Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Buying Guide in 2020

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Do your kids have a habit of playing hide n seek and love to tell directions of where to find them?

Or do they aim to join the police or army and want to act like a soldier by giving instructions in the same manner?

Do they love playing treasure hunt with their friends or siblings in the park?

Do they love to solve mysteries?

If your kids are among such kids, then you shouldn’t wait to purchase a walkie talkie for them. A walkie talkie isn’t just a toy, but an emotion for many children around. After all, you can’t just disagree with the fact that walkie talkies increase their fun and make them believe that the game they are playing is not less than something real. So, there shouldn’t be any wait before letting your kids enjoy something, which can be an excitement for them. However, if you are about to purchase the best walkie talkie to kids, you should have a look at some of the critical factors and a few queries which can quickly stick your mind.

So, let go through them.

Buying Guide on Best Walkie Talkie for Kids in 2020

Purchasing a product without knowing its essential features is a complete waste of money. There are chances that you would buy a bad quality or inferior brand’s product and then regret your decision. So, it is better to have a look at the buying guide once before confirming the decision.

So, go ahead in the following post and enrich your knowledge before going for the best walkie talkie for kids.


A good walkie talkie should be easy to carry and hold in the hands of the kids. You would want to make sure before buying it, that should not be any kind of a burden to the little ones. It should be light in weight so that the kids can hold it with ease. Make sure that they can move with freedom from one place to another without any problem. Thus, walkie talkies should rather be wireless so that children can play with it and run, walk, or even crouch without any problem.


What good will be the game if it has to end too soon? In an idol device, look out for its reliability. Your product should be long-lasting and durable. It should not break easily and should be resistant to weight and water to some extent. Usually, walkie talkies for kids can last up to 18-20 hours. So, you would need to look out for a product that not only has a good battery but also has a rechargeable one. ‘CR123A’ is a common type of cell that can be recharged and put into use many times. Thus, your product should be able to be as lasting as it can be.


Walkie talkies have a price range from $5 to $140 on an estimate. As the price increases, the features get better. But we would want to look for a product that contains all the essential elements, and all of it comes under a reasonable price. An idol product will have a price range of $20 to $60. In this, the product should be light in weight, wireless, long-lasting, and rechargeable all together. It should not only have the essential features but should also have other elements. So, there should be a bunch of facilities coming under an acceptable price.


A walkie talkie with less range is no good. The field is significant to consider while buying such products. You would want to make sure that you get functional connectivity so that the two people can talk to each other for as far as they are kept. The average range of these devices for kids is up to 1.5 km or 0.9 miles approximately. However, they can also go up to 3 to 5 miles, considering the type of walkie talkie. Thus, the purpose should be clear while buying this product. If you want it for toddlers, you can get the product with less range. Whereas if it for preschoolers and school-aged kids, the higher fields will be better.


If you are a parent, then it is your right to know if your kids will be safe while using this device. Usually, frequencies of radios can be heard on other devices too. However, when we talk about the walkie talkies for the kids, it is undoubtedly very safe and secure for them. Only the two devices connected to each other can hear what is being said, and nobody else can listen to their voice or track their location. Hence, it is a secure device.

Life span

The life span of walkie talkies depends upon the type of batteries that are used inside these devices. A walkie talkie that has a rechargeable battery can last as long as the batteries are charged. But the invention can also be damaged by bringing it in contact with water. They can also be damaged by keeping them in extreme sunlight. The non- rechargeable walkie talkies can last up to 2 years. They can, however, be damaged earlier, too, in the same way as the rechargeable ones. So, to make them last longer, they should be avoided by intense heat and water.

Sound quality

Imagine buying a walkie talkie but not being able to hear correctly what the other person is speaking. Too bad! The drive of this device is to listen and talk at distant locations to each other. So, the sound quality of the walkie talkies should be next to perfect. The sound should be clear and understandable from the two devices, and there should be the minimal sound of frequency notes. The music should be heard from the range mentioned in the device packet word by word. The microphone used should be of good quality and long-lasting.

Extra features

As written earlier, an idol product should not just have essential functions. Who doesn’t want a little extra in everything? They add to the happiness and satisfaction of the customer. The same goes for our product too. Walkie talkies should have some extra features also that will make it extraordinary. Some of the walkie talkies come with LED light in it, which adds to the fun of the kids. While some of them come with batteries and offer extra batteries to add to the utility of the product.

