Best Wave Grease Buying Guide for 2020

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Going out on a date?

But feel like your straight hair doesn’t match your style and clothes?

Then it’s time to change it up and get it wavy. One way to get those stylish waves is to use wave grease. But with so many brands of wave grease in the market, it’s getting difficult to figure out which company is providing a genuinely good product and which ones are looking to make a quick buck with cheap chemical mixes. But to cut your work short we have a buying guide ready for you that will tell you all that you need to know about wave grease. So when you are going to buying wave grease, these are the factors you need to keep in mind:

Buying Guide for Best Wave Grease in 2020


Think about a situation- what if you use a cheap but nice smelling wave grease to style your hair and then gradually find out that you are experiencing sudden hair fall? To make things worse you find that there’s redness on your scalp as well. Of course, this is a less-than-ideal and quite a worrying situation. The reason why cheap grease has this adverse effect is that it’s made up of poor quality ingredients. You can avoid this kind of troublesome situation by choosing quality over price. If you shell out some extra money now, later on, you won’t have to spend money trying to fix the damage done to your hair and scalp.


Grease is available for styling different kinds of hair like wet hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, and such. So it will be advisable that you get the grease which suits your hairstyle and daily work schedule. You would be wasting your money on grease that has been made for dry hair by applying it on wet hair after taking a bath. It will reduce the effectiveness of the product and you won’t get the best value for money. To determine what kind of grease product you are buying just see the label. Generally, manufacturers do state what kind of wave grease they are offering right up there with the name of the wave grease.


Of course, you will need quality wave grease so that you can get optimum results without damaging your hair and scalp. But quality generally means that you will have to reach deep into your pockets to pay for it. But it doesn’t have to be so. You don’t have to choose between two extremes of the spectrum of wave grease. There is plenty of budget wave grease available that will give you the necessary effects.


Getting water-soluble wave grease will make it easy for you to apply the product over a large area. You will be able to mix it up with a little bit of water and then expand its volume and break down its rigidity too. Water-soluble wave grease also tends to have more organic and natural components.


Not everyone likes their wave grease to smell even if it’s a vanilla, fruity or musky smell. But others do like that since it makes their hair smell attractive. You can choose a wave grease that doesn’t have any smell or choose one which comes with a smell. It just depends on your preference.


If you are going to invest money in buying a quality wave grease then make sure that you get extra benefits from it. One thing which you should look in a wave grease is protection against nasty dandruff. Many-a-times people buy wave grease intending to hide that dandruff while styling their hair. But instead of hiding, the best option will be if the grease helps eliminate it.

Moisture retention

Many wave grease brands tend to make your hair hard and stiff. If you keep on using the same product then you may suffer from hair loss due to the loss in moisture. So look for a wave grease that is made from natural components and can retain the moisture and strength of your hair. Also if you are suffering from hair loss then make sure to buy one which can help with hair growth. This will certainly be a good bonus as well.


Many people tend to think that wave grease is inherently greasy to hold the hair in its intended style. But that’s not true. There are water-based organic greases that can hold hair just fine. These are much healthier for your hair and leave your hair soft and fluffy. Having greasy hair will not impress anyone. Moreover, you will have to wash your hair to clean that grease out or you will find your hair getting dirty and smelly often. That’s not all, having greasy hair will make your hair more susceptible to hair loss. To avoid all such problems just go with a wave grease that isn’t nastily greasy.

FAQs on Best Wave Grease in 2020

How To: Get Waves For Beginners?

Video Transcript:

How to apply wave grease?

For many people styling their hair means scrubbing it vigorously and then jerking their hair into shape. This is not a very good or sustainable method. So follow the following steps to correctly apply hair waves:

  • First either dampen up your hair or take a bath and dry your hair till it's a little moist. To do the former you can use a warmed up towel to slowly soften up hour hair.
  • After this, take a little wave grease in your palms and then rub it in your hair. Don't forget to put the grease in a wave pattern. Once you are done with that, brush up your hair till you see little wave patterns.
  • Once you are done with that, use a warm or hot towel to cover your head. This will allow the grease to soften up. Then brush up your hair so that the grease spreads evenly throughout your hair.
  • After brushing put on a drag or even a wave cap. This will help keep your hair in shape after brushing. Keep on repeating this process every day.
  • Keep in mind that if you wash your hair every day then you are bound to lose the wave pattern. Also along with this, know that you should dampen up the wave cap or drag with water using a sprayer before putting it on.

