Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom in 2021

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Do you want to provide good ventilation in your bathroom?

Do you want to get rid of the steam formed in the bathroom?

Are you worried about the foul smell in your bathroom?

If you agree with the above-mentioned questions, then you require the Best Exhaust Fan Bathroom. It will support you in the good ventilation to your bathroom and will reduce the steam that is formed and spread in the bathroom.

Buying Guide of the Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom 2021

Simple Design: The exhaust fan that you are planning to buy must be simple in design and not fancy so that you can use it not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen as well. It must provide you with good ventilation and the energy of your product must be efficient and must not consume more than 35 wattages. The winding of your exhaust fan must be smooth, and it must operate without noise.

It must be resistant to rust so that it will become durable in nature and you can use it for a long period of time. It must be portable in nature and must be light in weight so that you can easily carry it and fix it on the wall without any difficulty.

Durable plastic

The blades of your exhaust fan are if made up of plastic material then you must take extra care of the blade as they are not as durable in nature as the blades made up of metal. With the plastic material, our bathroom ventilation fan becomes sturdy in quality and you can use it for a long period of time.

You can easily fit it on the wall and it is also capable of handling the smell of the bathroom and drives out the smoke, grease, and lint from the kitchen so it can be used in the kitchen also.


Along with the speed, the efficiency of your product also matters so you must consider this factor also. The exhaust fan is looking wise very small, but the wrong choice can cost you high with high consumption of the power from your bathroom only.

You must buy the fan which is silent and the reason behind this is that they operate in silent also and consume less power and opposite is the case with the loud fan. Star rating most probably affects the efficiency of your product. The working speed of your quiet exhaust fan must be more than 1350 rpm.

High-quality blades

The quality of the blade of the exhaust fan is one of the most important things to consider while buying your product. If the quality of the blade is not that high of your exhaust fan, then this may cause the back drafting as such the cloth lint will be produced or even the combustible will be formed on the surface of the fan blade and if it is of the high quality then nothing much will happen. The quality of the blade may affect the worth of your product so you must choose wisely.

Noiseless: This is a very common fact that the portable exhaust fan of very cheap price and of bad quality incline to make more noise and are sometimes defined as messy in the market as well. But you cannot assume how bearable the sound is of the exhaust fan and for this, you need to measure the noise which is done in the unit of Sones.

For the perfect model of the exhaust fan, the unit of the noise must be 1 or 2 and above this is not bearable. You can opt for the exhaust fan if they provide you with the Sones unit to be lower as 0.3 too.

Types of fan

There are two types of fans available in the market that you can consider buying as such kitchen exhaust fan and the bathroom exhaust fan. The kitchen exhaust fan can be installed in your bathroom as well and it is used to blow the smoke and other tiny particles out of the window, but it does not drive out the damp air.

The best bathroom exhaust fan is specially designed for the bathroom purpose only as it pushes out the damp air and along with that the moist air contained in the bathroom, out of it. So, according to your need, you can buy any type of fan you like.


Before planning to buy an exhaust fan for your bathroom, you must consider the size of the fan first so that it can fit inside your bathroom. If in case, you have got a window, larger in size then you must buy large window fans as it will prevent the entry of the random and unfiltered air in your bathroom.

This will also help your bathroom in increasing the overall level of moisture. The same is the case with the small windows and for this, you will require a small exhaust fan for the bathroom. It is important for you to note that all these measurements are taken in the unit of cubic feet per meter or CFM.


The exhaust fan that you are going to choose must be available at the price that has been set by your budget. The amount of your product must not drive out your pocket as well along with the damp airs. Your product must provide you with most of the necessary features at less price and gives you the quality as well.

But still, it is important to note that the best shower exhaust fan that is available at a higher price, might be offering you high quality and many more features. Nonetheless, your economical state must also keep in mind while purchasing it.

Reviews of 5 Best exhaust fan for bathroom in 2021

1. Broan-NuTone AE110 Ventilation Fan– (Best Broan bathroom fan)

Best broan bathroom fanThis exhaust fan is of high quality and is quiet which means it does not produce any sound and it is energy efficient along with that it is available in white color in the market. The type of controller that Nutone bathroom fan includes is the button control and is made up of the material namely galvanized steel.

The quality of the air is controlled by its 1.0 Sones which is enough for a room especially a bathroom whose dimensions go like 105 square feet. The power of the ventilator is efficient enough so that this most powerful exhaust fan for the bathroom reduces the humidity quickly and helps you in reducing the fogged mirrors as well.

