Best Grout for Shower Floor in 2021

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Do you want to keep the tiles and ceilings of your bathroom or kitchen clean?

Do you want to remove the stubborn stains on the surface?

Do you want to scrub the tiles without any trouble?

If you want to keep the surface of your bathroom, kitchen, or any room which has tiles on it clean, then you want the Best Grout for Shower Floor. It will keep the mold and other pesticides at bay and along with the stains that are deposited on the floor.

Buying Guide of the Best Grout for Shower Floor in 2021

High performance

Before planning to buy the grout for your shower floor you must consider that it gives you high performance and is resistant to stain as well. Your shower grout repair also offers you uniformity in color so that your tile looks as original as you have bought it.

It must be applied to any type of tiles such as ceramic tile or even glass tile and along with that, it must be appropriate to use it on the stone-based shower floor.

You must be permitted to use your product as refilling of the tile on your shower floor. It must be antimicrobic in nature so that it can protect your flooring from the mold or fungus that causes the stone on them.

Easy to install

It must be easy for you to mount it and use it on your shower floor and does not require any extra skill. It must not require any usage of Part C so that it can work resourcefully. It must get set according to your speed so that you can easily work in accordance with your momentum.

Your grout must cover the whole area in less amount, and it must get easily spread as well and it must remain fluid for a long time so that you can work rendering to your preference. It is suggested that you must follow the user manuals so that you get a better outcome.


Your product must be design in such a way that it has the quality of a professional and is waterproof in nature as well. You are only required to mix it with the water if it is the best waterproof grout, resistant to moisture, stains, and even chips. Furthermore, you must look out for the one which has the feature of the non – shrinking so that you can add color which matches with the wall or tile of your shower.

so that you do not have to worry much about the color coordination in your bathroom. On the other hand, there is some grout as well available in the market that does not require any mixing of water as they come in the form of premix.


Look out for the product that gives you high performance and along with durable in nature so that you can use it for a long time. You must be allowed to use it on any of the tiles as cement, glass tile, or even on the stone flooring fixed in your shower.

You must search for the grout for your shower that is large in quantity so that you can use it more than once when it is required. You must opt for the most durable grout sealer which comes with a package of about 5 lb so that it can easily cover40 square feet area of the floor in your shower.

Easy to mix

Mixing of the grout must be an easy task and must not require any extra skill or technique to know before you are using it on your shower floor. You must buy a product that does not require any sealant so that your money and efforts both are saved.

All you must do is to mix your product with the water and then it is ready to be used on your shower floor. There are various types of grouts that are available in the market that makes it easier for you to mix them and you can also buy the one that comes with the feature of pre-mixed in which you do not have to worry about its consistency.

This kind of grout is ready to apply always and it is resistant to stain, shrinking, and even cracking. It saves a lot of your time and you are saved from making mistakes of mixing it properly.

Easy to clean

You must make sure that the cleaning of the deposit of the grout must be easy for you and for that, you must look for the product that comes with the white vinegar or any cleaning agents. If in case, you have got the residue of the grout, then you can simply put it into the lock bag and then in the freezer to give it some time for the curing.

It is important to note that you must make sure that all the air is squeezed out in the lock bag before placing it in the freezer. Your grout cleaner and sealer must be capable of staying reliable so that you do not have to worry about the matching of the color just like in the case of the cement-based grout.


You must buy the product that only cleans your shower floor not the cash in your pocket. You must be capable of buying it at your set budget price and it must be accessible to you at your affordable price and that too with all the required and indispensable features.

You can but the product for the touch-ups process so that you will be using only a small amount of it and the rest will be used for future purposes. You must buy the grout for your shower floor that comes with good and secured packaging so that your product does not get spilled off and its performance will not be getting affected.

Shortlist of 5 Best grout for cleaning the floor of the shower in 2021

1. Grout Pen White

Best amazon grout pen whiteThis grout is simply a pen that is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen use, and in the other room as well on the tiles of the floor and the ceilings.

It has got the feature which will prevent you from scrubbing and makes this waterproof grout repair pen simple for you to clean the tiles by using a pen and whitens the shower floor and then you can recolor the grout also. The ink inside this rainbow white grout pen has got a long lifespan so that you can use it for a long time, and you can use it on either small or large projects that go up to the area of about 60 meters of the grout.

This marker consists of the tips which are 5 mm narrow and 15 mm wide and is available in 11 colors in the market that are rich in pigmentation. This rainbow grout pen is non – toxic in nature and to help you in providing the shield to the tiles from the spots and stains, it has ink that is water-based.

You can easily get rid of the dirty grout with the help of this waterproof grout marker repair pen and you can use it on either sink, shower, bathtub, windows, or even the door.

Customers Feedback:

I just bought my first house and because of Covid I have not had the funds I wanted to fix it up. This was cheap and the backsplash in my new kitchen was an eyesore. I wasn’t expecting much because of the price and I am absolutely stunned. My kitchen looks so much better! It was easy to use, no odor, and quick! I did 2 coats because the color was dark brown. Some places I did more but I didn’t mind doing it because it was actually really satisfying. I used one pen for the area pictures plus some. Definitely recommend this product!

