Best Soft Flame Tobacco Pipe & Cigar Lighters in 2023

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Do lighting the gas with matches has become a hectic work?

Well, do you own a classy pipe and want a sophisticated thing to ignite it?

Well, nothing can match the availability of a pipe lighter when it comes to a gas stove. Although it might seem to be small stuff, at the time of purchase, it becomes a headache as to which to purchase.

So, if you are among those handsome men who want a durable yet superb lighter to show you standards of lighting pipes, then you have come to the right place.

Shortlist of 10 Best Pipe Lighters in 2023

Here you can clear all your issues and doubts concerning the best pipe lighter. In fact, we will make your shopping much easy with our researched buying guide and some thoughtful FAQs.

Buying Guide for the Best Pipe Lighters in 2023

A pipe lighter falls under the category of those objects that people see as an item of class. But buying just any random pipe lighter won’t do you right. You need the best pipe lighter for yourself that shows your real classic personality.

So, let us go through the buying guide, which will make you aware of the essential features of a pipe lighter.


So, what can we expect at the start from a pipe lighter? Well, it can nothing be other than its accessibility. After all, we all want a lighter that can light the pipes as quickly as possible.

We desire a vintage gas pipe lighter, which is easy to access and hold in our hands. Further, it should not be too slippery. That means it should have a robust and tight grip, so it doesn’t fall off your hands. The grip should be so tight that even if your hands are sweaty, you can still hold it.

Well, apart from the grip, what we desire from it is to open it ideally with s single stroke. It should be done without any external help and preferably, single-handedly.

Adjustable flame

A pipe lighter is expected to have an adjustable flame. If you can adjust the flare, you can easily access it. Now flames can be low, medium, or high, and it would depend on the circumference of your lighter. If your pipe has a small mouth, it requires a low flame.

But if it has a more full mouth, it will need a high flicker. Each type of pipe would require a different intensity of flame for better use. So, there should be an option to adjust your flame when buying the best pipe lighter.

Fire angle

One of the significant features is the angle at which the sidekick adjustable pipe lighter. builds a fire. You wouldn’t want to hurt your hand while lighting your pipe. This is why it is essential to see the angle in which it illuminates.

The correct angle should be a straight flame or 90 degrees or roughly at this angle so that the spark remains as far from your hand as possible. A flame that burns anywhere near your side can be dangerous. Even when lighting it, your thumb should be secure from the sparks.


Strike a match, and it will blow out because of the wind. Strike another one, and it will blow out again. Well, you cannot control the weather, but you can surely control your devices. The best windproof pipe lighter should be able to deflect wind in a way that it doesn’t blow out.

It must complete its job in a weather conditions like this to become the best. For this, a windproof pipe lighter is the most suitable. It becomes windproof when it ignites with pressure from within so that the stress from the atmosphere does not affect it.

Good covering

Did you know a lighter can explode when it falls on the ground if it does not have proper covering?

Believe it or not, but we have heard cases of such mishappenings with a lighter even when trying to light it. This happens because of the lousy covering of pipe lighters.

Thus, a pipe lighter should have a good covering that absorbs shocks like falling on the ground. If it does so, there will be no pressure created inside it, and it will be safe to use. Thus, an excellent metallic covering with shock absorbers is a very essential element in a pipe lighter.

Central fluid

Pipe lighters come with different types of fluids that are filled in this device to ignite a fire. It generally contains kerosene oil, which acts as fuel while lighting this device. Well, there is one more thing found in these lighters, and that is butane gas. Butane is a readily available gas that is present in abundance in the environment. This is the reason, after which most of the lighters are manufactured with it.

However, we have one more alternative in these lighters to butane, and it is naphtha or benzene.


Not only should a pipe lighter have the right fluid inside it, but also be refillable as well. Many lighters available are refillable that act as one of the nine lives of a cat. After all, you would not wish to spend a reasonable sum on your perfect refillable pipe lighter that will only last a few weeks. Instead, you would want to make it last as much as it can. And this is possible only if it can be refilled.

Refilling means that the gas or the liquid can be put into use again with the same quality and flame for further use.

