Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

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The bathrooms are no longer limited to the earlier small restrooms. They have now significantly changed into a luxurious retreat, where a person can rest comfortably and spend a gala. But, when it comes to the lighting part, bathroom lighting is probably given the most petite point to consider of all the rooms in the house.

There is definitely a change in the size and the number of appliances included in the bathrooms, but the lightings are ignored as it used to be in earlier times. The foremost reason behind this ignorance is the lack of sufficient knowledge about the different lightings.

Nowadays, people have not acknowledged the fact that different appliances need different lightings. Like the vanity lights, the ceiling lights will be further from the stick-on basin lights, and likewise many others.

I have seen many people building an excellent washroom but then giving a dull appearance without the proper lights. The time has already moved ahead from fixing just the ceiling lights. There are many more which are available in the market. And especially in the bathrooms which have no windows, it becomes mandatory to have the proper lightings.

So, is your bathroom also without the windows?

Does your restroom lack bathroom lights?

Are you ready to experience the luminous retreat?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, I will guide you about the different bathroom lightings and the points you will need to consider to get the best lightings for your bathroom with no windows.

Buying Guide for Best Lighting for Bathrooms with no windows

The best bathroom lightings help in creating a place wherein you can relax and rejuvenate to the fullest. After all, the bathroom is the place where you start and wrap up your day. But to get the best of all, you have to keep a lot of points in mind. This buying guide will serve you all the purposes and help you in getting the best lightings.

Types of bathroom lighting

As I have already told you, bathrooms are neither limited to the space nor confined to the single ceiling or mirror lights. The modern restrooms are made up of a combination of different lightings. Broadly, we can classify the lightings into 3 types:

1. Ambient lighting

  • These lights are also known as general lights.
  • They are basically responsible for illuminating the room as a whole.
  • These lights provide enough lighting and brightness in the washroom to stroll easily and read the different labels present on the appliances. These lights, in general, are vision-friendly.
  • These lights are also combined with dimmers, which help create a warm ambiance rather than a bright shiny one.
  • These lightings are often obtained with the help of ceiling lightings.
  • Ceiling light and a mild diffuser is the best combination to have the perfect ambient lighting.

2. Task lighting

  • These are task-specific lights that are designed especially for localizing light.
  • When compared, these lights are much brighter than the ambient light.
  • These lights are primarily used in the vanity area of the bathrooms for personal grooming sessions.
  • The ubiquitous example of a task light that you can see nowadays is the vanity bulb fixed on the dressing table’s mirror. This light serves the specific directional purpose of makeup.

3. Accent lighting

  • These lightings are used for the overall balancing of the washroom light.
  • They are responsible for enhancing the ambiance and also, softens the task ones.
  • Accent lights are needed to neutralize the excessive brightness of the bathroom. They, therefore, provide a subtle illumination that helps in creating a soothing and relaxing environment.

Areas of the bathroom for lighting

After getting a full-fledged knowledge about different types of lights, you need to know the areas that need to be illuminated. You can do this by analyzing every part of your bathroom and deciding which area’s illumination is needed the most. For example, if you prefer to do makeup in the bathroom, you need to go for the mirror LED lights for the desired ambiance.

Washroom ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are the foremost important among all the others. This is because they illuminate the entire washroom in a single fixing. Flush mount lights can serve the best in this type. These lights are very slightly visible and also blends the light very subtly. One thing that you need to take care of is the positioning of these ceiling lights. Rather than placing them on the corners, always try fixing them at the center. The center position provides equal illumination to the entire room.

Washroom mirror lighting

To utilize the mirror to the fullest, one needs to have the proper lighting in all places of the mirror surface. Often, the mirror placing is against the ceiling light, which eventually creates darkness near the vanity mirror. Even if the placing is not against it, the ceiling light cannot provide sufficient lighting for personal grooming.

Lighted mirrors just provide an apt amount of light wherever it is needed. Therefore, you should definitely mount for the best lighting for the bathroom vanity. For your better convenience, many easy stick-on lights are also available nowadays, which can just facilitate the grooming process.

Bathroom wall lights

These lights are perfect for illuminating specific wall corners. Say you want to highlight a piece of art that’s hanging around the wall. In that case, just place a wall light that will rightly highlight the hanging and the corner. Go for the single wall sconce that projects the lighting on the specific corner and balances out the ambient lighting.

Lighting for the tub area

Sconce lighting will be best suited for the bathtubs. These lights will definitely soothe the tub area and will create a relaxing ambiance. You will for sure have a happy time bathing in the tub in the presence of the sconce lighting. Do not go for the overhead fixtures, which are moreover irritating.

