Best Magnetic Eyelashes to Enhance Your Look

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Do you want to give volume to your eyelashes?

Do you want to get rid of the hassles of glue or applicator?

Are you worried about not having much hair on lashes?

If your answer is yes to all the above questions then what you need is a magnetic eyelash. The magnetic eyelashes not only give volume to your eyelashes but are also skin-friendly due to not having any glue. They make your eyes look bigger and gorgeous and get set on your eyes easily using the magnet pin. Given below is the list of 10 best rated magnetic eyelashes:

Quick Comparison of 10 Best Magnetic Eyelashes for 2021

Here is the Updated list of 10 Best Magnetic Eyelashes for 2021. Check these for your perfect selection of Magnetic Eyelashes Now!

Buying Guide for the Best Magnetic Eyelash in 2021


Before you buy magnetic eyelashes or placing an order for magnetic eyelashes, you must check the full-length magnetic eyelashes so that you can trim them to fit your eyes. With more lashes, you will get a more dramatic look on your face. They look so natural on your face that people, do not come to ask you that if they are real or not. It must be light in weight so that it can get easily set on your eyes without any hassling and getting fit on your eyes comfortably giving you a natural look. If they are too wide for your eyes, then also you can maintain them by trimming the extra size and make them fit your eyes according to their shape. There must be at least four strips of the lashes that you can apply on the top of the outer corner and one on the inner corner, then the other two on below of the outer corner as well as the inner corner. They must come with the dual magnets attached on the top to easily bend your magnetic eyelashes according to the curve of your original lashes.


Make sure that your top-rated magnetic eyelashes are made up of the material which is a synthetic fiber and not of any plastic shine which looks unnatural or part of any Halloween costume. Or you can opt for the lashes which are made up of human hair which is average looking. To go with your natural lashes, you must ensure that they are not much shiny and must be made up of silk. You must keep in mind while buying the falsies that they are available to you at an affordable price and you can wear them day to day. Furthermore, the magnet should have the marking to guide you out of which magnet should be connected and must keep them close to your natural lashes.

Full Strip:

They must be designed in such a way that they have a unique strip and magnet system to make it easy for you to apply. To create a full lash look on your eyes you can use two pairs of half strips on each eye from the total of eight half-strips which will make you look accent. Ensure that half of your strips have two magnets, making them better and durable to use and thus allow you to curve do magnetic eyelashes work around your lash lines. All you have to do is to stick your magnetic eyelash on the outer corner of the magnet and then curl the lashes connecting it with the inner side of the magnet. To get close to your original eyelash, you must ensure that your product contains dual magnets and the half strip must be flexible.


Ensure that you pick up a tori belle magnetic eyelashes that is durable and can be reused multiple times. The magnet should be pop up from your lashes the second third time you are going to reuse them.  When you get to know that your magnetic eyelashes can be reused then you need a storage case to store them carefully. Also, to maintain their lifeline you need to store them in a secure location especially if your falsies are small in size. Moreover, you must keep in mind that the lifespan of your falsies purely depends on the secure container you have stored them in. They must come with a storage case that is made up of plastic and is portable so that you can take them wherever you want to. Because of their solid latch and design, they are handy and you can keep track of them with ease. The sturdy case to store your falsies has a different section to store the lashes and get close securely, protecting your magnetic eyelash from dust or any environmental pollution.

Low maintenance:

You must pick up the magnetic eyelashes that are opulent by look even though they are made up of synthetic fibers. The human hair are also in the list of recommendation as they are average looking and are of good quality material makes you look natural wearing no falsies on eyes. They must make you feel comfortable Look for the product that has magnets in two to three on each strip instead of one magnet on each strip as they would give more curves along the lash line which makes it fit with your natural eyelashes. With more than one magnet attached to each strip, they have multiple points that give them access to get bend easily. Look for how to put on magnetic eyelashes material that is designed in such a way that they are light in weight so that you do not have to worry about maintaining them. Choose the falsies that do not get fall while you are shaking your head or jumping on the floor or constantly watching down on the floor. They must be easy to apply and must be easy for you to maneuver around the lash lines as some of the magnetic eyelashes come with very lashes. With more density, your products are much more light in weight and make you feel more comfortable and secure best on your eyes without any hassle. With the lightweight, you can wear your falsies for more than 4 hours continuously with ease and they will not fall.

10 Best Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews for 2021

1. Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

Best Magnetic EyelashesNow you can have thicker, longer, natural-looking eyelashes…in a much more convenient way! Our Arishine eyelash extension kit is very simple to use so you can quickly and easily get the gorgeous lashes you’ve been looking for.

Since the eyeliner is magnetic, all you have to do is put on the magnetic eyeliner and then put on the magnetic eyelashes on top of it. That’s it! It’s that simple!

How does this work? This professional eyelash extension kit is made with ultra-fine magnetic particles that make the magnetic eyelash easy to attach. Both are very strong so you don’t need to worry about your professional look fading away. They will hold all day long and through nearly every activity.

You can also reuse them again and again. This DIY eyelash extensions kit also comes with 3 PAIRS OF MAGNETIC EYELASHES so that you can benefit from this experience more long-term and get even more value than what other kits usually offer.

Easy Application

Effortlessly use this magnetic eyeliner together with the natural-looking magnetic eyelashes. Enjoy its quick-drying formula with its smudge-proof quality, giving you a long-lasting makeup that stays intact throughout the day.

Enhances Your Beauty

This eyelash extension starter kit can fit a wide range of skin tones and complement different eye colors. It draws focus to your eyes and levels up your overall makeup and appearance. Look gorgeous without trying too hard.

Natural Looking Lashes

Enjoy the best natural-looking magnetic eyelashes that enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. They do not feel too heavy on the eyes but they keep your eyes look awake and alive. These lashes fan out to bring out the best of your eyes.

Safe for Use

The ingredients incorporated in this makeup product are hypoallergenic and safe for skin contact. It does not contain allergens that may cause skin irritation – all for a beautiful eyelash extension kit amazon set of eyes.

Customers Feedback:

Came in fast! This kiss eyelash extension kit is a GAME CHANGER!!!! I absolutely love this and so happy with this purchase! The liquid liner does keep the lashes where they need to be. Lashes look fab and I love the option of a dramatic lash and a more natural lash. Great price for lashes and I have told all my friends about them. I had 4 girls tell me that they were getting them too after the videos I’ve posted about it and how happy I was using them! Only thing to be careful with is the liquid liner. Just make sure to twist it back onto the tube because the liner gets tacky fast! But other than that, I frikin love this!!!!

Ok so I have decently long eyelashes naturally (see the picture in the patterned dress), but they’re not full so I spend a decent amount of time in the morning applying mascara and separating them to get them as full as I’d like. So, I’m vain but I’m lazy lol so I wanted to try these individual eyelash extensions kit. So happy I did (see the black dress picture)! I’ve received so many compliments on them and can’t help but go “they’re magnetic!!” The liner itself is a learning curve. It’s pretty thin and the brush makes it pretty easy for it to get everywhere if you’re not careful. I wish it was a pen liquid liner. But the lashes themselves are amazing! I trimmed them down because they were literally touching my eyebrows and too wide for my eyes initially. After doing that, perfection!! I’ve recommended them to several people!

