Best Flip Phone for Verizon in 2023

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Are you a senior citizen?

Or do you have any issues operating smartphones?

Do you plan on switching to flip phones?

Do you plan on gifting your old parents a new phone?

But for this, smartphones aren’t a good option as your old parents if not acquainted with technology would struggle with it.

Flip Phones can be one of the best options if you face trouble with your regular phones or if you are planning to buy any convenient and easy-to-use phone.

But you must be wondering as to what is Verizon?

Verizon is one of the most well-known cellular service providers in the United States. As a result, they have a lot of coverage. Besides, Verizon provides low-cost plans for seniors. Most seniors choose not to sign annual contracts they use landline phone for seniors too, and Verizon’s prepaid plans for smartphones and basic phones allow them to do so.

Prepaid single-line plans start at $30 a month and provide unlimited talk and text throughout the United States, as well as unlimited texting to over 200 international destinations.

Buying Guide for the Best Flip Phone for Verizon in 2023

Verizon only offers simple phones, which are voice phones with no special features. Flip phones for Verizon are feature phones that allow you to answer calls by simply flipping the phone open. Their batteries will last for more than a week without having to be recharged.

A flip phone for Verizon can be used as a backup phone in the event that your primary phone is broken and you are suddenly cut off from anyone and unable to communicate with them. If your primary phone is not reachable for an extended period of time, a smart partner will hold a backup flip phone on your car’s side seat and contact you.

The verizon flip phones for seniors to help social media users wean themselves from their addictions, save time, and improve their productivity, as well as their families and social lives.

Furthermore, unlike most other wireless carriers, which have recently narrowed their flip phone offerings to a single model, Verizon still sells a wide variety of flip phones through their website, Verizon local stores, and other reseller stores. Additionally, Verizon provides a Bring Your Own Phone option, allowing you to bring a variety of flip phones purchased elsewhere.

Today, we have brought before you the guide for buying the best sprint phone for seniors for your Verizon phones and this guide would help you in deciding the features that a flip phone for Verizon provides and you can make a smart decision.

Features of the Best Flip Phone for Verizon in 2023

Battery Life:

Although your flip phone for Verizon can lack some smartphone features. Further, it also lacks a large HD monitor, a high-speed data link that continuously streams in alerts and updates, and an endless array of internal sensors that collect data about your phone and how you use it.

This specifically indicates that with a single charge, your phone can last for a really long time and you can easily spend time chatting and talking with your friends.  So, you can expect a very large battery life and with the best flip phone for Verizon, you can expect the same.

Tactile Convenience:

Although touchscreens are excellent for reading, watching videos, and using your phone as a device, we believe they are less so for using your phone as a phone. You cannot expect all the same facilities and convenience with a flip phone for Verizon.

But physical dial pads as well as the ability to open and close your phone to answer and end calls, and other tactile forms of communicating with your Verizon activate new phone makes the process of using the phone simpler. This can be helpful for people who have issues using smartphones or face inconvenience with them. These people can easily switch to these options.


The simplicity of flip phones for Verizon is what attracts seniors to them in the first place. Even though most flip phones for Verizon are built to be simple, there are a few that are unnecessarily complicated. Stick to the ones that make the basic operation as straightforward as possible.

Calls and texts should be easy to navigate, and the menu should not be cluttered with choices that most seniors would never use. These extra choices are likely to confuse users. However, if you intend to use your flip phone mainly for calls and texting, go for full simplicity.

Ease of Using:

Simplicity and ease of use are both co-related. A flip phone for Verizon should have features like answering the phone by opening both halves, ending the call by closing both halves, wide font, easy menu, and so on. This makes it quite easy for its functioning and use.

Button Size:

The wider your hand, the more buttons you’ll need. As we age, our touch becomes less receptive, necessitating the use of larger buttons. As a result, all simple flip phone designed for seniors has a big keypad with buttons that are easy to click and feel with the fingertips.

Audio quality and hearing aid compatibility:

As we get older, our hearing begins to deteriorate, and many seniors have to use hearing aids. However, a flip phone’s quality and loudspeakers are important, as is the fact that it is hearing aid compliant (T3/M3 or higher).

Carriers that belong to senior citizens:

GreatCall (Jitterbug phones) and Consumer Cellular are two carriers that specialize in serving seniors. The first uses the Verizon network, while Consumer Cellular makes use of the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. GreatCall is the more senior specialized of the two. Their phones have features tailored to seniors, such as an emergency response button.


Portability of a phone means that putting your phone into your pocket, keeping it in your hand, and otherwise engaging with it must be done with extreme care unless you want a broken paperweight worth hundreds of dollars.

Flip phones for Verizon are quite portable and you can easily carry them without them being a bother for you. You can even carry them for a long duration with an intact battery life which is not the same in the case of smartphones.

