Best White Paint for Walls Reviews in 2021

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How to pick the right shade of white paint for the walls?

Are you facing difficulty in finding a white pigment that compliments the natural light of your room?

What is the best white paint for the walls?

If these questions are occupying your brain and cannot make up your mind, we have brought something unique.

Well, it’s astounding to find that there are many white shades available in the market, among which you can choose the one. But how to get the right white shade? If you are thinking so, then we will share the information regarding all the white paints. Through that information, you can find the best one for yourself.

So, be it office walls, master bedroom, or your kid’s room, we have you sorted. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start with the information section.

Buying Guide for the Best White Paints for Walls in 2021

White might be the most common neutral color in paints, but it can significantly impact the room once applied to the walls. Not all whites are the same, and choosing the right white is a tricky task than you must have thought. Shades, undertones, textures, and natural light are some of the elements that severely impact white color walls. Here are some features summed up in a buying guide to be considered while buying a shade for your walls to look upon these aspects.

Variety of Paints Available in Market

Matte Finish – Also known by the name Flat Paints are the most common interior wall paints with the least amount of shine or sheen to its finish. These provide the most coverage of area compared to other paints and are ideal for covering imperfections in walls such as nail holes and stains with fewer coats.

It is of velvety texture and has to be coated more than once for excellent color depth. This paint is the least durable type out of all, as it can be damaged with cleaners. Hence it is advised to be applied in low traffic areas such as ceilings, which are least in physical contact.

Egg Shell Paints: – These are popular paints and practical choice for many due to their easy application with well area coverage in a single coating. These are slightly lustrous with subtle reflectivity. As per the name, they have the delicate sheen of an eggshell. They are ideal for imperfection coverage and are more durable than Matte Finish. This paint works great in low environmental areas such as the living room, hallways, and entryways.

Satin Finish – Most commonly used in interior walls as this is a mixture of matte and water based white gloss paint, resulting in velvety soft sheen or gleam texture and high durability. This is also much easier to clean. It has stained resistant properties making it an excellent choice for demanding environments such as kitchen, playrooms, family living room, bathroom, etc. With all these qualities comes a tricky touch down the line as its application is difficult due to every single brush stroke visibility. It also contains a strong odor, which can persist for weeks after application taking its own time to subside.

Semi-Gloss Paints – This is a shiny, reflective, lustrous gleam for extreme durability and mild resistance, which will stand up to multiple cleaning. These paints are used as a hard surface for rooms with lots of wear and tear and moisture issues such as kids’ rooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. A single coating is enough to provide that hard, smooth finish. Still, it can highlight all the imperfections of the wall very clearly.

High Gloss Paints – This one is the shiniest of the bunch with the highest durability and can handle daily washing plus scrubbing. This also needs the highest perfection while applying it. Its high sheen imperfections are visible very quickly, making it very challenging to ace the statement look. Many people prefer water based high gloss white paint for wooden work more than walls. It requires more than a single coating and takes a longer duration in the drying process between multiple coats; hence, one must plan the time before application.

50 Shades of White for Walls

Choosing the best shade of white for the house’s interior can be an overwhelming task to perform as white shades in shade cards can be very misleading after surface application. One can’t differentiate between the presence of different hues.

You must have noticed that the white section in the paints is more significant than any other color. This is because every shade of white paint for walls looks distinctive and has to be picked considering the room’s natural light, existing furniture, accent color, and wall finish.

For some people, white being a neutral color has a bland vibe, but this is absolutely incorrect. The right shade of white can significantly impact its unique undertone. Some of the shades applicable to homes’ interior walls become more apparent when applied, providing a blank canvas that instantly has a brightening effect, creating one’s room spacious and airy. White color, being the fundamental tone, also highlights the furniture placed in the room.

Some of the standard and most trusted shades of white for interior wall painting are:

  • Chantilly Lace
  • Snow Day
  • Pure White
  • White Dove
  • Decorator’s White
  • Simply White
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Chalk White
  • Snow Leopard
  • Cloud White
  • Extra White
  • Dune White
  • Super White
  • White Diamond
  • All White
  • Cotton
  • Paper White

Some of the most preferred white shades are mentioned below in brief to give one a rough idea.

Chantilly Lace White

Chantilly Lace is the most bright and clean tone of white with a warm and welcoming feel rather than being sterile, cold, and dormy like some other shades. The lace white paint is white enough without being too stark, providing a bright and clean finish that is crisp and soft at the same time. This shade is best for the natural light of south-facing windows.

Cloud Cover White

This best shade of white paint for walls is famous for being timeless and is soft and ethereal. It can do both efficiently as it can create a modernized look and pare down space. Cloud white is neither too white, nor it turns yellow like some white shade’s tendency.

Paper White

It is a soft white shade with a hint of grey tone, creating a happy shade that brightens a room, adding subtle contrast to it. This cool shade is crisp and elegant with an incredibly soothing effect, which jells up quite well with the color tones of sinks and marbles of kitchen and bathrooms.

Swiss Coffee White

This white shade has some depth to it, which compliments other white shades, such as kitchen cabinets or furniture. Its softness avoids the stark effect in walls and is preferred on island houses’ walls with lots of natural light. Swiss Coffee is a creamy white shade that makes the room appear bright, lively, and the air s neither too yellow nor pine.

