Best Hand Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews in 2021

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Is it difficult for you to clean pet hairs in your home?

Do you want a device or machine to make your cleaning convenient?

Do you want to keep your home free from pet hair?

Are you not able to do the deep cleaning of your home, usually when the pet hairs are scattered around?

Having a pet in the house may appear suitable but requires lots of effort to keep their maintenance. Be it any pet, a dog, or a cat, each one of them leaves their hair around while sitting on the carpet. So, keeping this stuff clean from fur becomes quite necessary as they are prone to cause infections.

It gets mandatory for the cleaning to get yourself the best hand vacuum for pet hair. This hand vacuum is not only easy to use but also finishes your task in minutes. Thus, being time friendly for you. But choosing the best vacuum among the available ones becomes quite challenging. So, we have come up with the best solutions for you. For it, you need to have a look at our further content.

Buying Guide for best hand vacuum for pet hair in 2021

Hand Vacuums now comes in different functionalities, sizes, shapes, and budgets, so it is challenging to choose the best hand vacuum for pet hairs. Pet owners face many issues while taking care of their pets, like piles of hair lying in the room’s corner. Our buying guide will help you to resolve all their problems quickly. All the factors are explained to get the idea and knowledge to buy the best hand vacuum for pet hairs. So, let’s get this started.

Size and Weight of the Hand vacuum

Size and Weight are essential points for you to consider while looking for the best hand vacuum for pet hair. Everybody wants a portable and the best lightweight vacuum so that they can easily carry and clean their room regularly. It is not necessary that heavy vacuum needs to be fair, but they are less in demand due to handling issues faced by the pet owners.

A lightweight vacuum is the best as they make cleaning more convenient for pet keepers, as they easily clean their sofas or mattes of the room. So, always check the hand vacuum’s Weight and size before purchasing. Think twice that whether you can easily carry this hand vacuum or not, or will it be able to clean the room’s tight areas. Check the size and carefully read the dimensions of the product mentioned in the box.


Another point to note is the quality and performance of the hand vacuum for pet hairs. Not all hand vacuums are good and get exhausted in a short span of cleaning pet hairs from rooms. So, do not forget to check its durability before buying it. You need to check the buyers’ reviews and look for the features offered by the hand vacuum. Also, check the material used to build the vacuum’s body and suction rubber as they are the main components of the vacuum. The life of the vacuum also depends on it.


When you decide to spend your money on the things needed by you, you must be willing to offer the seller’s offers. So, if you are eager to buy the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, check for the hand vacuum company’s warranty. This will help you keep a back up for the future if any part of the vacuum does not work. There are many vacuums available, but they come with different warranty periods. The cordless hand vacuums come with 2 years of warranty, and the hand vacuum with a foot cord or a cord comes with 1 year of the contract. So always check the security of the product before deciding to buy it.

Cordless, Foot Cord or with Cord hand vacuums for pet hairs

Hand vacuums are available in three different specifications, i.e.,

  1. Cordless without any wire connection, they are easy to handle or can conveniently clean the room.
  2. Foot Cord which is partially controlled by foot and hand. They are heavyweight and are not easy to carry, so many people avoid buying this, but it comes with strong suction power.
  3. Hand Vacuum that comes with a cord. It only uses electric power, and the electric hand vacuum cleaner is easy to clean the sofa or couch of the house to remove excess pet hair present. Further, they are energy-efficient vacuums.

So, always look for these features also before purchasing the best hand vacuums for pet hair.

Motorized Brush or Non-Motorized Brush

Hand vacuums come in two different features, i.e.,

  1. Motorized Brush profoundly cleans the floor or mattes of the room. It gives spots a clean look after removing even the small hairs of the pet.
  2. Then, Non-Motorized Brush cleans the area clearly but not suitable as a motorized brush.


It is challenging to find handheld vacuums for pet hair with long battery life. Vacuums are made to make our work easy in day to day life. The hand vacuum’s battery life used for pet hairs can run up to 4 to 5 hours daily. Then you have to wait for the battery to get charged. Unfortunately, if you use the vacuum at an excessive rate, your battery might get exhausted very soon. Then you have to look for the replacement or repair of the vacuum.

Thus, before buying the best hand vacuum for pet hairs, always look for battery consumption and energy-efficient. But battery problem is still an issue for all the handheld vacuums.

Capacity or Dust bin of the hand vacuum

After checking the durability and efficiency of the hand vacuum of the pet hair, dust bin capacity is the next feature that you should look for. Suppose a vacuum comes with a dust bin that gets filled quickly after cleaning only the drawing area. In that case, you must regret your buying decision. Before regretting your buying decision always look for a dust bin that can store a large amount of dust and unwanted pet hairs in rooms. The best electric hand vacuum is easy to clean the whole area at once rather than cleaning the dust bin more frequently.

