Best Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower in 2021

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Do you have a walk-in shower in your bathroom?

Do you want to replace your existing shower curtains with new ones?

Are you finding it difficult which one to choose that can amp up your bathroom?

Well, that’s true curtains play an essential role in how your bathrooms décor. Along with its looks, you also need to check the material of the curtains as well. You need to choose the one that can be easily maintained as you don’t want to spend a good time cleaning up the curtains.

It tends to absorb lots of moisture as it might give the curtains a greenish tint and smell awful, and this is something that neither you want nor we. So stay tuned as this article is going to help you a lot choose that’s the best for you.

Buying Guide For The Best Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower in 2021

After a definite time period, all the curtains are needed to be replaced, shower curtains as well. The shower curtains, the lining, the Curtain itself, and the rings include the liner and the ring on the rod. Buyers should look for a sturdy, well-designed piece with a style that suits their budget and their bathroom décor when purchasing the Walk In Shower Curtain.

In the market where it offers you varieties of options making the right choice will help you stand out from the crowd giving an elegant décor to your bathroom with not much maintenance. In this article, we have tried to provide all the features as well as price details you need to keep in mind before buying the Best Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower.

Features of the Best Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower in 2021

Types of Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower:

  • Cotton Shower Curtains:

For shower room decor, cotton has always been the top choice since the fabric is simple to maintain and adds a soft and dressing accent to your room. Whereas cotton is more likely to absorb moisture, it helps keep mold and mildew at bay by combining your natural cotton shower curtain with a vinyl or polyester coating and meat washing.

The cotton shower curtain is simple to match with a wide range of room designs, from casual to modern and includes solid colors, fresh floral patterns, streaks, and many other colors.

  • Decorative shower curtains:

Decorative shower curtains are an excellent way to use them in your shower. Decorative shower curtains are usually made of high-quality fabrics, such as faux silk or radius, and feature hand-stitched adornments, complicated designs, lace fronts, etc.

But don’t let the name fool you. If you are coupled with water-repelling liners, these shelves are practical and don’t be frightened of hanging one in your busy family bathroom to add a hint of elegance and beauty.

  • Hookless Shower Curtains:

Hookless shower curtains are the ideal option for modern-styled walk-in shower rooms with ceiling-track curtain rods. As they are designed with grommets, hookless curtains slip effortlessly over a hookless shower curtain rod for a seamless look, thus removing the need for additional curtain rings.

These modern curtains can be found in a number of fun patterns and colors, and many hookless versions of the shower curtains have integrated liner to add comfort.

  • Vinyl Shower Curtains:

If you are looking for low maintenance in the shower curtain, vinyl is an excellent option. Naturally, synthetic vinyl repels moisture; the multicolor design and design possibilities enable the easy-to-clean rug to be easily coordinated with bath towels, bath tubes, and other decorative bathroom pieces.

Although vinyl and other synthetic curtain styles like nylon or polyester do not need liners, combining the Curtain with a liner provides privacy and helps to maintain the water in the shower area.

  • Microfiber Shower Curtains:

Microfiber shower curtains offer a soft alternative to plastic ribbons and work well to wipe away moisture when showering. Residual water evaporates fast, so when these curtains hang in a well-ventilated bathroom, mold and mildew do not stand a chance.

Microfibre curtains are also heavier in consistency than other shower curtain fabric, particularly when equipped with magnetic weights, which allow for stability when water pressure is high, or your heat waves or bathroom fans blow out air. Best of all, these curtains can be washed by machine, making them super easy to clean and maintain.


Hooks are very useful in the maintenance of the curtains. Alternatively, the tiny stainless steel metal is given. This circular metal is fixed by a few circular openings to the Curtain. You should keep in mind the different ways that it is hung on the shower wall when buying a curtain.

Consider the safest way to hang it to secure the floor and walls. If you go for the hooks or not, the wall must be covered by shower dirt. You should try shopping for the best thing for your small bathroom.

