Best Hair Dryer for Natural Hair in 2021

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Are you also often late to work because of your wet hair?

I guess you might also find drying your hair naturally to be quite time-consuming as well as unhealthy for your hair strands.

I can completely understand your situation because I was also quite addicted to using hair dryers frequently to dry my hair a few years ago. At that time, I was unaware that some hair dryer types are a bit unhealthy for the hair.

I realized this when I started losing my hair and got a few white strands in place of them. But, as I am working, I couldn’t help myself from not using the hairdryer to restrain myself from getting late to work.

So, in such a case, I finally went through different brand types for hairdryers who genuinely admit that they don’t harm the hair at any cost. However, it wasn’t a cinch to do so. I had to undergo proper research to find the many things I have to look for in my hairdryer (by consulting a doctor). And, Yahoo! I got the best hair dryer for natural hair.

So, here I will share a few tricks to use while purchasing a hairdryer that can protect your hair in every possible case.

Buying Guide for the Best Hair Dryer for Natural Hair in 2021

Your exploration for the best hair dryer for natural hair will come to a stop by the end of this article. The frizzy hairs won’t be problematic to you any further. Your blow dryer for natural hair and you will be sharing a beautiful relationship with the hair very soon.

So, gear up and go through the points of consideration to make the perfect purchase.

Type of hairdryer

There are basically three types of hair dryers that you will come across.

  • Handheld hairdryer –

This type is quite handy and compact. It basically comes in small size and is recommended for traveling purposes. Therefore, it is also called “travel dryers.”

  • Salon hood hairdryer –

Here comes the professional type of dryers, which you might have seen in the salons and parlors used by the professionals. This is also used by people in households, as when experienced, I too found that hooded hair dryers for home are good for hair.

  • Wall-mounted hairdryer –

Ah! Have you heard about the “hotel hair dryers?” Well, a wall-mounted hairdryer is excellent for hotel purposes. This is generally designed for the purpose of resorts, cruises, and farmhouses.

So, as per your requirement, whether you want it for home or a professional purpose, you can choose from these top three types, which will undoubtedly be the perfect match for you.

Power of the hairdryer

The first and the main feature while buying a hairdryer is to know its power. The power is measured in Watt. If a product is described with a higher watt value, it will have a stronger airflow.

A decent range of energy in a natural hair dryer is between 1800-2000 watts. Between this watt value range, you will get a considerable product that will be pocket-friendly too.

If you keep searching for a higher power range, say 3000 watts, you will notice the increase in the product price. Further, such a high power is not even recommended for home purposes.

So, accordingly, look for a product that is within the range of 2000 watts.

The heating element of the dryer

The composition of the heating element of the dryer is the next feature you have to look for. Generally, you can find two categories of hair dryers in the market. One class will have a ceramic label and the other will not carry a ceramic label. This means that the latter category products are made of metal.

So, the advantage of the ceramic dryers over the non-ceramic ones is the ‘even heating.’ In the case of ceramic hair dryers, they will have even heating all throughout their surface, which means that they will result in quick even hair drying compared to the metal ones.

Negative ions technology

Now, this might definitely sound weird to you, but yes, it’s something you shouldn’t neglect in your purchase at all.

If you have a non-science background, this point will, for sure, hit you differently.

Yes, we are talking about those negatively charged ions from the chemistry. What happens is that your hairdryer will release these negative ions that will react with the positively charged ions of the water molecules present in your wet hair.

The more the number of negative ions available, the quicker the drying process as the water molecules will break at high speed to react with the negative ions of the dryer.

So, the dryer with an excellent capacity to shoot out these ions will make a better purchase.

Speed of the hairdryer

Most of the dryers come with two heat settings, which are high and low.

However, many companies are making their products with three heat ranges: high, medium, and low. This is required for better and efficient drying of hair. You can set up the flame as per your convenience and as per your hair thickness requirement. So, look for these professional hair dryers, which come with three heat range for better and comfortable hair drying.

Cool shot button

You won’t want to miss the perfect finishing after the hair dries, right?

So, look for the product which comes with the cool shot button feature. It blows the excellent AI, which can be used after the drying of hair, to get that lustrous finish at the end. It also helps in sealing the cuticle and fixes the hair in place.

The power cord of the hairdryer

If you look for a cheaper hairdryer, you won’t get the power cord any longer than 3 feet. This will only work if you have got a socket just next to your head, isn’t it? Otherwise, you will have to use the extension cord, which really makes everything around so much messy.

