Best Box Fans for Sound-Less Cooling in 2021

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Are you looking for a fan to cool the temperature in your home?

Are you looking for a fan that is flexible to move anywhere you want?

Are you looking for a low-cost alternative to your high energy-consuming air-conditioning system?

If your answer is yes, then, what you need is a box fan.

With over a hundred box fans in the market, it can be a tough job picking one that effectively cools your room. Worry no more as our job is to take the worry of you.

Comparison of Top 10 Box Fan in the Market for 2021

The comparison table below makes it easy for you to make up your mind on the right box fan suited for you. Carefully check the table in order to make a comparison and make informed choices.

Top 10 Best Box Fan in the Market at 2021

1. Lasko 20-Inch High-Velocity Fan – (Best 20 inch box fan)

galaxy by lasko box fan for saleEnjoy ultimate cooling with the Lasko Velocity Fan. The fan has 3-speed settings to ensure that you stay cool for a longer of period time. This 20 inch box fan has a CFM of 3160/LOW, 3320/MED and 3460/HIGH meaning complete comfort at whatever setting.

This box fan cfm metal construction guarantees its durability and sturdiness. It comes with 20-inch metal blades for powerful air movement. With the QuickMount feature, this Lasko 20 inch box fan can easily be converted from a wall fan to a floor fan. It is fitted with a carry handle for ease of transportation.

This 20 inch box fan cfm can become noisy at the highest setting. Apart from this, this is a fan that delivers superior performance all the time. No tool is required for its assembly making it easy to use straight from the box. These Lasko 20 inch box fan specs are well suited for home use.


  • QuickMount – Convert this Lasko 3733 20 inch box fan from a wall fan to floor use using the wall mount. The QuickMount allows for flexibility in usage.
  • High-velocity fan – Maximum air circulation is guaranteed with three powerful speeds delivering excellent cooling all the time.
  • Easy to control – Adjust the fan settings with ease using the front controls
  • Built-in carry handles – Carrying the fan from one place to another is super easy with the built-in carry handle. The carry handle brings convenience. Another has been made easier by having a Lasko 20 inch box fan specs.

2. Patton PUF1810C-BM 18-Inch High-Velocity Fan –(Best high velocity fan)

best buy box fanThis is Patton Best High Velocity Fan or high-velocity box fan is great for cooling, ventilating, or drying. It’s an 18-inch box fan. The fan moves air widely but not without some humming noise. You can maximize air cooling with a 3-speed setting. It has the highest CFM fans of HIGH 2218; MEDIUM 1952 and CFM LOW 1456 which means more air movement.

This high velocity floor fan is suitable for homes, garages and workshops. Its iron metal construction makes it a reliable and durable fan for long-lasting usage. The fan can be adjusted or tilted for more fixed air movement. This Lasko high velocity fan comes with a safety plug. This is a great safety feature for users.


  • Strong motor – The strong and powerful motor with big blade diameters is well designed to distribute cool air all over your room bringing you excellent comfort
  • Metal construction – This high velocity box fan is built strong with metal construction in order to provide long-lasting functionality
  • 3-speed adjustment settings – The speed adjustment settings allow you to choose the speed that you desire at any point in time
  • Easy to adjust the tilted head – Send air to where it is needed by tilting the head of the fan to the desired direction and enjoy maximum cooling.

3. Hurricane box fan –(Best quiet box fan)

best box fan cfmThe super Hurricane fan delivers an ultra-cooling solution. The 3-speed setting helps to keep you cool all day long. This a hurricane box fan is a good option for you if you desire strong at the expense of the fan’s noise. One issue with this fan is that the dial is placed inconveniently instead of being placed on the top of this quiet box fan for users’ convenience.

However, this does not take away the fact that this is a high performing fan well suited for different environments such as home, office, garage, gym, etc. It has 90 degrees oscillating and an adjusted tilt for precise cooling. It is complemented with a 5 feet 120 volts power cord for your convenient use. It is energy-efficient, lightweight and sturdy. This is a noiseless box fan.


