Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Buying Guide in 2021

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Do your kids have a habit of playing hide n seek and love to tell directions of where to find them?

Or do they aim to join the police or army and want to act like a soldier by giving instructions in the same manner?

Do they love playing treasure hunt with their friends or siblings in the park?

Do they love to solve mysteries?

If your kids are among such kids, then you shouldn’t wait to purchase a walkie talkie for them. A walkie talkie isn’t just a toy, but an emotion for many children around. After all, you can’t just disagree with the fact that walkie talkies increase their fun and make them believe that the game they are playing is not less than something real. So, there shouldn’t be any wait before letting your kids enjoy something, which can be an excitement for them. However, if you are about to purchase the best walkie talkie to kids, you should have a look at some of the critical factors and a few queries which can quickly stick your mind.

So, let go through them.

Buying Guide on Best Walkie Talkie for Kids in 2021

Purchasing a product without knowing its essential features is a complete waste of money. There are chances that you would buy a bad quality or inferior brand’s product and then regret your decision. So, it is better to have a look at the buying guide once before confirming the decision.

So, go ahead in the following post and enrich your knowledge before going for the best walkie talkie for kids.


A good walkie talkie should be easy to carry and hold in the hands of the kids. You would want to make sure before buying it, that should not be any kind of a burden to the little ones. It should be light in weight so that the kids can hold it with ease. Make sure that they can move with freedom from one place to another without any problem. Thus, walkie talkies should rather be wireless so that children can play with it and run, walk, or even crouch without any problem.


What good will be the game if it has to end too soon? In an idol device, look out for its reliability. Your product should be long-lasting and durable. It should not break easily and should be resistant to weight and water to some extent. Usually, walkie talkies for kids can last up to 18-20 hours. So, you would need to look out for a product that not only has a good battery but also has a rechargeable one. ‘CR123A’ is a common type of cell that can be recharged and put into use many times. Thus, your product should be able to be as lasting as it can be.


Walkie talkies have a price range from $5 to $140 on an estimate. As the price increases, the features get better. But we would want to look for a product that contains all the essential elements, and all of it comes under a reasonable price. An idol product will have a price range of $20 to $60. In this, the product should be light in weight, wireless, long-lasting, and rechargeable all together. It should not only have the essential features but should also have other elements. So, there should be a bunch of facilities coming under an acceptable price.


A walkie talkie with less range is no good. The field is significant to consider while buying such products. You would want to make sure that you get functional connectivity so that the two people can talk to each other for as far as they are kept. The average range of these devices for kids is up to 1.5 km or 0.9 miles approximately. However, they can also go up to 3 to 5 miles, considering the type of walkie talkie. Thus, the purpose should be clear while buying this product. If you want it for toddlers, you can get the product with less range. Whereas if it for preschoolers and school-aged kids, the higher fields will be better.


If you are a parent, then it is your right to know if your kids will be safe while using this device. Usually, frequencies of radios can be heard on other devices too. However, when we talk about the walkie talkies for the kids, it is undoubtedly very safe and secure for them. Only the two devices connected to each other can hear what is being said, and nobody else can listen to their voice or track their location. Hence, it is a secure device.

Life span

The life span of walkie talkies depends upon the type of batteries that are used inside these devices. A walkie talkie that has a rechargeable battery can last as long as the batteries are charged. But the invention can also be damaged by bringing it in contact with water. They can also be damaged by keeping them in extreme sunlight. The non- rechargeable walkie talkies can last up to 2 years. They can, however, be damaged earlier, too, in the same way as the rechargeable ones. So, to make them last longer, they should be avoided by intense heat and water.

Sound quality

Imagine buying a walkie talkie but not being able to hear correctly what the other person is speaking. Too bad! The drive of this device is to listen and talk at distant locations to each other. So, the sound quality of the walkie talkies should be next to perfect. The sound should be clear and understandable from the two devices, and there should be the minimal sound of frequency notes. The music should be heard from the range mentioned in the device packet word by word. The microphone used should be of good quality and long-lasting.

Extra features

As written earlier, an idol product should not just have essential functions. Who doesn’t want a little extra in everything? They add to the happiness and satisfaction of the customer. The same goes for our product too. Walkie talkies should have some extra features also that will make it extraordinary. Some of the walkie talkies come with LED light in it, which adds to the fun of the kids. While some of them come with batteries and offer extra batteries to add to the utility of the product.

Top Rated Walkie Talkie for Kids in 2021

1. Retevis RT628 Kids’ Walkie Talkies Toy

Video Transcript:

Our cards on behind our car…

Hey alex what are we doing today we’re doing walkie-talkies that we got from so we’re gonna be testing out these radios rheticus radios that we got for sweetie fella alex from red of asst the model number all their different functions that you can have here it’ll be in our about section.

Here’s your website email or facebook if you like this very portable though we love it and I know sweetie fellas gonna like do you like the paw patrol walkie-talkies either much better from what it seems this is a travel type so let’s go put in they don’t come with batteries so you gotta get a a type battery.

Happy a bear with a walkie-talkie how about that when I talk to you it’s gonna come out of here okay like this and then when you talk to me you press this button I’m gonna go hide somewhere in the park okay I’m gonna go hide somewhere and I’m gonna give you clues where I’m at.

Yeah and we’re gonna find you and we’re gonna find me okay I find you you are going to go hi.

Yes and then I’m gonna give you clues around that and then how I find you really shot while I get blue how I don’t you again okay I’m going to go high I’ll tell you what I’m ready okay goodbye let’s wait for daddy.

Let’s wait for daddy to make this really easy to you I see him.

You’re gonna take a break do you think we’re gonna find dirty yes yeah I can’t wait he’s hiding somewhere daddy are you ready okay..

Tell me when you’re ready let’s go let’s go let’s go talk to barry ask more questions we hide the choo-choo I’m trying to bang in the case we burned by the choo-choo now.

Rosetta rizzoli.

I know he’s invited you to train no shoot you now okay fine you I’m coming for you.

