Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise in 2023

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Has it become difficult for you to communicate with friends while on a cruise?

Do you want the best walkie talkie for the cruise?

If only the sailors had communicated immediately after seeing the iceberg!

It is no secret that ‘The Unsinkable: Titanic’ sank due to lack of communication. So how to stop these catastrophes from happening again?

We can hear your mind! It can be done with a better communication system. Still, it is challenging to have a strong connection amidst the blues. This is where the best walkie talkie for cruise becomes the saviour.

Walkie Talkies have a better relationship on cruise ships than any telecommunication facility. So while stuffing bags for the next cruise trip, make sure you add the walkie-talkie to your checklist too.

Buying Guide for the Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise in 2121

There are various considerable things even in a walkie talkie which you might never notice. So, to stop these things from skipping from your mind, we have prepared a buying guide for you.

Number of Walkie Talkies

Since you are going on a cruise ship, all your buddies need to carry best long range walkie talkie. You would not wish to spend your jolly time on the cruise looking for your friend. Even if you are going with your family, it is essential to keep all the members safe.

Therefore, you should take one walkie talkie for each member of the group.

A walkie talkie always comes in a pair, so you can keep one for you and the other for your friend or family. Then you can always find where they are and enjoy your journey together.

Long Battery Life

Imagine looking for your friend, and when he is about to tell his location on the device, the battery dies. To overcome this horror, you must always look for a walkie talkie with long battery life. Batteries of the walkie talkie can either be rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

If the battery is not rechargeable, then it should be enough to last for several days. You can always see the battery backup of the device on the product’s packing. But remember! You don’t have to turn off and then turn it on repeatedly just to save the battery. This might lose your connectivity as your friends would try to reach you, but your device won’t be available.


Even if the battery can be charged again, it should still have a long battery backup. Just because this is the best rechargeable walkie talkies, you shouldn’t have to spend three-fourth of the day next to a socket. An ideal battery should belong to last and short to charge.

For this, you ought to look for a long-lasting battery. It is a double bonus to get an extended battery along with the charging facility. A walkie talkie with a cell-powered battery can also be used, for which you have to pack a few cells.

Clear Audio

The most profound factor in a walkie-talkie is the audio of the device. It is very essential to have clear and unhindered sound quality.

If there are multiple walkie-talkies on the cruise, the sounds should not collide. It should have the facility to let one person speak at a time while muting the rest. This way, the message will be transmitted clearly, and there shall be no miscommunication.


When you are on a cruise ship, it is evident that communication is more than per square area. This is why the leakage of communication can occur. The walkie talkies for adults works on radio waves, and thus anyone on the same channel can tune in with your device.

Thus, the channel at which all of the devices are connected should be the same. In case you wish to maintain the secrecy, you should buy an instrument where the channels can be tuned. Whenever you feel that you are tuned in to a track for too long, you can adjust the device to another channel.


There is no doubt that a set of walkie talkies should be portable. You would not wish to carry all the luggage to the deck and then holding another bulky device. This would only add up to your inconvenience.

The best portable walkie talkie smakes it easier for the user to use and handle the machine efficiently. It becomes easy to hold the device and bring it in anywhere. It also becomes more comfortable for the rest of the journey to keep a light device next to you.


Let’s put it in the most straightforward words: ‘The longer the range, the better the network.’ Now let us elaborate on this statement.

Walkie talkies work on radio waves and frequency. When a set of walkie talkies is connected at the same units, communication becomes possible. But one of the devices might be on the most bottom floor while the other at the deck. This is where the range of machines plays a part.

The range enables to catch the waves and makes it possible to talk via walkie talkie. Now, if it is longer, it will catch radio waves at a far distance. This is why you must buy the long range walkie talkies.


A wire here and a wire there will be enough to make anyone go crazy.

Wires might have their significance, but it becomes challenging to handle them. Other places can be seen, but your hands full of cables will not be liked by you on a cruise. So, you should opt for a wireless device.

Wireless talkie talkies give an equal amount of connectivity as the wired ones. This is why your connectivity will not be hindered. You can always listen to endless gossips about the place while sitting on some other part of the cruise.

Temperature Friendly

You can never know what time of day it is on a cruise. That is due to the changing weather in the sea. It can be bright as noon, and it would still be morning sun. But the extreme sunlight or extreme cold might be harmful to your walkie talkies. It might hinder the communication due to some defect inside the device.

