Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023

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Do you travel a lot in your car?

Do you feel bored while you travel long distances in your car?

Do you want to get entertained and be occupied while you are traveling?

Or do you have kids who cause a lot of noise while traveling?

Do you want to keep them occupied and silence them while you enjoy the ride?

Maybe you and your kids take a lot of road trips and you’re tired of them using your phone to play games and watch movies. You don’t mind listening to music in the car as long as it doesn’t distract you from your work.

Then a Dual Screen car portable dvd player is what you need the most. This not only would make your ride fun and enjoyable but would also keep you and your kids occupied.

On a road trip, a dual-screen portable DVD player for Car is ideal for listening to music, watching slideshows, and watching movies.

Buying Guide for the Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023

People of all social classes now have a number of technological devices in their automobiles. One of these gadgets is a portable dvd player with screen. Some of these setups have a primary DVD player/monitor and a secondary monitor, with both displays showing the same movie at the same time. Others let you watch two separate DVDs at the same time, so make sure you get what you need.

Although it might seem antiquated to recommend watching a movie on a dual-screen portable DVD player strapped to the back of the front seat, it is a perfect way to keep an eye on what your children are watching. Not only can you save money on cellular data, but you’ll also avoid having to buy a costly tablet.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best dual screen dvd player for car. While dual-screen portable DVD player for Car is fairly basic in terms of functionality and technology, there are a few main features to consider when looking for one that meets your requirements. It can be difficult to find the right dual-screen portable DVD player for Car at times.

All you have to do is keep the most important features in mind when making a buying decision and choose the product that best suits your budget and requirements. We have discussed all the essential features below that shall help you while you plan to buy one.

Features of the Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023


Some dual-screen portable DVD player for Car comes with handy remote controls, while others can only be controlled by the player itself. If you have two or three children or even more who battle over the remote, it’s probably best to have a couple of screens that aren’t powered by a remote.

Bluetooth or Wireless Connectivity:

The ability to monitor the Wireless dvd player for car from a distance has its own set of advantages. Some dual-screen portable DVD player for Car come with wireless remote controls and headphones to make watching more enjoyable.

Others are Bluetooth compliant, enabling you to use your phone for hands-free calling and music streaming.

Battery Life:

Most dual-screen portable DVD player for Car now comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts anywhere from two to six hours. Shorter battery life may or may not be a deal-breaker depending on how and where you want to use your dual-screen portable DVD player for Car.

If you’re going on a road trip, for example, you can always plug the player into your car’s charger. However, if you’re planning a long flight, nothing can beat a long battery life.

If your family takes daily five-hour vacations, a dual-screen portable dvd player with usb port & with a capacity of about four hours would suffice. That’s enough time to watch a movie, charge your phone, and color or listen to music. If you often travel for longer periods of time, consider purchasing a dual-screen portable DVD player for Car that can be charged as you watch.


When purchasing a dual-screen portable Wireless DVD player for car, one of the most critical aspects to remember is the display quality. The pictures would be viewed in a more sharp and transparent manner if the pixel quality is better.

However, it is possible that the commodity you are purchasing would be significantly more costly. Digital image quality DVD players are usually superior to analog counterparts. You can look for a DVD player with a resolution of at least 720p.


The soundtrack is everything that you need while buying a dual-screen portable DVD player for Car.  As a result, your dual-screen portable DVD player for Car should have some amount of audio capability. Furthermore, the speakers must sound fine.

Of course, built-in speakers will not have immersive audio, but they will provide a minimum level of quality. Your dual-screen portable DVD player for Car should also have a 3.5 mm audio port (which is no longer available in smartphones).

Since 3.5mm is the industry norm, you can use any pair of headphones or earphones you have at home. For a more realistic movie experience, we suggest using headphones.

Screen Size and Resolution:

Make sure that the screen size and picture quality are appropriate for your family. If you have a small child or toddlers, a single large screen might be sufficient.

Many DVD screens in the portable dvd player with screen are about the same size as a laptop screen, which is about 13 inches, but they also come in a variety of sizes ranging from 9 to 15 inches. Some dual-screen portable DVD player for Car has several screens, which is convenient if you have more than one child watching.

The resolution of all screens is not the same, and neither is the screen size. Since flip-down and portable DVD players usually have the largest screen sizes, you’ll want to look at these models first if you want the best viewing experience. When required, some DVD players also allow you to switch between widescreen and letterbox formats.


The weight, size, measurements, and number of attachments that come with a DVD player determine its portability. Portable DVD players are small enough to be taken with you.

