Best Foundation for Large Pores

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Okay, let us get straight to the fact that nobody has seamlessly perfect skin, right? There are always these pores that are present on our skin here and there. Actually, having pores is not an issue, but when these pores start getting more prominent, it is an issue. As the size of the pores increases, so does their visibility. At one point in time, these pores become extremely visible and look very weird. So, how to cover the pores? The only solution we ladies can look up to hide the pores is the foundation for large pores. However, it isn’t easy to do so.

Foundations come in different shades, styles, and types, and with it follows the real struggle of getting the right one for yourself. I can very well understand your pain of finding the right choice, but then, here I am.

Here, I have a buying guide that shares all the necessary information to get yourself the best foundation for large pores. You don’t need to think much about it as everything here has been designed and kept according to the everyday struggle, we ladies face regularly.

So, do you also have those large visible pores?

Do you want to get that smooth texture look?

Are you facing difficulties in finding the proper foundation?

Well, if yes then, worry not. I have all the solutions to your respective questions in a single place. I will guide you in finding the best foundation for pores through this article.

Buying Guide for Best Foundation for Large Pores

The wait is over now, ladies. You have arrived to the right place to get your solutions. Now, you are only a step away from getting the right foundation shade for your large pores. These pores will not anymore cause you trouble. It’s time to get that beautiful smooth skin.

Suitable to your skin type

Every skin type is different. Many of us have oily skin, while some of us have dehydrated skin. There are many foundations available in the market, which suits different skins precisely. So, rather than purchasing a foundation for textured skin based on fancy names, buy it following your skin type. If you accompany oily skin, you should get the best foundation for oily skin’s large pores that give a matte look. This will help in controlling your face shine even when the temperature around is quite hot. Likewise, if you have a dry skin texture, then go for the glossy foundation. It will help in providing the right amount of moisture and hydration to your skin.

Coverage of the foundation

Many options are available in the foundation types, which can be brought as per your coverage requirement. There are basically 3 types of coverages which you can quickly get from them:

  • Light coverage – If you love a nude makeup look and want to go light on your base, then these light coverage foundation types are yours. You will feel so soft on the skin and will love to create that no-makeup look with the help of these foundations.
  • Medium coverage – This type is suitable for office-going ladies. It very well fits in as per the daytime. It is neither very light nor goes extremely loud on the skin. Even if you plan to go out for a lunch date, these medium coverage foundations will work wonders.
  • High coverage – Okay, so if you really want to create a glam look for a chic evening, these foundations will suit you the best. Be it a party or for those never-ending selfies, you will have seamless smooth skin with all the pores tightened up. So, if you plan to buy a foundation for such event-specific purposes, you have to get these high coverage ones.

Your undertones

Knowing your undertones help you in saving a lot of time and avoids all the struggle you face during the foundation mismatching process. The cinch way to find your undertone is by checking the colors of your veins in your wrist. You can easily find 3 types of undertones:

  • Warm undertone – In this case, your skin will have a light yellow tint, and the veins underneath your skin will be generally green in color. If you find such green veins in your wrist, then you have a warm undertone.
  • Cool undertone – People with cool undertones will have a light pink and sometimes a beige hue. This suggests that the veins underneath will be of blue color.
  • Olive undertone – The skin will have a brown or a green tint in the olive undertone case. The veins for these people will have a mix of blue and green colors.

Finding your shade

The foundation will be of no use to you if it’s not as per your shade. The shade has to be per your skin color or else, it won’t blend on your skin. You will eventually have a cakey appearance and an undesirable look.

If the shade is not as per your skin color, it will create a significant color difference to the parts the foundation is applied to. Your skin will have some other color, and your face will look completely different. So, it’s better to buy the foundation as per your skin color. If you do not know the correct shade, you can always do a patch test of the foundation in natural light. Whatever color fits you perfectly, and blends easily on your skin, go for buying that particular item.

Formula and composition

The individual composition of every foundation makes it very unique from the other one. There are many types of foundations available based upon their formulation. Some of the readily available ones are:

  • Stick on foundation – This is best suited for those who are always in a hurry and lack time. When you want to create that last-minute makeup look, always go for the stick-on, which takes a little time to blend and gets easily buffed into the skin.
  • Cream foundation – These are perfect to create a soft glam look for a casual day out. They will, however, require your time for the perfect blend.
  • Liquid foundation – When compared, these liquid foundations are considered the best for creating a chic look. Your face will all be glossed up and ready for the occasion.

