Best Heat Protectants for Straightening Natural Hair in 2023

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Styling that silky soft curly hair is pretty much in trend nowadays, for which we use those styling tools to get straight, curly, and crimpy designs. This may look amazing for a few hours, but the worst part is that they damage the hair for the whole life.

Yes! The heating tools come with elements that are prone to damage our hair follicles.

We all know about the temperature at which these straighteners work. Have you ever well-thought-out of the amount of heat they are generating and what bulk of damage you are causing to your natural hairs by using them? I am sure many of us do not consider the latter point. What we focus on is just the look that we want to create with these iron plates.

There were the days when I was also the same. I was fond of straighteners for a sleek hair look every time, but I wasn’t aware of the damage. Months passed, and I could feel that crimpy hair, and then I realized the damage I made to my hair, which is why I started my research on finding some solutions to this problem.

Gradually, I came across heat protectants, which actually became my savior and can be yours too. So, if you are also facing hair problems, grab a few points that might connect to your struggles and give you a better suggestion after that.

Buying Guide for Best Heat Protectants for Straightening Natural Hair in 2023

Now you can iron your hair and style them in whichever way you want. The heat damage will neither bother you now nor stop you from getting that glam look. Just go through these important considerations and get the heat protectants to protect your hair from any sort of damage.

Type of heat protectants

There are different types of thermal protectants available. As per your hair type and personal choice, and convenience, you can choose one for yourself. But for that, you have to aware of the available styles.

  • Sprays – Sprays are designed to overcome frizzes. They provide that extra shield against hair damage and lock in the shine of your hair.
  • Creams – Creams protectants nourish the hair before straightening and seal the moisture; therefore provide a glossy base for the use of straighteners.
  • Blow-dry-lotions – Blow-dry-lotions give the hair that extra nourishment to provide additional protection against heat. These are very much suited for thick, coarse hair.
  • Prepping formulas – They are best suited for some severe salon styling.
  • Foams – The foams help in detangling the curly hair. They are seamlessly weightless and provide excellent protection against damage.
  • Leave-in-conditioners – These can be used in day-to-day life activities.

There are various other protectants like serums, mist sprays, oil protectants, and many others. Just go with the one that is convenient to you.

The optimum temperature

Every styling equipment has a different heat range. The blow-dryers, the irons, and the curlers all have their respective temperature range up to which the heating can be done. The straighteners generally heat up to a maximum of 450 degrees. Make sure that the heat protectant you are going to buy works for this range.

Different thermal protectants of various brands and types have diverse heat protection range. So, you need to check the product’s work range; else, it won’t be efficient and will provide your hair a zero protection against the heat.

Silicone-based protectants

The most important constituents of heat protectants are silicones. The silicone-based protectants are made up of a combination of two types of silicones:

  • Cyclomethicone helps in providing the optimum moisture and hydration to the hairs.
  • Dimethicone helps coat the hair and lock the moisture provided by cyclo-methicone, thereby preventing moisture loss.

These two compounds together make the protectant the best for your hair.

Hair texture

All the heat protectants available in the market are very specific. As every one of us has different hairs, it is advisable to go for the product compatible with your hair texture. In this way, you can use the best heat protectant for straightening natural hair, which will be as per your hair type and thus will be more efficient in providing protection against heat.

The texture of the protectant

Nobody wants to have those greasy protectants which remain damp for an extended period. They take a lot of time to dry and also do not give a smooth finish within the desired time. So, you can go for some heat protectants which offer a non-greasy look in texture, and consequently, you can rock the chic look.

Sulfate-free and paraben-free

The heat protectants certainly leave-in types, and therefore you have to be very careful that they are free from harmful compounds like sulfates and parabens. These are just irritating chemicals that will go harsh on your scalp and cause various unnecessary damage. Go for the protectants which are free from these chemicals.

Keratin based protectants

The benefits of keratin-based protectants are many and cannot be listed.

If we talk about the overall benefits, keratin is a protein that helps in strengthening and nourishment our hair. It provides the luster and makes our hair glossy.

Keratin-based thermal protectants ensure that the hairs are very well prepared to use straighteners and heat exposure. They provide a protective coating that doesn’t let the iron plates cause any heat damage to our hairs.

Heat protectant brands

There are various options in the market for you all. Keep an eye on a product, and it will be yours. But with so much availability arises confusion.

A person who has insufficient knowledge of brands will surely like to go according to the cost. Generally, ladies prefer to buy the lower range products and go for the brands which have cheaper products. But this compromise with the value for the cost often creates later regrets.

