Best Plunger for Toilet Reviews in 2021

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Do your bathroom pipes get blocked frequently?

Are you tired of clearing the blockage in drainage and pipes?

Are you looking for good-quality plungers in the market?

If these are the issues you face at your house, then we have the best solutions for you.

Sometimes, pipes in the bathroom get blocked, and the drainage creates a foul smell that spoils the bathroom’s atmosphere. And if it happens, it restricts people from going to the toilet even during emergencies.

So, what is the way out of these problems? After all, you cannot call the drainage cleaner every third day to your house.

So, as time is crossing. There is a modern solution being introduced to eliminate the old and traditional problems. Now, you don’t have to call and wait for the cleaner to arrive at your house but, all you need is a plunger.

Update List of the Best Plunger for Toilet in 2021

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

So, let’s grab some information about the best plunger for the toilet market in the market. But before looking at the plungers, let’s gather some essential information about them.

Buying Guide for the Best Plunger for Toilet in 2021

Buying a plunger may look easy, but in reality, you have to be highly attentive and aware of all the factors to consider while purchasing. There are many plungers available in the market these days but choosing one is a big task. Moreover, every person wants worth money even if he spends a few bucks.

Thus, one should consider the following essential points before purchasing the best toilet plunger. So, let’s have a look at the following features.


The first and foremost feature that should be present in a plunger is that it should serve its purpose, that is, to prevent a clog in the drain and pipes in the bathroom.

Every commodity should serve its purpose and expectation for which it is made. When pushed down against the drain opening, the cup either by pressing it hard into the drain to force in or maybe pushing down until the cup is flattened and then you can pull it out. The best toilet plunger creates a vacuum that attracts the material.


The one who wants to purchase a plunger for the toilet should go for a plunger used in that area only. There are eight kinds of plungers available in the market. There are:

  • Beehive Plunger
  • Bellows Style Plunger
  • Traditional Toilet Plunger
  • Automatic Toilet Plunger
  • Modified Toilet Plunger
  • Sink Plunger
  • Bathtub Plunger
  • Taze Plunger.

These different types of plungers suit various purposes. Some are for the bathtubs, some for sinks, while others are for drains. Therefore, one should be aware of different kinds of plungers and choose the correct one.


The general purpose of the plunger is to clear the blockage in pipes and drains. It prevents the foul smell caused due to blockage in the bathroom that causes a hostile atmosphere. It is the other solution than calling a plumber frequently to fix the problem.


There are many plungers to suit one’s needs. Let’s read about them.

    • Beehive Plunger – This plunger comes with a narrow top where it connects to the plunger stick. It is broad in the middle and narrows again at the bottom to fit over most toilet drains and pipes. The narrow part is called a flange.
    • Bellow Styled Plunger – Now comes the bellow-styled plunger that gives an extra force to plunge because it creates a vacuum that sucks a large amount of water in the plunger. It is also known as an accordion plunger.
    • Traditional Toilet Plunger – Here is the conventional toilet plunger that is commonly used in every household. It is a reddish, orange, or black cup fixed to a wooden stick. The clogging problem is solved by using this kind of plunger.
    • Automatic Plunge – The mechanical plunger is used with carbon dioxide gas and is very powerful and fast. It clears more clogs in the pipes than the usual ones.
    • Modified Toilet Plunger – The modified toilet plunger is undreamed with limited bellows and a perfect toilet plunger.
    • Sink Plunger – Then comes the sink plunger that is for the kitchen sink. It is similar to a traditional plunge without a flange.
  • Bathtub Plunger – The bathtub plunger is for a tub drain. Ideally, one won’t use the same one you use on the toilet.
  • Taze Plunger – Lastly, we come to the Taze plunger designed for a specific purpose and may vary in size. These plungers are readily available in nearby stores.

Thus, if a person wants to buy a plunger for the toilet, then he should choose a beehive plunger, a bellow-styled plunger, traditional toilet plunger for a specific purpose.


This is one of the factors that one should check while purchasing a plunger. First, you need to press the flange down into the hole and create a seal. One needs to plunge up and down to create a suction. Pull up the plunger, the water pulls up into the plunger, pull down the plunger.

and the water gushes down. It is in the case of a manual plunger. The automatic plunger works on its own automatically. On the other hand, with the traditional plunger, one needs to plunge faster than the others. Bellows and beehives pull relevant water into the plunger, then the water is forced down, dislodging them.


