Best Pipe Lighters Buying Guide in 2020

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Do lighting the gas with matches has become a hectic work?

Well, do you own a classy pipe and want a sophisticated thing to ignite it?

Well, nothing can match the availability of a pipe lighter when it comes to a gas stove. Although it might seem to be small stuff, at the time of purchase, it becomes a headache as to which to purchase. So, if you are among those handsome men who want a durable yet superb lighter to show you standards of lighting pipes, then you have come to the right place. Here you can clear all your issues and doubts concerning the best pipe lighter. In fact, we will make your shopping much easy with our researched buying guide and some thoughtful FAQs.

Buying Guide for Best Pipe Lighters in 2020

A pipe lighter falls under the category of those objects that people see as an item of class. But buying just any random pipe lighter won’t do you right. You need the best pipe lighter for yourself that shows your real classic personality.

So, let us go through the buying guide, which will make you aware of the essential features in a pipe lighter.


So, what can we expect in the start from a pipe lighter? Well, it can nothing be other than its accessibility. After all, we all want a lighter that can light the pipes as quickly as possible.

We desire a pipe lighter, which is easy to access and hold in our hands. Further, it should not be too slippery. That means it should have a robust and tight grip, so it doesn’t fall off from your hands. The grip should be so tight that even if your hands are sweaty, you can still hold it.

Well, apart from the grip, what we desire from it is to open it ideally with s single stroke. It should be done without any external help and preferably, single-handedly.

Adjustable flame

A pipe lighter is expected to have an adjustable flame. If you can adjust the flare, you can easily access it. Now flames can be low, medium, or high, and it would depend on the circumference of your lighter. If your pipe has a small mouth, it requires a low flame. But if it has a more full mouth, it will need a high flicker. Each type of pipe would require a different intensity of flame for better use. So, there should be an option to adjust your flame when buying the best pipe lighter.

Fire angle

One of the significant features is the angle at which the pipe lighter builds a fire. You wouldn’t want to hurt your hand while lighting your pipe. This is why it is essential to see the angle in which it illuminates.

The correct angle should be a straight flame or 90 degrees or roughly at this angle so that the spark remains as far from your hand as possible. A flame that burns anywhere near your side can be dangerous. Even when lighting it, your thumb should be secure of the sparks.


Strike a match, and it will blow out because of the wind. Strike another one, and it will blow out again. Well, you cannot control the weather, but you can surely control your devices. A good pipe lighter should be able to deflect wind in a way that it doesn’t blow out. It must complete its job in a weather condition like this to become the best. For this, a windproof pipe lighter is the most suitable. It becomes windproof when it ignites with pressure from within so that the stress from the atmosphere does not affect it.

Good covering

Did you know a lighter can explode when it falls on the ground if it does not have proper covering?

Believe it or not, but we have heard cases of such mishappenings with a lighter even when trying to light it. This happens because of the lousy covering of pipe lighters.

Thus, a pipe lighter should have a good covering that absorbs shocks like falling on the ground. If it does so, there will be no pressure created inside it, and it will be safe to use. Thus, an excellent metallic covering with shock absorbers is a very essential element in a pipe lighter.

Central fluid

Pipe lighters come with different types of fluids that are filled in this device to ignite a fire. It generally contains kerosene oil, which acts as fuel while lighting this device. Well, there is one more thing found in these lighters, and that is butane gas. Butane is a readily available gas that is present in abundance in the environment. This is the reason, after which most of the lighters are manufactured with it.

However, we have one more alternative in these lighters to butane, and it is naphtha or benzene.


Not only should a pipe lighter have the right fluid inside it, but also refillable as well. Many lighters available are refillable that act as one of the nine lives of a cat. After all, you would not wish to spend a reasonable sum on your perfect lighter that will only last a few weeks. Instead, you would want to make it last as much as it can. And this is possible only if it can be refilled.

Refilling means that the gas or the liquid can be put into use again with the same quality and flame for further use.

Other tools

Making yourself a pipe can turn out to be a difficult task, and especially when you are doing it with bare hands. But a good pipe lighter comes with the essential tools like a pipe nail or pipe cleaners. A pipe nail is used to pack your pipe tightly so that it burns nicely. Whereas pipe cleaners are used to clean your pipe after its use to remove any unburnt tobacco particles. These kinds of products become a whole of a kit on its own for your relaxing, uninterrupted pipe smoking time.

Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter with Tamper & Pick

Video Transcript:

Good afternoon youtube piano play for coming at you with another video by the way everyone happy international pipe-smoking day zero two two zero two zero two zero how cool is that huh so this video that I’m making this afternoon is like to share an unboxing of a pipe lighter that I just purchased on ebay and no further ado bear with me and I’ll grab the package so in the mail today open up this package because I needed to make sure that this was a pipe lighter because I’ve also purchased a few other things just needed to make sure that this is what it was and it is so today we’re going to be checking out my new pipe lighter I’ve been doing a lot of research online trying to find a different pipe lighter that uses butane because my other later is my Zippo the pipe insert awesome lighter very dependable however I don’t enjoy getting the taste of lighter fluid in my mouth when I’m light not my pipe so I been checking out different butane lighters and I love the old boy Corona I love style the old old-school look and that’s what I would like to get however I can’t justify spending a hundred to five hundred bucks on a lighter that’s just absolutely insane so I went with the cheaper option and could justify spending $14.95 I’ve seen a few reviews on youtube about the mister bra pipe lighters and so far there’s a lot of good to be said about them there’s some people obviously that I’ve had bad luck in now I’m sure this is going to be some out there that malfunction but for $14 and change I don’t think you can go wrong so it comes in this fancy little case it’s almost it’s not leather but it feels like it all any case so you get yours you order one it’s gonna come in a package like that and the package oh yeah well I got to tell you right off the bat I’ve never up like I said I’ve never owned or held or used an old boy Rhona lighter so I don’t know how heavy they are but I can tell you the half this is pretty good so to me that tells me it’s probably a fairly good quality lighter especially for the price my Zippo,

Yeah the mr. Bra glider is coming in heavier than the Zippo so on this casing there’s Little engraved pipe shapes and it tells you the shape play the camera can pick that up you’ve got like an apple on a double okay then on the other side some more..

Very nice very very very nice-looking lighter I’m very pleased on the bottom you’ve got this screw over here you unscrew and put in your butane and then this screw right here is to adjust the flame and then this here is a pipe tool it’s a pic and a tamper I’ll never use that because I use lighter I use just the basic pipe tool set you can get at your local brick and mortar for I don’t know a couple bucks I think and go wrong with those nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

So anyway very pleased with the.

Presentation of this pipe lighter very nice if it lights and functions and continues to light as well as it looks I’ll be very pleased but again I’ve got a stress can’t stress enough it was $14 and change ok on ebay the retail was 1895 from this particular seller they also had make an offer so I made an offer fourteen dollars they accepted it so with shipping and tax it was just shy of 15 lakhs on mr. Boggs website the same Leiter is selling or.

One t $27.99 plus shipping so I wouldn’t recommend buying an on mr. Foggs website you can get it for half the price on ebay.

Brand-new this has never been used so what they say about it on mr. Boggs website is it’s a heavy chrome build and I like I said it does have some heft to it will last a lifetime.

Built-in tamper and pack as I said it’s got a flame size adjuster which is that middle screw comes with a mr. Brog gift box which I’ve showed you it says butane not included so when you get this you’re going to have to make sure you also purchase some butane get you going so I’m going to pause the video I’m going to fill this up with butane and I’ll be right back at you.

Alright guys I’m back got it filled up in butane it was pretty simple.

Like I said undo that screw.

I used a butter knife because I couldn’t find any small flathead screwdrivers right here in the house they’re probably out in my workshop then you just take your butane push it down in there and you’re good to go screw back in so you flip the top that turns on the butane and then you flip the wheel there and we’ve got a flame I’ve got to adjust that flame a little bit it’s a little high so let me do that real quick be right back alright guys I’m back I’ve got the flame adjusted down it was a little high but that’s just about where I like it right there and so far lighting on the first flick so for 15 bucks I don’t think you can go wrong if you like this style lighter by the way this is the little pipe tool it’s in the bottom of the lighter like I said I’m never gonna use that but you got a little pic there and the tamper you just slide it back in.

And you’re good to go when you want to take it out you line up this arrow with the notch on the lighter itself and then it will just pull straight out so my understanding is with these lighters I didn’t come with any extra Flint’s but being mr. Brog lighters use Zippo Flint’s that’s my understanding so I’m sure they’re pretty accessible just about any brick and mortar so guys I’m very happy with this purchase I hope you guys found this informative and check out ebay if you want to buy these you can’t go wrong for the price I’ll be back at your probably this evening with another video I’m going to do a pipe tobacco review and the pipe tobacco I’m going to be reviewing I’ve never had this I don’t usually go for the.

Over-the-counter stuff but I’ve heard a lot of raving reviews about it and actually this morning on the.

International pipe smoking day Derrick 10 went live and I asked him that question and he said it’s actually surprisingly not that blend and he says it’s probably his favorite.

