Best Shaving Soaps for Sensitive Skin in 2021

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Gone are the days of the aboriginals, when the men’s long beards would not bother them. The primates were very much comfortable with their un-trimmed beard and didn’t consider it essential to remove.

But today, in the time of modernization, shaving, trimming, and cleanliness are a must for the people. It is very much crucial for maintaining one’s personal hygiene also.

I, myself, am very much fond of getting my beard shaved when and so possible. But the major problem which I faced was in choosing the best shaving soap as I have susceptible skin. Sensitive skin demands extra care in maintenance and when it comes to applying any kind of external product.

So, to get myself the suitable skin type shaving soap, I researched the available soaps for sensitive skin. Here, I will be sharing this researched information so that my friends don’t get themselves the wrong soap, which will eventually lead to their skin damage.

Buying Guide for Best Shaving Soaps For Sensitive Skin in 2021

When it comes to a grooming session for men, The best shave soap plays an essential role. Without using a bar of shaving soap, it is impossible to get the desired trimmed beard, leading to rashes and redness on the facial skin.

So, getting the right one for ourselves by beating all the odds is required by all of us right there.

Based on my personal ups and down while getting the right shaving soap for me, I have brought you a buying guide you will need to refer to while making your purchase.

Types of shaving soaps

The composition and the ingredients used in the production categorizes the shaving soaps into three types:

  • Tallow-Based Shaving Soap –

Tallow-based shaving soap is the traditional shaving soap used for many years. They come with large quantities of tallow which is a complex fatty substance that is obtained from animals. It provides an easy and smooth glide for the razor, along with nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

  • Glycerine-Based Shaving Soap –

As the name suggests, glycerine is the main ingredient in the glycerine-based shaving soap. Glycerine is known to be highly influential on the skin. It hydrates the skin and removes all the dryness once applied.

Further, it makes the skin soft so that it becomes easy for the blade to glide effortlessly through the face while shaving.

  • Hybrid-Based Shaving Soap –

The hybrid-based shaving soap is prepared of the two main ingredients – tallow and glycerine. Both these ingredients are mixed together in smaller amounts, yet highly effective for the skin. Apart from it, you will find many other elements for the better functionality of the shaving soap and brush.

So, before buying the shaving soap for yourself, finalize the type you want to have and then look for that type under various brands.


The performance is also linked to the composition of the soap.

A block of shaving soap with higher fat and glycerine content (30 to 50%) is the best choice. The higher fat content is essential for better lubrication.

This combination ensures a smooth lather formation that helps the razor work smoothly on your skin without leaving you in those cuts and bruises. And above all, the hydrating quality of glycerine nourishes your skin to the maximum after the shave session.

So, check up on the performance quality of the soap before you get it.


For all of us, scent and aroma are among the primary deciding factors that help us finalize our product. Some of the familiar fragrances available in the best soaps for shaving are:

  • Almond
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Lemmon
  • Aloe-vera

However, people like us with sensitive skin should avoid using scented soaps for as long as possible. You can go for the herb-based organic men’s shaving soap because they will not cause you any harm. They come with natural scents derived from petals or other natural resources and remain on the body for a longer time.

Still, we would advise you to go for aloe vera, lemon, or the mint fragrance for the scented soaps.


As you are a happy soul blessed with sensitive skin, this point becomes the most important one for you, by default. You have to shop with a lot of precautions and a long list of dos and don’ts.

I believe by now, you might have done good research on your skin type and your skin allergies. Have a clear idea about the things that cause you your skin damage. Look for the composition and then make a choice accordingly. Avoid getting the bars that have chemicals that will eventually harm you.


When buying the shaving soaps, I will suggest you stick around the reputed brands.

Your skin is an integral body part. Treat it as a blessing because once you cause damage, it will take a long time for the skin to heal. And being blessed with a sensitive skin type to protect yourself, the local brands should be a complete no! If you go for them, then it is as good as inviting the problem on your own.

So, grab a good knowledge about the available brands and check for the reviews. This will make you acknowledged the pros and cons of the desired soap bar before getting it for yourself.