Suction Power

The level of deep cleaning depends on the suction power of the hand vacuum. If the vacuum’s suction power is high, that vacuum can ensure clean spot cleaning without using much energy. If the suction power is less, then it won’t be able to clean the room deeply, and you might find some small hairs of your pet left on the carpet or sofas. So, make sure you get the small handheld vacuum cleaner to clean pet hairs from your expensive sofas or carpet easily.

Noise and filtration level

If your vacuum is very noisy and it is becoming hectic for you to use that hand vacuum to clean pet hair, your vacuum isn’t worth it. So, always check in the hand vacuum the level of sound made by it. Sometimes, the sound produced can be harmful to the children’s ears, or it might scare away your pets.

Another critical point to be noted is that the level of filtration used by the hand vacuum. Some vacuums have multi-level filtration and clean the room quickly using less energy. So, choose the best vacuum with the appropriate filtration level and the cleaning sound made by them.


The main factor concerns every pet owner because pet keepers already spend too much to take care of their beloved pets. Many hand vacuum is available for pet hairs, but only a few are suitable for dogs or cats. If you are willing to spend freely to keep the house clean and safe for children, getting a good vacuum won’t be a problem.

Even if your budget is limited, you can also get the best hand vacuum to remove hairs from your expensive couches. In such a situation, you can go for the vacuums that are not cordless, but their performance is excellent. These vacuums are cost-effective and widely used by people. However, you should decide the total budget so that you can buy the best vacuum to remove pet hairs from rooms.

Top Variant for the Best Hand Vacuum for Pet Hair in 2021

Now, we come to the trending variants of the hand vacuums for pet hair. We will list the top 5 variants of all time. Going through these variants, you will know what kind of hand vacuum you can indeed go for your purchase.

1. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner– (Best hand vacuum cleaner)

Best hand vacuumBissell is the best company to purchase the products concerned with pets. This brand donates every $10 from your purchase to the Bissell Pet Foundation. But this happens only if a pet product purchase is made from your side.

This offers a hand vacuum cleaner for pet hair, which comes up with a geared up energy. Its brush roll has a triple action capacity to remove hair efficiently. Further, it doesn’t scatter the leftover strands too. You can thus, easily use it on the table, sofa, bed, couches, or any other place your pet usually visits. It cleans the edges and corners, too, with complete perfection. In one go, This Bissell hand vacuum cleaner can clean up to a total area of 13.5 inches.

Along with the vacuum cleaner, you get some pet hair removal tools and a dirt bin, which makes the cleaning free from any kind of a mess.


  • The filter received is washable.
  • It can remove pet hair even from the edges and corners.
  • This Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum can be used in places that are hard to reach.
  • The brush rolls come with a triple-action formula.

Customers Feedback:

OMG! I love this thing. Why didn’t I replace my 15 year old vacuum cleaner years ago. This Bissell cleaned my bedroom carpet in one cleaning. I have a Boxer dog, and while she does not shed a ton of hair, the Bissell sucked up five times more hair than my previous Eureka. My carpet looks new again. I can’t believe it. I’ve also used this cleaner on our wood floors and vinyl kitchen floor. With four different height adjustments, it cleans like a champ. I’ve been using this the best hand vacuum for pet hair for a month now and highly recommend it. I love that it has no bags. Saves money. Easy to remove and dump in the trash. I like the longer than normal extension cord. The swivel is a great feature to get into corners and hard to get places. It comes with about five different attachments for sofas, corners, walls. Great price. Great product. Highly recommend!

We have had our Eureka vacuum for over ten years but has lost suction over the last couple of years, I was going to get a eureka again when I decided on the Bissell, and I’m happy I did! I used our old vacuum only to clean just the hallway and went over it with the Bissell after, it got so much more! We have two long hair cats and it picked up all the cat hair that was trapped in the carpet so impressed I’m hoping it lasts! Also I want to add it brought our carpet back to life, it brushed our carpet nicely to make it look like new again, doesn’t look flat and dated.

I got this from my parents for Christmas. I used to have the Shark vacuum. Long story short, after having my Shark 2 years, it has lost suction like no other. I wanted this one because I read the best hand vacuum cleaner reviews for it and we have a cat and a dog that both shed. I vacuumed my home Monday morning with my Shark. Now, with little activity I vacuumed today with my new Bissell. There was SO much dirt and gunk I got up just vacuuming my living room. I am definitely pleased with this vacuum and will purchase it again in the future!!!

