10 Best Motorcycle Jacks, Lifts & Stands of 2021

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Do you want to lift your vehicle to a certain height as long as you want?

Do you want to lift your vehicle without causing it any permanent damage to it?

Do you want to get assured of the proper repair operation of your vehicle?

If you agree to all the above questions, then all you need is the motorcycle jack. The motorcycle jack is the most important equipment required for the repairing operation. The jack not only helps you in lifting your vehicle but is also used for storage. Listed below are the 10 best motorcycle jacks:

Comparison of 10 Best Motorcycle Jacks in 2021

Buying guide for the best motorcycle jacks in 2021

The best motorcycle jack is a piece of important equipment to lift heavy loads. Not only it lifts the vehicle used for either repairing or changing tires but it also helps you in tuning – up your vehicle. Below are some important points you must keep in mind while ordering this product

(1). Material:

The material of your motorcycle jack must be made up of the material which is a solid alloy of steel and must be coated with either red or black powder paint for better finishing. For strength and stability, your product must have the 3 – inch – long designed wings on both sides of the base. Also, it must give you access to adjust at a certain height using the 2 screw adapters it must be an advantage for your motorcycle if it has variable ground clearances.

According to your convenience, you can choose the light or heavy motorcycle jack; also, the material steel weighs more than aluminum and thus steel is more superior which are designed in such a way that they can bear loads of weight. Also, the steel material in your product helps it in increasing the feature of versatility. Furthermore, it must consist of a removable crank handle of about 12 centimeters long when the operation of repairing is conducted. Also, it must be designed in such a way that it gets fits any model of your vehicle which may be either UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes or maybe snowmobiles. Your product must be formulated in such a way that it lifts the weight of about 1700 lbs to the height in the range of 3.75 to 15.75 inches.

(2). Spanner wrench set:

Your product must consist of both the spanner wrench set which is required during the process of lifting and motorcycle stands for safety and storing. The spanner wrench set is available in all shapes and sizes and is designed in such a way that they are flexible to use in any operation; especially for repairing. For the safety measurement, the most important thing required is the motorcycle stand which is compatible with both the motorcycle as well as a jack. Also, the wrench set must have important material which helps you in easily repairing your motorcycle and will work efficiently later on.

For adjusting to a certain height, the jack is required to repair your vehicle, and also they are portable so that you can carry it from one place to another. Moreover, the motorcycle jack stand must be included in your product for providing you a perfect platform to repair, store and maintenance of your vehicle. Also, with the wheel component, the jack allows you to move your vehicle from one place to another according to your wish. Furthermore, when you lift your vehicle to a certain height using the jack, you can perform the repair operation easily. Also, it is important to note that both the spanner wrench set and the motorcycle stand are purely different from each other.

(3). Stored safely:

Make sure that your motorcycle jack is designed in such a way that it can be used for multi-purposes: not only for lifting the vehicle but also for storing to lock it in the hibernation during the winter or rainy season. Once your vehicle is lifted using the jack, you can be assured of its protection from snow, hail or rain.

Also, with the motorcycle stand, you can store your vehicle safely by lifting your motorcycle on the wheeled jack and thus your vehicle’s quality will remain the same as it protects it from the various season’s befalls. Using the jack, you can easily lock your vehicle in hibernation when you are not using it or during the snowy or rainy season.

Moreover, for safety prevention, your jack must include the safety pin and designed as wings on both the side which provides you with stability in great amount and thus it is proved as a perfect partner of your in the repairing operation. Your product must be designed in such a way it is easy to service your vehicle which may be either motorcycle or AVTs and also make it safe for you to handle.

(4). User-friendly:

For safety purposes, there is an extra bolt in it. With all the important materials and tools, your jack must lift your vehicle properly without causing any permanent damage to it. For eliminating the slippage, your product must be made up of a steel frame which must be durable and the motorbike scissor lift jack must also include rubber lift pads. To ensure the safety of your vehicle it must consist of the 3- 3-position safety lock mechanism which makes your jack to be capable of fixing and providing greater stability.

Reviews of 10 Best Motorcycle Jacks in 2021

1. Extreme Max 5001.5044 Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Best Motorcycle JackWhen it’s time to get your motorcycle’s wheels off the ground for maintenance or cleaning, look no further than the Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack! Specifically designed to be one of the strongest and most stable scissor jacks available, the high-strength worm drive and heavy-duty steel construction pair together to lift nearly any road bike, touring bike, or cruiser up to 1,100 lbs.

The center-lift design of the Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack is perfect for most motorcycle maintenance needs. Without the optional dolly, the jack lifts to an extended reach of 14” while the 15-1/8” x 9” platform holds your bike with a rubber padding that prevents scratching and adds stability.

This best motorcycle scissor jack is operated manually by using a 7/8” socket or wrench (sold separately). Measurements: Extended height: 14”; Collapsed height: 3-3/8”; Base: 15-1/8” x 9”; Lifting platform: 15-1/8” x 9”. Remember, do not use an impact-style wrench to raise or lower the jack.

The lift is operated manually by using a wrench on the 7/8″ worm drive. Do not use an impact wrench or powered drill to operate the lift.

Video Review of Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Video Transcript:

Hello! it’s Wade and I have a product review to do today this is a new Jack that I picked up it is called the extreme max 1100 pound motorcycle scissor jack it extends from three and 5/8 inches to 16 and a half inches it also has the dual removable frame adapters that add one that adds two to three and a quarter inches of lift and as you can see they are them here and they slide back and forth to line up with your frame and really nice not sure how it works with other bikes but on the CRF 250 you just move this ahead by about two inches or three inches the front tire will be lifted instead of the rear tire as you can see here this is the rear tire I have it back a little bit just so the rear tire could get it lifted the jack itself it is quite heavy it’s um 30 mm 35 pounds in weight and it comes with the ratchet I’ll say here adapter.

