Best Nail Glue – Ultimate Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you obsessed with fake nails?

Don’t your nails grow at the required speed?

Are you planning to get married and get your nails done all by yourself?

Do you a salon and want to provide the best fake nail services to your clients?

Fake nails are a trend among various celebrities. This has led to a huge craze for fake nails among the ladies around. So, what do you think, how do fake nails get stuck on your nails? It’s very easy to stick fake nails on your natural nails. This can be done only with small nail glue, yet branded. Nail glues are amazing things that help you to get your nails done within seconds and that too at a minimum cost.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to spend thousands on salons or want to offer the best results to your or your client’s nails, then go through our post. It will help you in deciding the best nail glue you must get for yourself.

Shortlist of the 10 Best Nail Glue in 2020

Buying Guide for the Best Nail Glue in 2020

When it comes to a beauty product, ladies become highly aware and desire to get themselves the best among the desired category. So, while purchasing the best nail glue, how can they forget to check the best buying guide of nail glue. Here we have prepared the best buying guide which will help the ladies or their boyfriends to get them the perfect product.

Easy and Quick to Use

There can be many situations when you have to apply your fake nail urgently. At such a timing, you would require a nail glue that is easy to use and quick at its work. The glue must be able to stick the fake nail properly on the surface hassle-free, further, it must offer a smooth and elegant look to the new nails.

Multifunctional Application

How great it would be if the nail glue can have a multifunctional application! By multifunctional application, we mean that the nail glue can be used easily at home, at salons by professionals, gifted to wife or girlfriends too. After all, the result of these glues is so amazing that no girl would ever say no to it and add it to her cosmetic box immediately.


It hurts if you have to spend money to purchase the nail glue every time you are willing to use it. So, it is desirable of you to get the nail glue which is durable and can be used for a longer time. The local nail glues aren’t durable and need to be through in a few days of using it. So, be cautious while getting yourself one.

Moreover, with durability, it is meant that the nail glue must stick on your nails for a generally long time. It must not get affected by water or soap.

Easy to remove

Won’t it be a headache if the nail glue doesn’t come off its place easily? After all, no lady is patient enough to try a hundred times to get rid of the nail glue from fingers and nails. So, if you don’t wish to face such a situation, you must go through the nail paint review properly. But, if you aren’t aware of its ‘easy to remove’ function, you can go through different DIYs like soaking your nails in warm water, etc.

Healthy Ingredient

Our nails also breathe as we do. If we do not provide them healthy ingredients, they will lose their shine and become weak. These healthy ingredients can be provided with proper food. But do you know that a nail glue can also provide it to your nails? Yes, it might look weird to you but it’s completely true. Some of the branded nail glues contain the ingredient named Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. This ingredient has a slight odor and is known to give the best user experience with a completely natural effect on your nails without harming them.

Nail DIY

Every girl wishes to perform some DIY of the new beauty products she has purchased. So, how can she leave the nail glue? It’s every girl’s dream to purchase the best nail glue from which she can make her own DIYs. The DIYs when posted on social networking sites will increase her fan following and give her confidence to do far better than earlier. After all, she will be saved from going to salons and spending thousands there to get her nails done excellently.

So, purchase the nail glue which you can use perfectly and feel confident while making your videos.

What the Users Feel About Them

Before purchasing the product, we generally ask our relatives and friends about its feedback, but never check it online. You can’t determine the result of the product unless you have a review of approximately 20 to 30 people. So, online websites give you this facility. While deciding the desirable nail glue, you must have a look at its review. It will give you a complete picture of the customers’ reactions towards it.


While reviewing the products, you must have usually come across the rating part. The rating part gives you a general overview of the likings of the users. So, while purchasing the nail glue, you must consider the same. You just need to have a look at the ratings of the desired glue and if it exceeds 3 stars out of 5, then the product is likely to give you satisfaction. But, if the rating is below 3, then you must not think of purchasing it.


Nail glues are available in a wide price range starting from a low price of $5 and can extend more than $20, depending upon its quality. If you are seeking a high-quality nail glue, then be prepared to spend approximately $10 to $20 in it.

Color of the Glue

You might be aware of the fact that some nail glues make use of adhesives to offer the best results. However, there are chances that these adhesives might prove bad for your nails too. This is because some adhesives are harmful and when present in nail glue prevents the glue from giving a natural transparent color. Further, you can see the dried glue on the top of your nails.

So, while looking for the nail paint glue, you must ensure that glue if free from any kind of harmful adhesives if you seek the best results from it.

