Best Cooling Fan for PS4 in 2021

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Do you realize that playing a game on your PS4 continuously will damage your system?

Are you looking for a device to keep your PS4 console from overheating?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more gaming time while sitting in your gaming chair and enjoying your favorite games?

The best cooling fan for PS4 will help you get the most out of your PS4 console. There are several ways to enhance your gaming experience. To run smoothly, most video games need a lot of graphics processing power. Hardware can be damaged if there isn’t enough ventilation.

As a result, using a cooling fan for the PS4 is a smart option for its durability. Cooling fan for PS4 also minimizes the accumulation of dust in your play station, keeping it clean from potential hazards and requiring future maintenance.

Buying Guide for Best Cooling fan for PS4 in 2021

Cooling fans for PS4 are a product for game lovers who enjoy long hours of gaming, which can harm their device due to excessive heating and even burn their desktop. Previously, gamers had to switch off their devices to cool down, but now gamers use playstation 4 cooling fan to cool down their devices.

It not only enhances their enjoyment but also protects their system and table from harm. If you’re going to buy a cooling stand for PS4, you may as well go all out and find one that can do several things. These can be multifunctional, – this means they can charge your console as well as serve as a charging station and a fan.

These fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different powers and designs, making it difficult to choose the right one from such a large selection. With our guide, you can narrow your options, and we hope it will assist you in finding the ideal one.

Features of the Best Cooling fan for PS4 in 2021


It can be hazardous if you play PS4 for an extended period of time. However, most gamers play games for long periods, requiring the use of a PS4 cooling fan. Regardless of how long you play, the cooling fan will keep your PS4 running at peak efficiency.

It will be significantly more durable with the addition of a ps4 pro fan cooler. The best cooling fan for PS4’s popularity is a strong indication of its ability to perform the functions for which it was designed. It’s likely that a good product is one that has been around for a long time and still has a high demand.


Cooling fans for PS4 are available in a variety of styles and colors. While it is not a big factor, you should check to see if it complements the décor and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Choose the one that allows for fast communication. Some can provide a USB port and plug-and-play functionality.

Check to see if it has more stability and requires stand support for the best results. You must be able to see the foundation clearly to prevent it from tipping over.


Cooling fans for PS4 come in a variety of materials, and you can choose the one that will last the longest. It must provide excellent value for money as well as superior efficiency. Aside from the stuff, you’ll want to check to see if it has a solid structure that will provide better results.


Cooling fans for PS4 come in a variety of sizes. You should choose the one that has a small footprint. When making your purchase, however, you must not sacrifice results. Choose the right size for efficient efficiency without affecting performance. Consider where you’ll be using your cooling fans for PS4 to choose the right size.

Number of Fans

Consider the number of fans if you want to maximize the cooling effect and secure your PS4 console. Most PS4 cooling fans have two to five fans. This amazon ps4 cooling fan has more than two modes of operation. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll need 4 to 5 fans, but if you’re a casual gamer, 2 to 3 fans will suffice.

Turbo speed with a maximum speed of 3500+ RPM and a maximum wind volume of 12.6 CFM is needed for hardcore gamers. As a result, your PS4’s fans can turn faster and keep you cool.

Heavy or lightweight

A lightweight cooling fan for PS4 is ideal because it supports the console and keeps it from slipping or dropping. This will help your PS4 last longer. Portable PS4 cooling fans are also available.

A powerful PS4 cooling fan is recommended for hardcore gamers. Although it offers stability while playing, it also prevents your PS4 from overheating and malfunctioning.


The performance of the best ps4 replacement fan is unquestionably the most important factor to consider. Some of them can be more versatile and have a vertical configuration.

It can comfortably handle additional objects and perform multiple functions. Check to see if it can avoid overheating by providing exceptional results. Some may even include LED lights to improve the ambiance.

Charging Speed

You don’t want to be interrupted when completely engaged in a game. For instance, suppose there’s a power outage and the controllers’ batteries are dead. Often select a cooling fan for PS4 with a quick charging speed to ensure that you have no interruptions when playing.

A charger that can charge your controllers in under two hours is ideal. The PS4 controllers have a built-in protector chip, as you might already be aware. Charge the controllers only when they are less than 70% charged.


The materials used as well as the reliability of the manufacturing process will determine how long a cooling fan for PS4 will last. Furthermore, the kind of ps4 pro fan cooler you buy can have an impact on its durability.