Okay do this one vegetable house I am behind our car tiny to be on that side be like sideways sideways I see you now we can’t play because daddy you will sing a long time and I don’t wanna lose you and I get a point suppose that a long time to now is tie and tie okay right now that ego time yeah thank eyes hurry how many reds are we doing ford play on the playground we’re gonna do one more round number two outs here in the two rods because the next round we can count to 21 okay you count to 50 go five seven eight nine ten I love it I never saw that before follow me oh my oh my gps mommy help me I know he’s going over there I’m coming on the big big bag.

These are very awesome all we can use them at home sometimes dad doesn’t feel like walking down I’m going to tell mommy what I would like our mommy tells daddy are you tell us in the room nice talking as we picked up some.

Interference if you get interference in this change the channel.

Yep okay so whoever was I think they heard us they heard scooty fell alex very cool radios very portable light pretty cold $1 somebody’s trying to trick us talk to us pretty sure I sign out from you all right georgie we’re gonna try these at home too and then you just turn them off right here hope you enjoyed everybody these walkie-talkies you can get these on these websites yes you can get it on

So many dots okay that was just a ladybug.

And again on or with a website comm gmail facebook.

This is words produced these are awesome and you can get various colors we like the red and black but you can get the army style camouflage colored black and black and a little grey dick all right yeah it’s a great present coming up for christmas any day let’s have fun though this is a pretty second friend has had a radio no radio the radios me sink thank you so much kids like it yeah kids love it.

All of them they had a blast you change the station that’s why you can’t talk oh that’s why yeah okay everybody all right.

2. Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies

Video Transcript:

If you look up in the tree your next clue you will see the next clue is in the tree over fun house hey everybody welcome back to our Channel.

Today we’re doing walkie-talkies super cool they sent us these Rhett Eva’s walkie-talkies are t3 88 they come in all different colors what color did you pick rebury pink that’s my favorite color.

These walkie-talkies need for batteries let’s unbox them each box comes with two walkie-talkies you can see here they are perfect for children’s hands.

Let’s see briefie how does it fit in your hand perfect and it fits in my hand pretty good too so you can see here it has the on button BRE breeze.

Walkie-talkie is already on I’m gonna turn line on there we go so you have your on button you have your volume up and down button your talk button you also have this call case you’re far away from each other and was super full let’s show them the light the lamp feature it’s this button right here this is a lamp.

So if it’s late at night and you need to find your way around you can use the lamp isn’t that cool.

Look at that it’s the Sun is starting to set so you can already see how well it works that was so cool the walkie talkies also come with an instruction manual that tells you all about the different functions and what’s a really cool feature is if you don’t want to have to push the talk button every time you can program it to be hands-free yes the lamp is super cool and here you can scan for different channels but we’re on channel 22 now we’re gonna put these to the test and we are going to go on a scavenger hunt to find the mystery and I don’t even know what my mom is hitting from me that’s right we’re gonna do a treasure chest Gavin your hunt with these walkie-talkies it what’s really cool about them you can press the light and it stays on you don’t have to keep pressing on them that’s true it stays on so we are going to a park about a mile away.

And brief rebut ler which you guys met and the squishy versus real food challenge he’s gonna stay home with one of these while we go on our scavenger hunt and tell him all about it yes it’s gonna be so much fun all right are you ready to go yes before we begin press subscribe button Boop and give me a big thumbs up all right are you ready to go on our scavenger hunt yes all right guys here we go we made it to the park we made to the park over our first clue says take a ride and go down the slide that’s where our next clue is let’s go.

I found a second clue number two let’s see what it says.

We found clue number two been spin around and the next clue will be found where do you think that is let’s go down the slide okay let’s go.

Where’s there a spinner.

There is hope there is the spinner let’s go open it.

Oh here’s the next clue.

I found clue number three over good Roger.

Alright the next clue says if you want this thing you must go on a swing it’s over there by the swing.

Look gue number Flor found over he says go up up up to be in luck where are we gonna climb around here.

I found the number fifth I can’t forget my walkie-talkie now let’s see what the clue here’s the clue if you look up in the tree your next clue you will see the next clue is in the tree over can you climb that tree yes keep going and you will soon be there but first look under a chair really close these.

Walkie-talkies are awesome see what clues number seven is a court of love with balls falling from above there’s no tennis court here hmm.

Let’s keep looking I see you egg I found clue number eight Roger okay let’s open it up let’s see what it says inside you will find the next clue if you look near the bridge hey I’m almost at sea number ten Roger.

Need a little extra push a clue might be hiding in a bush I found it that’s a bush oh well there’s a final clue the treasure chest is near find the home of a deer and almost to the treasure chest over the treasure over wow you have a uniform cupcake squishy writing pad coin purse little beanie baby and what is this mr. Treasure a unicorn necklace I love my walkie-talkie I hope you enjoyed our treasure hunt in the next video click on the video for more fun.

3. Wishouse Walkie Talkies for Kids 3 Pack

Video Transcript:

Hey guys so today I’m gonna go ahead and do a small at a review about the family travel walkie-talkies and it comes in a package of three different.

Walkie-talkies our color is pink blue and green it comes with the cute little stripes and it comes us up with the cute little nose saying thank you for the purchase and also there’s different packages the packages that we chose was without batteries so you have to provide your own batteries and if you don’t want to provide your own batteries I choose you to choose the upgrade for the batteries recharge to recharge but yet so Olivia’s favorite actually is pink my favorite is screwing in and Amelia doesn’t choose a color yet so she goes for blue okay guys it also has a light in here so if you want to turn the light on you just have to press it.

And it comes out the light you guys see this is great for the night for camping you’re high okay bitch see you guys whenever.


So we have so much fun with this walkie talkies we actually use it every single day and Olivia really loved the pink one and I want to know which one you guys is your favorite color on the description below and also I’m gonna add a link of Amazon where we got this product from and also there will be a coupon so do not forget your coupon so you could get your discount so this is the end of this video do not forget to subscribe and hit that like button and share this video with all your families and friends out there so we’ll see you until next time bye guys.

4. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

Video Transcript:

Hi in this video I’ll be doing a review on the walkie-talkies at the model number is WT 48 but don’t see the brand anyway I just did a search on Amazon and it said walkie-talkies for kids but looking at the physical size you can see here I have an icon so if you’re familiar with an icon radio there you can see that this is much smaller than the icon walkie talkie with the.

Batteries it is 101 point four five grams so call it 100 under 102 grams and that one is ninety seven point nine three grams and if you’re wondering why there’s a difference in the mess it’s probably because they’ve got different batteries in this has got rechargeable batteries while this has got normal alkaline batteries alright so the size is small you can see this is less than 13 centimeters and the width is less than five centimeters and the thickness including the buttons is less than four centimeters.

Alright so getting started with these the first thing you’ll need to do is insert batteries so you’ll have to remove the belt clip there’s a little cup there so I’ll just push that in and slide it up and now I can push this clip in lift the back cover and they are the batteries one of the things I like about it it takes three Triple A batteries so that is the orientation of the batteries right to close it you slide it in like that and then you press down at the bottom you need to put a belt clip by sliding it in at that top.

Now just going through the buttons with you this is the push-to-talk button on the side and then you’ve got the power button in order to switch it on you need to press it for three seconds or you press and hold for three seconds this is the Menu button and you’ve got the volume up volume down and then this also acts as the up and down buttons when you’re in the menu then you’ve got a little torch not on the top there you can see there’s this LED don’t expect this to light up a room this is more symbolic rather than that useful obviously if it’s pitch-black in the room or outdoors you will be able to see the ground with it so this is equivalent to one of those very small torches that you would have on a keyring.

So all this is is just one single hybrid LED so you toggle the torch on or off just like that and then you’ve got the speaker the microphone the belt clip and that’s about it and obviously the antenna alright to turn the device on you press and hold the power button there you go and then you can see the LCD display it is quite a snug LCD display everything is squashed in there and immediately you can see it’s got the battery life and I’ll zoom in so if you have a look on the bottom left it’s got battery life you can see it’s full then it’s got the US then it shows you the volume you can see there’s a bar graph there as I decrease the volume and increase the volume if the battery is low obviously these bars inside the little battery symbol will be removed but it’ll also flash and it will beep when the battery is discharged right so obviously you need to in order for this to work so I’ll switch on the other one right so I’ll quickly go through the setup of the walkie talkie this.

Flashlight here as you can see it’s shining on my finger it once it’s toggled on it doesn’t seem to go off if this has been on now for 10 minutes the one on the display goes off but the flashlight here seems to stay on for more than 10 minutes right so not going through the menu now you can see there’s a few items it’s is 1301 rot if you press the menu button once you are not able to select the channel you’ve got an option of 22 channels there’s 22 now if you want to get both of these.

Walkie-talkies to talk to each other there must be on the same channel you can either set that menu.

Or you can do that automatically I’ll show you how to set it manually you’ll say 20 there and then as you can see when I press yeah it’s it’s not coming through another walkie-talkies army to also select the same channel yeah all right these are arbitrary and you might learn why are they 22 channels well maybe people around you you might be on a similar channel maybe there’s a construction site maybe there’s more people who are playing with.

Walkie-talkies so it gives you 22 channels to play with now if I press the button you can see now it’s actually showing that there’s transmission if you look there you’ll see this little base station antenna day you can see when I press here it’s showing transmission if you wondering why it’s not making any noise that you can see it like for example on this one now you see it makes it the eye you can see that not sure how to say that all right so when you see that on the same channel if you want to set them up automatically all you do is as follows I’m gonna now press the Menu button once go to say channel 12 but to get out of the menu just press the push to talk button this is the PTT.

Push-to-talk button and now I’m going to get these the same channel automatically what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna press and hold the volume up button but while I do that I’m gonna press and hold the push-to-talk button on the other a walkie talkie so there it’s on and I’m gonna synchronize it by pressing and holding this one and it’s gonna go through the channels and it will find there it is see it stopped at the correct channel see channel 12 so picked it up and now they are both on the same channel so I’ve shown you two methods you can either do it manually by pressing menu once then it flushes and then you can pop this up or down you can go to the channel or you could do it automatically I’ll just show now if you press the menu button again you get to a feature which is called continuous tone coded squelch system I’m not going to go into that now what I’m going to do is I’m going to move on here and I’ll press it a third time and it says Vox voice operator transmission and it’s currently off what that does is instead of having to press the push to talk button you can just start speaking and it will.

Automatically transmit now I’ll just demonstrate that say Vox now let’s switch it on now this is the sensitivity level so let’s make it very sensitive obviously if you’re outdoors in a windy area or something like that it’s going to pick up the noise and transmit at the wrong times you know I’m just going to put it here as well Vox and I’m also going to have it on level three and there we go now I’m going to remove this one away because it’s too close now as I talk it to automatically transmit and I’ll just put the volume up now the other walkie-talkie and as I bring it close to my mouth and I just start talking it will install transmitting as you can see showing the transmitted signal and I have not pressed the stop button the Fox does it automatically it’s a useful feature if what we talk is left on the table and you just want to have a conversation at someone right so I’m now going to switch it off.

Now carrying on through the menu it’s got cool tones now to do a few tones that you can sing to the other.

Walkie-talkie and I’ll scroll through the different tones that’s the first one alright so there’s your ten tone how you seen that Tony’s you double press quickly on the push-to-talk button so here we go.

And if the tone was changed all right now I’ve changed it to number two let’s hear the different tones to the call signal right so that’s how you change your call tones and now carrying on with the menu tones you can switch that off see once it’s off you see these button presses no longer make that.

Doot-doot-doot son and now I’m gonna go to the one last sitting and that is the Roger tone so if you switch it off you can see now when I press here it doesn’t go deep right if I want to switch it back on see that back on the roger turn alright one last thing if you press and hold the menu button it also acts as a lock so when I’ve pressed it for a while you can see it’s not got a key there and as you can see I can’t change any of the settings you can also do that and obviously it’s the larger to use the push-to-talk but now in the actual menu buttons are now locked unlock could you just press and hold the menu button once more for just showing you the.