Right light temperature

The color temperature of the bathroom lights is measured in Kelvin. The direct relation between the lights and temperature is that the larger the value of Kelvin, the whiter the light will be. So, check on the temperature to get your perfect lighting. If you want to have a whiter light, go for high-temperature values, while if you’re going to have a warmer light, go for the low temperature of the lights.

1. Warm white light

  • The temperature range for these lights is in between the degree of 2000K-3000K.
  • These emit a yellow tint of light which creates a warm and cozy environment.
  • This can serve as the best relaxer for tired bodies.
  • They can also be used as wall lightings.

2. Cool white light

  • The temperature range of these lights lies between the degree of 3100K-4500K.
  • This emits bright light, which is perfectly suitable for completing all bathroom tasks.
  • The ceiling lights are the best example and the best choice for the white lights.

3. Daylight

  • The temperature range of these lights lies between the range of 4600K – 6500K.
  • These types of lights emit a bluish tint as compared to the rest two.
  • This is very bright and sharp and therefore not suitable for the bathroom. It can be very harsh for the eyes.

Colour Rendering Index of the lights

This index is meant to tell how an object will look under artificial lighting compared to natural lights. As the value of CRI will increase, the color rendering effect of our surrounding things will also increase. On a general note, a CRI of 80 is considered the best for viewing the appliances. But if the value goes very down, the colors will appear inaccurate in the lower range, making color correctness a challenging task.


Never settle on with the local brands. Their products are neither up to the mark and nor come with any warranty service. While the branded companies provide the best lighting appliances which serve the best quality service and have an up to the marking efficiency. Their name is built based on their quality products. So, trust these brands and go with them.

Cost of the product

Find the lightings within your range but remember always to select the items from a good brand only. If you find the prices too high in the stores, switch to the online platforms for buying. The online services are relatively cheaper as many offers and discounts going on around various seasons.

Warranty period

Always look for the warranty period whenever you buy an electric appliance. A minimum of 1-2 years warranty should be provided by the brand. If not, the product will be of a lower quality, which can cause dysfunction quickly. The longer the warranty period, the better the assurance of the service. So, consider reading the labels of the lightings so that you get an idea about everything. Generally, people tend to overlook the warranty thing and settles with any product. But you have to make an intelligent purchase considering everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose lights for my bath vanity?

The vanity is probably the most critical workplace in a bathroom. And working near a vanity means working on your face. Thus, the perfect lighting in this section is essential for efficient grooming.

The best place for vanity lighting can be attained by fixing wall sconces on the mirror surface, just near the area where your face will be directly contacting. This will provide you the perfect lighting on your face, and thus you will be able to do your things very nicely. But in case if you do not have sufficient space for the scones, you can always go for bath bars which will do equally good.

How do I layer lighting in the bathroom?

The first step in deciding the layer lighting in the bathroom is to get a clear idea about how the bath will be used. If you have a multi-functional space with different use and purpose, then go for separate fixtures with individual power regulation. This is because you can dim or turn off the section that is not needed while working on some or the other. This will benefit you in saving electricity, along with giving you the perfect lighting.

Can I use LEDs in the bathroom?

Yes, of course! LEDs are a great option to have perfect lighting and conserve energy at the same time. This way, you can save hundreds of bucks on the electricity bill.

Can I light my whole bathroom with a vanity fixture?

No, definitely you cannot! This is because a vanity fixture won't provide you sufficient lighting for the entire bathroom. Every light is specifically designed and serves a different purpose. The vanity ones are limited to the face area and so are not that power that can illuminate an entire space. So, go for the ceiling lights for lighting the whole bathroom.

How can I recreate the luxury spa experience in my own bath?

To get the luxurious experience in your own bath, consider trying the following hacks:

  • Add the layer lightings
  • Make use of more controlled lightings
  • Try adding texture with the fixtures
  • Go for more yellow and warm lights than the white lights.
  • Try to enhance every corner of the bathroom


A person always starts their day with a bathroom and ends up their day in the same. So, having a bathroom with the perfect lighting and setup ambiance is necessary for the regular cycle.

An illuminated bathroom will ensure the right amount of light to brighten up your day, while dull lighting will make a pale start to your day. So, getting the right lights for the bath becomes really important.

However, there are different parameters which you need to consider for getting the best ones. This guide talks about all those things you will need to keep in mind while buying the lights. You have to acknowledge yourself with every bit of information and get the lightings accordingly. After reading this, I am sure that you will get yourself the best product as per your requirement. So, trust the guide and make a happy purchase.

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