Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

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When it comes to purchasing hair clippers guards for black men, there are various things you should consider before buying.

There are many hair trimmers available at the present time that the decision-making can be very time-consuming. So, to simplify the process, you should be aware of few things before being handed so that you can pick your clipper easily.

Before you make a buy, you need to decide why you need the clipper in any case. Whether you need it for the salon purpose or simply require something to trim your hair at regular intervals at your own ease. After making a confirmation about the purpose, then you can switch to different brands’ products accordingly.

However, there are many other points which you need to look after this. Like do you want to get a corded or cordless clipper, or what efficiency do you need in it and whatnot? I am not exaggerating the shopping procedure but making you aware of the primary things which will eventually lead you to get the best hair clippers in your hands. And for this reason, I have designed this buying guide that will help you get the best product.

So, are you in search of hair clippers?

Do you get confused between all the available trimmers in the market?

If yes, you just need to go through this guide which will eventually answer all your questions.

Buying Guide for Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

You need to know about each and every detail of the hair clippers. There are different points which you will have to keep in mind to get the best item. So, let’s quickly discuss all of them one by one.

Type of hair clippers

Hair clippers are typical of two types: corded and cordless. A corded trimmer always works when connected to an outlet or a socket. It is regularly more remarkable and can be utilized for a longer period since it doesn’t depend on a battery that requires frequent charging. On the other side, a cordless trimmer is a battery-powered model and is more adaptable. This sort can be utilized at any place. This is because it doesn’t keep you dependent on an outlet. This is particularly helpful for the individuals who like to trim their hair outside, where finding a power socket will be difficult, provided you always keep the battery charged. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy the benefits of the cordless trimmers.

Accessories assisted with the clipper

Mostly, all trimmers will be accompanied by few accessories, like those plastic clips that act as guards and keep the hair distant from the blades, to trim them to an exact length. A few clippers incorporate some essential attachments like brushes, scissors, small clipper attachments, and additional trimmer blades. Having all the important accessories make trimming your hairless tiring.

Further, you should also consider getting replacements for the damaged attachments. In general, if your product comes with basic attachments like blade oil, cleaning brush, shears, little trimmer connections, scissors, and a brush, then definitely you’re settling on the right item. Your personal hair clipper should decrease the pressure during hairstyling and not add to it. With all the essential additions, you will have every necessary equipment readily available for use.

Check on the right size of the blade

The clipper’s sharp edges come in various sizes depending upon the item. So, while shopping for the product, you have to look for sharp blades and consider the right size.

Most trimmer sets are accompanied by eight sharp edge monitors, named with increasing numbers. Their foremost function is to address the volume of hair left on your head (the smaller the monitor number, the shorter your hair will be). Sharp edges of the perfect size can give you definitive precision without compromising comfort while chopping your hair, whereas the blunt edges of the wrong size may pull at your strands. Thus, this point becomes really important while getting yourself a hair clipper.

Make a check on the type of motor

The motor is the backend force of the clipper, which helps it to function efficiently. However, it is one element that many people don’t look at or consider when making a purchase. It has the similar importance which an engine has in a vehicle. The motor powers the hair clipper, propelling the sharp edges to trim the hair efficiently. Broadly classifying, there are three kinds of trimmer motors:

The magnetic motor

  • These are the cheapest motors that are specifically designed for personal use in homes.
  • They are very semi-professional in function and have a user-friendly design.
  • It works with a great speed and has a smoother finish with a voluminous haircut.
  • It is compatible with less power and is perfect for the occasional use of dry hairs.

The pivot motor

  • This is very similar to the magnetic type, with the difference that pivot motors work with high power.
  • They have really low blade speed.
  • Professional stylists generally use these in salons and are best suited for dense hair or wet hair.

The rotatory motor

  • This is a highly powerful motor amongst all.
  • The major characteristics of the rotatory motor are- higher torque, equal power distribution with slow blade speed.
  • It is accessible in both AC and DC power units.
  • It is quite expensive, but all the hyped is worth it because of its quality service.
  • Usually, it works best on thick damp.

So, you can choose the motor of the clipper based on your requirements.

Quality of the clipper

Each trimmer is unique, and so will be its service. So, you have to check the description of the product before finalizing one. Read through all the details of various clippers, make a qualitative comparison of the service, and decide the item.

What I mean is that you primarily need to consider things like the composition of clipper housing. Check whether it is made up of plastic or plastic resin. Also, confirm that the blades come with a guarantee of working so that you do not have to suffer and struggle later with the blunt blades and see whether the blades have a self-sharpening technology or require some frequent external sharpening. Do not forget to see the efficiency of motors and make a count on the number of accessories. All these considerations are very important in defining the clipper’s quality.

