Best Nail Glue – Ultimate Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you obsessed with fake nails?

Don’t your nails grow at the required speed?

Are you planning to get married and get your nails done all by yourself?

Do you a salon and want to provide the best fake nail services to your clients?

Fake nails are a trend among various celebrities. This has led to a huge craze for fake nails among the ladies around. So, what do you think, how do fake nails get stuck on your nails? It’s very easy to stick fake nails on your natural nails. This can be done only with small nail glue, yet branded. Nail glues are amazing things that help you to get your nails done within seconds and that too at a minimum cost.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to spend thousands on salons or want to offer the best results to your or your client’s nails, then go through our post. It will help you in deciding the best nail glue you must get for yourself.

Buying Guide for the Best Nail Glue

When it comes to a beauty product, ladies become highly aware and desire to get themselves the best among the desired category. So, while purchasing the best nail glue, how can they forget to check the best buying guide of nail glue. Here we have prepared the best buying guide which will help the ladies or their boyfriends to get them the perfect product.

Easy and Quick to Use

There can be many situations when you have to apply your fake nail urgently. At such a timing, you would require a nail glue that is easy to use and quick at its work. The glue must be able to stick the fake nail properly on the surface hassle-free, further, it must offer a smooth and elegant look to the new nails.

Multifunctional Application

How great it would be if the nail glue can have a multifunctional application! By multifunctional application, we mean that the nail glue can be used easily at home, at salons by professionals, gifted to wife or girlfriends too. After all, the result of these glues is so amazing that no girl would ever say no to it and add it to her cosmetic box immediately.


It hurts if you have to spend money to purchase the nail glue every time you are willing to use it. So, it is desirable of you to get the nail glue which is durable and can be used for a longer time. The local nail glues aren’t durable and need to be through in a few days of using it. So, be cautious while getting yourself one.

Moreover, with durability, it is meant that the nail glue must stick on your nails for a generally long time. It must not get affected by water or soap.

Easy to remove

Won’t it be a headache if the nail glue doesn’t come off its place easily? After all, no lady is patient enough to try a hundred times to get rid of the nail glue from fingers and nails. So, if you don’t wish to face such a situation, you must go through the nail paint review properly. But, if you aren’t aware of its ‘easy to remove’ function, you can go through different DIYs like soaking your nails in warm water, etc.

Healthy Ingredient

Our nails also breathe as we do. If we do not provide them healthy ingredients, they will lose their shine and become weak. These healthy ingredients can be provided with proper food. But do you know that a nail glue can also provide it to your nails? Yes, it might look weird to you but it’s completely true. Some of the branded nail glues contain the ingredient named Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. This ingredient has a slight odor and is known to give the best user experience with a completely natural effect on your nails without harming them.

Nail DIY

Every girl wishes to perform some DIY of the new beauty products she has purchased. So, how can she leave the nail glue? It’s every girl’s dream to purchase the best nail glue from which she can make her own DIYs. The DIYs when posted on social networking sites will increase her fan following and give her confidence to do far better than earlier. After all, she will be saved from going to salons and spending thousands there to get her nails done excellently.

So, purchase the nail glue which you can use perfectly and feel confident while making your videos.

What the Users Feel About Them

Before purchasing the product, we generally ask our relatives and friends about its feedback, but never check it online. You can’t determine the result of the product unless you have a review of approximately 20 to 30 people. So, online websites give you this facility. While deciding the desirable nail glue, you must have a look at its review. It will give you a complete picture of the customers’ reactions towards it.


While reviewing the products, you must have usually come across the rating part. The rating part gives you a general overview of the likings of the users. So, while purchasing the nail glue, you must consider the same. You just need to have a look at the ratings of the desired glue and if it exceeds 3 stars out of 5, then the product is likely to give you satisfaction. But, if the rating is below 3, then you must not think of purchasing it.


Nail glues are available in a wide price range starting from a low price of $5 and can extend more than $20, depending upon its quality. If you are seeking a high-quality nail glue, then be prepared to spend approximately $10 to $20 in it.

Color of the Glue

You might be aware of the fact that some nail glues make use of adhesives to offer the best results. However, there are chances that these adhesives might prove bad for your nails too. This is because some adhesives are harmful and when present in nail glue prevents the glue from giving a natural transparent color. Further, you can see the dried glue on the top of your nails.

So, while looking for the nail paint glue, you must ensure that glue if free from any kind of harmful adhesives if you seek the best results from it.

