Best Tea for Weight Loss and Bloating in 2021

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It is quite common for us to consume packaged and processed food along with refined sugar in different forms such as drinks and desserts. However, it should be noted that as we intake the processed food or refined sugar in our diet, we are bound to see an increase in our body weight.

As our body weight increases, our body will not only feel heaviness, but our belly will also become bloated. However, if we have not put on weight until now but are feeling bloated anyway, we should prepare ourselves for the weight gain journey that is about to start soon.

Once people put on some weight, we all know they start looking for all the possible solutions that could just take away all their gained weight simply in a couple of days. They start consuming proteins and exercise with equipment to get back their body shape, but this way, they are wasting a lot of money and harming themselves. So, we have the simple and best alternative for it. It is the consumption of Xero-calorie tea.

Zero-calorie tea like green tea helps boost our metabolism, which eventually helps in reducing weight. But to find the best product is not a piece of cake. You have to know about the biological, chemical, and medical aspects of green teas before buying them. Only then the correct item will do justice to you and help you lose weight. That is why I have listed here a buying guide that will help you get the best tea for weight loss and bloating.

Buying Guide on Best Tea for Weight Loss and Bloating in 2021

The wait to get a perfectly healthy, figured body is now over. I have laid before you the buying guide which will make your shopping very easy. Following it will give you ease and comfort while shopping, but before that, you have to be determined and prepared to start your weight-loss journey with complete enthusiasm for months. Only then can it help.

Decide the Type of  Tea You Want

You can easily find two types of tea in the market.

  • Teabags
  • Tea leaves

Teabags are designed for instant use. The crushed tea leaves or the powdered form are packed into small bags, dipped in hot water to prepare the tea. The addition of sugars is your personal choice. However, when you are on your weight loss journey, you should say a complete no to sugars. They are the biggest culprit which makes you put on weight. Anyways, coming back to the tea bags, these are very convenient to use when you run short of time. Or can be easily carried with oneself while traveling, to make tea as per the choice of time.

On the other hand, the loose tea leaves are the traditional ones, which need to be put on the flame for at least 5-6 minutes for a perfect nutritious taste. However, loose tea leaves have now become a thing of the past, and most people aren’t aware of it, just like I wasn’t, and they have become more addicted to the teabags.

But if you really want to enjoy the tea flavors, you should always go for the loose tea packets. When the leaves are brewed over the flame for few minutes, the tea leaves release all their enhancing properties into the water. Thus, being more efficient in this way, the loose tea works better in the weight loss journey.

Color of Tea

There is a close connection between the color of the tea and its effectiveness. The darker the color, the better will be its efficiency. So,  whether it is a black tea or a green tea, you have to look for its color enhancing properties while purchasing, giving a rich shade when mixed thoroughly with hot boiling water.

Take a small pouch, prepare the tea out of it and see how the color comes. If you are going for a black tea, it should give darker color and if buying a green tea, it should give a dark green color. If you are confused about whether the rich dark color will come or not, you can go for a small test. You can always attempt the sample test for your satisfaction before purchasing the complete big packet.

Origin of Tea

Before picking up your tea, check for its origin and the manufacturing process. The making of tea is an exciting process, but it varies from tea to tea.

The different approaches make all tea very different concerning the aroma, taste, weight loss effectiveness, and color. So, be very particular about the origin as it will help you in getting the best product. Also, while considering green tea, you have to make sure that the tea you are getting is organically prepared. If not, then that tea isn’t the perfect choice for you to make.

Caffeine Level

Caffeine is closely associated with weight loss. Caffeine, first of all, prevents you from putting in more weight. Secondly, it is responsible for calorie burning. It increases the use of energy while you are asleep. So, much more calories are burnt to supply power for the body. And lastly, caffeine acts as an appetite suppressor. In this way, it gives a sense of fullness and decreases your appetite.

After having caffeine-rich tea, you will already feel full and thus won’t feel like having some more food. So, look for teas that are rich in caffeine. But make sure that the caffeine quantity doesn’t cross the standard limit; else, it can be severe for your health.

Tea Flavor

I am sure you won’t drink a tea that doesn’t have a good flavor. This is because you already have to intake the tea without adding any sugars and milk. If, in this case, you are given a tasteless tea, I think it will be challenging for you to have it regularly. So, look for some good natural flavored tea that will make your journey very enjoyable. But remember, avoid the teas with artificial sweeteners and artificial essence. Always pick the one which naturally has these things.