I am in love with these eyelash extension kit! I have had strip lashes, and extensions, and everything in the book and these are the easiest and most comfortable of them all. Their texture is amazing and they look and feel wonderful. I apply my regular liner first since the magnetic one is a little thick. I just put that at the very base of the lash line so they pop right on

2. HSBCC Coolours Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit

Magnetic Eyelashes ReviewsMagnetic eyelashes are becoming more and more popular now. We know nearly everyone wants thicker, longer, gorgeous eyelashes. Well, we have launched this very simple magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit that will help you achieve just that.

These magnetic eyeliner lashes come with 5 strong magnets each while our magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula so the lashes can easily attach and stay on.

Looking for a magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit that will give you a natural look that is not always easy to find. Our Magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit give you that natural look you’ve been wanting and all day long with our high-strength tiny magnets.

Now you have not just one pair, but also three style lashes(Natural, Party, and Daily Styles). This magnetic lashes eyeliner allows you to experience the benefits of our magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit. The three different styles in the kit make it easier for you to have lashes for any occasion. Also,the best magnetic lashes cover just two-thirds of your eyelashes toward the outer corners and give you a glamorous 3D looking instantly

Our magnetic eyelashes kit is very durable and strong. It’s also waterproof and does not fade. You can enjoy your beautiful lash look all day long.

It can be put on with on hand – No special skills or makeup artist needed. The eyeliner system couldn’t be easier to use. The eyeliner is applied the same as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly.

Now you can have gorgeous, natural-looking eyelashes. Our magnetic lashes with eyeliner, different from the way you used magnetic eyelashes in the past, it’s easy to apply and remove. With this special kit, you can put on flawless eyelashes very easily. Just style the magnetic eyeliner as you would any liquid eyeliner and then apply the magnetic lashes. It’s that easy!

How does this work? The magnetic eyeliner is made with ultra-fine magnetic particles that make the magnetic eyelash easy to attach.

Both are very strong so you don’t need to worry about your professional look fading away. They will hold all day long and through nearly every activity. You can also reuse them again and again.

These kiss magnetic eyeliner and lashes are long-lasting, anti-smudge and waterproof,you can also reuse them again and again, and they are suitable for the four seasons, enhance the shape and color of your eyes, make your eye attractive and charming.

How To Use:

  1. Please shake the eyeliner well before use
  2. Apply eyeliner first
  3. Put the magnetic eyelash on top of your eyeliner,so it can make your false eyelashes invisible.
  4. Adjust the position according to your need.

How To Remove: 

  1. Prepare makeup remover or drugstore-bought Micellar Water.
  2. Gently remover the magnetic eyelashes.
  3. Wash your face with warm water Then wipe with Q-Tips and eye makeup remover. Eyeliner will come off.

Enjoy natural-looking lashes that enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. They do not feel too heavy on the eyes but they keep your eyes look awake and alive. These lashes fan out to bring out the best of your eyes.

Soft as your real eyelashes, making your eyes look more attractive, and you won’t feel like you are wearing false eyelashes at all

We have launched this very simple kit that will help you achieve just that. This eyeliner magnetic lashes come with 5 strong magnets each while our magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula so the lashes can easily attach and stay on.

Our magnetic eyeliner system contains more eyeliner liquid than most other magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kits. Just put your focus on using this convenient, effective magnetic eyeliner with lashes set!

Customers Feedback:

Ok ladies, this best magnetic eyeliner lashes is the first time I have ever been able to successfully wear falsies! The application is so freaking easy! The magnetic eyeliner was SO easy to apply. I watched some YouTube videos and discovered that you can apply your regular eyeliner first then apply the magnetic liner over the regular liner, so that is what I did. So easy! I let the liner dry, then just popped these babies on. I will be wearing these all the time now. I got them to wear to a wedding but it’s so easy to do it definitely can be done everyday! I’m so excited! You must try them, you won’t be disappointed.

I am so happy with these magnetic lashes eyeliner! I have been getting volume eyelash extensions for quite a long time but I’m finding it really difficult to have the time every two weeks to go in so I decided to give falsies another go and my sister suggested I tried doing the magnetic eyeliner kind because I’ve tried all the others with glue etc. They are incredibly easy to place!! These are by far my favorite and will definitely take the place of my eyelash extensions!
Great! One of the easiest ways to put on lashes! I had to trim them a little to fit my eyes but they work PERFECTLY! I was very skeptical, thought the magnetic eyeliner and lashes would be like the other magnetic lashes that you have to stick to each other that takes 30 minutes to look right. Nope, I applied the eyeliner and put on the lashes, took me a whole 2 minutes! I also have very sensitive eyelids and had no reaction at all to the eyeliner!

3. ARVESA 8x False Magnetic Eyelashes Full Set

Ardell Magnetic EyelashesAs you know Magnetic Lashes are Extremely Hard to wear using the Magnetic Applicator we see everywhere on Amazon. It sticks with the magnets of lashes and does not leave them while applying. So we designed a Special Non-Magnetic Tool for Magnetic Eyelashes. This applicator also has round edges to protect your eyes from getting poked.

Our Professionally Designed magnetic false eyelashes are made with ultra-thin fibers of 0.2 mm to provide “Just the right amount of Length and Volume” you need. It makes them blend perfectly with your Beautiful Natural Lashes and do not make you look like a drag queen.

Our 3 times stronger magnets than all other magnetic eyelashes brands makes them impossible to fall when you blink your stunning eyes in front of everyone and saves you from feeling embarrassed and losing the lashes.

Our very beautiful magnetic false eyelashes are 30% lighter and Stronger than similar-looking Brands. It holds your lashes in place all the time even when you travel.

Unlike other Brands, we offer 100% Money-Back without asking any questions. If you are unsatisfied, Simply reply to any of our follow-up emails and leave the rest on us. We will process your No-Questions-Asked refund instantly!!

Customers Feedback:

I don’t wear false eyelashes all the time, just for special occasions. I have struggled with adhesive lashes before so I have been trying out amazon magnetic false eyelashes. Others I’ve tried were okay, but these are by far my favorite. The case keeps each piece in place since it has a magnetic backing. The lashes are a nice shape and suit my face. They’re not irritating or uncomfortable when wearing either. The first few tries at getting them on were tricky, but that’s the case with anything. After that, putting on these lashes is super easy and taking them off is just as easy! I can’t believe I ever GLUED eyelashes to my natural lashes. Taking these off is a breeze as the just glide of smoothly. No tearing, ripping or crying… I would definitely recommend these false lashes!!

They are EXACTLY what I was looking for. They come in 2 styles Accents and Full size so no need to buy separately and both styles are amazing false eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner. For me, it only took a few mins to get the hang of it! I had watched many videos provided by the seller ARVESA and they helped me to get it right at first. They blend in with my natural lashes and they aren’t uncomfortable at all. I have no complaints whatsoever. So glad I made the purchase. Would highly recommend for the people who love Natural Look.

I am a total amateur at applying false lashes, but these made it so easy!! At first I had a bit of a hard time, but once I figured out to apply the bottom one first & close my eye go hold it, it was a breeze. But before I figured that out I had to pull them off and apart several times. They held up to all of that not so gentle tugging. They are comfortable, I actually forget that I have them on after about thirty mins or so. I would definitely recommend the magnetic false eyelashes for beginners to experts!

