Best Eyelash Glue for Individual Eyelashes

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Lucky are the girls who are born with those dense and long eyelashes. But if you are just like me, who has tiny lashes and is always getting those false eyelashes fixed before stepping out for any occasion, then my dear friend, you have come to the right place.

Having tiny lashes have always been a trouble for me. I have struggled a lot while applying those artificial lashes to enhance my better face structure, and after afterwhile, I have seen those false lashes dropping out of their place. The main reason behind this is the type of eyelash extension glue.

False lashes are of no use if you do not have the proper glue to fix them. You need to have the best lashes adhesive that will improve your lashes ideally and keep them in their respective place for a long time. And, after facing these problems, I decided to research the best eyelash extension glue, which is what I have come up with.

After seeing many products and their effectiveness, comparing their distinct features, I have complied with all the necessary points of consideration and prepared a guide for the best eyelash glue for individual lashes for you.

So, do you also suffer from the lousy fixture of eyelashes?

Are you in search of the best eyelash glue to fix your lashes properly?

Do you want your lashes to remain intact for an extended period?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, then my lovely ladies, you may sit and relax with a cup of coffee! So, let’s get going! You are going to find some amazing points about the lashes glue to look for while buying them for yourself.

Buying Guide for Best Eyelash Glue for Individual Eyelashes

Nothing more can transform your personality the way false eyelashes do. They add so much volume to your eyes and make you look so much confident. Your eyes speak differently and have a prominent say in a gathering. The best glues ensure to fix these false lashes properly and give them long-lasting effect. But these lashes will not even stand for an hour if you do not use suitable glue. So, before getting the best lashes, get the best bond with the help of this guide and consider the following factors:


You might find it weird, but the climatic effects have varied effects on the eyelash glue. If you buy the individual lash glue, you will look for an optimal range of humidity and temperature. It is pretty essential to consider because your glue’s effectiveness and performance will very much depend on these climatic conditions. You might have definitely witnessed that the fixture is relatively quicker than the dry areas if you live in some humid region. In arid regions, it takes time to fix those lashes in place. So, accordingly, check the suitability of the glue as per your living areas. You may also make use of some de-humidifiers or some humidifiers for your lash space.


Well, most ladies have the same common question, “How long will my lashes last”?

So, my beautiful ladies, this retention of your lashes depends upon the effectiveness of your glue. If you have a used bond that has very little stickiness, it will obviously make your lashes fall off very soon and very quickly. Go for the best eyelash glue that lasts for weeks, has some good retention power, and is very effective in its application.


If you are a beginner, it is evident for you to make some failed and wrong placements of glues. And it is just not for beginners. Even professionals, many times when in a hurry, fixes the lashes wrongly. So, at that time, correcting the defects and the wrong placement will all depend upon your glue type. If you have a suitable adhesive, you will quickly get the chance to fix those lashes easily again. But if your glue doesn’t allow you to make corrections, it will be a problem.


Your glue should dry up quickly after the application. Such types of adhesives are considered the best for applications. They won’t create any mess or let you wait for minutes and minutes to let it dry. Also, the temperature will affect the drying time of your glue. So, as mentioned above, get a bond for yourself that is suitable as per your region’s climate also. The room temperature of 21 to 240 C is the best range for eyelash application. The glue at this temperature will function with utmost effectiveness.

Colour of the glue

This depends upon the look you want to create for yourself. You will be required to make a prior and general decision before buying yourself the best glue. If you are creating a look for some specific occasion, you may purchase the bond of that particular color following your eye makeup look. But if you have to get glue regularly, then a clean or black adhesive will work for you. The clear glue will give that neat look without any smear, and the black glue will perfectly blend with your eyelashes and eyelids.


The main constituent in the lashes glue is Cyanoacrylate. It is a chemical compound that acts as a bonding agent and helps in fixing the lashes. It also dries very fast and gives that smooth finish to your eyes. This compound is made from a combination of cyanide and acrylate. Therefore, look upon the percentage of these chemicals used and consult your dermatologist before buying. The concentrations of these chemical compounds should be inapt quantities to avoid side effects on the skin.

Oil resistant

It is self-evident that our skin secretes some natural oil. Some people have typically oily skins and therefore find it much more challenging to apply the eyelashes. The glue doesn’t sit there and becomes problematic. And not just about the oily textured people, a non-oily skin type person also faces the same problems when sweaty during the summers. So, it really becomes essential to get an eyelash glue that is oil resistant and works equally well in all conditions and for all skin types. It should perform well in all situations, oily or dry texture, winters, summers, or humid climates.