Simply White

Merely white is the most popular amongst all other shades, particularly for the kitchen wall due to its dual crisp and cozy vibes. It can make any room beautiful, especially those with low natural illumination. The simply white paint itself radiates, making the spacy more aerated. It has a slightly warm undertone but still feels less warmth in its hue. It doesn’t feel like some cold and severe shades which create the effect of sterile hospital walls. This shade is a true neutral white with a nice glow to it, making it a crowd pleasure and eco-friendly with zero VOC paint.

Decorator’s White

This shade is a true shade of white paint as it is both warm and modern, not like other shades that are either slightly blueish or have a creamy yellow tone to them. Its application gives a crisp, bright, and clean finish with depth in it. It works well with any application and light resources in the room and is mostly preferred for ceiling and wooden works. This shade also creates a perfect backdrop effect in art galleries to pop out the room’s colors. Shades with undertones are avoided in showcasing art, and undertones attract attention to the walls.

Budget Factor

The last and the most essential point to have a look at is the budget. With endless shades of white paint, the price range of the paint also varies with them.

If you want to invest in the best white color once, my advice goes with the renowned brands. Brands are tagged high range, but they also provide the quality of texture application. If one invests in low-range paints, there are high chances of uneven texture and local finish of the walls. Brands provide durability, which is the factor for which one can pay high ranges.

Learn to Pick the Right White Paint

Video Transcript:

Everybody is Kelly from my sofa home today I’m going to teach you how to pick the perfect white paint literally anyone who’s lived anywhere has probably had the opportunity to pick a white paint and you probably agonize over it but after you watch the video the agony is over because you were going to understand white paint and therefore you’re going to be able to pick the perfect white paint every time the first thing to know about white paint is that there are very few pure white paint.

Most simply white paint color has undertones so you have to understand the undertones and once you do that and it’s super easy once you do that the mystery is solved the agony is over and you’ll be picking the perfect white paint for any space the key to understanding white paint is to recognize that most white chains are going to have an undertone they’re gonna either have an undertone that is cool or an undertone that is warm the cool undertones tend to be bluish or even greens or maybe even a little bit violet or greys and then the warmer whites have been having a pinkish maybe reddish yellowish undertone.

Your eye isn’t able to pick up these undertones right away you can certainly train your eye to do that and watching this video is gonna really help you but I’ve got a trick for you so when you have a sample of a white that you think might have an undertone but you’re not sure if it’s a cool undertone or it’s a warm undertone or whether there’s an undertone at all compare it to something that’s a pure white so something like it’s Daisy but you might not always have a Daisy on hand so just use pure white printer paper take the paint sample whether it’s a chip or a large sample or a piece of paper that you have painted with the white face paint color that you are thinking about using and compare that to something pure white so just lay it on top of that printer paper and the undertone should jump right off the page literally at you you should be able to tell when you’re comparing to a pure white whether it’s warm.

Or Undertown Milan says created by the undertones in most white paints then you can go on to consider the palette that you’re using in your room and the natural light that that room gets so if your palette testers the cooler colours blues and greens greys violets perhaps then you’re probably going to want to go with a cooler white if you’re more of a warm coloured person and you’ve got yellows and reds and Pink’s and the warmer sort of orangey colours then a warm white is probably going to accent that palette better than a cool one.

And then, of course, there are pure whites and they exist but you may not recognize them either by the color name or just on a chip by themselves until you compare them to these other whites so I will give you some specific paint brands and paint colors that fall into these different categories at the end of the video so we talked about natural light natural like really plays an impact on any paint color that you choose but particularly white so if you’re in a room that has a lot of natural light you may be able to go with a really pure white and a warm white would look really nice as well and you could probably get away with a cool white a lot of natural light will allow most paint colors to look their best.

But if you’re in a darker room or a north-facing room which would tend to be darker you may not want to go with a cooler white it might end up looking dingy and then a warm white just might not look its best either because you’re not gonna have that undertone being played off with the sunlight so that’s a tough type of room to paint what you may want to consider a north-facing room not to be a candidate for white paint maybe choose a different color but in any room that gets a good amount of natural.

Right up to a lot of natural light will do really well with really any of the white categories whether it be warm pool or pier I promise the agony is now over you understand how to pick the right white it’s pretty simple right you just have to recognize that there are undertones to white pains and figure out which undertones whether it be cool or the warm is going to work best with your palate and the natural light present of the room and if you’re going to choose a pure white then you know you’re pretty free and clear to use it in just about any room just might want to stay away from anyway in a north-facing room it may not just look it’s fast so before we get into the specific paint and then I’m going to suggest that you explore in the various categories of white I just want to talk about then color names do not be swayed by a really lovely color name it may not be.

Descriptive of what that paint is going to look like on the wall and that is true of white paint and any paint but it must be really fun to have that job to make up a painting colors but I think just think about it man how many different ways can you say white so sometimes the descriptive word may not match what the paint actually looks like on the wall.

One example is Benjamin Moore’s linen white when I think of linen white I think of a crisp white linen shirt I don’t think if a creamy white but in fact linen white the paint is creamy on the wall so just be aware of that and don’t get swept away with a name that you fall in love with you have to test the Pink’s okay so here are some great whites that you might want to try Benjamin Moore Devon white.