Other tools

Making yourself a pipe can turn out to be a difficult task, and especially when you are doing it with bare hands. But a good pipe lighter comes with essential tools like a pipe nail or pipe cleaners. A pipe nail is used to pack your pipe tightly so that it burns nicely. Whereas pipe cleaners are used to clean your pipe after its use to remove any unburnt tobacco particles. These kinds of products become a whole of a kit on their own for your relaxing, uninterrupted pipe smoking time.

Top Variants for the Best Pipe Lighters in 2023

Pipe Lighters come with different features, designs, and styles, making it quite challenging for all to go for the right one. And the right one can be found with lots of research and usages.

But wait! It’s not possible to try every pipe lighter. So, we have done the work for you. We have chosen the top pipe lighters which are idyllic to match your requirement, so you can go for them.

1. Zippo Pipe Lighters

windproof lighterFirstly, we develop the Zippo Pipe Lighters available with a high-class look that will be an ideal partner to your pipe. This Zippo windproof lighter refill is fantastic for usage as it is known to completely take care of your needs and desires.

This zippo cigar lighter comes with a metal construction offering you a classy look, but it is not just the outside that gives you comfort. While using it, you will come across its windproof feature, making smoking possible on a windy day.

However, the show doesn’t end here!

This windproof pipe lighter can also be refilled with fuel once it is finished. This makes the pipe lighter your pal for a lifetime. So, when you feel like it does not work anymore, no need to leave it behind. All you have to do is refill it with fuel, and it will be all new again!


  • Material- This best windproof pipe lighter is made of synthetic that is safe to use.
  • Color- It comes in a Brushed Chrome Black pipe. Other than this, there are 14 different colors available.
  • Windproof- It is a windproof product that makes it easy to light a pipe.
  • Refillable- It can be refilled, which gives long life to the product.
  • Guarantee- Lifetime guarantees by this gas lighter zippo will be safe with unhindered use.

Customers Feedback:

As expected from Zippo, this is a great lighter! If you are used to using a regular Zippo lighter, there is a slight learning curve for using the pipe lighter version, as it requires you to hold it sideways. So opening, lighting, and closing are slightly different. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll absolutely love it! So much easier to light a pipe with the special insert. It is everything you’d expect from a Zippo!!

I’ll never stray away from Zippo. I was looking at other pipe lighters that were priced much higher and were not as highly rated and I am glad I stuck with Zippo. This zippo windproof lighter refill is an American workhorse that’s very reliable and easy to use and maintain. Lights easily every time and the design is perfect for bringing the flame into your bowl without scorching or over charring your tobacco.

2. Morisk’s Cool Pipe Lighter

vintage pipe lighterIf sophistication with creativity is all that needs to speak, then Morisk’s Pipe Lighter will be your go-to buddy. It is going to be one of the most innovative products that you will ever see.

This pipe lighter, made out of brass, is a vintage pipe lighter that can be easily used with the class. Slightly different from the usual pipe lighters, it uses a different technique of use.

Unlike the regulars, This cigarette lighter gift can be used just like a matchstick. But the difference is that it is not one-time use. Nor does it need you to keep striking the sticks with the paper box.

More of its unique features are mentioned below to convince you that this product is made for you.


  • Material- This Morisk permanent match is made out of brass.
  • Design- The design is quite unique, making it ideal for gifts.
  • Fuel- It is to be filled with kerosene and can be refilled with the same oil.
  • Portable- This Morisk vintage trench lighter is easy to carry and safe to keep in your pockets.
  • All-Weather Safe- It is compatible with all kinds of weather, be it cold or wet.
  • Easy Replace- If you find any problem with your newly bought lighter, you can easily replace it within 30 days of buying.

Customers Feedback:

The MORISK Permanent Match is honestly a great form of a lighter. It holds fluid longer then a Zippo and starts up fires quickly and can take some abuse. I camp weekly or at least work in my shop weekly and use it all the time. It’s still lasting on the lighter fluid I put in there about two months ago. Excellent product and even greater conversion starter! “Ps” The rubber seals are a difficult process at first so I learned to turn over the brass cover and put the rubber seal in through that way saves so much time.

3. Lcfun’s Electric Lighter

Best USB lighter If a fire is not your element and the pipe needs to be lit, why not use the electric pipe lighter? Lcfun presents a rechargeable pipe lighter that will suit you the best. This pipe lighter is quite extraordinary as it functions differently.