The dimension, on the other hand, isn’t everything. Other factors such as packaging, various components, and charging apparatuses can also help you determine how usable your DVD player is outside the house.


While all DVD players can play DVDs, some can also play CDs, or even they can play downloads from USB and SD cards, and even connect to a phone or tablet directly. This is the type of compatibility you need to search for in your best dual screen dvd player for car.


During car trips, kids enjoy snacking and even you can also eat while you travel. However, sticky fingers and grasping hands can destroy portable DVD players, and it can also lead to complaints if one child holds the system in such a way that the others are unable to see it.

This is why portable DVD mounts for the back of headrests were created so that movies could be viewed in cars in the same way they are on planes. However, there are a few variations to remember when it comes to mounting.

Some players are built into the headrests (either factory-installed or self-installed), while others are designed to be strapped to chairs for easy viewing, while still others have cases that enable them to be carried or mounted.

The mounting solutions are usually more comfortable and can help viewers escape certain arguments and frustrations. Older children, on the other hand, may be irritated because, if it were a portable device, they could monitor the sound, brightness, movie, and so on. Choose the alternative that best meets your requirements.


This is yet another important consideration when determining which type of dual-screen portable DVD player for Car is right for you. For older children and adults who use these on the go, higher-quality, greater storage, and better imagery are possibly preferable.

Children who are constantly increasing and changing their interests will benefit from more basic, easy-to-use smart car dvd player that are less likely to break.


Another function that is sought after in any small entertainment system is this one. Controls should be accurate and easy to use. The fewer buttons there are to control all of the important features, the simpler they are to operate. This is a function that you, as a driver, would greatly appreciate.

It will also offer the device a cleaner, more aesthetically appealing profile, which is often overlooked by customers during the evaluation process. You may not want to believe it because it seems to be a minor point, but appearances do matter.


Although dual-screen portable DVD players for cars come with DVDs and CDs as standard, many people use them solely for digital formats such as MP4, WMA, and so on. If you’re more concerned with digital content, you’ll want a device with an SD card and USB ports.

Memory card slots (typically for the common SD card format) are available for viewing digital images and certain digital video files, as well as listening to MP3 music.

Other Accessories and Features:

Other features to consider while buying a dual-screen portable DVD player for Car include whether or not your DVD player comes with brackets, cables, or tuners. When you get your car portable dvd player out of the packaging, these can be extremely helpful in installing it in your vehicle.

Furthermore, DVD players with an HDMI port can be conveniently linked to a high-definition television for improved picture quality and crystal-clear sound. Look for AC adaptors and car chargers in the kit so you don’t have to buy them separately.

If you’re tech-savvy, a DVD player with Blu-ray connectivity, Wi-Fi, and a touch screen may be worth considering. These features, on the other hand, might not be as appealing if you’re looking for a DVD player for your children.

Available Prices

Dual Screen portable dvd player with usb port isn’t that expensive. Especially, not when you consider how convenient they are, how many headaches they save, how many phone cracks they avoid, and how many sticky laptop keys they hold at bay.

Some Dual Screen portable DVD player for the car will last for years without breaking down, preventing larger cost issues from arising. Also, like DVDs, the majority of them are really affordable. They’re typically under $150, and there are plenty under $100 and even a few under $70.

FAQs on Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023

What is the maximum screen size for a DVD player in a car?

The size of the screen on your car's new DVD player is truly limitless. You can go as big as you want as long as it doesn't block your view of the front or back of the car or detract from the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

A wide 13-inch screen is ideal for vans and SUVs, but the same cannot be said for a small compact sedan. The amount of space available on the console would also restrict in-dash systems.

How do I mount wireless headphones to a DVD player in my car?

The model of your car DVD player determines whether or not a wireless headphone can fit with it. To begin, it should have a built-in wireless infrared transmitter that allows it to communicate with any wireless system that uses the IR protocol.

If your device doesn't have infrared capabilities, combining it with a wireless headphone is pointless. If your dual-screen portable dvd player with remote control, there's a fair chance it will attach to your wireless headphones.

It's simple to connect your wireless headphones to your DVD player. Look for an IR-TX button on the back of your remote control. This button should be pressed. If channel A is wirelessly linked, you should also see the words ‘IRTX CHA' on your phone, and ‘IRTX CHB' if channel B is connected.

How do I mount a DVD player in my car?

It all depends on the dual-screen portable smart car dvd player you're using. A dual-screen portable DVD player for Car is quite easy to install. Before you do something about your car's current device, you might want to disconnect the negative terminal on your battery.