So you can increase it and lower it’s really not that difficult to do it has a nice very smooth mechanism which is really nice and it does if you lose it does have a normal size socket wrench mechanism you can use there are two pins let’s see if we can see them where it’s connected one here and went down below and then we have the scissor mechanism and it rolls there are rollers down here that roll back and forth and it’s just a long underneath it is just a long screw that’s when you screw this it really pulls this one in or pushes this one out and it lowers like I said it’s really really clean smooth mechanism up or down really doesn’t take much pressure this bike is what 225 pounds I believe is the official way dish around here.

I just have it on a board for stability on the gravel but you can see there are feet what’s your focus on you can see the feet and you can fix it to either a board and there’s one in the back also and you can fix it to the board for stability if need it like I said these slide back and forth and you can tighten them up once you get them affixed to the right great place for your individual motorcycles and these come off and once you lower this you can turn these perpendicular so they can if your frame is has a bore a bar going across this way you can change that to fit and as they say you can screw this as like a screw so you can get a little bit more height as you can see this is no problem for this bike at all I think it has like 10 ish or so ground clearance and this jack works really well I do picking up off Amazon did find it when it was on sale and that’s one thing it seems to fluctuate a lot in price about 92 70ish so keep an eye out if you’re looking for.

I’ll put a link and blow to the Canadian Amazon and overall so far I’m happy I guess we can work on the bike in the winter and do some modifications so this is just a little product review of the CD here the extreme max eleven hundred pound scissor jack it is the narrow model and here’s the jack off of the motorcycle offer the jack I guess and you can see as I was saying these two frame cradles can move they are grooved they are padded with like a rubber mechanism and these do slide and screwing them up gives you that additional height.


When lifting your motorcycle, you want something strong, something you can rely on time and time again. That’s why our engineers put in the effort to create a scissor jack with unparalleled strength and ease-of-use. Heavy-duty steel is the main component in the construction of the jack, preventing bending, breaking, and warping – keeping it consistent from its first use through its 100,000th use.


Stability shouldn’t be a question when you’re lifting anything, especially something as precious as your motorcycle. Designed with this in mind, the wide platform covers a large area, easily spanning gaps between frame rails or contacting more surface area on belly pans. The more flat surface you contact, the more stable the motorcycle. Textured rubber padding prevents any metal-on-metal contact, protecting your ride from scratching, scuffing and scraping.

Slim Fit

What good would a motorbike scissor lift jack be if it couldn’t fit under your ride? Many low riders and cruisers offer extremely low ground clearance, making it impossible to use a center-left jack. However, with a fully-collapsed height of just 3-3/8″, this should never be a problem! Park your motorcycle, slide your jack into position underneath, then lift away!


Starting at the fully-collapsed height of 3-3/8″, the Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Jack offers a tremendous 10-5/8″ vertical travel, topping out at a fully-extended height of 14″. This height provides plenty of clearance for tire changes, drive chain maintenance, cleanings, tune-ups, and more. While extended, the worm drive acts as a brake, holding the jack at the height you set without needing any clumsy locking bars or brake levers.

Customers Feedback:

I’ve done everything you would need a jack for with this lift and I love it. It’s relatively light, stores easily, works every time, and has plenty of clearance to fit under my bike. Bike has never once fell off of this guy. I lift my 99 Road King to do front and rear tire changes, oil changes (just gives me extra room to get a ratchet down there), pull the outer and inner primary, do electrical work, and just to get it up off the ground for ease of work. This jack is great for that. My bike has spent as long as 3 months while I was too busy to finish the job on it and never fell. My buddy has the other style jack (the hydraulic one like tractor supply has) and he is envious of this jack.

I’m very pleased. It is very compact and fits under my Harley Heritage without any special lifting or shifting. I have a regular “motorcycle jack” but my bike is so low I had to run the front wheel upon a ramp in order to get the jack under it. This jack slide right under my bike without all the extra fussing. Great for cleaning wheels. I can lift only the front or the back as needed. On level ground is seems very stable.

2. Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

Best Motorcycle Lift JackOrion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack has the capacity of 1,000 ~ 1,200 lbs scissor lift jack for motorcycles with a flat bottom. The load-bearing will be bigger if the contact surface is larger.

This motorcycle center scissor lift jack Lift Range: 3-3/4 in. to 13-2/5 in, comes with an easy operate sleeve(steel). Platform Dimensions: 9-4/5 in. (L) x 15-3/4 in. (W), safe rubber wide deck. Durable heavy-duty steel body, easy cleanup paint (oil-, grease- and dirt-resistant).

First when you open the box be sure and find the crank handle. I nearly threw the box out as the handle is wrapped up and not really noticeable in all the packing. Otherwise, I like this motorcycle scissor lift jack a lot. It seems to be a sturdy unit.

One issue is if you have a drain screw located under the motor you will not be able to access it if you use this for changing oil. Mine is on the side so it is not an issue.

Avoid using an impact wrench; improper usage may cause damage to nut, lift a motorcycle easily by rotating the metal sleeve, instruction included.

Customers Feedback:

The jack works as advertised – it easily lifts the old CT 2. In order to use it I placed a a couple of pieces of 2 X 4 across the top of the jack that actually held the bike. (The underside of the bike is not ‘uniform’ and it doesn’t sit on the jack in a more-or-less stable fashion.) If you’ve got a heavy bike I’d strongly urge you to have someone hold the bike as it’s jacked up. In the case of the CT 2, it’s light enough to be a one-person operation. I needed the jack in order to get a tire change going. I couldn’t remove both wheels in one shot due to balance issues so I had to reposition the to do the front and then the back tire. Otherwise, it works fine.

Worked great with my 1987 Heritage Softail! I used a ratchet and socket which is much easier, lifted the bike easily and safely so I could work on the front forks and wheel! I like the low height when it is closed which makes it easy to get under my low bike. That is the main reason I went with a scissor jack versus a hydraulic version on wheels – too high to get under. I didn’t lift it very high lift motorcycle jack but it seemed very study and the bike was planted on the jack.