Before purchasing a plunger, one should go through the ways to clean them before deciding on a plunger. One should go through the methods to choose the plunger that is easily washable and suits them. It is because any other way of cleaning a toilet plunger can break its parts. One should wash the plunger with the help of bleach.

One needs to pour the bleach into a bowl and put the plunger into it. Swirl it around and do it for 2 to 3 minutes until it is properly cleaned. Then there is a need to flush the toilet and let the bowl fill. Again, swirl the plunger and then dry it.


It is an essential feature that one should see in a plunger. The plunger should be made of good material so that it does not disintegrate. The material of the correct plunger for a toilet is made of a hard-ceramic material that is durable and resistant. It is attached by connecting the rod to a rotor.

The ceramic plunger reciprocates outwards that creates suction pressure. It should be durable and long-lasting. Therefore, quality is one of the main features that one should look for in a plunger.


The plunger’s cup looks like a rubber ball cut in half with an edge, while the toilet plunger cup is like a distorted tapered on one half. It also has a large hole at the bottom. It is more effective with water because water does not compress. When a plunger is not sufficient, the small plunger for the toilet is supplemented by a chemical drain cleaner or a plumber’s snake.


One should consider the pressure or the force of the plunger. The plunger’s water pressure is very high and can also be controlled without affecting the flow rate. In contrast, the flow rate and pressure changes have little effect on the performance.


The plunger should have some additional features in addition to serve its purpose. The head of the plunger should be efficient for all kinds of pipes and drains. It should have a soft and comfortable handle grip.

The canister is open and closes automatically at the time of placing the plunger. It should have a quick evaporation facility of water.


One should purchase according to one’s budget. High-priced goods are not always everlasting. Different materials are available at low and high prices due to the intense competition in today’s era.

The main reason is that one competitor tries to get over the other by providing customer satisfaction, which is the main aim of every brand.

Top Variants for the Best Plunger for Toilet in 2021

As there are hundreds of plungers available in the market, we decided to choose the best 5 plungers for the toilet with you. These plungers are the best in their own way and will reduce your burden to regularly unclog the toilet with lots of effort.

1. Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger

Plunger for elongated toiletJackson Supplies and Hardware got established in 1964 to supply good quality hardware products.

It has come up with a wide variety of hardware tools, products, and equipment types for one’s use. The company sells the hardware, tools, decorative plumbing, and rental needs of which the plungers are high in demand.

This plunger for clogged toilet specializes in unclogging the drain and bathroom pipes with ease. Their plungers have more power than the old and traditional plungers.

Thus, it suits all kinds of standard toilets and is multi-functional as it works in kitchen sinks drain too. It is easy to use as it utilizes water that helps in plunging. It provides maximum power with fewer efforts.

This plunger for odd-shaped toilets is available in different colors, so that prospective customers have a variety to choose from.


  • These plungers are more effective and powerful than the normal ones.
  • It provides better results with minimum effort.
  • No fold lip design reduces the risk of splashing back.
  • This plunger for the toilet and sink is a multipurpose plunger.

Customers Feedback:

My husband previously purchased the worst plunger ever made. One that i swear does not ACTUALLY plunge and instead only splash out dirty water everywhere. And then the plunger for odd shaped toilet dawned on me that i could purchase plungers that work! A realization took way too long. I bought these bad babies based on review and price. (Note they are delivered to in 2 parts –and you need to turn the long stick in the Bell part. Easy peesy) Of note bc its well designed there is no water splashing with this one! Huzzah! And gets the job plunged in no time!

We were using a newer version of an old fashioned plunger, which worked, but it was heavy and the rubber plunger was not returning back to its original shape, over half the time. We stumbled across this type of plunger at a family member’s home. We asked and they noted the features and benefits, so we bought. This new fangled, light weight, but durable plunger works brilliantly. The job gets done, fast and easy. Months have passed since we bought and we would buy this again.

At first glance of the plunger for clogged toilet, the website appeared not to be of good quality. It came in two pieces that required assembly and was made of plastic. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed. It was easy to assemble with no hassles. The impressive part came with the efficiency by which it was able to deliver on the promise. I found the product to quickly unclog the toilet with ease. I also found that I was able to use it on a bathroom sink clog with similar results. Quick, easy and the clog was gone in seconds. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, it does work and quickly.