This best rechargeable candle lighter runs totally over the battery and hence, does not need to be refilled now and then.

It does not emit flames but makes double arc electricity that lights just like a lighter. The electric candle lighter has a sleek size that is easy to carry anywhere. This emergency item will help you in igniting your pipes and even other essential events.


  • Material- The USB cigarette lighter is made of zinc alloy
  • Color- It is available in black color (matte as well)
  • Rechargeable- It is not to be refueled but recharged with a USB cable.
  • Windproof- Since it is flameless, no strong winds can stop you from using this pipe lighter.
  • Usage- This USB rechargeable lighter has a switch at the side that can be pressed to light the arcs.
  • Compact Size- The compact size of the lighter will help in easy storage.

Customers Feedback:

Love this rechargeable candle lighter. You never have to cup your hand around a lighter again. It will light in any wind. The charge last quite awhile. It’s slim, fits in purse or pocket easily. This is a quality product and I ordered four and gave two as gifts. Both of the people I gave it too tell me it’s the best gift I ever gave them, LOL- go figure expensive gifts aren’t always the best.

Taked some getting used when going from using a flame lighter to plasma but once you do it’s cool. Battery life is unbelievable. Without realizing, I left mine outside on the back porch ledge for at least 2 weeks that contained several rainstorms. When I realized it was out there I just know I killed it. But much to my surprise, I opened the top, punched the igniter and heard chick tis tis tis or whatever that sound it makes when its doing that arching thing that means IT WORKS. Still even had 3 lights showing on battery life. Definitely durable and worth having

4. SOMGEM’s Kerosene Pipe Lighter

pipe lighter amazonHere is another pipe lighter from a classic collection that will light your pipes with sophistication. SOMGEM’s Pipe Lighter comes with a shiny and lustrous covering made out of metal. This is both safe and good-looking as they do not conduct heat to your hand.

In fact, the best thing about this pipe lighter is that it does not need to be refilled too often. This is due to the fewer tendencies to use oil as compared to other pipe lighters. This makes it efficient to use as you do not have to worry about refilling it repeatedly.

The bottom of this soft flame lighter is covered with an anti-leakage ring. This ensures that gravity does not come in between the lighter’s oil and your favorite shirt. This anti-leakage ring covers up the bottom and resists any oil leakage.


  • Material- This somgem oil lighter is made of zinc alloy that is smooth on the surface.
  • Usage- This pipe lighter has a rocker arm design that is safe to use and does not hurt your hand either.
  • Long-Lasting- It is quite long-lasting as compared to others.
  • Portable- It has a suitable size to carry and hold the pipe lighter.
  • Warranty- It comes with a 1-year warranty.

5. TOPKAY’s Cigar Lighter

Best butane pipe lighterWant your pipe lighter to be unique and fun? TOPKAY lighter is there for you!

This uniquely designed pipe lighter by TOPKAY is going to be a lot of fun for you! Shaped like a gun, This butane cigar lighter will give you a superior feel while lighting your pipe. It has a triple jet flame technique, burning with 3 burners at the mouth of the lighter.

This butane pipe lighter has a fantastic ability to adjust the flames according to your need. Flame regulation is easy if you wish to do so and can be regulated into high and low flames.


  • Material- It is made of zinc.
  • Adjustable Flame- The flame of this pipe lighter can be adjusted into a high or low flame.
  • Guarantee- It comes with a 90 days money back and 12 monthly guarantee
  • Usage- This butane cigar lighter has a trigger at the back that, when pressed, emits flames
  • Gas- It can be refilled with Butane Gas

Customers Feedback:

I came across this lighter during a couples getaway weekend! The husbands were sitting around with whiskey & cigars and one of the guys had this really sleek, steel grey torch lighter and we all immediately got on Amazon to order them. I’ve even purchased one for my son’s stocking stuffer gift this Christmas. Very stylish, great conversation piece and absolutely affordable.

Well made, holds plenty of butane and auto lighting the torch with the side button without the need for an additional lighter far exceeds any torch lighter I have ever purchased (approx 40), except the Dremel 2000 Soldering torch. Most torch lighters stop auto lighting after about a month. At least his has been my experience of 30 years using them and trying to be extremely careful to drain the air out of them before EACH refill.