Over-the-counter blood so I’m gonna give it a shot and see what happens so guys if you liked the video please like and subscribe down below I would appreciate it because I’m just getting started on this channel and I hope to keep making videos for you guys got any questions free to ask you guys real soon take care.

FAQs on Best Pipe Lighters in 2020

How does a pipe lighter work?

A pipe lighter basically works on the idea of friction. The inflammable fluid that is filled inside the lighter rests until the button is pressed. Once this is done, the liquid is pushed upwards from the pipe that is inside the product. As the fluid comes up, it strikes with a stone, which creates friction between the two-causing fire. All of this happens within nanoseconds so that you get a satisfactory result in the best possible time. But at such a moment, what is mandatory is adjusting the flame. It means that you can control the flow of liquid from the pipe, which then controls the flare from burning your skin.

How long does a pipe lighter last?

The life span of a pipe lighter depends upon whether it is refillable or not. If it is rechargeable, then it can last for many years unless it is damaged from the external sources. This damage may include throwing it with full force or from a considerably considerable distance.

In case the pipe lighter is not refillable, then it will last as long as you can see or feel the liquid inside the case. After that, it cannot light any fire, and you have to throw it away.

How do I refill my pipe lighter?

Refilling a pipe lighter is an easy task. In fact, you can do it yourself manually.

First, turn down the flame adjuster as a preventive measure. Then push the fuel nozzle to empty the fuel tank from any gas. Then take your refill bottle and attach it to the fuel tank and pump up the fuel like you pump air in a tire. Once it's done, turn the flame adjuster on again. Try warming the lighter a few times, and your lighter will be ready to perform its duty.

Is pipe lighter better than matchsticks?

When we see a pipe lighter and a pack of matchsticks, many things differentiate them other than the shape and design.

Well, when we talk about the matchsticks, they are quite tricky to light while creating friction with its paper box. It becomes more irritating when it is windy. Further, if you are lucky enough to light it, then get your work done fast. After all, its flame remains alive as long as the wood remains unburnt, which only lasts for a few seconds. But on the other hand, a pipe lighter burns for as long as you want it to burn. In fact, when you have a windproof lighter, it can survive easily in a windy climate. All you have to do is to adjust the flame according to the requirement, which is an impossible feature in a matchstick. Thus, you can never refuse the fact that pipe lighters are a way better option than those small, woody matchsticks.

How to Refuel/Fix Butane Lighters?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys it’s James here with honest cigar reviews calm and I just want to do a quick video of some lighters as well as the fuel because I kind of had to learn the hard way when I came to lighters I had some I’m actually having lighter issues recently and that’s why I’m doing the video and it’s it’s because I bought this really cheap I wanted a soft flame lighter so I bought this like a dollar local shop really it’s it’s like one of those gas station just really cheap ones so I urged it out you know both ends and I just filled it with some xikar fluid butane and so this has let’s see here this was like 10 bucks.

10:49 for this huge bottle you can see comparison to my hands in this smaller onsen one and it’s 30 parts per million so if you can see that stuff is really clean and it’s yeah keep your lighters working better longer won’t leave like build-up residue inside the tubes and the pipes and stuff so yeah I basically I was having problems with this it was like this tiny little flame that was barely keeping lit and I kept adjusting all the all the adjustments and you know getting a q-tip and whatnot so I finally just purged it and filled it with good butane and so here’s results give a huge flame it’s like that’s about a four three and a half-inch flame and so that’s just the that’s that’s what that’s without adjusting I mean I got to get a guitar pick or something maybe my house key and adjust it down but that just already shows me that butane was an issue not the lighter so it’s getting smaller.

Basically I grabbed a key because it’s I mean it’s always on me so this is its smallest setting that’s perfect for me I think you know I was using this for like like lighting a pipe and stuff and cigars for indoor but already lowest setting is bigger than the highest setting with it with the bad butane and yeah so I mean I’ve been smoking cigars for like five years but I’ve been using Ronson the whole time and Ronson I mean apparently he’s not very good stuff it’s having sputtering issues with my xikar right now it just barely works I don’t know if you didn’t hear that oh god I don’t know so I keep adjusting it we’ll see where it goes and then I had this Ronson lighter that my old roommate gave me and this used to work great recently it’s been sputtering a lot so we’ll figure it out but let’s see here you can hear it coming out I’m going to empty it out I’m going to empty this out you can hear that.

I want to empty them of the Ronson and fill them with the xikar and see if we get better results season alright so I think I just do this on camera because it’s kind of interesting to watch I’m gonna use some scissors just to purge and yeah see hopefully this works here it’s almost totally empty no more hissing is coming out this is a good time to check to see if the nozzle is nice and clean and see if I can get to focus here.

