Best Shower Curtains for Small Bathrooms

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Do you want to maintain privacy in your bathroom?

Do you avoid the growth of the microorganism in your shower?

Do you want to promote the cleanliness of the bathroom?

If you agree with the above-mentioned queries, then you require the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom. It will enhance privacy and will keep your bathroom neat and tidy as well.

It will also assist you in getting rid of the microorganism that is formed in the bathroom.

Shortlist of the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom in 2021

Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of the Shower Curtains you need.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom in 2021


Before planning to buy the best shower curtain for your small bathroom, you must consider the material and check if it is of good quality or not so that a difference between your room curtains and shower curtains can be noticed very easily. You must choose the curtain which is made up of polyester or even PVC as it is waterproof but not fabric.

You must make sure that your long cotton shower curtain is thick enough so that it can provide you with privacy whenever you are taking bath in the bathroom. Your product must be durable in nature so that you can use it for a long period of time.

You can opt for the shower curtain which is made up of cotton as it can easily absorb moisture and you can even use the liner behind it so that it will prevent it from getting too wet.

Colour and pattern

If your bathroom has a bathtub then it becomes a necessity to take care of the whole look of your bathroom, therefore, the next thing you must look for is the color and pattern of the shower curtain that you are going to use.

You can choose the good shower curtain liner which will match with the wall and the things kept in your bathroom or you can simply go for the neutral color as such white.

To give your small bathroom an intelligent look, you can buy a shower curtain with a solid pattern on it. And in case if you are planning to use the curtain as a divider then the patterned design will suit them best. You must keep in mind the lightning which souk comes naturally in your bathroom and could be achieved by the light color curtain.


There are two types of shower curtains when it comes to style as such the patterned shower curtain and the second one is the solid color shower curtain. To give an elegant look to your small bathroom, you can buy shower curtains that are designed as a decorative material and will help you in enhancing the look of your bathroom.

But the only thing you must keep in mind is the fiber used in it is of high quality. You can use it as a divider in your bathroom and you can choose the one which is made up of cotton material. For a simple look, choose the simple white cotton shower curtain and must be light so that the natural light is not blocked from entering your bathroom.


You must measure the size of your bathroom before buying the shower curtain for it as the most ideal size of the curtain should be just one inch above the floor. The use of the small shower curtain is to keep the water in the shower itself and not on the floor.

If your curtain will touch the floor, then it will be damaged easily due to dirt and moisture and it can also spoil your floor of the bathroom as well.

You can simply measure the length of the curtain you require by measuring the height between the rod and to one inch above the floor where you will hand the curtain. In case if you have bought the curtain with an extra length then you can install the curtain rod near the ceiling so that the shower curtain fits best in your small bathroom.

Keeps clean

The shower curtain is not only used to enhance the look of your small bathroom but is also used for hiding the clutter that you have kept inside your bathrooms such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, and many more.

You must choose the shower curtain that will keep you healthy by maintaining cleanliness inside your bathroom and keeps the air clean as well. You must keep your curtain close so that it can easily get dry and can also control the formation of mold, bacteria, and even fungus. Look for the shower curtain that will keep your bathroom clean and tidy and free from germs.


You must choose the shower curtain that will keep your small bathroom clean but not the one that will clean your pocket as well. Buy the affordable shower curtains that will fit best in your budget and you did not need to pay for more when you can have all the required features at the price that you can afford.

There is no need to buy two curtains on both the side of the bathroom when your budget is small, as only one curtain is sufficient to cover your bathroom and save your money as well. It must be durable in nature so that you can use it for a longer period.

Repellent nature

Make sure that the product you are planning to buy is resistant to water so that it can easily get dry and help you in keeping your bathroom clean and free from any mold or bacteria.

It must be waterproof so that it can easily soak all the water or else it will be dropping on the floor and your floor can be damaged. It should be reliable in characteristics and strong as well so that its quality remains the same for a long duration.