6. Visol’s Pipe Lighter

Best soft flame pipe lighterIf there is more than just lighting your pipe, then we have come up with something for you.

Visol presents this pipe lighter that can do so much for you. This lighter comes with an easy ignition where you do not have to spend minutes to flicker the flame. The simple, one-button technique helps you to ignite a flame with one button.

This soft flame pipe lighter can also be refilled, so no more throwing away the after remains after one use. The refill process is easy and can even be done by you, if not from any hardware shop.

The flame can also be adjusted quickly and manually of this visol pipe lighter. This way, you do not have to work with low flames where high ignition is essential and vice versa.


  • Fuel- It can be refilled with butane gas
  • Pipe Accessories- It comes with in-built pipe accessories that are required to make a safe pipe
  • Laser Engraving- This windproof torch lighter also gives free laser engraving up to 15 characters.
  • Warranty- This pipe lighter has a 12-month warranty
  • Classic Covering- Every lighter is wrapped inside a black velvet bag that will make it a good gift wrap.

Customers Feedback:

This is what I was hunting for: a refillable butane lighter that throws a soft flame, sideways. It has a good, solid-metal heft and doesn’t feel cheap. The metal seams are snug, and the fit and finish are handsome. It ignites reliably. My only complaints are: 1) The laser inscription was required for purchase. I would have preferred leaving them blank with no inscription. The visol pipe lighter would look super-clean without an inscription 2) I chose something silly for the inscription on the spur of the moment while buying the lighter. Now I’m stuck with what it says, and it’s not funny anymore. (This is why I don’t get tattoos.)

7. PROMISE’s Pipe Lighter

refillable lighters amazonPROMISE store brings yet another piece of a classic pipe lighter that will make you want to keep it by your side all the time. Here, it comes with an elegant golden color that shines its way to your pipe.

Ideally made for lighting pipes, it also comes with the necessary pipe accessories to light a tube. These accessories include an aerated steel needle, a scraper, and tobaccos. While these accessories are in your cheap refillable lighters, you need not carry an extra stock to make a pipe. The scraper even removes any burnt tobacco that is stuck to the sides of the tube.

These unique cigarette lighters also give safe lighting as the flame is very mild that will not hurt your hands. So, hold it from any place of the lighter as the metal will not conduct the soft love to your hand.


  • Material- Zinc alloys are used to prepare it to make it lustrous and safe.
  • Durable- This promise cigarette lighter is durable with a sturdy cover.
  • Pipe Accessories-There, it comes with three essential pipe accessories needed to make a perfectly safe pipe. These accessories are attached to the pipe lighter’s body.
  • Gift-like packaging- It also has beautiful packaging that will make a fantastic gift.

8. Pipe Terbminator’s Pipe Lighter

Best refillable lighterPipe Terminator has one of the best pipe lighters brought to you that will surely impress you. This fantastic pipe lighter will be your buddy in all places because of its unique shape and size.

You saw it right! This refillable lighter is shaped like a very portable pen. So, holding it will be like holding an opulent pen, only with different functions.

It has different parts integrated into one. Each piece can be manually removed to clean and for other purposes and put back again quickly.  This pipe lighter butane top is made with silicone to keep from heating up and causing any catastrophes.

But wait! It is known to fulfill other functions too apart from lighting the pipe. So, we consider this all-in-one cigar lighter will stay by your side every time you need to heat anything.


  • Pen-shaped- It is pen-shaped that is easy to carry and hold.
  • Refillable- It can be refilled with lighter gas when the gas empties as it is easy to refill
  • Windproof- This refillable windproof lighter is windproof that makes it easy to light a pipe in strong winds.
  • Adjustable Flame- Flames can be adjusted into the high or low intensity of this pipe lighter

9. Fengfang’s Torch lighter

Best cigar torch lighterWell, when it comes to style, pen-shaped pipe lighters are topping the list. So, we have come up with another highly liked pen-shaped pipe lighter, especially by the brand Fengfang.

This cigar torch lighter comes in golden color and will be ideal for keeping in your pockets. It has a compact size, the same as that of a cell phone, making it portable. It is known to do its lighting job in perfection. However, besides lighting the pipe, you can take it to any place where you might need to build a fire.