2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum– (Best cordless hand vacuum for pet hair)

Best hand vacuum for pet hairHere comes another best product by Bissell. This hand vacuum is known to remove pet hair and the dirt embedded on the sheets or couches. It becomes possible with its super energetic brush tool and a strong battery. This battery operated hand vacuum cleaner comes up with a lithium-ion battery, which is of 14V and ensures complete cleaning.

Near to This Bissell pet hair eraser turbo is a dirt bin attached, which holds up the dirt and makes the cleaning mess-free. This bin is detachable and can be washed easily. Then comes the filtration system, which makes cleaning improvised. Well, there are some complimentary tools received with this cordless hand vacuum for pet hair. They are the Upholstery Tool and the Crevice Tool, attracting hard and challenging pet hair to reach surfaces.


  • It comes with triple-level filtration.
  • The dirt bin is detachable and easy to empty.
  • It comes with Lithium-Ion power.
  • There are more purposes to be achieved with this Bissell pet hair eraser hand vacuum.

Customers Feedback:

WOW!! This is one fabulous vacuum! I use the bissell pet hair eraser cordless daily to combat the cat litter and hair and dirt and dust bunnies and random filth that 3 cats and 4 kids bring into my house in unbelievable quantities. But mostly the cat litter. And this little vacuum rocks! The lithium ion battery has a great life, and will last for 2 or 3 10-12 minute dirt-busting sessions. I am a vacuum snob, and have tried MULTIPLE vacuums (uprights and canister and hand-helds, bagged and bagless). I absolutely LOVE this vacuum. Total epitome of “bang for your buck”, and so far, has been able to keep up with the nastiness on my floors. Oh! It rocks on hardwood, low pile carpet, normal shortish length carpet, and tile. I mean, I am nearly in love with this vacuum. Really. Give it a try. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with it.

I use a hand vac almost daily to clean up after my 4 dogs and all hardwood or tile floors so need a reliable machine to keep up with the hair, dirt and toy stuffing they produce. When my old favorite vac died recently, I tried an unfamiliar brand and decided to return it when it just wasn’t adequate to keep up with the demands at my house. I’ve had this Bissell vac for about a week now and I’m in love! The motor is quiet but suction is strong and maintains throughout the life of the battery. The battery has lasted long enough to go around all the baseboards and living room furniture with battery power to spare. The dust bin is large enough to hold plenty of hair and toy fluff and the clear casing lets me see when it is getting full. The double-layer design of the bissell pet hair eraser filter allows the suction power to be maintained throughout use without having hair clog it up and limit suction. The attachments can be linked together to make them reach farther which is a clever bonus. However, I haven’t tried the power brush yet. I would say the only change I would like to see would be a wall-mount charging base so the machine would be easier to store in my closet. Haven’t had it very long so I’m hoping the battery charging life lasts a long time :0)

I replaced the smaller, corded pet hair eraser with this Bissell 3 in 1 lightweight stick hand vacuum cleaner and I’m so glad I did. This is an amazing little vacuum. Previously, my issue was primarily cat hair on a dark brown sofa. But then we adopted a rescue pup who is a big shedder and can’t seem stay off the sofa. The smaller vacuum just wasn’t cutting it but this one has been a godsend. I see other reviews complaining about battery life. This morning I vacuumed our sofa (a large sectional), two arm chairs and six dining room chairs as well as the first four carpeted stairs and the battery lasted. I stopped because I ran out of time, not battery. I also keep it plugged in and stored in a bench because I’m grabbing it at least twice a day to keep up with the hair on the sofa. And I love that there is no cord!

3. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets– (Best handheld vacuum cleaner)

Best hand vacuum cleanerNow we come to a sleek designed and heavy-bodied hand vacuum by BLACK+DECKER. This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is known to clear all the dirt and pet hairs efficiently without ruining their stuff. It can extract this debris from hard surfaces too. So, you can now use it easily on the tabletop and under the chair or any other furniture again.

This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with anti-tangle rubber bristles, which can extract the stubborn pet hairs from mats also. All the dirt is collected in the dustbin of XL size. This bin is easy to remove and clean. You even get filters that are washable and have comfortable maintenance. These filters ensure easy cleaning of the area, no matter how hard it may look.


  • There is a battery indicator installed in it.
  • This best handheld cordless vacuum cleaner comes with ONE-TOUCH technology.
  • The speed is controllable.
  • Its suction is 4 times more powerful.

Customers Feedback:

Review Deux….. Well I messed up my original review was really rough on old Black and Decker. Too late to return, I went to clean out the vacuum really well before sending it on a one way trip to Black and Decker, OOOOPs. There is a second filter chamber inside of that PreFilter ??? that was so full of crud that it caused it to slow down sucking (or whatever). Cleaned it. WORKS GREAT or as expected. Go B & D!!! Now it doesn’t not suck!!! iT SUCKS and that’s GOOD.