  • Energy-efficient – This is a highly energy-efficient fan. Save more on energy while you enjoy immense comfort.
  • Lightweight – This is an extremely lightweight and compact box fan. Its portability makes it easy to carry from one point to another without stress
  • Sturdy construction – This most quiet box fan is built strong to stand the test of time
  • 3-speed setting – This feature allows you to choose the comfort level that you want
  • 5 feet cord – The cord is long enough for you to conveniently place the fan where it is needed for enjoyable cooling

4. Holmes HBF2010AWM 20-Inch Box Fan –(The large box fan)

best 20 inch box fanThe Holmes 20-inch box fan is cost-effective to bring comfort to your home. It has a 3-speed setting alongside the 20-inch diameter blades that provides you with maximum airflow. This large box fan works perfectly in medium and large-sized rooms.

The fan delivers a good amount of air to make you comfortable as far as you don’t mind the noise. It doesn’t oscillate. It is large and bulky in terms of design. We can also call it’s a big box fan because it’s large in terms of design.]

This large battery operated box fan has got thumbs up for being energy-saving. Its attached feet guarantee stability. The removable grill makes for easy cleaning. It is best suited for the basement, garage, attic or a shed. If you want something durable and dependable, the Holmes fan is your best bet. This is the best large and bulky box fan.


  • 3-speed settings – Set and control the fan to the speed that you want. No matter the speed level, what you get is cool airflow that brings optimum relieve to your home.
  • Energy-efficient – These large commercial box fans consume less energy thereby helping you to save money in the long run. The average cost is two cents per hour
  • Powerful blade – With the 20-inch blade, you get maximum airflow and quiet performance all the time
  • Sturdy metal – The fan is made sturdy and rugged with a metal frame to make it durable and last for a long time
  • Versatility – There is no question about the versatility of the fan. It can be used in different places.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning this large box fan is easy. Just remove the front grill for easy cleaning

5. Vornado 270 Large Flat Fan –(Best fan powered box)

box fan for windowThe Vornado 270 is a sleek and powerful fan that provides high performance by moving air up to 80 feet. It is an oscillating fan making it ideal for the home. It comes with 3-speed settings and the highest setting can be a little bit noisy.

If you desire flexibility, this fan powered box is made for you since it can be deployed for use in different areas. Vortex Technology helps to push a great amount of air. This Vornado box fan is minimalistic in style. It has a contrasting high gloss and textured finish. If you are not sensitive to noise, this is the ideal fan for you.


  • Proper room circulation – This powerful box fan easily circulates cool air to the comfort of everyone. It comes with a thermostat to save you energy and money without compromising air quality
  • Multiple airflow directions – Air is capably supplied in different directions. Air is delivered horizontally across the room and vertically towards the ceiling. No matter where you are, you won’t miss the cool feeling from the Vernado 270 fan
  • 3-speed setting – The 3-speed setting allows you to select comfort at the level you wish to have it. The lowest setting still gives you marvelous comfort and satisfaction
  • Superior performance – This fan powered box HVAC provides superior performance through its big blades that are able to move air up to 80 feet
  • Quiet operation – The fan works quietly without any irritating noise that can disrupt your comfort. Its super quiet operation is unparalleled. and undoubtedly it’s a super quiet box fan.
  • Great design – This Vornado fan box has a beautiful design that gives your home a modern look with its high gloss and textured finish
  • Easy to use – The fan is simple and easy to use. It requires no tools to make it functional
  • Affordability – The fan is highly affordable meaning spending less for complete family comfort.

6. OPOLAR 8-Inch Desk Fan –(Best small box fan)

box fan for saleThe OPOLAR 8-inch fan is a desk fan that brings superb cooling to your home during summer. it can be called a small box fan. With 4-speed setting, you are sure of experiencing natural wind flow at a minimum of 500 rpm and a maximum of 1200 rpm.

The 4-speed setting makes this mini box fan for the mining rig. OPOLAR fan comes with a timer. The timer automatically turns off the fan according to the time set. You don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan. The timer would take care of that.

For desk fan with timer it is easy to carry and move it from one place to another. The comfort does not stop there. Where there is no electricity supply, the fan remains functional using a USB cable plugged to a computer or power bank. There is also an AC adapter to plug the fan to a wall socket. This is the right box fan for the kids’ rooms. It is also a good box fan for dogs too.