Even extreme cold can shiver down the product by changing its usual temperature. So, you should always buy a walkie talkie of good material.


It would be very wise to believe that a water-resistant walkie-talkie should be brought on-board.

When you are sailing on a cruise, you will be surrounded by plenty of water. There will be a vast sea, and you will long for land. At such a place, there is a possibility that your walkie talkie can get moisture inside it. Even worse, it could fall into the water too.

Getting the waterproof walkie talkies will only benefit you. A waterproof walkie talkie will not be affected by moisture or water vapour.

Hand-Free Walkie Talkie

Of course, you wish to talk to your fellow mates about their location and other things. But you don’t want to keep holding your device all the time. As impressive as it may sound, it will become a burden even if you only have to hold a small one. This makes it essential to have hands-free technology in a walkie talkie.

Many walkie talkies come with a hook behind them. This hook is used to adjust the hands free walkie talkie in your clothes, either in the trousers or belt. Besides a hook, there can also be a facility to tie the walkie talkie around your waist.

Extra Accessories

This is an optional guide, and you may skip it if you don’t wish to have it. But this can be useful for many.

You may have seen a grumpy person always complaining of the sound that your walkie talkie creates. He/She might complain every time of your walkie talkie being too noisy.

If you don’t wish to cause any disturbance to other people, you can get yourself a walkie talkie with an earpiece. The walkie talkie earpiece enables you to listen to other devices right inside your ears.

Top Variants for the Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise in 2023

Different brands have different kinds of walkie talkies for the people on the cruise. Each one has its own significance. However, you have to purchase only one among them, which can be quite tricky.

Thus, you can have a glance at the list of our chosen variants for a better purchase.

1. Topsung Store’s Two Way Walkie Talkie– (Best walkie talkie on cruise shipBest walkie talkie on cruise ship)

If you want walkie talkie in a set of two, then this product is appropriate for you. Topsung has brought one of its excellent products, a Walkie Talkie, for its customers.

This walkie talkie on cruise ship is primarily for the couples or best buddies travelling on the cruise and do not wish to lose each other. So you can keep one walkie talkie for yourself and the other one for your travel mate. Topsung does not just provide any basic walkie talkie. It has rather a fantastic set of this walkie talkie amazon that is upgraded with the latest technologies.

It can be recharged anytime its battery goes down since it works on AA batteries. And in case you don’t wish to be looking like a kid, the walkie talkies are available in various colors.


  • Size and Weight – This radio walkie talkie is light in weight and has a palm-size.
  • Total Channels – It has 22 channels and a long-range up to 1/4/16 miles.
  • Battery – 3AA batteries are required to run it, and it gives a low battery alert.
  • Durability – This Topsung Store’s walkie talkie is durable and made up of environmentally friendly products.

Customers Feedback:

We purchased these for a cruise we’re going on next month. I was told it’s the best way to communicate on a cruise without paying for a cellular plan. The walkie talkies arrived quickly and packaged well. They each take 3 AAA batteries and they are not included. Set up was very easy, I just put each walkie talkie on cruise on the same channel and we were talking away. I even had my daughter take her walkie talkie up the block while I stayed home to test the range and it worked great. I’m confident these will work well for us on the cruise.

Gave this to my 4 year old nephew at his nerf dart gun themed birthday party. One of the dads loaded it immediately and it was passed around for the next three hours. All the kids were asking for their own pair before leaving the party. It was easy to operate as they went from front to back yard while the “teams” stayed connected and “fought” their nerf wars. The sound quality was really good for the money and needless to say my gift was a big hit! My nephew and niece find it is fun to communicate after they go to bed. Good thing I included extra batteries!

2. Retevis’ RT16 Walkie Talkie for Adults– (Best walkie talkies for cruise ships)

Best walkie talkies for cruise shipsRetevis Store presents to you a nifty gadget for adults. It is one of the best walkie talkies for a cruise because of its remarkable features. This small-sized RT16 Walkie Talkie helps to communicate with each other easily.

Further, the walkie talkies for cruise ships comes with an antenna to cover distant ranges too. Its petite size allows you to carry the Walkie Talkies around with no problem. This device is of great use not only for the jolly travelers but also for the sailors.