4. Arishine 5 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

Magnetic Eyelashes UltaNow you can have thicker, longer, natural-looking eyelashes in a much more convenient way with these best reusable magnetic eyelashes.

Our Arishine Magnetic eyeliner and lashes kits are very simple to use so you can quickly and easily get the gorgeous lashes you’ve been looking for.

How does this work? These magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner are made with ultra-fine magnetic particles that make the magnetic eyelash easy to attach.

Both are very strong so you don’t need to worry about your professional look fading away. They will hold all day long and through nearly every activity. You can also reuse them again and again.

Our reusable magnetic eyelashes also come with 5 PAIRS OF MAGNETIC EYELASHES so that you can benefit from this experience more long-term and get even more value than what other kits usually offer.

Putting on our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner kit is very simple. First, apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to become tacky and then apply the magnetic eyelash on top of it. It is easy to use!

We offer 5 different pairs of the best reusable magnetic eyelashes so that you can use them not just showing your one style, and again and again together with the magnetic eyeliner.

The eyelashes kit can keep the entire look from day to night with few touches. It can reuse many times since the hairs of false eyelashes are all the strongest and best, the magnetic eyeliner also can be used as normal eyeliner.

Gives you a natural look, If you want light makeup with subtle changes, it must be recommended. A little change in your eyes may make you a great difference.

These eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner are lightweight, you even can’t feel it when you wear it. No glue, No sticky tape adhesive! You can free your eyes. We choose absolutely safe ingredients, premium quality eyelashes made of silk, super comfortable and lightweight, and used the upgrade magnetic technology, to give our customers the best experience.

Why Choose Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit?

Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes kit, you can experience the benefits of gorgeous, thicker lashes. The 5 different styles of magnetic eyelashes kit make it easier for you to have lashes for any occasion. Work. School. Girls’ night out.

SAFE & HEALTH – made of high-quality safe ingredients by FDA approved, and 100% Non-Toxic ingredients and it’s latex-free, avoid glue allergy.

NATURAL EYELASHES – 5 pairs of magnetic eyelashes in 5 styles included, makes your eyes look beautiful.

EASY to Apply – snap on with tweezers – no special skills needed, good for the beginner.

FAST – no more frustration applying eyelashes and no more glue needed.

STRONG Magnetic- holds well all day but it is also easily repositioned.

COMFORTABLE – no more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes.

HIGH-QUALITY – long-lasting and waterproof magnetic liquid eyeliner.

The BEST GIFT FOR WOMEN: The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit is the best choice for your girlfriend, mother or wife, wear on it. Let their eyes natural look and bigger, beauty and brighter, they could be younger, active and charming.


1. No glue! No need tape adhesive! Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful lashes.

2. Easy to Apply, No special skills or makeup artist needed.

3. Totally waterproof and Smudge Proof! Won’t Fall Off!

4. Easy to Keep or Take or Use: With an exquisite small case, you can keep the eyelashes well when you don’t use it. And also you can take it to go anywhere and put it on your eyes whenever and wherever you want.

How to simplify your makeup process?

Step 1. Slightly Shake the eyeliner before use. (This is very important)

Step 2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner you like.

Step 3. Carefully pick up the magnetic eyelashes.

Step 4. Put on your magnetic eyelashes and adjust. If the length is not suitable, you can cut it or make other adjustments, just like using normal false eyelashes.

How to remove it?

1. Prepare makeup remover and cleansing cotton before remove.

2. Gently remover the magnetic eyelashes, from top to bottom.

3. Use the eye makeup remover and then come off eyeliner.

4. Use the Wet wipes clean eyelashes and put them into the kit.

Customers Feedback:

To be completely honest I did not expect this reusable magnetic false eyelashes to work at all, so I was very pleasantly surprised when it worked so well! It goes on very smooth, and my lashes stayed on all day without budging or falling off. I got so many compliments throughout the day! I found that it worked a bit better if I put some of the liner on the base of my lashes themselves, but I honestly think that is just due to the type of lashes I was using with it. And now that I know this brand offers kits with lashes as well, I am going to be trying those out next! Some of the liner did come off on the magnets when I removed the lashes at the end of the day, but I kind of expected that. I just made sure to clean the magnets with a cotton swab to remove any residue. I was also a little worried that the liner might irritate my eyes and/or skin, but I had no issues at all! It took a little work with a makeup wipe your get it all removed after having it on all day, but I find that happening with any long lasting makeup such as lipsticks and waterproof liners as well. All in all I am really happy with this liner so far, and am happy to have a more affordable option compared to other brands I’ve looked at!

These eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner actually work! I was a bit shocked due to the fact I’ve tried something similar which was a waste of money. But these lashes are the best I had to trim mine down since I have smaller eyes. The eyeliner goes on smooth dries quickly and the lashes go right on and stay until you take them off. I wore them while working out to see if sweating would do anything and it didn’t. They stayed on like a champ. I’d definitely buy these again.

I love this magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner. I have used 5 different brands for far and each and everyone of them seemed to peal of so easily. I tried everything! With/without primer, 3 coats/only one coat, I would avoid heat, avoid sweating, avoid wind blowing at the lashes, and somehow the corners of the liner would pop off of my face with the lashes attached to the liner still. Then I would have to scratch off the liner from the magnets again to try to place them on my eyes again. Long story short, this is the only magnetic eyeliner that actually stays and won’t peal off. I’ve worn them all day yesterday and today, and it stays put. The applicator is easy to use, no need for multiple coats, and you can use any magnetic lash strips. I got some from Ulta and they look phenomenal

5. EssyNaturals Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

Best Magnetic Eyelashes ReviewsYou can finally find a very convenient, special way to have voluminous, thicker eyelashes. It is through our Magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit.

It’s a really simple way to get gorgeous lashes. What you do is simply use the magnetic eyeliner and then put on the natural magnetic eyelashes. That’s it!

This lash and liner kit are also super stronger. You can go about your day showing off your look without the worry about them falling off. You can reuse them again and again.

Upgrade 3D glamour magnetic eyelashes with the newest magnet design, create the most glamorous look with these 3d best magnetic natural eyelashes. No more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes.

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are so convenient for you to use and almost instantly give you a gorgeous, dramatic lash look.

Our magnetic lashes and eyeliner kit includes a special case for the 2 pairs of lashes with a compact mirror so you can put on the liner and lashes anywhere you go!

Tiny magnetic particles are inside this special magnetic eyeliner that is strong enough to easily attach to magnetic eyelashes natural look.

Cosmetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, yet feels completely natural. The magnetic eyelashes are also embedded with tiny high-strength magnets.

This lashline system couldn’t be easier to use. This best magnetic eyelash natural magnetic natural finish false eyelashes is first applied in the same way as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly “click” into place. That’s it!