Prefer Tubes as They Are Convenient

Nail paint glues can be found in the form of a tube and nail paint bottle. But, between both forms, tubes are much more convenient to use. It is because the nail paint bottle is likely to get dried just like the nail paint in some time. however, the tube can be used over and over again without drying. But the chances can arise that the glue present in the tube may become hard and crusty under some circumstances. So, to reduce such issues, the manufacturers have reduced the size of nail paint glue tubes which prevents the glue from losing its capacity over time and can be used without any wastage.

If you are likely to use the glues recently, then you must go for its multiple packs. The multiple packs are available at a marginal price comprising of a maximum of 12 pieces of tube.

Testing 3 Nail Glue Substitutes for Press-On Nails

Video Transcript:

I’m wearing my professional shirt from work and gym shorts classy I have another nail video today so a few months back I reviewed the impressed by KISS press-on nails they have like an.

Adhesive instead of using the liquid glue and I was very very impressed pun intended and not intended and i’ve been using them since and I really really like them but I have some other nails that require the liquid glue and I tried that once and I swore I was never gonna do it again because it was a mess it stuck to my skin it ripped my skin when I tried to peel it off and it required soaking in acetone which wrecked my nails after that and from that incident I learned never to do that again so flash forward to a couple of weeks ago I was really wanting to try out some press-on nails again but I didn’t want to try to kiss once so I started.

Researching alternatives to glue I ended up finding this article blog post type thing that had a couple of different suggestions and I thought I should try these out on camera see if they work maybe I find a true gem that will save my nails and save me time so that is what I’m going to be doing today before I start make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already I really really appreciate it if I can find the article that I originally read I will post it in the description box below so one of the options it said to try is double sided tape I’m a bit skeptical on this one because you can peel off scotch tape pretty easily maybe I’m wrong we’ll find out so I got some of the Scotch double sided tape I originally was going to get an off-brand but I thought if I’m doing this I should probably get at least the name brand so yeah scotch tape the article also suggested using some sort of adhesive type thing so I was at Dollar Tree actually so this was only a dollar and I got glue dot adhesives I was trying to find something that would be soul enough to fit on your nail a lot of them are large strips that you would use to hang stuff on the wall or just use for different materials.

So these are just like a perfect size for a nail so I thought they would work really well the third option the article proposed was to use another nail polish to kind of like while it’s still sticky glued down the nail so I’m going to be using this clear coat from sinful colors it’s almost gone so I might just use up the rest of it I’m going to be doing a few nails with each method and showing it on camera so you can see how well it goes if it sticks if it sticks.

Immediately and if it stays if you want to know more about the kiss and press nails that I was talking about earlier in the video I will link that also in the eye and down below please ignore how ugly my nails may look the nail polish I was using before this kind of stained them so something else you will.

Definitely want to use before you apply the nails is some sort of alcohol wipe I made the mistake once of not using this on my nails I just used nail polish remover and they did not stay on nearly as long as when I prepped them so I took some on some paper towel I’m just gonna wipe down each nail so the nails I got were super cheap I got this brand just at Dollar Tree and this is what they look like just great with these cute little flowers on it so the first method we are going to use a scotch tape so I took some of the double-sided tape and I cut it to try and match around my nail size I’m gonna place it on my thumb try and get it as close to the cuticle as possible and then I’m gonna take some scissors and just cut off any of the excess and then I’m gonna take the nail and press it as close to the cuticle as possible and then press down and hold for at least 30 seconds that’s the amount of time that the impressed nails would recommend so hopefully this is around the same okay in the latest development I tried to put on three nails this one ripped off immediately these like they’re not stable this yeah like this one was a little bit better but you really can’t do much without things ripping off so I’m gonna go ahead and say that the double-sided tape is a definite no-go okay next I have one of the glue dots kill this back please I know kind of centered press down to make sure it is fully adheres to the nail and try and gently peel it off okay so a glue dot definitely wants to stick to the clear film and try and place this over the glue dot and hold okay so I applied these three nails using the glue dots it is so difficult to get the glue dot away from the plastic covering this part peels off super easily this does not want to break away from the glue dot I don’t know why they made it like that I even tried it on a more flat surface and it was the same way so going with a different brand would probably be better in this case as you can see that they are still on it does feel a lot more stable than the tape I think these would stay on for a couple of days since the glue doesn’t cover the entire nail it just covers the center the edges near the cuticle I didn’t put the adhesive there so it feels a little unstable and it might move around a little bit up there but it still feels like it would stick on if I were to be typing at work or doing stuff with my hands so I think I’d give this method maybe a 7 out of 10 higher rating if I find a better brand of glue dots it may even work better if I try to use two on one nail to cover the entire nail so in the next option we’re going to be using the clear nail polish and I’m gonna put a heavy amount of this on there just so that I can assure it will stick make sure to cover the entire nail and then I’m going to quickly put the nail over the nail polish and hold and I’m gonna let this sit for a few minutes all right so I let this nail dry for about five minutes and I think this is my favorite method so far.

