Best Feminine Wash for Bad Odor in 2023

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Hello, my beautiful ladies!!

Today, we will go on a short journey of some unknown facts, which are very important for us, but somehow, people do not talk about it very frequently, and thus we are left unaware. Today, let us talk about the vaginal odor. Yes, we will talk about this topic to become very normal and let our dear ladies become well aware of the things that need to be considered.

Vaginal odor is a very normal thing. It is somewhat unpleasant, but it is how our vagina cleanses itself on its own. During the cleaning process, our vagina releases a white sticky liquid that comes with all the toxic body substances and a foul smell. However, a slight smell is a good sign that our vagina is healthy. However, if the odor is severe, it can be a matter of concern.

Generally, you might have experienced these weird smells around your menstrual cycle, pregnancies, or maybe menopause. I use to share this intimate smell after my exercise and workout. Initially, it didn’t bother me, but gradually, the smell got more vital day by day. I used to feel embarrassed when I was around people, but I started researching things for the cure only then. Then I came across the concept of feminine washes, which work wonders in cleaning our genitals and preventing the smell. This is why I thought of writing this guide to help you all get the best feminine washes to treat your foul odor.

So, ladies, do you want to get rid of the vaginal odor?

Do you also feel embarrassed in public due to foul vaginal odor?

Well, this won’t be a concern for you anymore. You have got my back now as I will introduce you to the best feminine wash for bad odor.

Buying Guide for Best Feminine Wash for Bad Odour in 2023

Using V washes has always remained debatable. Some people always say a big no to these washes. But I believe that using the right products will not cause any harm. However, there is a set criterion to look for while buying intimate washes, making these items safe to use. After all, they are designed following the vagina’s pH.

So, let’s go through the essential points that will help you get the best intimate washes.

Sodium Laurate

Sodium Laurate is a compound commonly seen in shampoos and soaps also. It is responsible for the formation of micelles.

Micelles are nothing but compounds that clean all the bacteria and dirt present near the vagina. It helps in keeping the genital area clean and fresh. It prevents the common bacterial infection, which is many times responsible for making the vagina smell fishy. But what you have to look for is the concentration of sodium laurate. Mind it, the wash should contain this compound in small quantities and must have a dilute concentration. If the composition exceeds the required limit, it can lead to various problems, like skin rashes, irritation, burning sensation, etc.

Should contain glycerine

You name the ingredient, and you will get numerous health and skin benefits. Glycerine is a humectant. It has the property of attracting moisture towards itself and trapping it in the skin. Many of us suffer from vaginal dryness and eventually face severe infections that cause a foul odor. In this case, a feminine wash rich in glycerine will help provide the proper moisture and hydration to the genital area, thereby preventing the after-sufferings.

Make a check on lactic acid

I am sure you might have wondered about Cleopatra at some point in time, isn’t it? There was a reason behind her bathing in sour milk. Sour milk has a high concentration of lactic acid. It has excellent cleaning capability and also maintains our groin’s ph. It, therefore, maintains the required acidic environment right there and prevents any bacterial proliferation. Thus, an intimate wash rich in lactic acid will keep your vagina clean and fresh all throughout.

Scented washes

The more is the scent percentage in a wash, the more damage it will cause to your private parts.

The scents are not made from authentic ingredients but are just the chemical essence added to enhance the product’s fragrance. These essences have harmful chemical composition, which will later cause your intimate area a lot of damage. You may suffer from irritation, skin rashes, dryness, and even some undesirable vaginal discharge, which can be problematic at a later stage. So, always go for the simple organic washes which are not scented at all. It is just a myth that scented washes keep your vagina fresh. Whereas the results are always opposite, as witnessed by many. So, never forget to consider this essential point while shopping.

Caprylic Glycerides

The primary function of caprylic glyceride is rejuvenating the skin and bringing back the lost moisture. It keeps the moisture intact for a longer duration and prevents excessive dryness.

There should be a balanced combination of glycerine and caprylic glycerides in the best intimate wash for women. Look for a wash with an adequate concentration of both these compounds. It makes the wash perfect for removing foul smells or any kind of infection from the vaginal skin.


Just the mere presence of the mentioned products will not work. You have to check for the appropriate concentrations of the ingredients. These chemicals only work at an optimum concentration. Even a little more of these ingredients will just leave you in a lot of trouble.


The washes can have many other components also in their composition. Already, the genital areas are the most sensitive part as compared to the rest of the body. So, be very particular in finalizing your product. Maybe it can contain some of the harmful chemicals, or some ingredients, to which you are particularly specific. Consistently research the product you are considering buying. Thus, you can go for the best feminine washes recommended by the doctors to prevent any after-effects. After all, your intimate area is susceptible, and you have to take its utmost care by not harming it with any random product.