Looks pretty clean to me okay and then we’re going to get our xikar stuff this is the Pierrot fine premium good stuff and we’re going to just tip it up sit down just like the directions say and hold it down for three to four seconds one two three four five okay doesn’t normally could feel it give a little cold and sometimes you’ll have two lighters I have a gauge mine doesn’t so I’ll just keep going.

And I guess the idea is to just keep going until you maybe it backs out a little bit see now it’s starting to spit back out and you know I mean the butane comes out like freezing cold so you got to give it like you got to give it like four or five minutes for it to get down to room temperature and so what I do normally this time is just hold it my hand you know because if it’s if it’s too cold it just won’t like simple as that so we’ll put the top back on and we’ll hold this in our hand and we’ll see what happens.

See you soon all right guys we’re back again and it hasn’t even been like three minutes yet and let’s just see what happened done normally I turn it down all the way you turn it down all the way fill it up and then when you realize it you kind of adjusted it as such okay a little bit more I see a flame coming out oh that looks about right to me nice steady flame this is up all the way it’s pretty good all the way or a little less doesn’t really matter to me I guess I’ll just leave it up all the way but easy as that I mean I can already tell it’s not going to sputter on me do that hundred percent of the time is working we’re going to try the Ronson now this is going to be the real test because the rots and fuel sucks but does the Ronson lighters suck is it is it the fuel that’s the problem or as a delight err so again we’re going to just we’re going to just test it real quick see if we can see that.

Here a little bit of gas coming out let’s see if what we can do here operating use a guitar pick here and just kind of sometimes it’s just you got to turn it sometimes just to get the valve the valve opening close and get it cleaned it out so we had something going on this one might have like a leak or something you never know I mean this is not really my primary lighter here so I do like I like Ronson though I mean so far I mean it’s worked great I mean here that nice solid open and closed.

Nice solid click but if it’s not lighting well then what’s the point who cares so let’s get this guitar picking here again I just mess around with it see if this scoop is if not well then we’ll just purge it there we go.

Make sure this is all the way to the not the big side but the small side.

So I just filled this up with Ronson hopefully I don’t hear much more buzzing just get rid of all of it.

Hopefully this it’s not the lighter another great benefit is using a you know really triple refined stuff or you know five times refined or even this that says thirty parts to a million refined basically it’s going to taste and you’re not going to taste it in your cigar at all that’s why we don’t use big lighters because it’s cheap fuel you’re going to taste it has an odor to it but butane shouldn’t so I think that’s about it sometimes you just got to do it three or four times I don’t hear anything I don’t see any pops of Jack coming out and I’ll cut you guys the moment of truth.

Ronson lighter feels pretty heavy I mean almost twice as heavy as what what it was but let’s see if it if let’s see if it’s the gas that’s going to fix it or if it’s just the crappy lighter in general I mean again this is a cheap lighter so let’s find out it’s working look at that so I mean really guys all three of these lighters were having some sort of issue well some sort of problem but every single time the crappy fluid was the problem not the actual lighters so you can make a great dollar lighter dollar-store lighter you can make great darker lighter if you just have good fuel and don’t skip out on it because i think i paid 6 bucks for this a couple years ago I still have some in there but when it comes down to it I mean when you need a light you need a light.

So yeah let’s just to make sure this is not a fluke or anything this one’s working great that one’s working great and the Ronson is working great so the case is clear let’s throw this stuff out and yeah you guys should get some xikar stuff definitely would recommend it and yeah have a good day gasps bye-bye.

How do you light a pipe using a pipe lighter?

If you want to light a pipe, you have to make sure that the pipeline is adequately filled with its stuff. The tobacco inside the pipe’s mouth should be filled in entirely and tightly so that there are no air bubbles left inside it. Once it is ready to be lighted, place the pipe lighter next to the tobacco and light the flame in a circular motion in all the parts of the pipe’s mouth. Make sure that it is no place left half-burnt as it can create a mess while breathing. On the other hand, if the tobacco is over-burnt, then you will have a burning taste in your mouth.

How to Fill A Zippo Pipe Lighter?

Video Transcript:

All right I’m gonna show you how to fill a Zippo pipe lighter here’s just a very nice round leather for it.

Maiden Zippo on the snapper is made in USA.

Very nice heavy duty good quality sheath this here’s the brown leather one some of them have cutouts here so you can push the lighter out but you don’t need to they don’t you don’t need a cutout it’s loose enough to tip it out loose enough just to fall out so you don’t need a day cut out up here to push out and you just pull it out right so here is this is not a pipe lighter what I mean by that is there’s a pipe lighter insert in here particular case design was not a pipe lighter one.

