Apply this formula 409 128-fl oz all-purpose cleaner directly on the surface, scrub as needed, rinse and let dry. Rinse treated and surrounding areas with water when complete. This will not harm plants’ lawns. Garage and driveway cleaning just got easier with Clorox Pro Results Garage &amp

10. ACT Concrete & Driveway Cleaner

surface cleaner pressure washerACT Company claims that they are producing the easiest, fastest, and most effective concrete cleaner available on the market. This act driveway cleaner is so eco-friendly that it won’t affect any plants, animals, humans and will not damage surfaces after application.

Unlike soaps, degreasers, emulsifiers, or enzymes, which simply break up toxins, ACT’s formula surface cleaner pressure washer eats them up and converts them to carbon dioxide and water.

The fact that ACT Concrete Cleaner absorbs carbon dioxide and water from the atmosphere and converts it back into oxygen and water is what makes it so revolutionary. This causes everything to evaporate, eliminating all toxins and leaving no residue.


  • Wide range of use – It removes stains from all the materials such as concrete, tree, tiles, marble, plastic, granite, stones, rocks. This motor oil stain remover for driveways removes stains of petroleum-based items, grease, gas, oil, diesel, rust, antifreeze, as well as protein-based stain bird droppings, pet waste stains, soda pop, condiment stains, and much more.
  • Advanced formula – While managing odours, this cleaner gives the experience of the fastest, quickest concrete cleanup ever. It helps you clean using the same efficient methods used in the oil and gas industry and industrial warehouses.
  • Eco-Friendly – This product is completely eco-friendly in that it won’t harm any people, animals, plants and will not remove any paint.

Customers Feedback:

This works very well. Don’t expect immediate results, step back and wait for it. After several days there was a light spot on the driveway where there was an oil stain prior to application. Even after a storm, it was still there working away. I have yet to apply sealer over top of it but I do not expect to have any trouble with that. The price is right, lasts a long time (still on my first can) and easy to apply.

FAQ on the Best Driveway Cleaners for 2021

How to clean your driveway cleaner?

You can clean your driveway pressure washer cleaner easily using only two simple ingredients as such soap and water. For this, you have to, first of all, put the soap in a container or a bucket which is filled with water.

You can even use the dish soap and after that, you need to shake the container so as it generates the foam in large amounts and you can use the same for the cleaning purpose. Then that take a brush or a scrubber and dip it inside the foam and then scrub it on your in product in a circular motion.

Just will help you in cleaning the dirt and dust which is hidden inside or struck and in the end rinse it through the water pipe. It can also help you in removing the leaches or moss from the surface.

How much time does it take to clean the surface?

The cleaning of the circuit using the driveway cleaner usually takes two hours for cleaning 30 square meters of the ground. Also, many factors affect the cleaning of the surface using your product as such the size of the area you are considering to clean or renovate.

However, it also depends on the type of surface that you want to be free from dirt or dust which can be done by only the driveway concrete oil stain remover. Also, it is important to keep a note of your surface, if it needs cleaning before using the jet washing.

How does your driveway cleaner works?

First of all, a surface is prepared by applying the safe – mold remover which is cent percent safe for your kids, plants, and pets at home. Then on the same surface, your driveway cleaner washes away the grim with the help of its pressure cleaning feature.

In case, if there is any residue the surface is again cleaned and rinse and then finally finish of surface along with that it removes the bacteria and germs also keeping your property free from dirt and dust. Moreover, it is sometimes possible for your driveway pressure washer to remove the stones or surface.

Before using your product, if you are applying the mold remover then it surely can remove the surface in a very small amount and can only lift it only from the corner of the surface is of bad quality.

What is a sealed driveway?

The sealed driveway sir nothing but used to seal the surface which has concrete in it and it also helps in offering the resistance to molding and also lasts the lives of colors which ultimately saves you from spending much on the repainting of the surface.

Even after applying the best mold remover full, repainting of the surface is still required then you must seek the advice of professionals and let those people do it on their own. It is important to keep in mind that you do not apply the sealing driveway just after you have used the pressure cleaning feature on the surface.

How to Properly Pressure Wash a Concrete Driveway?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Jason with a family handyman here to talk about pressure washing your concrete driveway whether you want to improve the curb appeal of your house or extend the life of your driveway.