  • 4-speed settings – This USB operated desk fan has four speeds control. Adjust the speed from 1 to 4 to enjoy the cool breeze that comes with any of the settings that you choose
  • 7 blades – With 7 blades, you enjoy smooth airflow. It is noiseless making you feel comfortable all the time
  • Timer – You forgot to turn off the fan and dash to the office. Don’t worry. With a timer, this small ac box fan can turn off itself automatically when it reaches the time set.
  • Robust design – The strong base of the fan ensures there is stability while the fan is functioning. This limits vibration when this amazon small box fan is in operation
  • Multi-power support – There is no stopping your comfort with the multi-power support feature. The comfort continues by plugging the fan’s USB to a laptop or a power bank. It can also be used with an AC adapter plugged into a wall socket

7. Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan –(Best holmes box fan)

best box fan for white noiseThis is the best holmes 20-Inch superb cooling solution fan. The 20-inch diameter blade of this holmes box fan provides cooling relief during the summer heatwaves. Its sturdy metal construction and 3-speed setting make it ideal for both medium and large rooms. The airflow is powerful enough to bring you comfort in a matter of minutes. The 3-speed setting gives you the advantage of improved fan speed from the lowest to the highest.

This holmes 20 box fan is minimalistic in design, lightweight in size and compact for easy movement. Everyone loves to save money. This is what you achieve in the long run because of its energy-efficient feature. The fan is very loud on the highest setting. If you can contend with the noise, this holmes 20 inch box fan is a superb cooling solution that pushes amazing air for your unrivaled comfort.


  • 3-speed setting – Control your comfort the way you want it with the 3-speed setting. Whatever the setting that you choose, what you get is an ultra-cooling and superb breeze for your immediate comfort
  • Energy-efficient – Spend less and Save more on energy bills. This holmes black box fan consumes less energy.
  • Quiet and powerful performance – Enjoy maximum airflow and powerful air circulation with the 20-inch blade design that delivers a quiet operation at the lowest and medium settings every time
  • Removable front grill – The front grill can be easily removed for easy cleaning
  • Metal frame – The sturdy metal frame and attachment feet makes this holmes fan box very stable when it is in operation
  • Superb cooling – Experience superb cooling that gives you a comfortable feeling when the breeze blows in your direction
  • Versatility – This holmes whole room box fan is very versatile. It can be used anywhere – kitchens, rooms, workshops, churches, garages, etc.
  • Portability – The fan is portable enough to carry with its carry handle

8. OPOLAR 8-Inch Desk Fan –(Best small desk fan)

best price box fanThe OPOLAR 8-inch fan is a small but most powerful box fan. The fan pulls a lot of air to balance humidity with less noise with its 4-speed settings and 7 blades. The fan draws 0.17 Amp at speed one, 0.35 Amp at speed two, 0.6 Amp at speed three and 0.8 Amp at speed four.

This small desk fan is a powerful box fan motor. It has a brushless powerful motor for long-lasting use. The fan is not rechargeable. It is USB-powered meaning it can function effectively when plugged to your phone’s power bank or PC thereby giving you non-stop cooling.

It has a short cord. This desk fan white comes unique with a timer that would automatically turn off the fan. The timer can be set at 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. It is portable enough to save you a lot of space. The fan consumes just 5 Watts thereby saving you energy and money. This small quiet desk fan is perfectly suited for homes and offices.


  • USB and adapter powered – Plug in the fan using a USB or AC adapter and continue to experience ultra-cooling solution.
  • 4-speed setting – The speed setting can easily be adjusted based on the hours that you want this amazon small desk fan to function. There is the option of 1-2-4-8 hours setting.
  • Timer – The timer gives you the opportunity to set a time when the fan will automatically turn off.
  • 7 blades and quiet operation – The 7 blades allow the wind to blow smoothly. The fan operates quietly for your unrivalled comfort.
  • 90 degrees rotation – You can adjust the rotation of this small plug in desk fan from 0 to 90 degrees. The adjustment makes the fan to reach all the areas in the room.
  • Sturdy base – There is a rubber attached to the base of this small powerful desk fan. The sturdy base ensures more stability by reducing vibration when operational

9. Holmes 10-Inch Personal Size Box Fan HABF120W –(Best window box fan)

best quiet box fanThis 10-inch wind0w box fan is Immerse yourself in comfort with the Holmes personalized box fan. This window box fan is box fan window fansmooth ventilation. Its 2-speed setting feature gives it away as a fan that doesn’t blow a tornado-like breeze but provides a decent airflow for a fan of its size.

