Best Light Bulbs for Home Reviews in 2021

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Do you want to buy the best light bulbs for your home?

Isn’t your room looking adorable with its old lightings?

Are you confused about searching for the desired light bulb?

Do you want the perfect bulb according to the décor of the room of your house?

Well, there can be thousands of questions going in your mind currently regarding the purchase of the light bulbs for home. Thus, we have come up with some information regarding the same. We know that there are different kinds of bulbs available in the market, so it becomes difficult to choose the right one.

If you want to make the best purchase, look at our researched content, which is designed especially for you.

Buying Guide for Best Light Bulbs for Home in 2021

Choosing a light bulb is not an easy task. Numerous factors are to be considered before investing the money in them. Thus, the right purchase is essential. This buying guide will help you perceive all the relevant information to help you make the right purchase.

Decor of your room

The room’s décor is expected to be always considered while purchasing the energy efficient light bulbs for home. It is because the right type of lighting depends on the setting and environment of the room. If your room’s décor is beautiful, but the lighting you choose doesn’t go with the ambiance, it will affect your mood to a great level.

Further, the color you choose should be compatible with the room paints, pictures, or any materialistic thing present. So, in the wide range available, you can get a chance to choose the right one easily, which can make it look more flattering and attractive.

Types of Light Bulbs

It is essential to differentiate between the types of bulbs available in the market to make the right choice for your home. After reading the differences between these light bulbs, you can easily buy the best kind of light bulbs for your home.

So, the available types are:

  • Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs use less energy to produce the same amount of light and have a good life span of 5 to 8 years. These bulbs have phosphorous coating outside, which converts radiant energy into visible white light. Further, this kind is highly energy efficient.

  • Incandescent Bulbs

These are the most common bulbs available since the innovation of the light. Tungsten filament is present in these bulbs, which glow when current passes through it. They come in different sizes like candies, Globe, and mushrooms.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

These bulbs are similar to fluorescent light bulbs and are energy efficient, using less energy to produce light. They consist of tubular loops that are filled with mercury, having a lifespan of overall 10000 hours. Usually, these kinds of bulbs are placed in the study rooms or galleries of the home.

  • Halogen Lamps or Bulbs

Halogen lamps are a better-quality version of incandescent bulbs. They have higher luminous efficiency and is smaller in size. In these bulbs, the inert gas is present, which increases the brightness. Their look is also unique: tungsten filament wrapped in a transparent envelope, highly demanding due to its looks.

  • Light Emitting Diode (LED)

These bulbs are the most commonly used and are highly demanded by almost everyone. LEDs are available in a variety of colours, but the white-coloured LED is frequently used. The led fluorescent bulbs are highly energy-efficient and use an acute amount of energy to produce very bright light.

  • Smart Bulbs

With the invention of new technology, smart bulbs are also available in the market. These smart bulbs have a feature connected through the wifi to Alexa, Siri, Echo Dot, or Google Mini and fully control them according to your mood. Their functionality is a bit different from other light bulbs. These smart bulbs are highly demanded by the people as you can control light bulbs quickly and conveniently.


Before making a final decision for the best light bulbs for your home, always look for the bulbs’ durability you will be purchasing. Durability not only depends upon how much time they should be used. It determines the efficiency, hassle-free handling, and its capability to withstand wind and rain. These bulbs are expected to be resistant to shocks and vibrations too. The best dimmable led light bulbs lbs are considered the safest light bulbs as they are not breakable easily and are eco-friendly.

Colors and Temperature

There are many colors available in the market like white, warm white, cool white, daylight. Out of these shades, warm white and cool white are widely used by their rooms. Watts and Lumens measure the brightness, and kelvin measures the color light.

Don’t forget to look for this information before buying light bulbs. There are smart LED also that changes colors, and they can produce a wide range of colors. These few points should be considered while looking for the right light bulb with the correct temperature and color.

  • Color Rendering Index

It measures the light will get illuminated to what extent and is measured between 0-100. If CRI is high, then the light bulb’s quality is also increased, and if the quality CRI is low, then the rate you will get will be low.

  • Color Temperature

The temperature of the bulb also affects the color and climate of the room. Low-temperature bulbs produce warm light effects, and bulb using high temperature makes cool light results.

Try to find the best shape of light bulbs

Light bulbs come in different shapes like Globe, spiral, candle, traditional, Golf, etc. Suppose you decided about the quality, color, and temperature of the light bulb for your home. In that case, you need to determine what type of shape you will prefer in your room and which kind of bulb will fit easily in the fixtures.