It really feels on there and whereas this one doesn’t feel I secure it near the cuticle this one feels secure on the entire nail like that feels like it’s gonna stay put.

I’m going to put some on my other nails and maybe before I put the nail on I’m gonna let it get a slight bit tacky and I am putting on a pretty generous amount if this works out I like this method a lot better than actual glue because new glue sticks on forever.

Nothing is nan relenting so I’m going to let this sit for another five minutes okay so that one is dry I think the better method is to put the nail on right away and by the way while I am letting it dry I’m holding it down the entire time I don’t let it come up at all because I really want it to stick to the nail and stick to the new polish so I’m gonna try that too out on the rest of these and see how that goes okay so these are all on I had a little bit of a mishap with the nail polish but these feel very secure all of them it feels as if I used nail glue pretty much it was pretty simple I didn’t have to do the full five minutes for all of my nails I decided to go three minutes and that worked just as well so for these last two nails I want to try and use the glue dots again for my thumb since it’s a larger area to cover I’m going to try and use to glue dots so you put that one closer to the cuticle now I’m gonna put that kind of overlapping it a little bit have it reached the end of the nail I’m gonna hold that down so the thumbnail with the tooth glue dots it feels more secure but it’s also more raised up since the glue dots kind of overlap for this pinky I try to use a glue dot but it was just not cooperating so I ended up using the nail polish for this as well so now I have all of my nails on and I’m gonna come back and give it some of my final thoughts so after I turned off the camera and went and washed my hands and tried to do some other stuff to see how well the nails would stick on I was very wrong almost all of the nails that use the nail polish have broken off one of them I have no clue where it is and like this one is bright about to break off – I am super surprised that the glue dots stuck on better like they’re still not stable and they’re probably gonna fall off by the end of the day but they stuck on better than the nail posh which initially felt more secure the pinky still feels secure so I don’t know what went different with that one but.

It may have been because I used a thinner layer on my pinky I thought that the more glue the more adhered it would be to my nail but maybe that’s just too much that it slides around I ended up trying to put a light coat on this nail and retry it if that ends up being the case and they stick on they work great I will put on the screen right now if not you know what happened I’m actually pretty sad that this didn’t work out as well as I had hoped I am NOT going back to traditional nail glue so otherwise it’s just going to be the kiss and pressed nails I’d like to have more variety in the shade and the type of nail but I guess we can’t have all things in life here’s another glue dot one that’s peeling off so that’s.

Fantastic I may continue to do some more research and see if there are any other alternatives or brands out there like kiss and pressed nails but if you enjoyed this video and at least found it a little bit comical maybe get a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this I promise they get better they don’t all happen to be a disaster like this one you can hit the subscribe button thank you so much for watching I appreciate your support and I will see you in my next video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are superglues and nail glues the same?

You might be pretty shocked to know that superglues and nail glues are the same things based on their function. The only difference between them is on the terms you are purchasing them. Superglues are generally low cost as they are used in hardware works, on the other hand, nail glues are a bit expensive as they are counted in cosmetics. But you must be aware that nail glues are less adhesive and harmful as compared to superglues. So, it’s better to use nail glues if you want to fix fake nails. However, if you want to repair your broken nail, you can undoubtedly give a try to superglue.

How can I remove the nail glue from my nails?

Placing fake nails over natural nails may appear to be quite interesting, but the opposite happens when you have to remove the fake nails as well as the nail glue. Mostly, the nail glues get removed instantly, but at times they may take more time and effort. So, to make it happen quickly, you must get a bowl containing soap water. Now, you can put your fingers inside the bowl for some time. The soap water in the bowl will weaken the glue on the nails making it easy to remove it.

Apart from it, you can make use of acetone. Acetone is a strong ingredient usually found in nail paint removers. So, put some remover on the cotton ball and apply it thoroughly on your nails. This will let you get rid of the nail glue present there.

Do nail glues damage the nails?

Usually nail glues do not damage the nails. There is a complete procedure to remove the glue from the skin. If you follow the procedure properly, you might retain your natural nails again. But, if you use harsh methods to remove it, you might damage the nails. So, it entirely depends upon you, how you treat your nails.

From where can I purchase nail glues?

Purchasing nail glues is quite easy. You just have to go visit the best cosmetic store near your area, such as Walmart. At the store, you can have a bundle of glues displayed in front of you which will make your purchase easy. On the other hand, you can also check the online platforms, mainly Amazon to get the perfectly reviewed glue.

How To Apply False Nails Without Nail Glue?

