Best Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

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Are you very thin and want to put on some weight?

Are you a fitness competitor trying to bulk up?

Are you finding it difficult to increase muscle mass and strength?

Well, we understand your issues as we know there are a lot of people who struggle to lose weight but there are also a bulk of people who are struggling for healthy weight gain. Are you among them?

People think weight gaining is simple you just need to eat more and there lies the basic misapprehension. And that is not the truth.

You need to count on the calories, do muscle-strengthening exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are confused about which weight gain supplement to buy and what all features to consider while purchasing it, stay tuned.

Shortlist of Top-10 Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. We ensure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Buying Guide For The Best Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

Gaining weight can be a bit harder process for women as our build-up and body type are much different than men’s. Weight gainers are a supplement that provides the body with the nutrition, fats, and carbohydrates it requires without requiring you to eat every hour.

They’re ideal for people who don’t have much of an appetite or who have busy schedules that prevent them from cooking nutritious meals. You need to understand, however, that not all mass gainers are well.

Filler carbohydrates and low-quality whey protein concentrates are used in some items. If you choose the wrong mass gainer protein, you will gain weight and experience frequent stomach upsets.

Now you must be convinced how important it is to choose the right mass gainer that is prepared for females. If you are planning to purchase one then this article is perfect for you as it provides you with features that you need to consider before buying the Best ladies weight gainer powder.

Features of the Best Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

Types of Weight Gainers:

  • Standard Gainers:

These aren’t the typical weight gainers. Whey protein, maybe a little casein thrown in for good measure, plenty of calories, high carbs, and moderate fat These weight gainers are perfect for putting on lean muscle mass and are a good value as compared to more complex gainers.

Standard gainers come in a range of flavors and macronutrient ratios to help you reach your targets regardless of your biology. Standard fast weight gainer also has the advantage of not interfering with your other supplements. If you’ve been using a creatine/glutamine stack for years.

And it’s been working for you, modified gainers often contain servings of these supplements that would conflict with your current supplement stack, as doubling up on these supplements is a surefire way to end up with a stomachache and serious digestive issues. Don’t dismiss it if you’re still taking a few vitamins and have a healthy system. Standard gainers are simply protein powder substitutes.

  • Modified Gainers:

Other compounds have been added to these weight gainer supplements to really up the ante and make them a powerhouse supplement. Most of these compounds are sold as individual supplements; however, if the price is right, bundling supplements together rather than buying them separately can save you money.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), creatine, and glutamine are all common additives to a modified keto diet. All of these are beneficial and can help you improve your workout and results, but creatine for women should be avoided. By its very existence, creatine induces bloating. Bloating is caused by water rather than fat. Creatine causes muscles, including the abdominal muscles, to take in water, which can cause bloating.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll gain very little water weight, but most people gain 3-5 pounds in the first few weeks after using creatine. Bloating would be more visible on a woman than on a man because women’s frames are smaller. That isn’t to say that women shouldn’t use creatine; it’s a fantastic supplement for enhancing workouts and aiding in the recovery and growth of lean muscle mass.


Maintaining a caloric surplus is how you gain weight; whether that weight is muscle or fat is determined by exercise. Knowing how many calories you need to add muscle will help you achieve your goals much faster than guessing.

You want to maintain a caloric surplus that helps you to gain muscle mass, but not so much that your body stores it as fat. Weight gainers come in a variety of calorie counts (under 500 calories wouldn’t be considered a gainer, but rather a fairly high-calorie protein powder), so do your research and try to hit the sweet spot calorically.


When you’re trying to gain muscle, you’ll need a lot of protein. Working out rips the muscles apart, but protein helps them recover and regenerate. You won’t gain muscle if your diet is low in protein; in fact, you’ll start to lose the muscle you already have as your body burns it for energy and recovery.

Because of the fluctuation in serving size, it’s especially important to keep an eye on the protein content of weight gainers. Many fast weight gainers have very large serving sizes and the protein is spread out over each scoop due to the high-calorie content.

Smaller serving sizes and more protein are usually a sign that weight gain pills for females are more in your wheelhouse than anything with a 5-scoop serving and 28g of protein if you’re trying to cut calories.


Unfortunately, several supplement companies would load their gainers with fat in order to reach a high-calorie count. This isn’t to say that fat isn’t necessary for your diet; however, a weight gainer loaded with fat to reach a calorie count won’t be nearly as effective as one loaded with complex carbohydrates and protein to hit the same calorie count.