Its 10 inch box fan diameter blade delivers adequate air circulation and cooling for personalized comfort. This box fan window is light and portable. This holmes 10 inch box fan is well designed for the home environment.


  • 10-inch blade diameter – The 10-inch blade diameter distributes air effectively to all corners to perfectly give you the cooling effect that your body needs to reduce humidity in your home
  • 2-quiet speed setting – Get a powerful cool breeze with the two-speed setting of this small window box fan. The setting allows you to enjoy the cool breeze at your chosen setting
  • Lightweight – This window box fan amazon is lightweight and portable making it easy to be carried from one place to another.
  • Quiet operation – The box fan operates quietly due to its quiet motor

10. Optimus F-1022 10-Inch Box Fan –(Best Optimus 10 box fan)

best box fanThe Optimus F-1022 box fan is a cost-effective and energy-saving compact fan that can be used for different purposes. It can serve as an Optimus box fan. It can also be used inside the car as a car fan.

This Optimus f 1022 10 inch 2 speed box fan white is a nice kids fan and good for the cooling of pets. Its 10-inch diameter fan blades provide you decent cooling in your home with its 2-speed settings. It is moderate when it comes to the noise level. It is not too quiet and not too loud making the noise level very reasonable. This Optimus white whisper quiet 20 inch box fan has just one controller. It is easy to transport using the carry handle.


  • 2-speed setting – Depending on your mood, you can choose the setting that suits you. Any of the two settings will definitely give you satisfactory air cooling.
  • Easy to carry – The carry handle makes it easy to carry the fan to where it is needed. It is lightweight, compact and portable.
  • No assembly required – This Optimus 10 box fan requires no assembly. Start experiencing great cooling out of the box.
  • Quiet operation – The fan delivers top performance quietly because of its super quiet operation motor
  • Ease to use – This Optimus 10 inch box fan requires no tools before using it. This makes it easy and convenient to use.

Considerations before choosing the best box fan in 2021

Using a box fan to cool your home or office is one of the energy-saving and cost-effective ways to tackle heat waves during the summer. The cost of running a box fan is far lesser compared to energy-sucking and expensive air-conditioners. Box fans move air around pretty fast and help to keep a balanced humidity level in your home. Apart from this, a box fan perfectly ventilates a dusty room, keeps the laptop cool and can easily dry up mopped floors quickly. Choosing the right box fan can be a daunting task. This review is made to help you make the right choice. Read on as we make a review of the 10 best box fans. Before that, it is important to understand what a box fan is.

What is a box fan?

A box fan also known as a floor fan is a device for circulating air in order to keep the home cool and comfortable.

Before you purchase a box fan, there are important features to look out for. Ignoring these features may technically mean you have purchased an ineffective fan. Here are the 10 things to look out for when purchasing a box fan.


CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute”. The CFM gives you an idea of how much air the fan is able to circulate. A high cfm box fan means more air movement across the room.

Noise level –

A box fan noise level is another important feature you must look out for. Most box fans make irritating noise especially when it functions at the highest setting. You don’t want a fan that would bring you discomfort by disturbing your sleep. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know a fan’s noise level when you are trying to purchase one online. The manufacturers of these fans won’t indicate the noise level. This makes it very difficult to find out. One way to solve this problem is to check at a local store.

Safety –

Safety is important when buying a box fan especially if you have kids around. Look for a fan that the grills are well fitted. Kids who insert their fingers into a fan when the blade is running could injure themselves. Also, you don’t want a fan that would easily trip off and injure someone. Ensure that the fan has a sturdy base for proper stability.

Ease of cleaning –

How to clean a box fan? The answer to this question is a pointer to the type of fan that you want to buy. You would want to regularly clean your fan. For some fans, reaching the blades for a thorough cleaning is easy while for others, it is a difficult task.