Video Transcript:

Everyone welcome hi everyone welcome back to channel so today I’m gonna be telling you how to apply fake nails so here I have the 60 nails and it came in this packaging this is it came from Reggie’s and it’s for ages 4 plus years old.

So yeah let’s open this so the others already use them that’s no biggie there are some others that I can use I don’t know which one but I think I am Danny Huston then I’m gonna use the blue one with the hearts because why not or I’m gonna use two pink when it stars or either this blue one first step is to wash your hands so let’s go.

So on now you want to wipe your hands with a towel there you go next thing you’re gonna do is you wanna wipe your nails with a cotton roll I’m using the Dove cotton cotton rolls and they are amazing and they work.

And now you want to add some Vaseline so that if you put a nail glue into your nails and any glue you don’t want to destroy it so you want to keep it healthy under so that it will still be healthy when you take off the nails so use some Vaseline to UM make the cuticles look nice.

Okay so if you guys have nail polish always remember to use a nail polish remover to remove them because that’s the reason for fake nails they’re supposed to be there so you don’t need to put nail polish and so that your knees looks good so new purchase also to make your nails look good but that’s what the fake nails are for so it’s not really needed the nail polish so you need to erase it with a nail polish remover time using two Tech’s cos it’s the only one that we found in the store and nothing to you to remove your nail polish I’m not forcing you I’m just saying that that’s really the reason for fake nails okay now when you apply fake nails do you want to prepare them all five all right so when you’re putting on fake nails you want to prepare them in a row because so that you will be ready for when you want to put it on alright so your they are but they’re not really nice alright so I’m telling you do not it says here did not use nail blue because I’m this is what happened to my nail when I used to it just ruined it and in order to take it out you want to like peel it and soak it in warm water so that you’ll be able to peel it easier so I’m using this now like every nail loose like this but enough forcing you if you want to use the nail blue always remember that it burns skin and eyes and in seconds because this glues this blue like is really it dries really really fast so always remember that it bonds skin and eyes in seconds ripe of glue nozzle after each application do not force open contain cyanoacrylate keep out of reach of children and with retain packaging for reference so always remember that’s not good for your skin and.

So yes oh no way no no I use sprit stick now why I don’t know why because I put it on mom for my nails but they’re still nice and healthy cool so yeah all right now take your nails start wiping it and then you want to press it for ten seconds one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and it should be nice and strong so you want to do the same to all of the other Seville so you’re gonna do the same so they’re all done now just want it to dry for a few seconds so here are the nails really cool they have shared hearts on them and they’re totally strong so I prove it to you doesn’t come off and yeah but you can take it off by peeling it up I mean by like taking it like this like you know like pulling it out because it’s just glue it doesn’t do anything um so yeah if you guys enjoyed this video give me this video a big thumbs up if you liked it subscribe for more down below and check out the musically kawaii underscore quick.

I put the spelling in the description box down below don’t forget to follow me I am doing a hashtag do it with do it with kawaii underscore quick and I am celebrating my half-century subscribers and I’m so happy so yeah ie whoopsy the snails.

Can nail glues be made at home?

Yes, if nail glues aren’t available at the nearest stores, you can prepare one at home too. You must know that the nail glues prepared at home are eventually amazing as you will use the best products for yourself. However, you do not need lots of things in preparing the best nail glue. You only require 4 things. They are –

  • Transparent nail paints
  • Spoon
  • Glue (prefer PVA)
  • Container

These things are easily available at home so preparing the nail glue won’t cost you much. So, let’s start with the steps –

  • Firstly, you have to fill the container with glue (almost 1 cup). The glue has to be non-toxic, so you can use PVA glue too.
  • Then add the transparent nail paint into the container.
  • Now it’s all done. You just have to mix the mixture thoroughly with a spoon and your nail glue is now ready to be used.

How To Take Off Glue On Nails?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel I’m sorry that I haven’t recorded for or uploaded a video in like three weeks but that’s because I went to a vacation summer vacation.

Um trip to Pennsylvania and if I don’t sound like myself then I’m so sorry because I really miss my friends from over there because I had to leave them so yeah please do not worry about that just take onto the video with me please and so uh yeah as you can tell by the title today we are going I’m going to be showing you guys how to take off a blue Anil easily without breaking your actual nail and on let’s get straight to the materials that you guys are going to be needing first a timer um just so you guys know this finger and this finger my nails Bella by itself and then this one I took off before me the video so yeah you’re going to need a timer that is ready and set for one minute.

Then you’re going to need a nail polish remover and something that will cover your whole finger of what you want to take off of the UM the glue on nail that you want to take off your that makes any sense.