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, so complex carbs can provide immediate energy. Fat must be stored because it is a backup energy reserve, and how is excess fat stored in your body? In the form of fatty tissue.


Creatine is one of the most studied supplements on the market, as well as one of the few sports supplements with a lot of science backing it up. This molecule can be present in your cells as well as in certain foods. Creatine content in your muscles will rise above normal levels when taken as a supplement.

Creatine serves a variety of roles in the body, including energy production.  Creatine supplements have been shown to increase exercise efficiency and muscle gain diet over time in a large body of study.  Although there are many forms of creatine, creatine monohydrate has the most studies backing it as a safe and efficient supplement.

When taking creatine, it’s common to practice to start with a loading dose of 20 grams per day, divided into four servings, for 5–7 days. A maintenance dose of approximately 3–5 grams per day can be taken indefinitely after this initial time.


An increase in carbohydrate consumption may aid weight gain. It’s important to consume carbohydrates in a controlled manner if you want to gain lean muscle mass rather than fat. It serves as a source of energy for your body and aids in the growth of muscle mass.

Carbohydrate consumption can result in the burning of energy, and as a result, our bodies tend to store excess carbohydrates as fats, which is the primary cause of weight gain. It aids in the elevation of blood sugar levels.

Vitamin B12:

Red blood cell production is aided by vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a reduction in appetite, making it more difficult to consume enough calories to gain weight. It aids in the re-energization of red blood cells.

It is involved in the cell’s metabolism, primarily in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids. When you take Vitamin B12, your stomach secretes more acids, which raises your appetite and makes you hungry.


Citrulline is an amino acid that your body produces and that you can find in foods. Increased blood flow to the body’s tissues is one of its features.  Several studies have shown that taking this supplement increases the amount of exercise done in a single session.

Long-term research is limited, but if these weight-gaining supplements allow you to do more overall work during exercise, it could help you gain muscle over time.


Another amino acid formed naturally in your body is beta-alanine. It can help the muscles battle exhaustion during exercise, among other things. Beta-alanine, when taken as a replacement, can help improve performance during one- to four-minute bouts of intense exercise.

Although further research is needed, there is evidence that beta-alanine can help you build muscle while working out.


The overwhelming evidence suggests that the amount of artificial sweeteners and flavors contained in a serving or two of whey supplements has a detrimental impact on your body. If you don’t want to take a gamble, we’ve mentioned whether a mass gainer for women contains these ingredients.

Carb and Protein Ratio:

The best mass gainers have a carb-to-protein ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. This is because it contains enough nutrients to replenish glycogen levels (energy levels) and refuel your body, allowing it to begin muscle repair. You’re using your own body’s nutrients to help heal your body if you don’t have them.

Mixability and taste:

There are a number of flavors available for Mass Gainers. Since you’ll be drinking a lot, make sure you have a variety of flavors to choose from. Also, keep in mind that not all the best mass gainers mix well with regular blender bottles or a spoon. To avoid chunkiness, you may need to use an electric blender. Choose one that is simple to prepare and consume.

Available Price:

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to think about your budget. As with every product, there are a few on the market that has seen price increases as a result of the product’s name. Now, the major fitness brands produce excellent supplements, which is why they are so successful.

but this does not negate the importance of smaller brands and their products, especially in niche supplement categories such as weight gainers. You and your wallet will save money if you do your homework to find a happy balance between quality and price.

Reviews of 10 Best Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

1. Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Look at the number one ingredient first when choosing a protein powder. Number one here is maltodextrin. It’s understandable, as this is a “gainer” but you’re paying to take a shortcut diet-wise.

It’s a high glycemic index carb filler and where most of the calories come from. The body absorbs it quickly, spiking your insulin level enough to be anticatabolic, but you could easily find a good whole food carb source to replace this. Maltodextrin is just like sugar and the body will store it as fat if there aren’t muscles that need glycogen.

Also, check out the serving size, one heaping scoop might seem reasonable, but grab a kitchen scale and you’ll find that it requires closer to 2 mostly full scoops to equal one serving of 165 grams of this stuff. It felt like the bag was lasting longer than the claimed 28 servings, so I measured it out on the scale and found I’ve been getting maybe 75% of the serving I thought I was intaking.

You’re honestly better off eating fruit for carbs and using ON’s normal whey and casein protein, both excellent products. If you do decide to buy this as a shortcut, don’t take a whole serving at once…30 min prior to working out, take 83 grams of this (3/4 scoop), and immediately after working out, take the remaining 83 grams to equal the whole serving. It works better than just smashing all of it afterward.

