Best Pool Table For Home Use in 2021

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Do you like gaming?

Are you a diehard fan of pool tables?

Are you wondering which game table to use in your game room?

The pool is a fun game that your entire family can enjoy, so it might be a good choice. If you are from the UK or the US you must have got the feeling that your gaming room is nothing without a pool table.

The pool is one of the most common indoor sports in the world, with variations dating back centuries from the United Kingdom to the United States and beyond. It’s no surprise, then, that the pool table options are equally diverse.

So, why not have your own pool table instead of wasting your hard-earned money at the local pub playing pool?

Buying Guide For The Best Pool Table For Home in 2021

 Any game room will benefit from the addition of a pool table. But, in order to get the best pool table available, do you have to spend a lot of money?

The more features it has and the higher the quality of the materials, the higher the price. As a result, you must set a budget and then choose the best game pool table within that price range. Another thing to consider is your room size. You need at least 5feet of space on each side of the table to make a perfect shot. You must consider the material from which its surface is made up of.

We have described below which material will be a good choice. A pool table isn’t enough to make a good game. Your playing experience is enhanced by the accessories and playing equipment.

There is a wide range of equipment and accessories available such as cues, balls, ball rack, etc. You must keep in mind their material, durability, and performance to get the best one.

The home pool table surface has an impact on how much you enjoy your game. The surface is made up of a variety of different materials like wood, slate rubber, metal. We have mentioned below which one is the best choice. So you can choose accordingly.

Choosing the best pool table necessitates a significant amount of analysis and time. It’s even more difficult if you decide to buy a pool table online. You might feel confused because there are so many variations and differences. We’ve covered all of the important factors to consider when purchasing a pool table in this section.

So, read our full article, get the one having all the features for having fun with it, and enjoy your gameplay

Features For The Best Pool Table For Home in 2021

Types of Pool Table For Home Use:

  • Board bed tables

MDF or Plywood can be used for these styles of the best tabletop pool table. This is the second most common bed table surface on the market, and it has some unique characteristics to consider.

This form of playing surface is only found on tables with a size of seven feet or less. MDF or plywood are hardly used for eight-foot tables because the wider surface area causes them to warp. These materials are much less expensive than slate, and they weigh less, making them easier to ship, set up, support, and carry around.

The surface does not play as smoothly as it can, and it can produce more noise. Over time, this sort of surface can warp, causing problems with ball movement. Seasonal variations, such as humidity variations, can have an effect on the panel.

  • Slate bed tables

Slate, which has been used for bed tables since 1826, is the most common material. Clay, small grains, mica, and quartz are used to make it. This rock is cut into slabs, which are then polished and rendered perfectly smooth. Slate, like boards, has its own set of characteristics.

Stone is much more durable than other bed table surfaces, and will not warp over time or due to humidity, making it much more difficult to harm.

  • Pool Table Sizes And Dimensions:

Pool tables are measured in feet and usually range from 6 to 9 feet in length, but smaller tables are available that are better suited to children. Full-size pool tables in the UK are usually 7ft pool tables, while in the US they are a little bigger (8ft pool tables) due to the fact that many American houses are open plan, which is not as usual in the UK.

Simply add the length of your cue (usually 54” or 57”) to the end of each side of the table to calculate the amount of space you’ll need for a pool table. This will give you enough room to maneuver your cue with ease.

Material Of The Bed:

MDF and slate, also known as the pool table bed, are the two most common materials used to build the main structure of a pool table. Due to the cost of the raw material, pool tables made from these materials vary greatly in price.

Slate bed pool tables command a higher price because there’s no denying that they have much superior performance and playing efficiency. These slate beds are mechanically honed to produce a perfectly flat surface and are an inch thick (making them extremely heavy).

That’s not to say you can’t get a nice playing surface out of MDF; you can, and for many people, the price difference makes MDF the better option. In other words, if you’re a serious pool player with the funds, go for a slate bed pool table; if you’re just getting started, playing for fun, or don’t have the funds, go for a less costly MDF pool table.

Playing Clothes:

The pace at which the ball rolls along the surface is determined by the type of playing cloth used and the two choices are usually English pool table cloths and American pool table cloths. If you run your hand over the surface of an English pool table, you’ll notice that the surface is slightly rough or fuzzy to the touch, indicating that the fibers used are directional.

But just marginally, this causes the ball to run slower on the field, making it easier for new players. In contrast, American pool tables are typically woven and non-directional, resulting in a much smoother surface and faster ball speed. The playing cloth won’t make a big difference for most players. However, the more astute players may find themselves slightly altering their gameplay.