Oscillation –

Some box fans have oscillation mode. Oscillation is ideal for larger rooms. When in oscillation mode, the movement of air is able to reach more people.

Adjustability –

Can you easily adjust the fan? This is a critical question to answer when purchasing a box fan. How easy is it to adjust the height or tilt the fan in the direction it is most needed? Adjustability is a key feature to make you enjoy cooler freeze.

Remote control –

For convenience’s sake, a remote control is needed to easily control the fan. It is not every time you would like to walk to the fan and press a button. This remote control box fan makes things super easy for you.

Size –

Will the size of the fan fit perfectly in the room? Again, this is a question you need to answer appropriately. You would need a fan that is not out of shape. Something that is not too small or too big. All you need is something portable and effective.

Speed settings –

The speed settings are an important factor that you must also look out for when purchasing a box fan speed control. There are 2, 3 or 4-speed settings. The higher the speed setting, the cooler the breeze.

Warranty –

You can never overlook a warranty when purchasing a box fan. Always look for a fan with at least one year warranty. It saves you a lot of headaches in the long run.

FAQs on Best Box Fan for 2021

How to Clean a Box Fan?

The best time to clean your box fan is just before the summer. The heatwaves become so terrible when summer sets in. Laziness has made many people throw away their box fans every year due to the chunk of dirt that blows out of the fan when it is set to the highest speed. A box fan consists of different parts. It has a cord, motor, switch, fan blades, two plastic grills and metal or plastic frames. All of these parts have to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the optimum performance of the fan.

Tools required to clean a box fan

  • Screwdriver
  • Garden hose with sprayer
  • A clean and damp cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner

These are the guide to cleaning a box fan

-Disconnect the fan from its power source

The first thing you have to do when you want to clean a box fan is to disconnect the fan from its power source. This is a safety measure.

-Remove the grills

The next thing is to get a 4-way screwdriver. Some of the fans have 12 screws that tighten the front and the back grill to the case. There are 6 screws in the front and 6 at the back. Ensure that you remove all the screws holding the grills. Put the screw where it won’t get lost. Then, take off the grill.

-Clean the grill

Clean the grill either by using a garden hose sprayer to spray off dirt or take them to the shower to clean the grills properly. Ensure you get out all the specks of dust in the grills. When you are done, allow it to dry properly.

-Cleaning the fan blades and motor

How to clean box fan blades? when you want to start cleaning the fan blades and the motor, start by removing the dust on the motor. Look at the backside of the motor, there are usually stored dirt there. Clean it thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove the bags of dust. Be careful when you are doing this so as not to damage the copper wire inside the box fan. Water should not touch the motor. Then, clean the blades with water and liquid soap mixed together. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and clean the blades. You can use another clean and dry cloth to dry the blades’ front, back and sides. Also, wipe the inside of the fan case. Allow them to dry well. You may ask: how long does it take for box fan to dry? Well, it takes less than 20 minutes.

-Put them together

After drying them, it is time to put them together. Now, screw the fan back to its case. Plug the fan to the wall socket and test it. You will notice that it has an improved airflow better than what it was before it was cleaned.

-Purchase a filter

A filter is usually placed at the back of the fan. A filter helps to keep a fan box cleaner for a longer period. The filter catches dirt easily in order to make the fan to function perfectly. An air filter for box fan is very important.

How to Fix a Box Fan?

Many box fans are thrown out every year just after one year of purchasing them. Instead of thinking of how to fix the problem, some owners prefer purchasing a new one. This is because box fans are highly affordable. If your box fan suddenly stopped working, look for a way to fix it in order for it to last longer. This is a troubleshooting guide that could help you to fix your fan.

Check the cord –

Well, you would say this is commonsense. But not many people remember to check the box fan cord if it is properly plugged in. After using the fan for some time, vibrators from the fan motor can loosen the plug from the outlet

Check your circuit breaker –

If you plug in the fan and nothing happens, the next thing is to check the circuit breaker. It is likely that the circuit breaker has been turned off. If the breaker has been turned off, just turn it on again.