Ease of Reading:

Another problem with seniors is their vision. As a result, a flip phone must have big, easy-to-read fonts. Fonts are used in all areas of the handset, including menu items, calling, the dial display, the phonebook, and so on. Generally, CDMA flip phones also have fonts that are a little large in size making it easy for them.


Think how many smartphones you’ve had to repair because of a damaged screen or had to treat with caution due to a cracked shield with sharp edges. Smartphones are quite fragile and it requires the constant attention of maintenance and care. Any little or minor irregularity can cost you a lot of money. But the same is not possible in case of the flip phones that are quite durable and can withstand any external pressure to a certain limit.

Seniors are less worried about their phones than younger generations. They don’t pay as much attention to their phone and, as a result, can throw it around or sit on it by mistake. They often become somewhat clumsier and are more likely to drop their phone. All of this emphasizes the importance of the amazon flip phones durability and portability.

Flip phones for Verizon are simply more robust than smartphones by nature since there are fewer things to break, less fragile materials, and less weight when they crash to the ground. Definitely, if you need anything to withstand the weather or more rigorous violence, ruggedized options are the way to go. A flip phone for Verizon on the other hand will withstand the hazards of everyday life that a smartphone will not.

Privacy & Security:

There are many aspects to this advantage. At the simplest level, if you’re hammering out a text you don’t want anyone to read, a flip phone’s smaller display makes it far more difficult for others to peer over your shoulder.

Flip phones, on the other hand, are much easier to use in terms of applications than their mobile counterparts. As a consequence, they’re less vulnerable to security issues. In addition, there are fewer sensors, software, and utilities tracking your every move and how you use your devices. Malicious people would have fewer chances to hack your phone or steal your details.

Available Prices

Although the cost of a flip phone for Verizon varies depending on the model, virtually every option on the market today is well under the cost of even the most basic mid-tier smartphone. Of course, as smart flip phones become more popular, this will change. However, if you’re looking for a simple flip phone for Verizon, there’s still a choice for a tenth of the price of the new top-tier smartphones.

While buying a flip phone for Verizon, you can expect a quite very reasonable price or even much cheaper than your regular smartphones.

FAQs on Best Flip Phone for Verizon in 2023

Is it true that flip phones have GPS?

It is determined by the model. Many of the most popular flip phones models have GPS.

What is the procedure for unlocking a flip phone for a Verizon phone?

After purchase/activation of your flip phone of Verizon, all Verizon phones are locked for 60 days. The verizon activate new phone automatically after 60 days, so you wouldn't have to do much.

Is it possible to use a Sprint phone on a Verizon network?

Since both carriers use CDMA technology, the response is usually yes. So, if you have a sprint phone for seniors that has been unlocked, you should be able to use it on Verizon.

How do I change my Verizon phone number?

For changing devices all you have to do is go to the Swap Devices page in My Verizon and follow the on-screen instructions to exchange devices with someone else on your account.

What is the procedure for activating a new flip phone for a Verizon phone?

A new flip phone for Verizon phone is easy to set up and enable. It's as simple as charging it, turning it on, and following the on-screen directions. Your phone will be unlocked and ready to use once the setup is complete

Why you should switch to a flip phone?

Video Transcript:

It is 2020 and I switched from an iPhone 8 which was my last smartphone this year I switched to a 4G flip phone being the Kizuna Atok which I’m also going to review in this video but here are some of the things that I noticed from switching from a smartphone to a flip phone when it comes to text messages I don’t respond to them as often as I used to most of the time if I get a text especially a long one I will read it and call them back and if it’s an especially long text I will actually just call them back without reading the text and then asked them to reiterate.

Whatever it was that they were saying just because it’s kind of difficult to read a really long text message on a flip phone and this one is more specific but I’m in a business where screenshotting text messages and asking for advice is something very common that happens and on a 4G phone when you send a picture it reduces the quality.

So I can’t read a text message screenshot so I end up having to call whoever sent it to me and ask them to read to me whatever it was that they sent and give them advice on it so again just something else that we were using for text simple text messaging that has turned into phone calls many of you know I own and operate a business and like all business owners email is very very important when it comes to email this phone doesn’t carry email so I am not connected to my email all the time literally I can only receive calls and texts so it’s just something else that’s really not a distraction throughout the day and I found out there’s no such thing as an urgent email and wholly battery life Batman the first day I brought this phone home I fully charged it and the next day.

I used it I made calls text everything on it while I’m still learning how to use it and oh my gosh it was about 50% when I got home and as a test the second day I did not charge it and it made it through the entire day the next day only died when I finally pulled into the home so just absolutely incredible the battery life plus let’s talk about low battery this phone that I have has a low battery mode oh my gosh I went three days without having to charge my phone it limbs the display and you can’t use the 4G internet which we’re going to talk about a little bit later.