How can you take care of your waves?

If you have the perfect waves, you will surely want to ensure that all of your hard work and sacrifice didn't go to waste. So here's what you will need to do to keep on maintaining your waves.

  • Take vitamins: It was mentioned before that one of the tools you need to make waves is a shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner will keep your hair in good health. But that in itself isn't going to be enough especially if your diet is lacking in multivitamins. So if you are facing dry, frizzy, or weak hair then consider consulting a doctor and making changes in your diet.
  • Hydrate yourself: Consuming enough water throughout the day will keep your body and your hair in good shape. Know that it will be very hard for you to get waves if your hair is dry. So keep yourself hydrated and keep your hair moisturized.
  • Brush when moist: Many people think that brushing when your hair is dry is the right way to go. But that won't give you waves at all. Always brush when your hair is still a little bit wet and has been properly moisturized.

How to get beach waves overnight?

Follow the below steps to get beautiful beach waves:

  • Before applying or doing anything make sure that your hair is mostly dry. Then carry out these steps before going to bed.
  • To achieve beach waves in one go, first, leave out the front parts of your beautiful hair. Then proceed to flip the rest of your hair over your head (kind of like you want to make a ponytail right on top of the head).
  • Then part your hair into three sections. Ensure that the three sections are equal in thickness. After that form those hair sections into regular braids. Make sure that they are not very tight as it will prevent the hair from getting the volume needed to form those waves. Always leave out around an inch or so at the very bottom so that you don't have to struggle with crinkly hair. Secure your hair with an elastic band after that and go to sleep.
  • Once you wake up, before going out to the beach unravel your braid and shake out your hair right from its roots.

What supplies do you need to get the best waves?

Before you begin, it's very important to ensure that you have all the tools needed to get a perfect wave. But don't worry, you don't have to invest in a lot of tools. You will just need a few things like a drag, shampoo, a wave brush, and conditioner apart from the chosen wave grease. Make sure that you get a shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair. This will play a huge role in keeping your hair healthy.

How To Get Waves With Sportin’ Waves Pomade?

Video Transcript:

What type of brush should you use?

The kind of wave grease brush you will need will depend a lot on what kind of hair you have and its texture. You will also have to take into consideration just how deep the waves are going to be. But if you are a beginner then you should get a soft brush if you have short hair. But if you have long hair then go for a hard brush.

How To Get Brush Less Waves?

Video Transcript:

How long will you have to wait for the waves to come on?

Know that there’s just no fixed answer to this. You will find that the time will depend on the texture of your hair as well as the kind of effort you put in to create those waves. Apart from this, another major factor is the health of your hair. If you have dry, frizzy, and unhealthy hair then it will take a long time for waves to form. You will also have to take time to moisturize your hair before even beginnings any effort. The entire thing can take anywhere from a few weeks to even more than a month.

How To Get 360 Waves | Fastest Method?

Video Transcript:

How often is it advisable to cut one’s hair?

Ideally, you should wait for around three weeks after opting for the waves method to cut off your hair. Waiting for at least this period means that your hair will be longer than before and so the waves will settle in deeper. But if you want perfect waves then go for the wolfing technique. The wolfing technique means that you will not be cutting off your hair for a long time. This period can range from four to eight or twelve weeks. This method works by making your hair get accustomed to laying down right at the roots. As such the waves will be deeper due to your long hair. But know that many people tend to find wolfing very difficult given the long hair and the pains that have to be taken to manage the long hair. But the rewards for it are very worth the sacrifice because you will get perfect waves once you take the plunge and cut off your hair.

Final Verdict

If you want to get waves then you will have to invest a lot of effort and time into it. But getting the best hair grease will play a huge role. An ideal hair grease should be organic and help keep dandruff away. It should also be non-greasy and keep your hair moisturized. Make sure you also get the proper tools to get the waves you want. If you stick to a schedule then you will get the results you are waiting for. Overall, hopefully, this guide has better informed you about wave grease and its uses.

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