Different shapes of bulbs have different angles of light, so the correct form should be chosen to get the best lighting for your home. Well, among the customers, the globe and spiral-shaped light bulbs are widely used.

Always read package labels

Do not forget to read the labels where all the details are mentioned clearly and act as a quick guide for new buyers for light bulbs. Each specification is said to get the best light bulbs according to the house’s budget and setting.

Basic facts like brightness, light appearance, and energy consumption, and mercury information are mentioned on the label. By comparing these details and noting the light bulb’s life expectancy, you can go ahead to decide which light bulb you want to purchase.

Lumens and Watts

This is also an essential factor that should be considered before buying the best light bulb for home. The light bulb lumens refers to the light amount emitted by the light bulbs. If the amount of lumen mentioned in the light bulb label is higher, then the light will be brighter, but if the amount is less, then the light appearance will be less bright. Fewer lumens mean dim light of the bulb.

On the other hand, watts are the amount of energy used by the light bulb. Suppose the watts amount is mentioned less on the label. In that case, the light bulbs are more energy-efficient, saving the electricity bill to a great extent. Still, if the watts amount is high, those light bulbs are energy-consuming and not an excellent choice.


Lastly, the budget is the factor that cannot be ignored while buying the best light bulbs for your home. Though light bulbs of excellent quality are available at a reasonable price. If you want to give a modernized and classy look to your house’s rooms, you need to spend a bit more.

When you plan to buy the best energy efficient light bulbs, you avail of the exchange offer to tackle your budget problem. Many offers are available for exchange because all light bulbs are made eco-friendly, and they can re-use. You can save your money by exchanging your old bulbs for new ones for rooms. You can easily manage the budget by opting for exclusive offers available for them.

Top Variants for the Best Light Bulb for Home in 2021

1. Smart wifi Light Bulb– (Best smart light bulbs)

Best smart light bulbsIf you wish to observe some exclusivity in the light bulbs for your home, this type can blow your mind. We have come up with the wifi light bulbs, which are superb in their own way. They come with a feature to get connected with Siri Shortcuts.

Alexa, and Google Assistants. You can easily control these smart light bulbs instructions with the plusminus app available. This app allows you to operate the bulb’s functions even from a place far away from your home. Suppose multiple bulbs are connected to the entire family. In that case, it is easy to adopt the multi-function feature with Group Control.

On the other hand, the newest and fantastic thing about these smart light bulbs wifi is that it can act as your alarm clock. It is designed in a way to let its brightness adapt slowly with your eyes. So, what can be better functioning than this?

Thus, this time you have the opportunity to create your own styles and indoor designs with this available best smart light bulbs for google home. Practice yoga, prepare the best Halloween scenes or create a DIY mode. You have every option to cover with it with no hubs.


  • It works with Echo, Siri, Google Mini, and Alexa.
  • There is no requirement for a hub.
  • It works on the energy-saving theme.
  • This smart life wifi light bulb comes with a ceramic lamp body.
  • Numerous light effects can be created.
  • Wifi is a must for its operation.

Customers Feedback:

So I wanted multi color bulbs to integrate with my Google home system. Tried a few brands on Amazon, but found these to be the best value and most feature rich. While full range multi color was a requirement, the majority of use is simply a warm white bulb I use for reading and general room lighting. I am not a fan of daylight bulbs – my preferred color temperature is about 2900K – warm white. The best smart wifi light bulbs offer full range color, including excellent control over white color using the Smartlife app. Wifi connection was quick and reliable. Integration with Google Home was easy using the app. Full range color and dimming control 1% -100% is available. Brightness is higher than I have seen with other low cost smart bulbs, They are rated at 800 lumen – or 60W equivalent. Comparing to a Phillips LED bulb, this rating looks to be correct. This review was written after only a short period of use, so I cannot yet comment about long term reliability, but I am very impressed out of the box.

I purchased 2 packages with 2 Bulbs. I used best wifi smart light bulb for my Outdoor Lights for my Front Porch (Out of the Weather), and set them to Yellow as a Bug Light. I used the other 2 Bulbs for my Rear Sun Room behind my home. I love the ability to change the color based on my Mood. The App on my iPhone works Great, so easy to setup. I also use with Alexa, and it also works well. As I am writing this review, I just ordered 2 more to take advantage of the Amazon Coupon.