2. Metabolic Nutrition – Musclean – Milkshake Weight Gainer

Metabolic Nutrition - Milkshake Weight GainerThis is the best-tasting protein I have ever tried, period. I have been weightlifting and bodybuilding now for almost a decade and tried just about all of them. I can’t go back now. Metabolic really knocked it out of the park with this protein. The profile on it is great too, but that taste!!!!! 50 servings in a 5lbs tub, that mixes up smooth every time even in a cup. add some milk and it is like a real milkshake. everything else tastes horrible now!

I’ve tried a lot of protein. From cheap to expensive (this being the most expensive). This is by far the best. The flavor is great, I’ve had vanilla and strawberry. The most important thing to me is health. It doesn’t have a filler, and I am by every definition a hard gainer, so this is the stuff for me to aid in my calorie intake and good protein. I wish they wouldn’t use artificial coloring. People have to get away from that crap. It does not mix well in a shaker cup, but I throw it in my ninja with fruit and vegetables and I’m off.

Above-average taste, protein content is pretty good. This gainer utilizes more fat content rather than filler carbs like typical protein gainers. I’ve used it for a few months & have been able to gain a few pounds, nothing major but I’ll continue to use it. One major drawback would be the cost per serving. I like to use at least 2 scoops per serving and I work out about 5x/ week. I’d use 3 scoops per workout but I can’t afford to buy a tub every other week.

3. BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight GainerI’ve used many brands and types of protein powders over the last 20+ years including Syntha-6, purely for protein supplementation. I’ve not purchased or used a gainer since my late teens when I started weight lifting. Based on my experience with BSN’s other products and reviews on both Amazon elsewhere I decided to try True-Mass for a specific purpose.

My pre-teen son has been in the 1st-5th percentile in weight for the past few years and while a large part of that may be a combo of genetics and daily medication, he’s interested in gaining weight. As many of us know, the only way to do so is to increase caloric intake. He’s also a picky eater without a high appetite, so in comes the weight/mass gainer. Assuming he stays committed to the process I’ll update this review with progress and results.

As for the mixability and taste, I think it’s fairly good compared to the countless pounds of protein powders I’ve consumed. We’re starting with the vanilla ice cream in the 12 lb bag. Strangely, it’s the same price as the 6 lb container. I’d read some reviews that the bags do not taste as good as the 6 lb containers or are just plain bad. I did not experience this, I’ve tasted far worse and personally, I feel it’d be very easy to drink 1-2 shakes a day. The vanilla also lends itself to add-ins such as peanut butter, nuts, fruits, etc. that may not go as well with other flavors. I’ve mixed up a few 1 scoop servings so far in 8-10 oz water (directions call for 16 oz for 2 scoops) or whole milk using both a drink blender and shaker bottle. The results are similar and result in an easy-to-drink consistency – definitely not a thick sludge-like some powers or meal replacements. I added a Tbs of peanut butter to one and through it tastes quite good. While it mixes pretty well in a blender bottle, it’s definitely grittier than using a blender.

The other key reasons for purchasing True-Mass over key competitors such as ON Serious Mass and Pro Gainer both of which have very good reviews and similar calories and protein per serving include price per serving, higher amount of fat (perfectly fine for my son’s age and size), the blend of complex carbs including oats which I believe is better and a healthier choice than all maltodextrin.

4. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Mass Weight GainerThis mass builder is exactly what I thought it would be. If you take the full serving, it feels like you’re drinking pudding, it tastes fine but you need to use a blender it’s so thick. Now, my metabolism is a bit weird; I haven’t gained a pound of body weight after a month, but my lifts have gotten stronger, my energy drop in the gym is less dramatic, and I’ve even noticed a positive change in the “eye test” when standing in the mirror. I wish I could gain weight (I’m 205 now, I want to be around 220), but I cannot consume any more of this stuff than I already am, maybe more time will bring something different. Otherwise, I do recommend this product for people who have a hard time eating enough calories during the day but again, use a blender, and if you slam this drink down you will get a stomach ache.

