6 Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs Aeration

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Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Dryness and foot traffic are major contributors to have compacted soil. When this happens, your lawn won’t have proper air circulation and nutrient and water absorption anymore. This threatens the survival of your grass and the health of your soil when left untreated. Therefore, you need a lawn aerator to help loosen the soil and allow proper oxygenation and nutrient and water absorption.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the reasons why your lawn needs aeration to help you better understand the importance of this process in maintaining healthy turf.

  1. Treats Compacted Soil

Compacted soil doesn’t give way to air and water to circulate properly below the ground. That’s why you need to aerate the soil when you see signs of compaction, such as:

  • Thinning of some areas of your lawn
  • Patches
  • Dead spots

Applying aeration liquids to your soil creates tiny pathways that allow air and water to get into the ground and be absorbed by the roots of your grass. It also makes fertilizer applications more effective.

  1. Manages Thatch Build-up

Thatch is a layer composed of dead grass. It helps in the growth of your grass in the right amounts. But when it’s already too thick, it blocks water and air.

To reduce thatch on your grass, you need to spray a liquid aerating solution on it. The solution introduces microorganisms from the ground that decompose thatch and achieves the ideal thickness for your grass.

  1. Increases the Availability of Nutrients

With aeration, your soil regains its small pores, allowing air and water to pass through. This means that water, nutrients from fertilizers, and oxygen can successfully pass through and be absorbed in the soil and taken by your grassroots. You’ll achieve healthier turf in no time!

  1. Creates Thicker Grass

Aerating your lawn also helps stimulate the growth and development of your grassroots. With stronger and healthier roots, your grass can work on improving its leaves, making it greener and thicker.

If you have cold-season grass, you need to overseed it to fill in bare areas. With the help of an aerator, your cold-season grass promotes better seed contact with the soil, helping in its growth.

  1. Eliminates Water Pooling

Water pooling is also a major indicator that your soil is compacted. Without pathways in the soil, water cannot pass through the ground for the soil and grassroots to absorb, resulting in pooling. You’ll then see spots with small puddles in your yard.

  1. Helps Prepare Grass for Dormancy

Grass goes dormant during winter, and it’s important to keep it in shape despite entering this stage. What aeration can do is work with your fertilizer before wintertime. Your aerator allows your fertilizers to provide nutrients to your lawn more effectively by conditioning the soil. So, when summer comes, your turf won’t easily get defeated by drought stress.

How to Apply a Liquid Aerating Solution to Your Lawn

The application of the solution is straightforward. All you need to do is mix it with water in a sprayer and spray! Make sure to read the label of the product you’ve chosen to know the recommended ratio.

Here are other helpful tips for applying the aerator safely and effectively:

  • Although many products on the market are generally safe to use, it’s always recommended to wear protective clothing when spraying any type of lawn solution. A shirt with long sleeves, boots, gloves, and long pants are examples of clothing to wear.
  • Use a battery-powered sprayer to make the application quick and easier. The manual pump type can get exhausting, especially when you have a large area.
  • Keep a distance of 6-8 inches from your sprayer’s nozzle to the grass blade to achieve an accurate application.
  • Don’t apply when it’s windy as the solution may drift towards a different direction or you, increasing your risk of chemical contact.

The Takeaway

Using lawn aerators to condition the soil and promote healthy grass growth is an important step in maintaining an ideal yard. Both manual and liquid aeration help, but the latter is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest to apply. So, grab your liquid aerating solution now and get rid of compacted soil effectively!

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