These things are great! I set a pair of them up in my nightstand lamps. I always hated having to go in the room in the dark and turn on the ceiling light, then go to each side of the bed to turn the lamps on, then turn the ceiling light off. Then of course at bedtime I have to turn one off, then go around and get in bed and turn the other off. Need to get up in the middle of the night? Well those lights are far too bright for that so I would stumble around hoping not to run into a wall. The best wifi light bulbs solve ALL those problems. I downloaded the “PlusMinus” app that others have complained about, but once they are set up then everything can be controlled through Alexa. Set them up as a “group” and you can issue verbal commands such as “set nightstands to blue” (there are many colors to choose from that the verbal commands work for) or “set nightstands to 10%” and of course turn them on and off. But the real beauty is you can also set up routines to control them, so for example I say “evening lighting” and it switches both to blue and 50%. When I say “good morning” I have them set to come on at 50% and cool white in addition to getting the weather forecast and news. If I have to get up at night I say “night light” and they come on at 10% cool white, just enough to see my way to the bathroom without scorching my sleepy eyes. “Turn on nightstands” turns them both on cool white at 100%. “Good night” turns the lights off. I’ve only had them a week but so far they have performed flawlessly.

2. SYLVANIA General Light Bulb– (Best light bulbs for bedroom)

Best light bulbsFor the need of simple lightning bulbs, we have the ones by SYLVANIA. This brand is offering unique bulbs in a pack of 24 at one of the most reasonable ranges. They are energy-efficient, consume the minimum electricity possible, and emits 800 lumens light bulb output.

Using these light bulbs for bedroom in your entire household can let you save about 85 per cent of your electricity bill and making your home efficient. Each bulb has a total lifespan of 11,000 hours, which means that it can work for approx. 10 years. Thus, considering it to be a better choice for the replacement of old bulbs.

These general electric light bulbs come in two shades – daylight and soft white, which are the most considered colors in the bulbs. These colors are adjustable for any part of the house, whether drawing room, kitchen or bedroom. Their color temperature lies to be 5000 Kelvin when producing the white color (when brightest). But, remember that you cannot convert them into the dimmable ones at all.


  • It can be used in the place of expensive white bulbs.
  • It is energy-efficient.
  • For the incandescent bulbs, it is the best alternative.
  • The light is free from radiation or UV rays.
  • These general electric fluorescent light bulbs are environmentally friendly.

Customers Feedback:

I found one Cree LED light bulb that was whiter and lighter than any other bulb in the house. I came close to paying $21.99 for four. Imagine my excitement to find this Sylvania bulb with the same specs at $27.11 for 24. They are bright and white like the Cree. I didn’t need fancy dimmable or programmable bulbs. These are perfect. They work great, stay cool to touch, and give off white light instead of yellow. It feels like my eyes are better the pictures show the difference.

I love LED light bulbs. They last longer, use less energy, aren’t made of thin breakable glass and are safer to handle when hot. The only complain I have with all best led light bulbs for home is they don’t state clearly, you shouldn’t use them in enclosed light fixtures like ones found on ceilings. HOWEVER you can still use them safely its just that the lifespan of the bulb drops dramatically due to excess heat building up in the bulb. Also a tip for new LED users. You can tell a bulb is dying because it will randomly turn off but work again after it has had time to cool down. that has happened to me twice with these bulbs. If you dont have LED bulbs. Get them

My electrician told me about the led light bulbs for home use. I was using a glass bulb over my stove, in the fan, and he mentioned that if hot water hit it it could break while cooking. These are more plastic material and won’t break like the glass ones. Plus, they use a lot less electricity. I like the indoor/outdoor feature and daylight brand of Sylvania LED A19. For hard to get to places I like the LED extra hours of use (my old bulbs only lasted for 1-2 months) and I always had to drag out the ladder to replace the bulb.

3. Smart wifi Alexa Light Bulb– (Best Alexa light bulbs)

Best light bulbs for homeWell, Alexa has been trending these days. Thus, another light bulb works effectively with our favorite Alexa, Echo dot, Google Mini, and even Siri. You just need to have an app of ‘smart life’ to command the instructions to be given to your led 110 volt light bulbs. With the Home Away app, you can turn off or on your home’s lights even though you are far away.

These lights are available in a pack of 4 at a relatively reasonable price. All of these Alexa light bulbs can be adjusted easily when it comes to coloring. Even in the white color, you can quickly get your desired white shade dim to the brightest brightness rather than the mixed white one.

So, whatever occasion is there at your home, from parties to romantic dinner, these lights can always make your mood the best. Along with these functions, you get a chance to choose its color palette, scene mode, make it dim, and even go on a DIY method. But don’t worry about the energy consumed. They come with a commendable feature of energy-saving mode.