If not just keep on watching the video and you guys will see what I mean and I’m using the cap of the nail polish remover but don’t worry I have it um sorry that it’s blurry I have a cotton ball that is at the top so that the smell doesn’t have to be strong so yeah I use the cap of the nail polish remover to put in the nail polish remover so yeah you want timer the nail polish remover and something to put in the nail polish remover and on the another cotton ball is optional you do not need if you don’t want it and i’ll explain later when we get to that part and um a napkin just in case you don’t just in case you guys don’t want to spill the nail polish remover on something that your parents will freak out for and then um before I made this video I told you guys that I think I told you guys that I took um op Maat this new on this finger and um I use my teeth to try to take this nail off and that’s why I looks all messy and i’ve been doing it for days because I can do nothing with the nails and yeah and I hurt myself on the thumb so don’t ask us it’s a long story but yeah I’m going to show you guys with my thumb today to show you how I do it so I know there’s my timer so you guys are going to want to put and for other girls or guys if you guys actually put in if you guys actually put on glue or nails which that’s really stupid so I don’t know why I said that.

So yeah I know what you’re going to want to put your timer for one minute and then put your nail engine at the same time and then i’ll be right back.

Whenever duh timer is finished or maybe i’ll keep on talking so yeah um and if you just actually just pull the glue on nail or any kind of fake nail that you have on your new if you just pull it right off you guys all know this and if you don’t then you guys learn something new today and um yeah so anyways if you guys just pull the big nail right off the real nail of yours will be a.

Disaster like it’ll be all broken and all that and yep so you’re going to want to wait for one minute and you can see me in the reflection I think and the phone from the phone oh oh yeah I just took the shower and you’re going to want to hold that bought another ten second and if you guys ask me if the vacation thing was fun yes yes it was.

So that was one minute and then let’s go to the cotton ball you’re going to take your fingernail and then like tap it on the cotton ball for like about five times five to ten times okay and I’m going to move this finger nail all the way so it doesn’t have to be the way and that’s why the cotton ball thing was optional because you don’t have to do that okay and yeah I’m just trying to fix this because there I fixed it but then you’re going to want to like bend it down from the tip a little but don’t push it all the way just like kind of do it softly okay and then if it’s not coming if you feel like it’s coming off a little bit then you’re going to want to keep on doing that for like I’m gonna like do this for like about four to five times.

Okay and that’s me hi I just took the shower so that’s why my hair is like all messy but I wanted to do this um so I could show you guys because I do this for like a vacation or the Pennsylvania vacation thing and so yeah and you want to make sure that the nail polish remover gets like your whole fingertip thing so that um because here let me slap it for a minute because like over here if you don’t like if it doesn’t get to that part to like close to your cuticle then you can be able to take it off because that’s the part where will come off and i’ll show you what I mean later so yeah and whenever is again the nail polish remover you want to like then you want to like or looser you want to like bend it down like that a little like I’m pushing down on from the tip of it on the tip of it so that it goes like get off and like.

I’ve not told it in that much let’s say it let’s do that and then this time you just want to like do it for like about seven times or less Oh.

And then you want it to push a little bit more down and you’re going to push down for like about ten to twenty times I know it seems a lot but it’ll help trust me and you wanted to dip it in the nail polish remove like about four to five times like if you put a lot of glue put it for like five times and yeah um I’m just gonna go ahead and finish the other parts up yeah i’ll be right back when I’m done okay guys I really wanted to show you guys here really quickly if you guys don’t have an extra nail like if you guys don’t have if you guys have like a lot more nails on your finger then take one of the nails and then go from like the tip like the power close to your cuticle and then whenever we feel like it’s coming off go under that part and then go all the way around and here I’m going to show you like this you see like I’m not going under I think my iphone was about a ring well I just turned it off but yeah over here I’m trying to go like under like all the way at the corner and then work my way all around to the other corner and then if it rips over there if you don’t mind then that’s okay if it happens you see like if I get closer to the camera it’ll start blinking blurry but if it starts to rip like that then it’s okay it’s supposed to be like that.

So then you’re going to keep on doing that until it doesn’t hurt but until then you’re going to keep on putting and dipping your finger inside the UM nail polish remover so yeah I just want this to show you’ve got guys that really quickly and this is my on fourth time so yeah um I’m just like counting to my head because you know I just hate using like timers so then I just like use my head whenever I think that it’s like about a minute and then I just like take it out and again I’m like pushing down on that on the nail polish remover tap so that um you know I can’t talk today and I can’t think of the words that I’m trying to look for what I actually mean to say if that makes any sense because sometimes I don’t make no sense so please forgive me and then I’m thinking that that right there like about a minute yeah so like if you see like there’s a lot of nail polish remover dripping then just tap on the cotton well I was about to say cotton ball remover so let’s go over here and then I’m going to wait for it to focus and let that I’m sorry guys for um not being able to see that’s just because sometimes my camera doesn’t work so forgive me and like if you see like some Sparkle thing like you don’t how like whenever you sing water too long and then like those elderly um skin thing comes out well it’s supposed to be like that you see the difference when is like shining then the other one is just like no that’s how it’s supposed to be like and then you’re going to keep on going under until you get that nail off so whenever I get the nail off then i’ll come back because I almost got it off as you could sell okay guys so I was like playing around with it for a little bit and it was finally better come off so I wanted to show you guys and you see it’s like your nail it’s like you didn’t even have a glue one nail before but if you still have like if you don’t like those white marks that’s on your nail then you could get a cotton ball and then I already have some nail polish remover on this you could dip it in the nail polish remover and then go over it on your with your nail on your nail and then go over like that wash your hands or things of that – already on.