To ensure that the cooling fan for PS4 can be stored properly, you should consider its size and weight. Also, consider the sort of environment in which your cooling fan for PS4 will be kept. Also, remember the weather conditions before making your decision. Check for charging mounts to see if they come with simple mounting choices.

Noise level

When two or more fans are working at the same time, the noise level rises. The flow rate, fan efficiency, friction, fan shape, and the number of fans all affect fan noise. A fan’s noise level is less than 25 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of breathing 1 meter away.

If the noise exceeds 35 decibels, it is comparable to a low-speed room fan located 1 meter away. If you want to avoid being disturbed when playing games, look for a cooling fan that makes no more than 45 decibels of noise.

Available Prices

It is an essential consideration to take into account. The cost of the best ps4 pro cooling fan should be comparable to its worth. A PS4 cooling fan for a PS4 Slim or PS4 costs between $5 and $20. They cost $22 to $40 for high-end PS4 cooling fans with all the bells and whistles.

FAQs for the Best Cooling fan for PS4 in 2021

Is a cooling fan necessary for PS4?

Yes, a cooling fan for PS4 is necessary It only takes 5 minutes for a PS4 to overheat after being turned on. If you play graphics-intensive games, it can get very hot. A cooling fan is needed for maximum ventilation on your PS4.

It also aids in the reduction of noise levels to as low as 50 decibels. This enables you to enjoy your favorite games at any time of day or night. Two to three fans ps4 cooling solutions are included in the best PS4 cooling fan. The cooling effect is maximized as a result of this. As a result, you'll stop potential problems and won't have to worry about your PS4 overheating.

How do I prevent my PS4 from overheating?

There are a few things you can do to keep your PS4 cool and working properly such as keep it out in the open and above ground, keep dust out of vents by using compressed air to disinfect them, using a PS4 wall mount if at all necessary. Use a dust cover if possible as dust may be the source of heat.

How to Change the Fan on a Playstation 4?

There are certain steps that you have to follow to change the fan of your PS4:

  • Remove the back-of-the-PS4-console seals. Remove the screws with a screwdriver, then raise the backside and remove the bottom cover.
  • Remove the 4mm Philips #1 screws as well as the TR9 protection Torx screws from the power supply. Remove the power supply connector from the case by disconnecting it. Disconnect the ribbon wires from the motherboard with care, using as little force as possible. The Wi-Fi antennae, optical drive, hard drive, and metal support bracket should all be removed.
  • Remove the motherboard from the machine by disconnecting all wires from it. The processor is separated from the thermal paste when the motherboard is removed. Reapply during the assembly process.
  • Remove the old cooling fan and install the new one. Reassemble the device and test it to see if it's still functional. Instead of relying on a PS4 Pro cooling mod, concentrate on a useful amazon ps4 cooling fan replacement.

Is it better to keep your PlayStation 4 horizontal or vertical?

A vertical stand with a PS4 cooling solution is worthwhile. Though there are a variety of options, including external fans, this PS4 vertical cooling stand with two controller charging ports has proven to be extremely useful. To keep your PS4 from overheating, the dual cooling fans blast out a constant stream of air.

It also serves as a charging station for your controllers! The vertical orientation provided by these PS4 stands is a distinct advantage that complements a wide range of home entertainment setups. Furthermore, according to reputable reports, the vertical orientation of this ps4 cooling fan stand reduces the amount of dust that collects on your PlayStation 4.

This safeguards it against potential maintenance and upkeep problems. In reality, holding it vertical means you'll be blocking one of the in-take vents, which isn't ideal. So, whether you store your PS4 horizontally or vertically, the most important thing is to keep it well ventilated. One or more of these approaches is very likely to solve your PS4 overheating issues.

How Do I Fix My PS4 Fan?

You must repair your PS4 fan if it has begun to make a noise or has begun to heat the entire room. When you first got your PS4, it was a quiet machine. Dust accumulates in the console over time. The fans on your PS4 will get louder as they use more energy to spin as dust accumulates.

This issue can be resolved, and the quality of your best ps4 replacement fan can be improved. Using a compressed air can or an air compressor. You will be able to blow out the dust as a result of this. Unplug and switch off the console. Using a screwdriver, access the bottom backside of your PS4 and remove the seals and screws.

Remember that removing the seals voids the warranty. Take the bottom half of your PS4 away from the rest of the console by popping it open. To avoid injury, proceed with caution.

Blower the dust away with an air compressor or canned air. When spraying with canned air, holding it upright. Remember to keep your distance from the Disk Drive while blowing air.

Does cooling fan help PS4?