These things are awesome! I cleaned my bathroom tile grout first because the lady that lived there before me really let it go. A few places stayed stained and I was worried it wouldn’t cover them, but all grout areas are bright white and look new now! The first picture is showing as I was cleaning the dirty grout. The second picture is after I cleaned it all and used the grout pen. I’m very happy with this waterproof grout repair pen!

2. World’s Best – Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner

Best shower grout cleanerWith the help of this grout cleaner, you can get rid of the tough grease, dirt, and stains from the tiles of the floor and roof in the bathroom or kitchen. It has been marked as the Best Grout for Shower Floor as it is cent percent safe to be used on the tiles.

This shower grout cleaner can not only clean the grout but also the types of tiles as such ceramic, porcelain, and the subway also which covers an area of about 500 square feet without wasting much of your time and effort. To hit on the grout, it does not produce any chemical odor but in place of that, it has the scent of peppermint which makes you feel fresh in the bathroom.

This best tile and grout cleaner also includes the powerful brush which is available to you in V – shape that can be easily attached to the poles of the broom to make it a lot easier to scrub the tiles. With the technology of the fast-acting formula, it can make you get rid of the stains and grease that are collected on the grout lines for a long time.

You must just wait only for 10 minutes to sit the grout on the tile after that this bathroom grout cleaner gives you a whitening shower floor.

Customers Feedback:

This is the best product I have ever purchased. I will definitely be buying more to keep up my tile. I bought it due to having a tenant moving out and letting the grout get black. I used this product and am amazed on how it cleaned the grout so outstanding. It made the tiles look brand new. Best deep cleaning grout remover ever bought. Really get your money worth and comes with the brush that is amazing.

3. Rejuvenate Grout

Best grout cleaner for showerIt removes the dirt and filth that are produced due to the stains of the grout with the help of the revitalize grout deep cleaner which is designed with the technology of the bio-enzymatic formula and cleans the tiles on the floor and ceiling of any room for a long time.

This dep tile and grout cleaner help you in restoring the color of the shower floor which was originally there and it safe to use as well as it is non – toxic in nature and does not even contain the acid inside it.

You can use this grout cleaner for a shower for commercial purposes as it strong and it is available for gentle use as well and you can apply it to your home as well.

It is compatible in feature and you can use it by simply clicking and cleaning spray function that it has in it and it can remove the stains of the grout easily and quickly. This non toxic grout cleaner can be simply used on any types of tiles installed in your bathroom or the kitchen as ceramic, porcelain, and even marble and you do not have to even scrub.

Customers Feedback:

I was cleaning out under my kitchen sink and found a bottle of this grout deep cleaner, and seeing as my grout in my kitchen was literally black, I thought might as well try!? So I put it on group let it sit for a few minutes, got a very stiff scrubber and the dirt just scrubbed off. I was so happy, my kitchen looks bigger now that the grout is cleaned. Happy to have found something that actually works. I have no idea why it wouldn’t work for some people, maybe dirt got sealed in the grout? I’ve never sealed my grout so the dirt came off very easily with this product!

All I can say is this is the absolute best grout cleaner I have ever used. I scrubbed and bleached, with every possible cleaner and abrasive and nothing has ever cleaned the grout like this stuff! I saw the infomercial, so decided to order from Amazon. This non toxic grout cleaner is really amazing. I also bought the tile cleaner. I sprayed on porcelain kitchen tiles after I mopped the floor, and it was hard to believe that not only did it immediately starting cleaning grout before I even scrubbed it, but the actual tiles showed dirt coming off. After I cleaned the floors. Great stuff and I’m trying the wood cleaner next.

4. AQUA-X Grout Seale

Best shower grout sealerThis Aqua-x seale makes your shower floor achieve a natural appearance without making much effort and saves a lot of your time by providing you with the feature of easy cleaning.

This waterproof grout sealer improves the durability nature of your grout so that you can use it for a long time, and it has the sealant which will rinse off the mold, algae at an early age so that they do not grow further and ruin the flooring of your shower or kitchen.

This shower grout sealer does not have any chemical smell inside it so you can breathe easily while using the sealant and with its feature of moisture resistance. This grout includes the VOCs in a very low amount and covers a large area of about 75 square feet in one bottle. It is easy for you to apply it and does not require any special skill to know before using it.

It does not give any discoloring effect on the grout and renovate the original color of the tiles. This spray-on grout sealer saves you from making much effort by not scrubbing the floor and it takes only 5 minutes to apply on the shower floor and then, in the end, you can clean it using the lint-free cloth.

Customers Feedback:

We apparently had an area that the tile had lost its protective coating in the shower it caused mold from the water. We followed directions on the bottle and haven’t had the issue with te mild since. The only downfall is that is really sticky in the beginning. Our area was on the floor of the shower so our feet would feel sticky to the bottom. But that did eventually go away. And the protective coating is still working.