  • You can take a chance to control it with a remote.
  • These are energy saving.
  • These 110 volt light bulbs UK is available in a pack of 4 bulbs.
  • It can be controlled with the Smart Life App and Home Away App.
  • It works with wifi.
  • No hub is required.
  • It has a total of 18 years of life,

Customers Feedback:

These light bulbs were so nice and easy to control. I received 4 light bulbs as they have shown in the picture. I placed them on my bedroom ceiling because I wanted them to be adjusted according to my mood. For example; right before I go to bed, I adjust the bulbs to the greenish color as I heard them visually very relaxing color. On the other hand when I just lying down, I set them in red as they give me warm hypnotic feeling, and so on with other colors. These are just some of the examples how I use the light bulbs according to my mood as I said. In overall, very good light bulbs as I expected them to be.

This is my first set of smart 110 volt light bulbs. Let me just tell you I was soooo skeptical. Like there is no way in the world that these would work with my Amazon Alexa, and if so there is no way that it would not be a complete headache to setup. I could not possibly be more wrong! Setup was a complete breeze. Alexa also has full control of the light down to voice commands of intensity and color. Could not possibly be more impressed. This was very easy to use and install. Works with the main smart home app, which synced in 2 clicks with the Alexa app no problems there. Very impressed with the wide range of color and capabilities of this light.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my lights to the smart LED lightbulbs for awhile now but didn’t want to pay $$$ for the Phillips Hue so I decided to try these. 4 for around $30 is a deal and I installed them in seconds. Pairing them with the app was surprisingly painless and I can adjust the colors, brightness, and hue. The different pre-sets on the app are pretty cool too and I use them sometimes for parties and stuff. Overall, I’d definitely buy more and maybe replace the rest of my apt with them. Alexa integration was nice too but I like using the app to turn them on and off. Now I never have to get up to turn off the lights! Recommended!

4. 27W A21 Omni-Directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs– (Best light bulbs for bathroom)

Best led light bulbsThis time we have come up with different kinds of light bulbs. This product comes in a pack of two bulbs, each producing brightness of 4000 lumens, thus offering one of the brightest shine in the dim rooms of your home.

This 250 watt light bulb come in two shades – Daylight and Soft Warm and at a relatively reasonable price compared to the quality. These bulbs can work for more than 21 years and save more than 85 percent of the energy consumed. They don’t come with any kind of harsh material emissions, such as mercury or lead. Further, they don’t even release any UV rays or IR, thus, making these light bulbs for bathroom fit to be used in any part of your home, even in your baby’s room.


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is super bright.
  • These 250 watt light bulb lumens are non-dimmable.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • The bulbs are made of imported quality.

Customers Feedback:

When we moved into our new house one of my first tasks was to replace all the light bulbs with LEDs with a nice bright clean color temperature of 5000K (Daylight). For the master bedroom bedside lamps I needed LED bulbs that were a) As bright as possible; b) Standard fitting and size; c) 5000K color temperature; d) Dimmable;
These bulbs were the best match I could find on Amazon that suited these criteria. They are bright and I can confirm that they work well with my Insteon plug-in dimmer switch.

Initially I ordered the sansi led light bulbs (2 pack) equal to a 200 watt bulb in the WARM color. They were perfectly fine but I needed a little more brighter light by my work space. I ordered the upgrade to the first one, equal to 250 watt bulb, WARM color. IT WAS PERFECT brightness. The bulb fits beautifully in my torchiere light fixtures, does not stick up over the top like other LED bulbs. I am hoping the longevity will be what Sansi promises. Highly recommend both Sansi bulbs equal to the 200 or 250 watt depending on your needs. The warm color is much better than the cold, daylight blue, at least for inside use.

These have replaced my previous large CFL lamps in my 1-1/2 car garage where I perform various automobile maintenance, modification and repair operations and illuminate my work bench surfaces. Truly amazing briteness and even illumination. Clearly superior to my earlier CFL lighting which consumed more wattage but produced less total illumination. They even fit some of my more older corded ‘drop-light’ fixtures. The immediate briteness at ‘turn-on’ is also great in a garage that isn’t very warm at times, which causes the CFL’s to start-up pretty dim. Great 250 watt cfl light bulbs!

5. A19 Vintage Edison LED Light Bulb– (Best led light bulbs)

Best light bulb for living roomIf you are willing to go on for the vintage look in your home, nothing can be better than these light bulbs. These bulbs offer a brightness of 600 lumens with a beam angle of 360 degrees.