Watch this video guideline to choose shower curtains

Video Transcript:

Quite a ready-made shower curtain that is long enough but with a few simple changes you can create a graceful custom curtain Kimberly’s back to show us some great ideas and it’s one of those things you look at the standard size in store yes there they just don’t cut it usually one side one size never fits all right did you take a look at the photo because I think sometimes you’re so busy getting into a new house you don’t even really notice that you have this situation where the shower curtain is like riding eight inches above the floor and it just feels kind of unfinished.

And awkward it feels like floods but not in a good way what’s our kind of in the safe ones but I don’t know enough to remember that expression, okay yeah so this is kind of type you might buy this anywhere could be a grocery store it could be the pharmacy it’s like a typical length this one’s vinyl and just one thing to keep in mind the lighter the liner is the more likely it’s gonna stick to you when you’re showering so you know that when you go to a cheapo Tesco the liner’s wrapped around your leg yeah for those of you who are handy not like us can I use this boat here a regular roll of fabric is usually fifty-four inches wide so shower curtains typically are 72 inches wide.

This means if you’re going to do this yourself you’re gonna need a vertical seam or you’re gonna railroad the fabric turn it sideways and then you’re gonna need a horizontal seam which is probably preferable for most of us right that with this shower curtain this is a typical shower curtain and what we did is we just dressed up the header by adding better rings at the top to make it really pretty this is pretty though the fabric isn’t that lovely and you can do almost anything you just need a good liner you just need a great liner and then the other thing we did is we added these cute little pockets that’s kind of the bottom so, for example, I thought you’re a little wine bottle in there you’re onto me reading pocket right if it’s a tiny little bathroom.

And you know where to put the toilet paper you know maybe the toilet paper is gonna go in there loofah masks that are right now it’s like a nice way if you have a really small space to get some things up and out of countertops totally you’ve got a later shampoo bottles you might have to put them exactly and if you’re right it is really about the liner for sure over here instead of having the top that you see here see when the shower curtain is open how the top is super flat like a sheet yeah right over here what’s happened is now it’s more like a drapery treatment so it’s all been pleated nice big rings it just has a little bit more of a decorative treatment and often.

N what we’re doing beautiful shower curtains we will do 80 84 inches rather than the standard 72 inches just to give it a little bit more fullness if it’s a little bit more graceful it looks more luxe it does fabric the better especially if it’s hanging like that so it always looks full right and then the really the best of the best is instead of using these rods with rings because you know especially if it’s an extendable rod the Rings are always catching that’s why you don’t love them for regular draperies.

We love what we call a KS track okay or a hospital track so the Rings glide really smoothly this can be installed on the ceiling or it can be installed wall to wall and that’s what we have here and the advantage is it just glides so beautifully you don’t have to fight with it all so what’s nice is if you do it all the way up to the ceiling you have that illusion of having this yu-mong get showered sort of like the same illusion you get with drape exactly so now what I want to show you is this is a standard shower curtain standard height but to add height to it because of these horizontal stripes.

We just added a piece of grosgrain ribbon oh that’s what you just end right now what you what we could have done is added a separate fabric from here down you could right go-to base there are various ways to do it depending upon how much time you have on your hands right or who knows how to sew that’s right I’m terrible at that but really from top to bottom finishes the bathroom off so much more nicely and when you go shopping for a liner if you just want to do a ready-made one if they don’t have to sizes of liners it’s probably not the shop you want to buy a liner at, to begin with, and the second.

Because if they’re only one size it’s going to be that short size may be short so this is like nothing special but this one is 96 inches high so eight feet that’s good but we’re finding nowadays a lot of people have ceilings that are nine feet and 10 feet and you know still the eight Pete’s just a little bit short okay God something smart yes so we did I was at my friend’s place and I was like where’d you get your shower curtain so super long she’s like that’s an IKEA drape it’s an Ikea ready-made drape and so I got it and it was actually too long of his pooling so we hemmed it ahem.