2. Toilet Tree Products Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo

Proper plunger for toiletToilet Tree provides a wide variety of home and bath products. The accessories offered are so stylish and trendy that one wants to buy them.

The plunger’s quality is good, and so falls under the category of the best plungers for the toilet.

The handles of this plunger are made up of stainless steel that gives a durable and attractive look. It also provides a dual holder that can hold both these toilet brush and plunger sets.

Besides, it also has an appealing look. One can easily control the plunger and safely put it back once the work is complete. It comes with a black rubber that helps to provide a good grip and has ultimate suction power. It helps to get rid of the clogs in the drain and pipes with ease.

This toilet plunger holder is also heavy-weight and durable that holds both the plunger and the toilet brush. The dual holder helps both the plunger and the cleaner together and can keep the toilet neat and tidy. It also provides the following additional features in addition to that is mentioned above.


  • These dual correct plunger for the toilet is unique that grabs one’s attention.
  • The black rubber provides a good grip and enables easy cleaning.
  • The stainless steel makes it durable and also gives a trendy look.
  • It is a handy tool, so one can carry it from one toilet to the other.
  • It comes in both stainless steel and gunmetal material. One can choose between the two materials.

Customers Feedback:

We really want a plunger and bowl cleaner in our small bathroom but most of them look SO ugly; they are utilitarian and you know where they have been ;-)) This is duo is very, very handsome especially when combined with the black waste basket with the chrome trim. If you must have a plunger and brush near the commode, this is about as attractive as you could possibly get. We have not used the plunger so we cannot address the suction capabilities and notice it is smaller than our other plungers have been. We’re hoping for the best!

Needed a new set for the guest bath. This correct plunger for toilet seemed neat and tidy and it is in my opinion. It is as represented in the ad -it appears to be brushed stainless and black plastic. Both heads twist on – so – you could replace them – although I didn’t see any replacements offered. It is a bit smaller than I expected. Just a note: The plunger handle and head seems small to me, but it does work. Time will tell if it really is a good buy. I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful and I hope the info I have provided today is helpful to you.

These toilet brush/plunger combos are a one time final purchase with stainless steel handles and replaceable heads. The plunger is made from a durable lasting rubber and the brush material is phenomenally strong and will last the lifetime in a home. Extremely easy to clean!!! My investment in these will save me thousands!!!

3. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger

Plunger for clogged toiletNeiko Store provides air tools, automatic tools, hand tools, power tools metalworking tools, and a wide variety of products. It provides plungers that are of good quality.

It has an aluminum handle, unlike the steel handle that makes it lightweight and portable. One can carry it from one bathroom to the other.

The best way to plunge a toilet is a different yet unique suction cup that can fit all types and sizes of drain openings in the toilet. As it is of aluminum and not steel, it does not rust.

The aluminum comes with a peg hole that is useful for convenient handling. This feature makes it more attractive. Further, the quality of the plunger is dependable. This best plunger for a toilet comes with a rubber cap, which creates a tight seal around the drain openings.

The rubber part of the plunger is durable, making an ultra-tight sealing around the drain from any angle. The plunger cup never flips up or retains any filthy water. Lastly, the Neiko plungers can be used for commercial or residential uses. As far as design is concerned, it has an appealing look and an attractive color.


  • The aluminum material is lightweight that enables one to carry it from one place to the other.
  • It has a tight rubber part that enables it to perform better.
  • It is for residential as well as commercial purposes.
  • This plunger for the toilet cistern has an impressive design.

Customers Feedback:

I never thought I would be writing a glowing review of a plunger, but this one is that good! Relative to the other plungers I have used, the best plunger for a toilet works with ease and with 1 push. The others I have used have either been too rigid and didn’t move enough to work or too flimsy and didn’t have any power. Fortunately I have only had to use this twice, but both times I was shocked at how easy it worked! The handle is also very sturdy. I do wish it came with a container for it to sit on, but hopefully it won’t be too hard to find one. I will be ordering more for each bathroom in the house.

I have always had issues with clogging toilets.. not my favorite thing to admit but I think its important so you know how amazing this product is. I have gone through several plungers that don’t work well or break and also have a drain snake that I used to end up using almost every time after giving up with the plunger. After reading the reviews I bought this with hope and a big dose of skepticism. Everybody..this thing works. It has been a life changer for me and I am not exaggerating. Instead of standing over the toilet plunging until finally giving up and using the snake for 20 minutes I use this and within moments the situation is solved. It is incredibly sturdy, easy to grip and works fast.