Prefer Tubes as They Are Convenient

Nail paint glues can be found in the form of a tube and nail paint bottle. But, between both forms, tubes are much more convenient to use. It is because the nail paint bottle is likely to get dried just like the nail paint in some time. however, the tube can be used over and over again without drying. But the chances can arise that the glue present in the tube may become hard and crusty under some circumstances. So, to reduce such issues, the manufacturers have reduced the size of nail paint glue tubes which prevents the glue from losing its capacity over time and can be used without any wastage.

If you are likely to use the glues recently, then you must go for its multiple packs. The multiple packs are available at a marginal price comprising of a maximum of 12 pieces of tube.

Testing 3 Nail Glue Substitutes for Press-On Nails

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are superglues and nail glues the same?

You might be pretty shocked to know that superglues and nail glues are the same things based on their function. The only difference between them is on the terms you are purchasing them. Superglues are generally low cost as they are used in hardware works, on the other hand, nail glues are a bit expensive as they are counted in cosmetics. But you must be aware that nail glues are less adhesive and harmful as compared to superglues. So, it’s better to use nail glues if you want to fix fake nails. However, if you want to repair your broken nail, you can undoubtedly give a try to superglue.

How can I remove the nail glue from my nails?

Placing fake nails over natural nails may appear to be quite interesting, but the opposite happens when you have to remove the fake nails as well as the nail glue. Mostly, the nail glues get removed instantly, but at times they may take more time and effort. So, to make it happen quickly, you must get a bowl containing soap water. Now, you can put your fingers inside the bowl for some time. The soap water in the bowl will weaken the glue on the nails making it easy to remove it.

Apart from it, you can make use of acetone. Acetone is a strong ingredient usually found in nail paint removers. So, put some remover on the cotton ball and apply it thoroughly on your nails. This will let you get rid of the nail glue present there.

Do nail glues damage the nails?

Usually nail glues do not damage the nails. There is a complete procedure to remove the glue from the skin. If you follow the procedure properly, you might retain your natural nails again. But, if you use harsh methods to remove it, you might damage the nails. So, it entirely depends upon you, how you treat your nails.

From where can I purchase nail glues?

Purchasing nail glues is quite easy. You just have to go visit the best cosmetic store near your area, such as Walmart. At the store, you can have a bundle of glues displayed in front of you which will make your purchase easy. On the other hand, you can also check the online platforms, mainly Amazon to get the perfectly reviewed glue.

How To Apply False Nails Without Nail Glue?

Video Transcript:

Can nail glues be made at home?

Yes, if nail glues aren’t available at the nearest stores, you can prepare one at home too. You must know that the nail glues prepared at home are eventually amazing as you will use the best products for yourself. However, you do not need lots of things in preparing the best nail glue. You only require 4 things. They are –

  • Transparent nail paints
  • Spoon
  • Glue (prefer PVA)
  • Container

These things are easily available at home so preparing the nail glue won’t cost you much. So, let’s start with the steps –

  • Firstly, you have to fill the container with glue (almost 1 cup). The glue has to be non-toxic, so you can use PVA glue too.
  • Then add the transparent nail paint into the container.
  • Now it’s all done. You just have to mix the mixture thoroughly with a spoon and your nail glue is now ready to be used.

How To Take Off Glue On Nails?

Video Transcript:

If the nail glue gets stuck on my fingers, what should I do?

There are chances that the nail glue might get stuck on the fingers while applying it. So, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to follow the above-referred guidelines and within some minutes, your finger will be free from the extra residue of nail glue.

How To Remove / Take Off ‘Glue On’ Fake Nails?

Video Transcript:

Does the nail glue provide perfect finishing just like we get at salons?

Yes, nail glues are known to provide the perfect and desired to finish just like you get at a salon. But this is only possible if you purchase the branded nail glues. Branded glues are only used at salons whose services are offered to customers at a high price. So, here you have the trick to save your salon’s additional nail service amount.

How to Apply Glue-On Fake Nails for Long Lasting?

Video Transcript:

Can I use Gorilla glue instead of nail glue to fix fake nails?

You should understand that you must not make use of any kind of glue for your nails except nail glue. However, if you are still thinking of using the gorilla glue, then it’s a waste idea. Gorilla glue doesn’t work on fake nails. It would indeed create a bubble while applying fake nails and come out from its place instantly on the skin.


Now, you might have had a thorough explanation of the type of nail glues you must get for your nails. You can even surprise your sister, mother, or girlfriend by gifting them the best nail glue which will let their fake nails shine bright. Now, all you can have a deep look at the different nail glue brands and decide to choose the right one which suits the best with your nails.

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