Ease and efficiency of use

Whatever product you are getting should work in the direction of simplifying things for you. Because you will be trimming your hair on your own, you need to get a clipper that is very easy to use and user-friendly. If you are not comfortable with the product, you might not cut your hair perfectly and eventually cause many blunders on your head.

Ease of maintenance of the clipper

If you won’t keep up with your trimmer’s maintenance routinely, how long do you figure it could last? Possibly half a month or a month, probably. Obviously, your trimmer’s proficiency, adequacy, and life expectancy rely upon the degree of your upkeep, which eventually depends upon the ease of doing it. So, go for trimmers that are easy to maintain and have simple maintenance requirements. Don’t go for trimmers that are hard to keep up with.

Brand of the clipper

Never choose from the local brands. Their items are neither of sufficient quality nor provide any guarantee of the product. Whereas the branded organizations give the best trimming apparatuses that serve the best quality and have sufficient proficiency. Their name is fabricated over the years based on their quality items. So, trust these brands and go with them.

Cost and warranty of the product

Do reasonable shopping which is according to your pocket money. Never overdo the budget. Go for a reasonable range which has some quality products. You can even wait for the sale seasons to get the best product at the best price. Along with the price, always consider looking upon the warranty part. The warranty of the clipper will tell everything about its service. A minimum of a year of warranty should be provided by the brand. If not, then the product just might fail before time. So, keeping all these points in mind, shop your clipper.

FAQs on Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

How do you maintain hair clippers?

The best way to clean the hair clippers is described in the following steps:

If you have corded hair clippers that operate on power, then the first thing you need to do is unplug them and disconnect the power cable.

  • Remove any attachments you've been using prior.
  • With the help of a cleaning brush, dislodge as much hair as you can and clean the debris from your clippers.
  • To remove the remains of hair away from the clipper, make use of an anti-bacterial clipper spray. This prevents cross-contamination too.
  • Once sprayed, leave the clipper for some time before cleaning it.
  • In the jar of disinfectant, you can either place a plastic comb or tapering attachments. Once done, leave it for some time till you use it again.

Why are my clipper blades pulling hair?

At the point when the sharp edges begin to pull your hair, the principal thing to attempt is to apply two drops of trimmer oil to the edges and the test trim once more. (Oil greases the sharp edges, permits them to run at the right speed, and guarantees better cutting. It additionally helps the trimmer run cooler.) If your trimmer edges are as yet pulling the hair, you should consider supplanting the blades.

How do I choose hair clippers?

To pick the ideal trimmers, consider cautiously the styles you need to make now and in the future. Further, the efficiency you want in your clipper is also important. After all, you would never wish your clipper to die with only months of usage. Likewise, there are many small things you need to look for, for your final purchase. However, if it is just for styling, then you can easily get one.

How often should I oil my hair clipper?

You might be surprised, but hair clippers need to be oiled frequently, i.e., with each utilization. If you use it regularly, you may go for a scheduled oiling every 2-3 days of the use.

How to use hair clippers to cut your own hair?

Trimming (or cutting your own hair) can be a tedious task. It needs hard work, effort, and ways of perfect handling. Thus, there are a few steps that you need to follow for a better experience.

  • Join the ideal brush to the trimmer handle for efficient working.
  • Set the ideal length setting accordingly. To set the length setting, you need to turn the length-setting wheel or join the right snap-on brush. Begin by managing at a high length setting to acclimate yourself with the appliance and gradually diminish the length setting until you have arrived at the ideal hair length.
  • Switch on the gadget.
  • Move the apparatus delicately and consistently, with a light pressing factor against the direction of hair growth. Ensure that the level of the brush consistently keeps in touch with your skin to get an even outcome.
  • Try not to press the clipper excessively hard against your scalp or skin. Be cautious when you trim without a brush. This is because the trimming unit eliminates each hair it contacts.
  • Hair can gather in the hair chamber and the brush, so clean in the middle of the turns. Once done, switch off and clean the apparatus. I will encourage you to clean the gadget after each utilization.


As simple as it sounds like buying a hair clipper, it is not. You have to look for many qualities to get the ideal one, all of which I have included very precisely here in the guide. You just have to read the points very carefully so that while browsing through different products, you can recall everything and thus, can shop accordingly. You simply have to have a clear vision of the clipper you need as per your requirements, and then the work is done. So, make everything very clear and get the best hair clipper for black men in your hands!

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