Specifications the range is up to 6 kilometers or 5 miles and that’s obviously line-of-sight and I’m gonna test that and for your reference these are the frequency channels two.

Additional things I don’t mention it is an earpiece checked here so you can connect an earpiece earphone over there and then when you do talk rather press and hold wait one second.

Then speak and then when you are going to finish your speech wait one second then release the button that will stop the beginnings of your words and the ends of your sentences being cut off when you are doing your transmissions okay so what parent is going to two tests we’re gonna first do a small-scale test and that is just through the walls of this house so there’s about four five walls to my son who’s standing in his on his way to the other side of the house alright can you hear me clearly right now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna drive to a nearby park and I’ll measure the distance and the other walkie-talkie will stay here and that means obviously we’ll go through several houses what I mean by that is the signal if you got a line of sight will have to go through several houses and we’re gonna try and extend this to the far wall few.

Kilometers and actually see if these walkie-talkies are of any use.

All right so we are now about a hundred and fifty meters away let’s test it hi can you hear me over come in ten yummy but right now we’re gonna go to about 500 meters right so we are not at 500 meters.

I can yummy come in can yummy testing okay so not working so let’s go back to say 300 meters all right so we’re at about 300 meters we’re gonna just do a quick test.

All right can you hear me okay you can see that it’s signal is not very good at 300 meters right so we’re at 100 meters I can hear me all right so we’ve not driven 150 meters in the other direction I’m gonna hold the walkie-talkie here but just keeping in mind we have also been holding out the window and it hasn’t made much difference.

Come in come in Kenya me.

Second so you can see there’s quite a lot of noise here okay to sum up what I think well as you see this thing’s got phone off stores I wouldn’t give full enough stores yes it does work very well it’s quite solid I think I like about it the most is the battery the three double-a triple-a batteries are much easier to get then the 9-volt battery which is what you often find in these type of toys especially if you want a rechargeable one not that easy when in a non vult in terms of the specification it says yeah three-mile range or +3 mile Marwin say actually said 6 kilometers I don’t think that it would do that even if it was line-of-sight and I could see the person yeah maybe you could vaguely hear the voice around we’ll you know with the background noise and that’s if you could see the person but going through walls and that now definitely distorts the the signal quite.

Considerably so over here where it says up to three miles long transmitting range in open field and 0.5 to 1 mile range in residential area 0.5 to 1 mile range there I couldn’t agree with residential area you saw I got in the car.

I did stop the car we even try to hold the walkie-talkie outside of the car because obviously the car it’s like some sort of a Faraday cage so this is 0.5 miles I couldn’t even get 500 meters and this is the minimum spec and this is point five to one mile so no I can’t agree with that even at 300 meters it was quite noisy but it does work I’m not saying that’s not a good product maybe for your kids playing at a house or maybe even in I think even in a school if they’re on once out of the school to the other I think it would be pretty noisy but they would probably make out the D voice I know there’s a Squatch feature which I didn’t use so overall I do like the product I am happy with it it’s not like I’m gonna take it back I would give it three or three and a half store mainly because of the.

Specifications it is the best walkie talkie that I’ve bought to date other ones I’ve bought have been maybe a little bit cheaper but then hasn’t had the LCD display and it’s just a press to talk button and the range is definitely much poorer this one definitely works well I mean within the whole house going around through the walls perfect but the minute you go quite for more than 100 meter.

You picking up quite a bit of noise alright so thanks for watching Cheers.

5. KOMVOX Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

Video Transcript:

Guys awesome welcome back as you can see here today I’m going to do another pmr446 radio review and together we’re going to look today at the convex GT 60 walkie talkies those are primarily used in Europe the pmr446 in the United States it would be gmrs or FSR and as you can see here they have a yellow color and this green backlight and there’s also like a flashlight function that seems to be pretty common these days there’s more and more manufacturers put in this flashlight function which I could imagine can be handy if you’re just out and about camping or something like this guy’s eye without further ado you guess you can see right now I’m in the introductory part next up we’re going to do the unboxing and then in part 3 we’re going to do the range test and part four is going to be the summary you can use the navigation below the video there are these tight marks and you click on these time marks and you can jump right ahead to the summary and conclusion or the range test or whatever you want to go you see always exactly in the navigation guys like I said this is pmr446 if you’re in the States you might want to look for GM I saw reference FMRS instead because this is on a slightly different frequency so you wouldn’t use the pmr446 if you’re in the States for example so guys if I offer to do let’s have a closer look at what’s inside the package and I’m going to show you a few close-up shots of the build quality in the unboxing guys awesome you here let’s get started now guys then let’s have a closer look at the calm Bucks GT 60 walkie-talkies like I said very small tiny package so usually that’s like a thing you want to consider if you want to use the radios on a regular basis and usually these small packages are not ideal but for the occasional user just makes more sense I’m going to explain this to you more on just a second here of the belt the belt clips let’s take out those smooth quick and anyhow we have the Radio one.

To read your truth and yeah it’s a very basic plane radio and the benefit of a small radio package like this without a lot of accessories is obviously the price I in the past have tested like would be considerably more expensive radios for Motorola and other brands and usually if you pay more you get radios that have a docking station and be charging ports so you can easily see let’s say you plan to use this on a daily basis maybe on a construction site or a campsite or something like this then at the end of the day you just put them into the charger the radios charge up overnight and the next morning you are ready to go with a fresh charge and usually can you can use them throughout the day with those obviously there’s no docking station there’s no nothing there are no batteries included so basically what I’m going to do for this range test as you can see is these radios use the double-a I think that’s how you call in triple-a out of small ones so basically what you would do you would just take a pack of one-time batteries put them in there or alternatively if you want to be kind to the environment I guess you could use rechargeables but then for the most part I think you have to take them out and maybe charging moving in.

Appropriate charger I had a quick peek in the manual supposedly if you don’t want to use the like a charger like that it says it has a charge port here and if I open this up real quick you can see basically it has some sort of microusb and in the manual it actually says that yes this is a charge jack that supplies 5 volt 1 amp so I’m not sure whether that would be my a preferred way of using these these radios up personally I would like to put my nice end loops into a charger like that and that would entail that you always have to take the batteries out.