So I reviewed several different body mass/weight gain/protein supplements for a while before I settled on this one…first let me start by saying I laughed uncontrollably at some reviews that questioned how they were able to fit a SHOVEL size scoop into this jar, another stating the serving wasn’t a cute little scoop-like other nutritional drinks but come on it provides 1250 calories and over 50 grams of protein what did they expect so I was very curious to see this laundry detergent sized scoop as claimed by other reviewers well when I received the package I unboxed it and my jaw hit the floor at the size of the product itself its HUGE!!! I laughed as I opened it to see this “shovel” and they were in fact correct it IS quite HUGE however again take into consideration all the nutrients it’s packing!!

I did find that myself along with my son have cut the serving in half equaling ONE scoop at a time meaning HALF the calories and protein provided per serving but we take one half in the morning and one half in the evening to still get the full 1250 calories a day and addition to eating correctly it seems to be working already and we’ve only been taking this for a week! The flavor is amazingly delicious!! Even when mixed with bananas or granola it’s very good and easy to go down!! I’m anxious to see continued results and will def be a repeat customer of this product!! I will update in a few weeks our progress!! You must keep in mind you have to put work into this if you are SERIOUS about putting on any weight/muscle this won’t do it all on its own you have to do your part as well and most importantly be patient and COMMITTED!!! Don’t knock it before you try it!!

5. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein Powder

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein PowderI am really liking this gainer. The serving size is kinda monstrous, but I break it down into 4 equal portions for the 1200 plus calories and so far so good. Have tried many other weight gain products, this is the only one that I’m finally seeing results. I’ve gained 11 pounds in less than 2 weeks. For me, that is huge. Taste pretty good, sometimes u add peanut butter or bananas. Will be buying again. The serving size is so big you only get so many servings, so it can get expensive. No stomach issues.

I disliked that it uses a huge scoop and a serving size is of course 2 huge scoops, I you’ll run out really fast .. not a very good deal for the money. I have a fast metabolism and thought it would help me put on a few pounds but it didn’t work at all. there are also No Aminos in these to speak of and no recovery formula either. Good protein amount and the calories are great but again these scoops are huge!! Hope you have a lot of the money it’s gone in a few days.

But this weight gainer here works and it tastes amazing my favorite is cookies and cream and I mix it with almond milk which makes it taste like I’ve cream I drink two shakes a day and eat the same way I did before starting the shakes my diet never changed my weight now is 161lb and climbing and I haven’t even opened my 2nd bag yet I highly recommend for anyone trying to gain weight

6. Naked Mass – Natural Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Naked Mass - Natural Weight GainerThis is as the title above denotes this is my first weight gainer. I’ve always been small and wanted to do something about that this year. I started at 114 and am currently at 123. I do pretty minimal workouts (at home dumbbells) and otherwise live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I will say if you do not work out your core it will turn to some fat there (again I’m 123 so not exactly ‘potbelly’ territory just something to note).

It tastes as you might expect it (plain) – so it would taste like whatever you mix it with. As far as the nutrition facts would have you think this is NOT 11 servings at 4 scoops. The thing is 8lb and will last you a good while (lasted me a solid 3 months) using 2 scoops per serving eating it like 5 times a week. I just got the chocolate version today and I can say with this first serving that I’d recommend it flavor-wise over the plain if you’re not planning on mixing fruit or something into it. For brevity’s sake, I’ll end it here. Yes, I recommend this product.

I’ve been using it daily, once or twice, for about 2 weeks now and I have managed to gain 3 pounds on top of my doing cardio and weights 5-6 times a week. My muscles also feel and look fuller and people are noticing. What I like most about this product is that it doesn’t make me sleepy and tired as hell like all the other gainers I’ve tried in the past. I’ve used optimum nutrition’s gainer and that stuff ruins my whole day by making me lazy as hell both physically and mentally. Most other gainers and regular proteins powders I’ve tried just make me feel like crap after taking it. But this stuff, man let me tell you, is the BOMB!!

I mix 24 oz of Vanilla Silk protein nut milk with it for an extra 420 calories and extra 30 grams of protein and I feel great after drinking it every time and it tastes awesome. Sometimes I’ll blend a banana in there with some peanut butter powder and walnuts with it. I also have some super green powder I’ll often add to it. I’m even able to take it in the morning after my workout before I go to work and I’m pumped all day.

I knew there had to be a protein out there without all that extra BS that made me feel like crap and I’m so glad I found it. Btw, you actually get more than 11 servings per state on the container which is a plus. I’m actually gonna be placing another order in the next couple of days or so since I’m running a little low. If you’re looking for a good quality protein look no further. Don’t be deterred by the price. It’s totally worth it.