I am sure my beautiful ladies will definitely agree with me. But don’t you think that this is nothing but our stupidity. Why make any regrets later or waste the product by not using it when we have the option to choose in the initial phase. The better the brand, the better will be its service quality. After all, the brand has got its popularity because of its value. So, try and sort out the brands that are in your budget and provide a quality service.

Cost of the item

If I tell you to search for some good brands, that doesn’t mean that I am telling you to go out of your pocket and buy the heat protectant. It should not go this way.

You have to make an intelligent deal and purchase a decent brand protectant that comes under your budget. This skill will require some practice, but you will soon realize that you can pick the most innovative product very quickly and consistently.

So, I will suggest you take some personal professionals’ help and only then finalize the product.

Packaging dates

The packaging dates include the manufacturing date and the expiry date. All cosmetic products use some chemicals, which help preserve the item for a longer time. But anyhow, this protection is provided for only a limited period.

There is a complete duration up to which the heat protectants will remain as it is, provided they are appropriately stored. But if the time limit is crossed, the chemicals in the protectants start misbehaving. This results in severe damage to hair. If you are not aware and keep using the expired protectants, they will cause you many split-ends and frizzes and make your hair look very rough and dull. And if someday, luckily, you got to see the dates, you will end up wasting the product and throwing it away.

So, to avoid all these happenings, please ensure to check these dates before buying.

FAQs on Best Heat Protectants for Straightening Natural Hair in 2023

Can I use a heat protectant every day?

Heat protectants are used whenever you use some styling tools on your hair. Always apply the protectants whenever you blow-dry your hair or use any sort of iron or curler on your hair. However, it is not at all advisable to use these appliances regularly.

The heat protectants are just made up of some mere chemicals, which can only provide protection to an extent. Beyond a limit, neither the use of protectants is helpful nor the excessive use of styling tools is recommended.

What makes a good heat protectant?

The quality protectants will for sure include the following things in their composition:

Humectants (which include panthenol, propylene, and glycol) are responsible for locking the moisture and blocking any frizz that comes in their way.
Amino acids (most importantly keratin) increases your hairs' strength and acts as anti-oxidants.
Natural oils and extracts will help in protecting and sealing the hair's cuticle. Also, the hair won't look frizzy and will become shiny.

Do heat protectants actually work?

As the name suggests, the heat protectants are designed to protect your hair from getting damaged from the excessive heat generated while using iron plates and rods.

When we talk about the efficacy of the heat protectants while in use, they do work. However, if you consider that they will also protect your hair from pollution damage, then my friend, you are wrong here.

Do you have to wait for the heat protectant to dry?

The newbies and experts need to know that you have to wait for some time after applying the heat protectant. Heat protectants are basically liquids that make the hair damp and moist for a bit of time. If you directly use an iron plate or a rod on such wet hair, it will cause sizzles on the hair, making the hair strands look frizzy and crimpy after the wash.

Many people are not aware of it and blame the product's efficacy, that it is not serving its purpose. While the case is just the opposite. So, if you love your hair and want it to remain in the best condition even after the use of iron plates and rods, then be patient after the heat protectant's application.

What happens when you don't use a heat protectant?

We know that how frequently we love to style our hair in different ways. These everyday stylings make use of various heat treatments, directly or indirectly. The heat from the appliances like straighteners, curlers, rollers, and blow dryers cause a lot of damage to our hair. If we do not use the heat protectants, these frequent use of styling appliances will make our hair fall, create split-ends, make the hair frizzy, and burn all the shine and luster.


Styling the hair is the best thing girls and ladies can do for themselves. After all, shiny and styles hair gives a whole new look to the personality and attitude.

The best heat protectants for straightening natural hair will not make styling difficult like earlier, as now you also have a clear image of the heat damage and its solutions. The heat protectants will provide complete protection to your hair and not let the heat cause any harm.

Be it any party or a simple occasion, or maybe a casual day when you want to straighten your hair, these protectants will ensure that nothing comes in between your way. However, you just need to be attentive while you go through the various options while buying these protectants.

First of all, have a straightforward thought process of what type of heat protectant do you want. You may get a heat protection spray for straightening hair, a serum, an oil, or a lotion that would do the respective job. Then decide the brand you want to get the product from and set your budget. Accordingly, consider few options and then go through the description of the selected products while reading all the details very carefully. And, you can just slay the look in whatever way you want.

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