So far better than expected. I have a new porcelain tiled bathroom and wanted something to keep grout in large shower area from build up of mold/mildew and the main floor area to hold its light grey grout color. In the shower the water appears to sheet off instead of beading up and remaining wet for hours after each use.

5. Ultimate Grout Cleaner

Best tile grout cleanerThis product has marked itself as the Best Grout for the Shower Floor as it is free from acid and is safe to be used on the tools.

It is the best grout to be used for cleaning the ceramic and marble and make them get rid of the food spills, This tile grout cleaner, grease simply and quickly. This product is as strong that you can use it for commercial purposes and can clean even the dirtiest of the grout.

It is important to note that this best tile and grout cleaner is not designed for the cleaning of calcium, mold, or even for water spots. This grout is safe to be used on the grout which is either white or colored and it does not have any effect on the discoloring of the shower floor.

This bathroom grout cleaner can easily clean the deposit and other sediments within 3 minutes after letting it sit and then shake it with the help of the brush so that the embedded soil in the grout line of the shower floor can be loosened up and, in the end, you must clean it with water and wipe it off using the lint-free cloth.

Customers Feedback:

I used this best grout cleaner for shower on my kitchen floor grout. It was just regular dirt and grime, but it had been neglected for years. What should have been a lite putty color was literally black. I was skeptical, but I followed the directions and it worked great. My grout looks like new. I bought the small brush that they recommend, but ended up using a regular sized scrub brush because it was easier on the hands. It worked just as well. This product is great. Thanks!

FAQs on the Best Grout for Shower Floor in 2021

What are the tools which are needed for the grouting?

For the grouting purpose, you will be needing the grout float which is meant to influence the quality and setting up. To enhance the performance of the group, the grout float amazon must be thick in density. You will also be needing the 5 gallons of the bucket for storing the clean water so that it can be used for the cleaning purpose and it.

When cleaning the grout, the grout sponge will also come into use and you must keep in mind that it must be clean before using it. The microfiber towels will also be proved essential, especially during the cleaning time so that you can wipe off the epoxy haze before its production on the tiles.

To avoid the formation of the epoxy haze, the laticrete waxing up kit will be the best tool if comes in handy. Furthermore, for your own safety, you will be needing nitrile gloves which will protect you from the dreaded effect of grouts.

Is your grout good for your shower?

For the shower purpose, the grout is the best tool to be used in it as it is a very wet zone and includes a high level of humidity inside it. The installation can make the environment more waterproof so that the formation of the mould can be avoided and you must regularly clean it as well.

Regular cleaning of the grout is required due to the formation of the soap scum and the fleshly matter on the top layer of the grout which encourages the growth of the mold. You can give it an efficient cleaning with the help of the clean cloth that you need to use for wiping it off so that you can maintain its working efficiency.

You will be requiring the shower grout repair as most of the time the floor of your shower remains wet and it promotes the formation of the mold which is not at all good.

What is the grout?

The grout is nothing but an element that includes the many fragments inside it and when diverse together, it can be produced from it. The grout is basically formed using the number of resins, filler powder, and along with that the hardener also comes into use. In case, if the resin is colorless, then a colored powder can be used in it so that a colorful epoxy grout can be formed.

It is important to note that you must clean the grout at least once a week with the best grout cleaner tool so that its functioning and looks are unaffected. Because of its waterproof feature, nothing can enter or grow inside it nor on its surface. But its top layer is, however, getting dirty which requires regular cleaning and it can be done by simply wiping it using a clean cloth and soap.

What are the precautions you need to take while using the grout for the shower?

Since the grout gets set very quickly, so it is advised that you must start working in the small area first and get done with that area, and then you can move to the next. In case, if you are not pro at working with grout, then you must use only a small amount of your product. This will save your grout from getting waste and can be used for future purposes also if things get done right.

But still, it is suggested to ask for an expert so that you can save both of your time and energy. You must wash off the grout before it gets dried or else it will become difficult for you to get it off.

What are the benefits of using the grout for the shower?

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy from using the grout for your shower as such it is very easy to maintain them and you can sustain them at very low cost and effort. The color used in the grout is long-lasting, and you will not be worrying about its fadedness at all.

The grout sealer for shower has a strong feature of the waterproof which forms a permeable layer over it so that nothing can enter inside it and ruin its look or performance. The grout will give your shower a high standard of hygiene and will also maintain its look and will give your bathroom a long term classic appearance as well.

Which grout is best?

Video Transcript:

Hello, welcome to tile coach I’m Isaac Ostrom and I am a licensed tile contractor from northern California and this is a video every tile installer should see today we are going to be testing the most popular high-performance grouts in our industry stay tuned you will be shocked by the results yeah I’m really excited I want to do this grout testing so let’s get this going okay so what we got here we got a bunch of different grouts what do we got here uh we got prism.