Using these best light bulbs for kitchen, especially during the daytime, can create a natural atmosphere in the home, making everything elegant. These lights are basically dimmable and allow you to adjust the brightness according to your need.

These energy saving light bulbs can work steadily for 24 years, offering the same brightness and quality as earlier. In fact, they are known to save 90 percent of the energy. So imagine how much money you can retain in these years!


  • The bulbs are eco-friendly.
  • No UV or IR is emitted in the usage.
  • It is user-friendly and safe for the eyes too.
  • It has a complete application in the home itself.
  • It is available in a pack of 6 bulbs.
  • These light bulbs for kitchen are made of the best quality material with no lead or mercury emission.

Customers Feedback:

I was looking for clear LED light bulbs, not white, not frosted, not yellow light, not the ones where half the bulb appears blocked. I wanted a bright light that was dimmable and not distorted by shading. Well I wasn’t finding the best energy efficient light bulbs and got frustrated and ordered these. I thought because they had the word vintage and the yellow appearing filaments that I was going get that dull yellow tarnished looking light. I figured I could just make due till I found what I really wanted. Turned out this is exactly what I wanted. These lights are not yellow or tarnished looking when the lights are on. They are plenty bright and they are dimmable. I have an old light fixture that has never worked with anything but incandescent bulbs before, it simply wouldn’t work with florescent or LEDs. I decided to try these bulbs in it and they work well, without problems and dim just like the old incandescent bulbs. I will be buying these again.

Ordered the best energy saving light bulbs the same time that I ordered other LED lights. These lights were bright and have to date been great, not so much for the others. Quality suppliers selling quality products matters. The lights have been in for approximately one month now and I am happy with the color and brightness of these lights.

Got these delievered fast and in great shape. I purchased 6 bulbs for a fixture that holds 6 bulbs. I put 1 bulb in and it didn’t work correctly with the dimmer switch. I then installed ALL 6 bulbs and it works perfect with my dimmer switch!
These are very bright bulbs! They are much brighter than the typical Edison bulbs. The bulbs look really cool on and off. I would consider them an antique bulb with a modern look if that makes sense.

Watch this video to Choose Best Light For Your Home

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Blair Gilbert here from Mr Hardware calm and Gilbert’s pro hardware in st. Clair Shores Michigan to talk about the new LED light bulbs and something many of you don’t know about yet Kelvin Kelvin is a measurement of the warmness of a light bulb spectrum of light 2700 is a reddish warm light bulb kind of like the stuff we grew up with it’s pretty warm pretty red now.

I have a best outdoor light bulbs here 5000 Kelvin can you tell is that a lot bluer the netball or we can compare it to a 3000 Kelvin 3000 5000 a little redder and in here the blue is a little muted here the red becomes muted the Blues a little brighter we have a compact fluorescent commonly known as curly cue ball this is rated at 6500 Kelvin this is the bluest of them all.

Somewhere between 65 and 5000 around 5500 Kelvin is daylight so in my paint department here we’re matching paint for customers we’re using 5000 Kelvin bulbs with more at home and we want something to be warm and fuzzy and comfortable we are going to be staying with a 2700 3000 Kelvin bulb it’s just warmer softer not so harsh and if I have a meat department this is a meat department Bob makes the red meat look fresher and brighter red so four bulbs got red in it things around work redder.

Here the blue is a little more pronounced the red becomes just a little more muted this is just a clue to teach you that Kelvin there’s a measurement of light in the light bulb and you have a choice in you don’t want to mix 3000 Kelvin and some with 5000 Kelvin I get in the home when they redid my kitchen minder counter lights my overhead lights were all 2700 Kelvin nice warm.

Natural-looking kitchen not real bright not real hashed is the front side of the spectrum you’re on every lightbulb package it shows right on the back here the 5000 Kelvin and it’s on the blue range not my first choice for my own house more like my first choice for doing displays or trying to bring out all the full spectrum of color now as we get older we’re looking for brighter bulbs.

I’m more about the spectrum warm white from cool white and the fact that when you buy this stuff you read the package you can make your house warmer home and keep all your lamps about the same spectrum of light so as you fold these and decide what is best for you and you can choose properly

FAQ’S for Best Light bulbs for home in 2021

Are Cool and Warm White Lights good for eyes?

The bulb's color depends on the amount of light they produce like warm white has 3000 kelvin, and cool white has 5000-6000 kelvin. Warm white is yellowish and cool whites are blue like neon. Though both of them are good.

they should be used according to the room's setting like warm white best light bulb for living room are also suitable for dining room, living rooms. Whereas cool whites are ideal for kitchen, garage, and cool whites are more luminous. Lastly, both light bulbs with cool whites or warm whites are good for eyes as they are not harmful or damage our eyes. It's safe to use both light bulbs, cool whites, or warm whites, at home.