You the other thing that that sorry to stop the three-finger did you want anything and then you’re going to arm wipe it on a towel all right that was too loud going to wipe it on the towel and then I’m sorry I meant to say that if you actually like the white parts sorry guys um if you actually like to have the white parts and just do that what I just did.

So yeah I’m sorry for the mistakes but yeah there it is finished look and um if you don’t want them now actually listen to me on this one if you do not want those bike parts to be on your nails then don’t do nothing just take off the glue on you like you should and then just leave like that and I think I just covered the speaker so what I just said if you guys didn’t hear me is whenever you take off the glue on nail and just leave it like that don’t do nothing to it if you do not want to have these white spots or the white lines on your nails I’m just trying to get this focus but it seems like it’s not working yeah there we go.

Nope it’s not working but oh I think you guys get what I’m saying but um I’m just going to keep on playing with it while I’m talking if you guys don’t want the white lines then just take off your glue nail and then um it’s done you have to do nothing ups and if you’re ripped if you don’t want it to rip then don’t just wait until falls out by yourself by itself because I’m 99.9.

But yeah anyways thank you guys so much for watching my video please make sure like this video you guys subscribe to my video and make sure you guys comment down below if you guys thought I.

Actually did a good job and if it actually works for you guys because I would really love to see um we just thought of it so again I’m sorry about no videos or uploads or updates upload I mean not update sorry on the past couple of three weeks I think but yeah I knew who start for the blurriness again and I hope you guys like this video and I’ll see you guys on my next video bye.

If the nail glue gets stuck on my fingers, what should I do?

There are chances that the nail glue might get stuck on the fingers while applying it. So, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to follow the above-referred guidelines and within some minutes, your finger will be free from the extra residue of nail glue.

How To Remove / Take Off ‘Glue On’ Fake Nails?

Video Transcript:

So I’m back with another nail tutorial just very unlike me but I recently showed you guys how I apply false nails and I had a lot of people asking me okay that’s how you apply them but how do you remove them afterwards they usually last about 7 to 10 days and by about day five to day seven you’ll notice that a couple might pop off you might want to pop them back on again and by about day ten all of them will pretty much want to come off and you shouldn’t really leave them on longer than that anyway it’s best to give your nail bed a little time to breathe you know so when I remove them I usually give my nails about a break for a day and then I reapply them suddenly I do that for about three weeks of the month and then I take a full week off from wearing them which is when I pre film stuff so that you guys don’t see me without my nails on but that’s a whole other story first thing that a lot of people tend to do is try and bite them off or like peel them off that can be really really uncomfortable.

Particularly if they’re freshly glued on they ain’t coming up you’re actually gonna end up damaging your nail bed you’re gonna maybe break your teeth on them so maybe don’t do that there’s a few different ways that you can weaken them so that they easily pop off and that’s basically what we’re gonna do today first thing is to take a hot bath and just have your hands in the bath after the bath they’ll pretty much pop off another way of doing it is to soak them in some oily water so this is like coconut makeup remover coconut oil is like really weird-looking I’m gonna add some warm water and just soak them so just a little bit of warm water and any type of oil or anything that kind of has like an oily substance or even like dish soap that stuff really breaks down the glue so I’m just gonna leave them like soaked in here or even just do the dishes two birds with one scone right there this might be a bit boring so I’m just gonna speed it up you don’t want to fully dry them you just want to strip Pat them dry just to remove the excess and this will pretty much weaken the glue and the whole kind of structure and now it’s just a case of trying to see if any of them have loosened off and they usually loosen off around the edges do you like take one of your nails and kind of pop it in there don’t force it because if it doesn’t give way then you’re only gonna hurt yourself so don’t force that just to kind of feel to see if it’s kind of Oh see that one’s coming off nicely and you want to do this while it’s still kind of warm because I feel like the plastic from the actual nails is much more pliable that way so I’m just kind of running.