I don’t plan on lifting my bike, or anything else, with this jack. I’ve started replacing tires on my own and having a jack like this took a great deal of frustration of trying to balance a wheel on a 3″ diameter surface of a small motorcycle jack and pieces of 2×6’s. You can get the wheel ito the correct height then roll the wheel forward and backward to get the axle in the right position easily. As mentioned in other reviews I use a 7/8″ socket on LOW speed to raise and lower the jack. I used the handle that came with the jack to raise and lower the jack slightly to the correct height. This is a back saver!

Unboxing: Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Scissor Lift

Video Transcript:

Here we have the Orion motor tech scissor lift jack with a weight capacity of 1000 to approximately 1200 pounds this jack is the perfect tool for flat-bottomed motorcycles the kit comes complete with the motorcycle scissor jack one pair of high grip gloves one extra-long sleeve handle as well as a three quarter inch hex bolt and a user’s manual the lift range is three and three-quarter inches to just over 13 inches the platform dimensions are nine and 4/5 inches long by 15 and 3/4 inches wide and the deck is covered with a safe low slip rubber pad the durable heavy-duty steel body ensures years of reliable use and the gloss finish makes for easy cleanup from oil grease and dirt the construction feels very solid and the heavy gauge steel adds just the right amount of heft.

It has some weight, yes but it’s not unmanageable it’s heavy enough to perform the task it’s designed for and light enough so that one person can easily move it around let’s take a moment to demonstrate the proper use of this scissor lift slide the lift under the flat bottom of your motorcycle making sure you’re focused on your specific bikes center of gravity install the jack sleeve and the hex bolt note do not use electric or air-powered impact guns as the excess torque and speed could result in loss of balance to the bike or possibly damage to the jack once the sleeve and hex bolt are securely attached simply screw the jack in as you would tighten any bolt make sure you keep one hand on the motorcycle to be sure.

You’ve placed the jack appropriately for balance and when you’re finished simply unscrew the sleeve and lower the motorcycle back to ground level again be sure to keep one hand on the bike to maintain balance and that’s it quick easy and super efficient its compact size makes it so it’s not obtrusive in my shop it’s the kind of tool I can keep right here by the bay door ready for use and it won’t be in the way I can’t recommend enough the motorcycle scissor lift from Orion motor tech if you own a motorcycle or work on them frequently this is a must-have for your garage.

3. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

Best Motorcycle Floor JackThe secret to the Triple Lift is the patented design that features both a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This flexible design allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames.

A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised, which eliminates the hassle of supporting a lifted vehicle with jack stands. Built-in tie-down loops make it easy to secure motorcycles in place for added stability.

You can also use the motorcycle jack stand Unibody vehicles. The precision locking design keeps the jack from lowering once it has been raised, eliminating the need for a separate jack stand.

For more than 38 years, Powerbuilt has offered best-in-class tools and equipment that deliver quality, innovation, and durability to automotive professionals and enthusiasts.

Get rid of your motorcycle floor jacks, transmission jacks, and motorcycle ATV jack. The 2 Ton Triple Lift jack is three jacks in one! This innovative jack has a patented design that lets you lift cars, trucks, motorcycles, or ATVs with ease.

The Triple Lift slashes the expense and hassle of purchasing, maintaining and storing multiple jacks and jack stands. It’s the one jack that easily lifts almost anything with wheels, and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials too.

Customers Feedback:

I originally got this to assist in replacing the transfer case in my 1998 Explorer. It worked great for lowering the old transmission out of the car, but was not so good for lifting the new one into position… an actual transmission jack with a head that pivots and turns would have been much more helpful. That being said, I have discovered that I wind up using a motorcycle jack all the time instead of my 2 floor jacks and 2 jack stands. THe wide head on this triple-lift jack allow me to position this jack in the center of the frame and lift both wheels at once. Then I insert the supplied bar into the lift arms and the jack becomes a jackstand… it is locked into position until that bar is removed. Much quicker and easier than my old metho of putting a jack under each side of the car and then hauling jackstands underneath to secure the jacks. I am very happy with this Powebuilt Jack.

I bought one of these about 2-3 years ago because I was tired of my old, failing cheap floor jack. I was worried whether or not I would get a good product since, even though this is a more expensive jack, it’s still cheap motorcycle jack for what it does. In short, I’ve been nothing but pleased. It’s served it’s purpose so well that I bought another in order to make oil changes even easier. If you’re on the fence, get it. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Dragway Tools Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Best Motorcycle Jack StandDragway Tools LD-M1101 is an easy-to-use, wide-deck scissor jack and stands for use with most motorcycles and ATVs. Black Panama jack bike features a rubber mat on the lifting platform to grip the bottom of the bike and increase stability. The mat will also prevent slippage and prevent scratches.

You’ll be happy spending money on this lift over some of the other, more expensive lifts out there. Even using a hand-ratchet (over the air), this lift operates smoothly and, easily. It’s very strong, stable and, is well constructed.

This motorcycle jack stand is designed for use in the garage, shop, or at the track. The jack will fit most motorcycle models including cruisers, trikes, Can-Am Spyders, and ATVs. The maximum lift height is 13.25 in. The total weight capacity is 1,100 lbs.


  • For use in the garage, shop, or at the track.
  • Designed to fit most motorcycle models.
  • Rubber mat on the lifting platform for added stability.
  • Minimum Height: 3.75 in.
  • Maximum height: 13.25 in.
  • Weight Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
  • Platform Dimensions: 14 1/2 in. x 9 in.

Customers Feedback:

This makes the job of lubing and checking my chain much easier. It is compact – fits nicely under the tool chest – and easy to use. The scissor jack lift is easily raised with a 3/8 ratchet, but could be used with my drill as well. Most importantly, my bike is very stable on this lift. I watch it closely when applying pressure to loosen hub nuts, but it has kept the bike steady enough to safely work on it. I could pay much more for a lift, but would be hard pressed to find one that works better.

Never mentioned are the true dimensions. It is 9″ x 14.5″. If you look around the internet and various venders you might notice that you see this same lift in different colors, with different marketing hype, and different claims. The same thing goes on with the best motorcycle lift tables that these lifts made to be used with. Big surprise, They are all made by the same people. $75 with free ship is a deal. his lift will be used on a Street Glide weighing in at 850 pounds. There’s a good chance your motorcycle is smaller. 8). This baby is beefy. It is designed to lift up the front wheel or the rear wheel of both. Yes, it does take some thought and some practice and some ratchet straps. If you’re not using this on a lift table you might be better off with a small motorcycle hydraulic floor lift.