7. Naked Vegan Mass – Natural Vegan Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Naked Vegan - Natural Vegan Weight GainerThis product is a lifesaver because I lost 20 pounds due to anxiety and depression. I do not eat dairy because it makes me break out and I try not to eat gluten as well as I am very health-conscious. For months I preferred not to eat or chew anything, I had no appetite. Making shakes with this powder which contains 1350 cal per serving ( four scoops) Allowed me to actually gain 20 pounds back over the course of about two months.

I would also do my best to eat what I could throughout the day but every single night I would make a shake with this powder, along with a heaping dose of Chia seeds, cashew butter, and also coconut cream as I was trying to get as many calories as possible. Before I got this powder I was making the smoothies with everything else except for this powder. I still wasn’t gaining any weight but I was just maintaining my weight barely.

Once I started using this powder in my shakes I started gaining my way back and I have been so happy. I went from 139 pounds (I’m 5’7 So I had lost my butt and hips) Back to 160 pounds now which looks perfect for my frame and I got my butt back and my hips. I made sure to do some workouts two or three times a week nothing crazy, focusing on my course so that I didn’t gain much weight there. It worked. I think this is the first review I’ve written on Amazon so far. I bought this while I was on Unemployment so it was a tough decision to make to purchase it once but also purchased it two more times for a total of three purchases so far. It is totally worth it. If you are dairy/gluten-free and need to gain weight (or maintain weight) you will benefit greatly from this. I am starting to use it every other night or use only two scoops a night to maintain my weight since I still don’t enjoy eating very much. Ask me anything if you need to.

The protein and nutritional profile are great. It is incredibly difficult to find vegan mass builders with an appropriate amount of protein and calories. This definitely fits a high-calorie and high protein diet. My only problem is it requires 4 scoops which is an insane amount of powder for one serving. This amounts to 50g of protein and a little over 1200 calories. Overall, that leaves only 11 servings for about $60 on this giant tub. I personally can’t afford that, so I halved the servings for 25g of protein and about 600 calories, stretching out the life of the tub to about 22 servings.

8. Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder

Muscle Milk Gainer Protein PowderKeep in mind: total daily calories are important for gaining weight — not just having one of these shakes per day. To gain weight you must eat more calories than your body burns. These shakes are a quick 650 calories which make doing just that a whole lot easier!

Compared to other mass gainers, this is the best in terms of taste and mixability. I used to take Serious Mass from optimum nutrition, but it would always be super clumpy in my blender bottle. 4 scoops of this stuff mixed with water in my blender bottle is fine – no clumps. Mass gainers are not going to taste as good as regular protein powders (I use PEScience), but Muscle Milk’s gainer is pretty good on this front. I have tried all three flavors. Vanilla is the easiest to drink in my opinion, and chocolate and cookies n creme are tied for second.

I did a lot of searching to find a product to help my son gain some weight without it being horrible for his health (I was shocked to see the cholesterol, sugars, and fats in some of these “gainer” products) and this fit the bill. He has to take ADHD meds that kill his appetite, and being a teenager now he was self-conscious about being so rail thin. This has helped him to put on some weight so that he looks and feels much healthier, but without making him fat. He also started working out recently and has been gaining muscle as well.

I suspect that is in part thanks to his young age, but also the extra protein and nutrients from the shakes giving his body what it needs to grow. He drinks a shake every morning and also after his workouts. If you have a teen that’s struggling to gain weight like mine was I definitely recommend giving this a try, it’s made a world of difference for my son’s confidence!

9. MuscleTech Mass Gainer Protein Powder

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Protein PowderThis stuff is the real deal. It’s not for the faint of heart or those that aren’t willing to kill it in the gym. It’s a dirty mass gainer and you WILL gain mass (good and bad weight). I only take 4 scoops as my diet includes other macronutrients and I don’t need the full calories of 6 scoops. Highly recommended. My only problem is that the scoops are huge and 4 scoops basically fill 2 blender bottles after shaking. If you want size and don’t care much about putting fat on too, this is the product for you.

This came in one of those industrial cement buckets. I think it is hilarious. But seriously bros, do the math. 22 pounds of powder and only like 18 or 20 servings? That means each “serving” is at least a pound of powder.

I had a lot of trouble trying to fit as much powder in my blender bottle (which is huge, to begin with), and chugging this thing down was no easy feat. I’m glad to get the calories in and I guess it’s at a decent price, but the downsides are that you can’t fit a pound of powder into a regular blender bottle.

