Best Makeup Mirrors Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to do makeup without any difficulty?

Do you want to look yourself in the right lightning except for the natural light?

Are you worried about not able to do makeup while sitting on the table?

If your answer is yes, then all you require is a makeup mirror for yourself. The makeup mirror must allow you to do makeup while sitting on your dressing table or standing in front of a wall and consists of bright light almost equal to natural light. Listed below are 10 best makeup mirrors that you can buy according to your affordable price and wish:

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Buying Guide for Best Makeup Mirrors in 2021

Size of the mirror:

The size always matters, and while buying the makeup mirror then also you must consider the size as its priority. It is advisable to re-check the dimensions of the mirror you are buying and buy the bigger one as the small one would not be able to show you the full angle of your body and this could be a hurdle in doing makeup. If you have a makeup station or even a closet then you must buy a swiveling mirror so that it can fit properly into your closet.

Easy to carry:

Look for a mirror that is not heavy and portable so that it is easy for you to carry from one place to another. If you usually travel, then the portable mirror will be strong enough so that it does not get broken and it must be light in weight also. Along with the style and design, look for the mirror that comes with a travel-free bag which allows you to take it with yourself wherever you want to so it is advisable to always buy the makeup mirror which is from a known brand.

Battery operated:

There are some mirrors available in the market that comes with the battery and operates on it as well. So, to save electricity buy the makeup mirror which has battery included in it and also it must be long-lasting and runs for a long time. If you travel a lot, then doing makeup is a little difficult task for you so you need a battery-operated makeup mirror which will last longer and there is no need for electricity. It must have the feature of charging with the USB cable very easily and can store power for more than two months.

Position according to your need:

You need to buy a mirror that can be positioned according to your need and it must allow you to either hang up on the wall or put it on the table. Some women apply makeup while sitting on the dressing table so they usually need a makeup mirror that can be put on the table. So, it is recommended that you buy a mirror which you can use while changing its position according to your requirements and it must be cordless so that it becomes portable.


The magnification is the most important feature that you must consider while buying the makeup mirror. According to your taste, you can choose the makeup with either small as 5 X magnifications or as big as 12 X magnifications. Look for the mirror which includes the sensor so that the light in it gets on the moment it detects your face. The product you are planning to buy must be easy for you to install and also allow you to clean it properly and does not require any professional to do this work for you.

Lighting quality:

The makeup mirror that you are planning to buy must have the right quality of lighting and according to your requirement look for a single-side or double-side mirror. With such lighting, you would be able to see the smallest pores or even the blemishes easily on the mirror and must have a rich quality of color also. Your product must have the bright light which is almost equal to the sunlight which has the energy of 2400K and is white so that it results in a flawless makeup.

The capacity of rotation:

While buying the makeup mirror you must check that if you can rotate it to a certain angle as such 360° or 180°. It must allow you to change its angle so that it is adjustable for you to apply makeup on a certain part of your face. Furthermore, it must consist of the bulb which is can be easily found and it can also be replaced as well without any need of the professional. The light it emits must be very soft and not cause any harm to your eyes as such irritation or redness.


Your makeup mirror must be durable and must allow you to use it for a very long time. Moreover, there must have eight platings included with it and there should not be any distortion and holds the mirror strongly to the closet. Look for a mirror that gives you an opportunity of seeing yourself in HD quality so that it results in flawless makeup and makes your face glow and bright. You must buy a makeup mirror from the branded company which is famous as it provides a long shelf life to your product.


There are many makeup mirrors available in the market which get overheat very easily and it is the main drawback of such a product. Therefore, you must buy a product that would not get heat after you use it constantly for a long hour. For better reflectivity and clarity, then find a makeup mirror that has the glass coated with highly pure aluminum so that it shows you the flawless skin.

FAQs on the best makeup mirror in 2021

What is a makeup mirror?

The makeup mirror makes it convenient for you to do the makeup because of its lighting, magnificent or many other important features. When you are in a hurry, it helps you a lot in doing the right makeup as it causes very little shadow cast so that you can do the flawless makeup on your face without facing any difficulty. As the light from the bulb attached to it points on your face and then directly hits back to the mirror causing reflection.

How to use your makeup mirror?

Using a makeup mirror has a different procedure from the regular mirror so you need to follow some important rules as such you always need to keep the light dim while using the makeup mirror which allows you to see yourself in the colors that stand out. And you also need to keep the mirror in such a position which causes very little shadow and only after that you have applied your makeup, magnify the glass. Remember not to magnify the glass before applying the makeup as it not only enlarges your image but also blurs it as well.

How can you power your makeup mirror?