That one’s not gonna come off that can feel that feels really really tight once again if you hear me clicking I have JHS don’t judge my clicks as I said you really don’t want to force these because it will damage your nail bed it can really hurt so just please don’t try and force them off or bite them off or anything like that that one is so solidly on there and as you’re kind of opening up this space the liquid and the heat is getting inside so it’s breaking down the glue so you don’t want to do it in just one sweep just keep kind of loosening them and the more you come back to them kind of the looser they get like look at that one I was just popped off oh that one’s coming off and the underneath part just feels nice and oily and warm.

Soak these guys the most important thing is not to kind of push it down this way even though that did just come off but not to do that because you may end up damaging your nail bed so this was nice and loose it was just gonna come off anyway but try not to do this because that hurts can hear the water like squishing around underneath and it should feel wet underneath and that means you haven’t forced it you’ve let the water can just seep in underneath my index fingers always are so tough though they really don’t want to come off see that one’s a little tight because I can see that it actually stuck to my skin and if that’s the case you just want to really soak this this little pinky does not want to come off and the reason being is because this has already fallen off once and I put it back on again so it’s got a little bit extra glue and it’s only been freshly glued so this is gonna take longer to do it’s like a little jacuzzi for my nail so loosen off the edge and then just dip it back into the water so this way the water can get a little further in towards the middle of the nail and break the glue down even more can feel it I can feel it loosening see how it’s loosening just on this edge but it doesn’t really do any damage to your own nails my nails look pretty much the same as they did before I played the nails so no damage oh see popped off there you go it’s off it’s done no pressure.

No pulling no damage just warm soapy water now I have no nails again I’m gonna go put on some more I’m gonna go put these nails.

Does the nail glue provide perfect finishing just like we get at salons?

Yes, nail glues are known to provide the perfect and desired to finish just like you get at a salon. But this is only possible if you purchase the branded nail glues. Branded glues are only used at salons whose services are offered to customers at a high price. So, here you have the trick to save your salon’s additional nail service amount.

How to Apply Glue-On Fake Nails for Long Lasting?

Video Transcript:

If you are anything like me you want long strong beautiful perfectly shaped nails and if you’re anything more like me you blue pieces of plastic on your fingertips to achieve that look but I’m here to tell you how to apply these artificial nails in a way that’s easy lasts a long time and looks really good here’s what you’ll need nail oil cuticle pusher nail file or files i’ll explain that in a second nail polish remover acetone or alcohol pads nail glue fake nails yes to apply fake nails you need fake nails good job me good info so I’m starting with that nail oil or cuticle oil whatever you want to call it this isn’t a super duper necessary step but I definitely recommend it you don’t have to have any fancy nail oil around I’m using a little pen thing that I made myself I can put a link in the.

Description to well everything I use in this video but those pens as well as the products I put in them will be in there but anything works for this you can use a little bit of coconut oil if that’s what you have around or even just lotion if that’s all you got it’s just good for your nails and your skin as well to put a little hydration in there before you go tiling them push your cuticles back and slapping on a bunch of acetone so speaking of now we’re gonna push our cuticles back and start that nail prep you can use a metal tool like this one here just like I was showing you but I find that one of these rubber guys it’s a little softer and gentler I’m also lucky because my cuticles are of this non-existent so if you have more.

Stubborn cuticles and you need to opt for that metal tool that’s totally fine but I find these rubber guys I think I actually stole this out of an eyelash kit it’s not even for nails but I think those are little gentler and just as effective for people with not very much cuticle like me also it looks like I’m really jabbing and getting in there on the video for some reason probably because it’s so close but I’m really not I’m not using that much pressure it’s just a gentle little push back and you don’t need to use that much pressure either you just want to clear the nail bed so there’s plenty of space for the nails to tuck right into that little cuticle area i’ll show you what I mean by that in a second here.

As with any manicure of any sword you’ll want to clean up from under your nails I already did that but that was a.

Demonstration of how you would do that and now we’re gonna shape our nails I like to file you can cut them but I find filing gentler on the nail you can use one of these if that’s all you have but I really really really recommend a glass file I was doubtful of them but they’re actually not that expensive they last a really long time and they take off so much more of the nail on a single swipe so it really doesn’t feel like you need the Clippers at all and it’s much better for your nail you can see here I’m going very very lightly because I don’t want to take off that much my nail and even still it’s taking a lot of nail off and then you swipe if I was using even just a little bit more pressure it would be able to take off all of that white part in a matter of a few swipes way faster than a normal file i’ll drop a link to the file that I’m using in the.

Description box I love this one it was I think less than 10 bucks honestly and i’ve had it for a long time and it’s still in really good shape.