Rails And Cushions:

A common misconception among new pool players is that the material used to make the cushion is the same for all pool tables; however, although they are usually made of rubber, the form and shape do vary slightly. When a pool table’s padding tires out, it’s relatively simple to replace it.

Owing to variations in elasticity, the rubber cushion influences the speed at which the cue ball or object ball bounces from it. Pool table manufacturers excel at using the right cushion to control the table’s overall pace, so it’s always a good idea to replace an old cushion with one of the same kind if you ever need to.

Folding System:

When you’re finished playing, folding pool tables can be quickly stored and put away, regardless of their size. They are a great source of entertainment for all players, regardless of their available space, since the table can be conveniently stored once you are finished playing.

Without the assistance of a specialist, a 7 ft folding pool table may be folded into two or three sections. You can also easily set it up whenever you want.

These tables are made for players who enjoy moving around and playing anywhere. They’re simple to pack for a camping trip or to set up at your summer home. As compared to models intended for long-term use, most folding tables are very affordable.

These tables are typically lightweight since they are built to be carried around. This makes them ideal for children and teens who can put them together independently.


Drop pockets and ball return pockets are the two types of pool table pockets to consider. If you’ve ever played pool in a local bar or club, or even on vacation, you’ve almost certainly used a coin-operated pool table with an integrated ball return system.

These work with a set of tracks and gutters, and while they’re a lot of fun to play with because they have a professional feel to them, they’re also a lot bulkier and heavier than traditional drop pocket pool table. Drop pockets are also the less expensive choice.

Drop-down ball return systems are a third alternative that is a cross between the two. Instead of catching the balls in each pocket, these tables catch them under the table’s foundation.

Available Price:

If you want to go “budget” or go all-out, remember that buying a table is an investment. If you’re searching for a slate table with a solid construction, the cost will easily exceed $2,000.

That’s not to suggest you can’t get a pool tables game for less, but that’s the ballpark figure for a long-term investment in a table that’s a high-quality piece of furniture with a long-lasting, high-quality playing surface.

FAQs For The Best Pool Table For Home in 2021

Is it possible to pass a pool table without dismantling it?

You can move it if the distance is short and you have some people to assist you. If you intend on moving the table without dismantling it, furniture sliders are often recommended to avoid scratches on the floor.

What is the best size pool table for a home?

You will normally get tables 8 feet long in the market. Because this is often too large for many spaces, there are a wide variety of 6-foot table options. It all depends on the size of your space and whether or not you can fit a regulation size table.

Do pool tables come with balls and cues?

Some home pool tables come with balls and cues, while others do not come with any at all. Until settling on a table, always read the product description to see what's included.

Is it true that slate pool tables are superior to wooden pool tables?

Slate, though heavier and more costly than wood, provides a smooth and level playing surface. Tabletops made of wood, as well as plastic tabletops, are prone to warping. Many suppliers would offer a lifetime warranty on a slate pool table because it is so durable and proven to last.

What is the minimum distance between a pool table and a wall?

The drop pocket pool table should be placed in the middle of the room, with as much space around it as possible, so you won't have any trouble scoring tricky shots. A five-foot space between the table and the wall is the absolute minimum. If you don't do so, your experience would be severely hampered.

What Size Pool Table Should You Buy?

Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Brandon with select birds and a lot of people ask me what size pool table they should get well first of all you need to know the size of the room that you have generally you need five feet all the way around the table so if you go with a three and a half by seven tables the three and a half it’s always half the distance of the length a lot of people don’t know that either but it is so a three and a half by seven tables you need thirteen and a half by 17-foot room basically five feet all the way around it four by eight 14 by 18 four.

And a half by nine 14 and a half by 19 feet five feet all the way around is pretty much the minimum space to use a full-length cube this distance right here is five feet so if I just grab any cue you will see this is five feet okay now it’s hard for me to have a level stroke there but if I elevate it I can still shoot the shot that’s why this is the minimum area unless you want to go with shorter cue so a standard lake cue 58 inches I can go down to a fifty to a forty-eight.

A forty to a thirty-six if I want a bigger table and on my room size is not as big when I’m shooting directly straight across once I’m angled then it doesn’t matter as much it’s only what I’m shooting directly straight across so that’s why you need that space the other question is what kind of what am I going to see the differences in when I get different size pool tables well if you go with the three and a half by seven.