This Broan bathroom fan manages the level of moisture at 110 CFM so that when you are taking shower in the bathroom, your vision will always be cleared, and you can enjoy your ME time during the shower.

It is easy to install and even replace and there is no requirement for access to roof space. This standard cfm for the bathroom exhaust fan is reliable in performance so that it reduces the air leakage by 50 % and permitting it to provide you with high performance. With the technology of GFCI circuit over your tubs or showers, it can capture the steam before it gets spread in all the corner of the room.

Customers Feedback:

Bought this a few weeks ago & hired a handyman to install. Seemed straight forward. The noise level was so low that I was wondering if the unit actually works properly. The first time my BG turned it on, he called me & told me the unit is not working… I told him it worked well b/c I had already took a shower & not only the noise was a stark contrast from our noisy old unit, The nutone bathroom fan cleared out the moisture much faster than the previous old unit we had! “Music” to my ears!!

I learned through the manufacturer’s terrific technical support department that the position of any twists or turns of the ducts makes an enormous difference, when the most powerful exhaust fan for bathroom comes to noise. There are other factors which also make a big difference. (Contact of the housing to other metal or your drywall, & more). I recommend talking with them, in detail, about your situation. For mine, the noise level of this particular fan is not at all bothersome, but I never could have achieved that without the help of their tech support.

2. BV Ultra-Quiet Ventilation Fan– (Best bathroom ventilation fan)

Best bathroom ventilation fanHaving the type of controller as the button control, this exhaust fan for the bathroom is made up of metal as a material and its dimensions are 9 X 7.5 X 9.25 in inches. It is quite in its performance due to the technology used in this BV fan as such the Silver Clever with only 0.8 sone.

Along with that, this bathroom ventilation fan includes the 4 inches of the duct collar which is made up of stainless steel inside it. For the bathroom space, it has a proper ventilating area which is commonly 90 square feet in size. This product is so light in weight that you can easily lift it up and carry it to any place where you want to install it and this ultra-quiet ventilation fan weighs around 12 pounds.

The source of its power is Alternative Current and thus this silent exhaust fan for bathroom saves electricity and your money as well. The voltage consumed by it is 120 volts and it takes 24 watts of power and its amperage capacity is around 0.2 Amps. The capacity of the flow of air is 90 cubic feet per minute and its sound level is only 0.8 sones.

Customers Feedback:

Not really an easy replacement for a between floor fan. Had to really engineer it with a cross-joist wooden support that I cut and screwed into the joists to allow for a second side support screw-in. 4” outlet and replaced a 3”. Had to use a reducer and that increases the noise. That said, it looks great and is much quieter than the original that I thought was hurting my hearing in a 1/2 bathroom area. Very solid and professionally made device. Well designed other than as noted above during the install.

I’m using this in my garage to clear out/extract car fumes. So far it’s doing the job fantastically. It’s super quiet and looks great. The silent exhaust fan for bathroom can empty my garage of first start up engine oil smoke in about an hour. I bought two more for the bathrooms. I have to look at the switch to see if it’s running. It’s that hard to hear. It’s very very quiet! I hope it lasts many years!! I’ll maybe add a second near my other car just for the sake of having it. It’s great and I am very happy with it.

3. Ventline V2262-50 Bath Ceiling Fan– (Best bathroom ceiling fans)

Best bathroom ceiling fansIts size is around 7 inches only and it is considered as the powered ceilings or a fan for the bathtub and it is found to be effective in a small area. Due to its ducting accessories as such the hard duct of the series P7.19 and the flex duct is VC0292, this exhaust fan for the bathroom purpose is compatible.

These bathroom ceiling fans consist of a blade that is made from polypropylene and it is dynamically balanced, and therefore it does not get bent out of its original shape ever. It does not include any cap or the flange and it consumes only 115 volts and the level of moisture it can handle is about 50 CFM only.

It is light in weight and weighs only 2 pounds making it a lot simple for you to carry it wherever you want to, and this feature makes it a portable ventilation fan in nature as well. There are no requirements of the batteries as it runs on the Alternative Current and thus consumes less electric power.

The material used in this small portable exhaust fan for the bathroom is plastic and the capacity of the flow of air is only 50 cubic feet per minute making it as the best choice for a small area.