On but otherwise, it’s absolutely incredible so the battery life is epic I don’t need to have a charger everywhere I go I’m not connected to the wall I don’t have to worry about that so it definitely probably the biggest plus of using this phone is the battery life and to the reason why I switched no notifications this stuff just a smartphone to take over your life if you let them if you get notifications and I’ve always been one to control them I didn’t get notifications from social media.

The only notifications I got were from phone calls I would have to actively look at that stuff and it was just I wanted to digital detox and that’s what I’m doing and so far I loved it initially I said I’ll switch in December back to a smart phone and I I’m not excited for that I think I might use a flip phone a dumb phone whatever you want to call it from now on but I probably won’t use this phone and the reason for that is I got the Kizuna e talk it looked like the best phone like physically however I have had a lot of problems with it I am NOT a big fan of this cos ona e talk flip phone the notifications there I’ve had to reset the phone twice now because it messes up the notifications all the the reason I picked this one is because it did not have an email option and all the other flip phones do have email but I probably should have just gone with one of the other choices beyond that it does have a delay so the phone will start ringing and the screen will not show the call for a few seconds.

So you’re sitting there waiting another one that’s interesting is that when you receive an MMS message a media message it starts downloading it first before it shows you who it is so you will think it will give you a notification for whoever last sent you a text message not necessarily who is sending you the current message so I’m not a huge fan of it I do not recommend getting this phone if you want to do a digital detox go with some of the other choices go with the higher rating choices but not this one and something that I mentioned earlier was the 4G internet this thing has an internet browser you can’t get a phone without an internet browser really unless.

You’re really really trying and there’s some out there but this internet browser surprisingly for being a 4G flip phone dumb phone the shocking thing about this you cannot use the internet browser without a BlueTooth mouse and I don’t carry a mouse with me everywhere I go so it’s very difficult to navigate plus on top of that the screen is very very bright so there’s not a dark mode in order to get a dark mode you have to invert the colors and that affects if you do receive a picture or something so very very not the accessibility options on it are very very limited compared to other flip phones that are out there not comparing this to a smartphone but to other flip phones that are out there this one has very low features compared to those others flip phones and that’s why I’m probably well more likely definitely going to switch to a different phone a different flip.

Phone but not this one but I still recommend that digital and closing so in closing am I happy with it definitely I’m happy with the notifications I’m happy with the no interruptions it is just calls and texts very happy with that I’m just not going to continue with this phone in December I’m probably going to switch to one of the higher-rated flip phones and prank keep that after the rest of my life I do have my tablets I’m on an iPad right.

Now that’s where you’re seeing this from so I just can’t stress enough try a digital detox once your life it’s been incredible I had two people that are close to me actually tell me I’m a better person about a smartphone and I don’t know if that’s necessarily true or if they’re being facetious or not but I do know I feel better because I’m communicating better I’m calling people I’m building better relationships because I have this instead of something else don’t build a relationship through a phone give it a shot, not this one but give it a shot hope you got some out of us see you next video.

Are there any flip phones for Verizon Phones for Seniors?

Yes, Verizon offers five different flip phone models to choose from. They also enable current (3G and 4G phones) and new clients (only 4G) to carry their own flip phones.

Is it possible to use a SIM card on a flip phone?

Not it is not possible. SIM cards are not available in CDMA flip phones manufactured prior to 2015. SIM cards are used in all flip phones that run on the 4G LTE network.

Are smartphones better than flip phones better?

Comparing both types of verizon flip phones for seniors generally depend on the user. It is highly dependent on the needs of the consumer. A user can take into consideration all the features. But overall, a top-performing flip phone can’t cope with a top-performing smartphone.

Why I switched to a flip phone?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys it’s Marissa in today’s video I have a flip phone so pretty much this video is going to be explaining why I’m going to be using a flip phone for the next 30 days this is a challenge that I saw matt something I don’t know how to say the last name he did this challenge and I’ve seen just a few other people try it like in years past I’ve always been curious on like.

How I would do using a flip phone instead of my iPhone 10. When I saw matt do the video I was like I’m just gonna do it I’m not gonna do it for a week I’m not gonna do it for a day I’m gonna do it if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it for a month just to really test out the flip phone and my life with the flip phone I haven’t seen any like teenage girls do this video and I’ve only seen grown men do it, yeah well it’ll be interesting I think we are all maybe a little addicted to our phone I’m on my phone for no reason every single day whether that’s Instagram or watching youtube from a teenage girl.

I’m going to try a flip phone for 30 days I think on average with my iPhone 10 I maybe spent around three hours three to four hours I would say on my phone just like either doing work stuff or just entertainment so this would be a big challenge trying to just use this for texting and calling and that’s it it does have like youtube on here and maps but I am just treating it like a regular old flip phone and using just the basics this is day one of having this flip phone.