And hey steve tell us why we should be testing these grouts so we’re trying to find the easiest to apply and the strongest version of grout that has the best color the best application and that’s always what we’re about to hunt for you can see which one we can really trust so yeah so these are all uh different grouts that we’ve used and some of these, in particular, some of these grouts we’ve had trouble with um softness so this is really unofficial testing but uh we’re gonna go ahead and grout up some boards and then let them cure for a week and then come back and test them so let’s go ahead and get them mixed up guys um they all the buckets already have are you doing the water that they need on them, uh you got you uh two and a half quarts in there ronnie go ahead and just dump it let’s get him going let’s go ahead and fill up all the rounds, yeah so ardex fell you’re doing two and a half two and a half two and a half quarts perfect too small.

For this deal here oh yeah it’s not liking it let me get in there it’s not like yeah what are you talking about I don’t want to burn your you’re not going to just turn it on one so it’s slower oh yeah you have the water in there Zach yeah on this when you have the 12.5-pound bags you only go with one of the bags of coloring it comes with two in the kit, yeah so that’s the prepatellar select all so you right that little packet like a tide pod right yeah and I think that’s what the sealer is the bag itself you see that johnny have you seen that before that’s the Prismacolor select this is how you mix their grout, yeah it has a water-soluble uh packet in there.

Yeah it’s like a tide pod thing so and it just gives you the specific color that you’re after but just slowly have to just cut that open and pour it in so yeah you want this to break down and then this is like a base it’s uh basically like white color in their color so all your coloring when you buy it you choose it by this coloring kit so all the grout is basically exactly the same colors honestly you can get a plastic container and it has the markings on it and you just pour it all in right up to the measurement shake it up and you’re good to go oh cool well what are you doing on Friday that’s the regular caramel color which we got to get going too.

So this is regular Prismacolor and this is permacular select oh okay so two and a half was a little must instead of we started with two and a quarter-point eight quart well if you follow the directions it should right say two and a quarter to two and a half okay and what do you have I put two and a half, okay two and a half it’s a little loose.

But that’s I mean if we’re mixing it for the specs, yeah and which one’s this seat this is the tech power glove we’ve had issues with tech before with the softness serious softness okay the whole thing Ronnie whole thing I gotta double-check with my name here papaya yep you got uh that’s right my baby that’s why that’s it all right so let’s let them flake for uh five minutes yeah so that’s what we’ll do and then we’ll try to mix them yes uh yes sure yeah yeah we’re gonna mix for five we’re gonna slake for uh five slack slate pronouns pronounced black so a lot of them if you read the back of the bag they will tell you to mix your initial mix up to five minutes.

I’m not going to stand here for five minutes I can’t suppose I found 60 in my head twice yeah so I do a mix for two minutes okay normal yeah we usually mix until it’s screaming but that’s not always the case maybe we should mix it more to get you out of it yeah probably when in doubt follow the instructions hey kirk how did you get so dirty dude that’s not your hands that’s your hand that’s just from the bag when I opened the bag the black was already on the tip of the bag and I’m a dirty guy anyway, unfortunately, how’d you get all this because I’m just going Isaac go yeah all right so it’s right here so how long did we mix these up.

For on the initial mix about five minutes three or five they usually say three to five three to five minutes okay so we’re letting them all slack they’re all mixed up uh we got the little uh containers where they go and what’s up johnny, yeah so so now we’re labeling uh each of our sample boards so we don’t lose track what is the main instruction what did it say there kirk well for professional use only that I don’t know we’re in trouble that automatically just calls disqualifies um we put the right amount of water in it says to use four parts of powder to one part water by volume pour water in mixing container first.

And then add the ardex f l mix to a creamy smooth lump-free consistency then apply that’s basically all it says so nothing about slacking nothing about mixing for more than any amount of time it says till creamy okay but I’m still going to mix remix it again I’m still it’s still slacking I’m still going to mix again before I apply yeah that’s what we do with it all our grouts even if it doesn’t say yes all right so we got uh three different grout floats here this is the uh this is one of the most popular grout floats right here leave your comments.

In the section below let me know what your favorite uh grout float is this is a Marshalltown right yeah that’s mine just be careful, yeah Johnny says it’s brought to you by Hasbro leave it in the comment section below what’s your favorite oh we got two red ones oh that’s a longer one look at that’s not easier to get under toe kicks that’s good.

For toe kicks good for toe kick yeah because this here the shorter your handle hits the bottom of the cabinet most of the time so that one there helps you so so what I’m thinking is we have our we spread them have our meeting and then we’ll wipe it dirty this is the dirty water nice little mosaic so johnny told me how much he likes spectra lock one he should be the only one that has to use it we should test that coming up against these so so yeah we’ll have one of these and leave it you know whatever performs best here we’ll put it up against spectra lock one and see what happens that’d be great it’s gonna be just a fight honestly.