Customers Feedback:

I have installed two of these fans and they fit perfect. Our Manufactured home set in 1988. We bought it in 1995 and the bathroom fans never worked. So found them here on Amazon and installed both. The portable ventilation fan was a snap, but I saved the electrical connectors from the old systems and used them in lieu of the plastic connectors. Threw away also that metal insert that you have to squeeze to fit as really no need for that either, as ny locked all electrical to the frame of the motor. Both fans look great and they installed real easy…

4. Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Ventilation Fan– (Best Panasonic ventilation fan)

Best panasonic ventilation fanDue to the retrofit solutions inside this exhaust fan, it is considered perfect for renewing housing, construction of hotels, and even for any renovation works. Its size is only 8 inch which allows it to fit itself in any constructions of 2 X 6.

This Panasonic ventilation fan permits you to use any speed of the flow of air depending on your preferences and requirements between 80 to 110 CFM. This installation of this exhaust fan is very flexible and simple at the same time and due to its technology of Flex – Z Fast Bracket, the process of mounting it becomes easy and fast and with no trouble, you can do it.

Without wasting energy, This standard cfm for bathroom exhaust fan can provide you with a powerful flow of air as it uses only 21.1 watts of power and the capacity of the flow of air goes up to 110 Cubic Feet per Minute. The material used in this is galvanized steel which makes it sturdy in design and increases its durability.

With its durable nature, you can use this ceiling mounted exhaust fans for the bathroom for a long time and the weight is 11.38 pounds only and along with that its dimensions are 1.25 X 10.25 X 5.62 in inches.

Customers Feedback:

Works as advertised. Installation wasn’t easy, as I had to build a box below the ceiling to mount it, as the space between the ceiling & underside of the roof (we have a “Santa Fe” style flat roof) wasn’t sufficient, but once installed it works just fine. One can still hear a gently hum in the bathroom, but that’s OK–tells you it is running; nothing outside, unlike the fan it replaced. We like the timer feature, as well. I’m glad I bought the ceiling mounted exhaust fans for bathroom and went through the effort to install it.

5. Homewerks Bathroom Fan– (Best high power exhaust fan for bathroom)

Best high power exhaust fan for bathroomGiving you high performance, this exhaust fan makes sure that you feel comfortable by taking shower in your bathroom. It works quietly which means that it does not produce any sound to disturb you. This Homewerks Bathroom Fan reduces the amount of moisture and humidity inside your bathroom, giving you clear visibility.

The level of moisture of this high-power exhaust fan for the bathroom is 110 CFM allowing it to cope up with the place having an area of about 110 square feet and the level of sound is only 1.5 sones. It assists you in reducing the smell of the harsh odor out of your bathroom which can be caused due to the cleaning of your bathroom or toile using chemicals.

With this homework exhaust fan’s powerful ventilation, the bad smell can easily be kept outside your bathroom making it fresh and clean. It is designed in such a way that it is resistant to corrosion as the material used in this is galvanized steel in the style of the grille model. This ultra-quiet ventilation fan is easy to install due to its design of no – cut and can easily be set on the ceilings of your bathroom.

Customers Feedback:

Ordered this because of the specs and price. some say it’s not quiet idk what their talking about because mine is unnoticeable when on. My wife thought it wasn’t working at one point. Although it’s in a very small bathroom it works perfectly extracting in a bathroom 250 cubic ft. I spent more time removing the old one than installing this one. Total time spent 30 minuets.

The Amazon product heading states a sound level of 1.5 sones. However, the manufacturers website and specifications included with the fan both state only 1.0 sones. The homewerks exhaust fan is very quiet. The fan has a strong metal housing and easy to connect wiring. The exhaust vent has a damper that opens when the fan is on and closes when the fan is off to help prevent heating/cooling losses in the home. Compared to similar fans at the local big box fan stores this fan is a great value too.

FAQs on the Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom 2021

Why there is fog on the mirror and windows even if your exhaust fan is working?

The condensation can be produced on the surface of the mirrors and windows of your bathroom due to the coldness. It can also be due to the moist air not getting removed if your bathroom is closed tightly or the replaced air is not entering inside your bathroom to get exchanged with the moist air quickly in time. It is important for you to make sure that the door of your bathroom is enough to undercut so that it can bring in the fresh air inside and throw away the moist air outside.

The fog on the windows and mirror might also be due to the positioning of your exhaust window fan for bathroom as it should be placed farther from the source of the replacement air so that the moist air is let out first. The ability of the blower to blow out the moist air of your bathroom might be affected due to the number of rotations and spirals inside the ducting.

What to do if the water is saturated from the grid of your exhaust fan?

If the water is saturating from the grid of your exhaust fan, then it might be the problem of the condensation which is due to the cold ductwork or the wrong installation of the duct. It might also be a problem with the seal which is attached on a wall or on the roof vent.