Even sailors and security staff have to communicate to make sure everything is in its routine. So this device must be needed by everyone.

Its classic look also makes things serious for you since it has a size and shape like a bouncer’s 100 mile walkie talkie 2 way radios.


  • Display – This Walkie Talkie has an LCD screen display.
  • Flashlight – There is a flashlight and a backlight to see through the dark.
  • Battery Backup – This walkie talkie amazon has a long battery backup.
  • Chargeable – It can be charged with a USB charger, which is included in the set.
  • Additional Feature – It gives an update about the weather forecast as well.

3. LUITON’s 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkie– (Best 2 way walkie talkie)

Best 2 way walkie talkieLUITON has always been focusing on providing the best of the walkie talkie for adults. And undoubtedly, it has never failed to offer them.

Focusing on the best walkie talkies for the cruise, LUITON presents its fantastic collection. This 2 Way Walkie Talkie set is perfect for all your travel partners to stay in touch for your journey on a grand cruise. It can be one for each for all of your gang members as it comes in a pack of six walkie talkies.

These walkie talkies & 2 way radios is explicit of great use to its customers and will be to you too if you take it along on your next voyage.


  • Channels – It has six walkie talkies in a set with 16 channels each.
  • Set Accessories – The set includes walkie talkie, battery acks, radio adapters, antennas, belt clips, user manual, and walkie talkie earpiece, each 6 in number.
  • Battery Life – It has a long battery life that can last up to 8 hours.
  • Portable – This LUITON’s walkie talkie is easy to carry and has a belt clip to hang it around your waist when not in need.
  • Additional Accessory – Each pair comes with this best radio walkie talkie earpiece if you want the secrecy of your communication.

4. Midland’s 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Walkie Talkie– (Best midland walkie talkie)

Best midland walkie talkieMidland Radio has always worked to enhance communication between two people forever. It also presents another of its devices that will make your life so much better on a cruise ship.

They bring a 50 Channeled midland walkie talkie in a pair for you. This fantastic pair of walkie talkies are perfect for taking along your journey, especially while travelling via cruise ship.

Midland even provides an extreme range of technology for fast and comprehensive connections for you. This radio walkie talkie tiny size and lightweight should not be mistaken for a toy. It enables you to communicate with the other side of the walkie talkie with its unique features.


  • Size – This Midland walkie talkie is small in size and light-weighted.
  • Battery Life – It has a very long battery life of up to 10.94 hours.
  • Water-Resistant – This 2 way walkie talkie long range is water-resistant.
  • Rechargeable – Rechargeable battery packs are included in the box and boom mike headsets, belt clips, and adaptors.
  • Additional Feature – These 2 way walkie talkie radios gives a weather forecast and gives an alarm in case of severe weather.

Customers Feedback:

I use mine for off-roading and it works very well. Has lots of features, compact and handy. I recommend this if you need short range quality communications. Don’t expect to get long distance unless your on water with no hills mountains or buildings that deflect the signal. And even then nowhere close to what they advertise. These 2 way walkie talkie radios are not high-powered professional equipment specifically designed for distance like government, military, or Amateur Radio. These are family hobby or sport communications for use on a modest sized piece of property or at a sporting event, or doing some hunting with some friends in a given area close, but beyond sight.

Wow, the first time I have EVER (I’ve tried about 5 models) heard clear voices on a GMRS radio. Seriously, went hiking for a few miles (trail was VERY curvy, but probably 1 mile as the crow flies) around hills and through dense forests at a local state park, and my Mom communicated very clearly, from base camp, with me the entire time. So happy I didn’t get the cheapo ones again. Also pleased that this set comes with the battery packs and charger station.

5. Arcshell’s Rechargeable Walkie Talkie– (Best long range walkie talkies)

Best long range walkie talkiesArcshell has focused on bringing the best walkie talkies into the market and keeping its reputation high. And yet, it brings another one of its walkie talkie from its collection.

These long range walkie talkies might be suitable for you in your journey on a cruise ship because of its creativity. It is a small and handy walkie talkie in a set of four. So if you have a wider gang going on a trip, you can take along one walkie talkie for each.

The Arcshell’s walkie talkie is short and compact before adding in the antenna. Even with an antenna, this long distance walkie talkie can work with no hindrance.