Video Transcript:

What’s up everybody it’s me, Steve, over at dual screens and today we’re unboxing something because I bought something on Amazon because I was tired of my police station for sound like it was a goddamn jet engine I got this the Adobe cool whatever just watch the video alright so there it is there’s the dhobi p4 pro cooling fan for ps4 pro gaming console pro that’s the p4 pro cooling fan ps4 pro gaming console pro pro pro pro so much pro let’s look at the Box let’s see what it is and see what it says look at it it’s beautiful it’s sexy look at it looking at okay okay so now we’re gonna unbox this thing let’s turn it this way.

And we’re gonna turn it this way and we’re gonna you know what voila takes like forty-five goddamn minutes to get this stupid tape off the damn thing but here we go let’s open this thing up we’re gonna see what’s inside plastic sleeve slide it out oh oh turn this way got a little heft to it it’s a little heavy there are some instructions nobody needs that here’s a cord there’s the power thing that’s the part that you insert ever so gently just insert it.

Okay put that on the tank what do we got here some plastic that something was definitely supposed to be in there but that’s not in there so that’s useless and here it is here’s your thing it’s made out of plastic it’s got a hoof a note, oh and a non-book auto that’s a cool setting alright there’s your fans you got two fans here you got three fans here that’s so pretty cool look at that Dobby that’s what it says right there it says Dobby don’t be stupid that’s what it says alright I’m gonna plug this thing in where does it plug into we’ll figure it out there it is DC in BAM that’s what I’m talking about and now we have this thing off the twisty tie how do you hang it hold on guys yeah got it done all right now let’s put this in why do I have this I’ll tell you why because my goddamn ps4 Pro.

Sounds like it’s a goddamn jet engine I’m ready to take off and fly into goddamn outer space that’s why I just listen to this just want to show you how loud the damn thing is it’s got a friggin install an update it goes is for pro clear for takeoff all right so we turned the PlayStation 4 off because that’s what you’re supposed to do so I’m just waiting for that little light to turn off and give me the all-clear and then we’re gonna put this fan on I’m gonna see what happens all right let’s see.

All right we’re in the clear let’s pull this thing out we will you don’t have to unplug it you just need to turn it off okay so let’s see this thing goes on the back of the thing like this okay put it like that there it goes snaps into this thing there we go look at that pretty easy all right and then this little thingy we’re gonna plug into the USB in the back we’re gonna put that on and we’ll see what happens when we turn the PlayStation on it’s not that.

But it doesn’t add much thickness but whatever it’s a fan all right turn it on see if it oh I feel it you know you’re not supposed to move your PlayStation with I don’t think I have a disc in there though so let’s see they’re not spinning it there we go put it on high and so there they go there they’re kicking definitely well they’re moving some heat that’s pretty cool all right well whatever that’s the thing that should help hopefully it doesn’t sound like a goddamn jet engine but we’ll see after a bunch of play with it anyway that’s the fan that’s the Adobe.

Fan so that’s it pretty simple thing and just pop the bad-boy right on the PlayStation and it blows that the hot air out of the PlayStation so I mean who knows if it works well I don’t know do you know nobody knows I don’t think anybody knows nobody knows if anything does anything but anyway it was like 20 bucks on Amazon so if are interested in it just buy the thing anyway that’s dual screens unboxing stuff I love you this is Steve be excellent to each other.

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How to cool ps4?

Video Transcript:

Hello, what’s up guys today we have a little problem so our PlayStation is making a lot of sounds like in here guys a lot of annoying sounds so today I’m going to show you some couple steps on how you can fix it and that’s forgetting it to do it the first thing what you want to check is the size like the background-size that’s where defense Beatriz, if there’s a lot of dust what you want to do, is just blow on it tell the dust comes out or you slightly tissue these things like that try to get the dust out so guys this was step number one it’s actually more like a basic step and let’s go to the next one so guys.

Now we are on step two the first thing you can do is go to your notifications friends and messages and what you want to do is you want to delete all of your notifications and how do you do that you just go underneath and then want to select them all to go to delete and just meet them all by the grey guys if you are downloading things or if you have like errors on videos that you want to upload you want to delete them all so that’s maybe causing a lot of issues so now we have no notifications that are really good let’s go to friends on friends you want to delete some friends.