I can do that’s about it totally that’s about it but I limit you can do tape hams too yes I could and put a good liner on it and it’s perfect it’s such a different washing machine whenever we need to wash it, yeah it’s low maintenance and they also do have waterproof fabrics that you could use to back a drape if you wanted to make it yourself so there’s no liner that’s separate which is really a nice way to go good tip because they can really elevate your space in the bathroom.

5 Best shower curtains for small bathrooms in 2021

1. LiBa Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner

Best bathroom shower curtainsThis shower curtain is resistant to mold and fungus and the dimension is 72 inches in width and 72 inches in height. Along with that, These LiBa curtains are solid in a pattern that gives your bathroom a bold and simple look and at the same time, keeps the odor out of your small bathroom.

These bathroom shower curtains consist of an active agent that helps you in preventing the growth of microorganisms that are harmful to the lifespan of the shower liner. These waterproof curtains for bathroom shower window are designed in such a that it is waterproof and gets dry quickly and its main function is to form the bead of the water so that it can slide off the curtain.

These amazon bathroom shower curtain sets assists you in keeping your bathroom dry and clean and maintains hygiene as well so that your family is healthy. It is durable in nature so that you can use it for a long time and due to its size, it is the perfect choice for you if you have a small bathroom.

It does not matter what is the shape of your shower rod is; whether straight or curved, this shower curtain rod will get fit in both cases. It has the technology of heavy magnets that keeps it away from your body while you are showering.

Customers Feedback:

Esta bien pero esperaba que fuera mas gruesa . Es delgada . Hasta ahora va todo muy bien .Actualizaciòn: realmente no esperaba que fuera tan resistente , incluso pense q lo de los hongos era cuento chino pero realmente no hay restos de nada .Yo lavo la cortina normal pero no hay ni el mas minimo vestigio de hongo o suciedad cosa que con otras me a pasado que por ahi te queda una parte sin lavarla muy bien y ahi esta tu amigo el hongo diciendo Hola! Con esta no fue asi .Vale la pena.

I had never given much thought to a shower curtain, like never. But when I read the reviews, I thought, why not? This cured me from having a sneezing attack every time I went into our bathroom. I really had no idea why I was sneezing?! My wife had been buying a new shower curtain wherever she could find one cheap. No more! This waterproof curtains for bathroom shower window is the Cadillac of shower curtains! No smell, plus, we’ve got really hard water, and it’s only been a couple of weeks of use, and I’m sure it will eventually spot, but so far so good. Nice oversized curtain as well, covers the corners good, the weight of it makes it hang well too. I’ll be purchasing again for sure…once again, NO CHEMICAL SMELL!

2. Kikcoin Waffle Shower Curtain

Best farmhouse bathroom shower curtainEasy to install, this shower curtain for the small bathroom offers you the perforated holes of the metal, 12 in total which is resistant to rust.

These holes will be cooperative in supporting the hooks of this best fabric shower curtains and makes it a lot simpler for you to hang these and gives them the strength that lasts for long.

The fabric that is used in this kikcoin curtain is polyester and its size is 72 inches in wide and 72 inches in height which makes it the farmhouse bathroom shower curtain available in the market. It is waterproof in nature so that it gets dries quickly and is heavy so that it is properly placed.

Being heavy, this feature avoids the shower curtain from touching your body and during wintertime, This best clear shower curtain is anti-static in nature. It is formed in a way that gives it the quality of a hotel and makes your bathroom look cool and bright.

It increases the privacy of yours while you are taking shower in your small bathroom and along with that it is easy to maintain and can be washed by machine only.

3. Lagute SnapHook Hook Free Shower Curtain

Best shower curtain liner The material used in this product is polyester and PEVA and has got the rod type of finishing and along with that, it is mini square in pattern.

