Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

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Hello, my beautiful Asian ladies! How are you all doing?

I am sure, when it comes to cosmetic products, eyeshadow palettes are something that attracts every one of us. They are always on the preference list and can never go out of our minds. I am a big freak for these colorful palettes. With influencers showcasing every bit of their talents every now and then and tempting us with those colors, I can totally relate to you all for searching for these ultimate shades.

We girls are entirely unpredictable, isn’t it? Some days we just wear eyeliner and mascara, and the other day, we are curious about the bright eyes. Also, sometimes we want to go for nude eyes, and the very next day, there can be those funky arts that can appeal to us right away.

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

So, getting the right eyeshadow palette is very important to carry out all these experimental looks for your everyday and specific occasions. To get the best palette in your hands, you have to complete knowledge about the color chart and the skin tone and eyeshadow color complementing theory.

So, are you also in search of the perfect eyeshadow palette?

Do you want your eyes to speak volumes?

If yes, then here I am for you. I have brought you the best personal buying guide for the best eyeshadow palette for Asian eyes. Sit with a cup of coffee in your hand and enjoy every bit of this guide!

Buying Guide for Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

Get ready, ladies, to get that glam look because you will witness some essential points that will help you buy the best eyeshadow palette and get that dramatic look you expect!

Essentials of a sound palette

I assume you are one of those who do not want to spend in multiple palettes, instead put in your money to get a palette that is versatile enough.

A good palette has a wide range of eye shadows that will work for you on every occasion. Be it a casual day, a house party, or to the extent of partying in a club, your palette should serve all the purposes. Thus, it is imperative to get an eyeshadow that has all four ranges of colors which are:

  • Nude and warm colors for a regular day
  • Dramatic colors that will outstand you at the parties
  • Glitters to add that extra shimmer to your look
  • A good range of black and greys to build up that smoky eye effect

Colors and textures

As mentioned, you need to get a palette that has a balance of all the colors and goes with every look you want to create. Talking about the textures, they vary from palette to palette and brand to brand. Generally, you will get the following categories of palettes:

  • Matte eyeshadows – flat colors with no shine
  • Cream eyeshadows – has a smooth finish and gives you that lasting shine
  • Shimmer eyeshadows – to add that extra glitter
  • Metallic eyeshadows – perfect for those parties
  • Mineral eyeshadows – made from mineral components

Though it is about one’s personal likes and dislikes. But as a matter of suggestion, you may note the thumb rule that: mattes work great on oily skin types, creams are best suited for dry skins, and metallic, the allrounder, works wonders for everyone. So, get a palette after considering your skin texture.

Eye color and respective palette

Some people are born with those beautiful different eye shades. I am a complete fan of these eye colors, but at the same time, some eye colors complement a particular type of eyeshadow only. Some distinct shades are best suited for these eye colors. You can try a wide range of shadows and can even go for a patch test before finalizing the palette, but get the right product at the end. By this, I do not mean that you have a limited section to explore, but it is often better to get the limited resources and the best ones to create that ultra-magic. Some of the personal suggestions are:

  • For black or brown eyes– These are the most common types of eye colors. Shades of brown will work the best. If you are a little dramatic and can experiment, then try some blue and navy hues.
  • For green eyes– Mustard shades and warm peach shadows will perfectly match and compliment your eye color and will brighten up them a little more to give that chic look.
  • For blue eyes– Mauve/purple/lavender, these are the best-complimenting eyeshadow shades for you girls. You can even step forward and try some rust colors.

Palettes for beginners

The best eyeshadow palette for beginners revolves around neutral colors. You will never go wrong with these nude shades. After a little while, you can try the shimmers but do not jump into the bright and dramatic colors at first. Move step by step and build up your base and the foundation of learning with these warm palettes.

Useful colors

There are different palettes available in the market, making it difficult for you to decide upon one. You should definitely get a palette with a vast range of colors, but that doesn’t mean you end up getting an eyeshadow that has some useless colors. Clear your priorities of using the shades because, unlike lipsticks and mascara and eyeliners, we do not apply an eyeshadow every day. So, getting a palette with some extra colors, which are of no use to you, will just be a waste of money. Many color combinations are present in the palettes, so you choose as per your requirements and not based on attracting shades of the eyeshadow.

Quantity vs. Quality

Many a time, you may have a choice between two palettes. One has a quality of shades, and the other has a quantity of shades.

Many of you girls might have faced this dilemma in a cosmetic store or while surfing through a website. But my friend always remembers to choose quality over quantity undoubtedly. This will serve as the best in the long term, without any sufferings of unwanted allergies and after-effects. Also, a 50-52 shades palette will be of no use to you if it doesn’t even serve you its purpose of good pigmentation.