To power your makeup mirror you need a USB cable and some of the mirrors consists of the battery which needs to be charged through the power cable which would be connected with the mirror on its backside and then plug into the main source of the power in the cord. As per your convenience, you can hang up the mirror on its wall using the 4 wall mounts and other important accessories required to mount the mirror on the wall or you can simply put it on the plane surface or the table.

How can you clean your makeup mirror?

For cleaning your makeup mirror you can either use the microfiber cloth or you can also clean it with the help of a glass cleaner. Or you can also use the shaving cream or for natural cleaning you can take the help of the vinegar and use it just after removing the dirt. When the mirror has its gunk removed then you can see if your mirror has become clear or cloudy and then use the shaving cream or vinegar for wiping out the cloudiness from the mirror itself and then use the microfiber cloth in the end.

How to install your makeup mirror?

To install your makeup mirror all you need to do is that fix the bulbs in the backrest which is attached to the front of the mirror with the help of a screwdriver. Then attach the power cable on the backside of the mirror and after that plug in the power cable into the cord. According to your requirements, you can turn the light to the dim from 0 to 100% by rotating the dimmer switch in the clockwise direction. And then after that, you can either hang it up on the wall by using the nail or keep it on the table as per your preference.

How To Use A Makeup Mirror? (Video guide)

Video Transcript:

Hi guys in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can use a makeup mirror and I’m going to share some tips and tricks for you guys so that you can follow them at home as well and my name is Melissa fan-like I’m a makeup artist and let’s get started when I first started getting into makeup more than just lips or mascara I never really understood how people could use a little makeup mirror to create full makeup looks I just personally find that they are very limited and also irritating as you only can see in one portion of your face to create the makeup look however over the past few years I’ve just discovered for myself how you can use the makeup mirror correctly and I just wanted to share those tips and tricks with you guys so let’s get started tip number one is bigger always better makeup mirrors can come in multiple sizes however larger mirrors are very useful if you want to see a whole face while you’re applying your makeup but larger mirrors are normally also standing in front of you are hanging on the wall so that they are secured at a place and your aren’t really able to move them around to see or have a closer look at your makeup application and this brings me also to tip number two tip number two mirror mirror in your hands when I once never understood how to use a little makeup mirror I now can’t live without it small makeup mirrors are great as you just can focus on one thing for example if you want to create a dramatic smoky eye or you just want to focus on your lips then those little guys are so useful as you can move them around so that you can see every detail while you’re applying your makeup and I just wanted to share a little demonstration tip number three two is better than one I personally like to use two mirrors while doing my makeup with this technique I’m using the larger mirror to see how it will appear from a distance and also to see how well I’ve blended to make up together while with the little makeup mirror I’m using it to focus on specific areas like my eyes my eyebrows on my lips and then the two combines you will get a beautiful and blended and even makeup look I’m also going to share a demonstration bonus tip thank you lighting to receive best results from a mural make sure that you’re sitting in good lighting this can be in front of a window for natural lighting on your bathroom but make sure that the lights are bright not too yellow turn setting it will give you a beautiful finish there you have it and I hope that you can learn with those tips how you can use your own makeup mirror to create a beautiful makeup looks on your own and also if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends thank you so much and I will see you soon in the next one bye.

Is the light bulb and dimmer included in your makeup mirror?

Yes, both the dimmer and the bulb are available with your makeup mirror and they are usually developed by the maker only. For about 500 watts, the dimmer is tested by the tester and then approved for the use which provides you with the soft light which is very safe for your eyes after using the mirror for a very long time. Inside the backrest, you can find the bulb which is packed inside the frame of the mirror and emit the light which is almost equal to the light emitted by the sun and are LED of about 4 watts or 2700K.

Will the LED-light attached to your makeup mirror harm your eyes?

No, the LED light bulb attached to your makeup mirror is so soft and does not cause any irritation or redness or any other harm to your eyes. You can replace the LED light bulb easily and thus they are available in the market very easily and can last longer for more than two months of continuous use. With each makeup mirror, you usually get the different number of globes as such the Alessandra which has 10 globes of 5 watts each and also the Valentina. The Belle and the Glamster each have 14 globes and 15 numbers of globes respectively and 12 volts each.

What are the types of light and color that the mirror consists of?

The mirrors include the light which is white and has an LED bulb and an accurate number of globes that promote the natural light reflected your mirror as much as possible. The white light allows you to focus on each angle on your face without any difficulty and it is the same as the light emitted by the sun which is in the range of 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. Furthermore, you do not need to buy the bulb from the store separately as you get it attached with your makeup mirror only and you only have to just install it.