So I have now used this several times and have no issues with it. Some guys keep saying that this is unstable and then I read that they have extended it completely to the top. Come on now that just sounds silly to me. No reason to extend the lift to its max. I was able to lift the rear end high enough with this pro lift jack without removing the fender. For what I paid for it and what my use is going to be it works out perfectly.

5. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

Best Motorcycle Jack For Harley DavidsonThe OTC Motorcycle Lift has a 1,500 pounds capacity and 17 inch long skids that will lift the largest and widest cruisers. With the lowest clearance available, 3-1/2 inch at the lowest level, with a wide lift range of 3-1/2 inch to 16-3/4 inch.

This best motorcycle jack for the money provides 360 Degree access to load and other features include foot pedal release, locking rear casters, automatic safety lock, and two ratcheting tie-down straps for safety. Two-year limited warranty. provides 360 Degree access to load and other features include foot pedal release, locking rear casters, automatic safety lock, and two ratcheting tie-down straps for safety. Two-year limited warranty.

Technicians are problem solvers who aren’t afraid of sweat on their brow and grease on their hands. They provide high-quality Larin motorcycle jack services that demand high-quality tools. When they need a reliable tool, they know they can depend on OTC tools to deliver.

Owatonna Tool Company for the long haul – proudly designing and manufacturing American specialty service tools, diagnostics, and shop equipment since 1925.

Customers Feedback:

Received the otc 1545 motorcycle lift with packaging in tack. There were motorcycle jack reviews that assembly instructions were not good. This part is true, there are no assembly instructions. That being said, there are a total of four pieces to assemble. The pump jack to the base, the jack safety lock, the foot pump lever and the handle. 9/16″ wrench and a pair of pliers will do the trick. Honestly if you cant assemble it, you probably shouldn’t be using it. This is a good product for the price. I mainly wanted for the 3 1/2″ ground height. My wife has a HD Fatboy lowered and this works fine. This jack works just as well for my Streetglide. It appears to be foreign made, but the construction seems good for what I need. I would recommend.

First, I want to say Amazon got this jack to my doorstep with free shipping in 2 days. Very impressive service on Amazon’s part. This is a great motorcycle jack for the money. It has a much more substantial and much higher quality feel than the $89.00 Harbor Freight jack. I recently bought 2 of those HF jacks and both lifts failed due to faulty welds. The second one almost squished me when a main support weld fail. YIKES. This jack I feel much more confident with. The main reason I chose this jack over the much more expensive (and capable) j&s motorcycle jack is because this jack has the lowest available starting lift height at 3.5 inches versus 4.0 inches for the J&S. I own a Harley Softail which I lowered 2 inches and this lift slides under it with ease. The J&S, which is American made, much more functional, and a very mobile jack, is also almost $300.00 more with shipping. That’s almost 500 bucks at my front door! No free shipping with J&S. Still, had the J&S had a lower minimum height I would have paid the price because of the functionality AND because it is made in America. My OTC 1545 arrived via UPS. Packaging was thrashed but all parts were present. The jack was very easy to assemble even without the benefit of instructions, which are not included. Took me about 20 minutes. No instructions = no big deal. I did a ton of research and read every review I could get my hands on. Over all, for a Chinese jack this one is very solid and I expect it to provide good service. However, if you can afford the J&S and don’t care about the higher 4 inch starting height, I would recommend the j&s motorcycle lift for sale or buy. By all accounts and reviews I have read, the J&S is the best jack available regardless of price.

6. Liftmaster Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Best Way To Jack Up A MotorcycleThe Liftmaster Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is made of solid steel construction in a blue and black powder-coated finish. It’s best for Simple crank operation.

This Center Scissor Lift Jack is designed to fit most motorcycle models. Perfect for use in the garage, shop, or at the track
10.6 Inch Wide Deck

This best motorcycle car jack is a wide-body felt good about lifting a 950lb bike. The pad on top has lasted longer than the last one on other models. It beats having a full-size lift taking up lots of room.

You’ll need a large socket for this but that’s perfect if you got the drill. Easy up and easy down with a drill. Works great for my Yamaha bolt. Low enough to fit under my bike and easy to use.

Customers Feedback:

I used this to drop a transmission out of my E46 M3 in my garage and it worked beautifully. The only issue I had was it wasn’t tall enough to reach the trans when the car was high enough to get the trans out. Once I lowered the trans, I had to lift the car which is always sketchy in a garage. When the trans was on it, everything was super stable. I’m so glad I didn’t use one of those stupid jack adapters. It may be a different story going in but I don’t plan to put it in the way it came so this is a non issue for me. I would buy this again for the job because it was so much safer and handled a 200lb trans like cheese.

Great initial quality, nice wide stance more stable then the others I’ve owed. I had one more $$ with wigs that were suppose to act as stabilizers not very good at that. This extra wide motorcycle jack is a wide body felt good about lifting 950lb bike. The pad on top has lasted longer then the last one on other models. Definitely worth the $$

I shopped and shopped around for an inexpensive reliable and durable moto jack. I only need this for oil changes and occasional maintenance so did not want to spend a lot for occasional use. Could not be happier. Best priced jack I found and with Prime it was a no brainer.

7. STKUSA Motorcycle Lift Scissor Center Jack

STKUSA Motorcycle Lift Scissor Center JackThe motorcycle center scissor lift jack with a safety pin and wing design on each side exhibits great stability and safety prevention, suit for cruisers, trikes, off-road, ATVs, UTVs, etc. Release your hand to do more important jobs, perfectly the best partner in your repair work.

Able to fits best trike motorcycle models including cruisers, trikes, off-road, ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, etc
Multi-Function – Works great for doing tire, oil, filter changes and recommend for those who need to store their bike during the winter or perform frequent cleanings on their ride.