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FAQs on Best Walkie Talkie for Kids in 2020

How to use a walkie talkie for Kids?

The usage of the walkie talkies is not so difficult. First, take the set of devices out of its packet. Now, pull the antenna on the top in the upward direction to make sure there is functional connectivity. Now place the batteries inside the device (you can skip this part if the cells are already in it). Then look for the ‘on and off’ button and push it towards the on the side. Make sure both the devices are on as the machine will not work if both of the walkie talkies are not switched on. After this, look for the most massive button on the device. To speak in the walkie talkie, press and hold this button, and you will be able to hear your voice on the second device. This can be done from the second device to the first one as well.

How long do walkie talkies last?

Walkie talkies have a life of up to two years if they are not rechargeable. But if they are kept in scorching temperature, the heat melts the plastic that is on the top covering of the device. So, it should be protected from sweltering temperatures. If possible, store them in a cool place when not in use so that they are protected even when it’s not being used. Walkie talkies are usually damaged by liquids too. Liquids tend to harm the circuit board of any electronic gadget, and the same is the case with walkie talkies. So, they should be protected from any type of liquid, especially water. You can also buy waterproof bags to protect the device.

What range of walkie talkie should I buy?

The range of walkie talkie will depend upon the purpose of buying the product. If you want to buy this product to play with preschoolers at home, then the scale of the Walkie- Talkie can be less up to 20-30 meters. But if you want to buy this product for your kids from the age of 7-13 years, then they would want to play games like hiding n seek, treasure hunt, etc.

With it with their friends and siblings. In this case, the range should be more than just the span of a house. It can go up to 1 to 1.5 kilometers.

Will walkie talkies work where there is no network?

Walkie talkies work on a single-channel transmission system. This means that one device is directly connected to another device without any mediator in between. So walkie talkies can even work where there is no network at all. This is the reason they are used in places like army camps and by the police so that communication does not stop.

Are my children safe to play with walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are often confused with the radios because they both work on frequencies. But, a walkie talkie is basically a two-way radio system where frequencies cannot be shared with anyone else. Any other person except for the two having the device cannot listen to what is being said on the several gadgets. So, walkie talkies are a very safe gadget for your kids. Some people also believe that walkie talkies give electric shocks if handled in the wrong way. But this is not true. Walkie talkies come with safe coverings, and shocks or related hazards are not possible.

How are walkie talkies useful?

Walkie talkies are known for communicating two people immediately within the range of the use of them. Walkie talkies are not only a gadget that can be played with by kids, but it is also a device used in times of emergency when immediate communication is necessary. The message from one place can be heard from one place to another through the medium of wireless communication. Therefore, the location of the two devices is not easy to track. And it can be used by kids to play many games or even talk to their neighboring friends, even siblings.

What is the difference between a walkie talkie and a radio?

A radio is a one-way communication device that works on frequencies. Radios are used where the only person can speak while others can listen. Anyone who knows the frequency channel can listen to the radio. But this does not happen in Walkie- Talkies. Walkie talkies come with technology to not only listen but also speak in it. Since walkie talkies follow a one-way channel, no one else can hear it. But radio supports multiple channels, and so many people can listen to it.

Can two different types of walkie talkies get connected to each other?

This device only follows a single channel system. It can only be connected with one another, and there can be no interference with another gadget. So, if you plan to join one walkie talkie with another brand or type of walkie talkie, they will not get connected. But, in case you want a three-way communication, you can buy the set of three or the number of devices that you require. Then all of the devices will be following the same channel and can get communicated with each other.


Overall, walkie talkies are one of the best devices for kids. It is exciting, and little children love to talk to each other with this kind of decision. It is effortless to carry as it is wireless. It can last for a long time, and it does not require a lot of maintenance. It is a safe gadget that does not have any side- effects on the brains of the little ones as it does not emit any radioactive waves. It can even be used in areas like villages or jungles where there are no networks. After all, it doesn’t need any kind of satellite message to transfer one word to another device. In remote areas, it is more helpful even than our regular cell phones. We hope that our review guided you into choosing the best walkie talkie for kids.

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