Today is November 24th and I will be getting my phone back on December 24th so kind of a fun Christmas present at the beginning of starting my channel I really wanted to do these challenges called the five-day challenges and try something for five days and I only did one of them waking up at 5 am in the morning but I’ve always loved just trying new things and this one is obviously a lot longer than five days.

It’s gonna be 30 days of using a flip phone the process of getting this phone however was a little just it was kind of terrible okay everybody it is a Sunday and guesses what just came in the mail my flip phone really good hello hey oh yeah oh it’s charging sweet so we ordered a phone off of amazon and then it didn’t have a chip in it so we ended up just having to go to the grocery store and get like a burner phone or like a prepaid phone so this is not the number that I have the number I have on my iPhone 10.

Is a number that all of my friends know me as this is a new number so I had to like contact all of them and tell them I have a new number so hopefully I don’t like to miss out on anything in here hey Ellie I have some news so oh boy just got my flip phone so I have a new number for the next 30 days oh my gosh daisy go out to sit daisy go let’s go yeah.

I’m gonna text you that number and then starting tomorrow is when I’m going to actually use it and put this phone away okay so no margo polo tell everyone how are you gonna tell everyone I don’t know yeah how’s it been for you that’s kind of what I’m scared of is that I’m gonna just like miss somebody’s call miss somebody’s like information that they’re giving me so I really hope it works and you like testing it out it calls it to text hopefully I will survive I now want to set some rules for myself for the next 30 days.

So I do have a computer and I just want to make some rules that I’m not gonna break first rule is I cannot go on my computer and scroll on Instagram I can’t scroll on Facebook I can check my mail once a day I can go on youtube but only for work stuff I can’t just do it simply for entertainment or because I’m bored my computer is simply just for work and it’s not for just because I’m bored or because I have nothing to do so I’m really gonna have to find.

Things to do find new ways to spend my time whenever I’m bored the first thing I think of oh let’s just go scroll through Instagram or let’s watch another youtube video my last rule is I can only use this phone for calling and texting so yeah I also want to get prepped to have this flip phone and this is day one and it’s already what time is it five o’clock since this doesn’t have a camera I don’t want to stop documenting my life so I went to target and got a disposable camera so I’m gonna use that and have some fun with that.

So I’m gonna see what this looks like this is like awesome okay so this is my camera for the next 30 days cool and when I was in target I was like a little scared like pull out my phone you know or like take a phone call once we are going back in school it’s gonna be interesting to see if it’s loud or if I can like I don’t know I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I go to school we’re on thanksgiving break right now so I don’t really have to worry about that so this is kind of a short video but I just want to tell you guys that I’m doing this challenge so in about 35 days I will make a video recapping my experience with it so subscribe if you want to see that yeah give this video thumbs.

Up comment down below what you think of this if you could do it, I’m super pumped and I’ve been looking forward to this I don’t know why I’m looking forward to it but I have been for the past like two weeks since I had the idea so stick around and hope you guys are excited as I am this is day one and it’s already a little hard like what do I do anyway thank you so much for watching and I will see you with an update in 30 days bye guys okay I’m doing that one guy I can do emojis I have a request.

Um, do you guys have an audiobook of the selection available okay that’s fine thank you though guys what am I going to read I’ve been wanting to read that for so long what are some good books okay don’t mind me I am literally just literally about to go to bed I am just so motivated to go 30 days with a flip phone yeah I’m kind of scared kind of excited but I’m just like I just had this idea it wasn’t my idea but I was just like I think it would be fun to do on my channel so yay I just thought I would document this moment because yeah here we go let’s do it guys you.

Can I download any app on my flip phones for Verizon?

In most cases, flip phones do not have full access to Google Play or Apple App Stores. Flip phones can download apps at blazingly fast speeds thanks to mobile providers’ networks and apps, such as the HSPDA 3G network. Some applications are only available on iOS or Android and are not compatible with flip phones.

Some high-end amazon flip phones, such as the Motorola Razr XT2000–1 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, can run apps like Spotify. If you can’t get any useful applications, like Uber, on your flip phone, you can use the messaging bot services to book an Uber taxi without having to download an app.


Flip phones are even suitable for adventure travelers, visitors, adventurers, researchers, and scientists who need to stay linked for nearly a week without recharging their phones. They are easy to use and provide quick access to the most important information.

It’s lightweight, fits comfortably in your pockets, and reduces the risk of an accidental fall. Because of the decreased exposure to bright light and the shorter time spent staring at a small screen, it is healthy for children, adolescents, and seniors’ eyes. The call quality is clearer and quieter, and the best flip phones have noise cancellation technology for those who can’t hear low noises.

It can be one of the best verizon flip phones for seniors if you want to reduce your screen time and spend more quality time on other productive work. We hope this detailed guide would provide you with sufficient information if you plan on buying a flip phone for Verizon.

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