Best Face Wax for Sensitive Skin in 2021

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Blessed are those women, who have natural hairless, fuzz-free faces, aren’t they?

While agreeing to the fact that all appearances are beautiful in their own kind, removal of facial hair is just not only considered as a beauty enhancer thing.

Rather it is inclined more towards the personal hygiene maintenance part. There is no harm in removing that fuzzy hair and getting full-fledged smooth skin. It’s just a matter of personal choice!

However, I would advise you that you shouldn’t go for trimming your facial skin. It is because trimming or shaving gives rise to thick hair, which is too rapid. In such an instance, face wax works the best.

A few months back, I decided to wax my facial skin with the best face wax for sensitive skin. I was pretty concerned about the result as I feared dark spots or skin allergies. Still, I gave a chance to see how it works. Although it was a bit painful because I had too many hairs on my face, the waxing really worked. Yes! It did. I didn’t face any facial pimples, allergies, or additional hair growth problems.

In fact, to date, I could feel that my growth has been reduced to a great extent.

So, ladies, with my personal experience, I could say that, yes, waxing is an excellent alternative to remove facial hair, even for sensitive skin.

Buying Guide for Best Face Wax for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Buying the best face wax for sensitive skin was quite tricky for me. First, I had to look through various brands, products, ingredients, and stuff I am allergic to.

However, with some research and tips, I chose my desired wax among the few best brands. Hence, I will hit you up with some points that I want you to consider to purchase the best facial wax for sensitive skin.

Hence, my girls and ladies, it’s time to do something great for our skin.

Type of wax

This is the first thing you need to know while shopping for a facial hair wax. There are four categories of wax that you’ll find in general:

  • Honey Wax –

It is the most common type of wax and can be used in all parts.

  • Cream wax –

It has multiple uses and works gently on the skin.

Hard wax is best suited for those coarse hairs and is meant chiefly for bikini line uses.

  • Bean Wax –

It comes in beans and guarantees painless wax removal all over the body.

As you have sensitive skin, we will suggest you go with cream wax or the best bean wax. They work smoothly and won’t leave you in irritation. In addition, both are skin-friendly. Thus, don’t be worried about pimples and acne.

Wax Strip Type

You’ll find the wax strips in 3 types. Each type has its pros and cons. Therefore, you need to be aware of all 3 varieties to choose the best one for you.

Pre-made wax strips

  • These are the cold wax strips, which are ready to be used instantly.
  • They do not require any heat and just work with a gentle rub between your hands.
  • The rubbing would separate the strips and Tada! It is ready for use.
  • They are a bit costly.

Roll-on wax strips

  • These wax strips are easier to work when it comes to the part of the application.
  • However, the most significant disadvantage of these strips is that they quickly get clogged, and then they become really problematic.

Wax strips with pots

  • These wax strips require wax warmers or heating pots.
  • They are very efficient as they come with all the heating controls.
  • Also, they remove the hair from the roots.

However, in the case of the best bean wax for skin, there is no need to use waxing strips. Just a pull after the application works the best.

Wax warmers

Look for those warmer pots which come with heath adjustments settings. Most of the pots will be available with just the on and off switch. But, search for those brands which provide you the heat control options in the pots.

Pre-wax cleaner

You cannot afford to expose your skin directly to some heating appliance.

Our skin is a sensitive part of our body and requires some extra preps before applying anything. So skincare is really very important to experience those gentle effects of waxing.

Search for the waxes that come with pre-wax cleaners. Cleaning your skin primarily is the most critical step, as it will help you curb those aftereffects of getting any pimples. Further, the best facial wax will adhere better to the skin and remove the facial hair instantly.

Wax powders

Applying powder before waxing is vital for easy adhesion of the wax on your skin.

Our skin secretes natural oil, which makes it difficult for the wax to adhere. When you apply powder to your face before waxing, it will help in the easy removal of those fuzzy hairs. So, get a facial wax that is accompanied by the wax powder also.


You’ll be needing something to apply that hot wax on your face, right?

Many people do it with steel knives, and that is ultimately a wrong option. Instead, get a wax that comes with a wooden applicator as it is best suited for this purpose.