The ductwork which is insulated can be supportive in solving the problems related to the condensation and then you can run your quiet bathroom exhaust fan so that all the moisture content is eliminated from your bathroom. The ductwork is required to slide down to the wall vent for the direct condensation out of the opening of the vent.

When can you make use of the wall cap?

The wall cap is also known as the roof and it is very important to use with your exhaust fan. The reason being that it provides the endpoint to the terminating point of the duct run which is placed on the wall or on the roof of your bathroom.

It will also give you protection from the external elements as such the water and air which might make your bathroom dirty or may cause it to harm as well, so it keeps these elements outside. The roof also offers you safety from the animals to enter inside as it avoids the opening of your bathroom.

What is the cause of your exhaust fan not removing the moist air?

The reason why your exhaust fan not eliminating the moist air from your bathroom is that the size of your exhaust fan might be too small for your bathroom and it might be exhausting for it. It could be possible that the size of the duct to exhaust the moist air might be unfitting or there may be a hurdle present in your duct.

The roof which is also known as the wall cap might not be open properly so that it can remove the moist air. It is also possible that you might have your bathroom exhaust fan installation in the wrong position or there is not much makeup air in your room to exhaust the moist air.

Is it possible to set your exhaust fan on the wall?

It is extremely recommended that you consider the specification o the product first, before buying if you can install it on the wall. Although there are some of the exhaust fans available in the market that comes with the wall installation, to be on the safer side you must look at the description as well.

You can set your exhaust fan as much high as possible and if in case your bathroom has got thinner walls, then you must use the thinner fans. If your toilet adjust fan has got the light attached to it, then it is strictly no to install it on the wall as it would not much safe for you and your family.

Which exhaust fan is best for a bathroom?

Video Transcript:

On whom diagnosis the first show ever about the science of homes you’ll find lots of amazing home improvement and construction ideas that might not be practical for your home but here is something that every single home in the world needs exhaust fans here’s why we all know that the air outside where you live can get polluted but recent experiments like home chem have proven that the Indoor Air Quality can be astronomically more polluted than that here’s dr.

Richard Corsi one of the world’s top indoor air researchers if you can make sure you don’t bring harmful things into your home you ventilate properly and you keep it dry you’re likely going to have a healthy house we can achieve two out of three of these goals with good bathroom exhaust our work testing home performance taught us that there’s an epidemic of junky baths fans being badly installed in even the nicest homes and then never getting used so let’s stop that here’s how to pick a bath exhaust fan and how to prove it’ll keep your family’s home healthy where should I put the bath fan right away we’ve hit a snag do you know what most builders call it they call it a fart fan.

so guess where they put it a bath exhaust fan is actually for removing moisture so there’s only one right place to put it over the shower or bathtub but what about the farts well if your bathroom is laid out with the toilet between the door and the bathing area then when the fan takes out hot steamy air over the bath or shower replacement air comes in under the door grabs any odors around the toilet on its way to the fan over the shower two birds with one fan and if your layout doesn’t help the airflow like this simply add a fan near the toilet next question how do I choose between fans always choose fans that are certified by the home ventilating institute this means that it’s been tested by an independent lab to meet performance standards certified pens don’t cost any more.

then the alternative and you know what you’re getting sighs the fan based on the room with at least one cfm of airflow per square foot of floor space even in a tiny room was a tub or shower start with at least a 50 cfm fan and what should this fan sound like well it shouldn’t sound like this there are lots of hvi certified fans available today that are almost silent we always choose those personally the sound of fans is measured in zones with the sound of a modern fridge running being once owned two songs would be twice as loud now it’s easy and affordable to find a bath band that is once owned or less for example this Broan an adl can be found at most home improvement stores for less than 150 dollars.

Quick insider tip my parents did not want to go with anything quieter than one’s own because they liked to hear the fan when it’s running remember you can always add noise but you can’t take it away now if you opt for an energy star certified pin that means that you’re gonna be getting at least 3 cfm per watt of electrical power basically if you run a 50 cfm fan for 24 hours straight you would burn less than half a kilowatt and that’s like and some brown fans can actually be up to 4 times more efficient than that energy star certification also means that the fan will work at higher pressures.

