Best Setting Sprays for Oily Skin in 2021

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Setting sprays are the makeup saviors for people who have an oily skin texture. I guarantee you ladies will agree to this point, that howsoever the excellent look one creates, it is ultimately a failure if you do not make use of setting spray.

Fixing the makeup is as important as applying the makeup. This is because when you step out in the sun, the heat is going to melt all your makeup and will leave you in a dismantle look. And overall, if you are somebody who has oily skin, then your makeup will hardly last for an hour or so. Thus, all of you need to pack your face with a setting spray, which will give you a matte look and protect your makeup from getting damaged.

Gone are the days when setting sprays were considered the fancy products, which were meant only for the specific occasion use. People back then only used these sprays when they had to go to a lavish party. But now, my dear friend, using these setting sprays has become so common that it has replaced the traditional concept with everyday use. You just need a good setting spray to fix your makeup and have that ever-lasting matte finish, and there, you are all ready to step out without any worries.

Buying Guide for Best Setting Sprays for Oily Skin in 2021

This guide will definitely solve all the problems which you face while buying a setting spray. It is certainly not a cinch, but yes, it can be simplified with the correct approach.

So, let’s discuss the points which you people need to keep in mind while shopping.

It should be light-weighted in nature

To begin with, you need to consider is the weight and coating that a particular product gives you.

The best setting sprays are the ones that are very light on our skins and produce a thin film over the skin. This light shield is significant as it slowly evaporates with time and takes up all the heat which comes in contact with the skin.

Heat removal is essential because this heat is solely responsible for melting down your makeup. Thus, a thin protective layer of the spray is needed to keep the products in place.

However, if the spray film is very thick and the setting spray acts very heavy on the skin, it can lead to clogging of the pores and thereby cause you acne instead. So, be very particular about the weight of a setting spray.

Alcohol rich

Alcohol is the main ingredient that makes a setting spray function well. Not all the sprays are worth buying. You have to know about the difference that all the ingredients can create.

Alcohol, in particular, is majorly responsible for tightening the skin and thereby packing all the applied products at their place for a long time.

If a setting spray is rich in alcohol, it will function in the same way as a hair spray. So, make it a point to check for the alcohol ingredient in the labels. Only then, your purchase of the setting spray will be worth buying.

Soothing effect

People with oily skin definitely need to take care of their skin’s temperature. The heat outside raises our body temperature and causes a lot of unwanted damage. But if the skin manages to keep a cool temperature and a misty texture, then all the repercussions can be prevented.

So, find a setting spray that soothes your skin and gives your face a cooling effect. Many natural cooling ingredients can be found in these sprays. You can go for the aloe-vera-based setting spray, which is indeed the best for the natural cooling effect.

Best SPF

Every day on different social media sites, you might have heard about sunscreen application every 2-3 hours to get protection against harmful UV radiations and reduce skin aging. But, with a hectic schedule, you can’t reapply the sunscreen every now and then. But what you can do is apply a makeup fixer.

A makeup fixer works similarly to sunscreen and relieves the facial skin from the stress of getting tanned. But not all makeup fixers can perform this task. You should only get yourself the best SPF setting spray for oily skin.

The best SPF setting spray will keep your makeup at the place and act as a protective shield against harmful UV rays. So, ladies, step out in the sun with all confidence and pull off that makeup look with the best setting spray.

Oil-absorbing setting spray

Oil absorbents are a must in the setting sprays. They help in extracting all the excess oil and keep the skin oil-free.

Charcoal is the best oil-absorbing ingredient that you may look for in your setting sprays. Traditionally, activated charcoal is prepared from burning the materials at a very high temperature, rich in carbon like coal, wood, etc. These all forms of charcoal help in fighting against the excess oil and helps in keeping an oil-free skin surface. But nowadays, Binchotan white charcoal is very much in, which is based upon a Japanese technology.

So, make sure to get a setting spray rich in charcoal for getting an oil-free look.

Long-wear spray

You cannot keep on spritzing your setting spray all the time. So, it’s better to get a spray that has a more extended work efficiency. Focus on the longevity hours, up to which the spray can work on your face and keep your makeup in place and intact.

There are many makeup fixers that can work for 15 to 16 hours very efficiently. So, always go for these long-duration setting sprays.

Rich in amino acids

The amino acids help in maintaining the body’s pH balance. The setting sprays rich in amino acid complexes are the best ones that will suit the oily skin type.

pH balance is really very important when it comes to the application of cosmetic products. Generally, the effects tend to disturb our body’s natural pH, resulting in a lot of skin damage. But if you keep this point in mind and get a setting spray rich in amino acids, you will see the wonders yourself.