Depending upon the area of your face that you need to wax, you can get different-sized applicators that vary in their lengths and breadths. For example, if you need to wax your forehead and cheeks, go for a handy little applicator. And if you want to shape your eyebrows and get rid of those upper lips, then choose a wax that comes with small applicators.

Post–Wax cleanser

You cannot simply leave your skin like that after applying hot wax to your face. As much as pre preps are required, similarly are the post waxing care needed.

Your skin needs healing after all the things you have done to it. You need to clean that extra wax that gets stuck there, which doesn’t come out on the strip.

So, how can it be done? First, it is essential to know that the best wax for skin & post wax cleansers is meant for this situation only.

There are a few brands that just neglect this part and do not offer you these cleansers. But you have to make the right choice while keeping in mind everything.

So, do not skip this part just because you don’t feel the need. I guarantee you will need post-wax cleansers and so look for one offered with your face wax.

Flavored wax

The market is full of flavors and essence. So, you quickly choose to find one from the options like chocolate wax, coffee wax, honey wax, aloe vera wax, etc. But ever considered the benefits of these different flavors.

Every wax works differently, and so is priced in different amounts. So rather than going for your personal likes and dislikes in the composition, consider choosing based upon the benefits.

Have you ever observed that redness and a light sensation after you wax your face? That comes out of nowhere but due to the application of heat.

Our skin is susceptible right there on the face and therefore readily reacts to anything we apply externally. The best cooling effects from the flavors as mentioned earlier are given by aloe-vera gel-based wax.

So, keeping this point in mind, go for some of the best aloe vera wax.

Other Ingredients

There are many other constituents of the wax, which makes it ready for use. If you are hypersensitive to a particular ingredient, like any oil or any other chemical used in the waxes’ preparation, consult your dermatologist first.

Look for the quality of chemicals used. If the abrasives and chemicals used will be of poor quality, then they will cause your skin a lot of damage. Also, the best wax will have all those natural ingredients rather than those chemical enhancers.

So, to prevent such experiences, read the ingredients used and the product’s chemical composition before buying. Then, if everything suits you perfectly, you can definitely choose that product.

Effectiveness of the wax

Will the product be any good to you if it is not serving its purpose, right?

The effectiveness of the product is significant. This you can get to know by looking at the customer’s reviews regarding you desired the best wax for skin whitening.

Manufacturing and expiry date

You may get the right product for yourself based on your skin type. But what if it has crossed the expiry date. If you apply such wax on your face, it will leave your skin with enormous damage.

You cannot look for a warranty on such types of products. All you can do is, be a little alert and go through these dates very carefully. Make a check on the manufacturing and the expiry date before getting it to your doorstep.

Wax’s price

When it comes to beauty products, you cannot compromise with the quality. You have to pay more for a better-quality product.

So, in case of a face wax that is suitable for you in all respects, but is a little costly, then, without any doubt, go for this particular wax only. This is because it will work very smoothly on your skin and give you gentle effects, rather than those blemishes or redness. In addition, it will have that high-quality composition and won’t create a nuisance on your skin.

FAQs for the Best Face Wax for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Can I wax my face at home?

Yes, why not!

In the case of waxing at home, you have to be a little professional and aware of all the steps and processes. Get equipped with adequate knowledge, watch out for some tutorials online, and learn from some experts.

Then you can definitely the best wax for home waxing. It is not rocket science. You just have to get all the equipment and starting doing it in the right direction.

Is it okay to wax facial hair?

You can definitely fax your facial hair without considering any fear. It is entirely safe and is more efficient when compared to other forms of removing your hair. Also, waxing will pull your hair from the roots and give you that smooth finish.

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are on some medications or have some sort of allergy to a specific constituent, consult your dermatologist first.

Will waxed hair grow back thicker?

No, it is totally a myth!

Your hair follicles will remain the same. They do not increase with waxing. In fact, it is experienced by ladies that their growth has become less and now have thin hair with regular usage.


How long does a facial wax last?

It depends upon the individual's hair growth. Generally, it lasts for a month. But again, as we said. It will depend upon your own body, and accordingly, the range can go from weeks to some months.

Anyways, The best wax for hair removal will definitely last more than the shaving. This is because the hairs in waxing get removed from the roots, and new hair will take time to pop out from their individual follicles.

