Best Makeup Mirrors Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to do makeup without any difficulty?

Do you want to look yourself in the right lightning except for the natural light?

Are you worried about not able to do makeup while sitting on the table?

If your answer is yes, then all you require is a makeup mirror for yourself. The makeup mirror must allow you to do makeup while sitting on your dressing table or standing in front of a wall and consists of bright light almost equal to natural light. Listed below are 10 best makeup mirrors that you can buy according to your affordable price and wish:

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Buying Guide for Best Makeup Mirrors in 2020

Size of the mirror:

The size always matters, and while buying the makeup mirror then also you must consider the size as its priority. It is advisable to re-check the dimensions of the mirror you are buying and buy the bigger one as the small one would not be able to show you the full angle of your body and this could be a hurdle in doing makeup. If you have a makeup station or even a closet then you must buy a swiveling mirror so that it can fit properly into your closet.

Easy to carry:

Look for a mirror that is not heavy and portable so that it is easy for you to carry from one place to another. If you usually travel, then the portable mirror will be strong enough so that it does not get broken and it must be light in weight also. Along with the style and design, look for the mirror that comes with a travel-free bag which allows you to take it with yourself wherever you want to so it is advisable to always buy the makeup mirror which is from a known brand.

Battery operated:

There are some mirrors available in the market that comes with the battery and operates on it as well. So, to save electricity buy the makeup mirror which has battery included in it and also it must be long-lasting and runs for a long time. If you travel a lot, then doing makeup is a little difficult task for you so you need a battery-operated makeup mirror which will last longer and there is no need for electricity. It must have the feature of charging with the USB cable very easily and can store power for more than two months.

Position according to your need:

You need to buy a mirror that can be positioned according to your need and it must allow you to either hang up on the wall or put it on the table. Some women apply makeup while sitting on the dressing table so they usually need a makeup mirror that can be put on the table. So, it is recommended that you buy a mirror which you can use while changing its position according to your requirements and it must be cordless so that it becomes portable.


The magnification is the most important feature that you must consider while buying the makeup mirror. According to your taste, you can choose the makeup with either small as 5 X magnifications or as big as 12 X magnifications. Look for the mirror which includes the sensor so that the light in it gets on the moment it detects your face. The product you are planning to buy must be easy for you to install and also allow you to clean it properly and does not require any professional to do this work for you.

Lighting quality:

The makeup mirror that you are planning to buy must have the right quality of lighting and according to your requirement look for a single-side or double-side mirror. With such lighting, you would be able to see the smallest pores or even the blemishes easily on the mirror and must have a rich quality of color also. Your product must have the bright light which is almost equal to the sunlight which has the energy of 2400K and is white so that it results in a flawless makeup.

The capacity of rotation:

While buying the makeup mirror you must check that if you can rotate it to a certain angle as such 360° or 180°. It must allow you to change its angle so that it is adjustable for you to apply makeup on a certain part of your face. Furthermore, it must consist of the bulb which is can be easily found and it can also be replaced as well without any need of the professional. The light it emits must be very soft and not cause any harm to your eyes as such irritation or redness.


Your makeup mirror must be durable and must allow you to use it for a very long time. Moreover, there must have eight platings included with it and there should not be any distortion and holds the mirror strongly to the closet. Look for a mirror that gives you an opportunity of seeing yourself in HD quality so that it results in flawless makeup and makes your face glow and bright. You must buy a makeup mirror from the branded company which is famous as it provides a long shelf life to your product.


There are many makeup mirrors available in the market which get overheat very easily and it is the main drawback of such a product. Therefore, you must buy a product that would not get heat after you use it constantly for a long hour. For better reflectivity and clarity, then find a makeup mirror that has the glass coated with highly pure aluminum so that it shows you the flawless skin.

FAQs on the best makeup mirror in 2020

What is a makeup mirror?

The makeup mirror makes it convenient for you to do the makeup because of its lighting, magnificent or many other important features. When you are in a hurry, it helps you a lot in doing the right makeup as it causes very little shadow cast so that you can do the flawless makeup on your face without facing any difficulty. As the light from the bulb attached to it points on your face and then directly hits back to the mirror causing reflection.

How to use your makeup mirror?

Using a makeup mirror has a different procedure from the regular mirror so you need to follow some important rules as such you always need to keep the light dim while using the makeup mirror which allows you to see yourself in the colors that stand out. And you also need to keep the mirror in such a position which causes very little shadow and only after that you have applied your makeup, magnify the glass. Remember not to magnify the glass before applying the makeup as it not only enlarges your image but also blurs it as well.

How can you power your makeup mirror?

To power your makeup mirror you need a USB cable and some of the mirrors consists of the battery which needs to be charged through the power cable which would be connected with the mirror on its backside and then plug into the main source of the power in the cord. As per your convenience, you can hang up the mirror on its wall using the 4 wall mounts and other important accessories required to mount the mirror on the wall or you can simply put it on the plane surface or the table.

How can you clean your makeup mirror?

For cleaning your makeup mirror you can either use the microfiber cloth or you can also clean it with the help of a glass cleaner. Or you can also use the shaving cream or for natural cleaning you can take the help of the vinegar and use it just after removing the dirt. When the mirror has its gunk removed then you can see if your mirror has become clear or cloudy and then use the shaving cream or vinegar for wiping out the cloudiness from the mirror itself and then use the microfiber cloth in the end.

How to install your makeup mirror?

To install your makeup mirror all you need to do is that fix the bulbs in the backrest which is attached to the front of the mirror with the help of a screwdriver. Then attach the power cable on the backside of the mirror and after that plug in the power cable into the cord. According to your requirements, you can turn the light to the dim from 0 to 100% by rotating the dimmer switch in the clockwise direction. And then after that, you can either hang it up on the wall by using the nail or keep it on the table as per your preference.

How To Use A Makeup Mirror? (Video guide)

Video Transcript:

Is the light bulb and dimmer included in your makeup mirror?

Yes, both the dimmer and the bulb are available with your makeup mirror and they are usually developed by the maker only. For about 500 watts, the dimmer is tested by the tester and then approved for the use which provides you with the soft light which is very safe for your eyes after using the mirror for a very long time. Inside the backrest, you can find the bulb which is packed inside the frame of the mirror and emit the light which is almost equal to the light emitted by the sun and are LED of about 4 watts or 2700K.

Will the LED-light attached to your makeup mirror harm your eyes?

No, the LED light bulb attached to your makeup mirror is so soft and does not cause any irritation or redness or any other harm to your eyes. You can replace the LED light bulb easily and thus they are available in the market very easily and can last longer for more than two months of continuous use. With each makeup mirror, you usually get the different number of globes as such the Alessandra which has 10 globes of 5 watts each and also the Valentina. The Belle and the Glamster each have 14 globes and 15 numbers of globes respectively and 12 volts each.

What are the types of light and color that the mirror consists of?

The mirrors include the light which is white and has an LED bulb and an accurate number of globes that promote the natural light reflected your mirror as much as possible. The white light allows you to focus on each angle on your face without any difficulty and it is the same as the light emitted by the sun which is in the range of 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. Furthermore, you do not need to buy the bulb from the store separately as you get it attached with your makeup mirror only and you only have to just install it.

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors For All Budgets And All Eyesights

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It is a wish of every woman that they get flawless makeup on their face and the equal wings on both sides of their eyes make their day. The makeup mirror gives them enough lighting on every angle of their face which allows them to focus on a certain area. It emits soft lighting like white color light coming from the LED bulb that does not irritate your eyes or causing any harm. We highly hope that with this review you will be able to understand what the features you must consider while buying the makeup mirror.

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