Which is standard in a bar you’re going to break the balls up and you’re going to get a lot more clusters on the table so now you’re spending more time when you’re playing breaking out other balls with the cue ball so you can have another shot but your balls are much closer to the pockets because the tables are smaller so that the shots are easier but you’re breaking up balls all the time if you go to a nine-foot the exact opposite happens you break them up they’re kind of spread out but your shots are a lot harder because the table is much bigger so you have to pay it.

More attention to your shots fewer breakouts eight-foot you kind of get the best of both worlds you have fewer clusters and still the shots are easier to make so if you’re really into the pool and you have space you definitely want a nine-foot table if you don’t have the space you want a 7-foot table but if you just are playing pool table for fun and you have space get an 8 footer so 9 foot if you want to be professional about it 7 foot if you don’t have space 8 foot, is the most the common size they make almost every pool table an 8 foot it’s the table size that most people all buy I’m Brandon with select players.

Is a pool table with a size of 6 feet too small?

The majority of pool players prefer an 8-foot or 9-foot table, but a 6-foot table can also work well. Six-foot tables are ideal for smaller rooms, so if your home isn’t very big, you should seriously consider getting one.

These smaller tables may not be ideal for professional players, but they are ideal for casual players and those who are just learning how to play pool in real life.

How to make a DIY pool table| How to make your homemade pool game from scratch!?

Video Transcript:

Hey how’s it going guys this is fraud for this episode we’re gonna make a DIY pool table now this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever made in my channel so I’m really really excited to share it with you I hope you guys have a great time watching this video so stay tuned so at first you want to prepare four rectangular pieces of double-layered styrofoam for the measurements at all you can check the design plan in the description box you also want to have two more layers to support the width of the table now it’s time to use your hot glue gun and stick these supporters to a large piece of styrofoam board in case you are wondering why I’m not using cardboard to make this project it’s because I do not have a large piece of cardboard.

And I believe that it’s a better idea to use styrofoam because it has a flatter surface rather than sticking a lot of cardboard pieces together to make the surface once you are done with the bass it’s time for you to take another styrofoam board and create some holes on every single corner as well as a midline section take a thick piece of styrofoam thermical and you wanted to have the same size as the black styrofoam you want to trace these holes on top of the styrofoam please pay attention to how these lines are made on the styrofoam because these are gonna be the rails for the pool table in order to have a smooth shaping I’m using a hot wire and you should end up with something that looks like this it is essential to provide some resistance for the pool.

Balls to roll on that’s why I’m using this very thick fabric material the material is thick and soft and I believe this is good enough however I strongly recommend not to use any towel or something like that because materials like such have too much resistance and that’s going to affect the flow of your shots once you’ve stuck the fabric material on top of the board you’re ready to stick the rails on top of that too now at this point feel free to decorate your pool table however you like I just use some colored paper and wrap them around the corners as well as the rails just for a better look.

Because the pool table is very lightweight you want to put some heavyweight objects on top of the base preventing it from moving around when a pool ball strikes the rail apply hot glue on top of these styrofoam supporters and now you’re ready to stick the pool table on top of the base cut out little strips of styrofoam pieces and stick them underneath the table to prepare the fuse I’m taking a steel rod from a clothing rack because it’s not that long enough I’ve taken half of another piece from another clothing rack.

Just to make sure they can stick better as they have a little difference in diameter using some super glue stick a little piece of a hot glue stick to the tip of the Q with that done you can decorate your Q however you like to make the pool balls I’ve taken a ping-pong ball now using a pushpin you want to puncture two holes on the ball now you want to use a syringe and fill the ball completely with water leaving no other space inside use.

Different colors of permanent markers to decorate your pool balls have a total of 15 of the seven for solids and seven for stripes along with one additional eight balls so guys you finally come down to this point after investing so much time and effort so now you get this rewarding feeling of completing your DIY project I’m very satisfied by the outcome of this DIY pool table.

So I encourage you to make yours right now and you’re gonna spend great times with your family and friends and I guarantee you that you’re gonna love it if you guys love this video be sure to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t to get the latest DIY projects and more and more until then I’ll catch you all next time.


Investing in a good pool table ensures that you and your family will have decades of unending entertainment. You’ll need time in addition to money to make the best decision. If you’re not careful while shopping for the best-rated pool table for the money, you could easily go over your budget.

Fortunately, a good game pool table is available in a variety of price ranges, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. So that was our guide for finding the best pool table for the money and for your needs this year.

Make sure you budget for not just the pool table, but also the pool table lighting, fixtures, possibly an electrician, and other unexpected costs. We hope this information will help you to find out the best for your home and enjoy your purchase to the maximum.

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