Will waxing hurt my skin?

Well, eradicating hair from the roots is not really a pleasant experience. It will give you some pinch of feel. However, it will not cause you pain to a great extent when done professionally and with all care.

It is always recommended to go for waxing compared to shaving. Shaving won't cause you pain but will leave you with those bumpy, rough leftover hairs. The growth of your hair later will also be very multidirectional.

So, with so many benefits that waxing gives you, bearing a bit of pinch would not be a significant problem.

Is sugar wax safe for sensitive skin?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all doing really well so today I have a face waxing video for you recently I have launched a sugaring kit and it has everything you need to actually complete a face wax but also any wax you can do bikini underarms legs face anywhere in your body it’s actually a really great eco-friendly version an alternative to normal waxing it’s also very natural as the sugar literally just has lemon sugar and water on it but we will be talking about the benefits as we’re going on so this is the sugar mama kit and it has 300 ml of sugar which is homemade by me.

And it has sugar lemon and water in there and it’s ideal for anywhere on your body then you have a drying powder which is completely natural as well it’s just got arrowroot in there bicarbonate of sodium lavender the sugar mama kit also provides 10 spatulas for you to apply the sugar with and wax it off with and it also provides 10 fabric waxing strips just in case you prefer that method so my sugar mama kit has just launched on my website and I will pop it in the description box if you’re interested in purchasing it but it is a six month supply is everything you need to start sugaring so the first thing I do when I sugar any part of my body is I rent a bath it’s so important for you to open up your pores.

And make your skin feel really nice warm and soft ready for the sugar application so I’m just putting in some lavender bath salts and making a little bit of a bubble bath because I just fancied a little bit of something extra so you’re actually going to see me very up close and personal now so no judgment um but basically I have got quite a lot of hair on my face I don’t know why um I’m a blonde fair person but I just have loads of that peach furs all over my face and my sideburns actually come down quite low I also get some really fair hairs around my lips that actually stop my lipstick from looking really clean and I actually have a few around my jawline now especially as I’ve grown older so one of the best things about sugaring is it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

So this is why I wax my face instead of derma planning with a razor when I’ve actually derma planned my face in the past I’ve actually come out in rashes spots burns all over my face and I’ve just got ultra-sensitive skin and it just doesn’t handle well to a blade so an alternative that I have been doing is sugaring my face which is absolutely amazing the benefits of it is just incredible it deeply exfoliates the skin it actually takes away any of that peach fuzz and it leaves your skin feeling ultra-smooth so just before I get into the bath.

I’m actually going to put an aromatic face mask on this has lavender and rosemary and clay so the clay in the face mask is actually gonna really dry out my skin which is actually what I want I want to dry out my skin before I apply any sugar to my skin so I’ve just popped on my favorite face mask and then I had a little bit of me-time in the bath I like to play some music and just got into the mood so then when I came out the bath I actually started washing my face with just warm water and I’m just taking away that face mask or any residue of that face mask then the next thing that I’m gonna do is dry out my skin even more and this is the prep that is really important to do before sugaring so this is a talcum powder substitute it’s all-natural with arrowroot in there and lavender and bicarbonate of soda which is really good for sensitive skin and you get 100 ml of this in your kit.

So I actually like to start in small sections around my face so the first thing that I do is my lip so I’m just taking some of that powder and just massaging it around my lip making sure that it’s fully covered so when you get your sugar mama kit you will actually not be able to put your spatula directly in the sugar so you will need to warm it up for 10 seconds in the microwave beforehand and what this does it makes it a little bit more of a gooey texture really easy to apply on the skin and it just a little bit nice and warm for the skin’s touch once your sugar is a really nice consistency you can grab about a tablespoon of it onto your wooden spatula this is the method that I like to teach first with the wooden spoon if you do use your fingers straight away from your body.

The temperature will change the consistency of the sugar so start off by applying a small amount onto the back of your wrist making sure that the temperature is not too hot for your skin and then wax it off backward in a flicking motion as fast as you can and that is basically the action that we are going to be doing today on my lip hair actually grows in the center it goes downwards but then it grows outwards on the outer corners and this is really important you really need to know which direction your hair is growing in for you to wax it off because what we are doing with sugar is applying it against the hair and then waxing it off with the hair growth.