Heavy-duty steel body, rubber deck surface (oil, grease, and dirt-resistant) prevents scratching and adds stability, also easy to clean up.

Just rotate the metal crank to lift motorcycles easily. This best center jack for motorcycle trike is ideal for the garage, shop, or track. 1,000 lb; Lift Range: 3-3/4 inches to 15-3/4 inches; 2 removable screw adapters for variable height adjustment, a removable crank handle for easy operation.

Customers Feedback:

Purchased to jack up my harley wide glide. No problem, didn’t use little brackets just jack. Bike is able to slide if you push hard on it when lifted, so don’t push against bike sideways other than that no problems, I did use a level on garage floor to be sure it was jacking up a motorcycle. No problem with sturdiness or anything else. Worked fine. Suggest to buy front wheel chock or cradle stop as I used that concurrently with the jack when aligning engine to frame. That held the front wheel straight while jacking.

This jack worked great for me replacing my front fork seals. It is light weight and easy to use. My bike weighs 850lbs (Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob) so a little tough raising with the tool provided, but I didn’t want to use an impact and raise the bike too quickly. The saddles were too tall to get under my frame so I had to just raise without…I do wish there was a non-skid surface as my bike slipped a little. I only raised high enough to get my front tire of the ground and felt the bike was stable enough. I did use caution when using force. Overall the best lift I saw for the price. I’m happy with my purchase.

8. ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Best Motorcycle Jack For HarleyUtilizing motorcycles is progressively turning out to be more famous around the globe. To ensure that you can helpfully and effortlessly get the opportunity to benefit your motorcycle, acquiring a decent execution cruiser lift jack is an incredible thought.

Zeny 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor motorcycle Lift Jack Hoist Stand is an easy-to-use, wide-deck jack for use with most motorcycles and ATVs.

The motorcycle jack and stands feature a rubber mat. Durable, textured rubber padding adds stability. The mat will also prevent slippage and prevent scratches. This jack is designed for use in the garage, shop or at the track. The jack will fit most motorcycle models including cruisers, trikes, Can-Am Spyders, and ATVs.


  • Solid steel construction in a red and black powder-coated finish.
  • Two (2) variable screw adapters.
  • Simple crank operation.
  • 12 cm removable crank handle.
  • Fits Cruisers, Choppers, Can-Am Spyder, Trikes, Sport Bikes.

Customers Feedback:

I work in a busy multi-line motorcycle dealership and am always in need of the shop scissor jack, however it is the only one in the shop. I decided to buy one for myself but didn’t have the money to buy one like the shop’s scissor jack. I found the Zeny® 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack and it had all the features I was looking for. Actually it looks identical to the shop scissor lift with the exception that the Zeny® 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is powder coated instead of painted. The Zeny® 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is stable to use and does not flex side to side. It is especially useful on the custom low-ride bikes that come in for tire changes. A regular jack usually is too tall or will slip on the underside of the frame or even worse, DROP THE BIKE! All in all, I don’t have anything bad to say about the Zeny® 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack. It looks like a heavy duty scissor jack, it works like it should and the price was 1/7th the cost of the shop scissor lift.

I don’t own a motorcycle, but I do own a heavy Pfaff 130 sewing machine that I wanted to raise and lower in a large sewing table I was building. The sewing machine (~ 40 to 50lbs) is heavier than the 35 lb weight limit of Horn brand sewing machine power lift for sale on Amazon. I was able to get a half-inch socket adapter bit for my drill in order to use a 7/8″ hex socket to raise and lower the lift quickly. Raises very quickly this way up through the cutout on my table to sit flush with table top!
My only “complaint” is that I couldnt find a lift with wider base that raised as high as this one. However, I was able to screw a 10″ wide 3/4″ piece of plywood with self tapping construction screws drilled up through the four holes in the platform. I then secured the sewing machine’s flatbed wood base to the platform with small L brackets.

Unboxing: ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Video Transcript:

Hey YouTube what’s going on it is Sunday, July 7th got a little video for you guys today I had bought a motorcycles jack standoff of Amazon’s so we’re gonna do an unboxing and a review of it we’ll put the bike on the stand and get back to you but I just wanted you to see this was delivered by FedEx my box is oh it’s heavy so here’s the twisty thingy know exactly that works and so let’s see what happens here well alright so that’s pretty forward in.

9. Black Widow MC-JACK Steel Motorcycle Jack

Best Motorcycle Jack For The MoneyWhen you are ready to service your bike the Black Widow motorcycle jack easily lets you lift the front or rear wheel of your motorcycle in just seconds. This jack weighs just 28 lbs. and with a lifting capacity of 1,100 lbs. can accommodate almost any type of motorcycle. The black widow steel motorcycle scissor jack is manufactured from durable steel and features a black powder-coat finish.

Operating the jack is a breeze – just position the lift under your bike, attach the hex handle to the hex nut, turn it and your bike will effortlessly raise up. The total lifting height range of the black widow motorcycle scissor jack 3-3/4″ to 16-1/4″ high. With the removable adapter, it is possible to get an additional 2″ to 3-1/4″ of height.

To prevent your bike from slipping, rubber padding has been added to the top of each adapter along with large bolts on the front to secure them in place. To increase the stability of the motorcycle jack a foot is welded onto each side.

Loading ramps from Discount Ramps are the ideal solution for your four-wheeler, UTV, or motorcycle. We offer trailer ramps, extra-long quad ramps, single-runner ramps, and many other styles with a low price promise. Load your quad up to bring to a worksite, head to the race track, or haul to your favorite trail on a ramp that meets your unique situation.

Video Review: Black Widow MC-JACK Steel Motorcycle Jack

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Bob La Rosa welcome to fix my heart I’d like to extend the nice warm fix my hog welcome to discount ramps supplier of the professional shop kit this BlackWidow tabletop motorcycle lift is pneumatic it has an integrated wheel clamp guaranteed to keep the motorcycle upright and secure it comes with four soft tie-downs it comes with two ratchet-style straps it also comes with two cam buckle style straps it comes with a very well-built scissor lift with slidable extension plates it also comes with a very well-made tire bead breaker integrated with a nice long handle for extra leverage allowing you to break the bead on any tire and rim with this Pro Shop kit comes to a wheel balancer and truing stand the truing stand itself can accommodate up to a seven-inch wide rim 35-inch diameter comes with a real nice rechargeable LED light.