High ground it’s gonna kick gear okay this is uh my grout’s better than yours this stuff applies really nice though so the laticrete permaco I’m liking the application on that one I mean that one’s way better it cleans up nice I mean uh it’s got kind of an elasticky kind of feel to it like it has it’s not just sand and cement and colorants it feels like it has a little bit more but I mean laticrete’s always good they make the best epoxy I’ve always loved their epoxy grouts they’re two parts yeah I’ve always liked it they’re tough they’re not fun to work with but it’s epoxy grout when you going gets tough and you’re worried that one’s a good one to put in so if we can get this one to harden up I’d be happy I’m really interested to see how this ardex grout does yes not that one oh that’s wet as hell yeah this is a hard xfl yes okay mixed to their recommendations dude you got.

Us in the background okay freshwater or what you said what new water for h1 right okay hey let’s get a word of the week and a break real quick guys you got one yeah I got one come on I was thinking um I was thinking since we’re gonna have a real busy September get us through September uh push we’ll just use the word push let’s push through it hopefully come the fall we can take the foot off the gas a little bit but until then uh let’s push and if you got a shark bite make sure to push all right so push on three-oh let’s have a good week guys one two three push all right okay so it’s been 30 minutes, uh so we’re starting our initial wipes let me know what you guys think as you’re wiping are they set up good yeah the Prismacolor looks really nice that’s setting up nice uh what do you get there johnny is that the that’s the uh prism.

Yeah, that’s prism I thought this art XFL was real we’re gonna let that one we’re gonna do the one last okay we’ll do that one last the one that was a little wet yeah the yard xfl looks a little bit lose still that’s the Prismacolor select right Zach yeah which was this one that one looks uh looks good too and I’m using just a little hardly any water on this too I think that’s a key which one is that kirk this is the ultra Mapei Mapei I’ll try yeah yeah that one set up pretty nice is that when uh the little stone pieces yeah yeah.

So this is actually good because we’re using a mix of stone and glass to kind of give us a good representation of how the grout’s going to cure on different uh surfaces it’s a grout potty oh what’s that what do you what which one is that steve this might be the tech that’s pretty I like that’s the power group this might be the power stuff see this one has definitely tacked up harder than the others so we’re kind of uh dang 30 minutes might have been too much for that one huh feels like this so it’s grabbing on to the grout but nothing that little bit of agitation can’t take off I like that one that looks good I did it yeah look.

At oh the prism brought it up beautiful yeah it is I like the prism prison is one of my to go I do like yeah you like the prism from the color yeah I like that it’s smooth is that let’s let’s confirm that’s power groud is it yeah yep okay so that’s the power grab that’s the one that’s already setting up on the glass you want the Makita zac perma color that Perma color came out nice too damn this one’s setting up enough I think I can hit this ardex what okay so how did that ma pay um groud up Kurt wash came right off the surface well no I rinsed up my sponge completely and then just went across it and then didn’t clean streak it yeah you like it nice.

Yes and in the amount of time the cheese wasn’t as clean and it didn’t seem to smooth out as much as the ultra I played something black scratch this right here zack’s working on the vermicular same one yeah that’s a really nice cleaned up nice uh steve did you get that uh that tech off of the tiles is it coming to come off that’s kind of interesting so the tech took some work where we’re having to really work at that power group from underneath that’s right and the keys keezle was easy right keezle came right up yeah it came up I like the name of that and okay let’s see how the uh art of completely rung out sponge let’s see how that works okay normally we leave a little water in our sponge and we do a little bit, yeah but right now I want to try to see how this works on this sample you know look everything’s everything.

Oh there’s stone in this one too yeah I’m like how did you my buddy let’s leave a little water to see how to gel he’s got a couple ones that’s pretty dark I mean it’s cool glass that way I can do it that way I just say but when that runs up okay so we’re back a week later for a monday morning meeting 7am on monday if you want to see what goes on in these meetings I don’t know maybe you want to see it leave it in the comment section below if you would what’s your thoughts on that I mean it’s usually just us kind of talking about the jobs and stuff but might be interesting to you so if it is uh let me know leave your comment in the section below uh but we’re gonna head in the guys should be getting set up and we’re gonna test out this grout so it’s been carrying for a week we’re going to test it for first of all hardness and then we’re going to talk a little bit about how it applied how easy it was to apply and clean up good morning what’s up guys hey hey hey hey morning dudes good morning what’s up ronnie good morning good morning okay so we got prism we got permacolor select ardex fl permacolor regular permacolor ultra color that’s the mapei tech power grout and kiesel let’s just start with this one so who who grouted this one was that I think it was me was it I think so yeah so what did you think about it uh did it was it any different good pretty good yeah it’s pretty good okay cool you don’t really seem to care do you yeah I care very much hey so this so it looks good I i don’t know it looks looks like a nice grout wrong color probably huh but tan on white but dried solid okay so let’s see with um let’s see if it comes out so the main thing.