It’s an odd way but it’s subtle it’s a grey it’s nice and warm it’s a lovely color extra white by Sherman Williams that is a true crisp clean and it is devoid of undertone so that is one of your pure whites and the name there does suggest that it should be a pure white extra white by Sherman Williams white linen what I just talked to you about that is a creamy white so it tends to be warmer it’s a lovely color but it’s not a pure white super white also a warm white and Benjamin Moore’s simply white paint color like my absolute favorite white that is warm but it’s it’s really very crisp and clear but it tends to be a little bit warmer it’s a great way to use.

Everywhere I did use inside and outside absolutely everywhere are there any really bad ways well in my humble opinion I don’t like Swiss coffee I know a lot of people like it so don’t get upset with me if you like it or you have it I’m sure it looks lovely in your house I just have never had a good experience with it and I think it’s kind of a default color it seems to be one of those colors that painters just pick up on and some someone’s unsure they’re like Swiss coffee and all of a sudden you kind of have these sort of dirty looking white walls sorry that’s my opinion.

I don’t like atrium I either I think that has too strong of a pink undertone so much for coming by today I hope you enjoyed the video and it did subscribe hit the bell get notified we would love to have you along with us each and every time we put out a new video and for anyone who doesn’t know I do have a podcast all about decorating it’s called decorating tips and tricks and you can find us on iTunes or any of your other podcast players or at decorating tips and tricks comm so I’ll see you again soon and good luck picking out the white paint.

Top Variants for the Best White Paint for Walls in 2021

As we all know, it is a time-consuming task to choose the right shade of white for the walls that too within a prescribed budget, so we have come up with some top reviewed paints that can make you job a piece of cake. Let’s see them all.

1. Rust-Oleum 2774 Zinsser Interior Eggshell– (Best white paint for interior walls)

Best white paint for interior wallsRust-Oleum is a well-known company for its paint quality and affordability. This product of their company is a canned water-based paint with self-priming formula.

This self-priming formula indicates that this white paint for kitchen walls won’t require any extra efforts to sand the surface as the paint sticks to the surface. This 3.5-pound quantity is sufficient for covering 350 sq. ft. of area. The paint contains Mildewcide, which promises to prevent the walls from mold and mildew growth, making it long-lasting.

The company also offers a washable finish, scrubbed with soap and water, making this white paint for interior walls a suitable choice for the bathroom, laundry, and basement walls. As the paint enhances and protects moisture-prone areas hence can be applied to walls that face such issues. Make it a point, don’t scrub or wash the color in the initial 7 days, and if applied near the shower area, then don’t use the shower for 24 hours after application.


  • It comes with 5 years guarantee.
  • There is a straightforward application with a roller as well as a brush.
  • It has fade-resistant properties.
  • There is no strong odor released.
  • This best white paint colors for walls dry within 2 hours of application.
  • There is no effect on the paint through dirt or moisture.
  • Not only is it budget-friendly, but also durable.

Customers Feedback:

The label I noticed too late says “clean off mold before painting”. I had a few mold spots I did not remove because I had a guy moment and didn’t read the label. However, a month in of hot showers and the mold spots have not come back. Secrets to success i found with the best white paint for kitchen walls: 1. Follow the directions and wait 24 hours before using your shower; 2. Don’t take long, hot showers for at least 7 days to avoid the paint bubbling; 3. Base paint with a non-mold proof paint, then do a single, light layer of this mold paint over the top. By light I mean very light – slap paint up there and it WILL bubble over time. 4. Manager your expectations if you are using this flat-ish paint over high gloss – when the walls are wet from the shower it will have a weird shiny effect, but that fades as the moisture evaporates. If you need super perfection you may want to modify how I did things.

Excellent product, always does the job. Too bad the cans were small since I needed gallons!. My fault; I didn’t check. Not unhappy with results though. This brand always meets or exceeds expectations.

This is a picture of my bathroom ceiling after one month application- I didn’t include a before photo because I’m embarrassed by the mold spots that kept coming back no matter what I used to clean. I precleaned the bathroom and let the white paint colors for walls dry out for a day before painting, waited 24 hours after applying, and haven’t seen any mold since! I was able to tint the paint to a light cream color with Tints All in the raw sienna color. Highly recommended, but I also wish they had the larger size available on Amazon. The prices are cheaper at other retailers, but I bought during lockdown since it was the only time I could paint the bathroom.

2. KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocker– (Best Kilz stain blocker)

Best white paint for wallsKILZ is a reliable company with 40 years of manufacturing experience. The premium paint produced by them is a powerful stain blocker. This Kilz stain blocking primer seals the surface, achieving that hourglass smooth uniform finish and hides all the previous color stains. Further, it is an excellent adhesive for interior and exterior surfaces, providing them with the right consistency.

This Kilz stain blocker seals the porous surface and imperfections, giving an end result of a levelled finish wall. It is ideal for high humidity facing areas. Its 1-gallon color can be used if the surface is prepared beforehand without dust, grease, chalks, rust, and paint peeling present.


  • It is a water-based paint.
  • It has a stain-resistant formula.
  • There is a presence of Mildewcide for prevention against mildew and molds.
  • There is Zero VOC content.
  • A very low odor is produced in its application.
  • This water based white paint can easily be cleaned with water and soap.
  • You can easily apply it to woods, metals, iron, and steel surfaces.