It is eventually just a soap at the end! Be it bathing/shaving, soap is soap. You have to make a lather out of it and lubricate your skin and hair in its foam. So, investing a lot in a bar of soap will just be an act of stupidity. And by this, we do not mean that you get a cheaper product that doesn’t serve its quality. Instead, make a wise choice and get a decent shaving bar.

Obviously, look for the mens shaving soaps from some good brands to give your skin a good gala time! For that, you can also keep a regular eye on the brand’s personalized websites or online shopping platforms. Look for sales, and you can get your branded shaving soap at a discounted price.

In this way, you will get your product from a good brand, and the shopping will also be within the budget.

Manufacturing and expiry date

Anything that is made up of chemicals must be shopped based on its manufacturing and the expiry date.

Chemicals have a very small shelf-life. They will start misbehaving after some time. If they are used after their optimum duration, then they will cause you hazardous side effects.

If you ignore this while shopping, it will later lead you to just the waste of money (in case you see the dates later and decide not to use it) or may leave you with problematic skin (if you do not check the dates even later and make use of an expired product).

Online reviews

Technology is ultimately a boon in today’s world. You have got such an excellent option to see the reviews of shaving bars based upon real-time experiences.

You get to know a lot about its service from personal usage in the review section. So, go through these sections also before you finalize your desired soap.

Consulting Dermatologist

If your skin is very much damaged already, do not buy any shaving soap and brush by just seeing it in some advertisement or other websites.

A bit of professional advice, in this case, is really a must to have! Consult your dermatologist before buying and also talk about the issues you are facing.

FAQs for the Best Shaving Soaps For Sensitive Skin in 2021

Do we need a brush for shaving soap?

The shaving soaps have a rigid and firm surface, unlike those creams and gel. So, it is a little challenging to make lather out of it instantly. So, you may go for a brush and dip it in hot water, and then mix it or rub it on the soaps' surface.

When you twirl the brush on the soap, you will notice that there will be a production of very dense lather. You can use this lather for your shaving purpose easily. However, if you don't use a brush, you would not get a smooth shave.

Is shaving soap better than cream?

Well, shaving soaps and cream are two different things that may be misunderstood to be one.

The cream makes the froth easily as it is in the vicious form. On the other hand, the soap takes a bit longer to make the lather, being rigid. The soap has a better composition and is comfortable to carry without the fear of any leakage. However, there is nothing such as a benefit compared to the best shave soap when it comes to the cream.

Hence, it can be seen that both the products have their own pros and cons and work differently on different skin types.

After all, your life is your own, and so is your choice! Preferences here will be personal and vary from person to person.

How do we store shaving soap?

The organic men's shaving soap has been in use for ages, way before the gels and cream were introduced. So, when it comes to storage, people follow the traditional method of keeping the soap:

  • First of all, clean all the extra foam and particles from the soaps' surface before storing them.
  • The very next thing to consider is getting a moisture-free container for the shaving soap.
  • Keep it separately from the regular soap, and thus get a particular shaving soap container or soap case for storing it for a longer duration.
  • Lastly, keep it away from the sunlight and find a nice cool shady place. You may keep it in the cabinet or on the shelf in your bathroom.

Is shaving soap different from regular soap?

Yes, definitely! Shaving soaps and regular soaps are very different when it comes to their composition and functionality. I can completely relate and agree that if the same regular mens shaving soaps would have functioned as a shaving soap, life would have been much more manageable.

But my friend, soaps are made up of two types of lye:

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Potassium hydroxide

The regular soaps that you have are basically made up of only sodium hydroxide. On the other hand, shaving soaps are made from a combination of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Also, the shaving soap and brush use many fatty acids like stearic acid compared to regular soap. This is why they also are specific to their function and application.

Can I add my own fragrance to an unscented soap?

Yes, why not! You can add your personalized fragrance to your shaving soap. It only requires some extra care and precautions. Let's introduce you to the procedure of the following.