Customers Feedback:

Okay. These best magnetic eyelashes natural come with two sets. I put the shorter set on and LOVED them. My grown daughter came over and I glammed her up which I’m not really certain she appreciated. But whatever. I made her so I get to curl her hair and put false eyelashes on her if I want. And she lets me. The longer set is LONG. Not for wearing to work. The shorter ones definitely are, though. They are longer and thicker than my own, look natural-ish (better when I figure out the eyeliner), and they do not look plastic and cheap. They look nice. I actually forgot I had them on. My daughter did not forget she had on the long set and took them off. Twice. I made her put them back on for a picture. So the long ones are a no. The shorter ones are a resounding yes!

I bought these best natural magnetic eyelashes on a whim and I am happily surprised! The liner is easy to apply, and the lashes actually stuck right to the liner. I will advise to put some mascara on the natural lashes first bc the lashes have a bunch of little magnets so there is a little separation from the natural to the faux lashes. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and I’d recommend them for people who want to pop lashes on super quickly. I would be interested if they had larger more glam lashes in the future. The ones that come in this best magnetic natural eyelashes are more natural looking.

My application of the eyeliner could use a little fine-tuning, but other than that this was super easy to use! I have included pictures of my first attempt. I have the more conservative lash on my right eye, and the more extravagant lash on my left. Personally the longer lashes would only be for a big night out, or a Halloween costume. Unless I trim them, which I might do. I could get away with the more conservative ones for a regular day. At this point I’ve only applied them so I can’t say how well they stay, but I CAN say the application was a BREEZE compared to glue-on natural magnetic eyelashes!

6. Reazeal Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner

Magnetic Fake EyelashesAre you still struggle to have natural, gorgeous, and long-lasting lashes? These magnetic eyelash extensions can be quite expensive and spend a lot of time. With our magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit, you don’t need to spend such much, yet will help you achieve an equal effect.

The newly formulated Magnetic Eyeliner contains more magnetic particles than most other magnetic eyelashes that catch the eyelashes perfectly in a snap. And will remain really tight on the eyelash. Our eyelash extensions with magnets made of high-quality synthetic fibers offer a naturally softer and bold look that frames the eye, and with five stronger magnets, so the lashes and liner work together with strong magnets, no worries that the eyelashes will fall, and the tweezers are designed with a modern, easier to use curvature.

Our NYX liquid eyeliner is an updated formula, it contains more magnetic particles than most other magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner kits. Choose Reazeal, you can experience the benefits of gorgeous, thicker lashes, strong and long hold than other sets, which means you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of dropping, also you don’t need to purchase another kit as soon.

Because of the curvature design of the tweezers, it greatly reduces the challenge of wearing elastic eyelashes, with tweezers you just need to catch your eyelashes. This increases the accuracy with which to wear the eyelash.

Our magnetic eyelash extensions amazon is a new design one, the lashes made of high-quality synthetic fibers, gives the natural softer and bold look that frames the eye, and it with five stronger magnets. Our liquid eyeliner contains more magnetic particles than others’, lashes and liner work together by strong magnets, the tweezers is designed a new curvature, easier to use.

Having a pair of charming eyelashes is the pursuit of every woman. Our Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner kit gives you that natural look you’ve been wanting. High-strength tiny magnets work great, no worry that the eyelashes will fall.

Our Magnetic Eyelashes use a proprietary manufacturing process with precision, the suction is increased by 50%, the eyelashes are tightly adsorbed and will not slip off, minimizing the spacing of the magnet for a more natural and beautiful look.

The perfect curve of the eye is outlined waterproof and not blooming. Fast-drying eyeliner, each eyeliner bottle contains 3 million micro-nano-sized magnetic beads for better absorption and improves stickiness when magnetic eyelashes are added.

Putting on our magnetic lashes over eyelash extensions with the Eyeliner kit is so easy. Shake the liquid eyeliner before using it, then apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to become fully dry and then apply the magnetic eyelash on top of it. That’s it! No mess! No stress!

Customers Feedback:

I don’t wear much makeup but wanted to try the magnetic lashes without spending a fortune so I ordered without much expectation…. surprised by the fast shipping, loved the case, eyeliner went on very smooth and natural, lashes were very soft, very long & full. Tried them on and they felt great and if I were were younger and actually wore makeup I would have absolutley LOVED them but a bit too long and full for me wearing alone.. I contacted the company and they immediately responded and offered to send me a more natural lash style.. I’m so excited to try them!! Great colored liquid eyeliner, great customer service for a great price. P.S. my daughter and her friends are all ordering this long style. They look just like lash extensions!

These work!! Forget nearly blinding yourself with eyelash glue…if you can put on liquid eyeliner, you got this magnetic eyelash extensions! Glue on never worked for me because by the end of whatever event they were falling off. Once I got sweaty at a Pride parade and thought I’d go blind from the glue! #truestory I’ve tried other magnetic lashes and while they’re ok, if you lose one part the other is worthless. Plus forget wearing metal framed sunglasses. Srsly.

I truly recommend these magnetic eyelashes vs extensions.The product is easy to use. Shake the bottle, swipe the top of your kids with liner, and let it dry. Then approach your eyelid with the lash and it will automatically attract to the skin.These are the best eyelashes I have found so far.

7. AsaVea Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit

Magnetic Eyelashes AmazonThese magnetic eyelashes give you just that, while at the same time are very easy to use and comfortable to wear. This best magnetic eyeliner kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is also smudge-proof and is used with a familiar brush. No need for any sticky glue!

This magnetic lashes eyeliner kit is made of Grade A handcrafted fiber that is ultra-soft and long for entire eyes. The Eyeliner is long-lasting, smudge-resistant, and waterproof. A specially designed alloy applicator for magnetic eyelashes makes it very easy to wear.

The 100% handmade magnetic eyelashes can be used many times with proper use and storage. The magnetic eyelashes come with 5 strong magnets each while our magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula so the lashes can easily attach and stay on.

We offer 3 different pairs of best reusable magnetic eyelashes so that you can use them not just showing your one style, and again and again together with the best magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner.

All you have to do is put on the magnetic eyeliner as you would any other liquid eyeliner and then put on the magnetic eyelash right on top of it. The magnetic eyelash will quickly attach itself to where you put the eyeliner. That’s it! No mess! No stress! Just a gorgeous look!

The magnetic eyelashes have no messy glues or adhesives required, easy to apply. The glue-free design minimizes irritation to your eyes and also prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes.

This is the magnetic eyeliner and lash kit most fashionable Chicago magnetic eyeliner and lash kit may give you a natural and beautiful look. Put on these thin and long false eyelashes and your eyes would look bigger, beauty brighter and more attractive, you will look naturally gorgeous and beautiful.

AsaVea magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit are very durable and robust. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t fade. You can enjoy your beautiful lash look all day long!

Customers Feedback:

As a stripper, pole-dancer and makeup artist I’d love to pass along that THIS product actually delivers 100%. The ‘goop’ (eyeliner) only needs one or two layers and will easily hold onto your lashes (so far ANY magnetic lashes), for as long as needed. (Of course, water or just a spray of makeup ‘setter’ with cause them to plummet to the ground, but that’s the nature of the beast …same with showers of course). If you love fancy magnetic eyeliner and lash kit, try trimming one or two then place above the outer end of each lash. CLICK! Voila! SEXY, ‘batty’ lashes that DO get the looks (and it looks lovely)!