That can be charged AC or DC voltage comes with a five-wheel adjustable height shop stool and also the del tran battery tender this four-step battery tender the charger process will keep your battery up to snuff this particular list the tabletop lifts we’re looking at is the extended version not only is it wider but it’s also longer than a conventional lift it has a drop out back panel which makes removing the rear tire and doing basic maintenance very easy bear in mind I utilize this type a table lift mostly for working on Harley davidson motorcycle jack but with the Black Widow extended width and length kit you can fit anything up to 1,500 pounds whether it be a tractor a quad or any brand of motorcycle also included with the Black Widow Pro Shop kit is a very nice item if you have limited space where you happen to park your motorcycle.

This is the cruiser chopper dolly it’s very ruggedly constructed holds up to 1250 pounds has dual caster wheels on all the corners and the jiffy stand extension the jiffy stand or kickstand extension is reversible left or right depending on the configuration of the kickstand on your motorcycle very easy to use very secure way to move your motorcycle within a confined area I’ll have mark pull down the front lock I’ll pull down the rear at this point the cruiser dolly itself is stationary to the floor because the locks are in position you can now carefully roll your motorcycle right up onto the cruiser dolly put your kickstand down and just let the motorcycle lean in its natural position you can then release the two safeties the one in the rear mark will get the one in the front and at this point your motorcycle is in its natural position resting on the kickstand you can carefully take it and rotate it anywhere around your garage a gret again this is a great tool if you have limited area to park your motorcycle you can put your motorcycle on this dolly and literally put it up against the wall in your garage save a lot of space and the motorcycle is learn safely again this item is included with the black widow Pro Shop toolkit and it is available through discount ramps ramps and so much more.


  • Lifts front or rear tires for servicing motorcycles and sportbikes
  • Features rubber padding on the lift surface to prevent slips and scratches
  • Lift range of 3-3/4″ to 16-1/4″ high with removable adapters to adjust height an additional 2” to 3-1/4”
  • Includes a hex socket handle for raising and lowering the jack
  • Manufactured from durable steel with black powder coating
  • 1,100 lb. weight capacity

Customers Feedback:

Ok It didn’t have a rubber cover to protect the bike but I added that myself. I found that this jack is very reasonable in cost and function is spot on. I jacked my 06 Mastiff to rebuild the front forks. The jack lifted the bike and did not work it’s self down as some scissor jacks will do. It held it’s height through the rebuild. I searched the web and found the best buy was on Amazon. It shipped very quick, within week the Jack was sitting on my workbench. If you are going to jack up your bike this is the jack to do the job. Good quality, thick gauge metal and well made. I didn’t like the tool that came with the jack to turn the jack screw but an open end wrench was the ticket for ease of raising and lowering. Highly recommend this jack to my fellow bikers.

I have a lift for my touring bike but needed something to lift it up to work on the tires & this lift works great. Built tough enough to lift my 800+ lb bike. I use a socket & ratchet as the tool that came with it has basically a short rod with small nuts welded on the ends. It’s not comfortable nor long enough to apply proper turning effort when lifting a heavy load like mine. The height is very good. The width & length are good so as not to tip or rock but I still secure the bike with tie downs so it lessens accidental tip overs possibilities. I haven’t had any use for the 2 sliding stands that came with the unit since my bikes have flat bottoms.

10. VIVOHOME Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack

Best Motorcycle Scissor JackVIVOHOME’S Motorcycle and ATV lift are made from high-quality steel designed to be easy-to-use, portable, and strong enough to handle small personal vehicles like dirt bikes, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

After the machine has been loaded onto the jack adjustable locking screws secure the wheels in place to provide stability and safety. Along with a three-position safety lock. This hydraulic motorcycle jack will secure any machine you might need to repair.

Ranges from 4.5″ to 14.5″ high to accommodate just about any motorcycle or ATV on the market. It has a 1700 lb lifting capacity so they can handle even the largest of machines 3 position safety locks to secure the load in place once it is lifted.

Powerzone 1700 lb hydraulic motorcycle lift jack wide Base makes sure stability and balance. Rubber padded lift arms protect your motorcycle or ATV frame while lifting it. Easy to service and clean your motorcycle or ATV by lifting it up off the ground.

Customers Feedback:

This hydraulic jack is excellent and preforms very well!. I needed a jack to assist in the installation and removal of snow chains on my lawn tractor, this jack allowed me to free wheel the installation turning a lengthy two person, pain in the butt process into a fast, easy and simple operation.

Easy to assemble. Easy to maneuver. Solid piece of equipment. Had no trouble lifting my Honda VTX 1800. Nice extra long tie-straps(included) came in very handy to secure the bike to the jack. Raising and lowering the bike is an easy one man operation with this jack. I highly recommend this product.

The powerlift hydraulics motorcycle jack seems well made and it was able to lift my bike with no problem. Assembly out of the box was simple and only took a few minutes. The only issue was the ratchet straps were not included in the box. I emailed the seller and they gave me a discount and sent the straps over separately, no charge.

Unboxing & Review: VIVOHOME Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack

Video Transcript:

Shut up and sit down well I bought a new tool to help work on the bike now I’m in I’ve been sick so that’s why I’m been making videos here lately bought these frame rails when I first got the bike and so now I bought the jack I got this on Amazon 59 about 60 bucks let me tell you is pretty heavy ever your I thought if he gets another box to open from the mobile home pretty heavy-duty it’s like there’s some scuffing from shipping anything going to take away from Jacqueline his job Scott rubber pad on this part here so I’ve got here is this motorcycle center scissor lift jack 1100 pounds of trade.

