Best Tanning Oil For Fair Skin in 2021

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All of us long for those summer vacations in which all we need to do is go outside in the sun and bask in the beautiful afternoon. These vacations are long-awaited, bringing a bucket full of outdoor activities, which are fun to do. But with this fun comes the fear of damaging our skins.

I know many of you eagerly await to go to the beach and rest on the tan beds. But at the same time, you fear the damage that harmful UV radiation can cause.

I am also a beach lover and always wait for these beautiful times to enjoy myself to the fullest by resting on the tan beds. But just like you, my pale skin also gets so much damaged that I need to reconsider going out the next time.

But, not now as now I own a self-tanning oil. This tanning oil gives my skin a beautiful bronze glow and protects it from the UV radiations of the sun with no skin allergies and harmful chemicals.

Buying Guide for Best Tanning Oil for Fair Skin in 2021

Well, it’s not just one tanning oil that offers the same features, but many. It is more than just an oil for the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and even comes with SPF (to protect the skin from the UV rays) and give a beautiful tan glow to the areas applied. But what differentiates all are some features which one finds unnecessary to consider and ends up upon a wrong product.

The best tanning oil is the one that has all the good qualities of tanning oil. It must protect the skin and should be able to perform its job in the best way. So, to find the best tanning oil for fair skin, let’s discuss some crucial points which aren’t to be left to be considered during the purchase.

Tanning Material Kind

You can quickly get a lot of options available in the market for skin tanning.

  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Serums

Considering all the available options, tanning oils work the best.

Tanning oils are known to offer instant tan to the skin. Tanning oils come with multiple benefits as compared to lotions or gels. The oil is of top-notch quality, which doesn’t take time to absorb and show its effectiveness.

People also go for spray bottles to make the tan oil handy and store them properly to facilitate the use. The bottles are easy to apply and to port to beaches or mountains.

So, I would definitely suggest you always go for the tanning oils, without any doubt, to get your favorite tanned tone on your body.

Timing of the day

The day’s timing plays an essential role in deciding the type of tan oil that should be purchased. This is because the effect of sun rays is very different throughout the day.

In the morning, the sun rays are very mild and have a gentle effect on your skin. However, as noon approaches, the sun rays start getting harsher and intense and peak by the afternoon. And then again, by the evening, the sun rays again become gentle and do not cause any damage.

So, if you are planning to go out in the afternoon, you need to have a tanning oil full of protection and a good SPF because this is when your skin is at the entire risk of damage. But if you step out and roam around in the early morning or in the evening, then you can simply switch to the tanning oil with less SPF protection.

Time spent in the sun

This point is equally important, just like the timing of the day.

The longer you spend your time under the sun, the more robust protection you will need.

If you devote your maximum hours of the day baking under the sun and having a tanning oil that doesn’t last long, then that oil will be of no good to you. It will work only for some time and then will lose its effect. After that, the harmful UV radiation will do the work for you. So, plan accordingly and only then buy a product for yourself.

In the end, make sure that your tanning oil provides you protection against the harmful sun rays for the maximum duration.

Skin type

Well, every skin type is very different, and so are their requirements. What works for you may not work for the other person, and what might work for the next person won’t work for you. So, firstly, you have to understand your skin texture and type.

Examining the skin type before applying any product is very mandatory. Our skin is the largest exposed organ of our body which is a considerable risk in the surroundings. So, even before going for the tanning oil, ensure your skin type, whether oily or dry.

Say, for example, you have a dry skin type, then you have to buy a tanning oil with good moisturizing properties. Likewise, if you have a darker tone, you need to have a tanning oil with less SPF. However, if you have fair pale skin, you will definitely have to get an oil with a good SPF technology built-in.

Ingredients to look for

There are a few vital compounds that you need to look for while buying the best tanning oil. These ingredients have their own benefits and thus will work more efficiently on your skin to give you your desired pigment.

  • Aloe vera – Going out in the sun means exposing your skin to harmful UV radiations. Also, the sun rays outside pull up all your body’s hydration, making your skin look very dull and tan. Your tanning oil can give you your desired tan, but your skin will lack the glow without moisturization. So, your oil must have a good quantity of aloe vera gel, which will hydrate your skin with apt moisture.
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil has many saturated fats, highly stable, and forms a protective outer layer on our skin. The presence of coconut oil in the tanning oil will protect against the damage that can be caused by the sun.
  • Papaya extract – Papaya extract is quite essential for our skin. It cleanses our skin pores and ensures that there is no clogging caused by the tanning oil on the skin’s surface. So, just ensure that you are going for a tanning oil with a good amount of papaya extracts.
  • Vitamin A, C & E – There are many free radicals present in the environment, which can cause tremendous damage to our skin. In that case, a tanning oil rich in Vitamin A, C & E will help protect our skin from getting any sort of damage.
  • Cocoa and shea butter – Cocoa and shea butter help rejuvenate the skin’s lost moisture and make the skin supple and soft as earlier. In the tanning oils, cocoa and shea butter will work the best for dry skin types.