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors For All Budgets And All Eyesights

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome back so many of you asked me where I get this wrong this is my stick on the window times thirty mirror and it’s quite old now in fact I got it from Selfridges I got it from Selfridges bathroom to pop more sadly no longer exists that tells you how old it is also if you look on the back it’s been dropped I’ve got literally no idea what brand it is which is really really naughty of me however I’m going to come to your rescue and I’m going to show you some dupes that are good that’s a good one because I tell you why because wherever you are you stick it on your bathroom mirror you stick it on your bedroom mirror and obviously you have to make sure that it is properly added or as it wasn’t at this point and you get an instant x 30 now the truth is you don’t need x 30 times 30 years a lot trust me you’ve got to be a brave person to look into at x 30 but it is brilliant if you are short-sighted and or long-sighted and you can’t either see your eyebrows to tweeze or you want to check your makeup or anything like that you don’t need to tap x 30 you at time of twenty will be fine and I’m gonna show you some now so I’m gonna put that one on the floor there and I’m gonna show you the one that I always film with now when I came to film obviously I couldn’t use that one because it needs to be stuck onto things and so I use this one now this is a x 20 on one side that’s that one there oh there’s my camera and that’s a normal one so that’s a normal mirror and that’s at times 20 for close-ups this is the one that always scares Joe so I’m normal at the moment and then I’m times 20 and you know for me I’d rather see my imperfections don’t not see them that’s just me I’d rather see the piece of cabbage in my teeth the piece of spinach in my teeth the poppy seed in my tooth sort of make up in the corner eyes before anybody else I don’t see my chin hairs before anybody else that’s just me but again most dermatologists say if you’re prone to picking your skin be super careful you will see things that the average person doesn’t see now where did I get this one from so many people ask me this was one and again I’m gonna clean this this is quite messy too I mean it’s a little bit like my camera I was working with the videographer for the other day and I said I’m so sorry my camera’s covered in smears my said it’s a sign of the world off camera this is from just unload pharmacy you know this brilliant local pharmacist I live in West London it was brilliant little local pharmacy that has all the sort of be Sheila rush post a grocer and galleries kind of gorgeousness and all the vitamins and minerals and I just found this there and I wanted to square one to fill because I just quite like the look of it it’s really plain at the bottom again it’s got absolutely no manufacturing marks on it at all I think at times 20 is enough for most people I really do in fact of time 210 for most people would probably be enough I use that for filming whenever I do makeup tutorials or Joe and I are just looking around laughing it was literally from a local pharmacy if you go into a local High Street yeah there’s wonderful I love this place like I spent hours in local pharmacies in the UK and they’ve got those sort of you know rows of old hair pins and stuff like that that’s where I found this and I like the option of a normal well to remind yourself how the world sees you and then the clothes that want to be a bit scary but also to double check yourself just remind yourself to always look in a normal mirror before you leave the house otherwise you’re gonna go up to here and what he can see every imperfection they can’t okay so that’s a good one it’s really reasonably bright and it’s about 30 pounds so it’s really good investment however there are lots of new super high-end lit makeup companies makeup mirror companies around and some of them are so shockingly expensive but if you’ve got the budget oh sorry that’s my phone if you’ve got the budget go for it let’s start with simple human simple human is I think this is 18 pounds it’s so much money however it’s a rape travel mirror how many times have you travelled to a hotel I suggest designed by a man that doesn’t have to do his makeup and it’s dark and it’s sexy or there’s a total lack of daylight in the bathroom you can’t see you you’ve got to lean across the basin to see your face there’s a close-up shaving mirror that’s too small to see anything it’s just super annoying you need a really good travel light-up mirror to travel with especially two cities you know I get in your you very rarely get a decent makeup neuro like neuro and always told when hotels are designed by women anyway this is simple human it’s ridiculously expensive it comes in a brilliant little super hard travel case and that’s what’s clever about it however what is clever about it and let me find the button it lights up and it has two light settings can you see that sorry there’s one and then there’s a brighter one and if you’ve got the money it’s a good one and it’s been designed to hang on to things it’s been designed to sit on its own like that now there’s one thing that would make that better and that is if it had a suction cup on the back because the one place you’re always going to find daylight in a hotel is in a window and what you really need to do is stick that onto a window however for carrying your handbag traveling around lack of light it’s a good one it’s a really good one you can obviously take it onto things um it’s just we don’t know how you can justify that much money for a mirror so I’m going to turn it off now there you go you hold it down to turn it off um it’s lovely there you go that’s how it catches on I think it’s 80 pounds it’s a lot of money I’ll put the price down anyway now if you’re on a budget and you can’t afford to simplehuman this one will suffice no lighting it gets three ninety-nine and this is from Revlon makeup and this is what I love about it look at those little two stickers in fact I leave so many of these in hotel rooms around the world because I say I check in realize I can’t do my makeup can’t pluck my