Fume’s sensitivity

Some people are susceptible to the fumes of the glues. So, consider buying a mild adhesive whose fumes won’t cause you any irritation. In that case, you may go ahead and buy those sensitive adhesives which will work perfectly for you. Though they have less retention and effectiveness, they will definitely minimize the irritation due to fumes. You may prefer these adhesives to create an eye look for a small duration of time.


If you are prone to some infections and are allergic to a particular compound, then kindly go through the description of the glue first. Do not decide upon any adhesive without consulting your dermatologist. Take the help of some professionals and only then finalize any product of your choice. Eyes are really very sensitive, and you have to take care of your gems very carefully. Don’t go for any product which can be hazardous for your eyes for the sake of a one-time look.


Brands have their name for some reason. Their service is at par, and their quality is the best. However, I am not telling you to get an adhesive out of your reach but go for the brands that lie within your range. The better the brand, the better the service. Do not buy eyelashes glue from the local brands; otherwise, you will damage your skin.

Manufacturing date and expiry date

Anything made up of chemicals must be shopped based on its manufacturing and the expiry date. Chemicals have a very small shelf-life. They will start misbehaving after some time. If they are used after their optimum duration, then they will cause you hazardous side effects. If you ignore this while shopping, it will later lead you to just the waste of money (in case you see the dates later and decide not to use it) or may leave you with problematic skin. (If you do not check the dates even later and make use of an expired product)

Online reviews

Technology is ultimately a boon in to-days world. You have got such an excellent option to see any product’s reviews that are based upon real-time experiences. You get to know a lot about the products’ service from the personal usage in the review section. So, go through these sections also before you finalize any eyelashes glue.

Cost of the price

Before grabbing your hand on the costliest glue, consider all other points also. Many a time, the prices are just hyped-up because of the brand’s name. Rather than making an extravagant purchase, go for a more sustainable and economical product. See the prices as per your budget and as per your requirements.

More than being just fancy, a product must be more of the valuable kind!

FAQs on Best Eyelash Glue for Individual Eyelashes

What can I use if I do not have eyelash glue?

You can quickly get the glue from any cosmetic store or supermarket if you are out of stock. If not, then online platforms are always there for you, and so, you can shop anytime and make use of them to the maximum. And if in any way, you are trying to find your answers from the remedial home point of view, then white glue is the ultimate option. Making the white glue at home is an easy task as there is the requirement of just a few ingredients:

  • Water
  • Honey
  • PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate)

Can false eyelash glue cause damage to my eyes?

Skin is a susceptible part, and if you put any minute object near your eye, the chances of corneal injury are always there. This can turn very serious if the lashes start irritating the cornea or the glue somehow thickens and falls into the eyes. This fall-off can scratch your cornea as well. So, be very specific and take all the necessary precautions to fix your lashes and make use of the adhesive.

Can we use Gorilla glues for eyelashes?

No, no, no! Do not ever try this in your dreams, even. Eyelash glue has a compete for different compositions from gorilla glues, which makes the former safer to use and the latter unsafe to use.

What is the shelf-life of my eyelash glue?

If unopened and unused, it may last for 3 months, provided you have stored it safely. If already used once, then the shelf-life will probably be around 3-4 weeks. Also, once your glue starts getting thickened, do not use it and immediately get it replaced.

How do I clean the nozzle of my lash extension glue?

Whenever you use the bottle and dispense the adhesive, make sure to clean the nozzle with the help of cotton-free wipes. These bottles can quickly get messy once the glue thickens, so it is advisable to pre-clean the bottle after every use. Do not leave the mess for later, else you will find it very difficult to clean.


So, my beautiful ladies, we have now come to the end of this guide. Now, you might be pretty clear with the thought of the things to consider while buying the best eyelash glue for individual eyelashes, isn’t it? I hope my experience and research will reach your maximum and help in the best possible way. I have mentioned all the points that were important to get the perfect glue for your eyelashes.

So, get ready, my lovelies! You just have to keep everything in mind while you grab your hands on your finalized product. Take the references from this article and make the best purchase! Just think of a product, analyze its pros and cons and get your glue and eyelashes. Apply the glue gently, fix those lashes, clean the mess, and voila! Here you are, all ready to rock the world with that bold and charismatic look!

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