The Measurements:

This is another key element. Without proper bathroom measurements, you cannot just buy a curtain. This helps you not to buy a piece of flawed equipment. First, use a tape measure to determine the bathroom length and height. You may conveniently take the right side of the Curtain from the store with this detail in hand.

The time you buy a somewhat larger curtain, it is better, as you can still make it smaller and smaller. You should check on your tailor and reduce the size accordingly. You would not be able to cover the whole shower room design if you buy a small shower curtain. That will show your walls and the ground and ultimately get dirty.


Heavy curtains get even heavier when it comes to water touch. Water has great bulk, making it both thicker and slightly heavier. This is likely to break the hooks down and even slip off the Curtain. High ribbons are also difficult to clean.

So what are you doing to prevent that? Consider still purchasing medium to lightweight curtains. Don’t buy the lightest ones. Go for the weight of the individual. You need to ask yourself what weight is important. In protecting the walls, weight plays a part. The heavy fabric is often constructed with strong and durable materials.

Such materials can prevent the walls from touching water and soap scum. When the curtains are light, these dirt elements can penetrate the wall and floor and make them dirty.


What material shall you consider for your walk-in shower? Notice that the used material often plays an important part. In order to hold water and soap scum for longer, some materials, particularly cotton products, are useful.

The curtains of nylon or silk will lose the battle too quickly, on the other hand. The water and soap scum would probably escape from the wall and ground. So you must think objectively about what the Curtain is made of before you purchase it. Always purchase a product that serves your intent easily.

The material problem might be negligible if the bathroom is much larger in the sense that water and soap are unlikely to spill over through the walls. But always remember that decent materials are a good commodity.

Shower Curtain Liners:

It is a very hard task to clean the Curtain, especially by using a hand. This is particularly true if the Curtain is thickly painted. A liner for curtains is useful to help avoid contact with dirt with the main Curtain. This ensures the tough stains stay in the easy-to-clean liner while protecting the main Curtain.

Therefore you should consider testing if it has a liner when you decide to buy a Walk In Shower Curtain. You may still purchase it separately, alternatively. Here also, the pace at which the Curtain can be cleaned plays an important role. If you take a long time to clean, then the lining will be in place when you have time to clean, cut the liner and clean it easily.

However, you can opt to have a line or not if you still clean thoroughly in short intervals. We wouldn’t encourage anybody to do that. A curtain with a liner is often easier to buy. This is because the durability of the main Curtain is also instrumental.

Shower Curtain Details:

The best way to find out if the Curtain is a superior product that lasts for years is to check the specifications. The weaving around the loops should be extremely close, the lines of holes at the top for the shower circles. There is no noticeable fraying in the edges of the cloth curtain.

Bear in mind the size of the shower area.   Most bath and shower fittings are 5 to 6 feet long, and the shower curtain fabric usually hangs 6 feet above the ground. This means that the majority of homeowners can purchase a 70-inch, 72-inch width, most common style shower curtain.

Available Price:

The cost factor should not override the other excellent characteristics of a product at any cost. You better not purchase it if the product, for example, costs $10 but its quality is very poor.  A good buyer should check other positive characteristics of a product before the cost problem is eventually resolved.

You can first consider how efficient the small shower curtain is, how long it is, and so on. In this order, you can choose the best product at the best rate.  However, when you purchase the commodity, you should not split your bank account. We recommend that you use your budget to prevent excessive expenditure.

Even if the Curtain has all the positive characteristics you want, but the cost is high, avoid it.  So you should choose wisely.

FAQs for the Best Shower Curtain For Walk In Shower in 2021

What's the best shower curtains material?

It depends on what you are going to pay for your bathroom. A normal walk in shower with curtain is made of waterproof, polyester, and vinyl synthetic material. They are usually inexpensive, cheerful, and not so expensive that if you get bored of design, you can never change them often. It takes a long time for the material to soak moisture.