I’m absolutely loving this best magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit! I am terrible at applying falsies with glue and these are so easy! I do 2 coats of liner and make sure to wait for it to dry. They go on effortlessly and stay put! It came with 3 pairs. One pair that is more natural and 2 that are a little too “extra” for my preference. My only complaint is I wish one pair was somewhere I the middle drama wise.

I rarely leave reviews, but when I do, they’re never good…until now. Y’all, these are the tits! I’ve only worn false lashes twice in my life. I’ve never put them on myself. These lashes could not be more simple. I didn’t have to trim them. The liner went on smooth and easy. The magnetic lashes eyeliner kit popped right into place. They pull off easily. They are crazy light. I can barely tell I have them on. I was in a huge rush and threw these on, first time, in minutes. I didn’t even do a great job, and they still look amazing! Buy them. You won’t be disappointed!

8. LAVONE Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner

Top Rated Magnetic EyelashesLavone Magnetic Eyelashes come with 5 strong magnets each will quickly attach itself to where you put the eyeliner. Reusable 10-15 times, better fitting, long-lasting, smudge resistant, and waterproof magnetic fake eyelashes.

Lavone best magnetic eyelashes with a magnetic eyeliner system contain more eyeliner liquid than most other magnetic eyeliner and lashes kits. Just focus on having gorgeous, thicker lashes in a very convenient manner.

Three styles of fake eyelashes magnetic eyeliner (Natural, Party, and Daily Styles), experience the benefits of Lavone magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit. The three different styles make it easier for you to have lashes for any occasion. Also,the best magnetic lashes cover just two-thirds of your eyelashes toward the outer corners and give you a glamorous 3D looking instantly.

Lavone best fake eyelashes magnetic was created with a water-resistant formula to give you peace of mind on those rainy days and wet activities. Small but strong to make sure you have your gorgeous look all day long.


  1. Magnetic eyelashes can only be worn after the eyeliner is completely dry.
  2. If the lashes are not pasted firmly enough, you can draw the eyeliner thicker, such as two or three coats.
  3. Always remember to store the magnetic eyelashes in the case when not in use.
  4. Gently handle them when applying or removing the magnetic eyelashes.
  5. Remove the eyelashes off before washing the face or showering and sleeping.

Customers Feedback:

I have bought various types of these fake eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner and this kind is always a winner. Others available online are so expensive. These work really well! I do trim them a bit to fit my eyes better, I think I have smaller eyes so these are a bit too long. But, a little work with the scissors and they are good to go! The eyeliner is really easy to apply. Over all very happy with this product!

Nice magnetic eyelash kit. This magnetic fake eyelashes amazon comes with 3 nice sets of eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner and tweezers. The last set I bought only had the eyelashes and I was never able to get them to stay on. I were a pair of these lashes to a party and received so many compliments on my eyes which never happens. I didn’t have any problems with them falling off or even coming loose. They stayed on all night and I even slept in them and took them off the next morning while they were still exactly where I put them. These lashes have earned their five stars and then some.

I wasn’t so sure about these, however, these magnetic lashes really do work and stay in place. They also look natural. However, being older and having the dreaded drooping eyelid, they looked as if I had applied too much heavy eyeliner as the magnetic side of the eyelash is wider than I would like, which did not help my appearance. To be honest, these magnetic fake eyelashes would look wonderful on young women or for someone without the dreaded drooping eyelid as they would not have to apply a top eyeliner.
They appear quite natural, are easier than I thought to apply and stay on.

9. Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash Accents

Magnetic Eyelashes And EyelinerIf you want the amazing Wispies lash look without the hassle of fiddling around with traditional lashes and glue, you’ll love this super simple kit. With an easy 2-step application process, your lashes will be looking glam in no time at all. This Ardell magnetic eyelash is Long lasting and waterproof – no adhesive is required to apply these lashes.

Customize your gorgeous eye look with these magnetic eyelashes Ardell features groundbreaking multi-magnet technology that features smaller, virtually invisible magnets, strategically embedded end to end, for complete magnetic contact, so the upper and lower lashes lock together and lay down seamlessly along your natural lash line. Smaller magnets + more of them = a more secure hold and more subtle appearance. Light volume, medium length.

Four magnetic strategically placed on the lash band for a seamless fit the magnetics are smaller for a less noticeable appearance. This Ardell professional magnetic eyelashes band is pre-curved for a perfect contoured fit to lash line. The lashes include a top lash and bottom lash that lock together for a budge-proof fit. No adhesive is needed!

Accent lash: Half the width of a regular strip lash. Flared lash style: shorter at the inner corner and longer at the outer corner. Pre-curved band for a perfect contour fit. Invisiband provides an undetectable lash band and the most comfortable wear. Black color, made of 100% human hair.

Featuring tiny magnets placed along with each Ardell magnetic eyelashes Walgreens band, Magnetic Accents 002 are ideal for achieving effortlessly enhanced eye looks in seconds. The textured, wispy design adds length and volume to the outer corners of the eyes for a stunning, bold finish.

Customers Feedback:

This is my first Amazon review I’ve ever felt inclined to write (and I have been a Prime member for years)! These magnetic eyelashes ardell are the best! I have used falsies occasionally but would not consider myself a pro so I was kind of nervous about the complexity of these. Let me tell you- they were SO SIMPLE! And I could not feel them on and I received SO MANY compliments all day wearing them for the first time. All of my coworkers asked if I got lash extensions. It did take like 3 tries to get them perfect but now that I know exactly how to put them on, I’m so excited to wear again and again and purchase more styles!

I had these exact lashes purchased from a local drug store for months and was so frustrated that I couldn’t get them to work, I threw them away. BUT, After watching a few tutorials online, I ordered and tried again. Now, I love and wear them daily! The trick is that you must have mascara on your natural lashes already to give the magnets something to hang on to. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get it down, it’s a piece of cake and they are SO much more comfortable than the adhesive strip lashes. They’re light weight and very natural looking. I also haven’t had any damage to my natural lashes when I remove them at the end of the day. Highly recommend!

I love these ardell magnetic eyelashes so much. The accents fit my eyes perfect (full length ones I always have to trim off a magnet chunk which is sad and they end up being accent sized anyway) and after a lot of practice they’re easy to wear. Don’t be dismayed! They deserve more stars than it says. They’re lightweight and beautiful and so much easier for a day of wear than traditional glue-on lashes. If you want lashes less long/dramatic, Ardell’s non-accent lashes come in more simple and standard sizes. I apply mine a few minutes after my mascara has dried so that they don’t get gross or risk wiping it off when I have to reattempt application. Make sure the magnets are as close to the base of your eyelid as possible, and they’re good to go all day.

10. Magnetic Eyelashes, Day to Night Eyelash Kit

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions BUOCEANS Official eyelash Applicator is made of special alloy material, which greatly simplifies the original method, you just need to use it to put on the eyelashes for a few seconds. And you can have an extremely beautiful magnetic eyelash applicator.

BUOCEANS Eyelashes Made of premium synthetic fibers that result in luscious eyelashes, strong magnetic force secures your eyelash is placed in the right place, no messy glues or adhesives are required and make your eyes look bright and attractive.