This showroom curtain is designed with fabric that is qualitative in texture and has the classic plain square pattern which makes you feel comfortable and gives your feeling of a hotel spa during your shower time.

Due to its color and pattern, this best shower curtain liner can be used as the decoration of your home by installing it in your small bathroom or the spa room. This shower curtain consists of the SnapHook which makes it easier for your to hang your shower curtains for the men’s bathroom on the rod and in a few seconds only and thus it helps you in saving a lot of your effort and time.

The liner used in this is PEVA 6G which is removable due to its feature of the snap-on clasps and it is heavy in weight so that it can be in its place all the time, preventing it from blowing.

This best hook-free shower curtain is easy to clean due to its fabric as such the polyester and it is waterproof in nature and you can wash it at the gentle mode in the washing machine.

Customers Feedback:

This is the first time I have purchased a hookless shower curtain and now wonder why I never did before? It was so easy to install and it fit perfectly. I thought I might have to move my shower rod up but the outside curtain hangs just above the bottom of my tub and the inside liner fits almost to the bottom of the tub. Even though the inside liner is not weighted it stays in place without “poofing” out while showering. And I love the see through part which helps make it be less dark and the colors are true to the picture. I love my new shower curtain!!

I am 100% happy with this best fabric shower curtains! I recently moved and didn’t have the need to use a shower curtain before so I was completely unprepared for my new shower. Initially, I thought it might’ve been too much money for something that looks a bit on the cheap side, but being that it was ‘hookless’ and cute I went with it. Anyways… I was super excited to get home and install it and may I say I was NOT disappointed. It’s light, it’s bright, & it did not fly around in the shower!! I love it!

4. Stall Shower Curtain Fabric

Best  shower curtain for white bathroomThe size of this shower curtain is mentioned as 36 inches wide and 72 inches in height and it is a grommet type of finishing.

The pattern of this bathroom shower window curtains is woven waffle which gives your bathroom a cool and decorative look, making you feel comfortable and enjoyable while you are having the shower. The type of fabric used in this is cotton and the material used is polyester and polyester blend which makes it rich for the moisture environment.

It is heavy and weighs around 230 gsm so that it is prevented from blowing cause of hair and touching your body. These amazon bathroom shower curtain sets can update the theme of your bathroom with its looks which are sophisticated and chic and fashionable. It is repellent to water which assists this shower curtain to dry quickly and keeping it and your small bathroom fresh and clean every day.

This shower curtain for the white bathroom is resistant to rust and the metal used in it is grommeted, and the fabric is of high quality that it does not get fade even. This curtain is environmentally free in nature as it does not have formaldehyde so there is no coating and even the smell of any chemicals inside it.

Customers Feedback:

I am totally thrilled and glad that I found this shower curtain. I actually bought two so that I could use the fabric to make matching window curtains for the window over the tub. Nice weight to the fabric, rich color, very sturdy and lays super nice and neat. I am going to buy more colors so that I can switch them out for each season to keep the bathroom fresh and vibrant. Very very pleased with the quality and the price! You can’t beat it, seriously.

I am really happy with this shower curtain. It looks sophisticated and like a hotel shower curtain. It is bright white, and helps brighten the room – the window behind it gives off a nice diffused light in the bathroom. The water beads off it right away, and I am using the bathroom shower window curtains without a liner. I just got it so I can’t weigh in on weather it will mold or not, but I imagine if you take care of it, rinse it off from shampoo while showering, and wash it now and again it will last a long time. The water literally beads right off it.

5. River Dream Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

Best shower curtainsIt is constructed in a way that you do not need to be concerned about hanging it as it did and thus it is called the “split Rings”. This shower curtain is meant to save a lot of your money and effort as you are not required to buy the hooks to hang it and not even to remove the rod as well.

These best shower curtains include the fabric snap–on for the replacement of the liner so that you would not be worried about searching for the liner. It has got a clear window on its top so that you will receive the natural light and breathe the fresh air as well.

