Best Landline Phone For Senior Citizens in 2021

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Are you finding it difficult to connect with your elderly near and dear ones who live away from you?

Is it true that you often miss your parents or grandparents but in the end, it becomes difficult to talk to them?

Did you gift them the latest smartphone available in the market but they are finding it strenuous to get into the steep learning process required when using a smartphone or are you yourself a senior citizen and finding it difficult to operate smartphones?

Well, that’s true it feels a real heartbreak when you are unable to talk with your elderly loved ones just because they find it really hard to operate a smartphone and it’s not only for you, they must be missing as much as you.  Here comes a relief, Landline Phones for seniors that are specially designed for them with easy operation, enhanced voice quality, larger buttons, and much more.

Buying Guide For The Best Landline Phone For Seniors in 2021

Phones can now resemble almost anything, with the exception of phones. For seniors, all of these new things can be challenging and stressful. They tend to stick to what they are familiar with. As a result, the key is simplicity and high functionality.

So, to begin with, what are the key features that senior citizens expect in a cordless landline? Well, when we hear this question the first thing that comes to mind is a phone book. The majority of new simple landline phone for seniors on the market has a feature that helps you to memorize numbers. The newer mobile phone in the market have their app icons small which are difficult to see and the buttons are tiny.

Now you must be convinced how important it is to have a landline for the senior member of your family. If you are planning to purchase one then this article is perfect for you as we have tried to provide all the features that are necessary to keep in mind while buying the Best Landline Phone For Seniors.

Features of the Best Landline Phone For Seniors in 2021

Types of Landline Phone for Seniors:

  • Analog or Digital:

Analog phones are the most affordable, and analog transmissions usually have decent voice quality and few interference issues.  The drawbacks of analog are that the range is small and the transmissions are insecure. Analog phone system with several handsets is also unable to conference handsets with a third party.

Furthermore, the number of handsets that the base unit can accommodate is typically limited to two.  Digital phones have a clearer sound, are more secure, have a slightly longer range, and are more resistant to RF interference. Bear in mind, however, that phones with phrases like “phone with all-digital answerer” or “spread spectrum technology” are less reliable.

  • Corded or Cordless:

Even though corded phones are becoming extinct, having at least one corded phone in your home in case of a power outage is always a smart idea. If you lose electrical power, cordless phones and some corded phones that are connected to VoIP services or fiber-optic networks stop working. During power outages or emergencies, cordless phones often lose signal or the circuits become overloaded.

A corded phone is a safe choice since it gets its power from the telephone exchange, which has robust backup systems.  corded landline phones have outstanding voice quality as well. And the best cordless phones on the market can’t compete with a corded phone’s voice quality.  Despite this, cordless phones continue to be the most common choice. Cordless phones normally provide safe and efficient voice communication with the portability that a corded phone does not.

Digital Technology:

  • Digital technology is divided into two categories:

  1. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a new technology that uses a frequency of 1.9 gigahertz. DECT offers less interference and almost 16 hours of talk time before requiring recharging.
  2. DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) allows digital information to “frequency hop” between the receiver and the base, rendering eavesdropping on a cordless conversation nearly impossible. Some DSS phones are labeled as “802.11 compliant” or “wireless network friendly,” implying that they won’t interfere with wireless computer networks, but that doesn’t mean they won’t interfere with other wireless devices.

The number of Extensions:

If you live in a small house, getting a single extension is the best option because you will never be too far away from the corded landline phones. However, getting several handsets is a smart idea for larger families and homes. If you are uncertain how many units you would need at the time of purchase, it is also a good idea to see if you can add additional handsets to the base unit.

Speed dial:

When it comes to finding the right phone for you or your parent, speed dial is one of the most important features to consider. One button is what it takes to make a phone call. A clearly visible emergency button is a must, particularly if you live alone or have a health condition that is unpredictable.

Large buttons and controls:

Buttons become more difficult to locate and click as you grow older. As a consequence, senior citizens need broad buttons and straightforward controls. A large ON button and an easy OFF button is needed on cordless landline phones for seniors. In addition, the phone face should be wide and in a legible typeface and font.

Although the phone shown below is not cordless, it is an excellent example of the size of a button that a senior requires as their vision is impaired by cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Voice Quality:

It is best to test the phone’s voice quality before purchasing it. If you’re buying something online and don’t have that option, you can look at the reviews. The voice quality on most phones is decent, and the sound quality on others is outstanding. Choose depending on your specifications.