So when you’re doing your lip you’ve got to make sure that you are tightening that area this prevents bruising this makes it a lot more comfortable to wax off some people say it’s a lot less painful as well so what I do is just actually curl my lips over my teeth to make it a little bit tauter in that area then I apply the wax in the opposite direction of my hair growth if the wax is coming off slightly you can just use your finger to just prevent it from coming off your skin and then you’re stroking the spatula in the opposite direction of the hair growth about three to four strokes before you wax it off now what I like to do because my hair is quite fine around that area and it’s really short the shorter it is the more contact time is needed when I do my lips I like to leave.

The wax soaks into the pores I like to leave it for about 30 seconds before I wax it off making sure that my skin is nice and tight I am using a flicking motion of my wrist in the opposite direction of the hair growth to wax it off so in the center of my lip it actually grows downwards so I’m actually going vertically upwards against the hair growth to apply the sugar so you don’t actually have to use a spatula to wax the skin if you are getting the spatula easily you might want to move on to the sugar paste method so I’m just using a tablespoon of that sugar paste and only using it on my index finger and my middle finger so I’m going to apply it with my index finger in the opposite direction of the hair growth and I’m applying firm pressure to make sure that it’s really stuck to the skin then I’m going to hold it down for about 30 seconds and then wax it off again with a flicking motion exactly the same if your sugar is getting a bit gooey it might be a bit warm so you migh.

Want to put it into the fridge for a couple of seconds or you might even want to just use a spatula that’s why I always recommend using a spatula instead of sugar paste straight away once you get the technique I promise you it is the most therapeutic easy thing to do and you’ll just actually start waxing everywhere like I have I am going to do more videos on this I promise my bikini line legs whatever you guys want you just let me know in the comments down below what I love the most about this sugar and technique is that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all the sugar is a deep exfoliant as well so it’s really good for your skin so I’m applying more of that drying powder and then I’m actually going to start working around my chin area so I’m using mine.

Spatula and I are doing three strokes to make sure that that sugar is nice and firm onto the skin I’m stretching the skin out and then I’m using a flicking motion going into the direction of the hair growth you can see all the hairs that are coming off whilst you’re actually sugaring and another thing as well the sugar actually changes color it goes into this more opaque color whereas it starts off this really see-through color and that’s basically all your dead skin cells coming off in the wax so you can actually see that it’s coming off into the wax which I really really.

Love so I’m actually applying it around my sideburns as well because I actually really like to get rid of the hair around that area just so that my makeup is really smooth when I apply it so I’m just making sure that I’m pulling my hair back with one hand and then applying the sugar on the other and using that flicking motion to flick off that sugar and it’s really important like I said that you go parallel to your skin and don’t flick upwards because if you flick upwards there’s no way of getting that wax off so I just want to help you guys if you ever come into this circumstance.

Where your sugar has just melted a bit too much to your body temperature all you need to do is spread a thin layer onto your skin and then just grab a fabric wax strip and then just stroke it into the direction like how you would with sugar in so in the opposite direction of the hair growth then take the top of it and then wax it downwards and it should just act like normal sugar and you can actually just reuse that fabric strip all around your face if you prefer the strip method and the great thing about sugar in as well is that it dissolves with water as you would know with your coffee and tea so basically you can just reuse all those fabric strips by just dissolving the sugar with the water and then leaving it to dry for next time when I sugar my face as well.

What I really like to do is get rid of those blackheads and I get so many around my nose area so I actually take a little bit around my nose and wax it off around my nose area I actually qualified in eyebrow waxing I would recommend going to an actual sugar rest if you want your brows done all I did was actually just wax in the middle of my brows so another thing I like to do is around my hairline so where my brow meets my hairline I get quite a lot of hair around there and like I said it just makes makeup application go on really smoothly so I do my forehead around my temples and then I basically just do everywhere on my face that I think would benefit my skin so the great thing about sugar is like I said it dissolves with water so all you need to do is just rinse your sugar off your hands and when you have rinsed it all off your hands you’ll get like this paste and then all you need to do is dispose of the paste in a waste bin because even though the sugar dissolves with water.