I think the charger just does a better job it charges as much quicker about for testing purposes I’m just going to use these one-time batteries guys if you have experience with these radios and rechargeable batteries charging them over the microusb over here please let me know in the comments below how well that works for you I haven’t tested that actually and what I’m going to do right now I’m quickly gonna turn this radio on and maybe show you the menu really quick and as you can see here it has like a little bit of a backlight display and what you can do to change the volume just push the up or down button it has a total of 8 volume settings the standard is 6 and then you can confirm that and if you want to change the channel just go to menu and then you get a total of 8 channels should be pretty.

Straightforward a very basic.

Walkie-talkie so guys so far so good let’s just quickly put the cover back on and maybe attach one of those belt clips to see how sturdy that is and from all I can see that seems to work pretty well for the occasional user that should be a nice little budget radio so let’s do let’s go outside I’m gonna do a range test let’s see what kind of range we get and let’s see what kind of quality of sound the speaker makes and how.

Sensitive this built-in mic right here is so that we can get an impression of that an AC is the flashlight function with the dedicated lamp part and so that seems to work well as well or you can or it stays on permanently okay alright guys I just figured this out so you can push it once for a flash if you hold it it turns on it stays on and you can push and hold and it turns off again so okay I didn’t know that so guys that.

Concludes the unboxing now we’re gonna jump to part 3 the range test let’s get going guys.

Reached a strange turn of the comm box PMR radio on a very windy day about my number one word for 425 distance as my number one foreign 20 feet bridge this bridge test of the comm box arranged all this time at tense point number two with a distance of seven hundred ninety feet should be Thor loud and clear signal that’s my number two or so another 90 feet.

So let’s reach this breach test test point number three of the Murray Hill we reach now 1,250 feet of distance test by number three you have 1020 fifty feet of distance should be still out here this but number three.

Rain check rain check of the home box p.m. Our 10 point number four of our 1540 feet of distance test by number four with 1940 point number four and it’s still very windy arrange test retest of the comports the radio this time test point number five with about 2,000 2,000 feet of this with the convoy speed quality test point number five with 2,000 feet test number six where 2,300 feet that’s point number six oh two thousand three hundred feet a nice boat we’re gonna go a mile today so let’s walk a little further we are right now it says point number six fifty thousand eight hundred feet reach test retest of the comm box beam our radio this time half a mile a half a mile of distance test point number seven half a mile or I leave you the 2006 repeat of this by number seven range test range test this time in touch point a test point eight with 3200 feet of distance 3200 feet of distance or 0.6 a mile the process of proximity guys always have to extrapolate from kilometers to zero miles so point number eight.

Awesome guys this concludes the range test right now we jump to the summary and conclusion part and one thing I noticed about the con box is because it was a pretty windy day sometimes the wind seems to have hit the microphone and that could be a consideration if you’re in an environment where you know for a fact that there is going to be a lot of wind maybe on a coastline or somewhere in the mountains if if you’re an environment where there’s a lot of wind that might be a consideration otherwise the sound quality was pretty good and also a range wise these.

Compacts radios per p.m. Our radios perform – pretty well let’s quickly have a look at my range card and from all I can see after three quarters of a mile the it can I found that the signal quality started to deteriorate somewhat dip occasionally but in total I managed to walk 1.15 miles before my camera started to shut off so that’s pretty ok considering that these PMR radios are more or less designed for closed.

Communication that’s why they are limited to 0.5 what upper power and as always a quick disclaimer the range can really always be quite significantly affected by your entire core in your environment so right now we have early spring the trees are not green yet so I don’t have to deal with a lot of.

Obstructions the signal doesn’t get sucked up by a lot of green trees or a lot of concrete buildings so the.

Environment for my test is not really that challenging so please consider that in your case if you have favorable conditions such as open pastures you can have an even higher range or if you have adverse conditions like lots of concrete buildings the range could be.

Significantly shorter so take this test with a grain of salt over all these radios get a thumbs-up for beginners if you’re more advanced and you plan to use it on a daily basis maybe head over to my channel page because there maybe I can show this to you here I have lots of other reviews where you can compare different radios motor rollers rheticus radios and so on.

And I encourage you to check this out and then guys have fun with your new radios no matter which product you ultimately choose you’ve learned something new today I see you as a subscriber on my channel and in the next video awesome you have tuned in take care and because you just watched a review of the yellow comb walks GT 60 p.m. Our radios you are also invited to head over to my channel page in the radio section and for example compare them against these black rat abyss radios and guys always make sure to get if you’re let’s say you’re in the States to buy the F rs4 jima s versions because radios are always specific to your country.

Guys I am amazed about how many people have already subscribed to my channel because of to use for content that I provide here you can subscribe right now as well I see you in the next video and maybe in one of my online courses take care.

6. BaoFeng BF-T3 Black 1 Pair Kids Walkie Talkie

Video Transcript:

Hello welcome to tech checker today I’m gonna be showing you these children’s outdoor camping hiking two-way radios nothing to stop adults using them as well they’ve got a nice long range says up to three kilometers of core distance got 22 channels and I’ve come this really nice bright car they also coming back green pink and yellow and they use AAA batteries they’ve got five animal quarter tones 38 plus privacy codes the good thing with these is they’re only 15 pounds of 99 pence so a real cheap login they’re gonna be good for the kids if you’re look ones going in a plane and you just want to be a security you could say to them take one of these with them and just make sure that they stay range when you need to call them in we get them and get several and obviously there’s nothing to stop you buying for these or fries or a couple of sets and they’re all going to link up together they’ll work on the same frequencies a nice warm light as well go use them anywhere tells you basically yeah I’m gonna need that stick some batteries in it.

It’s for a battery’s triple-a even okay so our fitted 3a a a battery strap a batteries in each one they’ll turn along the back in back on okay so we’ve got this one is on channel 10 this one is on channel 1 so I’m gonna press monitor menu then pressing down to 6.

That’s on the same channel as this one so I want to press this one it’s gonna make this one golf and pit over there one two one three one three a conduit too long because obviously it’s gonna get a lot of feedback but it’s basically got.