When BUOCEANS Eyelashes are used properly, our eyelashes can be used again and again. After use, use a moist towelette to clean the magnetic eyelash applicator tool of makeup or another residue.

The glue-free design minimizes irritation to your eyes and also prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes. 4 pairs of magnetic lashes. You can also trim the eyelashes to be what you want. Plus, the eyelashes are reusable which will be environmental, save money, and a long time to use. Come in a luxury gift box. Great gift idea.

Applying with Applicator:

  1. Take one fake eyelash and attach it to one end of the tool. Take the other lash and attach it to the opposite of the tool.
  2. Please make sure the best magnetic eyelashes with applicator are facing downward towards the inside of the tool, so you can clip them around the shape of your eyes.
  3. Once they are attached to the tool, place the rounded curve of the tool around the natural curve of your eye and lash line, and simply clip down until the magnets adhere to each other.
  4. Gently pull the tool away from your eye, being careful not to strip the lashes from the lash line.

Customers Feedback:

I have seen advertisements for magnetic lashes everywhere and now I finally decided to try it out. I am pleased to say that as a makeup and false lash wearer, this magnetic eyelash applicator boots is a great and easier alternative. I find that they stay on really well once I cut them to put my particular eye shape. The magnetic quality is great bc it sticks on really well. I’ll be wearing these everyday now instead of false lashes!! Great gift for any false lash wearer.

I’m really not much of a makeup person, but the concept of attaching magnetic eyelashes seemed both intriguing and challenging. Well turns out it was quite the challenge, but mainly because I lack the skill of the steady hand, and couldn’t quite get the lashes close enough to my eyelids. Probably should’ve factored in the possibility that I might flinch every time I brought a metal stick close to my eyeballs. On the positive side, the lashes look very real, full, and I believe would make a nice addition to my makeup regimen. And the applicator for magnetic eyelashes is metal, so it’s easy to place the lashes on there in order to attach to your own lashes. But try as I might, I could not get them attached. Here is where I think having a friend do it for you might be the best bet. But I can’t fault the product, which seemed to be very well made, and the instructions were detailed. I will try this again, but I guess maybe I’m not made out for this type of product.

This comes with 4 sets of lashes and magnetic tweezers to help apply the lashes. The magnetic eyelash applicator come in two cases which helps to keep them organized. It takes some getting used to at first. The lashes look great and real but two sets are too full for me so I think I’m going to cut some down and just use the magnetic part on the two ends so they look more natural. I’m going to keep practicing putting these on!

FAQs on the Best Magnetic Eyelashes in 2021

What are the magnetic eyelashes?

The magnetic eyelashes are simple the false eyelashes which come with a magnet instead of lashes glue. They are the strips of lashes that get attracted by the layers of eyeliner by you have applied and set on your eyes properly. They give volume to your lashes and make them look linger and gorgeous and bring attention to your eyes. It is important to note that you do not go into an MRI machine while wearing them as it could be dangerous to your eyes and your skin and eyes can face any possible injury. Also, if you are allergic to lash glue, then you can go for the magnetic one which has two rows setting on the top and below of your upper eyelash just like a burger!

How to apply your magnetic eyelashes?

Before applying the magnetic eyelashes you have to clean your eyelid from any oil. You can do it by either applying the concealer or face powder. Then apply the magnetic eyeliner on your eyelid and let it dry as the magnetic eyelashes will not get stick without any eyeliner. After drying, it is necessary to apply the eyeliner again on your eyelid. And if your eyes are hoodie in nature, then you have to apply three layers of eyeliner. Then set each eyelash on top of the liner that you have applied while keeping in mind that you do not get too close to the inner eye. The lashes will get gently set on the magnetic eyeliner after you press on them in their correct position. It is important to consider the thickness of the liner that you have applied so that it gets stick to the magnetic eyelashes easily.

How to remove your magnetic eyelashes?

For removing, you have to pull off the eyelashes very carefully and gently and then remove the magnetic eyeliner using your makeup remover. You have to gently slide them out from your natural lashes without plucking off the hair of them. Your magnetic eyelashes do not have any glue or mascara over them. What you have to remove is only the eyeliner that you have applied in more than one coating by rubbing some alcohol on it using the Q - tip. It is important to keep in mind that you do not rub the alcohol on the lashes as if they get wet they will be permanently damaged and thus you should wash only the magnetic part. magnetic eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof so it is of no use that you wash them with water so it can be removed by only the makeup remover. All you have to do is wash your face with lukewarm water and then use the makeup remover, the magnetic eyeliner will come out on its own.

How do your magnetic eyelashes work?

The magnetic eyelashes do not use any glue to get stick to your natural lash line and securely set with your original lashes with ease. They are simply the strips of lashes which comes with pre- and affixed magnet on them having two rows. It works like a sandwich switching your upper eyelashes with the magnet pin. The upper row gets set on the top of your upper eyelash and the bottom row sets on below of your upper eyelash. There would not be any blob of glue to see and it works as if they are your natural eyelashes. If they are straight fitted on your eyes then bend them to curve down according to your natural eyelashes. And if they are too wide for your eyes then, trim them into the proper size that goes well with your eye shape.

How do magnetic eyelashes provide safety to your eyes?

It is as safe as you are applying mascara over your eyelashes, unlike the false lashes which have glue. Moreover, it is very easy to remove them and does not cause any harm or possible injury to your eyes or skin. Although, the negative impact it can cause to your eyes is the decreasing of your natural eyelashes in number it depends on the exceeding limit of your using them. It is better to choose the magnetic eyelashes of a high brand to prevent allergies or if you are having sensitive skin.

How to clean your magnetic eyelashes?

If you want to increase its lifespan then you have to take care of it and you can wear them around 20 to 30 times. If the magnet comes out of your lashes then it could be because you did not let the liner dry. You can clean the magnet on your eyelashes by carefully scraping it using your fingers or use can use tweezers. Also, you must ensure that while cleaning, you hold the upper lash in the top and bottom lash in down. You must first clean the magnetic particles from the eyeliner that are present on the magnet of the lashes. These particles somewhat obstacle and will weaken the magnetic attraction of the magnets. Soak the facial tissue in the makeup remover or you can use the micellar water but of you do not want to leave the residue then it is recommended to use the Q-Tips. Clean the magnet then by rubbing then until the magnetic particles are removed from them.