If it’s installed poorly which brings us to the last piece of the puzzle the duct that connects this fan to the outdoors if it runs through an attic or crawls space it should be insulated otherwise it will be dripping wet inside the duct well it should also be short smooth and run in a straight line why would an exhaust fan be turned so that the ductwork has to reverse its direction well because these fans are usually installed by an electrician in new builds who might not be thinking or caring about airflow this is why it’s critical to plan to test your fan even if you get the top-of-the-line ultra-green dc motor bath fan.

if it’s not installed correctly then it means that your home is not being ventilated and dry like it could be and that means your home is not going to be as healthy there are lots of techniques to test exhaust fans so all you have to do is pick one and make sure that it’s used before the install is complete it’s very simple the fan label says how much air it should be moving when it’s duct correctly all we have to do is check it now your home is ready to be healthier now all you have to do is use your fan if you like a smart home there are sensors.

that will automatically make this exhaust happen today you can even add a sense on rising humidity sensing technology that will activate the fan when there’s a sudden spike in humidity when you turn on the shower no matter which option you choose just make sure that you take bathroom ventilation seriously you can find tools and resources at Braun comm slash learn special thanks to him Kim scientists and the home ventilating institute for helping us tell this story Braun is a founding sponsor of home diagnosis the first tv series about the science of homes.

How To Replace A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Mike and today we’re going to be replacing a bathroom exhaust fan if this is your first time here don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below so you don’t miss anything alright so this bath fan does not work when we hit the switch so it could be that somebody just went up and unplugged it because it’s loud noisy or the motors burned out or Lord knows what but we’re going to figure it out so the first thing to do is to pull down the grate up here and there are two little clips that you need to pinch together and that’s easier said than done they come off one side.

And then the other alright nice looks like we got a looks like we’ve got a grasshopper or something there that pretty picks a fight anyway and then we’re going to unplug this sometimes like I said people unplug it and it’s just a two-prong plug there and the first thing you do is to test the outlet there to see if there’s getting power to the fan or if it’s a fan motor it’s off alright so I’ve got a tester here and if you don’t have a tester you can plug in a radio or something that just lets us know if there’s power getting to this outlet or not so okay so power is live so we need to replace that that fan or at least get it out to see if there’s some defect that we can repair first all right.

So to get this out there’s a screw on one side and then there are two tabs that hook into the box on the other side so we just simply take out this screw and maybe there’s more than one screw in yours but in this one there’s only one so we’ll take it out and then pull it out and ceiling and the two tabs are on the other side we’re in awkward place they’re closed tight fit all right so this thing spin I’m just gonna replace it this is cheap there’s no reason to play around with it it’s old anyway, by the way, this is what the ceiling looks like if you were to replace this entire box you would remove this screw under there and rewire the outlet right there replacing that and then once the fan starts spooling up it moves air in Kant’s this little door and out the vent.

Okay down here in this corner is the model number of this is a new tone which is very popular if you don’t have a new tone you probably have a brown or a Braun however they pronounce it but the both are no popular you give them a home depot or lowes this one’s about twenty bucks I bought the replacement I bought the whole can but all I really need is the motor and the bracket and so that’s what I’m gonna use and so it’s a matter of finding these little tabs on the side and sticking it back in there okay and then finally putting a screw back.

In and plugging it back in this is gonna run okay nothing left to do is to put this cover back on and we’re all done all right that takes care of that all right so at least you know how to replace a bath exhaust fan you may not need to I mean once you get the grade off and pull it out of the ceiling you may find that the impeller is gummed up with a bunch of junk and maybe you won’t have to replace it if this video. Helped you don’t forget to leave a comment below and please hit the subscribe button see you next time.

What is the perfect location of installing your exhaust fan?

You must install your exhaust fan in the shower or bathtub, or you locate even near it and you can also place it in the water closet which is bounded. You must make sure the exhaust point is kept opposite to the source of the air supply so that the fresh air is brought inside your bathroom and the moist air is thrown outside.

You must not close your bathroom so tightly especially in the bottom area so that it can permit the “makeup air” to be brought inside the room even when the door is closed.

What are the features of the timer in your exhaust fan?

There are some of the exhaust fans available in the market that have timers attached to them which automatically switch off your fan after you have set some delayed time. It is a great feature that will save both your electricity and money and it will also not make you worry about switching off the shower exhaust fan after that you have come out of the shower. It will be highly supportive in clearing out the moisture appropriately at a fast rate.


If you want to pass on the natural air in your bathroom, then it is essential to set the exhaust fan in your bathroom. It will also help you in getting rid of the steam which is formed and spread in all the bathrooms and will give you a clear vision as well.

We extremely expect you that this review will assist you in getting the best exhaust fan for your bathroom as per your requirements and the budgets that your pocket allows. It will also help you in knowing everything about it as well and the factors related to its purchase.

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