eyebrows whatever stick them onto a window behind big squishy curtains and then when I come to pack I forget them anyways that is a sigh what is that whoa shows every pore that is my absolute budget mirror by its tiny but do you really need to see any more of your face times 30 what times 20 them actually you actually do it’s a really good one but you see it’s so I’m looking in the monitor there it’s so magnifying you can barely see anything you can see every line in every pore but I love it I really love it now the the most exciting thing happening in makeup marries at the moment and you’ll see every professional makeup artist going on about how great they are he’s Ricky this is Ricky and Ricky is comes in so many different shapes and sizes and there are professional setups with mirrors around them other Hollywood and places to put your phone so that you can do selfies and all that stuff it’s impressive it’s a really great company they are an investment however if you’re serious about your makeup if you’re long sighted or short-sighted if you wear glasses you’re having trouble put your makeup on if you have sus laughs a lot of like they’re well worth investing you because they have their own inbuilt lights okay now I live in the UK it’s gray it’s dull and you charge them I’ve just taken this one out this is the little on-the-go one and in fact this one was a gift from Real Techniques look which shows you Sam and Nick like them you charge it in your computer which is really handy if you travel with the laptop it comes in its own little travel case which i think is really good this one is about the size of a mobile phone it’s got a little retractable leg stand so that you can obviously stand it up but it’s also got a ringing your finger so you can hold it check your makeup it’s very Kardashian like it’s a great investment little piece for traveling that folds away that forwards away it’s got three different lighting settings on it more that’s obviously one more than the simple human and it to the carry case I mean they’ve been really well thought through and it’s a great brand and if you’ve got the budget go for it just go to turn that off it’s getting brighter and brighter and brighter brighter okay however there the travel ones let’s show you the two full-size home ones the next size up is to Ricki love this comes in a circular box and it’s got a heart base that you can put together really easily the interesting thing about this one is it’s a time 7 so it’s not hugely hmm yeah it’s perfect for makeup mmm it’s not hugely magnifying but again three different light settings they’ve been giving you up in price now I think this is around you might get this in the sale for like 75 pounds it’s 95 pounds but it is a cute mirror it is and it’s it’s good and it’s got three different light settings so maybe the the light settings compensate for the lack of magnification I mean budget obviously no budget finally let’s introduce the daddy of all Glencore ricky mirrors and that’s this one this is the Ricky skinny there’s also the Ricky tall look at that and what that is is it’s a full lighting filming extravaganza let me show you here it is unboxed set up this is a shot gift from cosmetics so it’s branded with it cosmetics at the bottom there you go so what you’ve got is you’ve got a magnifying mirror and a super magnifying mirror in the middle you’ve got to stand this one charges both from a socket plus it will also charge via a USB from your computer it has bluetooth it has a photographic setting it’s got a a magnet behind it so you can put this on or take it off but also you can attach your phone to it for filming I mean it’s sort of the daddy of all selfie mirrors and look how flattering that light is let me show you the different light settings there you go down and down and then off again it’s a time three but the light does compensate for that it’s got the magnetic times three close-up mirror plus because this is not magnifying at all this is just standard you go this is just standard so it’s got a close-up time Street magnifying mirror to put on it and it’s not as many makeup artists use it and if you ever see a really flawless makeup tutorial for Instagram TV or with Instagram pictures the chances are it’s been taken with something like this so magnetic phone holder clip magnetic times three close-up mirror plus a generic normal sized but beautifully lit mirror Bluetooth as well so that you can I mean I would never bother using that but so that you can I never use bluetooth for top full stop so that you can send automatically down the wire to your computer oh look my Addison Lee car is just turned up I am doing an event so that you can send your selfies and Law Instagram TV whatever you know YouTube if you turn your camera the other way straight down to your computer that’s the big daddy of all makeup mirrors there’s the tall and then there’s the classic as well there you go there’s something for every single by Chaplin 399 right the way up to well over a hundred pounds it depends on your life it depends on the magnification you want but for me the most common ones I use on that and actually this one nowadays which is the one I felt with most often I’m gonna put the details of all the mirrors makeup mirrors down below from the cheapest through to the most expensive there is something for everybody I promise there’s something for idiots like me I want that good at doing their makeup right the way through to Katy Jane Hughes who is a huge fan of Glencore the Ricci range and I think us work with them as well so thanks for watching thank you for subscribing that is an idiot’s guide to makeup mirrors I hope you enjoyed it.


It is a wish of every woman that they get flawless makeup on their face and the equal wings on both sides of their eyes make their day. The makeup mirror gives them enough lighting on every angle of their face which allows them to focus on a certain area. It emits soft lighting like white color light coming from the LED bulb that does not irritate your eyes or causing any harm. We highly hope that with this review you will be able to understand the features you must consider while buying; the makeup mirror.

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