This black and white bathroom shower curtain is not transparent, so your privacy is maintained, and you can enjoy your shower with no worry. The material used in this shower curtain is of high quality as such found in the curtain install in an expensive hotel.

This best fabric shower curtain liner is light in weight and weighs around 200 gsm, so it makes it stationary on its place due to its heaviness. It is repellent to water which means it is waterproof and thus will avoid water to spill off in the tub keeping it dry.

Customers Feedback:

This curtain was reasonably priced and doesn’t look cheap. I bought a different one from somewhere else because it has an interesting picture and it really looks cheap (I had to buy one like this to put behind it to make it look better.). I really like that you can see through the top (I didn’t think I needed this, but it does feel less claustrophobic). Big bonus is the detachable inner lining which can be washed (or replaced, if necessary). Shower curtain rings aren’t necessary and it just sorta snaps onto bar (looks better, too).

My first shower curtain in many years. The quality of this black and white bathroom shower curtain is fantastic, easy installation, and provides a nice soft look in the bathroom. I followed the instructions for washing, the only thing I did differently, was I hung curtain on the rod and let the pieces air dry. I was afraid putting them in the dryer would cause them to shrink or perhaps warp the rubber part at the top even on the lowest setting. They dried beautifully, the only thing I had to do was touch them up with an iron, no big deal they’re. Looks great, and would buy this product again.

FAQs on the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom

What are the types of shower curtain available in the market?

There are many types of shower curtains available for your small bathroom in the market from where you can consider buying. When coming to the most recommended curtain, the cotton shower curtain stands at its peak on the list. It gives your small bathroom a very expensive look and is very easy for you to take care of it. This type of shower curtain is easily available in the market and in verities of colors and patterns based on your theme.

Then comes the decorative shower curtain on the second number in which cloth material such as silk or rayon is used which gives your bathroom a royal look. The next one is the vinyl shower curtain, which is a natural water repellent, so you do not need to worry about mold and fungus. It is affordable in price and fits in your budget and is available in a simple design which gives your bathroom a very nice look.

How to wash your shower curtain?

First, you need to give your shower curtain, a machine wash and you must ensure that you have taken out the shower hooks before. For avoiding the formation of the wrinkle lines on your shower, it is suggested to wash a towel also with it and it should be clean.

If you have a shower curtain that is large, then you need to add a full cup of baking soda along with the washing powder. Pour enough warm water inside the washing machine, till your shower gets sink inside it. In case, if there is mold present on your best clear shower curtain, then you are required to use the bleach in a half-cup on your white color shower.

During the rinsing cycle, you must add half a cup of vinegar to it which must be in the distilled form. Wait for the final round to end and then you should let it dry in the bathroom only and not in the sun or outside.

How to take care of your shower curtain?

It is important to note that you protect your shower curtains from getting tear by keeping it aside carefully. You need to install it correctly so that the lifespan of your curtain does not get affected. When setting it up in your small bathroom, it is significant to follow up with the manual and guides given with your product. The weight of your curtain must be handled properly and that can be simply done by the strong poles.

Although the shower curtain for the white bathroom is used more for decorative purposes still it gives you privacy. Water slash, moisture can cause damage to your curtain if it is not waterproof so you must clean it on a regular basis. The maintenance cost of the shower curtain is very low, and it will also be increasing its durability as well.

How to hang your shower curtain in your small bathroom?

To install your shower curtain in your small bathroom, you must first measure the height of your bathroom and for that, you need to take accurate measurements of your curtain. Then after that, you must maintain 2 inches of space between the floor and the curtain so that it can soak up all the moisture and keep your room clean and dry.

Then, you must set the best shower curtain rod and that rotate it in the clockwise direction so that its length gets increased. Then install it to the marked location and you can also make use of the level to ensure that the rod is straight mounted. Then the last step is to hand in your shower curtain and for this, you need to check the hardware first as it is going to be permanently set there so you need to be extra careful.