Think of your typical old-school plunger for toilet cistern. You know the one. Heavy, splintery wooden handle that soaks up filthy toilet water. Red suction cup made of hard rubber that never seems to form a proper seal. Furiously plunging and doing a better job at splashing waste-laden water all over yourself and the floor than actually breaking that clog. Now imagine a light-weight aluminum handle that’s easy to wipe clean (and splinter free!), with a multi-layer suction cup made of soft rubber that results in a perfect fit every time, knocking out the toughest clogs in a couple of strokes, and that’s what you have here with this Neiko plunger. I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing a glowing review about a toilet plunger, but it really is that good.

4. Clorox Toilet Plunger

Plunger for odd shaped toiletMr. Clean Store is a company that provides a wide range of toilet commodities, of which plungers are popular.

Mr. Clean Store offers the best plungers for toilets and also provides a wide variety of them. It comes in white and grey.

This best plunger for new toilets design is different and unique that makes it attractive. The plunger includes one toilet paper and a caddy that complements it. It has a protected cover so that it does not break easily, making it long-lasting. It guards the cap against breakage and dirt that destroys the plunger cover and makes the product useless.

The quality of this plunger for the elongated toilets is reliable and durable. It is excellent and appealing to look at. It cleans toilet drains and pipes with ease without any discomfort. Thus, from our side, it can be the best plunger for your toilet.


  • It consists of one toilet paper and a caddy that enables it to clean the toilet properly.
  • There is a plunger cap protection feature available for unclogging toilets with plungers.
  • It is a part of the total collection of Clorox cleaning items.
  • Here comes a feature for its storage and drying facilities.

Customers Feedback:

I bought 3 and ALL did NOT work when arrived. You have to make sure the springs are correctly in place. There are 2 springs, see pictures of springs and how they SHOULD look. Then make sure the catch basket is ABOVE the white plastic tabs of the sides, see picture of wrong and right way. Once I made sure the springs were properly seated and the basket was above the tabs: works as advertised! Great value.

The plunger for new toilets is a very attractive plunger, if there ever was such a thing. It looks nice in the bathroom at my personal training studio and, unfortunately, I’ve already had to use it. Now, I have some plumbing issues there that rendered this less than useful BUT I still gave it five stars because I truly believe the lack of success in plunging the toilet was only due to a much larger plumbing problem than a lack of utility on the part of this product. One feature that is unarguably excellent is that it pulls out and opens and then shuts as it goes back in.

I was so weirdly excited about this toilet plunger near me. This is the first time I’ve had to buy a plunger on my own for my new apartment. I don’t have anywhere to hide it, but I’m not even mad about it. It looks so nice. My only complaint is that the covers come out of alignment easily and you have to push the tray back down manually which would be gross if It had been used. Oh also I haven’t actually used it yet to test how it functions. But it’s pretty and that’s what matters, right?

5. SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger

Best plunger for a toiletThis automatic toilet plunger is different to look, unlike the traditional plungers. It works with the help of carbon dioxide that helps to clear the most stubborn drainage.

It is powerful as compared to others and safe at the same time. This best plunger for toilet clogs works fast and has an additional feature of a decorative stand. It is used both for new and old toilets with the same efficiency and helps keep the toilet clean with ease.

This proper plunger for the toilet can also be used for low-flow-sized toilets. These kinds of plungers are useful for a slow-draining toilet that is clogged all the time.

Thus, you can use it any time and on any type of clogged pipes and drains, making it suitable for all kinds of toilets and sorts of clogs in drains and pipes. It is one of the best quality plungers available in the market for sale. It is durable and appealing at the same time.


  • This plunger for unblocking the toilet comes with a decorative stand that holds the plunger.
  • It can be used in old as well as new bathroom and is for all kinds of drains.
  • This plunger comes with an easy-to-use and clean method.

Customers Feedback:

I moved a couple of years ago to a newer house with toilets that clog if you say “clog”…..I’ve tried every kind of plunger but the weird shape of the outlet doesn’t make for a good seal. Not to mention that I hate the mess of a “blue shower”. Bought this. Wasted one cartridge by not holding down hard enough (it does have some recoil). My next two attempts were strangely satisfying…’s like I shot the clog with no mess and the simple press of a button. If you buy this:].