I’ve used MuscleTech products before and I’ve been satisfied with their products. The other mass gainer I used was from Muscletech as well and it worked great. The only problem I had was the taste and serving size. The taste would make me gag most of the time (I believe it was chocolate browny) and the serving size of 6 scoops was too much for a little man like me. So I would take half servings after every workout, and I could see the difference within a week.

Now, this product also has some issues their other product has: Taste isn’t good at all although this one doesn’t make me gag. Serving size is also 6 scoops, which are almost double the size of their other mass gainers scoops. So again I will be taking half servings. The bucket it came in was a bit tough and messy to open at first, but it’s easier to open after that.

10. Genius Muscle Builder – Best Natural Anabolic Growth Optimizer

The Genius Muscle Builder SupplementAfter an extended debate on whether or not I wanted to give this product a run or not, a conversation with the CEO of the company, Rob Oliver, tipped the scales for me. I found him on Instagram and figured why not shoot him a couple of questions, I didn’t really expect a response so I was actually shocked when I got one. Not only was he seriously knowledgeable about the product but within a couple of exchanges (before I had even bought the product), he had sent me his muscle-building program and shared a couple of tips on losing fat and boosting brain function in the process. I appreciated the general help and I always feel more confident buying when I know the owners actually use the product and live the lifestyle they are selling.

Anyways, onto the specific product. I was told I could expect results fast but again, the skepticism at my core wasn’t really sure what to expect. I hit chest with my best friend every Monday so I decided to use that as a measuring stick for progress. On the first day on Muscle Builder, we pushed it harder than we usually do. I didn’t notice much on the first actual day of taking it. I had a great workout but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I trained 3 more times that week. My Saturday leg session (the 4th training day of the week) felt slightly more strength than usual. I also think I was recovering a lot faster. I bought their creatine & protein powder as well and have been using that post-workout. They seem to help or maybe it’s just the muscle builder but either way, I’m less sore than I typically am.

When the next Monday had rolled around, after a week of being on the genius juice, I tested my 1 RM like we always do at the end of our pyramid bench press. I cleared it easy, so I put on another 5 pounds. Usually, I’d be too gassed at this point but I gave myself an extra couple minutes of recovery and went for it. I cleared it pretty easily!! It was definitely a clean rep, I’d guess I could’ve got another couple of pounds on there. To me, this was a clear indicator that muscle builder has been working but I felt similar consistent indicators throughout the workout in general. I just felt more endurance, I felt that extra push. Overall I just know it’s making a difference.

FAQs for the Best Weight Gainer For Women in 2023

Is it Safe to Take Mass Gainer Supplements?

If you take the recommended dose, mass gainers are healthy. If you're uncertain or concerned, we suggest speaking with your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen. When taking a weight gain protein shake, it's possible that you'll experience side effects whether you're on medication or in a treatment plan.

Is It Essential to Take a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A good pre-workout supplement will not explicitly increase muscle mass, but it will allow you to exercise harder in the gym, and training harder in the gym will increase muscle mass. As a result, the vast majority of people end up assisting.

Instead of using only one effective ingredient, most pre-workout supplements incorporate a number of different ingredients of varying effectiveness. Creatine is often the main component in muscle-building supplements.

Are there any side effects of mass gainers?

Bloating, gassiness & other symptoms of an upset stomach are the most common side effects of mass protein powder for weight gain. This isn't to say that when used carefully, mass gainers can cause these problems; rather, eating a lot more calories than the body is used to will put a strain on the digestive system.

To avoid these problems, consume an average of 200 calories more than the normal calorie burn, eat enough fiber, and start taking digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Do mass gainers cause you to gain weight?

If you stick to your calorie target, exercise regularly, eat the right amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), and don't miss out on your normal vitamin and mineral supplements, mass gainer for women will help you gain muscle and lose fat.

Adding a lot of calories without tracking your consumption isn't the best way to grow muscle, but if your calories are under control, a mass gainer for skinny guys won't trigger any problems. The majority of people struggle to add mass without adding weight, but if you do gain fat, it won't be due to the supplements.

How to gain weight for skinny women??

Video Transcript:

All right the video that a lot of people have been waiting for I just want to say before I get started I’m not a professional but I do know what I’m talking about you can take my advice or don’t so I posted a tick-tock on my page and it was kind of like a little before and after how I gained weight and a lot of girls are asking me what did I do can I give them some tips this isn’t so and I was just like you know why I’m gonna make an entire youtube video about how I gained weight and it’s gonna help you tremendously so the first thing is that you aren’t eating enough and I was one of those people who were like and I promise you don’t eat enough.