Customers Feedback:

KILZ latex primer is a water-based paint that covers easily and dries evenly and quickly. The water based white undercoat paint dries a flat/matte bright white color and it is easy to use. It is low odor and worked fantastically on window frames and all areas I applied the paint. A little goes a long way and it was extremely useful when I was refreshing areas of my home. It serves well primer/sealer/stain blocker. It is a protective paint and I am very happy with my choice. It was also thought of highly by the professional painters that were painting high ceilings in my home. They liked that it was water-based and not oil.

We used this primer in our basement remodel yesterday and it is dry and looks great. It covered the previous paint which was a dark gray, and all the imperfections including some water damage from a pipe leak we had from our bathroom. This Kilz goes on easy, does not smell awful, and really does do what it is supposed to do which is prime the wall for painting. My husband who does our home repairs says Kilz is the best primer to buy. If you want to cover stains this is the product to use.

We love this stuff!!!!! I can’t say it enough! In our bedroom, the walls were a bright blue. Overpowering, in your face royal blue. The best water based white paint was a one coat cover to help lay a foundation for a much calmer color in our bedroom.
We also have used this in our bathroom to hide the stains on the ceiling from moisture build up. (no, not mold!) and are pleased with the quality of the cover of the stains.
There is a LOT of odor in my opinion, so use this in a well ventilated room, please. But, worth it!

3. Drylok 27512 Latex Water Proofer– (Best watercolor painting)

Best white paint colors for wallsThis canned water-based white paint comes with a certified guaranteed water stopping scheme offered by Drylok. The color can withstand 10 pounds of hydrostatic pressure (PSI), equivalent to a 22ft high water wall, unlike ordinary paints that are forced off by incoming water pressure.

This watercolor painting also provides protection against random gas penetration caused by water vapour transfer. Further, it is a breathable film with moisture-resistant properties.


  • It is tin-table in 9 colors.
  • The weight is 3.1 pounds.
  • The warranty can be extended to 10 years.
  • It comes with an odour-free formula.
  • No efforts are required in its application.
  • This Drylok 27512 latex water proofer demands only 3 hours to dry.

Customers Feedback:

I painted some basement walls with this easy watercolor paintings more than 20 years ago. They had had continual problems with mold and mildew. Washed them down with TSP and bleach and installed drylock and an overcoat of colored paint. On the whole wall there is only one 3 inch spot where efflorescence has occured and requires special treatment. Likewise painted a pump room off the basement that had been always wet and damp. Now it is dry and cool and no mold or mildew has formed on the pump surge tank since. When the directions are followed it works as advertised.

ordered this cool watercolor paintings twice to seal my bearded dragons wooden custom enclosure, it worked great. arrived on time – the second time I ordered the product was open and there was drylok EVERYWHERE but that could’ve happened anywhere along the way so I just used what I could, it was even to finish sealing the enclosure 🙂

I used this simple watercolor painting to paint and seal a 3d aquarium background made out of styrofoam after hearing recommendations from other people. The textures gives a great rocky-like look when a few layers dry and so far it has worked perfectly. I waited a week for it to fully dry and it is completely waterproof. I’ve had fish in the aquarium with the background for a month with no problems so it’s not toxic when it dries. Get some Quikrete Cement Colors to mix with the Drylook for your desired color.

4. Rust-Oleum 255338 Metallic Accents Paint– (Best pearl white paint)

White paint for kitchen wallsWhite pearl shaded white paint in sampling and stencilling size can is ideal for trial purposes. To test a shade on a wall, a patch should be painted first to get a rough idea of the color with the room’s natural light and other physical factors. Hence this white paint for home interior has been added to this recommendation list.

This pearl white paint is known to give an elegant grand finish to interior and exterior walls by adding a decorative touch to them. It contains mica beads for acing the metallic look. One-step application is enough for that rich iridescent and shimmery effect when hit by light. This eco friendly paint for artists appears more modern and luxurious styled if coated twice.


  • It is a trial paint pack with a low odor.
  • There are 17 more shades of white available in this packaging.
  • There are easy application and maintenance.
  • This white color paint for home can be cleaned with water and soap.
  • You can also use it in trim, door, furniture, etc.
  • It comes with a water-based formation.
  • It is used for quick project completion as it dries to touch within 30 minutes.

Customers Feedback:

I primarily use the metallic paints as a glaze on furniture pieces I redo. I have, however, used it to paint a pieces. If you’re new to painting with metallic paints, it’s helpful to put a primer or white chalk paint on the piece first. Then use a FOAM brush and basically BURNISH the paint into the primer and/or chalk paint. The key is to put on very LIGHT COATS and you will most likely need at least 3 coats and maybe 4. It will look horrible the first coat, but then continues to improve until you have a beautiful smooth metallic finish. You do need to work VERY FAST as this stuff drys extremely quickly. The fast drying is a plus in the sense that once you finish one or 2 sides of your project, you can immediately start with the next coats.

I am not an artistic person nor do I do arts and crafts. Recently bought a large wall clock and wanted to improve its look from all block. I ordered this paint in the bronze color and painted the numbers and hands. It came out great! I love how the bronze paint shimmers. Makes it look more attractive and more expensive. Definitely recommend…but be aware that the small jar didn’t have the greatest seal and some of the paint was already coming out of the sides when I opened the package. Not a big deal at all, but it might be a bigger mess for some people if this happens.