I bought 2 of the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, one for the office and one for home. I have them about a month now and they work really well. I’m surprised at the amount of suction, very good, they pick up a lot of tings I usually take my big vacuum out for. The canister holds a lot of dust and dirt, the filter cleans easily. I haven’t tested how long the battery lasts, but recently I used the vacuum for about ten minutes straight and it went down to 3/4 charge, so I’m guessing this will go at east 1/2 hour straight, which I imagine they don’t expect you to do. Good little machine. Lightweight (lighter than the old B and D Dustbusters) and compact. So far so good.

I use my dustbuster for picking up anything that falls on our master bedroom and bathroom floor in between vacuuming. Once it is charged the battery last a long time with out keeping it plugged into a docking station or the charging cord. It is easy to store in a cabinet because it stands upright on it’s own and doesn’t need to be plugged in when storing. It sturdy and well made. I like the way the vacuum extension pulls out and fits snugly so their are no places for it to lose suction. It is easy to clean with and easy to clean. I would recommend it to others.

4. Portable Handheld Vacuum Cordless, ZesGood Cleaner– (Best battery powered vacuum cleaner)

Best buy hand vacuumSome fantastic products are available at a reasonable price. This came out to be confirmed with this portable handheld vacuum. Here comes a rich quality vacuum that has an inbuilt powerful motor and tremendous suction power. This portable handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect to be used in cars or homes. So, if your pet is fond of travelling in cars, you don’t need to worry about their falling hair.

Further, This most powerful battery vacuum cleaner comes up with a noise reduction technology. This technology enables the reduction of extra noise to lower than 75db. The noise won’t be harsh and harmful to your kids’ or pets’ ears below this level.

Now comes the dust holding capacity of the vacuum. The bag present inside the cleaner can easily hold the dust-up to the dirt of 550ML. This bag is easy to remove from the void, clean, and keep hygienic too.


  • This battery powered vacuum cleaner allows the cleaning of wet and dry surfaces easily.
  • It comprises of Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  • There comes technology to reduce the noise produced.
  • The dustbin can be emptied quickly.
  • There is the presence of a long brush, specially designed for pet hairs.

Customers Feedback:

I bought the rechargeable hand held vacuum cleaner for my car because I don’t like wrestling our heavy Kerby outside to clean.
I am happily surprised at what a good job it does and the battery life has been fantastic. I vacuumed my car for a good 20+min and still had over 80% of my battery life left. It also comes with some handy little nook and cranny attachments that are great for those hard to reach spots under seats and between the seat and doors etc. now I just have to hide it from the men in my house so it doesn’t dissappear.

If you know what this best battery powered handheld vacuum cleaner is good for, then it will do a great job. I immediately loved the vacuum, and the digital battery life meter showing you how much battery power left int the device. The LED lights can be brighter but its a good addition. its very light and for using in the kitchen counter, picking up dust around hardwood floor corners and also the car is perfect. I don’t have a pet to know how it does with fur and car hair, but for everyday use to pick up bread crumbs, or drywall dust when drilling and etc. is perfect. Most of the vacuum is built strong except the clear plastic parts, so to last long, you have to be bit gentile with it, especially when popping the lid and emptying the dust. I recommend this vacuum.

Waited to write a review after several charges and discharges to evaluate performance. Overall this vacuum is a much smaller device than I thought it would be when buying. That was a pleasant surprise. The suction power was more than enough to clean in all cracks and crevices using the included accessories. I was able to clean my entire car with 25% battery to spare. This might be a little bit of a problem for those using it to clean a mid or full size SUV, but all and all, the battery powered portable vacuum cleaner charges quickly, comes with additional filter, and lasts more than enough time to get a deep clean on a full size sedan. The canister opens easily for quick unit cleaning without issues. Would recommend.

5. Holife Handheld Vacuum Cordless, 7kpa Hand Vacuum Cleaner– (Best handheld car vacuum cleaner)

Best cordless hand vacuumLastly, we come to this handheld vacuum with a strong power supply, extended life, and slow wear and tear of the attached motor. The material used to build up the vacuum protects this hand vacuum cleaner for car from electrical overload. Its cyclone technology ensures good suction power.

Ideally, This handheld car vacuum cleaner can remove any kind of pet hair, leftover food, and dust from the couches or seats. You can easily use this vacuum in your home, office, and car for a better and cleaned environment. All you require are the three tools – Crevice Tool, Brush Tool, and Flexible Pipe Tool. These tools are experts in their own tasks and make work easier and enjoyable to be done.


  • The filter is made up of stainless steel.
  • It is cordless.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • The suction power is quite significant.
  • The battery backup is perfect.