Magnetic Eyelashes Tutorial by Dominique Sachse

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to this week’s video. It is all about getting your lashes on literally I am focusing on magnetic lashes today you’ve seen me in previous tutorials put them on and it definitely takes practice I have found since I have been dabbling in lash alternatives lately as you know I’ve done lash extensions which work great I stopped doing it because a couple of reasons number one the time commitment it was about an hour out of my day every two weeks and also financially they start to add up and get very expensive and then I got frustrated with not being able to do soap and water on my eyes so once I remove those I let my natural lashes fill in and I have been experimenting with magnetic lashes in particular these outer wing lashes and I found these on Amazon and they’re the 0.2 millimeter so you know the size they’re they’re so easy to apply and they’ve been terrific because I literally will apply two coats of mascara let that set and then pop these babies on on my outer corner they’re feather-light they give me that nice little cat eye that I really like and at the end of the day I just take them wiggle them pry them loose and put them right back in their container so I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these and they’re great so I’m going to demo how to put these on we’ll go through it slowly so hopefully that’ll help you kind of hone in on your technique and the next thing that I’m going to do is the magnetic eyeliner and lashes I have a set by Tori bell and we will practice with putting on the magnetic eyeliner and then the lashes usually they’re wide so you can cut them down to fit your size and then we will pop these on and just kind of compare the differences between the two so let me push on him and we’ll go through this step-by-step so you can see hopefully follow along at home if you have some of these and maybe make it as painless as possible so it’ll happen in a snap and the way I stack them is I will do upper lash here on the bottom lower lash here that’s on the left side upper lash and lower lash they’re very easy to pull out this is a magnetic tray so you just literally lift them feather-light and then they just grip right back okay so I’m going to start with my left eye and I’m going to take that lash and I’m going to set it right here on top of my outer lash line right where I want it to be and it’ll it’ll stay put see how it’s sitting there I’m not going to move too much now I’m going to take that bottom one you can use those little grippers that come with it I’ve gotten very accustomed to doing this with my my hand so here’s the lower lash and it’s going to essentially grip the upper lash the two magnets meet and they pinch together pretty quickly so what I do is I take my finger and I hold that upper lash in place right where I want it and then I come in underneath and they instantly meet up and voila there it is lashes are on that was pretty pretty quick and painless and then what I do sometimes is as you know I have a coat of mascara on but I’ll take a liquid eyeliner and then I might fill in just a little bit on the inside of my eye and just deepen that line a tiny tiny bit just making sure that everything is matching up in terms of liner thickness all of that once your lash is in place you can play with it you shouldn’t feel anything if it feels like it’s tugging on your lid there’s a chance that those magnetic clamps clamped right by your lid and it’s pinching a little bit you can take it and grip it and sort of pull it out very very gently they will stay together it’s a strong magnetic grasp if it’s a little bit too far on the inside you can take it and slightly tug it and pull it a little bit to the outside just little maneuvers and movements sometimes if if it’s too far out you can take it and push it in there are a lot of different manipulations that you can do sometimes it just didn’t clasp in the right spot and you have to pull it out and start all over again you just take it and you grip and out it comes did not pull tug tear nothing it’s now clamped together so you take your fingers and you will just slightly wiggle and it separates them and you’ve got your upper and your lower lash again okay you can see so I’ll put it back on again just so you can see I always like to put them on the tray just so I don’t lose them I’ll tell you what these suckers can fall and if you’re wearing black all bets are off so I like to just put them in the magnetic tray as quickly as possible so I don’t lose these cuz I get a lot of wear out of them okay so here we go back on top position it where you want it grab the bottom one I just grabbed by the lashes take my finger hold on to the top and let the two meet underneath and they just come right together okay let me do the other side for you coming in on top just position it in the right spot grab the bottom hold it down and then let the two meet and that’s it and now you have magnetic lashes on they will stay on all day all night until you take wiggle and pull them out but I I adore these they are they’re an instant light wing they look extremely natural I wear these on the air all the time I wear them out I just think it’s that nice little outer flirty corner if your eyes are deep set or narrow it provides a nice little width a little cat eye you can really play up your makeup with this and you can draw out eyeliner a little bit more but you have so many great options and you saw I mean it trust me it will get that easy and quick it’s awkward at first until you get your system down I kind of compare it to learning how to put on a contact lens if you’ve ever had to wear contacts before the first time you’re struggling you’re struggling you’re thinking how am I going to get this thing on my eyeball and then on the sudden you get your system down and it’s like you’re in no biggie these will be the same way for you okay time for the next demo I have removed these outer lashes here and everything’s back in the little case I am moving on now to the Tauri bail magnetic eyeliner and the lash and the lashes that I’ve chosen is called 9 to 5 for that very reason it looks like a more natural type of a lash line all kinds of options by the way here’s here’s ladies night woo very flirty and if you really wanting to do it up right here’s selfie okay so anyway 9 to 5 for today so the instructions are you take your magnetic eyeliner this is in black and you will it around and they say to apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would a normal eyeliner you can do this by itself or you can put it on top of your favorite eyeliner so I’m going to go in and hug my lash line same on the other side and now here’s the important part it needs to dry for one minute I’ve got a little bit of liner down here on the lower lash line but I cleaned that up that would be so weird if my lash tried to stick down below like no go up anyway make sure your magnetic liner is exactly where you want it to be okay so line two I’m doing a little flick outside since I want that outer lash to kind of pick up and lift at the wing okay okay so now it is time to apply the 9 to 5 eyelashes I rested them on my lash line just to see how they fit and they are a little bit long for me so they say all you need to do is cut off one of the magnets in the back so you can see the spacing of the magnets and I’m just going to cut off one on the inner corner on each lash okay there’s one and the other one all righty you can use a clamp to apply it I’ve gotten so used to just using my fingers so that’s what I’m gonna do you take the lash and you bring it in toward the magnetic liner starting with the inner corner and it just clicks down and rests right on the magnetic liner that’s it so instead of bringing two to meet you’re just taking one lash line and having it meet with the liner it just immediately grips and rests on your your liner so so cool and so very easy and then when everything is where you want it you can take it you can wiggle it down if you need to till you get the right setting on it and that’s it so simple magnetic lashes either liner or the clamp it’s been so easy for me and in transformative and I just I have to share what works a little bit of care and upkeep on these when you take them off you need to clean the magnets but it’s very simple you just basically take your finger and scrape off any magnetic liner that’s stuck to the magnet to keep it fresh don’t want to get any oils on it anything like that you can get up to 20 uses of your magnetic lashes if you’re really careful use coconut oil or any oil-based makeup to remove the eyeliner that’s right so oil-based makeup gets the eyeliner off store them back in their case 20 more times you are good to go these retail for $55 so 55 bucks use 20 times hey that’s pretty good comments ideas suggestions for future videos whatever it is that you’re thinking about this video came about because of you because you’ve asked how do I do this please slow it down please show it to me so if there’s anything that you need a little bit more of a breakdown I am more than happy to accommodate if of course I figured it out so just make sure it’s within my my realm and oh we have the new year new you giveaway winner video the vlog coming on January 30th so exciting Jill Cooper from Bristol Indiana was here in Houston just this past weekend we had such a great time together I cannot wait for you to meet her for you to see all that took place during her three days here in Houston I think it was really it was special for us both and I can’t wait to share that with you so don’t forget next Thursday January 30th at 1:00 p.m. also oh by the way looks like I’m going to be back on The Today Show on Tuesday January 28th I am so excited yes Tuesday the 28th with Hoda and Jenna in the 10 o’clock hour on The Today Show I’m not saying anything more it’s just so cool anyway fabulous things going on in 2021 I hope it’s getting off to a great start for you okay go out be bold and be blessed and I will see you next Thursday.