I want to test is if you can scrape it out so it’s been a week and I just want to see if there’s any I’m using just a plastic spacer and so it’s hard it’s not it’s wearing down the spacer instead of um scratching it out so that’s a good sign that a hard plastic spacer can’t scratch it out let’s see what happens when we get it wet so the problem that I’ve been noticing is when the grout gets wet that’s when it seems to get soft so let’s let the water just soak for a second and then the difference yeah my gosh so now with the plastic spacer you see that’s wet areas too showers and everything so yeah so that’s keel right there that’s kesel so this isn’t as bad as is as the prism so you got a razor knife prism or power grout.

So hey Ronnie just do a little scrape of a joint with water area oh that’s easy I’m not putting pressure not even pressure on it huh we don’t want to teach our customers that they can strike scratch their grout after you’re done showering make sure you scratch your ground out disclose don’t touch your grout when it’s wet so yeah so that’s how much it’s coming off of there with the knife so if you use force could you scrape it all the way out what was that wow dude that’s a weed that’s going through it way too easy dude whoa yeah so that now does it on the dry area does it come out dad people do scrape their showers too yeah well if they’re using a brush okay so now let’s check out this is Mapei ultra color okay try the same thing Ronnie with the spacer.

Yeah just try it dry and see if it does anything it’s science this is holding up yeah on it so nothing coming off okay let’s get it I wanna do a little dry oh I do yeah try it dry with the razor knife well I gotta put the force down you have to put force on it to scrape so that’s not too bad let’s try when you get it wet this one seems to maybe it’s just the color but it doesn’t seem to soak as much water in as the other one repellent huh yeah okay now try running you want huh yeah that was much better is that harder not doing anything really so that’s the ultra color yeah nice so with the spacer we didn’t have hardly anything come up the knife a little bit of pressure getting a little bit okay we got a little bit better than that one yeah okay so that so so Mapei ultra color and Kiesel so far ultra color is a lot harder.

And I did notice when you put the water on there it didn’t absorb as fast as this it took a little while for the water to absorb so I think this is just a harder grout okay let’s try regular Prismacolor as we’ll start put a little water on here let it sit in there huh yeah so this was one as far as how they grouted up uh I think did you do this one johnny or did steve do this one um I think I did the prism, okay so I think steve did this one but I noticed when he was grouting it that it was really smooth I really liked how it looked when he was grouting it really yeah so perma color nothing scraping off with the hard spacer just type that that actually looks like um that’s the plastic.

That looks like the plastic maybe a little bit of powder but that’s acceptable it wasn’t just coming off okay so now we have uh now we have a wet area little indentation there so yeah so we had some coming off of there damn so oh yeah that it’s a regular perma color looks pretty soft take a knife to the wet area too yeah let’s hold on one second do a different joint yeah that came off so wet with a plastic spacer, yeah so this is uh Steve had warned me he did one job with this had to replace the tile I had to go because it was a glass tile that cracked I had to tear ground out yeah he did take the grout out and he was Isaac that stuff’s pretty soft.

So I kind of expected it with the regular Prismacolor and this was again this was going to be like one of my answers to the grout problem and then he told me that he’s like yeah not so fast so okay so let’s check out prism is probably one of the most popular grouts used today I would say okay come on the prison, yeah this was yours this is johnny he’s seen johnny bow I like the way you guys both like the prism yeah we do it works well it’s easy to wash it doesn’t discolor too much all right okay regular dry I’m putting force down too okay force it’s like a little bit of powder it’s not no I think that’s plastic so dry I don’t think anything came off okay dry nothing came off okay let’s try it with a little bit of water oh easy.

I can feel it the prism you know that felt like sand really going right in ah so that’s consistent with what I had in the showroom so I did so the prism the video that I made of my showroom grout and I didn’t disclose what grout it was it was prism grout a lot of you guys guessed it but that that grout has been in there over seven years a long time so uh you might think well this has only been grouted for a week well I the grout in my showroom has been there for seven years so I don’t think that’s the case I think it’s just a soft grout so prism.

So far is the softest probably would you say Ronnie unfortunately and that’s the grout the guys like to use that’s johnny’s favorite grout sorry johnny it’s all good I figured the stuff that’s hardest to work with I think it was worse than this yeah huh this one looks like you pirate or was that with the rocket yeah that was right so keisel so so far out of the four uh we’ll go worst to best okay so worst the softest was the prism then the keys knife to that one then the regular Prismacolor then the ultra color has been the best so far okay.

So let’s just go around before yeah another wet because we did it over here let’s just real quick one good sweet oh yeah we can tear that tail out right now yeah okay what a bummer man yeah coming out almost just as we put it in yeah pretty easy so really soft plastic spacer just yeah dang it okay so let’s go um okay let’s try the Prismacolor select I’m interested in that one-stop that was your Zach why don’t you do this one okay so Prismacolor select okay so Zach we got a dry hard spacer to try to give it a little do it on the edge there and see if you can really give it some force nothing it’s just taking the plastic of the spacer okay a little bit a little tiny.