Is there any need of the hooks to attach your curtain with the rod?

It is not necessary that all the shower curtains available in the market need to have hooks attached to them when you are hanging them on the curtain rod. You must make yourself clear before purchasing the curtain about the need for a hook whether you need it or not. The hook-free shower curtain includes the perforation or hole or even the buttons to get attached with the rod of the curtain by simply slipping through the rod.

This will give your bathroom a seamless look and can also reduce the price of the whole set up by not buying hooks or rings for the curtain. So, it simply depends on your preference whether you want hooks or not.

Why does the shower curtain move in when I shower?

Video Transcript:

Hey rose it’s Wednesday why is it Wednesday and today we will be answering the question why does the shower curtain move towards you while you’re showering I’ve actually heard this question many different times and heard a lot of different answers everything from the shower curtain being heavier from being wet to some kind of air vortex caused by the water jets that move the curtain around I don’t know none of those is right it’s actually very simple you see your shower curtain is just really into you and when it sees your naked body all hot and steamy.

It can’t help but reach out and try to give you a hug and there you go that is science no I’m just playing I got you all to enter textiles sexuality aside this phenomenon actually has to do with air temperature and air pressure a little less theatrical than anthropomorphic shower curtains falling in love with you but you know the facts are the facts so here’s the deal when you’re taking a shower the warm water actually heats up the air inside the shower with you and as you probably know hot air rises this has to do with Boyle’s law of gasses when gas is warmer each molecule.

Actually has more energy and is if an around faster and bumping into each other more often this means that when gas gets warmer it actually spreads out and expands giving each of those molecules more room to move around and in the process becomes less dense things float on top of more dense things you probably know that so cool denser air sinks to the bottom and warm less dense air floats on top weary so what’s happening in the shower well the air on the inside of the shower with you becomes warmer and less dense than the air.

On the outside of the shower this warmer less dense air rises up towards the ceiling and since it has nowhere else to go actually leaves the shower through that gap between the ceiling and the top of the shower curtain but now that air is leaving the shower new air needs to come in to replace the air that left to balance out the air pressure so cooler bathroom air near the ground tries to come into the shower over the edge of the bathtub to replace the warm.

Air that left near the ceiling but something is in the way that pesky shower curtain so there you go the cool air trying to get into the shower to replace the warm air that left can’t get in because the shower curtains in the way so it ends up just pushing the entire shower curtain into the shower with you where it sticks to your naked body and makes you feel oh there are two ways we can test this theory first if you run the shower with only cold water you’ll find that the shower curtain doesn’t move since the water is no longer heating up air and creating this air movement cycle.

Another test would be if you had a shower curtain that actually went all the way to the ceiling I don’t think they may come that tall but if you had one then the warm air inside the shower wouldn’t be able to leave in the first place and so no new cool air would try to come in and push the shower curtain on you okay so now that you know why the shower curtain tries to attack you when you’re naked what can you do about it simple if you leave a little gap open on the side of the shower curtain while you shower this will give that cool air a way to vent into the shower so it won’t push the shower curtain any more you’re welcome, Andros, we’ll see you on Friday you.

What is a shower curtain?

The shower curtain is simply used for the two reasons as such, it provides enough privacy to the person who is in the bathroom and along with that, it prevents the water splash to enter the area you are taking shower. They are translucent and are usually designed with the strong material of plastic or vinyl. They are commonly used in the clawfoot tub shower curtain and are easily available in any hardware stores that sell home appliances and it is a recycling product as well.


It is a desire of every human being to keep his bathroom clean and it must provide you with the privacy also and for this, the shower curtain will be considered as the best choice for it. It will help you in getting rid of the microorganisms and molds that are formed due to the water being deposited in the bathroom.

It is highly expected from you that this review will assist you in getting the best shower curtain and the important information you should know. With this, write up you will be aware of the factors to consider before purchasing it.

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