  • Cut the soap into small pieces.
  • Put the pieces in a Pyrex measuring cup.
  • Add a tablespoon of distilled water.
  • Cover the entire setup with a plastic wrap and then microwave this in decreasing burst length (30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec, etc.).
  • It will shortly start melting.
  • As soon as the soap comes to the brim of the cup, stop the microwave.
  • Take out the cup carefully and remove the plastic wrap.
  • Stir the soap and put it back in the microwave. Repeat it a couple of times till the soap becomes soft.
  • When it is soft, go ahead and add your favorite fragrance oil.
  • Later, keep the soap in a container and let it take shape as it cools.

How do you shave with sensitive skin everyday?

Video Transcript:

Good morning Matt here from the West Coast shavings daily shave video series and for today’s daily shave I’m going to be doing another vintage straight razor shave and for today’s video I’m gonna focus on how to shave with sensitive skin so if you’re like me and a lot of times a lot of products what shaving products a lot of ways of shaving can cause irritation for sensitive skin I’m gonna give some tips in this video I want to avoid having an irritating shave and some tips for people with sensitive skin.

So with that I’ll go through the product lineup so I’m gonna be using my vintage five-eighths blue-steel special this is a kinfolks razor American steel made and 1950s square point razor full Howell five-eighths I’ll be using holy cow fern concerto this is one of my favorite scents from the holy cow it’s I think based on a men’s cologne the classic men’s cologne Oh Sauvage not confused not to be confused with the Johnny Depp the or Savage: that’s more recent this one o Sauvage came out in the nineteen nineteen fifty-nine or 1960s and it’s like a citrusy very gentlemanly e-type cologne sin we’re gonna be using this West Coast shaving ancient stone collection brush it’s synthetic with this kind of black fan black wolf and type not I think this is a 25 millimeter or not it’s very soft it’s one of the softest synthetic knots that I’ve used of this style but it’s not floppy by any means it has some decent backbone to it.

But it is a very soft not so that’s ancient and stone collection brush from West Co shaving and then I’ll be using the holy cow toner this is alcohol-free and as an aftershave balm or oil I’m using this new product that I’ve been testing out for the past about two weeks now and that’s good olio good olio is an oil and I’ll talk about that a little bit later so oh and last one that means the bowl I’m gonna be using this shaving Bowl this is a potato the music’s like a loading bowl lather bowl it’s a unbreakable it’s made out of this composite plastic material it’s kind of like a hard plastic there’s a nice flat bottom and some ridges to help them the leather with that we get stuck into it here and I’m gonna be just giving tips as I go along about wet shaving and and how to shave if you have sensitive skin so I’m using about mm 1/4 teaspoon or so putting it right in the bowl so first thing I guess we can talk about is the soap or actually why don’t we talk about just an overview wet shaving in general let’s say this version of shaving versus shaving with a cartridge razor you know.

Which are more of a modern way of shaving and I’m sure that some people can get great shades with the cartridge razor but what I will say is one of the reasons why I started out trying what shaving straight razor shaving was I was having pretty lousy shades with the cartridge razors he’s spending a lot of money from the carts but that’s a little bit beside the point the I think straight razor shaving and just wet shaving in general so even if you’re a VE saver it holds true black none of this going back and forth so you can go around synthetic brush you can do circles and go back and forth without building that lather add a little more water to the ball here.

So I think one of the main issues of the cartridge razors and one of the reasons why I was having difficulty and not having good shaves is that the blades are locked in at a certain angle in the cart so they’re all like in one plane so you can’t adjust the angle that you’re shaving with so if you’re going with the grain is probably not gonna be a problem but if you try to go against the grain you can’t really adjust that angle of the blade you know a straight razor or even de se razors you can adjust that level you can adjust the plane that you’re approaching and I’ll talk about that later as I go through the different passes but I think that does offer a very significant advantage people wet shaving over let’s say cartridge razors shaving so I do have very sensitive skin a lot of soaps don’t work for my skin I got a lot of burning sometimes when I try different orders and products so I sample a lot of products before I use them whenever I can that’s I think a good idea so that’s one of my tips is to try to find a soap that works well for your skin well for me for the most part.