Customers Feedback:

I was so excited about this rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner. I have two kids and the back seat is usually a food and crumb war zone. This vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool to get the mess up in no time, it’s fast changing and Easy to operate.. The vacuum charge last for a little over 30 minutes , The vacuums comes with a user manual, mount, rechargeable wire, brush tool, and a longer nozzle for getting into corners and under the hard to get places. It even came with a cleaning brush to help you clean off your vacuum. The vacuum suction Is decent considering the size and being a handheld product. I am am very happy with the the quality ,value and overall function of this vacuum I recommend!!!

The best hand vacuum cleaner for car is literally the first time I buy a vacuum online as soon as I took it out the box I noticed the build quality was really good when I tried to turn it on it was already charged so it worked right away suction power is really good but it dies after 30 minutes like they said and the more you use it the weaker the suction power gets but it does get the job done. super easy to clean as well and they say the filter is washable up to 500 times. I like the fact that I can easily put it on the mount to charge and easily take it off of it without any hassle. I’m mainly going to use it to clean my car. I highly recommend it.

I love that the amazon handheld vacuum cleaner. I have small children so I’m constantly having to drag out my large vacuum to clean up messes. This has made small clean ups so much easier!. This little thing holds great power and the attachment makes its easy to get all the crooks and crannies. The suction was good enough that was able to vacuum up all the grass clippings in his car and the battery stayed charged the entire time. It comes with two attachments and a cleaning tool. Charging is fast and easy and it’s small enough that I can just leave it out.

Watch Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Review

Video Transcript:

Hello Home Slice is good care of home plus the dosing and I’m coming to you with another I tried it video now recently my boyfriend and I did purchase a dog his name is Bo and I’ll show you a picture over here he is a dog that sheds and so a lot of the things that I have been purchasing or trying lately are things that are going to help and deshedding the house because his hair gets into everywhere and if you hear their whining noise that’s my dog he’s in his crate right now and he doesn’t want to be in his crate but definitely cannot be around this expensive filming equipment.

So today I am going to try the Bissell pet hair eraser cordless hand vacuum it’s for easy pet cleaning and I really do reviews online I’m going to open this up we’ll see what comes with it and we’ll get started alright so now I have finally opened the box and as you can see here is the hand vacuum and here’s the handle now what I didn’t tell you guys a little bit earlier with it in addition to this rubber nozzle that um helps to get the hair out of wherever the hair is stuck there’s another handle another nozzle that comes with it and it is a hard nozzle that has a little.

The concentrated area I guess for getting into nooks and crannies like on the inside of between couch cushions and stuff like that so I guess we’ll use both of them for this little I tried it so the first thing that we’re going to do is try to get some hair up out of my small area rug that goes under my coffee table.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we are back and because my area rug is light in most places I’ll use this squeegee the JW grip soft squeegee that I have used before in a previous video and.

Interested to see my review on this thing then you can click on the link that’s going to be in the top right corner or you can check out the link in the description box I use this to gather up this hair just to show you guys how much hair is in here since you can’t really tell because his hair is.

Basically, the same color as the rub so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this and we will see how good it does at picking this up and once we’re done vacuuming a certain area.

We’ll use the squeegee again to see if it missed anything so let’s get started we turn it on by pressing this button right here the on button is on the handle and let’s get started.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen I just spent probably a good minute vacuuming stuff up and as you can see here in the container part that holds all the dust that was just collected it does have quite a bit of hair in there it got out of the hair that I had already gotten up with the squeegee plus some of the hair in the area where I get in squeegee just yet what we’re going to do is check behind the vacuum cleaner with the squeegee now the last time I did this review I believed it works better when the carpet was wet so let’s give it a try.

So here is the hair in the area that I vacuumed that the vacuum missed it’s not a whole lot I will say that but it did miss some hair all right guys before I start using this with a different nozzle and on a different material as you guys can see my dog in the background a year back in his crate making all that noise trying to get out but whatever here is all of the does that was collected from doing my small area rug it is probably like four by six feet that’s really small and it only goes under my coffee table but it collects a lot of his pet hair like a lot of it and so everything that is in here was from be vacuuming that that very small area rug and so to remove this just to show you guys how much hair is in there. You flip this part up and then it detaches and right here you have the filter.

So next we’re actually going to move on to the pillows are the same material as the couch so I am going to switch the nozzle to the hard nozzle so that we can get a good look at how this will perform on my couch without actually having to film on the couch alright folks here is a pillow off of my couch this is the decorative side
I don’t know if you guys can see how much hair is in there think you can get a little picture of it all of the little white pieces here are all hair we’re going to flip it on the reverse side because this is the side that’s actually the same material as my coach and you can see the little hairs on there as well so we’re going to see how well it gets these hairs out because the squeegee did pretty good.

