Best Flat Irons for Thick Curly Hairs in 2021

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Natural thick curls look beautiful, but they are equally challenging to manage as they grow. Their density and volumes just add up to the scorching heat in the summers and welcome the undesirable sweat for the long curly hair. At that time, we all wonder to have those sleek and straight hairs that would just be so easy-breezy to handle and won’t be problematic at all. For straight hair, we have two open options. One of them is permanent straightening.

Permanent straightening is basically a keratin treatment that gives shine to the hair and makes them straight, but at the same time, it damages the hair strands with excessive heat and chemicals. On the other hand, there comes temporary straightening.

In temporary straightening, the hair gets straightened until the next head wash. However, it is more effective than permanent straightening as it minimizes the damage made to the hair when done with heat protectors.

I, too, find temporary straightening to be a better option for my curly textured hair. Using flat irons over my hair with heat protectants has given me better and silky hair whenever needed. But, every flat iron isn’t the best for hair.

Flat irons come in different styles, designs, heat temperatures and suit a particular hair type. So, it becomes ideal to go through the available varieties and stick onto one which particularly suits your hair type.

Here, you can have a look at a few tips and tricks to find the kind of flat iron you want for yourself.

Buying Guide for Best Flat Irons for Thick Curly Hairs in 2021

This guide is here to answer all your questions regarding the curly hair straightener. But, to find all the answers, you have to sit patiently and read this guide to get a crystal-clear idea about what to consider and what not to while buying the best flat iron for thick curly hairs.

Plate material

First things first, you have to know about the different types of iron plates available in the market. The straightener plate comes in various styles:

  1. Ceramic Plates Flat Irons

  • They provide heat evenly.
  • They can hold the heat for a longer duration.
  • Because of the even heating, the smoothening is done very evenly.
  • They are considered the best in all types of plates available.
  • Also, they are very versatile in function because they can work equally well for curly hairs and short and coarse hair.
  • It has ionic power, which gives your hair a smooth and shiny finish.
  1. Titanium Flat Irons

  • These irons heat up very fast.
  • Due to instant heating, they also transfer heat very quickly.
  • All these pros help you in saving a lot of time. If you are getting late to step out, then these types are your saviors.
  • The heat does not fluctuate much.
  • These are best suited for those people who have a dense bunch of curls.
  • It is not suited for people who have light curls because these irons heat up really fast, and the quick-heating can cause damage to your hair.
  • Due to instant heating, they turn out to be relatively costlier.
  1. Tourmaline flat iron

  • These flat irons have a gemstone coating on them.
  • They cause very little damage to your hair, which is why they are considered one of the best types.
  • It distributes a constant heat throughout and therefore can even be used at lower temperatures.

Size of the plates

You can easily find these flat irons of different widths and sizes. Your hair texture and hair length become the deciding factors while considering the iron size.

If your hair is short and curly, go for those handy straighteners to help you do these tiny portions.

Apart from it, if you have dense, long hairs, you need to get an iron that will easily do these large portions. The small handy ones won’t work in this case.

Talking about the width, the narrower the iron, the better is its efficacy. Also, these narrow irons are very convenient for carrying also. You can easily travel with them. They will just fit perfectly in your handbags and won’t cause any inconvenience.

Flexible heat settings

The irons that come with flexible heat settings allow you to apply heat as per your needs. Sometimes, when your iron gets overheated, you have to lower the heat settings to prevent hair damage. If somebody around you has light curls, then you will require less heat for straightening. And similarly, those with heavy curls will need higher heat availability.

Hence, adjustable heat knobs will ensure you the versatile use of the iron plates.

The shape of the iron

Flat irons do not mean that they are simply flat. The flat irons also come in various shapes and designs. Some of them have a flat edge, while some have those curvy edges. The difference in their plans affects their versatility.

Every iron has its own functions and is suitable for a particular hair type. And also, the choice depends upon the look you want to create. If you’re going to have those sleek hairs with a bit of wave, then the curvy flat irons will be perfect to choose.

Built-in comb

For self straightening, I would suggest you go for the one with a built-in comb. This will help in combing those dense tresses and will set them correctly.


Auto shut off is a significant feature to look for.

Many times, when you are in a rush, you may leave the iron plugged-in in the switchboard. This can be hazardous, particularly if you have kids at your home.

That is why it is better to go for an iron that comes with this auto-off feature so that, if, in any case, it is left plugged in, you may not have to worry about any mishappening.