Meanwhile Kimmy channels let’s go so it’s got 22 channels six seven seven and then you’ve got sub channels so if there’s um people in your area who’ve also got the same unit issue you’ve got your normal channels and then you’ve got your sub channel so you to get to that Chris menu once and I’ve hung down to pick the right channel and then this one here you can have it off or you can have it on number one as long as they’re both matched up to be the same they’re both formed seven nabo from one that’s it where else this has got a built-in flashlight so that’s going to be really handy for nighttime if you’re using this for campaign except show for kids this is obviously gonna be good for things like fishing as well we’ve upped the freaking on me arrange I think this is freaky limited distance raining.

Obviously that’s probably going to be like line of sight so if you’re fishing a fishing party etc it’s going to be great for that stick.

It’s gonna be great for all fishing parties etc so so look through the menu it’s a bit hard because of the size of the screen and the reflection but I’ll do my best so the press menu once that takes you to the channels press it again the secondary channels press it again you got Vox now you can that um one two three and off now that it means.

Basically it will automatically start transmitting when it hears a sound so theoretically you could put this in a room stick it on to Vox when someone speaks it’s gonna pick it up and all may transmit to you and whatever go in at night huh let’s see what else we got just a Vox there we go see a different different ringtones or heart stones you got to the b-pawn and beep off etc so what we’ll do is I’m gonna stick this one goes to Vox see to try one first one two one two one two one two one two one two one two one two.

That’s not picking up so I’m gonna go back to the Vox again it’s a 3:1 c12 there you go you can see let’s pick that up so I’m going to put this somewhere I’m gonna take this one put it in another room and I’ll be back in a second.

Okay so taking it in to the other side of the house where my wife is and I’m gonna do a quick test so you have to press down the button hold it down and talk and then when you finished say over hello this is a test to check that the walkie-talkie is working there you go it beeps tell you that it’s finished when the person’s taking a finger off the top bar it beeps so what we do in a minute is we’re over go and see just how far this walkie-talkie will go and I’ll let you know in the description below I’ll do it from inside my house and they’re not there standing outside and see how far my boy can get obviously if it’s freaky um it is we’re not going to be walking free kilometers but we can get like from their house to across the road across the next road across the green and then we try it from there.

So hopefully this video has been helpful it’s a really nice size compact size good for a kid like the fact it’s got the mam good for adults as well as I say it’s all ideal for things like fishing camping etc a few if you’re worried about your kids playing out in the summer you can give them one of these just tell them make sure they stay in range if there’s a park nearby if you need to pull them for dinner etc pressed upon say come with coming your dinner’s ready and yeah hopefully this has been helpful to you.

7. DuaFire Durable Kids Walkie Talkies

Video Transcript:

what’s up hey induce Peter Vaughn panda here hey I bought these walkie-talkie for kids.

therefore saml and friendly I think they’re small unfriendly dual fire now you know walking talkies especially legit walkie talkies like us don’t have to be just for kids especially if they’re small you know that could be great for your day hikes are your adventures where you don’t need a five mile range walkies but you know what maybe they say they stink in there for kids capitals so if you have kids these could definitely be a cool little toy for them if you need just a pair of disposable little walkie-talkies these might work too so I mean they look pretty legit I mean the plastic seems about right for walkie-talkies you know even if you buy very legitimate.

reputable brands they have a clip on the back here so you could put that on your belt.

they have little stubby fixed antenna looks like speaker microphone and everything is going to be in here yeah that’s the microphone right there and we have power button push to talk button probably right there looks like there’s even a light and then either channel up and down as my guess now the key to turning these on Oh looks like there’s even this that this light looks like the flashlight that’s actually if that does work actually you paid me a nice feature that I haven’t actually seen on my other actual real walkie-talkies the clip does come off if you don’t need that.

apparently so and you might need to do that in order to get the back of no looks like you just pull it and then on the back here looks like we need to install three Triple A batteries so let’s put the light so I bought some batteries got them in there three triple A’s you need them in both I also noticed that you actually can’t get the battery in with the clip on to do remove that but then you just slides right back in there and then locks into place and you turn it on here with this power button there’s a little backlight there which is nice and it’s bright looks like it goes to channel 19.

buttons are volume so as far as I can tell right battery indicator looks like that’s the channel and then this flashlight button is a little LED button that you hold down here so to be honest these are pretty pretty darn good useful little walkie-talkies I mean I actually like the size I know where they’re for kids and this is hot pink which is also my color but you know if I were to go out into the wilderness I don’t know what the range is on these bad boys but I would want kind of the smallest most pocket-friendly.

high cold and hiking friendly you know lightest walkie-talkie that I could get and you know even though they’re for kids this might be it this is also a mode button it looks like so if I hit this looks like I can use these buttons then kind of scroll to different channels and what if I hit it again looks like a cub channel or whatever you call it box off so it’s not going to just pick up any sound ca1 metro telegram means I think this is teo tone on because it’s obviously pretty loud and then ro again I’m not sure let’s see if we can communicate with someone I’ve given the other walkie-talkie away here testing one two three testing one two three can you hear me I can hear you how are you doing.

Wow so it works so that person is not really that close here and as you can see this walkie-talkie I mean I’m pretty impressed with the sound quality obviously I don’t have the volume all the way maxed up but pretty nice a little you know to be honest it’s a toy for kids but I’m pretty impressed with it overall you know if I were a kid that got this I feel pretty lucky it’s pretty cool and I think if we hold this down it turns it off boom just like that saves the battery so we have walkie talkie which they say for kids I do a fire definitely works peter von panda Oh.

8. Swiftion Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys so today Eli is gonna open up walkie-talkies no I.

You got some walkie-talkies that we’re gonna go ahead and try out I’m gonna play hide and go seek and so this would play hide and you’ll see when go camping when we go all over the place just around the house we could go ahead and play around and II like to go ahead and talk to us accumulate so are you ready you lights gonna do the big reveal what do you want to walkie talkie is so we have the instructions we got walkie talkie plus we got all this was pretty cool so this is a charger you can plug two walkie-talkies at the same time close this into you or your outlets cool little walkie-talkie set so we get one set of batteries which is for triple-a okay two sets of batteries and we get two walkie-talkies nice.