On the rug but if you guys watch the squeegee review video it didn’t do super well on the couch the requiring a little bit more effort than I’m trying to extend so I think that I’m going to use the squeegee, for the most part, all the rows whereas I’m going to use the vacuum cleaner if it works really well on the couch so yeah so now it’s time to remove the nozzle and just like that you just press this little grey button and it comes right off and then we take the hard nozzle and we just stick it on until it clicks.

All right so because the pillow has a really low surface area there’s not a lot of hair on the pillow but what there was on the pillow it’s almost all gone as you can see most of the little hairs are gone I can still see maybe about ten or so but for the most part, this pillow is you know free from hair.

All right if you look in here right beyond this little piece I guess it’s better to turn it this way you can see that it has picked up some hair off of your pillow it’s not doing as well on the decorative side and that’s because it’s because it’d be like embroidery or whatever it’s actually holding onto the hair is a little bit better so what I am going to try is to switch it back to the rubbery to the pink or magenta rubbery nozzle so that it can do a little bit better job of picking up those hairs so I’m going to switch them back and we’ll try again.

All right so here’s what I’m going to do so only if you saw just now I only did half of this hello this portion right here with the pink nozzle. so this up here is still from the hard nozzle and I want to see if you guys are able to tell the difference between when I use the grey nozzle when the.

Embroidered side versus using the paint novel so this side is the side with the pink nozzle and as you can see most of the hair is gone but if we look up here to the grey nozzle you can see the hair is like everywhere on this half of the pillow so what I am thinking is that the pink nozzle is better at getting into things that don’t require me to get into corners that’s one because this nozzle is better at getting into corners and crevices or whatever also this is better at picking up things that are really down deep into places such as the carpet or into you know the embroidered side of this pillow so there we go I’m going to finish this so there we go, guys, the entire pillow has been vacuumed with the pink side and if you check it out it is mostly hairless.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen that concludes my I tried it for the pet hair eraser by Bissell pet hair eraser parts if I had to give this a grade from an a to an F I would give it an A – and the only reason I you know deducted any point was because it could have done a little bit better at picking up the hair out of the carpet but because of how well it picked up to be here off of the pillow.

Um, which as you guys can see here this side of the pillow is the same type of microfiber material as the couch so basically I’m able to see how well the eraser will perform on the couch because of how its performed on my pillow I’m going to give it a minus because the squeegee is great and the squeegee does a really good job on the carpet but it takes too much effort to do the squeegee on the couch considering I have a regular couch and a loveseat so if you guys took a look at that big you’ll again I’ll put the link right up here for the Silesian.

You’ll see that it took a lot of effort to do just a single couch cushion so this is definitely going to be my couch vacuum surface and on the couch, I’ll use this but if I really want to do like a quick little thing on the carpet I will use the pink nozzle so thank you guys for watching.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for watching I really appreciate everyone who has been subscribing but then I tried it videos are some of my favourite videos to do and I have a few more of those coming up I may be doing the handheld vacuum cleaner reviews for love and hip hop Hollywood because that’s how I started my youtube channel and I don’t want to get bogged down and to reviews anymore but that’s what I might make it four so thank you guys again for watching peace out home slices.

Watch One More Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Review & Demo

Video Transcript:

Hey guys hello Bella here in this video I want to do a give for you guys on the Bissell pet hair eraser portable handheld vacuum cleaner cordless this vacuum is something that I use probably at least once a week for pet hair and I thought that the best way to show you how it works would be to just vacuum up some pet hair so you can see what it does the biggest thing that I like about it is it pushes all the hair out of other areas.

So if the hair is like cluttered under something the vacuum kind of like pushes air and every all of the hair gets in one spot so you can vacuum it up it also works really well on furniture and I’ve actually used it in my car as well because obviously if your dogs ride in the car with you enough then your car gets hair in it as well so unfortunately having white dogs I have white dog hair everywhere so this is like dog hair after only like.

Probably four days I just vacuumed but I have to vacuum at least once a week to cut back on the dog hair so I’m gonna show you the vacuum and how it works and then I’ll talk a little bit about it at the end. okay so you can kind of see how it works on wood floors I’m gonna move to an area of my house where the furniture is and lets you see kind of how it takes a hair off their furniture as well because my dogs like to get on my couch even though they’re not supposed to so let’s just go take a look at that.

You have to kind of work really hard and sort of push down on whatever you’re cleaning to get the hair to come up but that’s probably the case with all vacuum cleaners unless they’re super expensive at high powered but on my furniture, I kind of have to work with it a little bit to get the hair loose but you can see like how much hair it picks up and I try to clean it after every one or two uses and these are the culprits here and they are the reason that we have to constantly vacuum because they both have white hair and they both do those to each other.