Which light bulb is suitable for the makeup room?

Cool whites are best suited for the makeup room as light is good when they show the real object's real color present in the room. These bulbs produce brighter light and are commonly used for decorative places and spaces. And when it comes to makeup, then it is an integral part of everyone's life. Though the choice for the right bulbs depends on the tastes and preferences of the people. However, daylight Bulbs are also suitable for makeup rooms. They provide a brighter and energetic feel in the rooms.

Which LED bulb will give brighter light?

Lumens measures how much light you are getting from the bulb. So, it is necessary to check the lumen mentioned on the bulb package to ensure the brightest light for you. More lumens means more brilliant, and low lumens means less bright light.

Warm whites produce 121 bedroom light bulb lumens and cool whites 158 lumens. I think the question is already answered by stating the amount of energy produced by them. So, choose the light bulbs with higher lumens if you want the lightning to be brighter in the room. It can be one of the points that should be considered while buying the best light bulbs for homes.

What color is best for the bathroom?

Bathroom lights should be selected in keeping the safety measures in mind. Bulbs designed with extraordinary safety measures are suitable for the bathroom. Daylight bulbs are best for the bathroom, as they give clear and bright light, not much yellow or dull.

These bulbs are widely used by people for bathroom purposes only. Other than daylight bulbs, compact led replacement for fluorescent bulbs is also the right choice as their color rendering index is 90 or above. As per the perception, bathroom bulbs must be of 150 watts and with the ideal fitting into the fixtures to spread over hair and face.

What colors do light bulbs come in?

Light bulbs come in different colors, and colors are identified as the temperature of the bulbs. White warm or soft white are suitable for bedrooms and providing a cosy feel. The other is cool white, which is opted for kitchen or bathrooms, giving a whiter and brighter look to the room. The last one is daylight ones, which are used mainly for makeup rooms or reading rooms, but it can also be used in basements. Many options are there, but the best light bulbs with different color temperatures are chosen according to the room's location and setting.

How to Buy the Best Light Bulb for Every Room?

Video Transcript:

Well, Courtney who knew today is actually a holiday I did not it is national led day and what better time for us all to think about bringing more light into our homes and picking bulbs that set the right tone for our space and our teacher today is Catherine emery home improvement and lifestyle expert is joining us now with tips for choosing light bulbs that will help create the perfect atmosphere it’s great to see you girlfriend I know you’re geeking out on this just like Derek we are too I’m such a dork but you know what I hope everybody to keep shining over there so we’re going to be talking about light bulbs for this whole segment so and seriously I mean.

Catherine this can absolutely transform a room sometimes you go in a space and you’re like what is off but then the moment the lighting changes yes you can set a mood the brightness so walk us through what you’ve got today you are so spot on derek so I’m going to kind of break it down because remember you just used to go to the store and grab a light bulb and you would go but now there are a couple of things you need to look at when you’re buying a light bulb so number one is the hue light bulb lumens so that’s the brightness.

It’s what we used to know is watts and then the other one is kelvin which I know you’re kind of referencing it’s like either that really bright invigorating blue or that kind of like that cool warm glow that yellow so let’s talk about the room by room because it’s overwhelming so let’s start like let’s start with the rooms that we want the lightest right the kitchen the bathroom and the garage because we’re doing invigorating activities there we need.

Light so that’s where you’re going to want to look for a bulb that’s sometimes called daylight so it’s got about 5 000 kelvin so it’s like that bright blue and then 100 watt equivalent of lumens is now,1600 lumens so you can really get that good energy going right so and just so you guys know the reference zone for kelvins like 1900 kelvins is a candle.

10 000 is the sun so it all just depends what you’re doing in that room and what you want um so next would be um a next night think about like that middle grade so think about like bright light so like your dining room your office you still want that energy but maybe not so bright, so that’s where you’re going to get that bright light so it’s about you know 4 000 kelvins about 1100 lumens which is 75 watts are you guys following me.

I am and I’m so glad you are talking about this because I have been clueless for the last I don’t know bit trying to buy light bulbs I don’t have they don’t match at all it is tough to buy light bulbs these days they don’t well and then they’ve got the soft whites right this is what I love everyone wants that like a warm glow that the incandescent light bulbs used to give us, so that’s what you call soft white that’s good for your bedroom good for your living room good for, good for places that you’re chilling out so that’s about 800 lumens light bulb which is a 60 watt and 2700 kelvins now the nice thing is there’s on all of the bulbs nowadays they have this.