That you don’t know or if you have more than 200 friends guys I suggest you delete some the reason why is a lot of friends cause a lot of FPS lag on games it makes your PlayStation sounds like a tractor or a car just like I said guys you want to delete some friends you want just delete random friends you don’t know you don’t have to delete all of your friends so let’s go to the next step go to messages and what you want to do is click on start and you want to leave tomorrow as well a lot of messages that I got but what to do exactly that let’s go to the next step what you also can do is go to settings all settings you want to go to storage and if you have like use a lot of storage.

That’s the reason why you get a lot of error codes or your system is just making a lot of sounds what you want to do is just delete games that you don’t even play anymore still it rendered games and when you lose data if you delete random games no you will not lose any data will only do Stata if you delete saved data like I said guys if you have like captured gallery that you don’t want to watch anymore or don’t care anymore just in it’s that simple actually now the next step the games.

That you play if there’s like a game that has more than 100 gigabytes of use your PlayStation will make a lot of sounds reason why is if your PlayStation is bought in two thousand thirteen or fourteen it’s actually an old PlayStation 4 so it does not make a lot of more sound it will work slow if you have like a PlayStation slim or a place is a pro that’s even better because you don’t have to deal with these type of issues and then the PlayStation pro you will never have to experience.

This type of like this type of problems but guys I have actually another way to how you can fix this problem so what we want to do is go back to settings and we want to use a normal team like in normal backgrounds if you have like a special background that’s like moving all the way like rather special backgrounds that move like a 3d background you want to delete that and place it with a normal picture or something like that so what you want to do is go to teams selected team and just select a normal one then choose I’d have to call it blue but just stick with that now guys let’s go to the last tab this is the last step so if there is no other option to cool your PlayStation down what you can do is hold the PlayStation button just close it off turn your PlayStation ha and now big deal the place you should close up so guys what to do is actually you want a horse or Playstation button.

The power button tells me here to beeps and I’m gonna show you how so the PlayStation is closed off you can see it like it doesn’t light anymore now I want to click on it one beep right there still holding it and a second beep right there and just leave it like this you can now stop holding it let’s return to our PlayStation now guys you will see test going right here safe mode connected to a stroke for using the USB cable and then press the PS button what exactly do that what it says right there now after pressing the PS button you will get this screen right here what we want to focus on is rebuilding the database and what is reporting database rebuilding database is just deleting corrupted files.

It will just automatically look for corrupted files and then just delete it you don’t have to worry guys it won’t delete all of your files just the files that you can’t use anymore like things like that let me make sure of you that you won’t lose any important data like your Minecraft server things like that so now we want to click on number 5 the database will be rebuilt it might take a few hours to rebuild the database so just press ok once you press ok the PlayStation will just automatically restart and so while I like while it’s restarting it will just rebuild the database and the reason.

Why we are just rebuilding our databases because if there is a corrupted file that’s maybe the reason why PlayStation is making a lot a lot of sounds this actually takes like only two minutes for me for some people it might stay on longer and for some people might a couple of hours let’s get forward so guys after doing that you just rebuilt our database you can now try to play like an online game and I’m pretty sure it won’t make that much a lot of sounds that it used to be but by the way guys if you have more questions or problems if you are PlayStation 4 or do you have any other problems.

Or articles things like that what you want to do is go to add or fix and you can ask people to help your rounds things like that we will just help the regular places your problems or error codes things like that and now guys we are gonna test our PlayStation if it makes a lot of sounds so guys like you see it doesn’t make a lot of sounds anymore it’s now quite harder to hear the sound of my PlayStation 4 so that’s quite good and guys if it doesn’t work for you maybe your PlayStation is just like mine a little bit old and just bought in a year that’s God’s past by the way guys you can just help me out by liking subscribing and comment down below goodbye.


Cooling fans for PS4 are more than just fans; they’re a complete system. There is a variety of cooling fans to choose from for PS4. If you’re a serious gamer, you can get the cooling fan as soon as you get your PS4. There will be no lag in performance or degradation in quality.

They come with a variety of additional accessories and are incredibly flexible, allowing them to perfectly fit all of your gaming accessories and needs professionally and efficiently. This playstation 4 cooling fan an excellent investment for any avid gamer looking to increase the quality and appearance of their gaming consoles.

This is a highly recommended PS4 accessory that serves an important function for your gaming console while also storing all of your accessories and gadgets in a tiny, compact room. It will ensure that you get the most out of your gaming sessions and that you have exactly the gaming experience you want.

Cooling fans for PS4 is a must-have accessory if you want to save money while still getting a great product. We hope that the information provided in the preceding buying guide will assist you in selecting cooling fans for PS4 and maximizing your investment.

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