And this is the reason why I would recommend you to go for a more professional hairdryer, which comes with at least 6 feet thick chord and can work sufficiently well at a distance from the outlet.

Removable intake cap

Your hair dryer functions similarly as the fans and the computer fans do.

With regular usage, the dirt gets stuck there between the best affordable hair dryer fans, which requires regular manual cleaning. If the product doesn’t come with a removable cap, it will become impossible to remove the dirt. And sooner or later, if it gets accumulated in larger quantity, then your products’ shelf life will be affected in all.

Condenser nozzle

If you buy a cheap hair dryer, you will get one condenser nozzle. If you have a slightly higher budget, you can find more than one nozzle attached to your product.

These condenser nozzles regulate the increased airflow and thus prevent your hair from becoming rough and frizzy. It will avoid that dry puffiness and give you an instantly smooth finish.

Weight and size

Weight and size are vital characteristics to consider before buying any hairdryer. The appliance should be handy in nature and not bulky. The compact size will ensure its effectiveness and give you a comfortable experience.

Also, the weight and size should be following your hand and hair type. If you have heavy hair, in that case, a small, light, handy blow dryer for black hair will be the best efficient appliance.

With these light-weighted dryers, styling your hair won’t be a challenging task either. You can easily have fun with your bouncy and happy hair as and when you want.

The technology used in the dryer

Different hair dryers work upon other technologies.

Yes! It’s true. In general, you can easily find two types of appliances: one that works upon ion-based technology and the other that works upon nanotechnology. In the former one, the negative ions shooted from the dryer will break the water molecules to react with them, as discussed earlier on some other point.

And in the latter one, nano-sized microparticles will be emitted from the dryer, which will help lock the hair cuticle and give your hair that lustrous finish.

So, go for the unit that is apt for you and your hair and time requirements.

Attachment’s compatibility

The hair dryers have different attachments like:

  • Diffuser

  • Concentrator nozzle

  • Comb pick nozzle

The function of these attachments is to concentrate the air on the hair area where it is required. These are best suited for those rough, frizzy, voluminous hair that gets very dry after some time.

Mostly, you get the diffuser and the concentrator nozzle along with your natural hair dryer. However, you are not generally provided with the comb pick nozzle in low-budget appliances. Still, you can buy them separately if you require them.

Cost of the product

We often think that we will purchase a cheaper dryer first and later we will get it replaced by the expensive one. But this is the biggest mistake we make while making our purchase.

We are inviting the heat damage to our hairs, in such a case. The cheap hair dryer, the lower the composition quality and the more damage it will cause to our hair.

Make a choice while keeping all pros and cons in mind. You definitely should be budget cautious, but not at the cost of your hair damage. Look for the medium range of dryers, which will also be under your range and won’t even leave your hair damaged.

Warranty of the dryer

This is the most crucial part to look at in the product description details. If a brand offers you a longer warranty duration, that means they are very sure of their products’ service. You don’t have to think about the performance then.

However, if the products’ description says a smaller warranty duration, you need to reconsider your choice. Decent time duration of 1-2 years should be your desired choice in case of the warranty period, and more than this will just be the icing on the cake.

FAQs for the Best Hair Dryer for Natural Hair in 2021

Is it okay to have dirt inside the hairdryer, or does it require cleaning?

If the dirt gets clogging in, it will definitely overheat inside the professional hair dryers and cause you unexpected hair damage.

It is therefore advised to clean your hair dryer regularly after some time. Look after your hairdryer as you do for any other electrical appliance for its longer shelf life.

How can I tell when I should go for a new hairdryer?

If you really have got a hairdryer from some good brand, they will definitely last for years.

However, more often, on the average side, the blow dryer for black hair works well for 3-4 years, and then their heating capacity starts decreasing.

Do I need to go for a hair dryer that comes with a lot of many attachments?

No, you must look for a dryer with many attachments, but you should at least go for the dryers that come with diffusers and concentrator nozzles. They are essential for that lustrous finish for the frizzy hair type.

How bad is blow-drying my hair?

Now, this thing ultimately depends upon your hair type and texture. If you have got thick and voluminous hair, more minor damage will be caused to your hair. But if you have those thin strands of hair, we doubt that they will sustain frequent heating.

So, we suggest you use a heat protection product before blow-drying your hair. It will definitely safeguard your hair from getting damaged.

How many settings do I need in my hairdryer?

It will be preferable if you get a natural hair dryer with multiple settings. However, it is ultimately a personal choice and depends upon many factors like:

  • The budget you have got.
  • Hair type and texture.
  • Different hairstyles you try.
  • How often do you style your hair?