Thus, I would advise you to get a spray that has some amino acid complexes in it.

Sulfate and paraben-free

We are always aware of the harmful impact cruelty-rich ingredients such as sulfate and paraben have on our skin. There is no doubt in stating that these harsh chemicals cause damage to our skin and have hazardous effects on the environment. So, to prevent all this, ensure (before buying the spray) that your desired setting spray is free from sulfate and paraben.


In all, I would recommend you consult your dermatologist firstly to get a better know-how of the product and ingredients you might be allergic to. If you have sensitive skin, always keep in mind to read about the composition. The ingredients used should either be organic or should be very light in nature. If at all, the product is made up of harsh chemicals, then you have to consider going for some other item. And if you are particularly, allergic to a specific ingredient, then do not go for that product. Otherwise, with lots of ill reactions, later on, you might damage your skin as a whole.


Your skin is your greatest gift! Cherish this natural treasure for a lifetime and use the external products accordingly. Never go for a setting spray from a local brand. This will only keep you in trouble. Always buy the fixers from highly reputed brands. These brands come with a reasonable guarantee period, no harmful chemicals, and are cruelty-free, giving their best quality service with time.


The labels have details about the packaging dates. Do not miss this part while you go shopping. You might get the best setting spray which is perfect in all aspects, but it won’t be any longer the ideal if you buy it once it has crossed or is nearing the expiry date. This would similarly be wasting your money on these expensive products. That is why it is mandatory to check these dates before buying.

Cost of the spray

Ladies, never compromise the quality over price! Look for a product that comes under a descent range so that you get assurance about its quality and it will be under your budget. This is because the lower the price, the lower is its quality and service. So always choose the service over cost.

FAQs on Best Setting Sprays for Oily Skin in 2021

Does setting spray clog pores?

Yes, many setting sprays which have coconut oil as their ingredient can easily clog the pores. This can later lead to many acnes, pimples and eventually cause some damage to your skin.

How do I choose a setting spray?

In a setting spray, there are many things to be considered before finalizing it. However, the prime most importance should be given to your skin texture. People have different skin types and so, the sprays are available depending upon it. Each spray depending upon the skin texture gives a different look. People with an oily skin type have an option available for the fixed which offers a matte finish. This doesn’t make the skin look oily and keeps the makeup in its place for a long time. However, those with dry skin can go for the matte finish look, if they want in a spray, or the ones that offer a little oily and glossy look.

Is setting spray bad for acne-prone skin?

Well, it depends upon the composition of the setting spray. The sprays which have the essential oils can cause some severe damage to your skin. This is because they are responsible for clogging the pores, resulting in breakouts. So, this will just worsen your skin texture.

Also, sprays with silicone and their traces can be very harmful to acne-prone skin. But you don't have to really worry about the damage.

There are so many options available in the market. Such check the ingredients and go for the organic ones, which are hypoallergenic.

Should I use the setting spray if I have oily skin?

Setting sprays are definitely made for you only! The function of a setting spray is to protect your makeup from the meltdown. What happens is, your skin is oily, secretes a lot of natural oil, which eventually brings down all your makeup. But if you make use of a makeup fixer and set your makeup with this spray, you can definitely avoid such issues.

How do you use a makeup setting spray on oily skin?

Follow the following mentioned steps for the easy use of setting sprays:

Firstly, choose your makeup spray as per your skin type.
Shake the bottle well.
Spray it in an X and then T direction.
Let it dry.

Apart from fixing your makeup, you can also use the setting spray for the following:

You can use it to dampen the foundation blender.
You can even use the spray on your eyeshadow brush.
Spritz it off on the concealer brush.


As the setting sprays are no longer limited to the makeup-add-on feature but have become our daily necessity so, getting the best one becomes an important task. And I believe this won’t be any longer difficult for you now, provided you keep in mind all the points discussed here.

There are really some essential considerations that one should take care of while buying a setting spray. Make a checklist mentioning all the requirements you have from a fixer, and then keep looking for the mentioned things in the different setting sprays you have chosen. You will definitely get the best spray this way and will thoroughly enjoy this shopping process.

Just keep in mind that no two fixers are the same and, therefore, will have their respective pros and cons. So, make a comparison between these products, and accordingly, pick all the good points and get yourself the best one then.

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