Some phones have DEFT Technology, which uses a particular frequency to boost the sound quality and make using your cordless best landline phone for home office more convenient. So, if that is something that is completely necessary for you, it is preferable to purchase a phone that has this feature pre-installed.

Ease of Use:

Since they have larger screens, contrast fonts, and backlit keypads, some phones are best suited for seniors. You should look for a phone that best meets your grandparents’ and parents’ needs. If they’re hard of hearing, use a phone that works with their hearing aid’s T coil.

For the visually impaired, a phone with a large monitor, separate ringers for different callers, talking Caller ID, and speakerphones, as well as large font screens and buttons, is preferable.

Battery Backup:

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a cordless phone is whether or not it has a good battery backup. It is difficult for seniors to charge their devices repeatedly, so getting a phone with a limited battery life could be an issue for them.

Before you buy a phone, think about whether or not the battery can be replaced. Some phones have batteries that are easy to repair and are less costly, which is obviously preferable for senior citizens.


Obviously, one of the things to consider before purchasing a phone is its appearance. Instead of giving off the vibes of an old computer, the phone should appear clean-cut, sophisticated, and elegant. In addition, you should think about how convenient it is for senior citizens to use this simple landline phone for seniors.

The phone should be designed in such a way that it is lightweight and easy to carry. It should also be clumsy-free when it comes to fitting against the natural contours of the face.  The earpiece should be rounded, with a depression in the center where the speakers are mounted, so that it fits comfortably over the middle of the ear.

You can also inspect the handset’s buttons to ensure that they aren’t comically big or incredibly small. All of this will aid you in determining whether or not it will be simple for your relatives to use the phone.

Volume options for the hearing impaired:

Many modern phones will only go so loud until the volume is maxed out. The best cordless phone for seniors has a much higher volume threshold and adapts to all forms of hearing impairments. When you call or leave a voicemail, even those with hearing impairments and hearing aids should be able to hear you.

High message count for storage:

Seniors today are more involved than they have ever been. That is why their cordless landline phones for seniors need a large message count so that it does not easily exceed its cap when traveling or until they can check their messages. When shopping, look for the maximum message storage space or the one that best fits your needs.

Wireless Interference:

Some of these cordless phones have the potential to cause issues with other household items. They can disrupt the frequency of your wireless internet, as well as mobile phone services. As a result, it’s a good idea to see if the phone has any anti-theft features.

Power Backup:

Since most of these phones rely on a digital or VOIP link, you’ll want to make sure there’s a backup in case the power goes out. Extra batteries or the ability to link the phone to a normal landline service are examples of this. In any case, prolonged power outages do not cause you to lose contact with your loved ones.

Customer Service:

When it comes to purchasing items online or offline, this is one of the most underrated features. However, you can check out the brand’s customer service before making a purchase. If you have an issue with your phone or it stops working unexpectedly, you will need to contact the company’s representatives. As a result, make sure it’s a well-known brand so you can fix these issues without difficulty.


You need to check the product’s warranties and understand the terms and conditions before making any significant purchase. This will not only save you money but will also keep headaches at bay in the long run.

In addition, to minimize the likelihood of problems, request that the dealer fill out the manufacturer’s warranty document as well as an explanation of warranty coverage. For any repairing responsibilities, check the service and customer care information. Often, make sure to read the product’s return policy.

Available Price:

Cordless phones are available at a wide range of prices, from low to high. For example, if you only need a phone to make and receive calls, analog home phone service is the best option, and they are also the most affordable.

If you want easy-to-use features, however, you can invest in a digital cordless phone with advanced technology, a built-in answering machine, a headphone jack or Bluetooth networking, and other features.

FAQs for the Best Landline Phone For Seniors in 2021

Is it important to replace the batteries on a regular basis?

On average, the batteries will last 1-2 years. If you take good care of the batteries when charging them from the start, you'll have a better chance of getting good results. However, in some situations, they may become exhausted within a year due to a variety of factors.

What are the right phones for the elderly?

The best phone for an older person is one that has a mix of features that make it easier to use. It is more important to ensure that the phone is user-friendly than to shop for features such as style, color, and design. You can choose a landline phone for office that is cordless and has big buttons. When shopping for a senior, these are the most critical features to consider.