So this is what you need to do this isn’t an option this isn’t my opinion you need to do this you need to download my Fitness Pal you need to put in a what you weigh what you want your goal weight to be and it will tell you how many calories you need to be eating every day to get to that goal week so for the people who say I eat all day long and I’m still not getting big I promise you’re not eating as nearly enough as what you’re supposed to be eating so that’s a very very very important you can screw around all day and think.

That you’re eating enough and continue to not see any progress it’s not something you can just guess that every day and just like eyeball it unless you’re really good at that you’ve been doing this for like years you need to be tracking your food you need to be getting the food in if you’re somebody who loves food when you realize how much food you really need to take in to gain weight you are gonna hate eating it is so annoying how much food you have to eat it’s a lot and I know people who say buying the food is really expensive which it is when you have to eat that many calories and buy all that food it is really expensive so I do recommend getting the serious mass protein powder I still use this to this day.

And I drink it twice a day it hell a ton when you have to get calories and that you couldn’t get from food keep that in mind if you cannot get food in drink it with the protein shake food in itself is important you need to make sure you’re eating enough download My Fitness Pal put in I mean it’s no quick fix you have to get the calories in and if you’re someone who doesn’t really have money for food all I can really honestly tell you is to you know to find a way to get some money go to a GNC or a vitamin shop and get the protein powder make that meals I mean people you literally have to do what you have to do and if you really want to do it you’ll do it it’s not easy I have literally cried somedays because of how much food I have had to eat to get to gain weight it’s really hard but um but once your body starts to realize that.

You’re taking in taking in this much food every day it’ll get easier the best advice someone ever gave me as far as trying to get calories in with food is to eat more and drink less this just means eat your food before you drink anything you don’t want to make yourself fall faster by drinking something before you eat it will help you a ton it has changed the game for me that’s it on food I mean I can’t really stress that enough if you’re not eating enough and you won’t gain the weight so that’s that the next thing is working out I see a lot of people who say that they’re scared to work out while they’re gaining weight because they feel like they’re gonna lose the weight it doesn’t work like that unless you’re doing cardio in the gym if you are someone who has literally skinny as a rail like I was and you go in the gym doing cardio, Wow eating all this food you’re never gonna gain the weight I stayed away.

And I still to this day do not do cardio I stay away from cardio no you do need to work out though and by working out you need to be lifting weights when you lift the weights you will grow muscle that muscle will get bigger, therefore, make you look bigger, therefore, make you get bigger, therefore, your game wait so it all makes sense but don’t everything just because you’re in the middle of trying to gain weight that you’re gonna go in the gym and lose everything you just ate it does not work like that unless you are doing some hardcore as cardio and oh my god I just want to say this stay away from the Stairmaster.

Stay away from it unless you are on the Stairmaster to warm up for less than 10 minutes or you’re doing a finisher on the Stairmaster for less than 10 minutes stay away from it because that is not a booty building machine that is a cardio machine that is strictly for cardio and a lot of people don’t know that yes the Stairmaster will activate your glutes it will help your glute to warm up but it is not there to build the booty it is a cardio machine get off the Stairmaster I am in the gym 3 to 5 days out of the week literally only heavy lifting so don’t be scared of the gym you need to be in the gym lifting weights it will help your weight gain tremendously and the next thing is a PETA main there’s a lot of people who know about a peanut man.

And a lot of people don’t know about it be preterm is this basically this supplement basically makes you hungry and it helps with your appetite when I first started my weight gain journey a couple of years ago the first thing I did was buy a pyramid don’t do this and do not buy a peterman don’t do it to yourself okay so I’m not gonna lie it worked but these but it’s one of those things that works for so long the second you stop taking it you lose all the weight that’s what that is and that is what you don’t want and I was so mad I had to buy this stuff from some really sketchy website I for sure thought I was I for sure thought they.

Got me out of my money but I mean it came in the mail but it took like three weeks to calm but on its sketchy, like hell I’m not even sure if it’s illegal I don’t know but I would never buy it again I don’t really recommend anyone else to buy because I’m not sure what’s in it because of first took it I was knocked out like that stuff knocked me out cold like I was asleep for a good 12 hours like that stuff and knocked me out and that wasn’t cool I don’t really recommend up headman and all it did help me but like I said it was one of those things the second she stopped taking it stops working and I wasn’t about to keep buying that from a sketchy website we’re not gonna lie it made me hungry like I was freaking hungry for anything.