Pressure washing is a great way to do it so here are some tips to help you pressure wash your concrete driveway before you start you want to clean your roof or your siding first otherwise your nice clean driveway is gonna be totally ruined by all the gunk and the dirt from those surfaces and then you’re going to want to get rid of the larger objects like cars bikes toys and then go ahead and clean off the smaller debris with a leaf blower making sure you really get that clean because otherwise, you’ll have to clean it off with the power washer which uses way too much water.

To protect your plants’ shrubs or garden from detergent or the power washer itself you’re gonna want to go ahead and place the tarp over the plants I highly recommend spot treating rust stains oil stains paint stains anything that’s difficult to get out with a concrete detergent that’s diluted to 1 to 20 ratio before you start power washing to clean a concrete driveway I chose a 30 100 psi gas pressure washer you could certainly use a 1,800 electric pressure washer to clean a concrete driveway but it’ll be a lot harder and slower to get the job done so this I felt really did a great job you’re gonna want to consider water usage in drought-prone areas or during a hot summer day so that you don’t run out of water especially if you’re using well water I’m going to be using this Zep concrete driveway.

Detergent to get a nice deep clean on the concrete I’ll also be using the surface cleaner it’s fast it’s easy and it will make your job so much better if you use this to apply the soap I’m going to use the soap fan option for the 5 and 1 nozzle but you can also use a 40-degree nozzle as well.

Now that the pressure washer is hooked up and ready to go you want to make sure to pull the trigger for 30 seconds to get the air out of the hose as always remember safety first wear eye.

Protection and ear protection I’m gonna start by applying the detergent with the pressure washer and it’s tight.

Controlled space you don’t want to wash the entire driveway at one shot because the soap could end up drying and damage the concrete once I’ve got the detergent down I’m gonna come back with the surface cleaner and rinse from side to side until all the soap is clear then I’ll repeat that process soap and rinse until you get to the very end of the driveway and you know that the whole surface is clean if you’ve got crevices or edges along your driveway you’re gonna have soap and water.

That’ll end up sitting for too long over time so you’re gonna want to go ahead and use a nozzle to spray some of that stuff out and really wash it then you’ll want to continue to repeat that process until you’ve reached the end of the driveway now that the surface is dry and clean you want to go ahead and put a sealant over the top that’ll make it last longer and it’ll be easier to clean the next time around I think the results speak for themselves for more information on cleaning concrete visit us at Family Handyman comm.

What are the benefits you enjoy from using the driveway cleaner?

The most prominent benefit that you enjoy from using the amazon driveway cleaner is that they give your properties a better cleaning that makes them look as if it is new and brings back their lost shine.

Also, if you are planning to sell your properties, then cleaning with the driveway is the best option as it has the feature of pressure cleaning which makes it look new in appearance and it also enhances the value it. Also, it takes less amount of time to maintain if you are cleaning it with your product.

The slippery mold or the grime on the surface makes it risky for you to slip but your cleaner avoids such a situation.

How long the cleaning last after using your driveway cleaner?

In case, if you have applied the mold removal feature just before the cleaning of the surface then it will take three years mostly to last long. But the lifeline of your surface can be affected by using cheap bleach or even chemicals from any hardware store or even the water alone can also play a role in affecting your surface if you are doing it on your own instead of calling a professional.

It is important to keep in mind that you take extra care of yourself during the rain as it is highly possible that the bold can return quicker than expected during the rainy season. This can ultimately affect the lifeline of your surface.

How to Pressure Wash a Brick Paver Driveway?

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up y’all so thanks for coming back for part two of this series is gonna be a three-part series all about me getting a new pressure washer doing some driveway pressure washer & all that kind of stuff over by there so in the last video I just did the unboxing and talked about why I purchased that particular Ryobi now I’m gonna show you how it did with the surface cleaner and this is a Briggs & Stratton surface cleaner, as well as an extension I bought which was recommended by somebody in the Facebook group, thank you for that because it saved my back so with that let’s get right into the video.