How can I assist a senior who is finding it difficult to hear?

It is simple to assist a senior who has difficulty hearing or is deafeningly deaf. The first move is to acknowledge that they have recently had a hearing test. You'll be able to tell how good or bad their hearing skills are this way.

Hearing aids cannot be replaced by a phone. That is why, before purchasing a cordless phone for your senior, make sure they can hear clearly.

Is it appropriate to purchase a separate phone for a parent to use at home?

The good news is that most seniors are living longer and more independently than they have in the past. As a result, using a landline phone has more uses and benefits than just using a mobile phone. Seniors sometimes forget where items were left last, even though they have a standard position in the house.

It's for this reason that having a cordless landline phone in a central location is a good idea.


Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Aaron Winston I’m a polar explorer motivational speaker it’s today haha that’s right I’m going to review the Vtech series of landline phones I know this is a little maybe off topic but I do reviews travel technology motivation inspiration and this to sucker is definitely worth a review so the v-tex es series of landline phones ah yes now does everybody have their cell phone oh yeah why would I want a landline phone over a cell phone that seems pretty silly well look at it this way cell phone connectivity in many places can actually be problematic is it great where I live no definitely it’s quite variable sometimes I get four bars sometimes it goes to one it drives me nuts so that kind of puts a crimp in my business because as a motivational speaker what’s the number one thing I have to be able to do and when my cell phone is giving me fits or the connections.

Bad or something what do I do yes I had to break down and give myself a landline phone now where’s Hank hang on one minute let me grab the other phone okay MA now I’m blurry for a minute sure hello come on there we go so I started off with this phone just a super simple fifteen dollar 18 t job you know blah blah blah it gets the job done pretty easy hangs on the wall sits on the desk no problem the cord is pretty short and it pulls so I’ll do a short review about this one I mean it’s a phone you know from the 80s but it’s kind of high-tech but you think oh no why would you care about having this phone well a couple of reasons one it allows me to have a second business line rather than giving people my cell phone so I don’t get all the spam calls so that’s a huge thing but this phone thus far has been quite nice I’ve been using this for just about a month now and I’ve pretty much got the ins and outs of it so let me give you an idea of using this what this phone is like first a handset totally fits your ear it’s very comfortable there.

I mean and it’s a phone the price I paid was I don’t know 50 ish check on I’ll live a link to the phone series below on Amazon they’re a whole bunch of different phone variations one may have one handset one may have two or three they’re all the same phone so don’t worry about is this, not the exact well, no but I for me I only needed one handset but I didn’t even care about the wireless handset I cared about the landline connection that would always connect me and I use voice over IP through my cable company and I can talk away now I’ve got a battery backup here because we get a lot of power drops and yeah this guy keeps cruising it does have an answering machine in it which is pretty nice it was it was pretty easy to set that up one of the big complaints people talk about is being able to turn the ringer volume down ring-ring-ring.

You have to go into a menu and press all these buttons I don’t know here’s the trick for you when the phone is hung up and nothing’s going on press the volume button down boo-boo and this little bar will go across the screen and that’s how you turn the ringer down easily I knew tech I’ve had their phones before and I’ve always loved them and I thought why would they make you go through five menu options to push the buttons to get there to turn the ringer down no thank goodness you just hit this button this guy right down here volume down so that’s been super good when you talk I always have the volume down to one or two out of ten because at nine your 10 is like yeah it’s too loud so that’s been pretty handy.

Alright does have an intercom system so you can theoretically chat between these guys it’s okay I actually use FRS radios in my house redials nice caller Ids nice that that’s not a big deal but for me too it does have a speakerphone mode which is great that way hey hang on does it okay if I put you on speaker hang or put this on speaker hang up and then I can get on the computer and write some notes and so far everyone I’ve spoken listen hey it’s a little bit quieter but the voice qualities – just pretty much as good as listening to you directly on the handset so that’s been a bonus I haven’t plugged in redial or not redialed with they call it the phonebook I haven’t programmed a bunch of phone numbers in here I don’t care because usually when I’m calling clients I don’t need to have their number in my phone and then by the time I bleep through it I could have just typed it in so definitely bonuses loud and clear which is really really good initially.