These cheap refillable lighters come with a refillable technology, which adds to their longevity. But, don’t panic! Refilling isn’t tricky. Its handy design makes it easy to handle the lighter and use it with care.

Finally, if you find any defect in the product or any problem with the functioning, Fengfang is there for you. They provide 100% satisfaction to their customers with their team giving the best solutions.


  • Windproof- It works against the wind as well
  • Color- These unique cigarette lighters is in golden color and has 4 other color substitutes.
  • Shape- It comes in the form of a pen.
  • Refillable- This windproof torch lighter can be refilled with butane gas.
  • Multipurpose- It can be used in BBQ, camping as well as the kitchen.

10. Mr. Brog’s Pipe Lighter

Best tobacco pipe lighterKeeping the same standard, Mr. Brog has brought you one of the best pipe Lighters you will need. This pipe lighter comes with pipe accessories, which makes it your complete pipe set in one product. Its intellect flame technique saves your hand from any burn from naked flame.

This tobacco pipe lighter also has a flame adjuster at the bottom pipe lighter. So, if you ever feel that the flame is too high or low for you, you can always change its intensity easily.


  • In-Built- It comes with in-built 3-in-1 tools.
  • Easy usage- This mr brog pipe lighter has a straightforward use as it can be operated with a single push of a button
  • Soft Flame- This pipe lighter has a brilliant flame that burns at a 45-degree angle, making it safe to use for your hands.
  • Flame Adjuster- This MR brog pipe lighter UK has an easy flame adjuster according to personal needs

FAQs on Best Pipe Lighters in 2023

How does a pipe lighter work?

A pipe lighter basically works on the idea of friction. The inflammable fluid that is filled inside the pipe lighter butane rests until the button is pressed. Once this is done, the liquid is pushed upwards from the pipe that is inside the product. As the fluid comes up, it strikes with a stone, which creates friction between the two-causing fire.

All of this happens within nanoseconds so that you get a satisfactory result in the best possible time. But at such a moment, what is mandatory is adjusting the flame. It means that you can control the flow of liquid from the pipe, which then controls the flare from burning your skin.

How long does a pipe lighter last?

The life span of a pipe lighter with tools depends upon whether it is refillable or not. If it is rechargeable, then it can last for many years unless it is damaged from external sources. This damage may include throwing it with full force or from a considerably considerable distance.

In case the pipe lighter is not refillable, then it will last as long as you can see or feel the liquid inside the case. After that, it cannot light any fire, and you have to throw it away.

How do I refill my pipe lighter?

Refilling a pipe lighter is an easy task. In fact, you can do it yourself manually.

First, turn down the flame adjuster as a preventive measure. Then push the fuel nozzle to empty the fuel tank from any gas. Then take your refill bottle and attach it to the fuel tank and pump up the fuel like you pump air in a tire. Once it's done, turn the flame adjuster on again. Try warming the lighter a few times, and your lighter will be ready to perform its duty.

Is pipe lighter better than matchsticks?

When we see a pipe lighter and a pack of matchsticks, many things differentiate them other than the shape and design.

Well, when we talk about the matchsticks, they are quite tricky to light while creating friction with its paper box. It becomes more irritating when it is windy. Further, if you are lucky enough to light it, then get your work done fast. After all, its flame remains alive as long as the wood remains unburnt, which only lasts for a few seconds.

But on the other hand, a pipe lighter burns for as long as you want it to burn. In fact, when you have a windproof candle lighter, it can survive easily in a windy climate. All you have to do is to adjust the flame according to the requirement, which is an impossible feature in a matchstick. Thus, you can never refuse the fact that pipe lighters are a way better option than those small, woody matchsticks.

How do you light a pipe using a pipe lighter?

If you want to light a pipe, you have to make sure that the pipeline is adequately filled with its stuff. The tobacco inside the pipe's mouth should be filled in entirely and tightly so that there are no air bubbles left inside it. Once it is ready to be lighted, place the pipe lighter with tools next to the tobacco and light the flame in a circular motion in all the parts of the pipe's mouth.

Make sure that it is no place left half-burnt as it can create a mess while breathing. On the other hand, if the tobacco is over-burnt, then you will have a burning taste in your mouth.