So you set these walkie-talkies already do open up this battery pack right here yes III do is click this that’s open and when you gonna use her hand in 89 so these are rechargeable batteries that come with the walkie-talkies nice to the sharpening yeah it is super short let me go see you there you go like that so it’s gonna go like this.

So we gonna push here to talk here you know you see a message on bang.

So let’s go in trance now I’m gonna go ahead and hide from me I.

We’re too close to ready go.

It’s a good picture huh you push it a little top.

That’s : lamp I’m gonna go ahead and hide from Eli and then we’re gonna go ahead and see we talked to you you got where you at.

Where’d you go yeah.

Kedar me are you gonna hold it down oh yes I hear you you like single hind in the ring right now hey guys so I’m gonna show you the functionality of this radio my wife and son they’re about 2,000 square feet away from me and multiple levels and the walls so they’re gonna go ahead and call me on this and I’m gonna talk back and forward I’m gonna zoom in on my walkie-talkie so you can see exactly what buttons across and you hear the sound quality hey honey do you copy how does the sound quality sound so to talk all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna press this TOC Bohan so right now I’m pressing talk button and this is how I talk and then once I release it they are free to go ahead and respond back.

So what’s another cool feature about this is if you want to ring them so it’s gonna read them and so they think it’s kind of paging by see this is really close um the features which is awesome gold ring buttons so you’re able to hear that I’m gonna show some more features on this so you have a slow cool this button right here actually is a little lamp feature so you get press this button and it’s gonna be a little lamp so you know if this is turned off you could turn this on.

It’s like a little flashlight basically this is you go ahead and scan through the channels if you want to gonna skip through a challenge right now I have it locked so with my son I actually have this button lock right here so he all yes could do is turn the lamp on or he go ahead and press the taco imma talk without this you could easily go up and down the buttons and it’s am I going such a different channel so it’s a really important to keep this locked if you want to make sure people own different channels.

It has a monitor button so you can actually monitor your multiple channels on here which is really cool it’s cool little clip so you clip it to your belt it takes four rechargeable batteries which it comes with in this little kit right here it comes as also this is a two pack they have four packs but the two pack he comes with one charger and it comes at two power cables or power ports so to plug it in copy so you guys gonna come up and he’s gonna go ahead it you want to go ahead record with the video so we’re gonna have him show his camera yeah a little makeup so get ferry here so II like built this cool camera off this little but.

My wife was able soon for me my sons are away just by using the walkie talkie do you want to see anything no mommy say something which is cool ElI’s been trying this radio out see him hold it down so we’re talking right now and he’s have been able to communicate it he’s having a hard time really holding down the whole time he wants to communicate and tell stuff but it’s pretty cool he’s able to use this by holding this button down so neat little long walkie-talkie system so basically it’s like it’s supposed to be a three mile range no no no you so it’s pretty cool so yeah so this goes three miles so we’re on family trips if you’re in separate very close if you actually communicate back and forth and locations that we don’t have our cell phone so usually just press the button and they’ll communicate I haven’t tested out the three mile radius but let’s test out pretty soon so you know you gonna charge it you’re going to plug this cable and charge it over think I’m gonna go to radio silence right now so I’m gonna turn it off you turn Powerball right here so which is a cool feature um it’s a cool thing what do you think about this yeah he thinks it’s cool so nice and handy it’s cool mess around the house and then if you go like on any trips like designer eye thing you can go any contact teach people or each other with this cool radio so shake it out.

9. ATOPDREAM Long Range Walkies Talkies for Kids

Video Transcript:

Today for review I have the let’s go walkie-talkie set by twin talker in the box there’s two walkie talkies I have only one here obviously and then there’s two of the cord necklace cords that you just loop through and strap in.

One for each and then there’s the directions.

So each walkie-talkie takes four triple-a batteries so have those on hand they’re kind of challenging to get in so I would plan to put them in and leave them in until you need to change them so you can power this puppy on let’s try again.

There you go you have to press and hold so on the screen it has the channel and then the battery power the volume and I’m assuming that’s the signal you want to make sure that unlock the both the walkie-talkies the numbers are the same so we found that you could hear very well.

When you were like in your own yard with the walkie-talkies using them you just press and hold and then when you’re done you let go and it makes that Roger beep so that the other person knows that you’re done talking one thing but I don’t like is how loud each beep is so I have enough here is changing the volume every single time it is such a loud beep so thankfully in the handy-dandy instruction manual here.

It tells you how you can turn that off and it has good instructions for each of the different symbols and what it means so you’ll want to keep a hold of this and probably you’ll need to come back to it another neat feature is it has a flashlight on it so that’s cool and you can make it ring and it calls both walkie-talkies then there’s lots of different options that you can check out but overall our opinion is we really like these a lot on the box it says three plus miles I don’t know about that.

We went a half a mile away and you really couldn’t barely hear the other person we’re in the suburbs though so it could have been that there’s just a lot of signal interference going on maybe out in the country you can get something like three miles for us you can go you know within an acre in our yard and it’s perfect for what we need so we really like it we’re happy great price cute little.

Ix fits in the palm of your hand and it’s lots of fun so we were having a blast with them.

10. Langle Mini Portable Children Handheld Walkie Talkie

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to some of the material ladies and gentlemen I salute the men women everywhere long time so today I’m unboxing this if the time walkie-talkies for kids let me just under the beginning I don’t have the batteries I’m really very sorry I do apologize for it but and then well today show you what it is actually I bought it from Amazon and I’m for you.

Unboxing I’m using paper cutter and be very very careful when using these because these are very very sharp limited of your fingers we don’t want to lose any fingers don’t wait so after a few days you know I’m going to go to the beach in search of a shark and I’m gonna go lots and lots of videos over there let’s just do it out I don’t know what is going to work in that way work in that way so this is just the invoice you’ve seen voice so you can answer it costed me about 400 bucks 400 I now rather 400 rupees Indian currency so here it is let’s put it aside.

