Best Maxi Pads for Heavy Periods in 2021

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Undoubtedly, the best way of rejoicing women-hood is in celebrating your periods. But this lovely menstrual cycle turns out to be a complete monster for all of us many a time.

When the periods are heavy, forget about the celebration, one finds it difficult to even manage the hefty blood flow. I can completely relate with you all, ladies, and so I can feel your pain.

I, myself, was struggling with PCOS and so had a very disturbed cycle for many years. Sometimes, I had a very peaceful and gala time, and at other times, I struggled with the regular pads every now and then. Only then I realized that how necessary it is to get suitable pads for your periods.

If you have a heavy cycle, then, in that case, the regular pads won’t work for you at all. You need to have those large maxi sanitary napkins that can hold on a good amount of blood and prevent overflow and leakage for a long time. But during my search, I found that it wasn’t that easy to get the right one in a short period. A lot of in-depth research and top gynecologist recommendations were needed to have the right pad in hand.

Buying Guide for Best Maxi Pads for Heavy Periods in 2021

It’s now time to celebrate your womanhood. Your heavy periods won’t be any longer problematic to you. All you need is a wise observance and a suitable choice while buying the maxi pads for heavy periods, as it will protect your favorite undies from leakage and overflow.

Keep the following points in mind while shopping and thus get the best pads for hefty periods.

Sanitary pads types

There are various types of sanitary pads available in the market.

To begin with, you have to get briefed about all the types so that you can quickly figure out the differences between the different options offered to you.

  • Regular pads: These are small pads, which have lighter absorbance. They are best suited for the days when the flow is minimal.
  • Super pads: They are larger than the regular pads and have a better absorbance. They are perfect for the initial days when you have a little heavy blood flow compared to the latter days.
  • Night maxi pads: Ok, these are basically for the worry-less nights when you don’t really want to fear the leakage and sleep fearlessly. They help you in having a comfortable sleep by absorbing all the heavy flow. So, you won’t have to consider the stain and can have a sound sleep.
  • Maternity pads: These are perfectly designed for new moms and their heavy menstrual cycle.
  • Liners: These are best suited for the spotting time or during the pre or post-menstrual cycle when you do not actually have your periods but expect your dates and sometimes get those blood spots.

So, with this basic knowledge of the different types of pads, now you won’t end up getting a random one for yourself.


What good can a pad be if it cannot hold the blood?

Absorbency is the most crucial factor to consider while getting yourself the best maxi pads. Obviously, if you are searching for the maxi pads, that means you really have a heavy cycle and face a tough time while struggling with the regular pads. So, you have to make sure that whatever brand or cost you are finalizing, you have to get a maxi pad with the maximum absorbency rate.

Many bands show their absorbency rate with the help of some pictures demonstrated on the packets. So, check this out and only then finalize your product.

The material used in making pads

Material is the next important factor that you need to consider undoubtedly. Your vagina is a sensitive part of your body. And, during your menstrual cycle, it is already very prone to infections. In this case, if you use a pad that is not made of excellent absorbing material, it can lead to severe infections right there, in your genital area.

So, always check the material of the pads before you consider buying them. The linen and the fiber should be of the best quality to work efficiently. Else, it can really prove to be hazardous for your sensitive part.

Instant drying

The primary purpose of using a pad is to absorb all the blood instantly and make you feel dry. Else, we could have easily used the cotton cloth, right?

After all, there is a vast difference between a cloth and a pad. Cloth doesn’t absorb the blood instantly and thus gives us a feeling of wetness, while the pads absorb all the blood very quickly and make us feel dry and comfortable. But, one thing should be noted that all pads don’t come with the instant drying feature. It all depends upon the brand and material used in making it. So, look through the packaging carefully and put your hands on the one which guarantees an excellent instant drying quality.


Wings are nothing but the extra material which is provided on the left and right ends of pads. They are responsible for fixing the pads properly on their positions without letting them move.

If you get a pad that is without wings, in that case, your pad can move away from the place and cause you a lot of discomforts. Therefore, you have to buy those maxi pads only with wings attached to them. Else, you can have an uncomfortable experience dealing with the pads for the entire day.


Your pads should not be very thick and bulky. Thick pads don’t mean that they have good absorbance and that they will last long. No! Thick pads will only cause you a lot of discomfort and irritation. Rather than going for thick pads, you should go for the sleek pads with good absorbance and are soft on the skin.

Breathable material

Your pads should be made of breathable material. The pads should have tiny pores, which can help in passing the air. If the air doesn’t pass, then there are chances that you can easily catch the infection. So, it is imperative to get those maxi pads that have good breathable material.