How to Refuel/Fix Butane Lighters?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys it’s James here with honest cigar reviews calm and I just want to do a quick video of some lighters as well as the fuel because I kind of had to learn the hard way when I came to lighters I had some I’m actually having lighter issues recently and that’s why I’m doing the video and it’s because I bought this really cheap I wanted a soft flame lighter so I bought this like a dollar local shop really it’s like one of those gas station just really cheap ones so I urged it out you know both ends and I just filled it with some xikar fluid butane and so this has let’s see here this was like 10 bucks.

10:49 for this huge bottle you can see the comparison to my hands in this smaller onsen one and it’s 30 parts per million so if you can see that stuff is really clean and it’s yeah keep your lighters working better longer won’t leave like build-up residue inside the tubes and the pipes and stuff so yeah I basically I was having problems with this it was like this tiny little flame that was barely keeping lit.

and I kept adjusting all the adjustments and you know getting a q-tip and whatnot so I finally just purged it and filled it with good butane and so here’s results give a huge flame it’s like that’s about a four three and a half-inch flame and so that’s just the that’s what that’s without adjusting I mean I got to get a guitar pick or something maybe my house key and adjust it down but that just already shows me that butane was an issue, not the light so it’s getting smaller.

Basically, I grabbed a key because it’s I mean it’s always on me so this is its smallest setting that’s perfect for me I think you know I was using this for like like lighting a pipe and stuff and cigars for indoor but already lowest setting is bigger than the highest setting with it with the bad butane and yeah so I mean I’ve been smoking cigars for like five years but I’ve been using Ronson the whole time.

and Ronson I mean apparently he’s not very good stuff it’s having sputtering issues with my cigar right now it just barely works I don’t know if you didn’t hear that oh god I don’t know so I keep adjusting it we’ll see where it goes and then I had this Ronson lighter than my old roommate gave me and this used to work great recently it’s been sputtering a lot so we’ll figure it out but let’s see where you can hear it coming out I’m going to empty it out I’m going to empty this out you can hear that.

I want to empty them of the Ronson and fill them with the cigar and see if we get better results season alright so I think I just do this on camera because it’s kind of interesting to watch I’m gonna use some scissors just to purge and yeah see hopefully this works here it’s almost totally empty no more hissing is coming out this is a good time to check to see if the nozzle is nice and clean and see if I can get to focus here.

Looks pretty clean to be okay and then we’re going to get our cigar stuff this is the Pierrot fine premium good stuff and we’re going to just tip it up sit down just like the directions say and hold it down for three to four seconds one two three four five okay doesn’t normally could feel it give a little cold and sometimes you’ll have two lighters I have a gauge mine doesn’t so I’ll just keep going.

And I guess the idea is to just keep going until you maybe it backs out a little bit see now it’s starting to spit back out and you know I mean the butane comes out like freezing cold so you got to give it like four or five minutes for it to get down to room temperature and so what I do normally this time just holds it my hand you know because if it’s too cold it just won’t like simple as that so we’ll put the top back on and we’ll hold this in our hand and we’ll see what happens.

See you soon all right guys we’re back again and it hasn’t even been like three minutes yet and let’s just see what happened done normally I turn it down all the way you turn it down all the way fill it up and then when you realize it you kind of adjusted it as such okay a little bit more I see a flame coming out oh that looks about right to me nice steady flame this is up to all the way it’s pretty good all the way or a little less doesn’t really matter to me I guess I’ll just leave it up all the way but easy as that.

I mean I can already tell it’s not going to sputter on me do that hundred percent of the time is working we’re going to try the Ronson now this is going to be the real test because the rots and fuel sucks but does the Ronson lighters suck is it the fuel that’s the problem or as a delight err so again we’re going to just test it real quick see if we can see that.

Here a little bit of gas coming out let’s see if what we can do here operating use a guitar pick here and just kind of sometimes it’s just you got to turn it sometimes just to get the valve opening close and get it cleaned it out so we had something going on this one might have like a leak or something you never know I mean this is not really my primary lighter here so I do like I like Ronson though I mean so far I mean it’s worked great I mean here that nice solid open and closed.

Nice solid click but if it’s not lighting well then what’s the point who cares so let’s get this guitar picking here again I just mess around with it see if this scoop is if not well then we’ll just purge it there we go.