So they’re fighting for attention but overall I think it’s a really good product at $30.00 it’s very very cheap considered considering that it’s a handheld it’s lasted for a year so far I got it in January 2019 and it’s about to be January 20, 2021, so overall I think it works really really well you can see the cord is pretty long too and so that is that’s nice I would love to have a cordless one eventually but the cordless options are a lot more.

Expensive but overall I would definitely give this thing probably 5 out of 5 stars for price and quality and I think that you know overall it is a great vacuum for pet hair maybe not so much for as a regular day-to-day vacuum but for pet hair it definitely meets the mark so thanks so much for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video and I will catch you in the next one.

FAQs on Best Hand Vacuum for Pet Hair in 2021

Are pet hair vacuums worth it?

Yes, their invention is done to give us a helping hand in our daily life. The best vacuum for pet hair is not an easy task to keep a pet at your home. Pet keepers have to face many issues, mostly the hair fall of pets. Nowadays, easy to handle hand vacuums available in the market to get rid of pet hairs piled up on the sofa or the room's carpet. It is essential to clean regularly to keep the house safe and bacteria-free. Pet hair hand vacuums are widely used by pet keepers to avoid damages to their expensive sofas and carpets, also creates a safe place for children to play. There is no harm in investing the money into hand vacuums as they are made to solve everyday pet hair problems.

Is a hand vacuum for pet hair expensive?

Hand vacuums for pet hair are available in a different range of prices with various features and specifications. It depends on the buyer, which type of hand vacuum with what features and quality he wants to opt for. But there are hand vacuums that are available at a reasonable price. Suppose you are making a one-time investment into the hand vacuums. In that case, you should go for the excellent quality rather than your budget. Suppose you plan to buy a hand vacuum for a temporary basis. In that case, you purchase the hand vacuum available at a reasonable price. Still, you do not forget to check if that vacuum is energy efficient.

Is it better to dust first or vacuum first the sofas and carpets?

If you have invested in the vacuum, then why to dust your heavy carpets and sofas. To avoid these problems is why hand vacuums were supported, and now they are more advanced in technology to ease our day-to-day work. So, use the modernized hand vacuum to do deep cleaning of the rooms and quickly get rid of the dust and pet hairs piled up in the corner of your house. But the best cordless vacuum for pet hair will be your choice if you want to work to clean your room. Then you can do the dusting first then vacuum it. However, to avoid time consumption, most people directly use a vacuum to clean the house.

What kind of vacuum has the most powerful suction power?

Firstly, the vacuum's suction power depends on the amount of energy used for cleaning. Suppose your vacuum has a high amount of energy usage. In that case, you can get the vacuum with the most potent suction, but it may result in a high electricity bill. Suppose you are looking for an energy-efficient vacuum. In that case, you have to settle down with the average suction power of the vacuum cleaner usage. Hand vacuum for pet hair with a strong suction power can quickly exhaust the vacuum's motor, thus resulting in a short span of life. So, be careful if you are going for a powerful suction vacuum to remove pet hair.

Which hand vacuum for pet hair is better cordless or with a cord?

Both hand vacuums are suitable, whether it's cordless or with cord, but it also depends on the budget. A cordless pet hair vacuum is very convenient to clean the room, and they are energy efficient too. On the other hand, a vacuum with a cord is less convenient because when you are cleaning the room or carpet of the house, it becomes difficult to handle the cord everywhere in the house. Hand vacuums with a cord are not energy efficient, and they are a bit noisy also. Cordless hand vacuums for pet hair are a bit expensive, but they have a longer life span. They come with 2 years of warranty too. So, invest the money carefully to get the best hand vacuum to remove the house's pet hairs.

How To REMOVE Pet Hair From Car?

Video Transcript:

And here is a second car again they just move down to another state so they brought their through dogs and it accumulated a lot of pet hair as you can tell and again there’s some drawing if you can tell that’s our jewellery pair and more of the loveliness of what the dogs left behind the good answer is that the leather seats are actually not that bad and then in jewel doesn’t think on them.

Because they’re folded down the entire time so that’s release but it made a quick little cleaning and we should be good to go again if they had drooled and peed and this and that has been very problematic but so far not that bad to consider so then end these little in the scene there’s a bunch of good young stuff in there so gotta pay attention to that so you want to always open up the seams and see what you can find and as you can obviously tell it needs a pretty good store oh cool.

Yikes lick it off pretty bad and now we are actually back in pollen season so as if you leave the door open for more than two minutes you are going to have that problem right there so as I work and I’m finishing up I try to keep I try to only keep one door open at a time so that way pollen doesn’t completely syringe the inside of the car again.