So it’s been two years since I’ve done this but really it should be done every single year and you can see this is starting to get black again here and that’s just this mildew that builds up I know these are always here too you’ll see what they look like after we’ll use these as before this year all this down through here is because all the water just flows out of that corner and it just comes right down through here I don’t really know what to do about that it’s just the way that the lawn drains really down over by here this one is not quite as bad as it was before if you guys will remember this is where I did my LC n initials right here and that’s now completely faded out.

So this is what it looked like years ago before it was cleaned at all and then it was right around any way you’ll see the difference.

So the ryobi did a good job pushing this surface cleaner across my driveway you’ll see all the black stuff coming out what that is is it’s like I don’t know mildew and gunk and junk that builds up in the joints now people will ask me is this gonna blow the sand out from the joints and the answer is yes the longer you linger the more of the sand and your joints it will blow out I need to resend the driveway anyway and typically when you do a pressure washing at least from where I sit it’s also the same time that you’re gonna go ahead and Reese and and reseal everything either way I am due for that but I’m not gonna sand it yet because we’re still in the rainy season here so I’m doing this cleaning today and you’ll notice I’m not using any bleach or any chemicals or anything else to enhance the cleaning what I’m doing is just really testing out the pressure washer with the surface cleaner and it worked great in another month or so I’ll do another cleaning on this using some bleach getting.

Everything cleaned out even better and then I’ll Reese and reseal the driveway subscribe to see how I do that when I compared this setup to the previous electric setup that I had its head and shoulders above and you would expect that this is a much more powerful unit and a larger surface cleaner I’ll put some pricing up here where you can see what it would cost to do the.

Electric set up versus the gas set up that I have going.

You’ll also notice periodically that I stopped and rinsed all the gunk down to the end that’s one of the things that kept happening because this was working in the hot Florida Sun areas that I finished if I didn’t rinse him down fast enough the dirt and gunk would just dry right back onto the pavers so I would do a section and use the surface cleaner and then go back and rinse it down from there.

All right well I hope that was helpful to you guys now what I’m gonna do is show you the after results that I got on my brick pavers here and I’ll keep in mind I didn’t use any bleach or anything like that this is just straight water I am gonna come back here in a couple of months and do this again I’ll use bleach and everything because I need two reefs and reseal this entire driveway didn’t do that this time so I just went with straight water to see the results we could get and here they are so we do have similar Sun conditions it’s.

Actually very bright today I don’t think it was quite as bright yesterday but I can definitely see a difference in this portion of the driveway it’s much cleaner now you will see there are some areas where maybe I didn’t rinse as good as I should have you know and there’s some sand and stuff down in there but for the most part this is a lot cleaner than it was I don’t know if it’s gonna show up on the camera that way I’ll try to do before-and-after but the real place is where you’re gonna see the difference or down here this area right here I had mentioned is where all the junk runs off now you can still see it’s stained it’s still darker.

But it is definitely cleaner and I showed this in some of the videos as well but you can see all of the gunk that was all in here is all gone or most of it’s gone there’s still some left and again this needs to be done again maybe I need to do a second run on it so you can see some of that still in there but I think that’s just from my impatience and you know rushing through it but definitely a marked vast improvement like I said this will need another pass over for the most part I’m really happy with what I got let me go ahead and show you the before and after still pictures I took as well now in the next video I’m going to show you how the surface cleaner and the pressure washer worked on concrete that’s covered with this black mildew that we get here in Florida it gets on our roofs all over the streets in the gutters in on any concrete surfaces with that I’m a Latina lawncare nut thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the lawn.

Does it take power and water to run your driveway cleaner?

No, the driveway cleaner usually does not require any power or water to run because they are simply powered by efficient petrol-based machines. The professional driveway cleaner can easily hook itself to the water tank nearest to your property and use a very less amount of water when compared to the total usage of the owner of the property.

The age and functioning of your driveway may run the color of your surface and it is only in a very small amount. Only if you use the right material and follow the right process, then only the color run is reduced and it is done by simply softening the surface along with grime and dirt.


The driveway cleaner offers you the best cleaning of the floor and it gets rid of the stubborn stains, harmful bacteria, dust, and dirt. It also concerns your safety insurance and dries very quickly so that you can easily walk on the clean floor without getting slipped off.

We highly hope that this review might have helped in knowing about the driveway surface cleaner and how to use it and take care of it. It might also make you look for the various important features you must look for in your product when you are buying it for cleaning.

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