Little light bulb it’s almost like the nutrition thing that you get for food so they’ll walk you through it but just a good way to sing because you know LEDs they save us money they save this energy one bulb costs six dollars a year to operate so just an awesome way to think about how to how to light your different spaces it really is incredible Catherine and I know off the top I was kind of making a joke about this national holiday but led day was really established back in 2016 to honour.

Uh, these scientists who got the Nobel prize for creating the light-emitting diode because as you mentioned they’re less expensive to operate and they are certainly much better for the environment in the long term yeah exactly most people don’t realize bulbs were invented in the 50s but until these scientists invented that blue we couldn’t use them so now let’s go to the fun stuff you guys right so we let there be light right but there are light bulbs these days that do more than well let’s start with first of all let’s start with the bulb so we talked about having daylight bright light soft light in one the bulb nowadays these full-colour smart bulbs you can get it all.

In one bulb so I have here c by age and this is what I mean so there’s some great b-roll but I’m also, of course, going to geek out on my phone with you guys but you can make it it’s all in that one bulb you can make it that that warm here, so that’s that warm color that we were talking about kind of that like soft white you can make it that um you can make it the bright then there’s the higher kelvin so that blue light you can dim it in the bulb you can turn it to different colors so Halloween’s coming this, is going to this orange is going to be good for my haunted house so this smart color gold just has everything built-in so depending on what you’re doing you want a lot of light.

You want a different light and here are some other pictures to go with it I just love that all those features so instead of having to go out and figure out what bulb you buy just buy one bolt and get all the colour temperatures to get everything in there no hub required which I love you can even set different schedules for it so just a great bulb um and then Derek you’re gonna Derek and Courtney you guys are gonna geek out on me on this one so this is uh he’s led plus battery backup ready are you guys ready for this yeah uh check this out it’s still good.

It’s got a five-hour battery backup so that if the power goes out like in houston we always have crazy storms coming our way there okay that’s genius right genius and cool to the touch clearly if you can pick it up listen we’re tight on time let’s run us through some of the other cool technology that you have today including I guess a speaker and a light bulb in one yep absolutely so here is this here’s the speaker is built right into the light bulb so you literally if you can see here it’s the par 30 so these can go in your overhead oh there’s me the fabulous b-roll that I filmed for you guys see all you installedn I do it all you guys what did I say so this is all also gled plus so the point is it’s a 60-watt bulb that you can use every day and it’s got this one extra feature so this one has a speaker built into it the other one has a battery backup built into it the other one has dust to dawn the other one has motion descent.

Sensor the other one has a timer so it’s just really cool you know you figure hey you’re going to go and buy a 60 watt bulb led that’s this nice temperature why not have a little extra feature in there and then we need somewhere to plug our lights right so we’ve all been working from home ma lot more so lamps plus has this workstation dimmer lamp here’s how awesome it is you can put any lamp on top of this workstation here and it becomes it has a USB plug it has um a power outlet and it will turn any lamp into a dimmable lamp oh wow isn’t that som cool and that’s my lamps plus and you could have all these different colours they’ve got like tissue she’s doing it right there but you know you can see the different ports they’ve got like silvers they’ve got.

Traditional they’ve got modern and those are all at but just you know my husband just keeps seeing this in my here for the tv he’s like when is that going to end up on my desk because he loves it it’s great we’re all working from home why not you always Catherine bring the best of the best to us I am keeping all of my notes I’m going to get my light bulbs in the order you got to get your light bulb life together I do Katherine emery thank you so much I love it bright ideas girl and you can head over to our website Houston life. tv to see all of the tips and products that Catherine shared today and Houston life will be right back.

How to set up any smart lights with wifi, on apps?

Video Transcript:

Most smart LEDs connect over Wi-Fi Bluetooth or Zigbee despite their different methods of connection there’s no need to feel overwhelmed we’re going to walk you through each setup step by step to show you just how easy it is to install smart lights in your home why is this Wi-Fi bulb is up first.

These dimmable best color changing light bulb perform well and have plenty of features including setting custom settings and connecting them to Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers download the wise app create an account and select the new device in the centre of the home screen then select a wise bulb from the list of devices to make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4 gigahertz network screw in the bulb.

And turn the power on and off three times to 3 waits for the bulb to flash now you’re in pairing mode enter your Wi-Fi name and password connect to the wise smart bulb Wi-Fi network in your settings and then return to the app and the bulb will connect automatically the app will ask you to create a unique name for the light and then you can set up custom on/off schedules and more.