Bit of sand huh so this but this one’s probably similar so far to the Mapei okay so now we got a wet area let’s try the wet area this is a little softer yeah I see a little bit of color here take the um let’s get the water off of it first and now try it you getting anything out of there yeah it’s going down so yeah so that’s the focus there we go so that was coming out with the spacer so even the Prismacolor select see so that’s my fear is that and that’s the callback that I had was the customer was scrubbing their grout right so if I just have a terry cloth towel look at that so yeah okay yeah so so you have a customer after their the grout’s been done and then their shower they got a new shower they go in the first time they go to clean it they have a rag and they’re you know I want to clean my grout here so here’s a terry cloth towel and this.

It wet grout that hasn’t been messed with and if they were to just go like that and turn it over and see that, yeah you’d be like what the hell right wow so this is Perma color select and that’s how much came off it okay on to the next one so yeah oh yeah try it with the knife johnny see what it does with cheese, yeah well you know what they would do you know if a rep came in and I said hey hey Mr laticrete rep um you know we’re when we scrub it with the towel it comes off the answer would probably be well don’t scrub it that hard you know I mean that just probably says whoa that’s not what you’re supposed to do with grout so good luck telling our customers that back in the day we use hydrant which is now Bostik, yeah and we, of course, we had three-sixteenths quarter-inch joints we had to use a grout cutter to get that stuff out that was out without an attitude yeah remember when we put the.

We put the white stuff in with the hydra mitt oh god that was like made it hard that was like a sidewalk new products that are supposed to be even better why are we yeah okay on to the next ardex fl so this one took a little bit longer to set up right but the instructions on it were nice to remember this is the one that just said mixed to a creamy consistency didn’t give you like a one five minutes one and a half quarts and it was really wet wasn’t it was this is the one that was really wet this is the black one that I had all over my hands, yeah but we still added the amount of water you had a range and we did the wettest inside it was sweat yeah.

But it looked it ended up finishing out really nice okay so art xfl what again you got a new spacer I’ll just use a different end okay so spacer test pretty solid huh there’s like nothing coming off of that let me see yeah there’s nothing coming off of that oh no I’m wrong are you getting color yeah I’m getting colored that’s off the dry look at that so I wonder if this is going to be just a norm I mean there’s not going to be any way around it people wash their grout and they get a little color off but if the grout doesn’t come out of the joints it’s still holding right they’re not going to be going in there scraping it with a rock we’re just doing a test right yeah we’re doing a test the color that’s not a good sign yeah but what if a customer comes.

In and again okay so let’s try this before what’s up stevo all right man so we’re putting it to the test this is ardex fl this is easy you think the color yeah look at that so just getting it wet taking a terry cloth towel that’s what we’re getting a look at that look how much black is coming off of there it’s definitely tougher than the prism coming out really really easy with that yeah well we just tell the customers the grouts are made this way so we can do repairs if we need to it’s easier to take out that was a joke okay last one uh tech power group which is one that started this whole thing isn’t it yeah hey steve you wanna test out your power grout so this is the power grout this is the one that.

We had trouble getting it off right like yeah it dries real fast it dried fast there’s a real little kind of a shocker for uh all above all the other grouts this one dried the quickest okay hold on okay so what we’re doing we’re starting with a spacer just to see the dry on the dry and then we’re doing a spacer on the csc if you can get it to that’s grinding the spacer down yeah there’s nothing coming off of that so here’s the wet a little bit huh uh a little more that’s I mean it’s flaking off let’s see we can see the granules coming off of it yeah it’s coming off a little bit they all fit they’re all failing once it gets wet to see that’s what yeah that’s what people haven’t been getting about when I talk about this they’re like no it’s hard as a rock like you know we have it in the bucket here like this is these are our buckets from uh our clean out and.

I mean they’re rock solid when they’re hard but look when you get them wet just a little wet-look at that I mean it just comes right out let’s just scrape the power grout with the knife since we did it did you do that steve I see how easy it is to scrape out of the joint dry hair no not wet okay I am not pushing down you’re not pushing down I’m basically letting the weight of the knife scrape so you’re just barely I must be really strong so so now give it some force and see what happens yeah it just comes right now easy you didn’t get it wet though did you wet it I saw yeah okay steve try it with you take a knife or a little grout brush just a regular grout brush so prism with just a grout brush so if your customer went in and.

Got a grout brush they’re going to have stuff coming up okay so a grout brush with a power grout let’s take some of the water off here okay now be kind of aggressive with it, yeah so that I mean it’s coming up but yeah maybe not it’s gonna really put pressure down yeah so that’s not as bad as I mean you probably wouldn’t be cleaning that yeah surely yeah so look at that with just hitting it with the grout brush this is what a customer’s gonna see if they wanted to scrub their grout prism’s no good man I wonder how many times it would take for that not to happen though I mean eventually it’d have to stop coloring when it all comes out there’s a little bit more in there okay which one is this okay this is the ardex we’re gonna we’re gonna do the grout brush on the ardex now let’s try it alright xfl pulling the color up for sure with a little bit of agitation so just a grout brush that’s what that’s what’s happening so basically they’re.