Brew time

Well, check this point before making your purchase. Generally, the tea is ready within 5 minutes in both cases, i.e., loose ones and pouch ones. If your tea is taking a lot of time in brewing, in that case, you need to consider changing your product because it won’t be much effective for you to reduce the weight.


Catechins come under the sub-class of flavonoids. These are the antioxidant compounds that play a vital role in weight loss.

Basically, Catechins help in the breakdown of excess fats. Thus, by metabolizing these fats, the catechins cut down the body fat and aid weight loss. Generally, green teas are very rich in these antioxidants. However, you can also find the catechins in the black tea. So, as per your taste and liking, go for your preferred tea, but make sure that it has a good amount of catechins.

Tea rich in turmeric and curcumin

Turmeric and curcumin are hyper-active compounds that are responsible for instant weight loss. They help in decreasing the BMI and bring it to the normal value.

Turmeric and curcumin are very efficient for obese people. You can always find magical results within a short period. So, get yourself a herbal tea for weight loss which is rich in turmeric and curcumin, for you to achieve your goal soon.

Probiotic Bacteria and Acetic Acid

There are many teas available, which are rich in probiotic bacteria and acetic acid. These compounds are scientifically proven that they help in cutting fat, thereby aiding in weight loss. Thus, it is advisable to search for these teas and get yourself the best one in them.

Rich in Peppermint

The teas which are rich in peppermint help you in reducing your hunger. The mint decreases your appetite and thus helps in shedding weight. Also, the flavor of mint-rich teas is vibrant. Go for these teas, and you won’t regret them any time later.


Make sure you are getting your tea packets from a good brand. The tea which you will consume will directly have an effect on your body. Do not take any risk of harming your internal system by choosing the product from any local brand. The local brands do not have a quality composition. They try to imitate the good brands and try providing similar services at a lower price. But this doesn’t work. Good brands have a name for some reason. Trust their service and go for their best items.

Checking the labels

You should now be aware of checking the labels before getting anything for yourself. Especially when it is something related to food, drinks, or beauty products. This is because these items have chemicals as their constituents, or they have them as perseverant. So, when these chemicals are used after their expiry date, they start misbehaving and may lead to many undesirable side effects. So, always check the packaging and buy the tea as per the manufacturing and the expiry dates.


Go for a cost-effective product. Do not burden your pocket for the tea. After all, in the end, you have to complement tea with exercises. You won’t simply shed off the extra weight by just consuming teas. You have to equally work out to support the effectiveness of the tea. Thus, go for an affordable tea that comes under your range.

FAQs on Best Tea for Weight Loss and Bloating in 2021

Can drinking tea help you lose weight?

Yes, definitely!

The teas which are rich in catechins and caffeine will help you in losing weight. The catechins help in boosting up your metabolism, which eventually helps in the breakdown of fats. While caffeine helps in utilizing the energy of your body to the fullest. So, due to the energy gradient created, the body breaks down more fat to produce a good amount of new energy.

How much weight can you lose with tea?

Well, this varies from person to person. Weight loss will not just happen because of green tea. It depends upon several other factors like:

Your diet
Exercise and physical workout
Any prior health conditions
Your body's own metabolism

The joint outcome of all these factors will help in determining the weight loss for a person.

What tea makes you lose the most weight?

Below mentioned teas are the best ones that can work magic on your belly fat:

Green tea
Pu'erh tea
Black tea
Oolong tea
White tea
Herbal tea

Check out these teas, and get one for yourself as per your suitability and body. Every individual has a different body, and so ingredients work differently on them. So, get yourself the one which is best for your body.

Is tea an appetite suppressant?

Tea which is rich in catechins and caffeine gives us a sense of fullness. These compounds do not make us feel hungry and thus act as an appetite suppressant.

How many cups of green tea should I drink in a day?

4-5 cups of green tea are considered normal and are not causing any harmful side effects. However, if you exceed the limit, you can definitely face some serious health issues later on. So, keep a balance between your tea consumption, and enjoy the weight loss process.

Final Verdict

In the end, there is nothing to worry about your weight loss. I have provided you the best solutions for the best weight loss tea. This guide has mentioned everything in all detail, from talking about the chemical constitution to the product’s price. You have to keep all these points in mind while shopping the tea, and you will end up getting the best one for yourself.

And now, your weight loss journey will be super exciting and super fun with the taste of these teas. You have to follow a good diet, work upon your physical activities and enjoy your relaxation time with a cup of tea. So, enjoy your tea and shed that excess weight of yours! Imagine the pleasure you will have while sipping your favorite tea flavors after extensive workouts.

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