How essential is a liner of a shower curtain?

A liner is of great significance in shielding the Curtain. This is the lightweight clothing that can be removed from over the shower curtain. It is important to prevent exposure of the main Curtain to water, soap, and other dirt.

The liner is easy to remove and purify. All the time, there is no fast dirty of the washroom shower curtains. However, if the Curtain is water-resistant, liners are not much needed.

Are there water-resistant curtains available in the market? How is it water-resistant?

Yes, there are several waterproof curtains. The word water-resistant means the Curtain is solid enough to prevent water from passing through. This means that the walls and the floor are protected. It is important to remember, however.

That there are no 100% water-resistant materials unless they are made of plastic. Plastic is not ideal for bathroom use because it has a lot of inconvenience with the actual textile. It's essential to keep the shower with curtain clean and dry for a long time.

How long do I need to clean my Curtain for a shower?

It depends on the length of time it takes to get dirty, as a shower room curtain is used regularly and many times too. The more often the bathroom is used, the more quickly it gets stained. Any dirt is on the Curtain first. I'd tell you to clean some once or twice a week.

Remember that it can be cleaned in more than one way. First, you can simply clean off any dirt with water and mild soap. If it's too dirty, you can wash it with a machine. Profound cleaning can take place at least once a month.

How to install a shower curtain?

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody I am here today to show you how to install a shower curtain liner so the first step is to get your shower curtain and place it on a flat surface with the inside facing up so this is a shower curtain right here and the inside is facing up the next step is to get your shower curtain liner and place it on top of the shower curtain and try and get the poles on the top of the shower curtain liner to line up with the ones that you have on the shower curtain the next thing that you have to do is to actually hook the hole hook the hooks through the shower curtain liner.

Holes so you’re going to start at one end this is what I like to do just hook one end in just like that and hook the other end in just like that and once you have both ends hooked in it will be secure now you can go ahead and hook the rest in the next step is to take the shower curtain liner that you’ve just installed the hooks and the shower curtain back into the washroom and we will install it in the shower alright so now we are going to install all of these in the shower so once again I like to start off with one end and the other end just to secure it.

So what I’m going to do is I’m not going to be placing the liner inside or anything like that I’m literally just going to start by putting the hooks on the shower rod over here on the curtain rod so I’m going to take one end just like this I’m gonna hook it over there and then I’m going to take the other end and I’m gonna hook it on the other side now that the curtain is in place I can take each hook and secure it onto the rod now that I have secured all of the hooks onto the rod I’m going to open up the shower curtain just like that and I’m going to take the shower curtain liner that I just installed and I’m going to place it on the inside of the bathtub right here.

So I’ll bring it right over onto the inside of the bathtub and I’ll just move the shower curtain out of the way so you can see that the current liner that we’ve just installed on the inside of the bathtub now the only thing that you have to do and sorry I should have mentioned that the shower curtain is also on the outside of the bathtub so the liners on the inside and the actual curtain is on the outside the only thing that’s left to do is to open it fully.

And just make sure that everything works so I can see that the curtain is on the outside and if I move this aside I can see that the liner is on the inside and it is literally that simple installing a shower curtain liner can be done very easily just follow the steps in this video and you will be good to go and that’s all I have for you today thanks for watching.

How to install shower curtain rod?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone I want to do a quick video about showers shower curtains shower rods whatever so the first thing you might be having some trouble with maybe you’ve gotta replace your shower curtain maybe there’s some sort of issues that are going on with your shower curtain rod maybe it’s falling down there are two types there’s the kind that is screwed into the wall we’re not gonna focus on that today those ones usually are pretty stable and if it’s falling off that that means you having some troubles with the screws but there’s another very common type here it’s actually a spring-loaded shower curtain rod and if this thing keeps falling down on you it just needs a dusty very easy to do.