Anti-leak protection

Ladies who have heavy blood flow always fear that they might get a stain on their bottoms. But you really need not worry if you have the right pad with yourself.

A pad that comes with anti-leak protection is the one that is best suited for you all. Use these pads and stay free always from the fear of stains and leakage.


You must be aware that the same pad for the entire day can be harmful to your vagina and the skin coming under the pad’s contact. One single pad for more than 6 hours can cause a nasty and foul smell with the absorbed blood. So, you can always go for buying those pads which have some natural fragrance in them.

Do not buy the pads which are made of harsh chemicals for giving the artificial fragrance. Go for the ones which make use of natural items for producing a mild scent.


The next important thing about the maxi pads is their flexibility. These maxi pads are already so huge that they look like they will be challenging to manage and wear. And if, on top of this, you get a very sturdy pad, then definitely your discomfort level will maximize.

So, go for those flexible pads that are easy to wear and fit and flex according to your body shape and dresses.


For maxi pads, there are several brands accessible online and offline. Some are very cheap; some are in the mid-range, and some are really expensive.

Well, with the price increase, the reach of brands increases. But, we generally settle on a cheap product from a local brand to save a little money. But, where we forget to focus on is the pad’s quality.

The local brand uses a cheap quality material for the pads, which is not breathable and doesn’t have a good absorbance. We realize this point only after we have brought home the huge packet of the local pads. And eventually, when the purpose isn’t served, we end up throwing these pads unused.

So, to avoid all of these later on, why not consider buying the pads from good brands initially only.

These brands have their name because of their quality service. The name is neither built-in midnight nor is hyped without any reason. It is always the customer’s satisfaction with the service that makes a brand reach these heights. So, just trust these good brands and get your pads from them.

Cost of maxi pads

You can always wait for Target’s or Walmart’s sale to get the pads of good brands if you feel like they are out of your budget. Otherwise, you can always go for the maxi pads that lie in the middle range and have an economically feasible price. Their quality is also good, and their service is also up to the mark.

So, build up some shopping skills and make a wise purchase.

FAQs on Best Maxi Pads for Heavy Periods in 2021

What day of the period is the heaviest?

The period flow differentiates from one body to another. Some ladies face very little flow for days, while others face heavy flow from day one to the fifth. But generally, the average days for the heaviest period flows are days 2 and 3.

How do you make a homemade period pad?

Making a period pad at home is not that difficult. A few simple steps are needed to be followed, and excellent results can be seen then.

Take paper towels and fold them into many folds so that they can fit in your undies properly.
Next, take toilet paper to wrap around your undies and paper towel. To ensure that it won’t move from its place and gets fixed nicely.

However, make sure that you use clean towels and papers which are untouched.

Can diapers be used for periods?

No, the composition of diapers and periods pads is entirely different. The diapers are designed to hold a good amount of concentrated urine, while the period pads are designed to absorb some ml of blood. However, you can use diapers in an emergency if you are running short of pads. But it is definitely likely that you will get the pad from your peers or any drug store near you.

Can I wear 2 pads at once?

Yes definitely! If you have a heavy cycle, you can do whatever you feel and use as many pads to make the blood flow get absorbed.

But what you should keep in mind is that do not use hefty pads. Use the sleek pads with a sound-absorbing capacity to have a comfortable fixture. Just make sure to place these multiple pads nicely so that you do not create a clumsy look.

How many hours should you keep a pad on?

Well, this differs from person to person as everybody’s menstrual cycle is different. On average, generally, the pads should be changed within 4 hours to the maximum.

On the other hand, if you experience only a spot or very light blood, you can keep the pad for longer hours. And in case you have heavy bleeding, you have to change your pad as per its absorbing capacity.

However, do not keep the pad for the entire day as due to lack of proper air and regular blood flow, the green pigment forms on the pad. This pigment in the fungus may give you vaginal infection, UTI, or rashes.

Final Verdict

By now, you might have understood that buying sanitary napkins is not that easy. You have to know a lot about every detail that goes behind the purchase. Only then can you end up getting the right pad for yourself.

Periods are a blessing to celebrate motherhood. And, those ladies with unusual menstrual cycles, like me, and who bleed heavy all throughout the year, have to take the utmost care while making a purchase. Going for the maxi pads is the best option for such ladies than changing the pads every now and then. But, make sure you keep everything in mind, including its constituting fiber, longevity, and flexibility, and make those painful days happy and satisfying with no dirty undies and sheets.

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