Consider all the factors collectively and then make the final choice.

What is the best way to blow dry natural hair?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone all right I already know you guys are looking at me like I’m crazy but we are doing a review today you know we are jumping right into this video I hope everyone is well if you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can get more updated videos from me so as you guys can tell I am going to be reviewing this blow dryer I wanted to do the intro first because I wanted to be genuine I wanted you guys to see my real reaction.

So that’s why I look crazy I wash my hair last night if you want to see a routine on that it is already on my channel so yeah let’s just get started on blow drying so the product we’re reviewing today is the Revlon one-step hairdryer and the reason why I’m doing that is as you guys can see it’s shaped just like a brush so I’m using my cheese silk infusion as a heat protectant it is a little bit pricey.

But it’s the only heat protectant that really genuinely works this is unacceptable why haven’t I had this 30 seconds so yeah guys that was my first impression my first reaction to this product I’m honestly really in love and I’m so glad I have this now this truly cut my blow-drying time in half so this is not so much of a tutorial so I’m gonna go ahead and let the music play and kind of speed up.

The process of blow-drying my hair so for this blow dryer to be under 50 I was expecting it to be trash I’m not even gonna lie because normally blow dryers around that price you don’t really get a good heat setting but this has a great heat setting and this brush is a great detangler and I was not expecting that my hair has a lot of movement so go ahead.

And let me know how you feel about this like new little invention it may not be new I just may be late to the party I don’t know but let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section so go ahead and follow me on Instagram and let me know if you’re part of my notification squad as well in the comments down below I love you guys and stay.

How to blow dry natural hair?

Video Transcript:

Hey it’s pretty and that’s with two eyes – ie the T and they and welcome to my channel today I’m going to be showing you the absolute best technique to blow-drying your natural hair and trust me you will not get heat damage because they will be using the tension method so you’re going to start with adding your leave-in and today I’m using Carol’s Daughter black vanilla line and this is the leave-in conditioner that I’m using everyone has their opinions about this line ever since it was sold let me know if you guys like it in the comments um this is actually my first time.

Trying these products so here you see me showing you the pure oil so this is probably the most important step to making sure that you are protecting your hair from the heat and that’s adding a leave-in on your hair before you even add any heat to it so you’re gonna massage the product in and then gonna brush your hair though I’m using a Denman brush and that’s the best brush to use when you want to add tension to your hair when blow-drying so this is how your hair should actually look when you are done blow-drying your hair should be elongated and stretched out and super easy to comb through so that when it’s time for you to do your protective style.

You won’t have any issues make sure that your hair is fully dry all the way to the roots because you do not want your hair to shrink and then it becomes really hard to comb so as you can see I am blow-drying this section of my hair in all directions it actually helps your hair dry faster when you rotate the blow-dryer all around from the front to the back to the side making sure that the air is going through the section thoroughly and once you’re done with that section you’re going to just twist and put it away and then go on to your second section okay so once more we’re going to add our product whatever leave-in you choose butter oil whatever you want to choose and add that to your hair to protect your hair.

From the heat and lock in all the moisture that you need then you’re going to brush through and use your gentlemen to add tension and hold it at the end so that you can blow-dry your hair and I zoomed in and got close so that you can see exactly how far away I’m holding the blow-dryer to my hair this is also very important you don’t want to put the blow-dryer directly on to your hair shaft while you are blow-drying because that’s what can cause heat damage so I’m actually holding the blow-dryer at least maybe an inch or so away from my hair just remember.

To make sure you are applying the blow-dryer to each side of your section so that you’re getting the air through that section thoroughly and once you’re done blow-drying then you can go ahead and style your hair however you’re going to do and today I’m actually going to braid my hair and apply away okay so my hair is braided and I’m gonna just put on this wig cap.

And I’m gonna tuck those braids and my hair is really flat so I don’t have to sew down the braids so you’re gonna get your wig this is my wig my baby you know to make sure you put her on I usually put it on backward so I put the back on first and then you style as desired I already flat ironed her and then you’re pretty much ready for the world your hair is tucked away and protected and you look good thank you guys so much for watching and until next time.


Hairstyling is a routine of our daily life. But with styling comes the fear of getting the right appliance at your doorstep.

I believe, by now, you might be very clear about the features to look for when making a purchase. These features mentioned here in this article are all you would like to see in your blow dryer for natural hair.

This guide will help you, over and all, in making the correct choice and avoid regret later. So, keeping these points in mind, get your desired product and make the best deal.

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