So, decide upon your type and pick one for yourself.

Finish of the product

The finish is an important parameter, which you need to consider while purchasing your foundation. The product which doesn’t have a smooth finish will be of no use. You definitely won’t like to have a caky and a patchy finish, right? So, always go for the foundation, which provides you a luminous and an even finish.


The ingredients should always serve multiple purposes. If you have dry skin, go for foundations rich in hyaluronic acid. This will provide your skin a lot of hydration and will thereby moisturize it accordingly. Likewise, you can get a foundation rich in salicylic acid for acne-prone skin, which will help you treat acne.

SPF protection

As the foundation provides an upper layer covering the face, it becomes vital to come with SPF-rich technology. After all, you cannot use sunscreens with proper makeup and need something to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.


You have a lot of options available in the market. Numerous local brands try to imitate the formulation of a good brand. But they somehow fail eventually. So, always go for a foundation from a good brand, as it will have quality service. You will never be upset while using the brands’ product. They will have good coverage and also give you a smooth everlasting effect. While, in contrast, the local brands’ foundation will leave you with a lot of skin damage and irritation.


The label has a description that speaks about the packaging dates. It is essential to use the product within the mentioned time duration. If the foundation crosses the expiry date, its formulation will start misbehaving and can cause a lot of damage to the skin.

Cost of the product

Do not set a very lavish budget. Go for a reasonable range that is affordable and is economically feasible. Learn the art of shopping and get the best product of a trending brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply foundation on large pores?

You have to apply the foundation correctly to minimize those pores and get that smooth finish. So, you can follow the mentioned steps:

  • First thing first, clean your face with a good face wash. Wash your face, followed by scrub. Scrubbing will exfoliate all the dead cells and help in the even application of the foundation.
  • Use a serum or a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.
  • Apply a primer to prep your skin for foundation.
  • Choose a foundation of your choice, which is as per your skin type.
  • Apply the foundation in a dotted manner on your entire face.
  • Take a beauty blender and start blending the foundation.
  • Blend it very patiently so that the foundation easily gets buffed in,
  • Apply a loose setting powder to set the foundation in the large pores.
  • Use a blotting paper and remove the excess.
  • Finally, make use of a setting spray to finish the look.

What can a dermatologist do for large pores?

A dermatologist plays an imperative role in mending large pores. If the foundation isn't working for you, consult a dermatologist who can treat the condition medically. A derma can recommend the following:

  • Use of retinol for the treatment.
  • Treating the acne.
  • Use of salicylic acid.
  • It can help in treating the sagging skin
  • Suggest a skincare regime

Do the pores get bigger with age?

Aging is a natural process. Rather than fearing its effects, you can accept the changes and enjoy the transition process. Well, yes, aging definitely increases your pore size. With growing age, your skin starts losing its elasticity and strength. This is the reason it becomes very stretchy and extremely loose. And that is why the size of the pores also increases.

How can I tighten my pores?

Well, the foundation can add a smooth upper coating to give you a smooth finish. But you can always work in the way of tightening your pores. For this, you can follow the following:

  • Cleansing your skin daily
  • Scrubbing and exfoliating at least twice a week
  • Keeping your hands away from your face
  • Use a primer with a good SPF protection
  • Make use of retinoid cream
  • Using a clay mask will help in the unclogging of pores
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating healthy

Is apple cider vinegar good for large pores?

Apple cider vinegar comes with many antimicrobial properties. It helps unclog the pores, which allows them to stay away from bacteria, excess oil, and other unwanted dust particles and debris. It balances out the pH level of the skin. It contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which tightens the works upon the wrinkles, loses skin, and tightens the pores.


Women worldwide work so much upon their skincare routine so that they can tighten their large pores. But even then, due to inconsistent efforts, lack of time, and other responsibilities, they seem to have loose and large pores. And then, they are left with nothing but to hide these pores with the help of a foundation.

But getting the proper foundation isn’t a toddler’s task, right? You might agree to the struggle which we all face. So, the best foundation and a trick to applying it on the face are mandatory for that purpose. If you can find a better way to blend the foundation, you can never miss that chick look you might have always desired with your favorite dresses to the clubs and dates.

I hope by now, you might be aware of the tips and tricks to get the best foundation. To get the best foundation, you have to be an intelligent buyer, learn all the shopping hacks, and go through the product’s labels very keenly. So, keeping all things in mind, and then make your purchase.

So, on this note, I believe now you will get your perfect shade with all the desired qualities. The seamless look is not far anymore!

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