I have owned this plunger for unblocking toilet for years, and I have neglected to write a review. Now is the time for me to tell you that this thing has saved me hundreds of dollars. I no longer call plumbers for clogged pipes. Sometimes it might take 2 or 3 cartridges to loosen the blockage, but that is my fault for flushing baby wipes or letting a kids toy go down the drain. I don’t know if I would recommend using this on a property that you rent, as it could damage a pipe. However, I love this thing. I will buy another one, when and if it breaks. Probably won’t, as it is a simple design.

I just got this plunger for toilet clog, and I love it!! Regular plungers just don’t do the job. Just when this thing arrived, a visiting guest clogged the toilet – I kid you not!! – I used this plunger, and voila! Clog gone! It says to get the hang of it before you actually need it, and that is true. You need a practice session. When you push the button, you need to hold it down. I pushed the button without holding it, and when I pulled it up thinking it wasn’t working, I got blasted! (AAGH!). This is hands down the best toilet plunger – declogger – ever made! THANK YOU!!

FAQs on Best Plunger for Toilet in 2021

What kind of a plunger do I need in a toilet?

There is a different kind of plungers for various purposes. For instance, we have a beehive, bellows styled, traditionally styled, automatic toilet, modified toilet, sink, bathtub, and the best Taze plunger. Some are for the toilet drains, some for sinks, and some for bathtubs.

One should purchase different plungers to meet specific requirements because they are designed for a particular purpose. Therefore, one should use a beehive plunger, automatic plunger, modified toilet plunger, and Taze plunger to clear private toilet drains. Sink plungers can be used for sink drains and bathtub plungers for a bathroom tub drain.

Are plungers bad for toilets?

In case you are confused, then let us tell you that plungers are best for toilets. They are suitable for both kitchens as well as toilet drains as they clean the gutters and pipes.

They help solve the problems of clogs in pipes and drainage. They are the most versatile product and essential household tools for dealing with blockage in pipes and drains. Especially during unclogging lines, they help the most and prevent the foul smell from spreading in the bathroom. As such, there is no disadvantage to using a bathroom toilet plunger in the toilet.

How do I choose the best plunger for the toilet?

It is crucial to choose the right plunger for cleaning the toilet. If the plunger does not work correctly, then the simple task of unclogging the drain becomes a difficult task. One should consider the quality of the plunger and the material that determines the life of the plunger.

The material used is usually stainless steel or aluminum that has a long life. One should also check the pressure of the plunger before purchasing the best plunger for the toilet.

Where should a plunger be placed?

A plunger is usually sold with a stand or a plunger holder to hold it. Some people like to keep the plunger close to the bathroom to not have to look for it when they want to clean their toilets. Some people do not like to keep it open and away from the sight of the guests.

However, it depends on one's preference for where to store the unclog toilet plunger. Well, it should be kept in a dry place away from the contact of children. After all, there are chances that it can be a house of many bacteria and germs even though you have washed it thoroughly.

How do you know if a plunger is working?

The plungers are usually used for clogged pipes and drains. The bathroom pipes drain clogs problems are solved by using a plunger. If the line is clogged, one should plunge up and down with differential pressure to the clog.

One should push down slowly and pulls up rapidly to the blocked area that clears the blockage. If the blockage gets cleared, then the bathroom toilet plunger working. Its efficiency is checked only when there is a blockage in the toilet pipes and drains.

How To Use A Plunger Easily?

Video Transcript:

Hey, everybody, I’m here today to show you how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet in this video tutorial I’ll be going over the basic steps for properly using a plunger just like this one to unclog a toilet alright without further ado let’s get right into the video so as you can see this is the plunger that I will be using, however, there’s another type of plunger that also has an added part over here that extends out and this is going to work the same for that plunger there are different trains of thought.

With regards to which one to use but to be honest with you, this is going to work no matter which type of plunger you’re using what you want to do is want to take the plunger and you see if there is an opening where you want this opening to essentially go around the drain hole in there so that’s a circle that you see right over there you want to get that around that dream hole and if the plunger has the added extended piece that’s gonna go in the drain hole and that’s just for added suction.