Okay now I know this part’s gonna be a little bit of a cringe sequence for some people but I promise I’m being really gentle you are gonna take one of these cheap files not the glass one for sure and just very gently using a very lightweight side of it buff the top of the nail I know people are really worried about this damaging your nail weakening your nail and like it’s not the best thing for it but it’s just a little thing that’s gonna make a big big difference in keeping those nails sticking I know like i’ve tried it with skipping this step and like you can do that I’m not gonna force you to do this step of course but there’s just a big difference in how long those nails will actually stay on when they have a little bit of rough tub surface to grit to with the glue and again I know it kind of looks like I’m hacking away at my nail I think it’s just cuz the camera is so close but I’m being very gentle with that file you should tail okay so our nails are almost prepped and ready to start gluing the last step and this one is an important one is gonna be to take something that’s a little bit.

Dehydrating to your nail you can use nail polish remover that’s totally fine i’ve done that I’m probably gonna go and offer the little alcohol swabs I showed earlier they look like this you can get em on the amazon they’re pretty cheap put a link for the ones I’m using as well in the description and yeah you’re just gonna swipe across the nail bed like this what you’re doing with this is removing the loose oils those oils are gonna keep the glue from bonding as well as it needs to to really last so you just want to remove those right before you put on the glue and the fake nails so I already did this before I started but you’ll definitely want to make sure those fake nails are sized right you don’t want to be too big you don’t want to be too small and I really really like to make sure they’re fitting nicely in that cuticle that’s what makes them look like your actual nails stop right here and say oh my god what are you doing that’s all over your cuticle to be horrible the glues gonna stick to your skin it’s gonna look okay it’s okay I’m doing this for reason i’ll explain in a second so yeah in fact I’m actually pretty lucky that at least with this brand the nails actually fit my.

Fingernails really well they said my cue to go really nicely if that wasn’t the case what I could do is take my file I would say go with the glass one for this just so it doesn’t take too long and file down the sides like that I’m not gonna do that because it fits my tail but you can totally do that to make them fit so now it’s time to you know.

Actually apply the nails so what you’re gonna do now that your nail that’s are all prepared you’re gonna take that glue and get a nice even coat all over your nail that’s really important you want to cover your whole nail don’t get in the cuticles but cover your whole nail and then you’re gonna apply the nail I like to sort of slide it into the cuticle again cuz I really think the key to realness is getting that nice fit the cuticle and then press it down like your life is depending on it I’m pressing really hard if you can’t tell and you’re gonna hold that for 30 seconds I’m speeding up the video footage so you don’t the stare at paint dry but you want to go for a full 30 seconds to really solidify that bond and then repeat like so I really highly recommend finding a nail glue with a brush like this just cuz it’s really easy to cover the whole nail with that without making it too thick you don’t want a coat of glue that’s too thick because it’s not gonna actually make it stronger it’s just gonna mean once you apply the nail it’ll all spill out and your your cuticles and make a yucky mess and if you’ve ever used a nail glue before you know it sticks like nobody’s business which is good on your nails but not so good on your cuticles and I really like this kiss brand nail glue I showed the cover of it earlier but yeah i’ll definitely link that in the bio I really like it i’ve tried a few different ones and this one lasts way longer than some of the other ones i’ve tried oh yes so the middle nail as you can see flat like that it doesn’t fit but my nails a lot more curved than my other nails so I kind of pinch it like you saw to.

Actually make it fit that’s why it looked too big.

My last little trick for you here to really make those nails stay on is to drop a little bit of flu on the.

Underside of the nails so between your nail and the fake nail but on the other side like this it just reinforces that really important seal there.


That’s all there is to it now you can paint them or if they came free painted you are ready to walk out the door here’s how I ended up painting mine you can see this in my video where I review the Gertie R gel kit and then you can see what I did when I got bored with that in my nail art video thank you so much for watching as always I hope this was helpful if you have any questions I didn’t answer in this video please please please leave it in the comments also I don’t know what everything so if you have more advice please leave on my comments that’d be awesome again check out the description box for links to everything I used in this video as well as links to my blog where I give more in-depth tutorials of everything I do in this channel as well as my Instagram follow those follow this channel and definitely give this video a like if you found it helpful.

Can I use Gorilla glue instead of nail glue to fix fake nails?

You should understand that you must not make use of any kind of glue for your nails except nail glue. However, if you are still thinking of using the gorilla glue, then it’s a waste idea. Gorilla glue doesn’t work on fake nails. It would indeed create a bubble while applying fake nails and come out from its place instantly on the skin.


Now, you might have had a thorough explanation of the type of nail glues you must get for your nails. You can even surprise your sister, mother, or girlfriend by gifting them the best nail glue which will let their fake nails shine bright. Now, all you can have a deep look at the different nail glue brands and decide to choose the right one which suits the best with your nails.

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