Check power to the outlet –

If you have tried the two troubleshooting steps above and there is no luck, next is to check the power to the outlet. Try to plug in the fan to a different outlet. If it turns out that the fan worked in a different outlet, it means what you have is an electrical fault. You can check for the flow of current to your outlet using a tester. If it remains the same, it is time to call an electrician

Check the fan fuse –

Do you need a fuse for a box fan? This is a question many inexperienced users ask. Of course, fans generally have a thermal fuse for safety purposes. Just like the circuit breaker, these fuses help to break the electrical connection when too much electricity makes the fan to overheat. When a fuse melts, it breaks the connection and cuts the power supply to the fan. Look out for the fuse inside your fan and the cord. If you are confused, check the owner’s manual or Google the model number of the box fan.

Replace the cord –

If the fan didn’t still work after plugging it to a different outlet, you have to check the cord very carefully. It is likely the cord is the suspect. Just replace it.

Clean the box fan –

Cleaning the fan is another troubleshooting option. There is a likelihood the dirt has overpowered the fan. The fan blades may have stopped working due to too much dirt. This is the time to thoroughly wash the fan.

Grease the motor –

Due to long use, it is possible that the fan stopped working due to the fact that the motor makes noise and the blades refuse to move. This is the best time to grease the fan. Just unscrew the motor housing and apply some grease.

Call customer support –

If you have tried all these troubleshooting steps and still no luck, try to reach out to the customer support of the manufacturer of the fan. They can put through a DIY step to fix the one.

Purchase a new fan –

If it turns out that you have to buy a new box fan, you have to choose wisely by choosing an upgraded version of the old fan.

How to make a box fan quieter?

Dirt can make a box fan very noisy. So, the easiest way to make a box fan quieter is to remove the dirt. Once the fan is well cleaned, you will notice that the fan will start to run quietly. This means you can is now in order.

You may watch this detailed video on how to clean a box fan:

Video Transcript:

Hello, Today I’m going to show you how to properly clean a box fan ah this fan has not had a lot of use but I thought I’d be Gatti to show everybody anyway just in case it was running how to properly clean any box fan it’s not very difficult and like to be very fairly easy so let’s get started first thing you want to do for safety is unplug the power cord so that we don’t get electrocuted or fandubs internal accidentally or something like that happens when we’re cleaning it then what you want to do is this may not apply to all fans but in my case my fan has a detachable cord set you’ll want to pull that out so that the fan will be easier to work with you don’t crush the strain relief on the cord now what you want to do is you want to let you fan down and now most fans will have these feet and what you want to do is you want to take a flathead screwdriver and you want to take your flat-head screwdriver and remove two slots like so right here to remove the feet so once again you just want to take your flat-head screwdriver and stick it in there and hold the air foot out like so and do the same with the other foot you can always just pull them out like I just did there and to cut the cord set the feet and everything removed next thing you want to do is let your fan flat on the floor and take a Philips head screwdriver and remove all the screws be sure to keep them in a little box so you don’t lose them if you take mile screws out you don’t want to remove the screen of the fan like so and uh after that you can flip the fan over and move the back guard the back should look very similar to the front once again remove our six screws and also you want to keep these screws once the other six screws so you don’t lose them as they’ll be very important when it comes time to reassemble our fan you’ll then want to remove the screen and set it to the side then you can put the fan over and we could move the family movable the fan blade is very easy first thing I want to do is leave a fan flat on the floor with the grunt removed and put one hand on the hub and one fan on and on the frame and just start to pull then after that what you want to do is sick one hand under and one hand under and gently Rock laid back and forth and apply pressure upwards so the family is moved just to the end of the shaft almost and just pops off sometimes on these near fans they are fastened very tightly onto the shaft so once you have all the parts removed you can set this frame to the side and you can start to clean all of your plastic parts so your plastic parts your family very real and your front grille they can just be wiped off you can take some paper towels here and just wipe it right off like so just make sure to get all the blades real nice make sure you get the hub the stabilizer ring and especially this plugin via la Dustin here because that’s where the cooling fins are for the motor you want to get all the dust out there make sure nothing’s in this little hole it’ll prevent you from sticking the fan back on to the motor shaft properly you can set the family to the side and sometimes these crabs this could be a little tricky so what you can do is take a shopback or a household vacuum and just back in these parts clean just take your shopback you know get all the crevices in there especially in this area by the motor your motor running cool you’re going to do the same with the front grille as well and doesn’t hurt use a little water on your paper towels we’re also waiting to do is you can take the fan grills set them in a bathtub and just let them soak there for maybe 20-30 minutes then after that we can move on to the motor it is very very important to keep the motor clean one thing you can do is take q-tip just get all that gunk out right there or if you want take a shot back vacuum out all the debris it is very important to keep your motor and clean so that your fan will have maximum performance right here this is your motor shaft and your bearing sometimes I’ll be a cooling fan sometimes are we not and sometimes the fan will have a cooling fan on the fan blade like this model does but this shaft and right here in the bearing needs to be oiled and you can use some lightweight oil zoom spout you can use three in one oil be sure to use the blue can not the black can the black can has a turreted it you’re not supposed to use detergent oil and fans only use non-decision oil some other things to note this is the power connection make sure this is all nice and snug this your start pastor some I’ll have a start pastors some are start everyone this is a start and run capacitor I believe I am not sure but I believe this start and run then up here up here is your switch sometimes this can be a point of failure if the switch is losing contact you can space on contact cleaner to switch and clean switch out or you can get a new switch if it’s totally failed there were side of the motor we have a very similar scene we have our motor this is a back bearing you want to grease this as well as lightweight oil or some other oil like I’ve mentioned in the previous section this is your power connection you want to keep this clean I suggest using a q-tip to clean this out or make sure there’s no dust in here this is your start capacitor or start run capacitor as well and you want to make sure this whole area is clean to keep your fan money at maximum performance once your fan is all clean you want to take all your parts and now it is time to reassemble your fan um depending on how your fan is assembled the factory wow you disassembled it there could be different parts and pieces and the parts would look different um but I’m just going to read some of this on my fan because that is how my fan is so you’re just going to take your rearguard like so and see mine has a slot that you stick the handle in so you just stick your handle in this slot right here on the tab pops in and now you also want to line up these screw holes right here so you can put the screws in and after you’ve done that you take your screws and put them in and once again this is plastic to metal so I would not tighten these very tightly just because we do not want to damage the plastic or strip the screws so just hand tight them don’t you know torque them down or use a power screwdriver they’re very long screws anyways so before you put your back guard on what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your fan blade and normally there is a little groove on the motor shaft so you’re going to line the shaft up I’m going to take the groove on the fan blade right here see my groove is right there so I’m going to take the groove and line up with this shaft just us family and it should go on there like that now once you put your fan blade on you want to put your rare guard on so line your very broad up make sure the logo and screw holes are lined up and take your Phillips head screwdriver insert these screws into the hole and screw them in just like last time you don’t want to tighten these very tightly because we don’t want to strip the screws just nice and easy once your family assembled want to take a two plus to stabilize your feet and push them into the slots until they click like so and like so depending if the aunt is if this is applicable to your fan take your detachable cord set and plug it into the back of the fan if your fan doesn’t have a touchable cord set you can skip this step the last and final thing to do is plug your fan in like so now that you finished all nice and clean just sit back and enjoy your new thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed and hope you have learned something from this video if you enjoyed please drop a like on the video and once again subscribe thank you for watching hope you enjoyed see you in the next one.

Watch this cool video on How to REPAIR a box fan!