Already the use of feminine washes is under debate. So, I believe nobody will want to cause any damage to their sensitive areas and support the controversy. Make sure you are going for a wash that is of a good brand.

See, you won’t be eventually using this product daily, right? So, why do you have to compromise with the brand?

Brands have their names for some reason. The bigger the title, the bigger is their responsibility. So, they won’t make use of any such ingredient, which can, in anyways, cause you any harm. This is because the brand has earned its fame over the years. It is not a thing that has turned overnight and became a star. It took years for the brand to reach the position where they are today.

So, good brands can always assure you of their service and their product’s quality. You can trust them blindly and go for the washes offered by them. You will definitely have a good time experiencing their service.

Cost of the washes

I will suggest you not compromise here for the cost, in any case. Your little saving over these washes will do no good to you, to the extent to which the cheap washes can cause you the damage. It is better to cut on your expenses from some other areas, but not from this section.

If you are considering those cheap products due to budget issues, you are inviting harm and damage on your own. The cheaper the brand, the lower its quality will be. So, do not go for cheap local washes. Always get the feminine washes of some good quality without doubting their price.

Manufacturing and expiry date

These packaging dates play a significant role in the product’s service. All the chemical constituents have a limited shelf life. When any item crosses its expiry date, that case, the chemical starts misbehaving and leads to a lot of damage.

It is your prime duty and common sense that you should not purchase an intimate wash that is nearing its expiry date or has already crossed the useable dates. The time duration mentioned between the manufacturing and the expiry date is for a reason. So, make your purchase in all senses to get the right product at your doorstep.

Reviews and consultation

As these washes are meant for sensitive areas, some prior consultations become necessary. Talk to your gynecologist as well as the dermatologist for all the professional and medical advice. They will suggest some products as per your skin sensitivity and pH, along with the feminine wash side effects of different products. This way, you can go for the best feminine hygiene product for odor. Also, try going through some online reviews of the customers who have already purchased these washes earlier. You can understand from their experiences and use them as learning.

FAQs on Best Feminine Wash for Bad Odour in 2023

Why do vaginas smell?

It is very typical for your intimate areas to smell fishy. The vagina resides in a comparatively warmer environment and is also filled with those different glands and lymph nodes. It has its own pH balance system and is the home for many beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for cleaning the genitals and maintaining the pH balance. However, sometimes, an unnecessary proliferation of these bacteria leads to a prominent foul smell that remains persistent for a long time. In that case, you need to clean the intimate area externally.

When to see your gynecologist about vaginal odor?

When the odor becomes persistent for a very long time and turns out to be fishy instead of tangy, in that case, you need to consult the doctor as soon as possible. Such odors will definitely be accompanied by the below-mentioned symptoms as well:

  • High fever
  • An unusual vaginal discharge which has a different color and texture
  • Abnormal bleeding, apart from your monthly cycle
  • Itching and irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling in the vagina
  • Intimate rashes
  • Redness near the vagina

If your body is facing any such symptom along with a foul odor, then book an appointment with your gynecologist immediately.

What are the best feminine hygiene practices to avoid odor?

You have to understand that the foul odor comes out of nowhere but as a result of an unhealthy vagina. So, you have to opt for some feminine practices that will help you keep your intimate areas healthy and odor-free.

  • Avoid using douches
  • Wash your genital area with some warm water
  • Wear cotton undies which have very breathable material.
  • Do not wear highly fitted clothes
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

What are the healthy and unhealthy vaginal odors?

There are various types of smells that are created from your groin area. However, some of them are a sign of cleansing, while some other are problematic.

Healthy odors:

  • Tangy and sour
  • Metallic odor
  • Bitter-sweet
  • Bleachy

Unhealthy odors:

  • Fishy
  • Rotten smell

Can being dehydrated make your vagina smell?

Lack of water and hydration in your body makes the body's by-products and the urine very concentrated. As a result, the body starts producing some ammonia-like pungent smell when the area dries after peeing. So, you must stay hydrated. Increase the water intake to 8 or 10 a day if you are facing a similar problem.


I guess we have discussed this topic very clearly and in a lot of depth. Do not just blindly trust the controversial debates on the use of feminine washes. Everything has some bare and valuable requirements. There are always these set protocols and standards that you need to look for while you buy a wash for yourself. I have made sure to include whatever was necessary here, and definitely, you are going to get the benefits from this compilation. You need to practice some hygiene regimes that will prevent you from producing a pungent smell as you cannot always use the washes. These are just mere chemicals, which are to be used in extreme cases.

So, when needy, keep in mind the above points before finalizing your wash. Everything here is mentioned after detailed research. So, you can trust our words and accordingly buy the best feminine was for bad odor as per your skin’s sensitivity.

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