Before this one as from the Vivo, home buy go home whatever you want to call it what I’ve noticed is a lot of them on Amazon is marked with this X motorcycle lift 1 1,100 pounds they all seem to have the same sticker but there are some differences in them this one I got with I don’t know they’re called stabilizers what I’ll end up doing is all drill holes through this lift it the two spots where I’m going to have to use it at and so that’s something I’ll have to do my stand to me like this handle bolt here it’s a cheap killing bolt yeah it’s okay it does the job it will look at the jack and I’m sure that the bolts are all fine but for me.

I’ll probably end up replacing these bolts and some other bolts on the inside just because I want American bolts American-made bolts not wherever these are from I’ve had too many of the made in China bolts break off I’m not saying that any of these were done I do believe the Box does say it was made in China I could be wrong on that but overall it is a very heavy duty motorcycle jack very sturdy in another video I have I’d show myself Jack in the front end up so I can check the front wheel bearings on the motorcycle and they also lifted up the rear so I could check the wheel bearings on the rear they come with these two clamp saddle clamps here so you can jack it from and put these on the frame the talks knob have that so it touches the frame I don’t plan on using them I did get this from Harley I’ll have to cut it.

I’ll probably cut these in half to put on the frame to protect it one thing I don’t like or two things I don’t like is I don’t care for the metal on my stand sure it’s powder-coated but it’s getting scratched up I kind of like keep it as nice as I can so I’ll probably put a rubber pad on the underside and I’ll definitely gonna put a rubber pad on the top side this has the safety pins so that it can keep the jack from coming completely down if something would break there again safety pin I’m not so convinced on that it would it’ll probably hold up but I’m not gonna take a chance I’m gonna get an American-made bolt that’ll go through their holes overall I like the jack I definitely glad I bought it if you don’t need the safety hole don’t want the safety pin they do make them without they do make it without the stabilizers works good screw works well.

it’s easy to twist what I buy it again absolutely very like I said very heavy duty as far as the metal that it’s made out of other than that you know I don’t know what to say other than I’d buy it again I’d buy the exact same thing because it has the features that I wanted there are cheaper versions of it get what you want not what I want do I recommend it I don’t make recommendations in all actuality all I can tell you is my experience and the fact that I would buy it again and that’s all I’m going to say so if you buy it I hope you like it if you don’t send it back and don’t complain to me but I like it.

FAQs of the best motorcycle jack in 2021

What is the motorcycle jack?

The motorcycle jack is the most important equipment required for the repairing operation. The jack not only helps you in lifting your vehicle but also used for storage. Also, it can be used for either repairing or changing tires but it also helps you in tuning – up your vehicle. Using the hydraulic jack, you can lift your vehicle and it is an important thing to keep in mind that you need to keep the wooden block above the amazon motorcycle jack so that your bike does not get roll off the jack.

To make sure that your vehicle is set at height properly and safely, you need to keep your motorcycle jack on the flat and strong surface and in the downward position near the place you want to lift your vehicle. When the vehicle is set on the jack, turn on the hydraulic valve until it reaches your desired height. And when your work is done you can easily jack out so that your vehicle comes down.

You can use the hydraulic jack stand of your larin motorcycle jack not only to change the tires or but also to make your vehicle stand safely and properly on the jack which makes you not worry about your vehicle may fell or roll off the jack. Also, in the rainy season, you can use your motorcycle jack to lift your vehicle off the ground instead of using the stand since it provides more safety and performs in a better way.

How to clean your motorcycle jack?

First of all, you have to jack up your vehicle so that when you would be using the tools, it must be away from the chain. Also, it is important to note that you first clean the less dirty area so that you do not end up dirtying all the other parts. Your vehicle is adjusted to a height so that you can drain out the water from your vehicle and place the tools away from the chain.

The next step is to wash the chain as it is the area that is covered with oil so it attracts most of the dirt and dust. This is why it is the dirtiest area and gets clean easily with a splash of water. After that clean the chain by spraying the chain cleaner. Also, it is important to note that you rotate the chain while scrubbing the cleaner using the brush and thereafter wipe out the extra spray from the chain. After all the cleaning is done it is necessary to oil your chain. Also, the brake cleaner can be best used for cleaning all the dirt jammed inside the chain without causing any damage to the 'o' rings.

How does motorcycle jack work?

To use the jack, first, you have to choose the bright spot to stand your vehicle and display all the accessories on the right side of your vehicle. Holding the handlebar tightly, wrap up the locking strap around the front of the brake lever. When the front brake is locked, place your jack on the right side of the swingarms which you can find near the rear axle.

From preventing the slipping of the hydraulic motorcycle scissor jack lift, you must use the two rubber pads under the foot of your motorcycle jack. Set up your vehicle to a correct height that the wheel of your vehicle can spin freely in the air. Also, it is important to note that you cannot be able to adjust the vehicle at the correct position in the first attempt only as it takes a little practice and after few tries, you will be able to do it with ease. Also, it is important to notes that your vehicle is resting on the front wheel to make it stays forward and you can easily work perform the repairing operation. Also, you must be assured that the Scrambler is leaning down towards the kickstand so that it can raise your vehicle quite high to easily allow the wheel to spin freely in the air.

What is the snapback and why do you need it?

The hydraulic motorcycle scissor jack lift allows you to lock the front brake and you can place your vehicle to the correct height using it. Also, for the maintenance of the wheel, you can prop up the rear wheel just off the ground for the chain. The best use of the snap jack is that you can see it on both the front and back end of your vehicle easily as it works as a simple sea-saw.

It counts in one of the emergency tools that you must have if you get stuck on the road and you need to change the punctured tire of your vehicle with the spare one.

How to Use a Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, It’s Mike from back up its Australia just doing a video review of the hydraulic motor cycle jacks that I got about a year and a half ago I don’t sell these I purchased this locally at an auto shop here in Bendigo in Victoria Australia I’ve got it for about one hundred and fifty dollars that’s Australian and didn’t have to pay for it because obviously, I picked it up I have it a page on my website that has photos and bit of a write-up about it I get quite a lot of interest on that page.