So my guesstimation is I’ll take around four hours to complete this car for maybe five-ish hours most of they’re going to be vacuuming again the leather isn’t that bad so a quick little clean with the brush will tidy that up so the bigger part is honestly the pet hair making sure you checking all the scenes all the tight areas so that way when they’re you know in the future when they’re rolling the seats back and forth or when they’re looking at in a.

Different in a different point of view then it’s your whole hunk of hair or anything so that’s going to be the more time-consuming part on this detail okay so I’m now going to start cleaning up the pet hair so again you’re going to need a pet hair remover and a vacuum if you just try to vacuum it you are not going to have any luck with it yes some look a lot come off but again the thumbs is here is gonna be so at a time with the actual carpet fibres that you’re only going to get very very little hair out of the fabric so definitely pick it up it’s very cheap very affordable you find that basically any pet store or any convenience store really like a Walmart target.

Should carry these or something equivalent to this so again the technique itself is rather what you’re just going to brush the pet hair to one side and then you’re going to capture it understand whether your brush is from left to right in a cat in a vacuum it is on the right side that or if you want to brush the pet hair to loosen it up and let them can away from the fibre itself so they’re not.

Technically wants to brush off so I’ll just be laying on top but not actually in the fibres and they just come back and vacuum everything up so now kind of your preference figure it out as well as depend on the type of fabric it is as well obviously this is on the leather then you don’t need a pet hair remover brush because you’re gonna there’s nothing for it to catch onto but for a different type of fabrics you will have a.

Different type of a result so I’m just going to test it out see which one works better for you but again you absolutely do need this pet hair brush okay so now what you see me doing here is what I talked about where I’m just going to brush all up a hair to one side and I’m doing big sweeping motions because I’m working a big real estate area so I don’t need to be too specific I’m just going for the long strokes and then vacuuming and towards the very end of the car and frequently cleaning out the brush itself now the same thing here I’m going to brush everything down to the bottom just because that makes kind of more sense so I’m going to brush and brush.

I’m not trying to go after everything again I’m just trying to get in the initial path of most of the pet hair and same thing here the different side just sweeping motions sweeping it to one side vacuuming it up vacuuming my brush so it stays clean and it’s not going everywhere and just rinse and repeat throughout the entire process so.

I’m going to brush one side and vacuum and it’s a real tedious process and that that’s part of the key things to keep in mind here is that you just need patience more than anything with pet hair again you’re not going to get a hundred and ten per cent of it out it’s really not a reality unless you literally want to spend an entire day going at the pet hair so if your.

Business as a business explains it to the customer before you get started that not all of its going to come out okay this is what we have so far. after several passes with the pet hair brush after agitating a little bit with a pc and a brush to scrub and then vacuuming again.

And this is the final result again these type of fibres are really problematic they are very difficult to work with so again we didn’t remove a bunch of pet hair but they’re still up there so a lot of pet hair remaining I get much better improvement in how we it was original of course but there is still quite a bit of paper I mean it is really ending.

I mean this is this type of fibre just such a problem it just it really likes to catch on to those hairs and again I mean I passed by multiple times with a pear branch with a scrub brush with a vacuum and this is the result of again now technically I could keep on going with the best pet hair remover.

I could keep on scrubbing it with that poster brush and a pc and vacuuming it up but at this point, I’m only going to keep on moving marginal pet hair just I’m not at this point is not gonna make much of a difference if I do to three more packages because I’m only going to pick up so little hair now that I mean you’ll see you have an improvement but you still won’t get all of them out so again this is again another 8090 per cent removal.

If you wanted to keep on going again at the time the question was paying for more or if it really wanted it to the absolute best then they would take a lot more time because again you can have to like work in specific areas isolated areas one by one to make sure you’re getting those spots out because that’s a while you can do those big squeaking brushes now it’s like focusing on one area and make sure that area is cleaned up forget to the next one so again yeah so this is pretty good now keep on moving towards the rest of the card.

So overall pretty straightforward car I just went ahead and vacuum clean up the letter leather a little bit clean up the side plastic make sure everything was up to par real straightforward car if you wanna learn how to start and grow your detailing business check the link description down below hoping this video I’ll see you next.


Hand vacuums are one of the best gadgets to remove the pet hairs scattered in the house. They are convenient to handle and user-friendly too. However, you have to make sure that these hand vacuums should be used at average power. The best vacuum for pet hair is because high intensity for a longer duration can damage the vacuum. So your invested amount can go waste. However, there is nothing to worry about. If this product is used correctly, it can work for several upcoming years too.

So, in the end, we would wish you good luck with your purchase of the best hand vacuum for pet hair.

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