I Tried Magnetic Eyelashes For A Week & Here’s What I Really Think

Video Transcript:

If there’s one thing I found that’s gonna make you look ten times better I really think it’s longer eyelashes I mean they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and your eyelashes are really what draw people to your eyes with my eyelashes specifically I’ve always found that they kind of point down they don’t really hold a curl so mascara really doesn’t help them that much and really mascara has never been the solution we want it right like it can look really globby and taking it off is just a huge mess especially waterproof mascara traditional fake eyelashes too kind of a mess with all that glue I just never really know how to use them and would end up with like really itchy eyes the whole night but now it’s 2019 and we finally have a better solution for eyelashes these are magnetic eyelashes and they’re pretty cool so they work by using a special kind of eye liner that forms a magnetic charge with the five magnets on the false eyelashes so I’m putting these magnetic eyelashes to the test I’m gonna wear them for three days also just want to say I’m no makeup artist so my makeup isn’t gonna be like absolutely perfect this is more as you know a normal person’s skill level how these eyelashes are gonna hold up so before using these my main concerns are really will they actually stay on and are they gonna feel heavy so we’re about to find out so these kiss magnetic eyelashes are reusable 30 times since you’re not putting glue on them like normal false eyelashes they last way way longer and finding the eyeliner is a really nice like thick opaque very black line but it’s pretty easy to use actually so I found the magnetic eyeliner had a nice really thin brush that made it easy to apply okay it’s really nice because you can actually adjust it as you go and you don’t get glue everywhere so I like that a lot so this is what I mean you can see here I’m moving the lashes around to really place them close to the lash line and even though I’m moving them it’s not making any mess because everything is really dry already I don’t know it’s nice because if you mess them up you can take them off but it doesn’t get glue everywhere it doesn’t make this huge mess I just think they look really good so now we are gonna start the 36 hours of wearing these two hours later okay just got home I’ve been wearing that eyelashes for probably six hours no sign of that falling off at all they have stayed on very very well like I am very impressed very impressed with these I really like these I think they look pretty natural but also it just makes your eyes so opened up and they just look pretty okay we’re about to go get my phone fixed eyelashes still looking great I mean obviously it’s been like not even it no so this is a pretty typical day for me going around town getting footage we were testing out the new iPhone cameras I figured this would be a good way to test out how they hold up just on a normal full day in my life no signs of them falling off they’re not itchy they’re not annoying then I went to this fashion event I really was kind of out and about all day we’re going to try stuff on now eyelashes are still intact it’s been I mean like a full day already and now at my laser hair removal appointment but you know what’s not getting lasered off is these they’re still on looking great very happy to report that during the day I didn’t even notice them like I really didn’t even feel them at all until I would see them in the mirror and I’d be like oh yeah I’m wearing those they didn’t fall off at any point like even the edges of them like didn’t come off so I was very impressed overall yeah I think that they’re really really cool and I’m gonna continue wearing them into the evening okay so it’s clearly much later it’s like probably eight or nine pm and up in a pool and eyelashes I’m still looking great like oh there’s a little like magnet on this so you’re not gonna lose them it is day three I’m gonna use these same lashes since I stay good for 30 days I’m sure that they’ll be fine and yeah let’s just put these on I feel like I’m really getting the hang of this eyeliner brush okay great so I think what’s really cool about these lashes is it so easy to swap the different ones so for the daytime I’m gonna do the tempt and then I’m going to dinner tonight to celebrate something and I’m gonna try out the charm ones cuz these ones seem a little bit more dramatic in general I think the tempt eyelashes were great during the day dang these things are just crazy I love my friends didn’t even notice I was wearing false eyelashes until I pointed it out which is exactly what I wanted a more subtle false eyelash but still makes your eyes pop and look really good this day I was running late so I put them on in the car since the eyeliner was already on it was actually super easy to just click the eyelashes into place I don’t even notice them oh yeah it’s crazy okay so now I’ve really tried these eyelashes and conclude that I actually really like them mascara in general just will never look as good as false eyelashes in my opinion eyelash extensions are the other option but for one they’re really expensive eyelash extensions in LA are anywhere from 150 dollars to two hundred dollars and it only lasts for a couple weeks – they take forever to put on like actually an hour and a half and three they’re really high maintenance since you’re wearing them all the time you can’t rub your eyes you have to be careful when you sleep they’re just kind of annoying but these magnetic eyelashes are 1699 for the whole kit and it lasts for 30 days so it’s just a way better deal in conclusion these kiss magnetic eyelashemagnetic eyelashes amazon really surpassed my expectations I think they’re a great product bowls for everyday use and special occasions they’re relatively inexpensive and don’t take very long to apply at all so I definitely recommend trying them out okay so that is the week of wearing them I hope that you guys enjoyed watching I enjoyed trying them out because false eyelashes used to freak me out like the kind with glue I just could never put them on right the first time then they’d get itchy and I would just make a huge mess it just was not good because like I said my makeup skills are like pretty good but I’m no makeup artist I think a lot of people that make videos about these kind of false eyelashes are just really good at putting eyelashes on in general yeah I’m a regular person when it comes to makeup skills which is funny because when I started my youtube channel it was like makeup tutorials and I don’t know what I was talking about my favorite ones of the kiss magnetic lashes like if you’re looking at picking up a pair of those was the crowd-pleaser these are the most dramatic ones they’re good for nighttime but honestly I’ve wore them during the day and I mean no one was like oh wow so dramatic they just looked really good I thought I also liked for the daytime for just a more subtle one that tantalize or the charm ones because those ones are just a little less dramatic but I think a lot of times if you’re wearing false eyelashes you probably just want them to be more dramatic anyway that’s why I think if you’re gonna get any of them I would just get the crowd-pleaser like those ones they look really good like I said no one assumed I was wearing false eyelashes so that’s what I thought was really cool about these they didn’t look super fake it just looked like my eyelashes were long and they looked really good this video is sponsored by case the magnetic lashes I wore in this video so I’ll have a link to all the products down below that I use in this video I mean I use them for a week and I really like them and I’m gonna continue using them so these ones are great because you can get kiss products out of drugstores so if you’re thinking of trying out magnetic lashes and you don’t want to spend a ton of money I think these are your best option and like I said there are several different kinds better for daytime or for nighttime and the cool thing is it’s super easy to switch them from daytime to nighttime so you can wear the charm ones during the day take them off easily put on the nighttime ones like the crowd-pleaser something you could not do with regular false eyelashes like those things are on for the day and if you take them off I feel like your makeup is ruined basically I’m never going back to regular glue false eyelashes because I just think these are better one tip I do have and this goes for normal false eyelashes too sometimes the false eyelashes are a little bit too big for your eye so if you can kind of measure it and then cut it and then a bit better that’s what I used to do with normal false eyelashes anyway but if you didn’t know that they’re gonna look a lot better because sometimes then if they’re too long like you can tell it’s like going off of your eye so if you didn’t know that just use like little eyebrow scissors and you’ll be good if you guys have tried this out or try it out magnetic eyelashes in general comment down below and let me know what you thought of them that is it for this video I will see you guys in my next video. Bye.

Final Verdict:

The magnetic eyelashes are easily removable and are perfect in length and width and are easily set with your eyes with the curve. They would not only make your eyes look big and gorgeous but provide you safety and protection from any possible injury. Also, if you have less hair on your lash line, you can go with this.

The listed best-rated magnetic eyelashes not only give volume to your lashes without applying any glue or applicator but are also skin-friendly and natural-looking. You can buy magnetic eyelashes from any of the listed magnetic eyelashes according to your budget, eye shape, and wish.

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