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Hey guys, Joe tech here from Joe tech tips. Today we’re going to do something something we’ve done in the past however I want to do another newer video and we’re going to be doing how to fix a box fan I have a surrender surrender and rather external power supply here that does up to three amps at 0 to 20 volts and this is what I use on my bench for doing sand repairs such as this and I’m going to have an overhead here and I want to go this was kind of strange I was just about to do some work on the computer to substitute some more video editing and I heard this weird clicking sound like it sounds like where the heck is this coming from I’ll come a little closer to the computer I’m trying to listen and I thought maybe it was a wire hitting one of the fan blades and stuff like that it wasn’t and then I tapped the side of the case and also in here roarrrrr err like funky sound and I said okay let me take the side panel off and there was this monster coolermaster fans that started to make noise soon as I unplugged it the sound went away I was like ok I found the culprit so I want to revisit this again I had to repair a fan of a box fan this happened to be a very very large one so anyway to do this most there are two types of fans ball bearing and bushing I looked at this quickly it might really quite sure what this is I can almost guarantee is bushing most of the time ball bearing fans are on either I mean when you’re buying brand new with either the video card fan which is a real piece of crap most of the time is video caught fan and CPU fan all have ball bearing good quality stuffs will have bull bearing fans anything that’s like free in a case most likely will be bushing unless you’re spending ton of money like I so like son on they make some really nice fan so anyway we pull this off and this rubber piece is is blocking the the bushing or bearing so will be remove this so what I use I use a regular paper clip to to apply lubrication in the fan now I do this not because it’s easier it’s real simple to use I use motor oil by the way for lubrication I find that to be the best for lubrication wd-40 is a temporary fix it will evaporate oil does not evaporate it’ll stay there it will eventually wear away but it doesn’t evaporate so what I did was I pulled this off I don’t want to pull it off completely because I want it to still to be still stuck on but I want it out of the way so you can see so I have a little cup here with motor oil in it and I just drop it in soap like so until it actually absorbs so what I also do though is that I have I have the fan running so what I do is we’re actually going to connect this I have all types of connectives on on this power supply I’m gonna power up I have it set for 6 volts right now just low I don’t want to be blowing oil around so it’s actually 5.9 drop it down a little lower then we’ll start drop it in the oil you got to careful that you don’t get it on the area with it it’s going to be stuck too we’ll keep doing this until it looks like it’s pretty much full and then we’ll crank it up to full speed and the noise should go away well this is the easiest way to apply oil to into inside of the inside of the fan section where you need to be looks pretty good actually I’m going to keep going I want to put as much as in here because this is this goes on the side of my case on the door and I’m starting to work pretty good and this should last pretty much forever should never shouldn’t have a problem because we’re lubricating it with motor oil let me crank it back up to 12 volts and it should be nice and quiet and you shouldn’t hear it at all you rip rip blowing away right now at the DMR radio on the background so let’s continue popping this on here it looks like it’s lubricating it going in through and through the sounds good actually I don’t hear that noise anymore I don’t even hit a fan there we go I was taking a lot of oil the big fan usually one or two drops of this with a regular sight you know like a 90 millimeter 120 millimeter fan so all it takes looks great I will hear it at all so what we do after that I want to power it down I’m going to put the plug back on and it cover it back up again we’re pretty much done that’s it put this plastic thing back on the seal and then we’ll seal it back up again because we didn’t lose the sticky which is nice and that is it that is how you repair a box fan and nothing to it really but there’s no monoid mics and quiet now you can hear it on the microphone I was making a lot of noise this was annoyed racket a lot of racket and I could crank it up a little higher we’ll go to 14 volts just to work it through but that’s it that’s how you repair a box fan real simple if you liked this video thumbs up if you look through my videos you’ll see a video card repair fan and a box fan and I’ll show you how it’s done I’m this one it wasn’t as bad as the other ones on 6 in the past but I wanted to bring it up again we a revisit of how to repair a box man this is Jojo Tech from Joe tech tips if you like this video thumbs up and we’ll see you next time take care.

Short FAQs on box fans:

How many amps does a box fan use?

Most box fans don’t use more than 0.8 amps.

How much does it cost to run a box fan for a month?

It costs less than 5 cents per month.

How much electricity does a box fan use?

A fan box consumes less than 5 Watts of electricity.

Final Verdict

A box fan is an excellent option to regulate humidity in your room. The reality is that the box fan is affordable and easy to use. We highly recommend Lasko 20-Inch High-Velocity Fan because of its QuickMount feature. The OPOLAR 8-Inch Desk will be another excellent choice because of its 4-speed setting. We also recommend the Holmes 10-Inch Personal Size Box Fan HABF120W for its affordability. Any of these options will deliver superior cooling and high-quality performance. It is high time you purchased a box fan to enjoy the ultra-cooling solution that is befitting of your home.

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