Of course, I’m not in the shower showing this because it’s a very small shower it’s only 40 though 41 inches wide I couldn’t video this in there but anyways if your shower rod this file that doesn’t that’s not screwed into the wall Holle work is that thing they have a spring in this tube and it keeps falling down that means that it needs a dressing which is very easy to do so it’s in two pieces to see this there’s a spring in there and what what you can do if it’s too tight you need to turn it in closer here see how it’s moving in and if it’s too loose and keeps falling down.

You need to screw this out and you just have to find that balance where you can manage to fit it up in there compress that spring that’s in there a bit it’s a pretty tough spring and that’s gonna solve your problems if this thing keeps you know balling demo now second I have a pretty small shower and it’s actually really hard to find a shower curtain but that’s the most common ones are about 70 inches wide by 72 inches in height now 72 inches is a very standard site size so if you have a fixed one they’re probably all going to be 72 and if you have the one that guy.

I have which is a spring-loaded one, of course, you can adjust that up and down so it’s not an issue with length but the width now these come standard through both 70 inches wide and put in a 70-inch wide shower curtain into a 40-inch shower it’s just it’s going to look stupid for one thing and you’re gonna have all this folding it’s just gonna be nasty looking it trusts me and it’s not gonna work oh so you’re thinking well I cannot seem to find the proper width for my shower easy solution if it’s a vinyl or plastic, especially I don’t want to talk about fabric ones.

Because I’m not sure in those depends how the fabric is constructed but providing plastic you can simply trim it to size doesn’t tell you anything about trimming them but you can trim them so I picked up this cheap one here it’s only about $12 of course unfortunately made in China and the other thing that you’re gonna pick up a package of especially if they’re plastic ones that you already have you might as well pick up some of these they’re like two dollars.

For a pack, because if you have plastic ones when you go to take them off they’re probably gonna break, and now they’re probably all gross-up in any way so what I’m gonna do is show you quickly how to easily trim your shower curtain a bit and that will be the basics just to get you started alright so here we go all right to let’s get this shower curtain out of here move to an open area here Wow how’s this thing stuck in there no they don’t want you to just have to rip that off of there get that out and here’s the top find the top okay so I’m just looking at this there’s absolutely a perfect crease and I mean you don’t have to be super precise it’s a 12 it’s a piece of it’s $12.

For this piece of plastic so I’m not going to mark it at the top because knowing ideally maybe I could like make a nice line along there but you know what there’s a crease here and it’s about an inch in from that crease so and as I said I’m limited on the room where I couldn’t really lay this out so I’m just going to start cutting along here pretty much all you have to do and you have good scissors so just build a cut right along with that crease okay so every shower curtain trimmed up here now this is just a cheap shower curtain so some of them have like brass or metal I guess kind of like a grommet this is just a cheek one so it has a little plastic it’s just a real the little plastic circle.

Just have to push out this little piece here and then pull that out so now you have a little hole in there and ideally, your shower bar would be up in your shower but for demonstration just put one of these rings on here basically they distance style anyways it just locks in like this so you put this on your shower curtain bar so it’s hanging down there and then you just simply insert the ring into the shower curtain hole there and hook it in the hope you saw that it’s hard to do that again.

So just put on a shower curtain now it just sort of snaps into place so you go ahead keep doing that and voila you have your shower curtains ready to go easy as that anyways hope you enjoyed the video take care to have a great night dr. Yan likes and subscribes click on the bell for notifications if you want to see more videos alright bye-bye.


You need to invest in a good product for your shower room because you want a clean bathroom. Often take into account the positive features of a curtain before spending your money on a product; we advise you to do some detailed background research. Anything you want should be a result of a well-researched, well-thought analysis.

The frequency of the Curtain’s cleaning can also be used to decide what is best for your Walk In Shower Curtain. Don’t forget to check the bathroom’s dimensions and architecture. Over the cost of your product, we suggest you choose the right material.

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