I tend to have very very consistent results when I use soaps that are mostly Talib soaps and soaps that don’t have a super-strong scent that’s the general that’s a friend that works for me and soaps tallow based and kind of like either a mild or medium scent I mean I do like strong sense I get it like most people I think but a lot of times they come away burning my skin so I’ve gotten burned a lot of times trying strongly scented soaps so I do appreciate more miles and it’s hoped this one is I would say like medium to like medium-strong so somewhere maybe like six or seven out of ten sense strength on this holy cow so holy cow they’re soaps all work very well for my skin I haven’t had a bad reaction to a holy cow soap.

Before I know that when I use that soap holy cow either the vegan formula or the new formula that they have that actually has a lot of ingredients that donkey milk in it has lanolin I know that I’m gonna have no issues with the soap as far as burning the skin so I think that’s important and I’m just going to go through my shave here the start how can I go so I think that’s one of the things you want to do is really find a soap that works well for you and a lot of times it’s so you know it might be as a soap that’s more Mobley’s end but it might be some ingredients in the soap base that causes irritation, Skin Cancer, ITCHY and some of the common ones for people.

I just mentioned sometimes people might have a reaction to the coconut oil that’s used in most soaps for the stearic acid so you might want to keep an eye out for that so soaps that are high in stearic acid even though you know there might be vegan made soaps sometimes it can cause irritation cause tightness that’s a common issue that people have with feeling so another one would be sensitivities to specific things like lanolin, for example, this soap has lanolin luckily I don’t have a sensitivity to lanolin works well for me.

Latins Wow is basically a moisturizer it’s an oil that comes from it comes from the lamb from the produced for the fur of a lamb I don’t know how its extracted and used but some people have sensitivity to lanolin so that’s something to watch out for when you’re buying us shaving soap is pretty common commonly used in a lot of chainsaws, unfortunately, a lot of times it’s it is hard to narrow down if you’re having sensitivities on a specific ingredient I think really the only way to find out what’s gonna work is to look out for some of those more common allergens some people of issues with it you know and just try a lot of products sample them.

When you can now the next thing now it take another important thing to get an irritation appreciated is your choice of or your blade your razor and the sharpness so if you have a dull razor a dull blade it can cause irritation it’s not gonna be slicing efficiently through those hairs it might be tugging or plucking the hairs out and goes it irritation to make sure I’m just gonna add a little more water to my bowl so make sure you’ve got a sharp blade so what I normally do is it’s just going on let’s have just hold a blade so I’m not you know I’m testing out the edge usually I’ll happen, alright guys, sorry for the break in the video the battery on my phone just died I had to plug it in so I’m just gonna pick up where I left off I think.

I was saying having a sharp edge an important for irritation so it’ll prevent irritation if you shave them with a dull razor you’re gonna get your taters gonna pluck the hair out as opposed to slicing through it efficiently so make sure you have a sharp edge when I’m testing out a new edge a new raised you know I’ve just honed the razor usually I’ll have another razor on standby ready to go in case I’m not satisfied with that edge you don’t want to push through a shave if you’ve got a dull razor same thing goes for de shaving se shaving you know just to get a new blade or a switch out that straight razor for one that you know has a sharp edge you know maybe you need to work on that edge a little bit more or it’s not perfectly clear Viking don’t push.

Though you’ll be hero guys now a couple of things I felt I forgot to mention in the beginning I’m just kind of doing this extemporaneously is the beard prep so make sure that you know for me I like I tend to shave right after I come on the shower so my face is nice moisturized um the hairs are softer and a little steam from the shower you don’t want the water can be too hot some people go as far as using cold water when I shave they say that it cuts down on the irritation and it probably does I just I like to have a warm lather I feel like having warm lather helps relax the face which also helps with having a more comfortable shave so here I’m on past two and you know I actually let me just talk about one more thing which is appreciated.

I don’t tend to use appreciates I haven’t I’ve experimented a little bit with it I don’t like how they necessarily might gum up my brush things like that it’s an oil and I’m using a natural brush especially but I do find that they help with the pull shave so I think they do help your shave overall so it might be a good idea if you’re having trouble with your gaze to add that extra layer protection on your face with a pre-shave oil or appreciate product so another tip for especially for straight razor shaving or wet shaving in general is you know.