After that, you can begin removing the current stereo unit from your car. Depending on your vehicle, you might need to remove the center console panel. Regardless, it's always a good idea to consult your car's owner's manual for instructions about how to install a DVD player.

Some automobiles can necessitate the use of an adapter faceplate. Be sure to follow the directions to the letter and, if necessary, use the additional wires recommended. Insert the new DVD player into the slot and secure it in place with the bracket. If necessary, reinstall the panel and reconnect the battery cable's negative end.

How to install dvd player in car

Video Transcript:

Ok, today we’re gonna do a review on this Sylvania 7 inch dual screen portable DVD player that the easter bunny brought my kids for easter so that when they’re riding in my car they can watch a movie and not drive me crazy so let me come over here and show you what Ryan’s doing I thought it was alright he’s going to put the strap on cable the little strap that straps it to the seats through the back of the display and he found there was like one easy way to feed it through right really she’d just be one way you turn it so I can see what you’re doing a little bit maybe yeah but now Courtney right there.

Wait you were how she’s drying hmm she’s 16 you got slammed by the door I’m sorry there you got it through that time now we just got to hook the power cable for the cigarette adapter up no there’s one in the back I think yeah we’re gonna get a drink when you stop at the gas station okay I plug it to see where it plugs into the thing first and then I’ll plug it in back there I know I’m saving it to put all the plastic stuff back in an okay plug that in the adapter in the back.

Don’t we move let’s get all the way back I can’t see oh that’s where the power source is plug it in to run your DVD player just yeah now you connect a cable that runs to both of them, yes these are here joey hey joe Courtney hi she wanted to make you a card for your birthday happy birthday she enjoyed that I just can’t see that’s all right?

It’s on okay let me get you dvd hold on okay so Ryan put the DVD in there that’s neat the top just flips up why my camera I can’t see it other now I can see it Sylvania yep he hit play just to see if it plays we got Spongebob on it that’s I think you’re in the skip button yep it’s playing alright go ahead and hit pause let’s pause oh okay and then we just to the second panel, yeah then we’ll run the cables from thing to thing let’s do that okay hold.

On let me pause guys okay there’s this panel I mean there’s a power table that’s okay hold on thank you I have it to low isn’t it let’s be up on the headrest sorry maybe not just to get through there, for now, will you yes yes yes yes yes that’s what we got I think I got two in there in the wrong way do it this way home stop we’re trying to tighten it up joseph here.

Daddy holds the screen up okay you like this you can take your boots off right now there is that tight now anymore is that good panel the panel okay so as you see I tighten it up but you see okay now daddies gonna do yours on your side.

Says your back you’re gonna have to hold it on your side yeah the second screen so she has her own screen hold on I’m trying to first hold that strap can I keep it tight for you nowhere are the cables to connect him from that panel to this panel because one goes an av out over here let me see the baby let me see both of them first well once for the speaker probably dc out though that one went in the dc out plug and then this one that looks like a speaker one goes.

In no the dc out mines av out so put your as an av in I’ll show you hold on in the dc in yep that’s where it goes because it’s run the power from that one to this one yeah alright so I just took my core because they’re so long and wrapped it around that headrest here like this so that the kids don’t accidentally rip the cables out okay play on your screen joseph volume switches over here so I’m entering Williams all the way up here is a point I have to turn the volume up you got in the wrong place of something she ain’t get she’s not getting in the audio you know sound okay hold on okay so right here on the side baby it’s all the way up to so Ryan thought that she should have.

Audio ran to hers but it does it’s got a b yeah it’s got audio-visual out maybe we just need to get him headphones to put in then you can both hear contra mirrors yeah I can hear the audio coming out of hers it’s plain it’s just not that loud that’s alright at work if we want him to be louder we can just get their headphones and plug them in because they have headphone jacks on them too so yeah yeah yeah what do you guys say should we do it should they give us a thumbs up for our video I’ll go him should they give us a thumbs up for our video thumbs up sounds all around thanks guys hope you enjoyed this review video and I think this is going to work perfectly.


Long road trips, particularly for passengers, can be a burden. Dual-screen portable DVD player for Car provides an escape from these long journeys by combining fantastic digital visuals with a variety of features.

When choosing the best dual-screen portable DVD player for Car for you, there are several different forms, models, brands, and features to consider. There are many car portable dvd players on the market that can satisfy your needs, regardless of what they are, but a large number of options can be overwhelming.

This is why we have brought before you this detailed guide that shall show you a pathway for choosing the best Dual Screen portable DVD player for the car.

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