Love this pearl white paint! I opened it today immediately when it was delivered and got to work. I wanted this for a mosaic mirror in the bathroom of my house which had become stained with nothing to take the black mark out of the tiles. I purchased the glitter additive for paint on amazon as well so it would glisten. I purchased the silver metallic paint and did 3 coats on my huge mirror. I had just the right amount to finish the job. I was so disappointed when I opened it and it was so tiny but it is quite pigmented and a little goes a long way! I can’t say yet how this paint will hold up being in the bathroom. But I will update my review if I have any issues.

5. MODERN MASTERS ME705-GAL Metallic Paint– (Best white paint colors)

Best white paint for kitchen wallsA satin oyster shade one-gallon white paint is highly suitable for interior surfaces and provides a top-notch decorative finish.

This white paint colors consist of lead specified real metallic particles and traditional pearlescent pigments, which are non-tarnished and can’t fade with time. This modern white paint for walls dries within 30 minutes time duration with the end result of the classy semi-opaque upscale appearance of satin-finished walls.


  • It is odor-free paint.
  • It is applicable on various surfaces such as walls, ceiling, furniture, trim, and more.
  • It comes with a water-based formula.
  • There is an availability of low VOCs.
  • Only one-gallon paint can cover up to 400 sq. ft.
  • This odorless paint comes with a long-lasting finish.

FAQs Best White Paint for Walls in 2021

Can one decorate a room with shades of white?

Every designer is aware that an entirely white painted room in one solid shade gives a flat and featureless appearance. One can combine subtle variations on the walls, such as woodworks and ceilings. This can enhance the proportion of the walls. Choosing bright white creme toner for ceilings can create an impression of height for the room.

Whereas slightly dark tones of the shade should be used for improvising exciting details. One can also create a contrast by choosing a down shade, such as an off-white tone with a hint of the walls' base shade. This soft transition from walls onto the woods or ceiling will be much soothing to the eyes.

How to attain a flawless finish wall?

To have the best from a crisp white paint, one has to put in a bit of prep before application. Applying primer and undercoat provides a long-lasting finish to a wall. Also, it helps in filling all the small defects of the surface. Matte finish is the popular choice for hiding such holes in walls and ceiling.

In contrast, satin and eggshell finish works beautifully on woods and doors, providing extra coverage. However, always choose a robust textured finish, especially for white paint for dark rooms there's walls, as it is easy to keep clean and pristine. But remember, the finish is not more critical than formulation. The formulation provides confidence that one's wall is a spill, scuff, and stain resistance.

What is the difference between cool and warm white tones?

It becomes very tricky to spot the undertones of colors, especially when we are considering a lighter color palate. All shades behave differently as per their undertones and physical factors. To differentiate the styles, use pure brilliant white in starting and place each hue beside it to reveal the true nature of the shade.

Depending upon the natural sunlight, period of the year, and room location, white color can vary in shades such as blue, grey, yellow, and red undertones. If the room gets north light, darker, and weaker, best warm white paint for walls shades with hints of pink, gold, and brown should be applied.

It will create a cosy atmosphere to go with the lighting. On the other hand, if the room is south facing, more and bright lighting, then true white shade should be used. Cool white with grey, blue, green, and violet tones will provide the room with some tranquil breezy look complimenting its sunlight amount.

How can the colors and their shades be tested?

One can compare samples of various shades on an A4 paper sheet as per the designer's advice. This would help understand the tint and identify whether the shadow falls in the cool or warm spectrum. But you have to check the effect in the actual room also, during the day and the night time.

Even artificial lights can cause the shades' alternative appearance, be it LED or CFL in cool or warm daylight. CFL causes a change in warm white tones. Whereas LED changes cool tones. Digital choosing may also be deceptive as laptop or cellphone light may have distinctive light styles than the actual ones shown in the picture. Hence check the shade against existing space.

Why should the walls be painted white?

White color is the synonym for purity and positivity, which stands for perfection and significantly enhances the house's interior. White looks so refined, elegant, and extremely premium also because of its high color painting maintenance factor. White color creates a canvas of imagination for one to experiment with different ideas and decors.

It provides lots of character and power to the background as anything can be put on the walls, and the paint will be the ideal backdrop to enhance the look of the object. As in basic science, white reflects all colors; hence, the furniture is a simple vintage vibe one will stand out. The complete concentration will be derived from it. White-coloured walls are also natural light reflectors making the room look bigger. This is because the colored walls absorb light making the room look smaller. All these factors make white paint for bedroom walls & also for a modern house and decor.

How to Mixing Color With White?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Jane Donald and I’m glad you’ve tuned in to my youtube channel today we’re filming a session right now that’s part of our best practice series and it’s geared toward people who use wet media sometimes textile people because I’m a surface designer by trade we use lots of paints and dyes and this particular segment is apropos to anybody who uses paints and mixes colors because there’s a way to go about it that’s right and there’s a way to go about it that’s crazy and sometimes we don’t know which is I know.

I had to figure it out the hard way and one of my purposes in being here is to help you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel now let’s mix white this is a classic white into a white wall paint color. I’m gonna mix white into purple now check this out when you’re not thinking about it frequently what you do she put down the purple paint and then let’s say my goal is to make a really light tint a tint is a version of a color that has a lot of white added to it that’s what the terminology means so I’m making a tint by adding white to a color and that means it’s going to be pale so if it’s purple that means it’s going to go to lavender – perhaps even lighter but think of all those light versions of lavender that you’re.