Cordless flat iron

Those days are gone when you only had an option of the chorded flat irons. Now, many irons do not come with any attached chord. They are battery-operated and are very convenient to use.

Also, if you are getting late for your work, you may just keep your straightener in your bag and carry it with you. As and when you get time, you may use it and get that chic look instantly.


When it comes to brands, never compromise at all with the product. I repeat, ‘NEVER.’

Best brands are a one-time investment for a product that is to be used over a long period. In the best brands, look for the ones which match your requirements, rather than how they appear. Too fancy products can make you bear the sum over the long run, and I advise you to avoid the ones which are way too expensive. Go for a reputable brand that has a good name in the market.

The companies do not make their names overnight. It is their service and the quality of their products that build their name in the market. So, you can look for yourself or take some help from the professionals for a piece of better advice.

Price of the product

Do not invest a lumpsum amount in electronic items as they have a limited service time. After the warranty period, they show dysfunctions and may become useless, making your deal unwanted. So, make an affordable deal under your budget and be fully utilized within some time.

You have to be a smart buyer when it comes to shopping the electronic appliances. You should go for budget-friendly, user-friendly, space-friendly, and technology-friendly products.

Warranty of the item

This is the most essential part to look at in the product description details.

The warranty of any item describes its service. The more will be the warranty, the better will be the brand’s service. If a brand offers you a more extended warranty period, they are very sure of the quality of their products. You don’t have to be concerned about the performance then.

However, if the products’ description mentions a smaller warranty duration, you need to reconsider your choice.

A decent time duration of 1 to 2 years should be your desired warranty choice in electronics, and more than this will just be the icing on the cake.

FAQs on Best Flat Irons for Thick Curly Hairs in 2021

How to straighten thick curly hairs?

Curly hair is quite tricky to manage and more difficult to straighten as well. I can understand your struggle if you are a beginner here. However, I have mentioned some easy steps to help you get a salon finish on your hair with the best-rated flat iron for thick curly hair.

Firstly, prep your hair for straightening. For this, wash and condition the hair properly.
Dry your hair naturally with the help of a towel.
Use some heat protectants to prevent any heat damage caused by the use of these irons.
Now, divide your hair into small sections.
Take the curly hair straightener and switch it on for some pre-heating (5 to 10 mins).
Adjust the heat temperature as per your hair texture.
Take one of the sections of hair and put it between the plates of the iron.
Now move the iron in liquid motion.

And now, you can get the soft, shiny straight hair, offering a whole new look to your face and personality

Is it wrong to flat iron your hair every day?

You should accept your hair texture as they are naturally. Every individual is born with a different hair type, and all of them are beautiful in their own kind.

Yes, you can definitely straighten your hair whenever you feel like it, but do not use these irons regularly. The heat will eventually damage your hair someday, sooner or later. It may lead to unnecessary hair-fall and cause a lot of split ends. Also, frequent ironing will make your hair very dry and frizzy because of the regular heat treatments.

So, it is wise to make use of flat irons only when it is needed.

Why does my hair frizz after using flat irons?

This happens because you have not dried your hair before straightening correctly. What happens is:

When you use the iron on the wet hair, it causes a sizzling effect.
This effect forms the vapors when the iron comes in contact with the wet hairs.
This leads to the formation of bubbles in the hair fibers.
As soon as these bubbles reach the hair cuticles, the hair starts bristling and thus causes frizz.

Which temperature should I set for my hair?

This depends upon different factors like:

Hair type
The number of sections you divide your hair in.
And the iron plate size

Initially, you should always begin with setting the iron at a low temperature. Then as per your requirements, increase the temperature slightly.

Do I need to clean my flat iron, and why?

Yes, you definitely need to clean your iron plates regularly. This is because, while straightening your hair, the iron plates come in contact with various minute dust particles and similar things. These dust particles hamper the even distribution of heat and cause many split ends in your hair. So, take a wipe and clean the plates regularly to avoid further hair damage.


Every one of us loves that glossy hair, isn’t it? And when we are blessed with natural curls, the only thing that strikes our mind is ironing.

Getting the right product is very important to get efficient results. That is why I have brought to you this fantastic guide, which covers almost everything that you will need to consider before buying.

Often, when we do not have the required information about electronics and do not know what to look for and what not to look for, we get ourselves the wrong product. So, I believe that now you won’t face any obstacles in your journey of getting the best flat irons for thick curly hair.

You are now closer to get that sleek look. So, do not rush to buy anything and everything and get the best tool directly in your hands! Just be sorted while shopping, and you won’t end up getting the wrong product.

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