So you want to basically get it right around that drain hole right there okay and what you want to do is make sure you have suction by pushing down on the plunger and it should be quite difficult to push down on it so as you can see right here actually I have suction because I can feel that when I push down I can feel that resistance right and especially when I pull up I can feel that resistance, where you’re gonna want to do at this point, is you’re gonna want to aggressively go sort of down and up for about 15 to 20 seconds or more depending on how bad the clog is now I’m not gonna do for a full 15 to 20 seconds because I’m actually enclosed that I’m gonna it’s before my work time.

Right now I arrive very early so I came to my parent’s house to film this I don’t want to get full of toilet water before work but what you definitely want to do is you’re gonna probably get you to know splash with some water so just be prepared for it so you want to aggressively go 15 to 20 seconds just like this all right so you can see that I was going in and out just like that okay and I’m not going easy you gotta be going aggressively just like that and like I said you’re probably gonna get splashed.

So just be prepared for it and you can probably try and stand back if you want and that’ll make it a little bit easier to not get splashed as much but then at that point you’re gonna take out the plunger you’re gonna remove it you know obviously, you know to make sure that you drip it off like that you don’t to be getting everything everywhere and you’re gonna see if the clog.

Has unclocked right and if it has on the cloth then you’re good to go if it didn’t unclog then you’re gonna put that plunger back input it over the drain hole 15 to 20 seconds so it’s like that aggressively 15 to 20 seconds pull it out again see where you’re at and I can tell I was actually using suction power because the water is actually a little bit dirty and dirtier than when I first started simply because I’ve pulling stuff up from inside of the drain.

Right now inside of the trap there’s water essentially a water trap inside of the like the water canal and side of the toilet and I’m pulling water up from in there right so I know I know that I’m doing that but obviously this toilet wasn’t clogged but if a toilet is clogged in my experience because I’ve dealt with a number of clogged toilets in my experience most of the time it only takes one session of 15 to 20 seconds if you have the right suction.

And if your plunger is good if it takes a second try usually that will work almost every single time on occasion you might need three or four sessions but for the most part, one try or two tries should be more than enough and that’s it that is how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet it’s a very simple and easy process and I’ve shown you how to do it in this video if you like this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know what you think down below as a comment and of course be sure to subscribe for more great videos just like this one and that’s all I have for you today thanks for watching.

What’s the right way to use a plunger?

Video Transcript:

You’ve been using your plunger wrong this whole time but let me tell you first if there’s a plunger in a bathroom do not ever put your lips on the lavatory faucet. Trust me on this one so it may not be that you’re using the plunger wrong it may just be that you have the wrong plunger what kind of plunger do you have and do you know.

How to use that plunger and is it the right one for what you’re using it for a lot of people have plungers like this in the bathroom and, to be honest, it’s not the right plunger for it this is great if all you’re trying to do is on stopping the lavatory. You know the sink in the bathroom is normally great for a plunger like this even a kitchen sink the only problem with it is they don’t have a lot of air there’s not a lot of volume there but the good thing about it.

If you put this right down over a drain it will seal off really really well and hope you don’t need much it’s gonna get a good seal around it and really all you want to do is want to use quick actions to try to push air down through it get it to break that this is gonna be great. If your clog is in that pea trap what if you use this on a kitchen sink on a kitchen sink you want to do the same thing and you can either put this on the disposal side or the other and if only one side is backing up. That’s great because that should help free up whatever is in there but if it’s both sides you want to make sure you put a stopper on one side and then this top plunger on the other and then make sure you’re pushing it good.

Because really what you’re trying to free up is whatever debris is clogged up down in there well I say debris it could be grease it could be oil it could be eggshells it could be a lot of different things but a lot of times this will push it through then rinse it out with a lot of hot water to help get.

It cleaned out to wash it out and that may help you a lot now for total it’s a little bit different notice the difference in the plungers see how they have the ends that are a little smaller like this is made to go down inside the hole of the bowl of your toilet.

And what I really like about it is it goes in there and then you get your seal around here I do like this new corky plunger because I think you get a little bit more air you get a little bit more volume and you get a handle on me now I’m not saying you need a handle or anything like that if you can’t grab that. There’s a problem but use these things about the same way what you want to do is put your plunger in at an angle it’s gonna get water in it then kind of tilt it pushes it repeatedly you’re trying to push anything down in there.