Familiar with and you’ll see where I’m headed now if I put some white paint down and I think I’ll just put you know about equal amounts of purple and white down and I mix it together I start adding white into the purple let’s see I just need it a little bit I could mix this whole pile of white paint into this purple paint and never achieve that very pale lavender that I thought I wanted so then what do I add more white to it and a funny kind of thing happens it doesn’t get lighter that fast does it you can see before your eyes if I wanted to go to lavender that was.

Really pale just almost white with a little lavender added to it I’d have a bathtub full of paint here before I got to the light version that I want and so the number one rule when you’re mixing color and you’re adding white is to start with white and add the purple to it or any color always start with white so what I’m proposing is that you reverse the process so now I have in order to keep the playing field fair I’ve got the purple right here putting it out now and I’ve got the way I’m not gonna go the way I did before and end up with this I’m gonna take a little purple and I’m gonna add it into that white now check out how much purple is still leftover here on my palette and I can’t put it back in the tube.

Since I’m using tube paints but if this was my goal this pale lavender even if I wanted it to be slightly darker than what it is right now you see the difference between what I have just mixed and what I have over here today I want to do a study where I have a series of tints I still wouldn’t start with the dark and add the weight to it I’d get this white the way I wanted it and then I’d put a little glob of it over here and I’d put I’m actually I’m going to reuse some of what I mixed up here I’m going to add that over there but you see it doesn’t shift as fast as you think it’s going to shift and the whole point is that you can inadvertently end up with a whole bunch of paint.

That’s far more than you ever intended to mix and use so now I’ve got three values I’ve got the lightest one I’ve got this middle one and I’ve got this sort of one that I mixed earlier I could still take some of the white and put it over here and add more of this darker purple to it but it’s going to take quite a bit of that added to the white to get the third value and these two are still awfully close together but for my purposes if I was going to paint fireplace white something that had several different elements and I wanted it to be a smooth progression or if I was painting on a canvas and I wanted to have a series of shadows purples off and use for shadows and I wanted it to go this way then I’d have this beautiful pale version here and I could actually have made that probably a little bit lighter if I’d had a little more light then I have a slightly darker.

Version then I have this version see it’s just a little bit more color over the white and then I have the one that I mixed the first time and you can see that’s a nice progression that’s what we’re after but always start with the white and add the color to it you might think oh well light colors like yellow colors that are perceived as light when they’re in a relationship with other colors like for example yellow is perceived as lighter than red yellow is perceived as the lightest color relative to the other colors.

But it doesn’t make any difference what the color is lighter or deeper relative to these colors you’d always add the color to the white even if it was yellow so that’s a tip might paint a few samples it’s really fun to do the painting and remember that if you have any questions you can comment below and ask me and I’ll check-in and take a look and answer them and you can also subscribe if you’re

Interested in knowing when these videos come up our goal is to do one a week in 2019 and we’re putting a whole bunch together right now because we have great ideas and they’re just flowing so fast we can’t stop so I hope this was helpful and I hope that you will file it away part of the goal of this whole best practice series is to make the mundane parts of your art practice go smoothly so you can focus on being creative.

How to paint a dark room white/off white?

Video Transcript:

Hi, guys, I can’t believe I am back again Wow and we are turning this great room into an off-white color I can’t believe it I really thought this square was gonna last forever but apparently not so yeah as you can see I’m high let’s just and get out my room today. I bought the paints that I’m going to use so I’ll show you guys the pain can’t believe this everything’s changing you guys probably think I’m crazy so this Arby’s in this is called almond white I want to still finish so something off white paint colors. I’m really excited to see how it’s going to look and also I’m just trying to research ways of covering this color so as you can see is really really.

Dark very very dark and initially I got mursaleen everywhere so initially I was going to buy like a primer to cover it up I just really feel like primers are so expensive like I’m just trying to find a really really good one and also I can’t find any around me. so with everything going on today was just a joke like how it’s a will concerns they didn’t have primers there they didn’t even have rollers like what how can I just use a really a way to just mask it and then go every.

With my paint or will that kind of create the kind of like a shadow of the grade because my aim is to literally be completely solid like solidly way no Bray no like blue shadow no hues I don’t want anything so I’m gonna try it out on a little patch. and I’m gonna see how that works but I just can’t find primer literally anywhere okay and it’s looking good I just think I see do we just wait for it to dry. yeah, Luke the good to know I literally just came back well I’m not just coming back in fact maybe about an hour ago but I finally got the paint I need I’ve got the brilliant white paint I got it from.

So I’ve actually changed the color of my room I decided to swap here I’m finished I went for almond white but now I’ve got some in it in and it’s the matte colour so I’ve got five litres altogether. I don’t think I’m gonna end up using all of it but I just thought for some yesterday but just in case I need to overcome bits I’m just gonna get excited guys because I really really really really really need to start. hey guys so it’s the next day and I am so tired but I have to stay positive after say energetic. I need my sugar levels to just be up here right now cuz I’m about to start the third code so as you can see the green is more.