So I thought I’d do this video and that way it’ll give maybe or hopefully a better look at how it operates and everything like that what I’ll do is I’ll run through just the mechanisms and how it works to start with and then I’ll go out and put the motorcycle upon so there’s a not much to the jack it’s pretty much caveman technology basically this is where the motor box hits the bottom of the frame will run across here on my motorbike which is an online Boulevard or Suzuki ball about c50 the frame sits about there you don’t have a lot of room but it fits on there just right the first couple of times that you use it you know you’ve got to muck around a bit to work out to get it on there because obviously if you’re on a side stand and there’s a bit of mucking around.

But one shift did it worked it out she’s pretty sweet after that the dimensions from there to here is one foot 31 centimeters or fourteen just over 14, not 14 12 inches the height that you’ll actually get the motorbike up off the ground is when we got there 14 and a half inches which is 37 centimeters so that gets it up pretty high has a safety mechanism which is this thing here so as when this is down this will be up here and you just let that go and as it pumps up it clicks over these little doodads so that if you’re coming up and all of a sudden that hydraulic jacks give way for whatever reasons ever happens to me.

It’ll just drop – they’re not all the way down and I would believe I myself if that happens so that’s a great little feature also got on both sides they have this little screw set up and so when you’re not using it you can screw that up so that that has full clearance and you can move here around when you’re ready to put the bike on it and you’ve got it in the position you do that so the bolt is hitting on that on the surface on the concrete there so with the other side and that pretty much doesn’t it locks it in place so it doesn’t shoot me around has a solid handle so being able to move the chuck around you’ve got a pedal here which is what pumps that up and then you’ve got another pedal here which will actually release it if I push down on it.

That will come down now it doesn’t go shooting down it does a nice slow action to come down which is great all right but pretty much think that’s everything on it I’ll now take her out at the back here and we’ll put the motorcycle up on it and show you how that looks now depending on the lay the ground wherever you’re doing this now I’m having to doing this on concrete and grass on either side sloping down a bit the diy motorcycle jack won’t fit under when you’re on the side stand under this back frame so what I have I use this lots of different reasons but basically I just move the bike put that underneath it so it’s more centered so now that moves underneath there so basically now all of them to figure out roughly alright think the bikes going to be in the middle so it’s going to be balanced that way should be there come back a bit screw these two black in down.

Stable and hopefully I’ve got it in the right position so I can just pump it up before I go too far all the way just double-check so well and truly on that side and I’m just on the other side I’m just on so what I might do is I let that down and then we’ll just kick it just a bit then just double-check it much better or the other thing is always check that it’s pretty stable on there so now we can pop all the way up there you have it she’s up there makes it a whole lot easier to work on the bike especially if you want to clean rims.

I’ll move her in no worries we’ll give the bike a bit of a shake I’ve given that a pretty good shake I say yeah I’m pretty I’m very I’ve always felt very confident with working on the bike while it’s up here has movement but you know it’s pivoting here, of course, it’s going to move as for strapping it down I don’t think there’s anything if this thing’s going to topple having straps on it’s not going to do anything unless you have it strapped to you know anchor points out somewhere else but not anchoring it to this actual jack there you go that’s the last my motorcycle hydraulic motorcycle jack lift hope you found it Olivia interesting or useful and keep on roid you.

How to fix your motorcycle jack from dropping your bike too fast?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, a while back I bought this motorcycle jack off of Amazon normally when I buy things I look at the feedback and if it has good feedback with not too many problems then I’ll probably buy it thinking am I having a making a good purchase okay so this jack here if you owned this Jack this movie is for you this is a stinger Jack motorcycle lift and it could lift 1500 pounds, okay so I bought this for my high road king it does a fine job lifting up the motorcycle okay everybody was happy with that but it has one unique problem when I Jack it up right here it goes up fine but when I release it by stepping on the slip paddle right here the thing this drops down like a rock okay and when the motorcycle is on top.

I think I’m going to drop the motorcycle okay it goes down so fast and if you try to control it it bounces and I think I’m going to drop the bike so it’s not right now that I’m stuck with it I gotta try to find a way to fix it so this is what I did this jack is pretty heavy I just picked it up and I laid it against my bench over here now this black lever right here for this motorcycle floor jack that’s the lever to step on when you want to lower the jack okay when it’s jacked up you want to let it down you press on this what I did to solve the problem or to help control the problem I tapped a screw a thread here 1/2 13 the bolt is 4 inches long and I put a nut in the back just as a as a lock nut to help keep this thing from turning once I have it set so now when I step on this thing it’s hitting a frame over here and I’m regaining some control on this jack so it’s not just dropping right down 100 miles an hour I’m able to get some control back so when I press on this thing with my foot it lowers it down more slowly and you can control this thing if you want to go down a little quicker you can just turn it in slightly and give it more throw.

But that’s how I solved my problem and I bet you there are some guys out there thinking about their jack and that’s a piece of crap – so this is a way to solve it or at least help get some control back alright all you do slide the jack under the machine make sure you got it okay on the side I should I have this screw right here okay that’s on my release on the jack my Jack this thing just grown in ways almost 900 times and the jack lifts it up fairly easy when it comes down so fast and I’m afraid I’m going to drop it.

So I have it’s controlled now the release when I press on this it will hopefully slow it down it won’t be just dropping it like a stone I need to pull back this that’s my real little snip right now let’s see what happens to try to hop I don’t let that at least gives you control and you can control you can adjust it more so it goes on faster if you want with that now a lot safer goes downslope gives me more control so if you have a motorcycle floor jack like mine that goes up fine but comes down really fast and you don’t like it that’s a simple way to fix it thank you for watching.

Final Verdict:

If asked, then I would recommend the Extreme Max 5001.5044 Motorcycle Scissors Jack as it consists of both the spanner wrench set and the motorcycle stand which not provides better stability to your vehicle but also is easy to handle. The motorcycle stand allows you to lock your vehicle in hibernation safely when not in use to protect it from the winter befalls.

The listed amazon motorcycle jack would not only help you in lifting your vehicle with ease but also be used for storage. According to your budget and convenience, you can opt for any of the listed motorcycle jacks.

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