  • Size – It is small in size with solid-built material.
  • Channels – There are an extended frequency range and 16 channels.
  • Battery – Each walkie talkie has its rechargeable battery in the set.
  • Long Life Battery – This walkie talkie amazon can last up to 8-96 hours on a single charge of 2.5 hours.
  • Water-Resistant – It is water-resistant.

Customers Feedback:

We had a caravan of 4 vehicles going around the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Each vehicle had a walkie talkie. We used them all day for communication, such as the lead vehicle making a turn off the road we were presently on. This was great because at times one of us get stopped by a traffic light and our caravan was now a few miles part. No problem. The range on the walkie talkies covered than with out any interference. This sure beat the heck out of using cell phones as you would have to make more than one call. With the walkie talkies, all radios received the same message.

Purchased these long distance walkie talkie for a 5-day cruise to Mexico since we chose not use our cells on or off the ship. OMG! These were a live saver!!! We travelled as a family of 10 with various age groups who wanted to “explore” the ship and ports without parental supervision. These walkies were vital in staying connected with the “roamers”. The battery life, clarity, size, and several channel options were excellent. There were others on the ship with the same brand but once we chose an unpopular channel, it was only our family. The seller emailed me upon receipt to ensure all was well. I highly recommend this seller!

FAQs for Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise in 2023

Are Walkie Talkies waterproof?

Earlier, the walkie talkies used to come anti-water. Its function is used to degrade even when the moisture entered it. This was when waterproof technology came into use.

Waterproof walkie-talkies are safe to use in the presence of water. The moisture content does not affect the functioning of a walkie talkie.

With the technology of being water-resistant, you can also look for a floatable device. A water resistant walkie talkie can fall in the water while boarding or in the swimming pool on the cruise. But this should not affect the device due to its waterproof technology. Even more, it will be floating on the surface of the water, making it easy to take out.

Are the walkie talkies allowed on cruise?

There is always a fear that you might not put the whole cruise in danger. Walkie Talkie usage might deviate into the cruise system and change the directions of the cruise. But there is nothing to worry about of this sort, and you can take the walkie talkie with you fearlessly.

Walkie talkies work on radio waves while cruise ships work on the navigation system. So even though it may sound relatable, they are not. The walkie talkies for adults are perfectly safe to take on a cruise ship, and this is why it is not even prohibited. You can take a set with you, and nobody will stop you for it.

Can you connect four Walkie Talkies of different companies?

Walkie Talkies usually work in sets or even devices. If you want to get more walkie talkies, you can buy one with a pair of 4 or 6 walkie talkies. But if you have not purchased the same set, you can connect two other walkie talkies with the old one.

This can be achieved if you have a walkie talkie where the frequency can fluctuate. If all of the walkie-talkies have it, you can connect the devices altogether. You can select the same frequency on all the devices. Now all devices can listen and talk to each other with clear sound.

How far can Walkie Talkies work?

A walkie talkie works on the range of the device. The range of the long range walkie talkies for adults makes it possible to communicate at distances.

A minimum of two walkie talkies must have the same range to speak. They can be used up to 1-1.5 miles away, but this range should be available on both devices.

A device can approximately listen to any audio up to 20 meters away. This average sound range can be achieved clearly with no hindrance. Before purchasing any walkie talkie, make sure you see the device's range according to your convenience.

What to do if my walkie talkie is not connecting?

Walkie talkie comes with an inbuilt frequency-reader for each other. So they will automatically be connected when you start both of the devices in a pair.

If, in case, it does not connect, try to bring them both at the same channel. If the track is also the same, make sure the devices are charged. Try changing the batteries and making sure that they are put in the right order.

If the midland walkie talkie is still not connecting, you can contact the respective company and use your warranty cards. New products always come with warranties, and the device's fixing does not even cost a penny.


You may now have got the idea of how to get the right walkie talkie for your cruise trip. Taking a walkie talkie along will benefit you in several ways. You can always contact your mates to tell them you are safe. You can tell them about an exciting event and ask them to join along. You can even get them in case of emergencies so that they reach you in no time.

Now you can be enjoying all your loving time with your buddies with the best walkie talkies for the cruise. So just save a small little space in your bags for one walkie talkie for each of your travel partners.

And now we wish you Bon Voyage!

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