If it’s right there in the seal of the toilet this will unclog it now like I said I like the new corky because it’s got a little bit more room and it’s a little more flexible some of these newer toilets have a different shape in the bottom of the bowl it’s not perfectly round. Some of them are a little bit softer and I like that because they’re gonna get in there a little bit easier and conform to that different type of a shape you want to use this one just like the other one tilts it in at an angle.

Let it get what water in it that it can then use the handle and plunge it until you can push out all the water in there if there’s not enough water in the bowl. You can actually get a pot or a picture and pour more water down in there after you get it cleaned out though make sure you flush it a few times with toilet paper down in there you want to make sure that whatever was clogging it up is going all the way through. And not causing any problems now if you’ve got something in there that you cannot get it unstopped it may be time to go to a closet auger and we’ve got a whole other video about that but if your plunger won’t get it a lot of times the closet auger can reach all the way.

Through the toilet and even down into the lead band and can get to things that a plunger may not push through now the cool thing that I like about plungers like this say you’ve got it in your bathroom your lavatory stopped up and you don’t have the thin plunger what you can actually do on these is just fold it in and believe it or not they’re made like that because now you can get the seal around here so that when you push it down on there.

So that when you push it down in there it’s actually going to sell off like it should and help clean out that lavatory so guys I’ve shown you how to use your plunger. But if your toilets running check out this other video how to stop a running toilet guaranteed I have links down in the description that will take you to the different plungers. And the closet augers that we use and recommend I’m roger wakefield elite ap the expert plumber, we’ll see you in the next video if you don’t get flushed.

How to Plunge A Toilet with the best plunger?

Video Transcript:

Having problems plunging your toilet sticker on it shows you guys how to do it quick easy and efficient let’s get into this hey everyone back in the bathroom again now I’m cleaning part of the plumbing gurus welcome to our Channel and on this channel, we’re striving to save you money and keep you informed on all the proper plumbing practices so stay tuned and check out this video alright so in this video we just went out and bought a brand new car key plunger.

Here you get made so many times that go to people’s houses and they’re like my toilets clogged we need two toilets snakes. Well, guess what it just needs a good plunging, and a lot of times what it is one of two things first thing is is that they don’t have the proper plunger for their toilet and the second one is they don’t understand the concept of plunging the toilet I know it’s a very very basic thing to do but some people just don’t get it so in this video we’re going to show you guys how to do it properly let’s do this alright so now we’re here with the toilet so this toilet is not clogged.

We’re just using this as a demonstration to show you guys how to properly plunge your toilet down the road when we do have a clogged toilet at a customer’s house or a client’s house. And it just needs a plugging we’ll definitely do a video and we’ll show you guys in action on how that is procedures done in this case what we’re gonna do is his first step around is we’re just gonna push the plunger down right in the middle of the toilet ball and what you want to do is you want to just kind of create a little bit of pressure on the toilet and push it down into the toilet just like this now when you come up you’ll feel.

I can feel now that I’ve kind of suction so if you don’t have that suction and you’re plunging all you’re going to be doing is forcing the water back up into the bowl you won’t actually be forcing any pressure or force through the ball through. The little pea trap in the toilet and down to the toilet drain so once you’ve got this suction here then you want to vigorously go back and forth and you can hear no I pushed now just from doing this I’ve pushed all the water through the p-trap in the toilet down into the drain and that’s it that’s not a very very simple procedure and you can see the water line is a little low.

Because that’s the water that I pushed down the pitcher but it’s very important that you want to have that suction before you start plunging up and down that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed that video alright everyone thanks a lot for watching our video now if you haven’t noticed already but this is definitely a power tip because when someone like me from up from our company or from another company.

They’ll charge you a minimum charge just to come out to snake a toilet or to plunge a toilet some companies will charge a few hundred bucks to come to do this but all it is is just the plunging so here in these videos here like I was demonstrating before on how to do this properly we’re trying to save you guys money so you guys can learn how to do these small jobs on your own.

So you not to call a professional to come to do a job like this that’s very simple that you could just do on your own once again we’d like to say thank you very much for all the subscribers we have right now it helps us to create to keep motivated to create more videos just like this one to keep you guys all informed on all the. Plumbing proper plumbing practices that we like to use stay tuned guys thanks a lot for watching our video we’ll see you on the next one don’t forget to smash that subscribe button have a good one guys

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