SPF protection

Many people face the dilemma that if they get a tanning oil with good SPF protection, they won’t get the tan quickly. While it is not so! This is entirely a myth, where people are just misguided based on some wrong conclusions.

SPF provides you a protective coating that is necessary to protect your skin from harmful UV radiations. It doesn’t hamper the work of tanning. But if your oil does not have SPF protection, then, in that case, your skin can experience a lot of damage. Thus, if you want your skin to stay safe and get some excellent tanning, too, ensure that you purchase the oil with an in-built SPF protection.


Many people are allergic to many ingredients and chemicals. If you are among those people, you must ensure that whatever tanning product you are finalizing should be hypoallergenic.

To begin with, it is essential to check the composition. This gives you an idea of what kind of ingredients are being used. In any case, you are allergic to a particular compound, then drop the idea of getting that item. After all, your skin is your treasure, and treat it like one.

Thus, go only for those tanning oils which are hypoallergenic in nature, which is not likely to cause any allergies.

Paraben and sulfate-free

Parabens and sulfate disturb our body’s normal pH and, therefore, make our skin more prone to various allergies and diseases. To make your skin stay safe and away from doctor’s medications, always go for tanning oils free from these harmful chemicals.

They not only cause damage to our skin but are also harmful to the environment. So, make your choice very wisely and consider this point too.


Always remember to check the labels before shopping for any cosmetic or skin-care product. The brands have the packaging dates mentioned on them, which are very important for knowing their efficiency.

One has to make sure to use the tanning oil only within the duration that is mentioned on the label. If used beyond the expiry date, the chemical ingredients can misbehave and cause hazardous damage to the skin.


Never compromise quality over quantity. There are many local brands which provide you a lot of portion, and that too at a lower price. While if you compare, the tanning oils bottles of some good brands will have a less quantity. This is because the ingredients used by the good brands are of supreme quality and are skin-friendly.

Whereas the products used by the local brands have a cheap composition and various side effects. So, always buy tanning oil from a good brand.


Now, you should learn the basic shopping skills and try to master them. These skills will help you in getting the best product at an affordable range.

You can also wait for the brand’s sale season to avail of their maximum benefits.

FAQs on Best Tanning Oil for Fair Skin in 2021

Why is my skin not tanning anymore?

The prime reason behind not getting tanned anymore is the lack of melanin. Melanin is secreted by our body which is responsible for providing pigmentation to the skin. However, if your skin is getting really paler day by day, try consulting your dermatologist first.

What does tanning oil do to pale skin?

The tanning oil accelerates the tan process. People with pale skin really have the maximum befits of these oils, as they no longer have to wait for the natural tan but can quickly get instant pigmentation with the help of these tanning oils.

Do you get more tan with tanning oil or nothing?

Yes, tanning oil definitely speeds up the process. It attracts the sun rays faster and thus gives you an instant bronze glow up.

Does tanning oil or sunscreen go on first?

On comparing tan oil and sunscreen, it is prudent to apply sunscreen before applying tanning oil for better skin protection.

How long does it take to tan with tanning oil?

Well, this depends upon your skin type and also your genetics. However, on a general note, you will be able to see the differences after 10 minutes on your pale skin after applying tanning oil. But for the bests results, you will require some 3-4 sessions of oiling your skin.

Final Verdict

As of now, I believe you might have gained a bundle of knowledge regarding tanning oil, its benefits, and the kind to go for. But still, this isn’t enough. I personally recommend you to check the brands online and the reviews as provided by the customers. This will give you the exact know-how of how the brand is actually performing and whether the product is right for you or not. After all, it is high time, and we cannot afford to play with our skin anymore.

Accordingly, look for the product which suits you the best in all aspects. Once you become sure about everything, make your purchase. After all, dealing with pale and fair skins is not that difficult also. You need to have is the correct approach for buying the best outdoor tanning oil for pale skin and get that beautiful bronze tan that everyone is crazy for.

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