I was eating stuff I didn’t even like that’s how hungry it was making me so I can’t sit here and say that it doesn’t work if you want to get it that’s totally up to you but I don’t recommend it because you have to find the sketchy website that it’s from because the same website that I got it from you can’t even get it from that same website anymore so that stuff is weird I don’t recommend it but yeah and I totally get that sometimes we do need a little bit of help eating all that food it’s just really hard but I’m doing it now and if you really want to hit that go away you really want to look a certain way you’ll do what you have to do to make it happen don’t take any weird stuff like that I mean it ain’t worth it for all I know my liver is probably screwed who knows I don’t know but that ain’t it so another thing I really recommend a lot of girls to do is please take pictures if you are not tracking your progress.

You’re not taking pictures you’re gonna feel like you’re not getting anywhere at all make sure you’re taking before and after pictures, I would say before you even start your weight gain journey or if you have already started go ahead and take a picture and take a picture every month put it side-by-side so when you first started that helped me a ton also do not please do not get on the scale every day you will drive yourself insane if you aren’t seeing the progress you aren’t gonna gain weight in the day you aren’t gonna gain weight in eight hours you aren’t gonna gain weight in 24 hours you have to give it time getting on this scale is going to ruin you don’t do it I recommend getting on the scale at the end of every week on Sunday and you need to get on the scale early in the morning right when you wake up completely naked and have not eaten anything and that is your real weight so make sure.

You do that and keep this in mind also other people are gonna notice your weight gain before you do and it’s completely true like completely true if you just focus on eating the food hitting the gym hard not worrying about your weight not worrying about the scale somebody’s gonna notice it for you and let you know that you’re getting big so those are really the big tips I have as far as what you need to be doing a gained weight you really need to enjoy the process and not worry about how long it’s gonna take cuz if you sit there.

And think about it every day it’s gonna feel like forever and it’s gonna take forever so if you honestly just focus on the process be positive about everything it’s gonna come to you easily so I was one of those people who started out with a very high metabolism and I didn’t have an appetite I would literally eat a bag of chips and be full off of that like I’m not talking about the big chunk I’m talking about the little snack pack chips and I would be completely full that’s also a little tip too if you have a really high metabolism and you don’t have an appetite this is where you have to start out small and this is also where you’re just gonna have to stick it out and basically kind of force yourself to eat and I know that sounds horrible and like not good at all but you have to expand your stomach you have to let your body know like hey dude we got to start getting thick around here I’m gonna need you to get with the program.

Like literally if you feel full eat some more like that’s what somebody told me and it’s it’s true like they’re not saying that to like be some more than anything it’s literally true the second you feel full oh I’m full eat some more because you’re not your stomach feels like you’re full but up here it’s like bro we got to do this keep that in mind you’re gonna have to start off really small as far as some all meals this is where the six of meals coming to play and help a ton when I was like a 93 owns 90 pounds that’s when I was my smallest had the highest metabolism and I didn’t have any appetite but half the meal prep six mills and the mills are like maybe that big and that and every day I noticed progress in how after those little meals I would want another one and it got better and better and better as as I went on so um now that’s this is where it gets really expensive and this is where a lot of people just can’t do it and that’s why I say get a protein shake drink it two times out today if you need if you need to drink.

Two three four times out of the day to give meals and do what you have to do because without doing it you’re not gonna get big you’re not gonna gain the weight but that’s really all I have for you guys I mean honestly it’s no quick fix it’s no secret you just have to eat I know a lot of people who watch this kind of videos and they’re hoping for this so one great advice and it’s just like y’all we all say the same thing you need to eat and like I said don’t sit here and God forbid if I see somebody in the comments like I eat all day long and I’m still not getting bit you’re not eating all day long.

You’re not eating enough I’m gonna need you to download my fitness power and do what I told y’all to do if you have any specific questions on other things regarding gaining weight please leave it in the comments down below I can make separate videos about those questions but that is all I have for today’s video if I helped you in any way please give this video a thumbs up to make sure to subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys in my next video bye.


More people are interested in weightlifting and looking to develop lean muscle now that knowledge about it is more readily accessible. However, for certain people, building muscle can require a healthy boost from a weight gainer supplement to get things started and provide a solid caloric base.

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