If I’m going for an irritation free shave I try to do longer strokes so less scrubbing so less going back and forth of the same spot and longer strokes so you know a lot of times don’t fit you know you don’t want to try to get everything on each pass you know you’re gonna to have some hair that you don’t get but you’re gonna pick it up later on a subsequent pass so just don’t worry about it cuz cave do longer strokes when you can and then we’ll cut down on irritation cuz you’re cutting down on the number of times that you’re going back over that same spot and if you do have to go over a spot long stroke if you do have to go over that same spot then make sure you have soap on it you know don’t shave over a spot that doesn’t have lather you can always just add some more lather on your face okay I’ll talk a little bit about techniques as far as the shaving angle and I looted to this a little bit at the beginning of the video so my general approach when I’m shaving with each pass.

You know one with the grain across the grain against the grain so when I’m going with the grain you can use a little bit of a steeper angle so what I mean by that so let me just demonstrate on the side of my face let’s say I’m going down so this might with the grain pass I can have a more let’s see if your camera can pick it up you can have more of a steep angle so let’s say the blade is at more like 30 40 percent to your face this is actually more aggressive so the steeper the angle the more aggressive the more shallow or the flatter the blade is to your face it’ll be less um less aggressive you can think about this way if you have a steeper angle you’re it’s almost like you’re cutting closer to the skin or you’re cutting the hair closer and closer level to your skin so it’s more aggressive so on that first pass by going with the green it’s okay to have a little bit more aggressive angle.

Or a steeper angle but as you go across you can adjust that angle that you’re going against the face and you know it’s going to my second pass I was maybe more at you know 30 or 20 to 30 percent I mean it’s hard to know exactly what angle do you have the blade at well what I can say is you know the general principle as you’re going more against the grain so if you’re going across or you’re going against you you’re gradually flattening the angle a little bit that to me helps with irritation a lot of times if I go you can even feel it so as you’re going against the grain so like this air in my neck I’m going against the grain.

If I go it’s too steep an angle it’ll be Tuggy sometimes it could feel irritating as I go but if I flatten that angle out it’ll be a lot smoother I’ll be able to feel it so that’s you want to do that I’ll help with your thumb with your shave so you can customize that angle based on what direction you’re going and I do think that is a big advantage over a car cartridge or a custard razor shaving where those blades are locked into that head of the cart and you can’t adjust I’m going across the grain here but I’m flattening out the angle of the blade I’m also stretching I’m not overstretching if you overstretch you might end up with an irritating shape which is stretching out to get a little traction to try to keep the muscles interfaced relaxed as you stretch the skin now the third and final path so this I think the third path the cleanup or the cleanup path after.

That if you do a little cleanup after I think that’s where a lot of people get into trouble with irritation or they’re trying to do too much they’re chasing BBS so like I said try to avoid scrubbing too much now if you’re going from a very close great to shave scrubbing is a good technique but if your goal is you want to avoid irritation I just want a very comfortable chair then again try to avoid going over the same place too much by longer strokes try to shave with their soap, okay if you need to reapply let’s say I need to get a little bit more into the drawing just add a little more soap, not a big deal okay there we go they’re my sharp razor here I’m just gonna do a dummy pass again in this goatee area if you’re really having a lot of irritation or you’re coming off of a really irritating shape another trick would be cut out the third pass completely most people aren’t going to notice that you aren’t perfectly bbs nobody’s going up to your face with a magnifying glass.

I have a little area right here that I like to get against Doreen I’m gonna follow me to vote on advice put a little bit so it’s a little lather right there in that spot I’m gonna pull down the other hand on my chin just let the bottom lip go loose that’s a nice irritation pre-shape now a little bit about aftershave aftershave products so I know I’m in the minority here but I do tend to prefer alcohol-free aftershaves like this one so it is holy cow their toner it’s called that’s an alcohol-free toner it has none of the burns this is also on the same firm concerto set really nice kind of a citrusy smelling one that’s not super strong also like this feels slick there’s no tightness there zero burns so that’s the thing people love the alcohol splashes.

