Lighting Up Your Living Space

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When the time comes to compliment your home decor with lighting, there is a whole world of possibilities. Lighting choices can make or break your aesthetic, which is why it’s important to consider your desired atmosphere, wall colors, amount of natural light, and the purpose of your room. Whether you’re a first-timer or simply in the mood to redecorate, we’ve got you covered! Here are four fantastic (and fashionable!) options for lighting up a modern space.

Floor Lamps

A basic floor lamp is simple, classy, and easy on the eyes. That’s not to say they’re unnoticeable, however. A clean, white floor lamp is ideal for an adult space whether it be a home office or a lightly colored living room. A white floor lamp is no doubt for a professional and organized style. Even so, you can still have fun with them! They come in many shapes and sizes: straight with the shade of your choice or a quirky arched look. If your room already has enough natural light that the lamp won’t always be used, a floor lamp with a shade is recommended. That way, you can show off the look even when the lamp is not turned on. On the contrary, if this lamp finds itself hovering over your work desk or reading space, it’s only practical to choose something arched and bright.

Art Deco Lamps

These types of lamps are on the elegant side! They also compliment darker-colored walls better than white or beige walls. Some of these artsier lights are old-fashioned and others are much more modern. Any art deco lamp is meant to match your style, hence the name “deco”. For example, a room full of elegant neutrals such as black, gold, or silver would mesh well with an intricate base. The base may be sculpted in the shape of a person or animal holding the light source above. Both stylish and fun! Other examples of these lamps include Victorian styles for an, especially luxurious look. There are many unique shapes among the art deco lamp family, so your choice should reflect your taste for the arts.

Mood Lamps

Infinite creativity is at your fingertips with this option! Mood lamps provide a youthful substance to any room. Their most defining feature is their array of lighting colors. The majority of them allow you to change the color or set them to change colors on a timer. From green to blue to purple – it’s no wonder we call them mood lamps; their purpose is to set the mood of your room. They are most popular in modern bedrooms or any other leisure space such as home theaters. Personality is to be considered when choosing a mood lamp. They can be on the geeky side (character themed) or they can give off an otherworldly aesthetic in the form of glowing rocks, galaxies, or animals. Many people are in the business of customizing these kinds of lamps, so being able to support small businesses is another upside. In conclusion, mood lamps are ideal for entertainment spaces or simply your favorite room to relax in.

Decorative LED Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas! Whether you’re going for a summery mood or a romantic atmosphere, decorative LEDs are a stunning addition to any home. LED lights hanging above your outdoor gathering spot make a night of drinks and storytelling all the better. If you live for memorable nights by the fire, outdoor lighting of this variety is worth considering. As for having indoor LEDs, however, they can add an incredible atmosphere to bedrooms or even living rooms. White walls and simple decor compliment string lights best. Hang them above your sofa or bed for an aura of youthful romance, or across your mantle to make the rest of your mantle decor pop. Decorative LEDs are beautiful and vibrant, indicating a laid-back and social personality. So, if this is you, these are an essential lighting choice for your home!

There are many ways to light up your humble abode. Choosing the right lighting for your room of focus should not only be a factor of what “blends in” or “looks good”, but it should also reflect the room’s purpose and personality. Lighting is about function just as much as – if not more than – looks. These four options offer the perfect combination of style and functionality, however, you have the ability to get creative with anything you choose! Lights, camera, action!

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