Palettes and color chart

If you are a beginner, try getting those palettes that come with a color chart. This will help you make your foundation of eye-makeup learning and help you decide the perfect colors to play with. These charts will guide you throughout and will help you in utilizing the shadow to the maximum.


What good can those eyeshadows be which cannot even give you a good pigment? So, before getting yourself your dream palette, do a patch test in the store, and check the pigmentation of the colors. The texture of the shadow should be smooth and not harsh on your skin. They should leave a dark tint and should blend adequately. Many palettes come with 30-50 attractive colors just to attract your attention, but when it comes to their function, they are so light and turn out to be a complete failure. That is why a patch test is a must. In case you are shopping online, then you may go ahead and see the review section. People there post their genuine and honest reviews to help us. Make use of their experiences and be an intelligent buyer.


The better the brand, the better will be the quality of the cosmetic. After all, it is true that brands come up with their name after their superior service quality. Their services are at par, and their quality is the best. However, I am not telling you to get a palette out of your reach but go for the palette brands within your range, such as Urban Decay or Pat McGrath. But, due to range, don’t go for the local brands, or you may end up damaging your own skin to the worst.

Composition and allergens

Eyeshadows are made up of different kinds of ingredients that may suit you or not. Thus, you should always check upon the description part after considering everything. It should not comprise any harsh chemical that will make your skin suffer in the long term. If you are allergic to a particular compound and have sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before buying.

Manufacturing and expiry dates

Manufacturing and expiry dates have great importance in chemical stuff such as cosmetics.

Using a beauty product that has crossed its expiry date will end you up with many side effects, skin damage and can even lead to cancer if the date has crossed many months. Thus, you should thoroughly check the manufacturing and expiry dates and make the purchase accordingly. Try to go for the palettes which have been recently manufactured. This will give you more time to use it.


Look for a palette that lies within the range of your budget. Do not run after fancy advertisements of alluring shades, which will cost you a lot. Get an eyeshadow that will be useful to you and pocket-friendly.

FAQs on Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

How do you make your eyeshadow look natural?

I am sure nobody wants their eyes to look heavy and loaded with colors. If it happens so, then the eyes look patchy and clumsy. A natural light look is always preferred and attracts the other person’s attention very quickly. So, these are some steps that you may follow to get that natural warm look:

  • The very first thing you need to apply is the eye primer. Priming up of eyes makes them ready to use, and eventually, the colors of your eyeshadow will sit better on your eyes.
  • Take a fluffy brush and apply light brown to beige color, starting from your lids to your crease.
  • Take a shade darker to the previous one now, and apply it evenly.
  • Blend, blend and blend to get that even texture.
  • The next step is the addition of dimension by applying some light shimmer.
  • Now, shape your eyes with a nice eyeliner.
  • Apply some mascara to finish up the eye-makeup look.

How do you clean an eyeshadow palette?

It’s your palette, and it is your responsibility to keep it nice and intact for later use. The colors in the palette are bound to mix when you are doing your eye makeup. So, here we have few steps that you can follow to clean your palette:

  • Make use of a makeup wipe to clean the edges of your palette.
  • When it comes to cleaning the actual eyeshadows, you may simply scrap off the little upper layer with the help of mascara and blow of the dust.
  • You may even spritz a tiny amount of alcohol on the colors.

How do you fix a broken eyeshadow palette?

Ok, we all can agree with the cry of broken shadows. But instead of losing hope and just panicking, follow the below steps to mend your colors:

  • Crush all of the shadow pieces to make a loose powder.
  • To this, add some rubbing alcohol to get a paste.
  • Use a butter knife to keep it back in its place.
  • Let it dry for a night.

How long does an eyeshadow palette last?

This will ultimately depend upon your usage, but if you use it on a minimal basis, it should last for a minimum of 2 years. However, I suggest you kindly replace your palette after a year.

How do I choose an eyeshadow palette?

It all depends upon your skin type and tone firstly. The colors always follow the complementing theory. So, if you have a dark tone, go for a palette with some bright pigmented colors. And if you have a light skin tone, then go for some nude colors.

Final Verdict

Eyeshadow palettes are one-time investments, as, like lipsticks or eyeliners, they do not have that frequent use and comparatively last longer also. So, getting yourself the best palette is essential. The mentioned guide will help you in making a perfect choice and getting the right product. Be it for a beginner or some learned artists, these points mentioned here will guide you in your entire process from buying to applying the colors for better finishing of the eyes.

So, now, you just have to play around with the shadows and let your eyes speak your inner self!

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