You probably won’t want to clog up your sink and your toilet with sugar paste before it dissolves what I like to do as well is just wash my face a little with water to make sure there is no sugar residue left on my skin so as you can see my skin is looking super-soft it’s a little bit red but that’s fine that’s the blood flow going to my skin but what I like to do to soothe that takes my trusty coconut oil I am totally obsessed with coconut oil if you don’t have some for cooking for body lotions for your lashes your brows then you definitely need to invest in just.

A jar of coconut oil it’s just so handy to have really soothed the skin naturally and it gives like a really nice glow to the skin so my skin is so soft and it’s actually looking really good considering that I’ve just waxed my face so then I slept on that and I woke up the next day to show you the results of my skin once the redness went down I’m totally obsessed with this glow in my skin I absolutely love it I have put moisturizer on and I’m absolutely loving the results I just I love it when you put makeup on for the first time after sugaring.

As well it’s so nice so thanks for watching guys I really hope you enjoyed this video if you want me to do another sugaring video like maybe even my legs or my bikini line whatever I’m happy to do that for you let me know also if you have any questions about sugar in please just pop them in the comments box and I will get back to you asap subscribe if you haven’t already to my channel and I will pop the sugar mama kit in the description box if you’re interested and I will see you next time.

Is it a good idea to wax your face?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys so I think about a month ago I waxed my face and they spoke to guys butter and everybody was really keen that I do a video so this is the second time that I’m going to be waxing my face and I finally would do a video for you guys so far I was really happy with the results the last time I didn’t see a lot of a reaction to some very mild reactions here on the side and I think I updated you guys on social media about those the only drawback I feel is that after you wax it and if you’re someone who bleaches your hair because you have fine hair like I do it becomes a problem because as the hair is growing out it’s really hard to kind of bleach I’m going to show you.

Cuz your hair is doing everyday right so if you believe like five days ago or six days ago it starts to sprout and you can see the black bits which is the only problem also not kind of gotten addicted to this past three days and now this little fuzziness of us feels already annoys me and I want to wax it again so let’s not waste more time and let’s head to the sound off so now as we are here at UCB and I’m about to start before so it was great from last MIT you talk about two two and a half weeks to go out hmm and it’s still fine it’s not drawn out any Neolithic or oh yeah and there’s just a slight like ways like mild rash on your when you went into this so whatever you like we do this yeah should have to keep me a little sure like you carry that natural last time.

I think that is the best yeah so this is a pillock box right that you are using and how is this better than the normal ax very quick drying okay it is not sticky right it covers both of area when I respect right and it is less painful the paint doesn’t stay is this CD is less painful yeah the painted of the truth okay the side plans are really the worst part after band it’s not so bad again the de pinna so there are some slight ratings right now but that will subside and it actually doesn’t hot after it’s just that immediate poll that’s it and then it’s back it’s just the pulling, yeah and I feel like it’s less the second time like the first time I probably felt it more than I appeal it now maybe I’m giving it a lot less this time even less than last time I can really see the difference between this type of soon.

Huh yeah like the side is looking cleaner and fresher this kind of does and this is the wax and we have some hand on it can you see the hand yeah so we are done I do look like a red right now but this was the same case last time as well and it will subside as we get home and they see the lovely back through that did my face waxing and she’s the only person I trust to do it thank you come back home and I’ve just washed off the chair my skin feels a lot better it’s super smooth and there aren’t any rashes now just some redness which should subside by tomorrow.

But now anything else gets no cream no donor or face was open nothing I’m just going to keep watching it with cold water and I will see you guys tomorrow so it’s day 2 and the skin is completely dama it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom and there’s absolutely no reaction whatsoever last time I had like a few little dots here but nothing this time and all of you gonna ask where I did my waxing editor John for beguine they use a special peel of French wax that’s what was used and it reduces the sensitivity and makes it less painful I hope this video helped you if it did give it a thumbs up. And comment below with any more questions you have about face boxing and I will answer as many as I can see you guys bye


So, ladies, it’s time now to throw off your razors or trimmers. Instead, grab the best facial wax habit and get going with it.

I have given my best to put all the points together in this guide, after which I assure you that you can now get the best match for your skin.

So, be a sport and enjoy all the skin benefits. Shine with pride and flaunt your smooth, shiny face without those fuzzy hairs.

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