All falling short um if we could rank them what was the worst one what was the softest one we did I think prism, unfortunately, prism diesel and prism unfortunately fell short of them all yeah so it probably so prism was the softest and then um the keel so it’s probably prism worst Kiesel’s second-worst and then perma color, unfortunately, we had high hopes for it it’s probably the third worst then it probably was as a tie between ardex and power grout and then I think uh this one was pretty good that’s the uh Prismacolor select yeah Prismacolor select.

Was pretty good and the best was Mapei ultra color as far as the abrasion and being able to scratch it out the hardness of it so so that’s that I get a lot of comments from people about specs and compression strength you know people say well tech power grout is so and so 2 000 psi there’s no way it’s rock hard it dries hard on the tile yeah but what I haven’t heard any testing on what we were testing here was the abrasion the ability to scratch it off especially when it’s wet so do these tests for yourselves or not like I said you might be opening a can of worms if you do that but I wanted to provide this information to everybody in the industry.

So that you can see what happened that being said we’re going to end up we’re experimenting right now with spectra lock one we’ve used spectra lock one on a few different jobs and so that might be the answer so we’ve done a few jobs we’ll go back and test them and then maybe what we’ll do we’ll do the same sort of test using spectra lock one maquis called flex color cq maybe we can use customs fusion but we know fusion is crap fusion’s a whole different thing but um yeah I think that’s what we’ll end up doing so that’s that.

How to grouting floor tiles?

Video Transcript:

Well hello there I’m cleaning this bucket because I’m about to be grounding those drunks and you need to clean the bucket for that there also need a margin trial that makes the same grout we examine growth because River rocks which are in the shower floor have a lot of gaps and only Santa grab is really we want to use it at on sanded grout it’s gonna crack and it’s not gonna look as good we also have my flow sponge and the grout my knees my thighs care colors sandy grout sorry cover the drain all around the edges nicely with blue tape if the collar on the floor is different than what’s on the wall.

Which it’s not then I usually and tape around the rim to make sure I don’t get any of the color into the grout joints that I’ve already been crowded and I’m that diet on the gravel discolor the grout that’s in place if it were different color which it’s not so we’re just going to go over and the next minute right now you just start from the back and make my way to the front don’t need to have this song where your kneepads putting it over there start spreading it pushes nice when I have that 45-degree angle when your swagger kind of pushing it into the grout joints and you want to go back and forth because you want to get it inside the rocks have like parts underneath.

So if you just go one way you might not be able to get it underneath the overhang of that rock but you want to have support so most have done their support because of the thing set but you know you just want to be able to get it in there nicely we’re doing that whole thing and now I’m just gonna go ahead and speed this up another thing I like to do on the corners here for the tummy is the floor I want to get some of this around my hand and I want to put it up against here like that and then I just kind of like rub my middle finger or any finger as I’m pushing on it I’m pushing the grout into the roof and that reassures me that it’s getting a nice coat of its grout inside in the corners.

Because when the water comes down kind of like a little ramp pushes it in toward the drain line messenger out there I also make sure that I wipe the edges with a clean sponge so they’re not kind of haze up here and hit hard and then I won’t be able to move them later pick it up all nice and I use my margin trowel to get to 490 cuz sometimes you get this weird look if you just have it bunched up in the corners I turned the float almost at a 90 degree and I scrape across the floor try to get as much of the grout off the stone as possible so then when it’s starting to set up meaning it’s starting to get really hard and dry up it won’t be too much to remove.

Once I use my sponge on it once the grout sets up nicely and it’s hard enough for you to use a sponge usually after about 10 minutes go ahead and use a wet sponge and use the front and backside of it until both sides are filled up with grout and then rinse and do again and this is called a messy wipe and then after you do the messy wipe you come back for the final wipe and you take the sponge and I don’t have this in the video but you take the sponge and you wipe it across one side and then turn it over and wipe it across the other side and you repeat this until the whole floor looks like this beautiful alright that’s it for me today have a great day bye.

Does your grout need to be closed?

No, the epoxy grout is not needed to be closed and the reason behind it is its sealing feature and is considered as the best grout sealer as well. Moreover, the absorbent power of the grout is 0.5% and it has got a highly effective permeable layer to make it waterproof enough.

It will not be absorbing any best grout sealer for a shower for sure and for instance if you are using the natural stone tiles then you will be needing the sealer for sealing the tiles which you need to install before setting it up. You will be needed to pre-seal the tiles so that nothing gets enter inside it and influence its performance.


It is a wish of every person to make their bathroom clean and tidy and along with that removing the soap scum with soap scum cleaner, then the grout will be considered as the best choice for the cleaning purpose. It will eliminate the mold and other harmful germs from the surface and keeping it safe and non-toxic.

We highly expect that this write-up will be helpful in giving you the best choice for the grout of the surface of your desire. It will also provide you with important information about it which will be helpful when you are purchasing it.

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