It sounded a little muted this phone this 15 dollar phone is ridiculously loud like I have to hold this thing generally like this because it’s so loud now I’m not hard of hearing at all but when you’ve got your cell phone smashed up to your ear like it’s not very enjoyable so an old-school fun like this you don’t have to crush your ear plus the handsets much lighter you don’t press buttons accidentally it has a nice feature where you can dial the number one 307 blah blah blah and then hit the speaker button and then it begins calling and then you can pick it up so you don’t have to pick it up and two-hand it that it’s definitely nice people say another interesting review item that when you put this up on the wall or the little handset keeps falling off.

That’s very annoying but right here is this little tab if the tab is upside down without the tab sticking out one moment please because it’s very hard to do with one hand if you just put it like there the phone will fall off but if you flick the tab out flip it around put it in their jam it income on Wednesday there we go and now it hangs let me show you that I’m not touching holding it so that’s nice stay gonna pick it up but it doesn’t flounder on your desk so that’s a bonus the answering machine it works fine it’s an answering machine answer on/off you can shut that off find the handset so when you leave the darn handset this guy somewhere in the house you can bleep leave him then you can go chase it down cuz who hasn’t lost their phone.

Yeah, that’s me yeah tell me you haven’t lost your phone in your house tell me you haven’t lost your handset in your house no one can say that they haven’t lost it so that’s been a definite bonus this guy does require power so not just a phone line but it does require power because the answering machine this type of phone does not require any power at all it derives the power from the phone line so that’s a bonus and of course the wireless sense that handset has to have a powered base to charge because it says no power at base one thing a couple of things I did not like about the phone is the LCD is a little bit hard to read so when somebody I mean like I’m staring on my phone right so if you just say cancel it’ll brighten up the LCDs to see.

What’s going on when you pick up the phone and start blabbing the LCD comes on so but initially it was very bothersome there’s no way to increase the contrast on the LCD initially I was like aw I don’t like this but I realized it doesn’t really matter cuz I’m not staring at my phone all the time because when somebody calls and caller ID kicks in the LCD lights up and then it’s very very easy to read the other thing I have not like which is kind of tragic are the push buttons that does not have the crisp pop of this AT&T phone oh boy I’m gonna drop this guy it doesn’t have the crisp pop these guys you can hear that these guys feel better but tragically oops I don’t hope philemon out dialing in 911 one tragically their button press is a little bit mushy now this is not like most vtech phones is this a don’t buy it no no it just no I don’t really like the button press which is disappointing but such is life other options that are very comparable are anywhere from 50% to 300% more expensive so this guy so far I’ve been extremely happy with it I’ve got flash mode caller ID one other thing too is people can’t figure out how do you clear all the calls here I mean I could delete.

The messages here delete delete and play them but how do you clear out 27 missed calls or 27 receive calls after you’re done with your phone call and you’re done listening push and hold the cancel button one two three beep this goes to clear it says base and you’re good to go other features that does have this little flip down guy in the back if I don’t break my phone yeah so you can actually put it on the wall if you care about I don’t know anybody that puts their phone on the wall anymore it’s kind of weird so that that’s a thing telephone line goes in their handset goes in there pretty easy to figure out so you do have to have two cords but the whole point of the corded phone is that you have clear connectivity the full time the answering machine seems fun haven’t had any problems yet so is this a winner yeah I would say I highly recommend the vtech the CS series of phones with however many bases you want I’ll leave a link to Amazon to go check it out and buy it from there or buy it from your local store like Best Buy or staples or whoever sells.

Phones in your area and that way if you do have a problem it’s easy to take it back but otherwise just buy it at your local store and have no problem so highly recommend the Vtech CS 69 and whatever series thank you very much my name is Erin Lynn style I’m a polar explorer motivational speaker this is tech day engineering stuff tell you the products I like why I like him and the downsides of them so I am not sponsored by VTech full disclosure they don’t know me I don’t know them other than their products if they’d like to call me and I’d love to speak for them greatly but as of now we have no relationship whatsoever please like and comment on the video subscribe to the channel below just hit that subscribe button please support me on VIN Mo PayPal and Patreon thank you very much for watching you.


There is a huge range of phone choices for senior citizens. However, unlike other younger people, they often need the best landline phone for home office that is both affordable and dependable. They need an answering machine and big buttons instead of text messaging features.

Hopefully, this has aided you in your quest and provided you with a few excellent choices. Whatever phone you choose, make sure it has all of the features as we have discussed above.

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