Make sure this is all the way to not the big side but the small side.

So I just filled this up with Ronson hopefully I don’t hear much more buzzing just get rid of all of it.

Hopefully this it’s not the lighter another great benefit is using you know really triple refined stuff or you know five times refined or even this that says thirty parts to a million refined basically it’s going to taste and you’re not going to taste it in your cigar at all that’s why we don’t use big lighters because it’s cheap fuel you’re going to taste it has an odor to it but butane shouldn’t so I think that’s about it sometimes you just got to do it three or four times I don’t hear anything I don’t see any pops of Jack coming out and I’ll cut you guys the moment of truth.

Ronson lighter feels pretty heavy I mean almost twice as heavy as what it was but let’s see if it’s the gas that’s going to fix it or if it’s just the crappy lighter in general I mean again this is a cheap lighter so let’s find out its working look at that so I mean really guys all three of these lighters were having some sort of issue well some sort of problem but every single time.

the crappy fluid was the problem, not the actual lighters so you can make a great dollar lighter dollar-store lighter you can make great darker lighter if you just have good fuel and don’t skip out on it because I think I paid 6 bucks for this a couple of years ago I still have some in there but when it comes down to it I mean when you need a light you need a light.

So yeah let’s just make sure this is not a fluke or anything this one’s working great that one’s working great and the Ronson is working great so the case is clear let’s throw this stuff out and yeah you guys should get some xikar stuff definitely would recommend it and yeah have a good day gasps bye-bye.

Where else can the pipe lighter be used rather than lighting a pipe?

Well, you might not be aware, but a pipe lighter is used for several purposes rather than just lighting a small pipe lighter.

Have you ever thought of how you will survive if you can’t rub stones in trekking or camping? There is nothing to worry about as a pipe lighter can make your work easy. After all, when you go for different camping activities, you require fire to cook food and stay away from wild animals. Thus, such reasons make lighter one of the most essential products that one should carry rather than with the thought of lighting pipes or cigarettes.

Is it necessary to adjust the pipe lighter’s flame?

The pipe lighter comes with an adjustable wheel that can accustom the flame according to your requirement. A high blaze is usually needed in the full mouth of a cigar while a low flame is required in a small mouth. This is because the tobacco inside the pipe should be adequately burnt from all the edges. But care should be taken while smoking the weed. In the pipes, cigarettes should be ignited in the right proportion. It should neither be under-burnt nor over-burnt. After all, this depends upon the flame at which you will be lighting it.

Thus, this is the reason why the adjustment of the flame is essential for this sidekick adjustable pipe lighter.

Is it safe to have a pipe lighter inside a vehicle?

You might feel suffocated while stepping into the car that was resting for hours under the sun. Do you know the reason behind it?

Cars are indeed a greenhouse as it traps the heat inside it, making the temperature warmer than usual. At such a moment, there are chances that equipment such as a permanent match lighter may explode due to high heat. Thus, we would personally advise you to avoid placing flammable material in the car.

Well, if you have no other option than to place it in the car, then find a new place for it where direct sunlight cannot reach. If you fail to take any such action, then be prepared to pay a heavy price.

Is any identification required to buy a pipe lighter?

It is usually said that every person should carry a lighter with them even if they are a non-smoker. This is because one can require a fire in any situation of their life. Moreover, pipe lighters are not a device to light a pipe, but it serves other purposes too.

In fact, do you know this world has some people who are afraid of lighting a matchstick? Well, you might also be one of them. So, having an antique match lighter to meet urgent situations is a necessary thing. This is the reason, after which the government doesn’t demand any kind of identification while purchasing it. You can quickly get one at Walmart or any of your nearest stores.

Final Verdict

So, this is everything that you should look for while willing to purchase a pipe lighter. In fact, you might have seen the benefits of a lighter over the matchsticks. But do you know that a simple lighter is just not enough? You need to find a product for yourself that gives you many features in only one product. You should have the primary element that is to provide a secure and safe spark but also some extra features. The more, the merrier is what we all need.

In the end, we hope that our research was able to clear all your doubts regarding the best pipe lighter for your pocket. So, before you head forward for purchase, have a look at the top brands offering the listed feature and make the best use of your money.

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