Or less fun there are a few patches here and there that I need to just go over so quietly I have this brilliant white that I’ve used to go over. it and it’s cut more or less finishing so this meant to be cute to quickly grab a 2.5-litre bucket in case this isn’t an Astor kind of in case this and the risk that. I have isn’t enough to kind of cover the patches for the third coat um but yeah guys I’m really happy with the results.

So far I’m not gonna lie like in this year yeah I was like this is not covering up like the grey is really not covering up but when I woke up this morning and I came and I saw like everything just kind of merged. I was really happy so today I’m just going to complete the third coat and wait for it to dry I think the drying time is like two-three hours for two to four hours okay I’ll show you guys how it looks so far you guys a quick spin of everything. so this is how the white is looking so far as you can see there are some bits that still need to be redone but so far so good so let’s just get into this basically just get started. I’m going to need you to fly office sweetheart it’s all wait now guys it means there are no patches and I’m really really really happy about that.

So it took three coats of Matt brilliant way I wanted this to basically be the primer so that I could finally paint the real color I want so I wanted this to be literally perfect. I did not want anywhere to be seen and I’m really happy because anywhere and I’m so happy about that so I’m gonna in about an hour’s time. when this fully dries I am going to start putting on a linen robot I’m really excited to see this color I think it’s white I’m going to put the first coat on today and then tomorrow morning. I’m going to put the second coat on and that’s it really I’m really excited for it to be over and I would say to see how it’s going this one looks different.

Sorry this is really different in there this is not the correct be okay it’s really cream no because I sort of like the color they have let the swatch yeah well. this is like we’re just off white paint one so this is cream there’s not good time color okay I don’t know how I feel about it but okay okay you know you have to work with these things you know what I mean oh that’s my long it’s not bad like it’s not bad. this is different very very different so quick update so okay so so this isn’t the color I chose so when I was in the shop pray I wanted an off-white color which this is but when I was in the shop it wasn’t this colored it gets for low and it wasn’t this color it was like a creamy.

It was a creamy white do you get it so you can see this wall right here this one this is pure brilliant way right. this is beige but okay okay okay okay okay we can work with this so I thought okay you guys saw me I was on the phone that’s all the color initially of that okay this isn’t me but speak to my sister. so it’s my mom got some encouragement and I’ve just kind of waited for it to dry a little bit so this part let me just paint one wall instead of painting all of it just in case I really can’t work with it so this is how it looks I decided to put that in front to see.

How I would look barred in there so I’m gonna sleep on him I’m gonna I’ve been looking at Pinterest boards but I like it it’s actually growing on me. it’s really different but it’s definitely growing on me but I thought if I woke up tomorrow morning and I don’t like it’s going back to white and that’s that hey everyone. so just working out and I’ve decided to go for the for this color there’s a look backwards on the camera it looks really different now that the Sun is out the color literally it’s a bit nerve-wracking and was it me. just have to goit’s been four hours since I’ve done the first coat I’m finally doing the second coat I don’t think you guys even understand how happy I am right now like the joy that is in my spirit right now it’s just unreal.

So about to get started and it’s about to be late so I finish it off hopefully this would be the last coat this will need but I think it needs to be a beautiful color I like it just kind of came together initially you guys saw. how scared I was what color is this but now is literally off-white like it’s the perfect of why I need is one it’s inviting it’s not to strike in like so let’s just do the second coat and hopefully I love it even more. hey everyone so my room is officially completed this is the color of the things I’m trying to make sure you guys are able to see as much as you can I’m just cleaning the floors I never liked to mop here.

But ultimately it’s a really really really nice color very warm extremely warm but yeah thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoy it of its ups and downs but we finally got there make sure you like comment and subscribe and after you, it makes one.

How to paint our entire house white?

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys welcome back to my channel so today we are painting our entire new place and we have actually already started my hair has officially made it into this weird bun thing. because I have already dipped my hair into the like tremble paint so it’s going really well currently are just working on doing the trim of everything we brought our speakers with us and we’re just.

Listening to some music while we do it we also brought some like random things in as well which is gonna have to be moved. but this dulux white paint for walls is what our setup is looking like in here we decided to start with the living room and so far we’ve got the bottom trim done. jack is up there doing a much better job with the top trim than I did with the bottom so he might be taking over as like the trim guy but I also just wanted to kind of show. You what we got for this so I went to home depot and they sold these like packs which were really helpful for us because we don’t know how to paint.

we’re probably not ever gonna paint again except for this so this was like perfect and this you can just throw away so it has like three different rollers one of them is small for like the bathroom and stuff. and then I got another bucket that way if like once we start on the actual painting like the wall walls we each can have a little bucket with us if we’re in different rooms. I also got these were at home depot as well and they’re just really long poles that we can attach these on it so we don’t have to be on the ladder and it’ll make it go by a lot faster also this is the paint that we chose the Sherwin Williams.

super paint and it’s a paint and primer and one and we got the color snowbound so I posted a poll on Instagram and I asked you guys we had narrowed it down to two different shades. and I had asked you guys which one you liked better and it actually ended up being like a very gay man at first it was like 80% for the second one but over time it ended up being a little more like forty to sixty. so we ended up going with option one which like I said that is Sherwin Williams snowbound for anyone who is wondering and I will link everything that I can down below as well but yeah. so today is really just gonna be consumed with the painting we’re gonna order chipotle uber eats in a little bit because we haven’t eaten anything today and it’s like one which sucks oh yeah.