I don’t really understand why I don’t understand why you would want to burn your face after you shave so using something like this you still get the nice pen you get a lot of the good properties of some of the ingredients in here it has glycerin there’s a law there’s you know a lot of my skin food in here but none on the house haul that’s gonna cause burning alcohol it’s an irritant to the skin so I know the idea I think it’s probably from a bygone era or they would use alcohol and the idea is it’s gonna disinfect you know if you’re at the barbers and they just shaved 20 people.

And hygiene was questionable you know they’d want to use alcohol and they thought it would maybe disinfect everything this whole idea think is questionable in itself I don’t know that there are any good studies that show that if you use alcohol splash it’s going to prevent let’s say having a skin infection from a cut or something and it’s probably actually might even be harmful you know I mean you’re adding alcohol which causes inflammation you’re adding inflammation to your skin and then it breaks down the bare you’re more likely to get infected actually so I think it’s just a bad idea it dries your skin out and it causes irritation so for the same reason I’m not a fan of using alum here’s my alum block I do love to use alum but I like to put a little bit on my fingers.

When I need when I have a slippery using a slippery soap and I want to stretch the skin I’ll put a little bit on my fingers to help stretch it works like a charm or if you slippery razor you know you have soapy hands and you want to hold on to that razor add a little alum to the fingertips it will make it very tacky grippy but as far as putting it on your face after you shave I know there are a lot of people who like to do it they like to the feedback, in other words, they like that feeling well I just shaved and I have this kind of micro-abrasions on my face it’s gonna you know it’s causing like a good burn on my face I think it’s a bad idea I don’t think you should try to burn your face after you shave it I don’t call me crazy I’m piyo maybe I’ll get some heat from saying that but people feel strong.

About their alcohol splash about their burn about the alum if you’re looking for an irritation pre-shape avoid alum avoid alcohol that’s my advice and then last but not least use a great post-shave moisturizer I usually like to go for something like a senseless moisturizer I’ve been using this good olio product so this is an oil I don’t think it’s specifically done at the design for to be an aftershave it’s more of like a skincare product this one I’ve been having very good results with I use maybe three-four drops total you really don’t need to use more than that and I just kind of had little spots all over my face I’ve been using about twice a day after I shaved before I go to bed.

And it’s been really cleaning up at dry patchy skin here like in this area on the sides of my nose and here in the eyebrows above the eyes and it’s totally cleared it up I’m really very very impressed with this it does have a bit of a scent from some of the oils it’s like a blend of different oils some I think there’s there’s a lot of different oils in this there are olive oil jojoba oil essential oils there’s some eucalyptus oil I think is giving some of the scents there’s Kade oil that it kind of has almost like a smoky smell to it so it very mildly scented and I have no trouble putting this on and doesn’t really last.

So you know maybe it lasts like 15-20 minutes the actual scent of this but it’s not anything that’s jumping off your scanner interfere with your you know if you want to put on the scented aftershave so this one really is ticking all the box for me as far as a post-shave oil or opposed shave moisturizer I like ones that don’t have a strong scent or unscented I like ones that don’t clog my pores so the next day I’m not going to break out after using it and I don’t have any burn or reaction to ingredients in it so um this one is taking all the boxes it looks when it goes on your skin looks a little bit shiny but it dries within like five or ten minutes and then you don’t have that kind of like oily feel anymore it definitely gets absorbed and you don’t have that kind of like a little bit of that shine.

So you do have a little bit of a shine right now but then it kind of gets absorbed after a few minutes so those are my tips for having an irritation appreciate which has just most definitely had let me know if you have any tips of your own or if you have any problems with any tips I gave or you could disagree please post it in the comments I’d love to go back and forth and here some people’s other ideas of having an irritation-free shave thank you for joining me and I’ll catch you next time.


So, we have reached the article’s end. I tried my best to elaborate on each point needed to purchase the best shaving soap for sensitive skin. I hope I have done justice and simplified your confusion about getting the suitable best shave soap.

Shopping always requires a strategic approach by considering a lot of things. This always helps you in making a better choice and prevents you from regretting later. Now, you need to pick up all the points you need from the guide, and there you go! You are all ready to get the right bar at your doorstep.

Have happy grooming!

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