Okay another cardboard let me just tell you I’ve been a customer of Amazon for about yes from 2015 and whenever I bought something everything comes in the red state possible so this is the walkie talkie which is purchase they look really cool doesn’t on it like some cool spy gear stuff or something so we’re gonna open them you don’t have the batteries but I might tell you each and every single thing because I know a friend who has these actually bought it just for show because I love comes in lots of things so I didn’t have any of these so let me sell you out in Sweden two-player system right here walkie talkie instructions there’s no they’re not really necessary taking taking this is more than 100.

Thinking distance 100 meter I don’t know lieutenant Edwards but it works in about if you’re in your room and someone’s insomnia if you’re in a house and someone’s on the roof then it’s gonna work perfectly or as someone is at the store right below your house and you’re on top of the roof still is gonna walk it’s a very good walkie-talkie the best one here nothing else in the box okay so these are the walkie talkies now you see there aren’t there are too small they can be extended because the best they will be covering orange so consider that then have one walkie talkie I’m sure you can see it this is the other one I was concerned that one so two walkie talkies they look really cool then this small it’s at the back which can be used for attaching these to your belts or pockets and for the battery the battery goes in here in the slight pitch down three double A batteries.

I don’t have the batteries I thought of buying it but I really forgot so we store the walkie-talkies on let me just tell you how the war so take me to stay close like I said in like you’re in your room that someone is that you I mean why not working on the roof and the other is at the ground floor first floor so we’re switching on this button this button is to press that when it is pressed up it will be switched on and you’ll get it notified because over here you can see a small red ball these red balls will light up red and for talking I mean while one is talking the other won’t be able to talk need to press this button did you press it and you to press it and say whatever we want to say and then say over and then the other person will be able to understand it’s time for him to president say whatever he wants to say so those are the walkie talkies thank you for watching the video if you liked it please do subscribe to our Channel and.

Please give a like if you like this and don’t forget to press the bell icon to get notified whenever and you flooded bye.

FAQs on Best Walkie Talkie for Kids in 2021

How to use a walkie talkie for Kids?

The usage of the walkie talkies is not so difficult. First, take the set of devices out of its packet. Now, pull the antenna on the top in the upward direction to make sure there is functional connectivity. Now place the batteries inside the device (you can skip this part if the cells are already in it). Then look for the ‘on and off’ button and push it towards the on the side. Make sure both the devices are on as the machine will not work if both of the walkie talkies are not switched on. After this, look for the most massive button on the device. To speak in the walkie talkie, press and hold this button, and you will be able to hear your voice on the second device. This can be done from the second device to the first one as well.

How long do walkie talkies last?

Walkie talkies have a life of up to two years if they are not rechargeable. But if they are kept in scorching temperature, the heat melts the plastic that is on the top covering of the device. So, it should be protected from sweltering temperatures. If possible, store them in a cool place when not in use so that they are protected even when it’s not being used. Walkie talkies are usually damaged by liquids too. Liquids tend to harm the circuit board of any electronic gadget, and the same is the case with walkie talkies. So, they should be protected from any type of liquid, especially water. You can also buy waterproof bags to protect the device.

What range of walkie talkie should I buy?

The range of walkie talkie will depend upon the purpose of buying the product. If you want to buy this product to play with preschoolers at home, then the scale of the Walkie- Talkie can be less up to 20-30 meters. But if you want to buy this product for your kids from the age of 7-13 years, then they would want to play games like hiding n seek, treasure hunt, etc.

With it with their friends and siblings. In this case, the range should be more than just the span of a house. It can go up to 1 to 1.5 kilometers.

Will walkie talkies work where there is no network?

Walkie talkies work on a single-channel transmission system. This means that one device is directly connected to another device without any mediator in between. So walkie talkies can even work where there is no network at all. This is the reason they are used in places like army camps and by the police so that communication does not stop.

Are my children safe to play with walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are often confused with the radios because they both work on frequencies. But, a walkie talkie is basically a two-way radio system where frequencies cannot be shared with anyone else. Any other person except for the two having the device cannot listen to what is being said on the several gadgets. So, walkie talkies are a very safe gadget for your kids. Some people also believe that walkie talkies give electric shocks if handled in the wrong way. But this is not true. Walkie talkies come with safe coverings, and shocks or related hazards are not possible.

How are walkie talkies useful?

Walkie talkies are known for communicating with two people immediately within the range of the use them. Walkie talkies are not only a gadget that can be played with by kids, but it is also a device used in times of emergency when immediate communication is necessary. The message from one place can be heard from one place to another through the medium of wireless communication. Therefore, the location of the two devices is not easy to track. And it can be used by kids to play many games or even talk to their neighboring friends, even siblings.

What is the difference between a walkie talkie and a radio?

A radio is a one-way communication device that works on frequencies. Radios are used where the only person can speak while others can listen. Anyone who knows the frequency channel can listen to the radio. But this does not happen in Walkie- Talkies. Walkie talkies come with technology to not only listen but also speak in it. Since walkie talkies follow a one-way channel, no one else can hear it. But radio supports multiple channels, and so many people can listen to it.

Can two different types of walkie talkies get connected to each other?

This device only follows a single channel system. It can only be connected with one another, and there can be no interference with another gadget. So, if you plan to join one walkie talkie with another brand or type of walkie talkie, they will not get connected. But, in case you want a three-way communication, you can buy the set of three or the number of devices that you require. Then all of the devices will be following the same channel and can get communicated with each other.


Overall, walkie talkies are one of the best devices for kids. It is exciting, and little children love to talk to each other with this kind of decision. It is effortless to carry as it is wireless. It can last for a long time, and it does not require a lot of maintenance. It is a safe gadget that does not have any side- effects on the brains of the little ones as it does not emit any radioactive waves. It can even be used in areas like villages or jungles where there are no networks. After all, it doesn’t need any kind of satellite message to transfer one word to another device. In remote areas, it is more helpful even than our regular cell phones. We hope that our review guided you into choosing the best walkie talkie for kids.

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