Now we’re moving on to Bluetooth this time around we have a C by GE soft white smartphone the C by GE soft light smart bulbs come in a $25 2-pack they connect over Bluetooth out of the box so you can control them from your phone within Bluetooth range let’s see if Bluetooth is any easier to set up first download the C by GE app and create an account hit the plus icon in the top right corner of the home.

Screen and then add new devices select lights from the list of devices screw in the bulb turn on the light hit continue in the app and wait for it to flash three times this is where I’m just staring at you there it is flashing then select continue with the C by GE app and you’re ready to control your lights within a roughly thirty to the thirty-five-foot range if you want to control these bulbs outside of Bluetooth range you have two options first you can buy the C by GE smart bridge for 50 bucks.

Or you can use a Google Nest smart speaker or display to act as the Wi-Fi hub C by GE bulbs also work with Alexa and Siri via homekit but you’ll need the C reach hub it’s time for the third install with Zigbee and this Philips hue white LED requires a hug for setup at $70 for a 2-pack Philips hue white Zigbee bulbs cost a lot more than wise and c by GE LEDs but this Philips hue starter kit includes an additional piece of hardware a hub that helps the bulb connect to your local Wi-Fi network.

Let’s see how this setup compares to the other two again start by downloading the Philips hue app and create an account connect the hue bridge to your Wi-Fi router and plug the adapter into an outlet screen the bulb and turn it on select search in the app and it will find your hue bridge press the button in the centre of the hue bridge and your LED will connect.

Automatically the good news is that the additional step of the hub didn’t take much time and was actually just as simple as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setups whether you use Wi-Fi Bluetooth or Zigbee bulbs it’s on if it’s actually pretty painless all around just try to keep in mind that if your.

Planning to outfit your entire home in smart light bulbs amazon you might want to stick with one type of setup otherwise, it’ll be tough to keep track of how to control each one if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and if you have any questions about smart LEDs please let us know in the comments below the end get out of here watch it don’t watch it I don’t care.

How to Remove & Change a Dome Ceiling Light Bulb?

Video Transcript:

Hi so what I got here is one of these dome lights for home and what I’m trying to do is remove the glass so I could replace the bulb so it’s not very obvious how that is done because they’re basically a screwless chair so what you’re going to do it’s all about grip so the problem with what I have here is when I rotate it the base also rotates so what you need is something with grip mainly something that is rubber here so have these utility gloves and they have the rubbery grip on them you could also use anything that’s tacky so for example even shelf liner so I often use shelf liner to get grip on jars for example jar lids.

So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to take these gloves and then rotate the glass and the base opposite ways so let me go ahead and show you that so I’m going to put one hand and hold the base and because I have the tactic as here I could hold it and then the other hand I am gonna rotate it counterclockwise so I can actually also try to do this with one hand since I’m holding the camera and what I’m gonna do in my case.

Because I can’t because I’m holding the camera I can’t actually grip the base what I’m gonna do is push up to hold the base in place and then I am going to twist the glass hold the base in place twist counterclockwise and you see how it’s loosened and it’s just gonna come off so so you see how now it’s loosened like that you know just keep on rotating it And so I’ve rotated it off Counterclockwise and what I want to show you is the mechanism that keeps the ceiling led light bulbs on so you’ll see that the glass here is indented in and so that’s where there are notes on the frame that actually sticks into these edges.

So let me show you that so often what you see is you’ll have these three of these that holds it in place when you rotate so there’s one here and it’s triangular another one right here so once you twist it counterclockwise and it rotates it to the empty places you could just it just comes off but just keep on rotating it counterclockwise so to put it back on I am gonna line the edges you can see.

I have three edges indented in I am going to put it right next to those and I am just gonna rotate it so I’m just gonna keep on rotating clockwise until it locks in place and you can see how it’s locked in place you know it’s not gonna come off just test it out and make sure the single bulb ceiling light fixture doesn’t come off and that’s really it that’s how this mechanism dome light works and I hope this helps and please subscribe and thank you for watching

Final Verdict

Now, you might have been aware of the kinds of light bulbs available in the market. Among the existing variety, you can choose the best light bulb for your home. But try to go for the appropriate one. We would advise you to go for eco-friendly bulbs as they won’t harm the environment around you and your health. This is because they don’t emit radiation or UV rays.

Lastly, it all depends upon what you choose. But remember, your choice will define your lifestyle and attitude towards life. So, be considerate in making the best purchase.

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