But I think they go through like door dash or something I don’t know but anyway so that’s the plan I’m gonna show you like an up-close of what the color is looking like here’s the white trend. that we’ve got started and I haven’t done down here but I’ve done like all around the window all around the door and I’ve started on this site so that’s kind of what the color looks like here’s a little bit better up close.

It’s really nice that the trim actually is very similar in color to white so we don’t have to be like as cautious as if we were using like a grey or something. so that’s definitely gonna make it a lot easier and a lot less stressful on us but yeah I’m gonna go ahead and give you a panel real quick of all of the walls. and then you will see us paint them and then I will show you the final result when we are finished and we’re so excited like we can already tell don’t you think. that they’re gonna look great though awesome yeah so the color looks really good we’re really happy with the color that we chose.

Alright I am back we just painted all of the bathroom all of the living room this hair is really ugly and it fell in paint

Get out all bathroom. all of the dining room and all of the living room and it is now 730 we started at 11 so man my back hurts and I’m tired but I want to go ahead and show. you guys what it looks like it looks so good I was just like pulling off blue tape and everything and I was like should probably update them and show them what it looks like here is the color. I love it it’s like a grey-white so it still stands out a tiny bit from the trim which I absolutely love and this color looks so much better this is also painted.

But the light in here we only have one working one and it’s like really giving its all and not giving that much light. but this is the exact same color as this it’s just we replaced all of these with brand-new lights and so it looks good in here. We need to like special order this size and so it’s gonna look like this for a while but this is painted. this is painted and all across here is painted we did not do the stairs so comment down below what you think of this if you’re like no it’s awful you can’t then okay but do you think it would. be okay to leave that color and have that be like the same in the hallway and everything up there and the downstairs area just is this color like we’re gonna do it into the kitchen we just haven’t got to it yet we really don’t want to paint and I feel like this best quality white paint for interior walls because It’s like pretty white.


Also with this would just be too much I don’t know let me know what you think really looking for opinions here so yeah that’s what we are looking like it is a complete mess down. here we are going to be cleaning next that’s next on the list and then I’ll show you the bathroom alright so here is now the color of the bathroom still haven’t fix that light but it’s fine. so looks like this it looks so good I love it especially because the color of this is like grey and then these are shades of blue and grey so I just feel like this is perfect we really liked.

Iit we had a perfect amount of paint we got three gallons it was a perfect amount of paint to do two coats in here two coats in there and two coats in the bathroom so sometime this week. not tomorrow we’re going to also be painting this that same snowbound color and jack is in the process of building. one of the dressers and earlier he built this which is going to be our little coffee bar area and it is so freakin cute the lighting we bought for in here is showing up really blue on camera that sucks. but it’s like grey and black hold on let me there we go okay that looks a little bit better so it’s like a grey washed wood with matte black detailing. like hardware and I just think it looks so sleek and modern it’s actually like oops for like wine oh that’s backwards oh well but we’re actually just gonna like pull this out it just slides.

Out and we’re gonna put like all of our coffee mugs and stuff in there so I’m really excited this is gonna be really cute and this is gonna be going in one of those little like indents over there is now Tuesday and we started. all of our painting on Friday the only things that we did on Friday was the living room and the dining room and after we moved in we started tackling the other rooms as we have also painted the kitchen which. I’m currently in the bathroom and our bedroom so I’m gonna be doing whole housework now that everything is painted once we get everything.

Decorated to our liking just once we’re like completely happy with the way everything looks I’m gonna do a completely updated tour so stay tuned for that.
Um, I did want to just kind of go ahead and show you what the kitchen looks like I’m not gonna show the bedroom. because that’s actually one of my favourite rooms we did an accent wall in there and I just want that to be kind of a reveal the bathroom is the same color as well once again we just use the color.

snowbound buy Sherwin Williams so here is our kitchen got some moving stuff still out here but this is the color I really like it it’s picking up more grey on the camera. than it actually is it does have darker undertones which is something I wanted because I wanted it to pop just a tiny bit from the trim and the trim is ultra-pure white so I’m really happy actually with the way that it turned out so here is what the color looks like in the dining room. so the only thing we have not done this is the old color is the stairway up and then the hallway up through the rooms and we’re not doing that for a neutral white paint for walls as expensive we really just want to focus in on getting all of our décor.

Finished and really making it home I don’t necessarily love it but it doesn’t look awful it kind of looks purposeful in a way like it’s to the next area of the house. we also are in the process of trying to find lights for these they’re very specific lights and they’re really small and extra. Here define so that’s kind of annoying but yeah alright you guys so that is everything we did how we painted our house white and we absolutely love the way it turned out especially in.

Comparison the old yellow ugly color it looks so much better we’re so happy in the space and I’m just so excited to start decorating so if you do not already go ahead. and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with all my videos there are plenty more to come and I will catch you in my next one.

Final Verdict

White is never really just white. It can beautify, be uplifted, is easily applied, and never fails, be it any style or decor scheme. From bathroom to bedroom, it is ideal for every house space. Best neutral white paint for walls can be considered as a blessing from the interior design deities.

Still, if, in any case, you are facing any issues in choosing an ideal gift for your walls, then we have everything covered for you. And if you want to rely on our instincts, then our decisions for the best white paint for walls won’t let you down.

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