It came of a standard chimney looking like this one I took this I ordered a pipe lighter insert four I ordered an insert just like this one for a well for lighting my pipe but when you get this case this is suppose case it came with the standard chimney the standard lighter inserts in it alright so how to fill this you feel like any normal lighter you take your Zippo lighter fluid cans here.

Premium fluid open the lighter up pull it out turn it upside down because this here is a older Zippo 2008 in 2012 they changed them they went from black writing here to red so they did change no event.

This is an old one so it is still real now we lift up on the round balls here what you want to do you want to take your fuel can open this up and you want to squeeze so it’s like otherwise it just drips like this you see yeah you want to squeeze the bottle you don’t want it dripping so you want to take the bottle put it in to the round and squeeze for six seconds one two three four five six release not squeezing it one two three four five six squeeze one two three four five six.

Releasing releasing it give it a tap bring it open – shut up till ten here and then we want to push the pad back into the lighter as best you can and then push the lighter into the case shut give it a shake if you want to I don’t cover yeah I have eleven open give it a spark you can see here it has a small flame cover for nozzle this here’s how you do it now use a putt better insert on the side like this and what you do is you’d put that there on if this is just a pipe Bowl you put that on top and then when we breathe in the flame is drawer down into and lighting the tobacco so if I was using it I would flip my lighter off and spark my wheel put it on light the pipe bring it up and shut it because if you’re putting it on this way you’re more likely it doesn’t feel as natural to me I find but that that there is the Zippo pipe lighter insert cheers guys thanks for watching please rate comment sub.

Where else can the pipe lighter be used rather than lighting a pipe?

Well, you might not be aware, but a pipe lighter is used for several purposes rather than just lighting a small pipe lighter.

Have you ever thought of how you will survive if you can’t rub stones in trekking or camping? There is nothing to worry about as a pipe lighter can make your work easy. After all, when you go for different camping activities, you require fire to cook food and stay away from wild animals. Thus, such reasons make lighter one of the most essential products that one should carry rather than with the thought of lighting pipes or cigarettes.

Is it necessary to adjust the pipe lighter’s flame?

Pipe lighter comes with an adjustable wheel that can accustom the flame according to your requirement. A high blaze is usually needed in the full mouth of a cigar while the low flame is required in a small mouth. This is because the tobacco inside the pipe should be adequately burnt from all the edges. But care should be taken while smoking the weed. In the pipes, cigarettes should be ignited in the right proportion. It should neither be under-burnt nor over-burnt. After all, this depends upon the flame at which you will be lighting it.

Thus, this is the reason why the adjustment of the flame is essential in it.

Is it safe to have a pipe lighter inside a vehicle?

You might feel suffocated while stepping into the car that was resting for hours under the sun. Do you know the reason behind it?

Cars are indeed a greenhouse as it traps the heat inside it, making the temperature warmer than usual. As such a moment, there are chances that equipment such as a pipe lighter may explode due to high heat. Thus, we would personally advise you to avoid placing flammable material in the car.

Well, if you have no other option than placing it in the car, then find a new place for it where direct sunlight cannot reach. If you fail to take any such action, then be prepared to pay a heavy price.

Is any identification required to buy a pipe lighter?

It is usually said that every person should carry a lighter with them even if they are a non-smoker. This is because one can require a fire in any situation of their life. Moreover, pipe lighters are not a device to light a pipe, but it serves other purposes too.

In fact, do you know this world has some people who are afraid of lighting a matchstick? Well, you might also be one of them. So, having a lighter to meet urgent situations is a necessary thing. This is the reason, after which the government doesn’t demand any kind of identification while purchasing it. You can quickly get one at Walmart or any of your nearest stores.


So, this is everything that you should look for while willing to purchase a pipe lighter. In fact, you might have seen the benefits of a lighter over the matchsticks. But do you know that a simple lighter is just not enough? You need to find a product for yourself that gives you many features in only one product. You should have the primary element that is to provide secure and safe spark but also some extra features. The more, the merrier is what we all need.

In the end, we hope that our research was able to clear all your doubts regarding the best pipe lighter for your pocket. So, before you head forward for purchase, have a look at the top brands offering the listed feature and make the best use of your money.

Edmond Clark is a 34-year-old Blogger from California, USA. He is a Certified Market Research Professional (MRP) & a full-time blogger. His aim is to help the consumer to choose the best product from the market. Contact him for any of your queries.

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